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#baby girl series
harleyquinnzelz · 8 days ago
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☆ Golden Four Through The Years ☆
“We were children
Thrust into war
And once it ends
What will we become?”
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imaginedreamwrite · 17 days ago
Baby Girl: Part 9
A/N: Smut later in the chapter
** **
“Did you know,” you placed your spoonful of ice cream in your mouth, “that I have two older sisters?”
You found yourself in Steve and Bucky’s place, again, after a long shift with your feet draped on their couch and one of Steve’s sweaters wrapped around you. You were ending your night with ice cream dripping in chocolate sauce and sprinkles, adding sugar to sugar, while the tension from your shoulders was eased out of you.
“Bucky had three younger sisters,” steve sank on the other side of the couch and turned on the tv, scrolling until he found a baseball game he wanted to watch and turned it on. When he was relaxed, he kicked his feet up on the coffee table and sipped from his dark bottle of beer, his left hand landing on your knee.
“Three sisters?” You took another scoop of ice cream from your bowl and placed it in your mouth, your tongue pressing flag against the dip in the spoon.
“Rebecca was the oldest of the three,” Bucky joined the two of you, setting a glass of water on the table for you, “Anna was the middle and Bea was the youngest.”
“I didn’t know that,” you reached for the water and took a drink, “When do you have to leave for your mission, Buck?”
He hummed and wrapped an arm around your waist, then leaned in to kiss your temple. He let his lips linger, and his fingers flex on your abdomen before he slowly pulled away. He looked disdained to leave, and while you were aware that he had missions that were close to home, this mission would take him to London for three weeks.
“Now,” Bucky sighed and shifted until he was sitting at the edge of the couch, “Sam and I are leaving with Wanda.”
“I’ll miss you,” you set your bowl down and pressed your chest to his back, “you’ll be safe, right?”
Bucky turned his head to the left and looked over his shoulder. His blue eyes were concentrated on you while his back was rigid and tight, the taught muscles showing through his cotton shirt that fit excellently well in the most appealing way.
“Of course,” despite the tautness of his back and the way his hands were bunched, he appeared calm and offered you peace of mind that wasn’t guaranteed.
“I miss both of you,” Bucky stood from the couch and fixed his shirt by tugging it down over his belt before he leaned over Steve’s upper body and kissed him softly, “take good care of our girl.”
The sentiment was sweet, but it still made you lovingly roll your eyes. You leaned forward and grabbed your bowl of ice cream, and placed it back in your lap. You held the spoon in your right hand and stirred the half-melted ice cream until it was mixed into a sugary and somewhat unappetizing soup mixture.
“I can take care of myself,” you quipped, polishing off your half-melted ice cream.
“We know,” Steve leaned forward and placed his beer on the table before he stood and moved around the coffee table in front of the couch and strode toward Bucky at the front door.
You watched as they interacted with each other, speaking softly and embracing the other in a tight big before exchanging small kisses.
With your ice cream finished, you got up off the couch and wrapped Steve’s sweater tighter around you. The soft padding of your feet on the wood floor had caused them to part and Steve to step back so you could step forward. As you moved in front of Steve and Bucky, you inched forward and slipped your hands up his chest until your hands cupped the back of his neck.
You leaned in and stood on your tippy-toes, brushing your lips against his in a soft kiss that eluded to the feeling of longing that was already being expressed. You pushed yourself further against him as he wrapped his arms around your waist and planted his hands firmly against your ass.
“Bucky…” you moaned his name when he nudged your head to the side with his nose and granted himself access to your neck. “You have to go….”
“I know…” He reluctantly let you go and stepped away, opening the door without looking and leaving just as suddenly.
“Steve,” your bottom lip trembled as you were overcome by emotion and exhaustion alike, “can I stay here tonight?”
Bucky’s arm was replaced with Steve’s, and Steve now kissed the trail that Bucky’s lips had met.
“You don’t have to ask,” he mumbled into your flesh as he placed soft open-mouthed kisses against your neck, his hands snaking under your shirt.
“I know,” you gasped when his fingers slipped beneath the cups of your bra and had grazed over your hardening nipples, his thick fingertips teasing and prodding at your nubs, “I know I don’t have to ask-“
Steve ground himself against you, his throbbing hard-on trapped in his jeans prodding your ass. You pushed back against him and moved your hips in a slow, circular motion earning the same enthusiastic groans as he had pulled from you.
“Bedroom-“ you lifted from the ground and spun, your legs wrapped around his waist, your hands snaking from his shoulders to the back of his neck, your fingers gripping the hair at the nape of his neck. You smashed your lips into his, kissing him with little regard or care for how this may change your relationship or how this could alter the state of being the three of you were in.
“Y/N-“ you pulled away and stared deep into his eyes.
His eyes were neither true green or true blue. His eyes were a delightful mix of ocean blue with flecks of emerald green that added a depth to his beautiful, bright eyes that you hadn’t seen in many other men.
You could’ve looked into his eyes all day, and you could’ve studied the shifting emotions and the captures of light. You could’ve basked in the ethereal qualities of his irises that beckoned you further into his grasp.
“Kiss me,” you mumbled your request, and his lips were on you again.
He gripped your ass with a tighter holding, your gasp allowing him the chance to slip his tongue into your mouth and begin a slow-moving dance as your tongues met. You could feel his erection still grazing your ass, the sheer size of him making you shudder at the thought of being speared by such a massive cock.
You were hardly paying attention as he kicked the bedroom door opened and walked in, carrying you as if you were nothing. You hardly paid attention until your back hit the mattress, and Steve was staring at you with deeply rooted want and desire.
“What’s wrong?” You leaned on your elbows, your brows furrowed. “Why’d you stop?”
Steve stood at the foot of the bed, his arms crossed over his chest and his blue-green eyes sweeping your frame from the top of your head to your bare feet. He hasn’t said anything after your question, but you could see the hesitation in his eyes.
“I need to know, ” he finally spoke, his voice teetering on edge, “you need to tell me-”
“I want you, Steve. I want you to make me feel good.” You nodded your head and gave a concise and level-headed response, a clear message of want of understanding.
“Are you sure, baby girl? Are you sure you want this? This will change everything.” He was giving you a cop-out, despite his feelings.
“I'm not ready to have full-blown sex, ” you admit, “but I want to be intimate in some way….”
Steve nods his head.
The bed dipped as he crawled on and furthered onto the mattress until he was hovering above you. He leaned in and brushed his nose against your own, placing a series of kisses against your lips and then you felt his hand on the inside of your thigh.
“I can make you feel good.” He kissed you twice more, distracting you from the button on your jeans being undone, and Steve’s hand effortlessly pull your jeans down enough to give bin enough room for his fingers to reach between your legs and tease your dropping pussy like through your panties.
“Oh shit!” you cursed and gripped the blankets with tight fists while Steve stroked your swollen pussy like twice more, and then he pushed your panties aside.
The rough pads of his fingers stroked your wetness, the double digits lightly pushing into your heat every few strokes, teasing you while you were already falling apart.
“So bothered already?” he whispered into your neck, nipping at your earlobes, pushing his index finger into your awaiting heat, teasing you with his tongue on your neck and his other hand squeezing your breast through your bra.
“Y-yes…” you bucked your hips against his hand and spread your legs further apart, “oh…god….”
He smirked and whispered dirty nothings into your ear and added another finger, curving his thick digits into your cunt, earning a sharp intake of breath and caused your back to arch.
“I know what you want, baby girl.” Steve turned his wrist and used his thumb to stroke your hard little clit, listening to your breath catching as you were skyrocketing toward your orgasm.
“P-please…” you pushed your hips against him, eager for more.
“Give it to me,” Steve playfully bit down on your neck, urging you, “cum for me, baby girl. Cum on my fingers.”
You didn’t need to be told twice. You gripped his shoulders and squirmed as your moans and whimpers became more intense. Your we’re going to cum on his fingers like he wanted you to.
“Steve…” you grunted and threw your head back in pleasure as your cunt squeezed his fingers, and then you came in a fish against him.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · 21 days ago
In your opinions, do you think reader and Peter could be friends?
Do you think its conceivable for the two of them to remain friends after enough time has passed and they talk things out?
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sylverstorms · 23 days ago
It takes ages for Donna to trust you enough to communicate without Angie, even longer for her to take her veil off in front of you. Sharing your first kiss would be a huge milestone and while these are all great what turns Donna into a hot mess is when you slowly guide her hands up to your neck and tell her it's okay to choke, just like that, good girl. I can see Donna combusting on the spot 😅🥳
If you call Donna a good girl in that setting she'll faint on you. Like. Instantly. On the spot.
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imaginedreamwrite · 24 days ago
Baby Girl: Part 7
“To get the whole experience,” Steve grinned as he slapped a hat on your head that belonged to him and handed you a plastic cup of beer.
“Providing underage women with alcohol is frowned upon.” You smirked as you sipped on the smooth, cold beer. “Especially for Captain America.”
“As if that’s the first time you’ve drank,” Steve sipped on his beer while the two of you watched Bucky buy wristbands.
“It’s not, but being corrupted by Captain America is a first.” You smiled coyly and took another swig of the beer in the plastic cup, enjoying the taste of the hopps and the barley.
“It won’t be the last time either.” He admitted, no restraint and the promise of something sensual in the future.
“Why not start with underage drinking?” You shrugged and took another drink, finding yourself overly thirsty for the taste of the excellent alcohol on a hot day.
“Your birthday is just over a month away, babe,” Bucky added on his return from the ticket booth. “Is one month gonna make a difference?”
“Alcohol leads to sex. Sex leads to pregnancy. Pregnancy leads to “
“Babies.” Bucky finished for you, leaning in to kiss your cheek. “Damn, you and I would make cute babies.”
You felt butterflies in your belly, and it was hard to ignore the way your heart was pitter-pattering in its cage. With Bucky standing so close to you and the lingering of his lips on your cheek, you found it hard to catch your breath.
“Too bad Y/N prefers blondes,” Steve winked and cracked a boyish grin.
“You’re both wrong,” you lift your cup to your lips, trying to hide your amused smirk, “Y/N likes both.”
The tension, the healthy and flirty tension between you three, had been rising all morning, from the moment you all left Stark Tower to this moment right now. It was easy and natural; it was routine and standardized, almost like breathing.
“Does she?” Bucky raised his eyebrows and glanced at Steve, sharing a look with him before he glanced back your way.
“Hmhmm.” You nodded your head and kept working on your beer until it was empty. “So…what’s first on the docket?”
“What do you wanna do, sweetheart?” Steve downed the rest of this beer as you had and then offered to throw the cup out by holding out his hand.
You handed him the plastic cup and adjusted the cap on your head, fixing the brim as it gave you some shade from the sun. The hat was well worn, and you could tell that it was a favourite of Steve’s based on the wear on the brim and the band at the back, which made you feel more honoured to wear it.
“Rollercoasters, Ferris wheels…games…” you tilted your head and hummed, trying to make a decision. “Let’s do a rollercoaster. I love thrills.”
“Whatever you wanna do,” Bucky reached for your wrist and secured the band with the small sticky tape, taking the opportunity to trace your veins on the underside of your wrist.
“Thunderbolt’s thrilling.” Steve returned from throwing the plastic cups out and, upon his return, grabbed and secured his band on his wrist. “Are you sure you’re not hungry, though?”
“I’ll eat later. For now, I wanna feel my stomach flip upside down.” You thanked Bucky for the band and Steve for the beer, and then the three of you were off, weaving through the crowds to get to your first ride.
** **
“How are you feeling?” The question was asked as you were finishing the Coney dog Steve and Bucky recommended, and that came after you’d gone on every ride that wasn’t designed for kids.
“Soooo good!” You praised the hot dog, polishing it off with not a scrap behind. “Oh my god, those are good!”
“Told you.” Bucky was on your left, and Steve was on your right, having already finished their volcano fries and three dogs each. “You know the last time Steve and I came to Coney Island, it was what..?”
“1939. We came on a double date with two girls you met in that diner. One’s name was Delores.”
“Called her dot,” Bucky added while he brushed a piece of dirt off your cheek, “spent all our money trying to win a stuffed bear.”
“You spent all our money trying to win her a bear. Then we had to ride in the back of a freezer truck.” Steve laughed and draped his arm across your shoulders.
“So that was what..?”
“$3 was a lot of money in the late ’30s.”
“$3 for a stuffed bear. I’m a little jealous.” You made a play on their situation, a little cracking joke.
“You want a bear, baby girl?” Bucky asked as he stood. “I’ll win you a bear.”
“I’ll win you two.” Steve stood as well.
“What’re you doing, punk? Trying to make me look bad in front of my girl?” Bucky crossed his arms over his chest, looking from you to Steve.
“Who said she’s your girl, jerk?” Steve countered, the friendly competition a clear indication of how their relationship with each other had progressed.
“Bet I’ll win the most for the pretty dame,” Bucky flashed a wink your way.
“You’ve always been a sore loser,” Steve added to the jesting, walking with you and Bucky to the games.
“What can I do for ya fella’s?” The game attendee asked when the three of you stepped up to a water shooting game with colourful stuffed animals hanging from the top and smaller colourful animals near the bottom, with cute little hearts in their ears.
“Which one do you want, babe?” Bucky leaned against the edge of the counter, watching as you scoped out the stuffed animals.
“The giraffe is cute.” You pointed to a midsized giraffe which was usually coloured, except for the rainbow bow attached to its ear and the rainbow tongue that was sticking out the corner of its mouth.
“I’ll get your giraffe,” he tapped your nose and slid the attendee some cash in exchange for tokens.
“Should be easy,” Bucky grabbed one of the water guns and sat on the stool, waiting for the game to start.
“Think he’ll do it?” Steve asked quietly, watching from the sidelines with you.
“These games are rigged,” you watched as the bell rang and the game begun. Bucky was quick to fire the gun and had made it almost entirely to the end before the game ended.
“Good try, Buck.” Steve’s lips twitched as he fought a smirk. “Look how far the greatest assassin the world’s ever known has come. Can’t even win a stuffed giraffe.”
“Shut up,” Bucky mumbled, slapping some more bills down.
You covered your mouth with your hand and snorted into your palm. “Does this mean we’re taking a freezer truck back to the hotel?”
The game start again, and the look of concentration on his face was cute. His brows were furrowed, and his lips were pressed into a thin line, his focus deadly. He looked as if he was back in the old days trying to snipe an enemy rather than attempt to win a stuffed giraffe.
“I think-“ the bells went off, and the lights built into the game had started spinning, Bucky’s victory solidified.
“There ya have it,” the attendee grabbed one of the rainbow bow giraffe’s and handed it to Bucky, who immediately gave it to you,
“Thank you, Bucky.” You squeezed the giraffe and smiled widely. “It’s so cute!”
“You’re welcome, doll.” Bucky joined the two of you again, stepping out of the way for some young kids to play. “Alright, Rogers, you’re up. Hotshots.”
Bucky directed both of your attention to a game that revolves around making baskets to win the prize. It looked simple enough, but you all knew that the games weren’t as easy as they seemed. Still, Steve didn’t back down.
“Aww! They have Yoshi’s!” You skipped over the game, your eyes spanning the colourful yoshis and the Toads matching varying colours. “I love Yoshi’s, and he’s my favourite Mario character.”
“Yoshi?” Steve followed you and your gaze. “That’s a video game thing, right?”
You nodded your head and glanced at the other side of the game. “Oh! I love the blue one! It matches your eyes.”
“I’ll win it for ya, baby girl.”
Steve, like Bucky, had put down a few dollar bills and wait for the attendant to throw him the ball. As he spun it in his hands, he looked at you from the corner of his eyes and then he made the first throw.
** **
“I’m going to name them after you; you have to know that.” You carried your stuffed blue Yoshi under your left arm, and the giraffe under your right as the three of you slowly walked down the sidewalk back to your hotel.
It took Steve three attempts to make the basket and finally win the blue Yoshi you wanted, and after the frustration, their little bet was off, and the three of you got gelato instead.
“James and Steve,” you squeezed your stuffed animals and stifled a yawn, “both perfect and cute.”
“Tired?” Steve slipped his hand into yours and squeezed. “Want me to carry you?”
“Thank you, but,” you yawned again, “we’re not far.”
Bucky was on the other side of you, walking with his left hand shoved into the pocket of his jeans and his right hand staring at the pictures you’d gotten from the photo booth. After the gelato and the games, it was naturally the photo booth next, and while it was hard to fit the three of you in, you managed to.
The day was perfect and not once had you found yourself thinking of Peter. Not once did you reminisce on your past relationship and his new girlfriend, nor had you wanted to.
“I’m gonna keep these forever,” Bucky smiled small. “Best trip to Coney Island I’ve ever taken.”
“The Cyclone was fun.” You sighed when you got back to the hotel, your feet aching and your body riddled with exhaustion. “And those Coney dogs were to die for.”
“We should’ve gotten the deep-fried cheesecake,”
Steve opened the door for you and steadied you when you shuffled inside after Bucky.
“There’s too much to try,” you followed Bucky toward the elevator and had even leaned against him as it started to go up to your floor. “That was so much fun. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had that much fun.”
“Even before Peter?”
“Yeah,” you nod your head, “I was always busy studying to finish my nursing degree that I hadn’t given myself a lot of time for fun. This makes up for a lot of it.”
“And your birthday? Any plans?” Bucky held the doors open for you and Steve when the elevator reached your floor, waiting until both of you were off before he let them close again.
“Honestly, I thought I’d be spending it with Peter, but….”
“That’s not happening.”
“Yeah, so…I don’t know. I don’t know what I want to do for my birthday, but I do know that I wanna go to the aquarium tomorrow.”
“Whatever you want, darling.” The three of you stepped into the room, and you placed your stuffed animals on the one bed before you moved deliberately toward Steve and Bucky.
“Thank you.” You got to Bucky first and snaked your arms around his neck, crashing your lips into his. He had held you to his chest with one hand against your lower back and the other hand woven into the hair at the back of your neck. The kiss had made your heart jump in your chest. It made your stomach do flips, and your legs shake.
When you pulled away, you moved toward Steve to kiss him in the same manner, but he had beaten you to it.
Steve kissed you softly, cupping your cheek as his lips moved against yours. The world shifted when you kissed Steve and Bucky; the emotional connection you shared grew exponentially.
They were your soulmates, and you were theirs.
They were all you wanted.
“You are so worth it,” Steve mumbled against your lips, “you are so perfect, baby girl.”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · a month ago
Baby Girl: Part 4
The bell above the door rang as it was pushed open, and although the combination of rich coffee and freshly baked sweets could be smelled from outside the café, it wasn’t until you had stepped foot inside that you were hit with the delicious aroma.
As the door closed behind you, your eyes dart around the café studying every possible inch. The world becoming colour in your eyes should have stopped being miraculous to you, yet every day that you opened your eyes and saw the various shades and depths of colour was another day that amazed you.
The barista’s behind the counter wore black button-down shirts and red aprons. They had matching black and red visors on their heads along with what looked like black hairnets keeping their hair safe from falling into coffee or food. Behind the barista’s was a menu etched in colour on a black chalkboard, the menu varied and separated by each different colour that represented a different menu option.
The coffee, plain and simple, was written in white. Teas and specialty iced teas were written in red chalk. Food was written in blue. Iced, blended drinks were written in green.
The whole aesthetic of the café appeared to be farmhouse chic, which was odd for a coffeehouse in Manhattan, yet it was cozy and comfortable. It transported you from the bustling district in New York City to a small town where everyone knew everyone.
“Hi! Can I get anything started for you?” the barista behind the counter greet you when you shuffled closer, studying the menu with indecision.
“If you’re having a hard time deciding, the Mano dragonfruit refresher is to die for!” Her extra perky smile seemed forced like if she didn’t appear this jovial she would be reprimanded or even written up.
“Sure.” You agreed without knowing what a refresher even was. “Your largest size.”
“Great!” She smiled again and punched it into the register. “And your name?”
“Y/N.” You answered almost too quickly, hoping to get your drink and find a place before Steve and Bucky arrived.
“Awesome! Your drink will be down at the end!” Her perkiness wasn’t solely saved for you, as she greet the next person with the same, bright smile.
After you moved down to the end of the counter on the right, you used your time of waiting for further study the café and the patrons inside. The various array of colours that were skewered throughout the building was refreshing. Even if the development of your coloured vision eventually meant the end of your relationship with Peter, it was nice. You always knew the world would be captivating in full colour, but living in colour was more than you expected or hoped for.
It was a disparity that you were living in, a contrast between how you felt about Peter and your relationship and how you felt about seeing the magnificence of the world in the full spectrum of pigmentation.
“Refresher for Y/N!” your drink was set down and as you reached for it, the barista flashed you a smile. “Have a good day!”
You stared at the drink for a moment, analyzing the deep link colour that bordered on magenta, with clumps of berries in the liquid that sloshed against the clear cup. The straw that was pushed into the drink was green, almost a dark line green, that matched some of the accent colours in the café.
You thanked the barista and gurney, briefly making eye contact with Steve and Bucky before you turned and sat in a booth near the back of the café.
You set your drink down on the table and shuffled into the booth, pressing your back against the wall and angling yourself. You gave yourself the ability to watch the people who had come and left, and the colours of their drinks if they had clear cups.
But more importantly, you gave yourself the ability to see Steve and Bucky.
As was his apparent staple, Steve wore a black leather jacket with white trim stretching across the shoulders. He wore a dark blue shirt underneath with a v neckline and a loose fit that wasn’t as tight as the shirt he wore when you first met him. His hair was styled slicked back, his beard well-trimmed and taken care of. He didn't seem any different than any regular man, save for the fact that Steve Rogers was bonafide gorgeous.
And so was Bucky.
His dark brown hair had grown out again since the last time you saw him a few weeks ago and was now hanging by his chin. He too had a beard, and while it was as neatly trimmed as Steve’s, it wasn’t as thick. Like Steve, Bucky had stuck to the staples of his wardrobe with the red henley he worse and the dark blue, bordering on black, jeans.
You watched as they ordered their drinks and stood near the end of the counter waiting as you had. Only as they were waiting, they were standing close together and whispering amongst themselves.
Seeing them together made you envious of the connection they had. The way they looked at each other, or the way they seemed in each other’s presence was natural and ethereal and it seemed so effortless.
You on the other hand were struggling to keep your relationship of one year afloat while feeling like you and the year spent with Peter was floundering beneath a shipwreck that was leaking oil and on fire.
Were you going to exhaust yourself trying to keep the relationship alive? Were you going to suffer more by putting time and effort into something that was already over?
“Hey, doll,” Bucky took the spot beside you, his arm in that red henley that looked so good on him brushing against your own.
“Hi, Bucky.” You reached for your refresher and slid it back toward you, sipping on the cool and fruity drink. You wait for the cool liquid to go down your throat before you pushed it to your left.
“How are you doing?” Steve sat across from you, setting his paper cup down and shifting in a way that caused his knees to brush against yours briefly.
“Honestly,” you sighed and chewed the inside of your cheek, feeling overwhelmed by the seeming screeching halt your relationship has come to, “I’ve been better.”
“You wanna talk about it?” Steve asked, lifting his cup to his lips but not taking a sip yet.
“Are you sure you wanna hear this? About my relationship with Peter?” you first glanced at Steve then Bucky.
They were giving you the entirety of their attention span. They were listening to you and keeping their eyes on you while you talked. They weren’t pushing you to talk or forcing you to open up about your boyfriend who was not one of your soulmates.
“It’d better than bottling it up.” Steve reached out and squeezed your hand.
“You don’t have to tell us anything you don’t want to. Why don’t you just start with something small?”
Bucky suggested, angling his body toward you.
You felt irrevocably safe with them, and you hardly knew anything about them. It appeared that even just being in their presence was enough to ease you and soothe you. Just being around them felt naturally ethereal and delightful, like you were all puzzle pieces fitting together to create a full and bright picture.
“How was the date after you fixed Stevie up?” Bucky asked first, easing you into the topic of your relationship with a fairly easy transition.
“It was…awkward.” You looked away from them and focused your attention out the window, watching passing cars and people with no real intent behind your stare. “I feel like I’m losing my relationship and the harder I try and clutch at it, the quicker it slips away.”
It was true, you felt as though there was a gorge between you and Peter. When he found out that you had seen Bucky and Steve in the hospital a mere half-hour before you met up with him, he accused you of flirting. He accused you of letting them hit on you.
It opened your eyes to the possibility that Peter was as uneased as you. Or maybe Peter was purposefully trying to create a rift to make it easier on the both of you.
“Do you feel like you’re making the right decision? Holding onto a relationship that won’t last?” Bucky nudged his knee against your own without meaning to, the action jerking you from your mid-daze.
“Honestly, I feel like I’m trying to put a bandaid over a bullet hole or like I’m dropping a cork into a volcano waiting for it to erupt. Ya know?” You sighed and ran your fingers over the water line on the table that was left behind from your drink.
“What else is bothering you,” Steve stroked your knuckles with his thumb.
“Peter can see colour too.” Your frown deepened as your eyebrows furrowed. “He didn’t even tell me. I caught him. He slipped, he…”
You shook your head. There were so many tumultuous factors about your relationship with Peter and it was all just piling on.
“And we never even had pet names for each other. I mean that’s a staple!”
“The kid never called you ‘sweetheart’ or ‘doll’ or ‘love’ ‘darling?” Bucky glanced at Steve before he cast his eyes back to you.
“No,” you shift in your seat, “Peter didn’t want to give nicknames or pet names. He said it’d be better in the long run if we didn’t use them.”
“Do you want one?” Steve reached out and grabbed your other hand, holding and stroking both.
“As friends,” Bucky added, “it could carry over whenever a relationship forms.”
Butterflies burst in your belly.
Your heartbeat skipped and you were hit with this enduring warmth.
“Okay,” you nod eagerly, a smile replacing the frown, “yeah I’d like one.”
Bucky hummed and tapped the table. You moved your attention from Steve to Bucky, from blue-green eyes to solid blue, one handsome face to another.
They were both so beautiful, so breathtaking.
“Back in the 40’s we’d call our dates ‘dames’, ‘dolls’, ‘sweetheart’ ‘darling’, but you…” Steve tilt his head and looked you up and down.
“You look like a ‘baby girl,” Steve spoke the pet name and your body burst with heat. He spoke the pet name and warmth rushed through you from the tip of your toes to the top of your head.
“Baby girl, ” you smiled at the pet name, letting it sit on your tongue, “I like it. Baby girl.”
“It suits you.” Bucky brushed his knee against yours again. “You’re beautiful, Y/N. The world wasn’t entirely black and white before we met you, but having the burst of colour when our eyes met has been the best thing to happen as of late.”
“Thank you for listening to me, ” you glanced at them both, “you’re good friends.”
“That’s all we’ll be, baby girl, ” Steve confirmed, easing the part of you that was still clinging to Peter, “until you’re ready for more. We’ll be your friends and give you any support that we can.”
“You can talk to us whenever you want,” Bucky added to Steve’s sentiment.
They were offering themselves as friends until you figured out what you wanted to do about Peter. They would be your friends, they would be there for support so you could vent or scream or cry.
Whatever you needed.
“Thank you, ” your smile met your eyes for the first time in a long time, “I’ll take you up on that offer. Might drive you crazy.”
“Not if we drive you crazy first,” Steve smirked and winked, “baby girl.”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · a month ago
Baby Girl: Part 2
Your world bursting into colours vibrant and breathtaking had ironically cast a shadow over your personal life. The shift from vision of black and white to coloured freedom, had created a reactive shift in your relationship with Peter that you hadn’t been prepared for.
“Colours,” Peter mumbled into his cup of coffee, “what is it like?”
The tension between you two was still at a minimum, yet the fact that you’d found your soulmates had created this light fog that just sat over your heads, hovering low enough to be noticeable yet high enough not to be touched.
“I know you can see colours. I knew the moment it happened.” He mumbled again, staring at the crack in the table you’d bought together.
“It doesn’t change how I feel about you.” You moved around the table to his side, wrapping your arm around his back while your other hand rest on his left shoulder. “I love you, Peter.”
Your contact with his body had physically drew the tension from him, although that is where the ease stopped. Despite his shoulders and body being ridden of tension in his shoulders and his chest, his emotional apprehension was on the rise. It was hard to miss, almost impossible not to feel the chill exuding from Peter as the pair of you tried to grapple with the shaken pillars of your relationship.
How did you move past this? How did you return to a place before you saw colours and before you found out that two of the avengers were your soulmates? Were your heads in the clouds and your hearts in naivety?
Could there even be a place to come back to? Could the relationship pan out even with the recent event of meeting your soulmates hanging above your head?
“I love you too.” He turned his head and spoke into your hand on his shoulder. He pressed his lips into your palm after you’d opened your hand, giving you the smallest glimmer of affection that was more than enough for the moment. “We’ll make this work.”
The sentiment of the message was sweet and hopeful, yet it felt empty. It felt as if you were going to just be biding time until inevitable set in and broke you apart.
“Of course we will.” Your tight lipped smile and forced positivity had only added to the overcast sense of grim outcomes. “Did you want to go to Stark Tower together?”
The question felt like a buffer, a monotonous event that would bring anymore awkwardness to the already complicated situation. It was an offer to share a ride with the boy you’d loved for the past year, to be in each others presence while not addressing the elephant in the apartment.
“You start today?” Peter frowned, his eyebrows furrowed.
“First day working as medical staff at Stark Tower.” You let go of him and shuffled into the kitchen, dragging your feet toward the fridge. You grabbed the white handle and pulled, bending over to gaze at the contents inside before you decided on a ripe apple and a bottle of fiji water Peter brought home the day before.
After selecting your items and balancing them in your arms, your turned around to talk to Peter only to find the place where he once was, empty now.
“You see in colour,” Peter called from the living room, beckoning you with his voice.
As you crossed the distance, a smile broke on your face when you saw Peter standing in the living room in his full Spider-Man get up. He was posing for you with the familiar smile you loved most, on his face.
“Tell me what colour my suit is.” He placed his hands on his hips, watching you with playful flirtation.
“I can do that,” you walked toward him with renewed pep in your step. You stood in front of him and slid your hands up his chest and onto his shoulders, your eyes wandering the pattern of his suit and the colours that had been brought together to form the impressive technological apparel that had saved Peter’s life more than once.
“The shoulders are red with black details that make the suit itself look like spiders webs.” You touched and traced the black lines as you spoke, your attention on the way he filled out the spider suit and the feel of his tight muscles been the your hands.
“There are two blue bands that break up the red on your arms,” you touched the blue against the red, proving your point.
“There’s more blue?” Peter asked, his hands moving to your hips where he lightly squeezed.
“Yes,” you inhaled sharply, your eyes moving down his body toward his lower half, “from your waist to the middle of your calves are blue. From the middle of your calves to your feet are red with black detailed lines like the upper half.”
“We’ll make it work,” Peter brushed his thumb across your chin to lift your head, “it’ll be okay. We’ll be okay.”
** **
“Are we going to talk about it?” Nat smirked while she was leaning against the bar side of the communal area the Avengers shared. Since the party, and their full ascent into fully coloured vision, Natasha has been on them relentlessly to try and get a peek into their brains.
“The kid has been dating the girl for a whole year,” Clint spoke from the lounger in the centre of the room, looking back at the two with a similar smirk to Natasha’s.
“And she’s a baby,” Natasha’s grin widened, “really robbing the cradle aren’t you boys?”
“She’s 20 Nat, almost 21.” Bucky spoke in defence of their situation.
“She’s not legal enough to drink and she’s barely legal enough to vote.” Natasha looked Steve up and down, with a raised eyebrow.
“She’s working here.” Bruce had quipped, looking at the tablet in his hands before he looked up. “She’s working on the medical floor as a registered nurse. Given your reputation, I think you’ll be seeing a lot of her.”
Bruce was speaking of Steve and Bucky’s penchant for getting into trouble where they was none, though the jab could’ve been aimed further toward Steve since the man couldn’t run away from a fight.
“We’re not pursuing anything.” Steve stood his ground and cut the silent accusations short. “The kid is a relationship with her-“
“It won’t last long.” Clint cut Steve off, pushing himself to sit up further. “We all know how the soulmate connection is. Even if you’re on the other side of the world, you’ll be drawn together eventually. No matter how hard you try to fight it.”
“She’s in a relationship, Barton.” Steve unscrewed the cap on a bottle of water and lift it to his lips. “We’re not going to interfere-“
“Its inevitable. Whether you want to interfere or not, there is a connection that won’t be ignored. They can try to push it off all they want, eventually one of them will break.”
Steve hummed after he swallowed, his eyebrows knit together. He slipped into a space of deep though, a place in his head that pulled his thoughts toward Peggy.
Steve and Bucky were able to see half colour when they recognized each other as soulmates. When Steve met Peggy, he had wished that his vision could’ve shifted to full colour. He wished that he could’ve seen the bright flashes of pigment that was described so heavily by those who had already met their soulmates and in book written exclusively on the topic.
When he didn’t see colour, and neither did Peggy, there was a part of Steve that was disappointed. There was a part of him that was almost distraught over not being able to have this woman who was breathtaking and confident, so sure of herself, as his soulmate.
He wanted Peggy.
Bucky wanted him. He had only ever spoke of Steve when he was alive in the 40’s, there was no connection to Peggy other than one of friendship.
“It’s inevitable,” Steve mumbled under his breath, chewing on the words.
Inevitable. Steve and Peggy were never meant for each other.
If fate would inevitably bring two soulmates together, than fate could inevitably separate two people who were never meant for each other.
“Eventually the relationship will fail as the connection between the three of you grows.” Bruce glanced from Steve to Bucky. “And there will be no turning back.”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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neoheros · a month ago
Tumblr media
“stop taking pictures!” atsumu shouts, his shirt unbuttoned and hair damp from the shower as he chases after you around the apartment.
you shake your head, yelling back, “no!”
it’s the first volleyball game of the season, and to no one’s surprise, atsumu is playing as the lead setter in his team’s first match.
you (the loving spouse) opts to take as much pictures to fill out an entire album to commemorate this important day, whilst atsumu (the annoying husband) complains and insists that you don’t need to.
“i’m making a collage out of these.” you titter, holding on tight to the camera as your husband stops chasing you in defeat.
he mutters, “you’re crazy.”
and you rolls your eyes, “keep talking and you’ll see yourself in a slideshow.”
atsumu ignores your remarks, a lopsided grin settling on his face and he goes back to bringing his focus to his hair — still damp from the shower with his black roots starting to kick in again.
he straightens out his shirt, his glance falling to you from across the room, and he asks, “what time will you get there?”
“around nine.” you reply, fiddling around with your camera, and you look up to see him smile.
you sigh a breath of relief, “i cannot wait to see samu again, it’s been forever.”
“i forgot he’s coming to the game.” atsumu tells you, keeping the conversation going despite the distance.
you nod, “i think suna, kita and aran mentioned they were coming too.”
and atsumu walks to where you stand, a towel on his shoulders as he dries off his hair and he grins — toothy — “they didn’t have to do that for me.”
the man of the hour - you just about know that they (his most loyal friends in the world) would do anything for him.
“for you?” you scoff, folding your arms across your chest, and you taunt, “obviously they’re coming to see me.”
“yer not the one that’s gonna be playing on court.” he tells you, indulging in your chatter.
and you smile, “that’s because i’m going to charm them on the bleachers.”
atsumu’s friends have always been your friends, and your friends have always been his. they were all their when the two of you celebrated your marriage, and they were all their to scold you both for such a wreckless decision.
(kita scolded you guys the longest and somehow is still the one who texts to check up on you two the most.)
“don’t go crying when they ignore ya to watch my sets.” atsumu huffs, his tone dripping in solid pride, and you’re heart flutters at the excitement of seeing him on court again.
you know how much atsumu missed playing in official games, thats why this is such an important day to him, and it’s a hella important day for you too because this means that his big plan was working: you in college to pursue your studies while he focuses on volleyball to pursue his dream.
if this goes well today, then it’s a solid proof that you two made the right choice getting married — it’s proof that the two of you can make this work.
“you’re just saying that cuz i’m the miya they like more.” you taunt, smiling ear to ear as he stands next to you.
atsumu grins, “you’re the miya i like more too.”
you roll your eyes.
“when i see samu i’m so gonna tell him you said that.” you reply, tittering as he opts to get closer to you.
and atsumu grins wider, “you’re his favorite miya too.”
you smile, “i know.”
and atsumu, damp hair and all, closes the small space that lies between you both.
he kisses you, smiling and laughing as he does, whilst you protest that he’s getting his wet hair all over your face.
he’s nervous for today, but he’s less nervous knowing that you’ll be there to cheer for him.
atsumu pulls away, “please delete some of the photos you took.”
“oh but these are all keepers.” you shake your head, bringing out the camera to show him the myriad of pictures you’ve taken all morning.
he raises a brow, “that’s a photo of my butt.”
and you shrug, “you have a very cute butt.”
Tumblr media
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thehairingrove · a month ago
okay so I know it’s been ages (I totally lost this in my drafts. oops!), but a while back I wrote this drabble and @trans-siberian-marching-band left a comment that inspired this follow up!
“When you were growing up, did you ever want siblings?”
They’re out in their backyard, something that still makes the both of them emotional, the fact that they have a space together that they can call theirs, sitting on the porch swing under the stars, just talking.
It’s funny, there was a time when they couldn’t ever do this kind of thing without something to smoke, only ever having these deep conversations because of the Chocolate Thai that Steve used to like so much, but they can’t really do that sort of thing anymore for the sake of Billy’s lungs.
Which, Billy knew well things weren’t going to be the same once he got out of the hospital, and he was okay with that even, after so long a recovery, it just worried him a little, to think he wouldn’t be the same person. But Steve, he had a way of proving him wrong, always showing him that even if things changed, they still had eachother, and that was what was most important to the both of them.
It wasn’t just the photo album thing either, it was keeping up all of their little traditions and habits, different as they may be now, and making dozens of new ones, building a life together and showing him that this was okay.
“More than anything.” Billy responds to Steve’s question, a little wistful. Being a big brother used to be what he would wish for on every birthday candle or shooting star that went past his window.
Steve hums and sits back a little further on the swing, looking up at the sky, “I bet you liked it a lot when Max came along then.”
And he doesn’t mean to, but Billy scoffs, says a bit harshly, “No way, I hated her guts.”
“Oh.” Steve looks over at Billy, a little put off by his answer if the slight frown on his face is any indication, but he shares his own thoughts all the same, “Well I always wanted a little sister.”
“I did too.” Billy admits, making Steve look even more confused as he asks him, a sort of confrontational edge to his voice, “Then what was wrong with Max?”
Billy sighs. The reason is something he’s never shared with a single soul, never scribbled in the pages of his diary, or even mentioned in a prayer. He looks up at the sky with Steve, and tells him, his voice so quiet the emptiness almost swallows his words, “Momma was five months pregnant when she left. I couldn’t stand Max because she wasn’t my real sister. Wasn’t my Raini.”
Billy was eight years old when his momma had told him that she was pregnant, explaining all about what that meant as she was tucking him into his bed each night, when Neil would stay late at work, even later at the bar.
She would take extra care to always tell him how he was going to be such a good role model for his baby sister when she came, and even taught him about all the things you had to do for a baby. He couldn’t have been more excited.
But instead of his family getting bigger, four months before he’s supposed to be able to meet the baby, it gets smaller. His momma, trying to make sure that her husband wouldn’t be able to control her pregnancy or hurt her baby, takes off with most of Billy’s things packed in her car and nothing more than a promise to be back before the end of the month.
Except, that doesn’t ever happen. His dad moves them all the way to the other side of the state before it can.
Little Billy hadn’t known what to do with himself. He was beyond devastated, even more so when he found out over the phone his momma wouldn’t be able to make the trip to come get him like she had initially promised, and that he’d have to live with just his father from then on.
It’s a horrible thing, for a child so young to realize he’ll never see his mother again, never have the things she took with her to cherish, never meet the little girl he was so excited to be a big brother to. Billy honestly doesn’t think Neil ever even found out that his mom was pregnant.
With time Billy would forget a lot of things, trauma blocks and so many months in a coma a major hindrance on his memory, but he could never forget his baby sister.
Steve brings him back out of his head with a simple question, so much concern written on his face it makes Billy’s stomach turn, “You never even met her?”
“Nope. Lost contact with momma before she was even born, so.” Billy says, scrunching up his nose when it burns with tears, the one sure fire giveaway that he’s upset that Steve never ever misses.
“Well you should find her now.” Steve says, but despite the heartfelt nature of his words, the suggestion is immediately turned down with a, “It’s not that easy.”
“Well know her name, don’t you? Raini?”
“Yeah, Raini Mae, but I have no idea what her surname is. She never met Neil so she’s probably not a Hargrove, momma’s maiden name was Ellison, but maybe she got married again after Neil.” Billy explains, frustrated that Steve’s telling him all the same things he’d been thinking about for the last twenty some odd years, “Hell, it’s been so long, maybe Raini’s even married by now.”
“Please, Billy. You have to at the very least try.” Steve says, taking up Billy’s hand in his.
“Why? So I can find one more person who was supposed to care about me and never did?” Billy asks, and they both know that’s unfair, but he’s stubborn, hurt by what happened and terrified of finding out something he doesn’t want to know, “I love you, but I’m not doing this for you.”
But Steve, he isn’t letting this go so quickly. This is the only thing that Billy still kept a secret from him after all these years, this has to be important. He thinks hard about it, and offers hopefully, “Would you let me though? Would you talk to her, even just one time, if I found her for you?”
Billy looks at him, his eyes shining with tears that had been waiting to fall since he was just a kid, and he nods, “Of course I would.”
“Then I’ll do it.” Steve’s says determinedly, his mind made up. He was going to find Billy’s sister, no matter what.
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imaginedreamwrite · a month ago
Baby Girl: Prologue
He followed you in the hallway, his state of undress drawing attention from the few avengers who were still at Stark Tower this time of night. He was quick footed, his longer stride bringing him closer to you than you wished for and when his hand reached to grab your arm, you made yourself just as quick footed.
“Y/N please-“
You had spun on your heels and struck him, your hand making instant and thunderous contact with his cheek. The force you had used on your boyfriend, now ex, was deafening. The crack that resounded in the hallway brought all action to a standstill.
“How could you do this to me?!” Your voice was cracking, your vision was obscured and tainted by the bushes tears that pooled in your eyes. He was a blurry image, your handsome avenger who had been with another woman.
“I’m sorry.” He was also near the point of tears, although you didn’t know it that was from the force you had used or the series of events you caught him in. “I didn’t…we’re not soulmates and you were with Steve and Bucky-“
“Don’t you dare!” You seethed. “Don’t you dare try to turn this around on me, Peter!”
Your vision was just as blurred, even as the stinging alt tears started rolling down your cheeks. You could make out the form of him, the brown head of hair that you had been running your fingers through just days ago. You could make out the faintest shade of his chocolate brown eyes that now seemed so dim and lifeless.
“I didn’t cheat on you!” Your voice was cracking further still, your heart breaking and your mind divided. “I didn’t cheat on you with them! I would never-!”
“Y/N,” the woman he was with shrunk a few feet behind him, “can I please explain…?”
“If you don’t get her away from me, I swear to God I’ll rip her throat out!” You point your finger at her, your voice taking a sharp spike as you temporarily focused your anger on someone other than Peter.
“She’s my soulmate, Y/N.” Peter stepped between you two.
“And I was your girlfriend. Despite everything that happened, we were still willing to try.” You hastily wiped at your tears.
Bucky approached from behind you, though it was the smell of his cologne that you picked up on before his voice. “What the hell is going on here?”
“Perfect.” You scoffed. “You just had to be here for this?”
You snapped at him, your cheeks growing warm from the rush of emotions that flooded you by the approach of Bucky and your relationship crumbling before you.
“What were you doing with them, if you weren’t sleeping with them?” Peter’s voice was accusatory, his eyes narrowed.
“I wasn’t cheating on you!” Your hands began shaking, your breath hitching in your throat. Ever since you had seen Steve and Bucky, ever since your world had burst into colour your life has been a disaster. Your life has been an entire clusterfuck of everything blinding and blazing about soulmates.
His soulmate was cowering behind him. His soulmate was clinging to him as a means of safety. His soulmate was already tied to him by that invisible chain that couldn’t and wouldn’t be broken.
Your relationship was over the moment you set eyes upon Steve and Bucky. You and Peter were just kidding yourselves by trying to make it work. You and Peter were playing yourselves for fools.
“I loved you Peter.” You could see Steve and Bucky from the corner of your eyes. You could see them watching the situation unfolding before their eyes and for the briefest moment, you’d wished that you still saw the world through black and white vision. “I gave you my heart-“
He was empathetic, his eyes were cast down and his bottom lip trembled. He wanted to tell you that he loved you too, you could sense it, but his world could only revolve around his soulmate now.
You weren’t a part of his universe anymore.
“You broke my heart,” your bottom lip shook, “you promised you would never-“ “Get her out of here, kid.” One of them blocked the pair from your vision.
“It’s okay, baby.” Two strong arms wrapped around your waist, holding you as your knees gave out. “It’s ok baby girl. You’ll be okay.”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
** **
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ondubyu · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
              You’re still so pretty / I’m still lovesick / You’re still everything in my life, my love                                          𝐉𝐈𝐍𝐇𝐀𝐄 𝐏𝐋𝐀𝐘𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐓 / @ohdeiji
                                                                      𝐏𝐀𝐒𝐓                                                      Be My Baby - The Ro.nettes                                               Just The Two of Us - Ur.ban Za.kapa                                                                  Sign -
                                                                   𝐏𝐑𝐄𝐒𝐄𝐍𝐓                                                            LOVE YA - Hyu.koh                                                          Every Time -                                      My Girl, My Woman, My Friend - Ma.ri Cha.n
                                                                    𝐅𝐔𝐓𝐔𝐑𝐄                                                            Yegam - Sech.skies                                                Don’t Worry Baby - The Bo.ys                                                               Paradise - S.E.S.
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sitaarein · a month ago
Okay so @zoyalais and @tsaritsas and I basically spent about twenty minutes hc-ing denya kids and they are now canon <3
(Forewarning: this isn’t very concise)
For reference: these are Ada’s Zoyalai kids you might wanna read about them before reading this <3
So there’s two of them, a girl and a boy. The boy’s name is Sacha. The girl’s name is Stalia Maria 
So first up: Stalia. 
Her name comes from the word “steel”, which her parents thought was romantic but Stalia Does Not. Her middle name comes from Marie from tgt 
She’s about three years younger than Sacha
Stalia’s the quiet kid, but get her started on physics or anything science related, really, and she goes OFF. Isaak is in love. 
She’s been tinkering around with David in the lab since she was like two and she basically infodumps to everyone she knows at like three am. For some reason, this just makes her really endearing to people. 
Isaak tries to sneak into the lab and she helps him and then he tells her he kinda wants it to be a secret and she keeps it a secret and it’s precious 
Somehow, in their relationship, it’s Stalia who’s the talkative one. She’ll talk about science for HOURS at end. Isaak’s a tiniest bit scared about her ability to do so
Stalia loves experimenting, trying new things, the world is her oyster (pretty sure I messed that phrase up oof)  
Also: Stalia is so overcompetitive. Do not ever challenge her at anything. You will lose horribly. 
She also has this INCREDIBLY good memory. It’s terrifying sometimes
And now time to talk about Sacha my pretty, angsty boy 🥰
Important note: He’s a bi disaster. As in, a human disaster but also bi khdsgfksd
First up: He IDOLISES Dom. It’s a little ridiculous. (Maybe it’s because they’re both vain drama kings but who knows)
On that note: Sacha is so vain. He is so so vain. He’s also incredibly insecure and he covers both those things by being a spectacular flirt
He never quite fit in with his sister’s group, even though he looks up to Dom so much. Dom basically just thinks of him as ‘Stalia’s little brother’.   He’s so lonely sometimes all the time, but he’s built himself up this persona that he’s the “lone wolf” on purpose. He turns his nose up at people, but he’s the one who cries himself to sleep at night, alone. 
He writes poetry occasionally, and he’s actually good at it, but he also burns it all by the next day at the most 
OBSESSED with fashion. His style is incomparable
He’s also (very very secretly) obsessed with science, and biology in particular. His love for life goes hand in hand with his loneliness, honestly- he surrounds himself with so much life to study it but has not quite mastered the art of living for himself
He will spend all night making a habitat for these cool lizards he found on a walk but will forget completely about any actual work assigned to him. He’s constantly getting in trouble for it. 
They both very much get along with each other- thy get each other out of trouble, make excuses for the other if one is suspiciously absent for something important, drag each other to events where they don’t wanna be alone, fiercely defend each other from any and all criticism- Stalia and Sacha love each other very much okay <3
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nsfwitchy2 · 2 months ago
Absolutely Peak 514a Scenes As Decided By Me
1. Self explanatory, They’re Just Simply Baby™️ in this scene
Tumblr media
2. I love how they move like a scared and confused feral animal
Also someone please tie that childs hair back because they are clearly getting it in their soup and flinging soup onto the table when they move
Tumblr media
3. The genuine confusion on their face upon seeing the burn on their arm
And then they just keep eating
Don’t even question it past “huh that wasn’t there before”
Tumblr media
4. Gently Bonk The Child™️
Also this is such a prime example of “head empty no thoughts”
Alfred keeps bopping them with the boxing glove and 514a’s just like “:)”
Tumblr media
5. This isn’t a scene per say, I just really like this screenshot
Tumblr media
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