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#baby boy. Baby
orange-plane-boy · 44 minutes ago
[Future Au; Mela Au]
5 years in a relationship both felt like forever and a blink of the eye.
He and Fugo got a new house, he started to study for his dream job and Panna was Passione's official lawyer.
At the same time they were still making pillow forts on their free days, cudding and kissing under the blankets as some movie was doing the job of background noise.
Turns out that being in their early 20s was not so different than being barelly 18.
Nara was still almost the same, hair a bit more longer and he swears he can grow a bread now, he just dont wants to!
And over his a bit more modern clothes now he wears a nice aviator jacket that Fugo gifted him when he started flying school, his new favorite pice of clothing after he lost his dear hairband a couple of years before.
But even as the life goes on, sometimes you are stuck at some petty minor Passione bussines. And sometimes you have to kill a dude or two.
Usually get rid of a corpse is easy peasy, something that his boyfriend can do with his stand in some secs.
Too bad the bastard that they just killed found a good hidding spot, and at the time they founs him it was aready sunset. So the only option was the good old fashion way.
"Fucking bastard is gonna stink all my car! I got it washed a week ago!" He grumbled kicking the corpse a couple of times
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chubsono · an hour ago
Mass Effect Legendary Edition sounds cool and all, but do you really want to watch Mordin die in 4k?
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Tumblr media
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liysterr · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
baby loser
based off a conversation i had with @riverofspicymemes / @the-daily-loser (i dont know which one to mention??? so im doing both) in which when loser broke into many pieces the pieces would revive into tiny miniature losers
would take place between bfb 10/11 hypothetically
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elysianfiction · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Happy birthday! Meet mittens the prime minister of New Zealand
OMG THIS IS THE BEST THING I'VE SEEN ALL DAY... all hail king Mittens! 😳💛💛 And thank you! 💛
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sevensav--d · 3 hours ago
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invmakii · 3 hours ago
Tag game
Make your favorite male/female anime character(s) from this picrew! (≧▽≦) 🦋
tagged by lisette @itadorii-yuuji​​ thank you!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
inumaki toge (jjk)
miwa kasumi (jjk)
tagging @sukunalogy  @7tsumurai​ @bokukawas @sstarphase​ @todorokishou​ @tokoyammi​ @narukage​ & anyone who wants to do this
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omgrachwrites · 3 hours ago
Tonight I'm working hard to write an adorable fluffy one shot about Torres and its literally gonna be tooth rotting fluff! It's coming out tomorrow, hope you guys like it! 💛
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andgladly · 4 hours ago
Flattering Angles
My insomnia is nuts. I really need to get this sorted. In the meantime, please except my 4.27am offering of this attractive goober.
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loptrcoptr · 4 hours ago
Last night me and a friend decided that the reason Wrecker has such a bouncy, childlike disposition is that he is the youngest of the batch by a lot. Like the kaminoans pumped him full of growth hormones to make him Swole, but he was the last of the group to be born. So they’re all like 8 year olds, right, and heres Wrecker and he loves lula and breaking things and food fights and tanks, and he’s 4 and 3 quarters next month, thank you very much
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aro-is-gay-af · 5 hours ago
Aro, probably somewhere around 1500 AD: Ah, finally! After so many years of war, you almost wiped out the Children of the Moon completely!
Aro: Congratulations, Caius!
Aro: I'm so happy for you!
Aro: Should we throw a party, then?
Caius: Almost.
Aro: What?
Caius: I almost wiped them out.
Tumblr media
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