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incorrect-imas-quotes · 13 days ago
Ritsuko: You’re an idiot.
Azusa: But I’m your idiot.
Azusa: [points at wedding ring] FOREVEEEER.
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incorrect-imas-quotes · 21 days ago
Ritsuko, holding flowers: Hey babe, happy one year.
Azusa, confused and happy: I’m 21??
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remthebombshell · 3 months ago
most of the time i dont think abt dwd at all but when i do i miss it so fervently.. ritsuka my beloved
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remthebombshell · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
fever dream azuritsu bc im gay and theyre gay and azuna deserved better
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incorrect-imas-quotes · 2 years ago
After the beach episode
Azusa: I wasn’t that drunk last night!
Ritsuko: You tried to color on my face with highlighter because you said I was important.
Azusa, in tears: BUT YOU ARE!!!!!!
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exorcisiscon · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
I hurt myself the week of dwd character appreciation week T w T but hey here’s a rare RitsukaxAzuna doodle. 
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incorrect-imas-quotes · 3 years ago
Azusa: Awww, babe, you had a crush on me? That's embarrassing...
Ritusko: Azusa, we're married.
Azusa: Still...
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seafairart · 5 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A reverse harem with tons of hot bishis and i ship the protaganist with her unromancable female best friend lmao why am i like this??
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helesirestill · 5 years ago
Yuri Festival Day 1 - Getting Lost - Idolm@ster Azuritsu
Day/Theme: Day 1 - Getting Lost
Title: A Lack of Understanding
Author: Ryuu Kitsune (@senkanmutsu​, aka this blog)
Warnings: None needed.
Length: 913 words.
Summary/Description: Azusa gets lost. Again. Ritsuko panics...
Phew, just barely got this done within the bounds of day 1 (at least when EDT is concerned). Have fun!
"Alright, I picked up the replacement RAM I wanted..." Ritsuko started, walking out of the door of the store.  She walked ahead, looking more at the bag in her hands than at the sidewalk in front of her. "So now we can head off to the clothing store you mentioned, Azusa." A moment passed, and Ritsuko heard no reply. "Azusa?" She looked up from her bag, only to see that the other woman was nowhere to be seen. "Oh no, not again," Ritsuko said to herself.
"Alright, stay calm, Ritsuko," she thought. "You told her to stay right here while you went in, you'd be out soon. She can't have gotten far." Scanning left and right across the crowded Tokyo street, Ritsuko saw neither hide nor hair of her partner. "Let's think rationally about this. If I were Azusa, what would be so interesting or important to make me walk away even though I was told specifically not to?" A moment of consideration for the idea, though, and she dismissed it outright. "Neither logic nor common sense drives Azusa on the street. That won't get me anywhere."
"Excuse me, do you have a moment?" Ritsuko called to someone she saw when she entered. "I was here with another woman, short blue hair, red eyes. Did you see her go anywhere?"
"Yeah, I think she walked away when another man came up to talk to her," the bystander said, "didn't seem like the suspicious type, but they went off to the east."
"Oh no. Oh no oh no," Ritsuko said. "I told her not to go anywhere, and she pulls this on me... Thanks for the help, I need to go catch up quick!" With a slight bow, Ritsuko shoved the bag into her purse and dashed off to the east. Doing her best to avoid crashing into anyone, Ritsuko weaved her way through the crowds, looking at every single alley and side street she could. When she neared close to the office where they worked, Ritsuko caught a glimpse of blue in the alley. Asuza was standing near the office's side door, but there was a man with her.
Making no regard for the situation, but only acting to protect Azusa, Ritsuko dashed into the alley. "Get away from my Azusa!" Ritsuko screamed, running at full tilt towards the man. Throwing her arm around his waist and grabbing around his shoulder, she lifted the man onto her hip and threw him into the ground. Leaving no time for the man to recover, she pinned him to the ground and immediately started questioning him. "What do you want with her, creep?!"
A moment passed, the man saying nothing, until Ritsuko finally realized what she had done. The man was no burly assailant or any such thug. Instead, he was a lanky man with ruffled short hair and square-framed glasses. "P-producer?" Ritsuko managed to squeak out, realizing her mistake.
"Oh my," Azusa remarked, putting her hand up to her cheek.
Ritsuko immediately jumped off the man and started apologizing profusely. "I'm sorry, so very sorry, sir. I was so concerned..."
"Stop right there, Ritsuko-san," the Producer said. "I understand what you did and why, don't worry. You just wanted to protect Azusa-san, that's all. I can forgive that." He slowly sat up, dusted his suit off, and stood to face Ritsuko. "But man, my back seriously hurts now."
"I... may have gone a bit overboard," Ritsuko said, shying away a bit. "I'm glad to know you're safe, though, Azusa. I thought that maybe you had gotten lost again and some evil person tried to take you away..."
"My my," Azusa said, "I was fine, I was going to stand there exactly like you wanted me to, until Producer-san walked by and asked it I could talk to him for a moment about my next live... I thought that'd be okay and he took me back to the office to talk in private."
"At least text me or something next time!" Ritsuko scolded, "I had no idea where you went and figured that you of all people would be lost and in danger!"
"Yes ma'am..." Azusa said dejectedly. Ritsuko wrapped her arms around the older woman, not in an attempt to judo throw her, but instead to bring her close into a hug.
"It's okay, you're safe and that's what matters," Ritsuko said, squeezing her tight. "I can't imagine what I'd do without you."
"Oh my oh my," Azusa said, her face turning a bright red. "I love you, Ricchan."
"And I love you too," Ritsuko said, holding her ever tighter.
"Uh, girls?" came a voice from the side. "I'm still here, you know." The two immediately seperated, their faces resembling overripe tomatoes.
"Ah, right." Ritsuko said, adjusting her glasses and attempting to look professional once again. "Did you finish everything you needed with Azusa?"
"Yeah, we were just finishing as you interrupted," Producer said. "Go have fun again, you two."
"Thanks Producer!" Ritsuko said, grabbing Azusa's hand. "Shall we get back to shopping?"
"Yes, let's!" Azusa said, and the two set back out...
"Ah, the beauty of love!" came a voice from behind the producer. Turning around, he saw the secretary, Kotori, standing behind him, her nose bleeding profusely.
"Were you...?" he started, and then changed his mind, "never mind. I don't want to know."
"Do you want to see my videos?" Kotori asked, holding up her phone.
"Why do I work with you people...?"
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