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morihaus · 12 hours ago
my favorite thing abt having a sword w soul trap on it in oblivion is when i get into a flurry and have so many souls that im just pouring them directly into the sword as im continuously hacking people with it
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emblemxeno · 13 hours ago
I just found out that some people are confused on whether Arete or her first husband were carriers of the vallite royal bloodline. Granted I can see som cause for confusion cause he was called by Azura “the former *king* of Valla” and usually king beats queen. However I firmly believe that Arete carried the royal bloodline because she has the crown next to her name which means she can use dragon veins so she must have royal blood in her. Mikoto also had that symbol and she and Arete were sisters, and why would Mikoto tell Corrin they were vallite royalty otherwise.
I’m just confused on why people thought that Azura’s biological father had the royal blood.
You know, that's actually something I never really thought about before. And I'm really happy you made me aware of this, since I like thinking about things I didn't consider before with Fates.
Because it matches up with what we know is consistent of Vallite royalty; great singing voice, power to use the pendant and as you say, she has the ability to use dragon veins so she must have royal blood. At best, Arete's husband was a relative since "you gotta keep the bloodline pure" and all that, but besides that yeah, Arete has more claim to the throne/bloodline than her husband does.
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fandom-explorer04 · 14 hours ago
(Spoilers for Erma fans)
(Emperor Belos seemed angry about Camila/Azura abandoning him and William. And gone on a huge rant about what she did at the end of his list to say)
Emperor Belos: And to think, after all these years, you finally had the GULL to "oh do KINDLY" send our daughter to the Isles.
Camila/Azura: Oh! So she was right about seeing you (but I didn't send her to the Isles). You didn't try to kill her, did you?
Emperor Belos: NO. And whatever you think I'll do to her won't be murderous, and it NEVER will. Because that'll be the last time you ever send my lost treasures to me or William, you got that? And don't you even think about trying to get yourself involved in my MEMORIES ever again!
Camila/Azura: Are you done?
(Emperor Belos took his mask and showed her the face that she abandoned)
Camila/Azura: Now, how about I tell MY side of this story? And remind you of who you're talking to.
(She changes her eyes to greenish gray)
Camila/Azura: Do you honestly think I wouldn't know you would hate me if I left you behind? When I left, I knew you gave me nightmares. I KNEW it was you. I KNEW why you did it.
(The winds started to go wild surrounding her)
Camila/Azura: There were countless opportunities that I could have taken to not only bring you and William back home, but permanently keep you two there. And with all of the power that I have, I could have taken your kingdom as well.
(During the speech, she slowly changes to her old self, that almost made Belos scared)
Camila/Azura: and they would have known nothing for the rest of their days and beyond but eternal suffering. And THAT is a power...
(She stood tall in front of him with power in her body)
(Belos was scared and afraid)
Azura: But...
( She changes back to her causal size and appearance)
Camila/Azura: That's all in the past. And frankly, the past can be quite exhausting. It'd be best to move on. Not have all that weight us down.
(Belos looked scared still)
Camila/Azura: Oh, and to be clear... I'm not looking for forgiveness. I don't need to. After all...
Azura: I am still your beloved.
(her eyes glowed green and Belos trembles with fear)
Camila/Azura: Now, don't stay up too long. Have a good night, dear Belos.
(If Camila/Azura is stronger than Belos, imagine what her true powers are)
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johnnysfire · a day ago
Story prompt!
Amity is overdue with the twins and is very very very big. She gets self-conscious when she sees a bunch of people flirting with Luz
married lumity...i miss them. i need to start writing more again...
Amity struggled to walk around the market, trying to look for some griffin eggs for Luz. The witch was also managing to push around her three-year-old Azura on a makeshift Boiling Isles stroller. Amity had forced Luz to take her out shopping since she had been indoors the majority of her pregnancy. Carrying twins took a toll on her body, and this was an example. Amity huffed as she went to go sit by a nearby bench, tired from all the walking. "Where's Mama?" the little hybrid asked her mommy. Amity stopped for a second and realized Luz said she was going to get something, but it had been around fifteen minutes and she wasn't back yet. Amity stood up and scanned around to look for her clumsy wife. She now felt herself walking with the stroller trying to find Luz, panic evident on her face.
Luz was spotted near a group of people, who seemed to be too comfortable around Luz. As she got closer, Amity heard faint compliments on Luz's heroism from a young guy and noticed a young girl put her arm on her neck as she talked. It began to make Amity irritated and a bit insecure. These witches couldn't have been older than twenty-two. Luz didn't even seem to notice the flirting and just kept talking with a smile on her face. Amity didn't see Luz's smile widen as Amity and Azura came closer.
"And there's my beautiful wife now with our daughter and-"
"Luz, can we go home?" Amity cut her off. Luz was confused as to why Amity wanted to go home after she had been pestering Luz to take her out for the past week. "I thought you wanted to spend the day out with me and the nugget? I got y-"
"Can we just go home now, please? I'm tired and sore." Amity had a hint of annoyance in her voice, but Luz didn't push to see what was wrong. She held Amity's hand as the human pushed the stroller around, making their way back home.
Amity thought she would feel more secure at home but her insecurities kept spiraling. Luz could have anyone she wanted. She was the hero of the Boiling Isles. Amity was...a bully to Luz, not as confident, gross and fat from this pregnancy, and worst of all, these insecurities always get the best of her. The witch began to feel tears start to form and began to sob as she laid in her and Luz's bedroom.
Luz smiled as she set Azura down for her afternoon nap. The little witchling was all tuckered out from today's adventure in the markets. Luz sighed happily as she watched her daughter sleep. Azura was the best little girl she could ever ask for. Luz couldn’t wait until the twins were born. There was plenty of room to love in her heart. She and Amity were on a countdown now until the babies are born. Wait, Amity. Amity... Luz had almost forgotten about Amity acting all weird in the market. The human decided that since Azura was down for a nap, now was the perfect time to go and talk to her.
The creak of the door opening was heard by both wives. When they looked into each other's eyes, there were different emotions going on between them. For Luz, it was worry. For Amity, it was embarrassment. Luz quietly slid into their bed and held onto Amity.
"Hey hey, what's wrong?" Luz softly spoke. "Uhh, hormones?" Luz could see right through her little lie. "I'm serious, Amity." Luz's voice was filled with panic and worry. Amity felt like a complete idiot. Luz would never cheat on her, and she knew this. It just felt like Luz was stuck with her now that they're married and have Azura. Luz noticed Amity's hesitation to answer, so she gently cupped her wife's adorable, yet heartbroken face.
"You can tell me anything Amity. I'll always love you no matter what."
Amity let out another sob and she flew herself into Luz's chest. Luz gently rubbed circles around Amity's back and the witch was letting all of her tears out. "I wanna help you baby, but you need to tell me what's wrong." Amity pulled herself away from Luz and stared into her beautiful brown eyes. She loved looking into them so much. Amity could even tell by the way she was looking into her eyes that Luz loved looking back just as much. Amity took a deep breath and the faintest question slipped out of her lips.
"why me..."
Luz looked at her like a confused puppy.
"Why do you love me, Luz? You could do so much better than me with someone else. I hurt you so much when we were kids. I'm a terrible person, and I'm even worse now that I'm huge from the pregnancy. I noticed the way those people were flirting with you at the market. So I have to know one thing, why me?"
It was silent in the room. Luz needed a second to process everything that Amity had just said. Amity saw the gears turn in Luz's head as Luz jumped up and ran downstairs. Amity wasn’t expecting that reaction at Luz. Not even five seconds later, Luz tripped up the stairs with a bag in her hand. Luz was huffing and gasping for air as she began to speak.
"I got this for you when we were at the market." Amity opened the box from the bag. It was a necklace with a purple charm in the middle. Luz pulled a necklace that was hidden underneath her shirt to reveal a similar necklace, but the charm's color was pink. Luz cleared her throat before speaking.
"I got us matching necklaces for us. It has the Oracle Hex where you can communicate with anyone with these. I know you hated when your mom put these on you. I wanted to see if I could maybe turn these necklaces into happy memories." Luz paused before looking directly at Amity.
"Amity, I love you so much. I don't care about the way you look, you'll always be my beautiful wife. As for everything that happened with you in the past, we managed to push past that."
Luz spun Amity around as Amity held her hair up for Luz to put on the necklace.
"Take these necklaces for example. They once did bad things to you. But, you learn to love them and they can become your favorite things in the world." She turned Amity again to face her.
"You are my everything. You are the kindest, sweetest, smartest, most loving person I know. You gave birth to our beautiful daughter, and now we have two more on the way," Luz began to softly rub Amity's belly and smiled.
"I could never give this up. Not for any person or anything. Those people in the market were helping me pick out the necklaces for you. And that girl who was putting her hand on my neck was put on my necklace for me."
Luz pressed down on her own necklace as her thoughts began to play out into Amity's head.
"So yeah, Amity Noceda. That's why I chose you." The words didn't escape her lips. It was playing from Amity's necklace. Amity teared up as she hugged Luz. "I love you too, Luz Noceda." They both chuckled as it was hard for Amity to hug her wife with this giant bump on her. Luz said nothing and she carefully scooped Amity up, the witch little out a squeak of surprise. "Don't hurt your back while holding me." Amity teased. Luz carefully laid her on the bed and smirked. "You still feel like two pounds to me. I still probably weigh more than you." Luz climbed into bed and spooned Amity, her hand on her wife's bump. Amity smiled as she placed her hand on top of Luz's. It was still only two in the afternoon. They guessed that it was nap time for everyone.
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gypsyloveportal · a day ago
All signs - The Bulls$@! Detector 🔮💘💫👍🏻❤️♎️♌️♑️♓️♈️♒️♍️♐️♉️♊️🥰💔😜😘
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theonetruetrash · 2 days ago
Hoshido: Hey, so like, we stole one of your children. We’re not like, gonna hurt her or anything. If you could just give us back the child you stole from us, then we’ll give her back-
Nohr: No
Azura: … Well fuck you too then
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theskyehealers · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Aviva tried to awaken Seth with a strong shake. When he wouldn't, she whispered in his ear. "Your mother took the children." And with a soft laugh, she watched him spring up and shook her head, "I jest...but do get up, the children and I have something to show you."
And took him on a leisurely stroll to a small forested area, where Jasper, Veda and little Lucien on her hip presented to their father on his 2nd special day of every turn of seasons....a playground, for themselves.
"They all said it was for you, but as you can see..." and shrugged her shoulders, "Happy Day to you dearest husband and Daddy."
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gypsyloveportal · 2 days ago
Capricorn ♑️ Issue, Reasons & what Action should you take...👍🏻💖
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gypsyloveportal · 2 days ago
Aquarius ♒️ 💓Issue, Reason & what Action should you take...👍🏻💰👈🏻
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backwoodsjapan · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
2021/06/20 日曜日 about 12:00-19:00 ⁡ 昨日は久しぶりに以前の20:00まで営業。 ⁡ 夕方以降震えがくるほど 人の気配を感じなかったので、 本日はいつも通りの営業時間で。 ⁡ 先日入荷したSAUCONYを含め、 やっぱりクラシックなランニングスニーカーは 個人的にルーツでもありたまらないなと、 店頭で見ていて改めて感じます。 ⁡ ここにNIKE CORTEZやadidas COUNTRYが、 日常的に並べば言う事ないのになと思いますが、 何となく今は"限定感"というブランド戦略の中で そうもいきません。 ⁡ 限りなく"日常感"のあるスニーカーだけに 惜しい気もします。 ⁡ そんな中、今秋はReebokから 懐かしいモデルが再びリリースされます。 ⁡ 楽しみです。 ⁡ 梅雨中とは思えないほど炎天下予想。 ⁡ 入口の扉は閉めていますが、 店内冷やして本日も御来店お待ちしています。 ⁡ #Reebok #CLLEATHERRIPPLE #SAUCONY #AZURA #panther #JOGGING ⁡ #backwoods_kumamoto #shoes #fashion #sneaker #boots #バックウッズ #バックウッズ熊本 #靴 #ファッション #スニーカー #ブーツ #セレクトショップ #九州 #熊本 #福岡 #佐賀 #長崎 #大分 #宮崎 #鹿児島 #熊本スニーカー #熊本セレクトショップ #熊本靴屋 (BACKWOODS)
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jdrider02 · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Commission of Azura in her Resplendent outfit while also wielding a lightsaber
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