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pawnshopsouls · 12 hours ago
A certain sprout comes to greet Bonely! Feels like he hasn't seen the bone Daddy in some time!
What greets the plant isn’t a skeleton but a skeleton fish in a tank who looks none too pleased at being stuck in a tank. Bonely looked up from his wallowing in the tank, his eyesockets brightening at the sight of the plant. Despite appearing to be only bones, somehow Bonely managed to swim to the top of the tank, though didn’t broach the top of the waters.
“Well! If it ain’t Rowdy!” he said, his gleeful voice bubbly from being underwater. “Yer a sight fer sore eye sockets! How ya been? C’mon in! C’mon in! Make yerself at home! Sorry fer the mess. Been kinda—” he gestured to the tank. “—Indisposed. Grey magic. Y’know how it is.”
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ziracona · 17 hours ago
Okay so now I'm diving into UBW, and so far one thing that really intrigues me is the amount of respect Servants seem to have towards each other, and how readily they express it. I think in other animes, hearing someone go on about how skilled and talented someone is may start feeling pedantic, but here it feels like a little bit of freedom for them? Some small chance at independent expression? Like, "Well I have to kill you and your Master, but I can at least compliment you before I do."
That’s extremely true! Servants/Heroic Spirits are kind of all screwed, because being of note in life got them all enshrined on the Throne of Heroes instead of an afterlife or reincarnation, and mostly they just get dragged to earth to be forced to do things they would not have done in life by someone who treats them like an object, with very little ability to fight back. They all know the other servants are in the same position as them, and I think except where they have a personal history, dislike of the specific individual, or massive disagreement on morals/worldview, they all view each other with respect, because they know to end up a heroic spirit you did something of great note on life, as well as some amount of sympathy and/or comradely, because they know the other is also trapped. Sometimes someone will be summoned and forced to fight and kill someone who was their friend in life, and only rarely are they having to fight someone they bear any ill will towards. All things in a good world, most of them would probably be friends. They’re trapped in an existence that barely gives them any autonomy or ability to act as a human anymore though, even though they’re who they were internally very much so (which I’m sure is even worse mentally and emotionally than like, getting to decay to bear that existence), so that’s pretty spot on! They don’t have a lot left to them as people, but they tend to take what they do.
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Edgejeanist fluff, with their daughter, just having a lovely adorable time!
Gonna tag @ohpleaseiwillendyou @theshisthings @kiriderp and @kure-san because idk, I wanna give you some fluff and thought you guys might wanna see this? ❤️
No warnings! It’s fluff for once, but it’s actually pretty long so ->
I haven’t written fluff for a while (since my edgeshot birthday ramble, I think) and I think that you guys deserve some. Also, it’s based off of the introduction to my angst I was writing, and I just felt that I’d give you an alternate plot and ending than the one in that 👀
Shinya blinked at the light that his phone was emitting as he checked the time.
6:59am- no, 7:00am. He let out a small sigh and turned over to face the sleeping figure beside him. Tsunagu’s face looked so calm and still, and Shinya couldn’t help but smile at how peaceful he seemed in that moment. His husband was always so tense and stressed out from work, but in these rare moments, it made him oh so happy to see him finally relax.
Watching as his partner’s chest moved up and down slowly, he sighed and leaned forward to place a very gentle kiss on his forehead, sweeping the other’s blond hair out of his face slightly as he did so.
Tsunagu instinctively went to hug this source of heat closer to his body and Shinya ended up having to try (but fail) to awkwardly pry himself out of his grasp, their cheeks smushed together as the lanky blond hugged him tighter. His breath brushed across Shinya’s ear, causing him to chuckle slightly. No matter how long they could’ve been together, Shinya still found himself blush a bit at the sight of his adorable lanky husband, who was now pouting due to the lack of things to cuddle...maybe he was just having a cuddly dream...
Shinya slid carefully out of the warmth of the duvets and Tsunagu’s comforting embrace and stood up, shivering as the cold morning air hit his skin. Wow it was chilly, and he noticed the other man curl up at the lack of warmth and huff in a sleepy dismay.
“Why do I have to go to work today?” Shinya grumbled to himself as he stumbled silently into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. “Surely, it didn’t have to be today....of all days? There’s no emergency calls so far, no urgent upcoming missions, Shinji and Yuu are both working today anyway.......and the only thing I’d be doing is patrol.....”
He trailed off, thinking as much as his fatigued brain would let him as he slipped out of his clothes and into the shower. ‘Maybe if I....’
Tsunagu woke up to the soft sound of his husband’s humming, masked ever so slightly by the sound of the running water of the shower. He blinked slowly as he tried to get his eyes to open, wincing at the sudden brightness of the room and pulling the bedsheets over his shoulders to warm himself up.
He glanced over at Shinya’s phone and watched as it buzzed across the table, showing the time and a couple of new unread messages.
‘7:30. Hm. It’s early.’ He thought as he reached out to move Shinya’s phone to the middle of the bedside table, to stop it from falling off from the constant stream of notifications. He turned back around to face the bathroom door and yawned loudly, listening out for the sudden silence and little taps of Shinya’s feet as he stops the shower and dries himself off.
The bathroom door opened with a little click and the silver haired man emerged from the now rather steamy room, wrapped in a long fluffy jumper and shorts. Toothbrush in hand, he ruffled his long wet hair with a small towel and turned to face the lanky figure that was now sitting up on the bed, smiling tiredly.
“Good morning!” Tsunagu called out brightly, well, as brightly as one could at 7:36 in the morning.
“Ah!” Shinya fumbled around for the toothbrush that slipped out of his hand in shock, startled by the blond man that was laughing at him from across the room. “You’re awake! Already? It’s so early, you didn’t need to be up! It’’s, um, the time....”
“7:37am, dear.” Tsunagu interrupted informatively.
Shinya blinked, taking a second before he actually registered what the other had said, before trying to remember the point he was trying to make. “Yes! 7:37! Exactly. Early. Uh-huh, yes.”
Tsunagu chuckled and shook his head as he listened to his small husband try and rant about him waking up ‘too early’.
“Oi, don’ ‘augh ah ee!” (‘Oi, don’t laugh at me!’)Shinya huffed as he stood there brushing his teeth, putting off the fact that he needed to also get changed before work.
“Hm? I’m sorry, I didn’t get that. You might want to repeat that~” Tsunagu teased, his smile shifting into his usual characteristic smirk as he watched his partner glare at him with revenge in his eyes.
Shinya finished brushing his teeth and stood silently next to the older man, looming ominously as he decided his fate. Tsunagu realised his mistake and quickly regretted it when he noticed Shinya’s hands move very slowly out of his pockets.
Shinya gently but quickly jabbed the taller mans sides and smiled evilly at the harmless panic that he’d caused. He watched as his husband wriggled around,bursting out laughing at the sudden tickle attack.
“I said, don’t laugh at me. Or else you’ll pay the consequences.” He said in a mockingly formal manner.
“Okay- ahahokay, oka- okay! I get, ahaha, I get it! Please, stop- ahaha I’m sorry!!” Tsunagu barely managed to stutter out between laughs.
After surrendering to the tiny ninja, Tsunagu sighed and sat back up, shaking his head to move his hair out of his eyes. “Anyway, you got some messages. They might be important.”
“Oh, really? Who by?” Shinya moved to go and check his phone.
“I think you overestimate my eyesight and attention to detail at this time of day.”
“Oh come on, you could’ve at least read the name of- oh it’s Shinji.”
“Mhm. Anything important, or just a normal text before work?” Tsunagu inquired, pouting slightly at the idea of Shinya having to go to work today. Why couldn’t he just have the day off?
“Hm. Yeah.” Shinya briefly replied, taking in the message with a smile and feeling his shoulders relax a little bit more at the words that he’d just read. Well that was good, amazing even. What a brilliant idea!
Tsunagu looked at his husband blankly before giving a sarcastic reply. “Wow. Well that was informative....”
Shinya blinked at his phone before putting it down and changing into some clean clothes.
Tsunagu looked down at his phone as a slight hope for some explanation or context to what Shinya was so happy about, but shook his head as he yawned again. “Well, have you checked on Izumi? Is she awake yet?”
“Ah, no I haven’t. She is probably awake by now though.” Shinya replied, pulling a blue t-shirt over his head and giving his head a slight shake to get his hair out of it.
Tsunagu hummed in agreement and stretched his arms out, looking towards the open bedroom door in anticipation, and soon enough he heard exactly what he was waiting for.
Tiny but rapid footsteps could be heard thumping lightly against the carpet as they grew nearer to where the two tired pro heroes were, making them share a soft smile as they both turn towards the sound.
“Good morning, Papa!!!” The small bundle of energy yelled as she came bursting into the room and flew straight into Shinya’s open arms.
“Woah!! You’re up early today, petal! I thought you said you were gonna have a ‘nice sleepy morning’!” Shinya laughed as he spun Izumi around, making her giggle in excitement.
Izumi smiled innocently and leaned backwards in her father’s arms, her relatively short hair (that was a lighter shade of grey than Shinya’s) all ruffled and tangled.
“Well,” she pouted slightly, “I woke up and- and I was sleepy, and then I felt fidgety I sat there for a little bit, because, cos I didn’t wanna wake you! But then I heard you and dad talking...and so, so you are awake!! So I wanted to see you before you go to work!!”
“Oh, oh I see! Well I guess we’re all awake now!” Shinya reacted in an over exaggerated manner, ruffling Izumi’s hair even more and placing her on the edge of the bed earning a few more giggles from the happy child.
Izumi looked down at her hands and thought for a moment.
“Hm? What is it, petal?”
“ you have to go to work today?”
Shinya looked up at Izumi and saw big teal eyes staring back at him. Ouch. He peeked over their daughter’s shoulder to share an awkward hesitant silence with his husband, who was still bundled up in half of the duvet cover, before taking Izumi’s hands in his own.
“Oh ‘zumi........I’m afraid so, petal, but I tell you what,” Shinya motioned for her to get closer and whispered a short message in her ear, causing her face to light up again and making her look excited.
“And,” he made the last part a little louder so that Tsunagu could hear him, “go tackle Dad for me, will ya? He won’t know what hit him!”
Tsunagu smiled in amusement and started to act dramatically in front of his daughter.
“Oh! How tragic! Not even a single ‘good morning’ for me, what sadness is this!” The dramatic blond paused momentarily to peek at his daughters reaction, watching as she snuck closer with a mischievous look on her face. “Have I become invisible?! My own daughter not even giving me a single cuddle- oh nO! I must have been forgotten! Oh poor old me, poor poor little me-”
The lanky noodle’s theatrical performance was interrupted by a enthusiastic hug and a rather loud “Good morning, dad!!!!” and a lot of laughter.
“Augh! Good morning, sunshine!! What a surprise!! You’ve caught me, oh nooooo...” Tsunagu rolled off the edge of the bed in defeat before pulling Izumi into a big hug.
“Ahaha yay!! I got you, I got you!!” The light haired girl exclaimed excitedly.
Tsunagu fixed his hair slightly with a small chuckle. “Yes you did!!! Good job, ‘zumi, how did you sleep?”
“Hm. Good! I had a funny dream, can I tell you?!”
“Of course, sunshine, but maybe after we’ve all woken up first!”
They all headed downstairs, Tsunagu and Izumi both wrapped in matching fluffy pyjamas as they sat around the living room chatting and giggling. They just wanted to spend as much time as they could together. That’s all. They were just as happy as they could be, talking and playing around as they waited for it to be the time where Shinya had to go to work.
Their playful mood was cut short by the sound of Shinya’s phone beeping, signalling the time.
Shinya looked down at the time. 8:00am. Time for work.
Sighing, he looked over to see his husband and daughter pouting with almost identical faces, looking sad and down. ‘And people wonder if they look alike, huh? No no...she is definitely his daughter! Just look at that face!’ He thought to himself, never getting over how much Izumi looked like them both, especially Tsunagu (in his eyes, that is)....and how adorable they both were.
“Well, I guess I better head off then...” Shinya said, trying his best not to dishearten the other two, who were staring up at him with big, round puppy eyes. “Don’t get into too much trouble!”
“Which one of us?” Tsunagu inquired curiously.
“You of course! You know our little petal is always innocent!” He poked his tongue out at his lanky husband and gave his daughter a small wink.
“Haha yeah, okay.”
“It’s true, isn’t it?” Shinya asked the small child that was now approaching him for a cuddle before he walked out the door. “I’m putting you in charge for today!”
He gently flicked her nose, making her giggle in surprise, before burying her head deeper into the softness of his mother’s - her grandmother’s - scarf.
Tsunagu walked over quietly, noticing a suspicious glint in his husbands eyes. Hm. That’s never a good sign, especially with Shinya’s pranking antics. He seemed way too happy to be ‘going to work’, not to mention the texts this morning and the fact that he wasn’t leaving in his uniform like wasn’t anything bad! His instincts reassured him for that part, but still, it was a hint at some mischief and he was unsure as to whether he’d like it.
But he dismissed these curiosities and went to embrace his tiny husband, who still had an excitable child wrapped around his neck.
“Have a good day....stay safe...” Tsunagu mumbled quietly to the other, planting a small kiss on his cheek and touching their foreheads together in a gentle, familiar manner.
“Of course.” Shinya replied distantly, thinking about what he had planned for the day. “See you in a bit!”
“Bye Papa!!” Izumi waved, holding onto Tsunagu’s leg as she swayed back and forth.
“See you later!” Tsunagu called out, placing his hand on his daughters head as they watched the ninja turn the comer and glide away.
After a short silence, Tsunagu decided that he should start their fun day off and entertain his tiny daughter to the best of his ability, without Shinya there to ruin his plans with his pranks.
“Hey, sunshine...” he slyly poked the top of his daughter’s head.
“Yes, Dad?” Izumi looked up curiously.
“ wanna make some pancakes?”
Izumi’s face lit up and she expressed her joy through a vigorous little dance.
After about an hour of very messy pancake making, they finally managed to make a batch that didn’t taste like burnt oranges, or have the texture of an over cooked rubber duck. (He can cook, but it’s a bit difficult when you’re trying to cook with the daughter of a particular prankster of a ninja....)
Rubbing the back of his head, Tsunagu looked back at his daughter with a smile, watching as she swung her legs back and forwards in delight as she munched on her breakfast. Her hair was now bunched into two cute little pigtails (you don’t think, of all people, Best Jeanist would let his daughter have messy hair all day? Haha no way.) and she looked up at her dad briefly, making a silly face in return.
Tsunagu let out a small laugh. “You little ball of sunshine, you! Are they nice? Did your good ol’ dad do a good job this time? I sure hope they don’t still taste like smelly socks!” He joked around, poking his daughters cheek softly.
“Mhm! Of course they’re good!” Izumi replied, her mouth still very full with pancake and her eyes sparkling happily.
“Oh good, I’m glad!” Tsunagu ruffled her hair in response and headed to the kitchen to clean up everything. “Right...what a mess...”
Using his quirk to pull all of the clean mugs and utensils around using the threads that he wove around each of them, he swiftly began to tidy up - his mind drifting slightly, wondering about what his husband could be up to at the moment.
Meanwhile, Izumi had been a little distracted by a ‘mysterious shiny string’...leading her to wander around to find something....
After dealing with the mess that was cluttering the kitchen, Tsunagu walked back into the living room to find that Izumi wasn’t sitting there.
“Sunshine?” He called out a couple of times, peeking round some of the doors to try and find his tiny daughter. “Sunshine, where’d you go?”
‘Maybe she’s outside?’ He reassured himself. He’d always been the more paranoid person, and becoming a parent of a child with not only a very very tricky quirk, but also the daughter (and ‘apprentice’) of a very mischievous ninja, did not help at all.
As he went to check, he noticed a small piece of string poking out from the door and hesitantly picked it up, only to notice that it was attached to a small note...which was attached to a much longer piece of string...leading outside.
He read the note and wondered slightly at the familiarity of the handwriting, before following the string to wherever it led.
‘I know you are probably wondering where Izumi is. Don’t worry too much, just follow the string, I’m sure your hunch will tell you all you need to know.
P.s. she is very happy and excited, hurry up you lanky bean.’
Before long, the lanky french fry had reached a small field with a couple of trees dotted around the edges. ‘Oh, I know where this is! Shinya and I used to have little picnic dates here, how cute.’ Tsunagu reminisced happily, still worried as to where his daughter was.
“‘zumi? Izumi?? Hello~ Izumi Kamihara? Sunshine, where are you??” He called out, trying to mask his concern.
“Dad!” A small voice called out from behind a tree and was followed by a series of giggles as the small girl poked her head out to face her worried parent.
“Oh! There you are! I was worried!!” Tsunagu rushed over and scooped his daughter up into his own embrace, spinning her around slightly as he did so.
A light tap was felt on his shoulder and he turned his head rapidly to try and find out what it was, only to be very pleasantly surprised by the face that was hovering in front of his.
“Hello, love!” A certain silver-haired man greeted the confused noodle with his familiar smile. “Sorry for the little surprise!”
“Ah, wha...” Tsunagu started to question.
Shinya laughed, leaning in to peck Tsunagu’s nose, before cupping the puzzled man’s face and kissing him - still laughing at the other’s stumped expression.
“Haha! Oh that’s priceless, you should’ve seen your face! Did ya get that, petal? Wasn’t that funny?” Shinya turned towards Izumi, who had somehow gotten hold of multiple phones and had taken several pictures of her dad’s baffled face. Ah. Blackmail.
“Hahaha!! Papa was right, dad, your face is so funny ahaha!!” The lighter haired child snickered at Tsunagu’s dismay.
“Wh- what is going on? I’m so confused...” Tsunagu questioned as Shinya took his hand in his own and led him to a quiet spot by the river, swinging Izumi with his other arm.
“Well, Shinji messaged this morning, yes? And he said that, since we’ve got no urgent missions today, both him and Yuu decided to do patrol and take care of things by themselves.” Shinya explained, motioning for the other to watch his head on an overhanging branch. “And well....since both of you are off today....and we never get to spend time as a whole family...they just thought that it would be nice to, you know, take a day off.”
Tsunagu sighed as he watched his husband smile gently. He’d always been such a workaholic and never really liked to take days off, though it’s always been obvious when he needed one, and deep down wished for more time with his family.
It’s pretty self-explanatory, but Shinya always, always wanted as much time as he could get to spend with his loved ones, and having a family that was finally with him, and was always there for him to come home was like a dream to him....a dream that he never ever wanted to wake from.
“I see. Well, how nice of them!”
Shinya hummed in agreement. “ nice....I’m so glad, I get time to spend with you both.”
Izumi looked up and saw her parents smiling softly at each others words and smiled happily to herself. ‘So exciting!! Time with papa and dad!! We can all be happy and eat food and relax!’
As they reached their destination, Tsunagu gasped at what he saw. There was a small blanket spread across the leaves, sitting next to a stream. On top of the blanket, was multiple snacks and drinks and some little trinkets and items for Izumi to play with.
Izumi squealed happily and immediately ran over to sit on the blanket, picking up one of the small puzzle boxes and giving it a gentle shake. Shinya smiled at her excitement and turned around to face his husband, who looked just as relaxed as he was, for once.
“D’ya like it?”
Tsunagu looked to be deep in thought for a moment before rushing forward and sweeping Shinya off of his feet and taking him into his arms, spinning his tiny husband around and pressing their foreheads together as they both laughed.
“Oh I love it, darling! You a never fail to surprise me, even after all these years!” Tsunagu exclaimed, kissing the other blissfully before setting him back down. “Shinya Kamihara, the man who never fails to make his family happy and proud!”
Shinya blushed at the lanky blond’s flattering words and reached down to ruffle Izumi’s hair. “I-I just thought it would be a nice little surprise, y’know, that it would make you and Izumi happy.”
“Well that it definitely did!” Tsunagu chuckled and embraced the younger man yet again. “Although...I’m still a bit confused as to why you still left the house this morning?”
Shinya let out a small sigh and reached down to pick up a couple of bags that were resting on the picnic blanket. “I decided to get lunch! I knew that I didn’t have to go to work, so instead I went out and bought a few things.”
The taller man hummed inquisitively. “What did you get?”
“Well first I got some meat buns, because we haven’t had any for a while. I also got donuts for our little petal,” the ninja paused, looking down at their daughter’s even more cheerful face looking back up at them, before continuing, “I got noodles for me and some sushi from that shop around the corner that we like because you said the other day that you wanted sushi!”
Tsunagu looked ecstatic as he sat down next to his daughter and pulled his husband down with him into a massive hug. “Oh Shinya, love, you really are the best!”
“Yeah papa’s the best! Papa’s amazing!” Izumi chirped cheerfully.
“You are very right with that, sunshine” Tsunagu laughed.
“Oh you two....” Shinya bashfully looked down before giving them both a loving little shake. “Thank you, petal, you little sweetheart. And you, love, stop being so sappy - it’s almost as bad as your puns.”
“Hey! They’re not that bad!”
“Uh-huh, sure, keep telling yourself that.”
“’re lucky I love you...”
Shinya snorted and picked up a couple of meat buns, shoving one into Tsunagu’s face to stop him from talking and nibbling on the other himself. The tall blond pouted at this gesture but sighed as he saw how amused their tiny daughter was.
Looking at them both, he smiled and nuzzled his face into the tops of their heads lovingly. They were all so happy, and thats exactly how it should be.
“What a lovely day!”
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lovingtobio · a day ago
omg! hey love i dont wanna sound mean/stupid but in your gojo x reader fic header did you mean adopted? cause saying gojo orphaned megumi means gojo abandoned him and left him parentless 🥲 i just wanted to know if it was an accident or if i’m jus being stupid !!! i hope you have a good day tho :))
No ofc ur not mean/stupid!! LMAO WAIT I DONT EVEN REMEMBER WRITING THAT? I do not proof read my fics yeah I probably did mean adopt pls let me know where
Wait no I just read this again u meant the title!! Gojo adopts former orphan megumi is what I meant because he you know... toji...yeah 😭 he adopts megumi after he accidentally...yeah you get the point. dw he’s not just leaving him on the side of the road when he’s done with him
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that-one-queer-poc · a day ago
hey @sep-uwuku i see you going through my posts youre hot lol
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daaki-daaki · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
This was how it was *supposed* to look like smh
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uraharapropoganda · 2 days ago
the first one, the guy that said he was gonna kill me, funky mouth. this does not narrow it down at all does it.
OHHH DEDAN. yeah hes a little bitch
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card-board · 2 days ago
i have 13 followers, 2 are friends, and 5 are most likely nagito fans
hey there
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4score-20yearsago · 2 days ago
as of now my pronouns are good-old fashioned/lover boy
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oneswordstyle · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
me, my boyfriend and his boyfriend 
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freedomaboveallelse · 4 days ago
Finally figured out how to link the About page! Thank you so much @2536, you are an absolute dear 🤗🥺💙
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displayheartcode · 4 days ago
July 9th!
In this new iteration and new world, the Leverage crew have watched as the rich and powerful continue to take what they want without consequence. Grifter Sophie Devereaux (Gina Bellman), thief Parker (Beth Riesgraf), hitter Eliot Spencer (Christian Kane), and hacker Alec Hardison (Aldis Hodge) have watched the world change over the last eight years.Since their last job, it’s become easier–and sometimes legal–for the  rich  to  become  richer  and  the  powerful  to  squash anyone  who  gets  in  their  way. To  address  the changes in the world around them, the team finds new blood in Harry Wilson (Noah Wyle), a corporate lawyer who is looking for redemption after realizing he’d been sitting on the wrong side of the table for his entire career, and Breanna Casey (Aleyse Shannon), Hardison’s foster sister who has a knack for computers, robotics, and getting into trouble.
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batshit-birds · 6 days ago
bestie i have work tonight from 2:30-11:00 and i’ve gotten myself lowkey addicted to energy drinks which would be useful if caffeine didn’t make me sleepy so idk what i’m gonna do besides drink energy drinks anyways and do my best not to fall asleep on the job but on the bright side i might get some chicken wings or something to eat as well and maybe some candy on the side because sugar gets my hyper which i’m sure you can tell based on the way i’m typing right now that i just had sugar.
bestie no....i'm coming to your work to save you, is this an earlier addition to the ask i answered abt your work??? Have you survived??? Did you fall asleep its okay if you did i understand
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grey-adult-thought · 6 days ago
*dapper walks into the shop* Ah hello there! Is there something I can get for you?
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catb0yv0m1t · 7 days ago
Hello there,stranger!
I don't usually post anything on tumblr but.. here we are I guess lol
Anyways! Since it's the beginning of the 5th month of the year,May,I wanted to say this to anyone who is feeling a bit down or just need validation.
You are loved! And you are valid! I don't care who you are but I'm super proud of you for just.. existing.
I understand that some of you don't live in the "healthiest" household or don't have the healthiest friend group,but trust me,things WILL get better overtime. You just have to continue believing in yourself and continue living on!
That is all for me.. I hope everyone has an amazing day/afternoon/night and until next time,friends :)
|I understand that this was rather short but I still hope yall liked it :'D|
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