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#avengers: endgame
sadieyuki · an hour ago
Day 6: "Let go of my hand." + angst
“Let go of my hand.”
“Are you insane?! Buck, stop, we can figure out another way—”
“There is no other way! Eddie, please, you have to let me do this.”
“I can’t lose you! Fuck, Evan...”
“Eddie...” Buck’s voice was barely a whisper, but it sliced through the air as an axe would cut through wood.
Eddie’s shoulder seared in protest, his grip like a vice around Buck’s limp wrist. Buck may have already resigned himself, but Eddie was not willing to let him go. Objectively, he knew that the fate of the universe rested on what happened here, and that ultimately one life was a small price to pay for trillions of others.
But Buck’s life was worth so much more than that.
“There has to be another way,” Eddie said, voice shaking as he tried to come up with something, anything other than losing Buck. “Me, you can let me—”
“No. God, Eds, no,” Buck’s face crumpled in despair. “Eddie, you have Christopher—”
“So do you.”
“You’re his dad—”
“So are you!”
Buck’s face twisted again, tears slipping from his eyes to mingle with Eddie’s tears that had steadily dropped onto his face.
“We both know there’s no other way,” Buck whispered. “We need to get the Soul Stone. There’s so much riding on this...if this is what I can do to save Maddie, Bobby, Athena...everyone, then I’m fine with that.”
Eddie screamed, the sound tearing at his throat as he released his agony, his sorrow, his frustration. His shoulder throbbed and his fingers twitched and as much as he wished he could hold onto Buck forever, he knew his strength was reaching its limit.
“I love you,” Eddie whispered. “Please don’t leave me.”
“I won’t,” Buck said, a soft smile on his lips. “I love you, and I’ll always be with you. You can’t get rid of me that easily. Eds, you have to let me go.”
“It’s okay. Let me go. Eds, it’s okay.”
Eddie shook his head manically. He couldn’t do it, he couldn’t, not to Buck, not—
Buck took the decision from him, kicking off hard from the cliff side and pulling his wrist from Eddie’s grasp.
Eddie could only scream after him, his outstretched hand reaching towards him as Buck plummeted to the ground below, vision mercifully blurring before his body could strike the ground. Eddie stayed there, unable to move until he was enveloped in an orange light.
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engunisik11 · 6 hours ago
send this to someone who claims DC is better when it comes to visual effects 😂
i know this is a comparison between Marvel movies and DC series but c'mon there's no need for me to remind you of WandaVision, FATWS and Loki 😌
i just feel like even if i love the characters or the storyline if the visual effects are bad it somehow ruins it for me
the same thing goes for every movie and show of course
credit: @marveledits141
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pizzacast · 7 hours ago
Me as Loki’s lawyer during his trail: your honor, my client is not guilty of any crimes…well at least not involving time travel. But anyway you be should arresting this man👇🏾
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nkp1981 · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Elizabeth Olsen
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sttheorycraft · 8 hours ago
Loki Prediction
Disclaimer: I haven’t watched Loki yet (going to catch up right before the finale), but I’ve been predicting this for months.
Calling it now: the season finale of Loki will reveal that the Steve Rogers at the end of Endgame was not actually Steve Rogers.
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marvelxs-universe · 9 hours ago
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ms. keisha? ms.kEISHA?! omfg she fucking dead 👁👁
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guillaumeredfield · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Iron Man Mark XLVII 47 by #hottoyscollection #tonystark #ironman #marvel #avengers #robertdowneyjr #captainamerica #mcu #avengersendgame #spiderman #thor #endgame #blackwidow #rdj #marvelcomics #tomholland #steverogers #infinitywar #peterparker #hulk #chrisevans #marvelstudios #avengersinfinitywar #loki #thanos #captainmarvel #iloveyou #natasharomanoff #tonystarkedit #chrishemsworth
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Facts about Tony's workshop
• His workshop is where Tony's ideas come to life. On the tables there are a lot of things like blue prints and computers where Tony can write down all his new genius ideas, pencils, digital pens, tools, Stark Industries mugs, screens, and several large scientific books. His garage is filled floor to ceiling with holographic interfaces and futuristic creations, but Tony also really loves to get his hands dirty, tinker and create new things
Tumblr media
• He created an immersive holographic environment in his workshop generated by multiple projectors installed in the glass floor and ceiling. Every glass surface, from windows to counters, is a potential interface. Gesture controls allow Tony to zoom, rotate and manipulate the projections
Tumblr media
• He made a specialized keyboard to interact with Jarvis, and has developed a series of exclusive pictograms for it, including electrical engineering symbols and characters from the mayan alphabet
Tumblr media
• Tony is surrounded by the robots he created when he was 16 years old and which still accompany him since, DUM-E and U. And his autonomous artificial intelligence JARVIS, which can communicate through holographic, tactile and vocal interfaces. More than just assistants, they are also his closest friends
Tumblr media
• Tony often uses his cars, so all of them have a full tank and the keys in the ignition. They come from all over the world, and all are in pristine condition. Many are prototypes that were never mass-produced. He also keep old cars like the 1932 Ford Flathead Roadster that he already used to repair with his father when he was a kid
Tumblr media
• When he's working on something, Tony can stay in his lab for hours without leaving it, so he's set up a corner of his workshop as a small kitchenette, with an espresso. maker, various cups, and a fridge with drinks. There is also a couch and a TV where Tony can take a break or watch the news and see what is going on in the world
Tumblr media
• His suits means a lot to him, and Tony want to give them a special place in his workshop. So he made the Hall of Armor, displaying the very first armors he created from Mark I to VI. He also has a wine cellar, a tempered basement located below the workshop, housing the Mark VIII to XLI
Tumblr media
• In his workshop you can see old gas station signs, a Barnett Newman painting, small sculptures, propeller on the wall, airplanes model, pictures of his father, a wii, car magazines, a skateboard.. He likes to listen to music while he works so he also has a juke box and a record player. I really love how there are touches of his personality everywhere
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First 19 minutes Tom talks about Loki and MCU :)
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smilesthroughfandoms · 11 hours ago
Petition to start a new tag on Ao3 for all future MCU fics, especially Alternative Universe fics, that reads “Not TVA Approved” or “Not Time Variance Authority Approved”. It’s what we need and deserve at this point.
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mcusical · 12 hours ago
In an au where Tony lives after endgame and loki's been to the TVA:
Sam: How did you figure out Time Travel, by the way?
Tony: Using a mobius strip.
Loki, who knows nothing about earth's technology:*Chokes* he whAT?
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jn-wolf · 14 hours ago
Wandavision: Vision Vs Vision
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The falcon and the winter soldier: Captain America vs Captain America.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Loki: Loki vs Loki.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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