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#avengers x oc
eloquent-vowel · 4 hours ago
05.05 "Comfortable" Bucky X OFC (#043)
Description: A series of attacks on Russian diplomats lead to Fury dispatching some members of the avengers to defend them. There they meet a very new threat- one they have never seen before.
Tags: Angst, Fluff, Slow burn, very much a slow burn. Bucky Barnes x OFC, Winter Soldier X OFC
Warnings: Canon typical violence
Thank you all for reading this far! Here is a little time skip for you and the first time some of the Avengers meet Eris. Time is probably going to be very disjointed after this part! <3
Part 4
Tumblr media
Bruce stared out of the Avenger's tower window, New York looked so small from up here. Looking down everyone seemed so unimportant, there were hundreds of people walking to the same place they always did, dressed in the same clothes they always wore. Were they happy with their lives? Were they living their dreams? What did they regret?
"See anything interesting Doc?" Tony's voice broke Bruce's trance. "Seen any muggings? Street fights? You know, I once saw a pigeon fly down and steal someone's sandwich right from their hand, the whole thing." Tony came into view, two cups of coffee in his hands. His eyes sparkled with the usual joy but under it all there was the slightest hint of concern.
Bruce took the offered coffee cup. "Buff pigeon."
"Perhaps it was a tiny pigeon hulk."
Bruce huffed a laugh before sipping is coffee. "The Incredible Squawk?" Despite Bruce's attempt at humour his voice came out as bitter as his coffee. Bruce watched the steam slowly rise before letting out a broken sigh. "She would have been 24 today."
Tony placed a hand on Bruce's shoulder, there was silence for a while. He had to think about what to say next, "We'll find her, Bruce. We won't stop looking I can pro-"
"Tony." Bruce turned to face Tony, the bags under his eyes were deeper than usual. "Thank you for trying to cheer me up but, let's be realistic, its been 20 years. The truth is either she doesn't want to be found or never will be."
"You are aloud to be realistic, Bruce, but don't lose hope."
The two shared an understanding stare, Bruce looked like he was going to say something but was interrupted by Natasha entering the room.
"We have a problem."
"When do we not?"
"Funny, Tony." Nat approached the two of them, she was staring down at the tablet in her hand very intently, eyebrows furrowed in concentration. "A Russian diplomat was murdered at his safe house last week."
"And this concerns us how." Tony's tone was flippant.
"Because he as an informant for Shield but before he could talk he was beaten so badly they had to use dental records to confirm his identity."
Nat handed over the tablet to Tony who flicked through the photos of the crime scene. It was brutal. The guards that were put in to defend the diplomat were beaten to death, violently. It was obvious, even to his untrained eye, that whoever did this used their fists and no other weapon. Most of the guards had dents in their temples and some had broken knees. The path of the killer was followed by a nice trail of beaten corpses. Until they lead to the bedroom of the diplomat. Just like the other corpses, his body was beaten with blunt objects but unlike the others the killer really wanted to make sure he was dead. There was practically no skull that remains intact and there was blood everywhere. Tony blanched a bit and returned the tablet to Nat.
"What exactly do you want us to do? Bring a guy back from the dead?"
"No." Nat sounded tired, stressed, Tony kicked himself slightly for not being able to be serious. "We are being tasked for protecting someone we strongly suspect to being a second target." She turned the tablet around to show another angry looking man.
"Who pissed in his cornflakes?"
Nat ignored Tony. "This is Panin Rostislavovich, Russian ambassador here in America and more importantly mole for Shield. We think there is a large possibility he will be attacked at some point this week. Fury has asked that we personally see to guarding him. Something about improving relations with Russia."
"So, we sit in a room with someone and get paid for it?"
Nat just raised her eyebrow.
"Getting comfortable there, Mr. Rostislavovich?"
Tony quipped to the stern man who was currently pacing violently up and down the length of the room. Normally he wouldn't have commented on it but his footfalls were terribly annoying and Tony was nursing one hell of a hangover.
"Would you be comfortable in this situation? Would you Mr. Stark." Tony fought the urge to roll his eyes. "When your colleague has been beaten to death in his apparently 100% secure and safe house!"
"Panin, buddy, listen- we are just here on a hunch no one said for certain that they were after you."
Tony made eye contact with Natasha and Steve who were standing guard by the door. They both shook their heads, no signs of intrusion at the moment. They were in direct contact with the guards outside the house and inside of the house, if Tony said so himself, this place seemed pretty impenetrable.
"Team Delta. Team Delta, report."
Him and his big mouth,
Nat's voice was panicked as she began to check in with all the teams around the perimeter of the house. She got more and more intense with each team name.
"No one on the perimeter is responding. Tony get him to the safe room, be ready to take the back exit."
"You don't have to tell me twice, come on buddy, let's not get you killed."
With that the escorted Panin to the solid metal safe room leaving Steve and Nat to do what they did best, beat people up.
Natasha turned to Steve, he looked calm but the tight grip he had on his shield gave him away. The sound of fighting and violence started to be heard through the door.
"Hide and we get the jump on them." Nat whispered as she ducked behind one of the large sofas, Steve look up place adjacent to her. She began to count her bullets, double checking that she had enough ammunition.
There was silence for a moment.
Then a massive crash as the door flew off its hinges and into the wall behind Steve. She couldn't help the slight gasp that she let out as Steve slowly moved away from the rubble.
"I can hear you." A female voice, gravelly and harsh spoke in perfect Russian. It sent shivers down Nat's spine, Steve looked at her questionably. She just gritted her teeth and shot at the doorframe. She watched as Steve leapt out once she ran out of bullets. She reloaded as quickly as possible to cover Steve, as soon as she aimed her pistol over the couch she was stunned into inaction.
She could hardly keep track of who was hitting who as Steve fought the intruder. It was evident that this person was the same as Steve, they were a super soldier. Nat tried to find a pattern in their movements, an opening to fire a shot but every move they made was unexpected and chaotic. They were covered almost head to toe in black tactical gear, the only exception being their legs that reflected in the low lights of the room, metal legs? Whatever they were made of their legs were definitely strong as one well placed kick threw Steve back against the wall to joint the door.
Nat didn't hesitate to engage. Vaulting over the couch and throwing her gun by the window, she went immediately for a choke hold, swinging her legs over the other woman's neck. Nat felt some sort of pride as she succeeded to bring the intruder down to the floor, she squeezed tightly in an effort to choke them. Until the glint of metal over the intruder's fists slammed right into the back of Nat's knee, it didn't quite dislocate as intended but the force was enough to let the intruder get free.
The two women stood up once more and took a moment to size each other up. Nat realised that this woman was as tall as Steve and looked as strong. The bottom half of her face was covered in a protective mask and her hair was wild, perhaps from a previous scuffle? Now that Natasha had a good look she realised that both of the woman's legs were made of a shining metal, they whirred and clicked as she stood up. She glanced at Steve who was just beginning to stand up, clutching his ribs- the two exchanged a quick nod and together began to try and take down this new threat.
Unfortunately it was not as easy as either of them thought. Their opponent was brutal, unpredictable and yet seemed to predict every move they made. Steve would attack from behind and she was sidestep, only to throw a devastating punch at her. It was down right terrifying that one woman was able to take on both Steve and herself at once. Even worse was that this woman didn't seem to tire, while Steve and the woman were able to breathe normally Nat was beginning to falter. The intruder saw this and with one well timed switch kick Nat saw stars as a metallic leg collided with her temple.
Steve watched in horror as Nat fell, his opponent showed no sense of regret and did not hesitate to begin her brutal assault on him once more. Thrown by Natasha bleeding from the head it didn't take long for the woman to have her arms around his neck in a less than friendly way. Black spots danced in his vision, he thought this was it. He began to run through ways to get out of this but every time he struggled the edge of the brass knuckles dug deeper into his throat.
He thought he was gone until he felt her shift slightly and then let go of him altogether. He fell on the floor gasping and turned to see where the woman had gone. He saw her pick up Natasha's pistol and making a running leap out of the window. Shattering the glass into a hailstorm of chaos.
Tony had little warning other than the sound of glass shattering and the violent bang of a gunshot. The man who he had previously been talking to about his plans for the future fell to the ground, a bullet hole directly through the centre of his brain.
Tony turned around violently to just catch the sight of some meta glinting under streetlights and a figure darting off into the dark.
Fury was going to be so mad at him.
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latenightartist-author · 7 hours ago
Candle light
Pairing: Zemo x Reader
I don’t really like this one but here’s anothe Zemo one.
Tumblr media
Night like this were cold and dark. Y/n’s husband was asleep in there bed in the large mansion the power had gone out the only thing lighting the house was the moonlight refeclting off the snow. Y/n was looking around the room trying to find where Zemo had put the candles they had bought a few days ago. Y/n was feeling along the wall to walk down the hall with a blanket around her shoulders. She was in the living room area and tripped over the coffee table.
Zemo woke up from how cold the mansion was and noticed Y/n wasn’t beside him. He sat up and saw her blanket gone as well, “Y/n?” He said trying to turn on the lamp then realiing the power was out. He got up and went to get one of the candles he lot a candle and found Y/n on the foor, “Liebling are you okay?” he asked helping Y/n up.
“Helmut can we keep candles in our closet so this doesn’t happen again?”
“Of course Schatz,” He held her close and felt her shivering from the cold, “Sit down liebling.” y/n sat down and wrappe the blanket tightly around herself as Zemo lit the fireplace and sat beside Y/n. He put a balnket around himself and Y/n as the fire heated up the room. Y/n fell asleep against Zemo, “Goodnight Schatz.”
Tumblr media
Tag List: @sebby-staan
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marvelfanfiction · 10 hours ago
Man Out of Time: Ch. 3, My Party Escort
Steve left me to myself in my room to get ready.  I should have known Nat wouldn't let me down, she had filled my closet full of clothes and even had a perfect little black dress and some strappy heels.  I head to the shower to get ready for the party.  Not long after I got out of the shower and just barely had my hair dried,  I hear a knock at my door.  I shuffle my feet to door only to look up to see a smiling Steve Rogers standing above me.  This was unexpected, but I'm not mad about it.  I swing the door wider to invite Steve inside.
"Come on in Rogers, I don't bite.  Hard anyways." He giggles and shakes his head.  He looks down at me realizing I've only got my robe on. 
"I'm sorry."
"If I was uncomfortable with you in here, I wouldn't have invited you."
He nods and smiles, "Listen, I don't want to sound too forward, but I did enjoy our chat today, and I don't want you feeling like you're alone tonight." He pauses before looking down at the floor and returning to look back at me, "Well I just wanted to offer to escort you to the party tonight. Only if you wanted to though."
I smile at him, "Wait is this a date Rogers?"
"This is me escorting you to your party."
"Is this you buying me that drink?"
"No, but only because it's an open bar.  I will however get you a drink." He smiles down at me, and steps a bit closer.  Our eyes linger on one another for a moment before he says, "So, I'll meet you at your door in about an hour?" I nod my head at him.  Not long after the door closes there's another knock.  I head towards it thinking that it's Steve again. Only to be slightly disappointed that it's Nat. She looks down at my body realizing I'm wearing only a robe.
"Steve was in your room." She looks back down at me only wearing a robe, "and you're in that.  So how was your day?" She smirks at me.  I roll my eyes.  "That good or that bad."
"It was a fine day."
"The day was fine or the Captain was?"
I laugh at her silly joke.  "I mean, I'm not complaining about either."
"I KNEW IT!  So, what was he doing in here?" she playfully pokes at my ribs.
"It was nothing, he just asked if I would like him to escort me to the party." She lets out a gasp and has a goofy smile on her face. "What?"
"You've got a date with Steve?"
"It's not a date.  He's escorting me downstairs because I don't know everyone."
"You know me and Clint.  Can we not escort you down?"
"Nat you're making this into a bigger deal than it is."
"He's escorting you into a party where all his colleagues are.  Letting everyone know that he is interested and not to get too close."  I shake my head.  I would like to think that what she's saying is the reality, but I've never dated, so I doubt the authenticity in her words.  She sees my concern.  "Listen, I've worked with Steve for many years now.  If he didn't want to spend time with you after showing you around, he wouldn't.  Like you, he's not the greatest at picking up on cues from someone they're interested in.  I know you haven't dated anyone and honestly Steve is a perfect match for you.  You're both...innocent."
I huff at her words.  If I fully believe what she's saying I could open myself up to disappointment.  But what  if Steve is only trying to be nice?  I push back the butterflies.  "Do you mind helping me get ready?"  She gives me a big toothy grin and I realize now that she had been holding a makeup bag already planning on doing my makeup. So, I hop on the bed and let Nat get busy on painting my face.
"Steve is a traditional man. So, let's keep this basic and old school glamour.  I'm thinking a small winged liner, red lips, big loose curls for your hair.  And obviously the little dress I got you.  Clint may kill me, but you're twenty-two and beautiful.  You should own it!"  Nat sets to work on my makeup and hair, and before I know it she's finished.  I go to get the dress and walk towards the bathroom to change.  "No.  You better get another thing I got you in your top drawer."  I look at her confused only to walk over and open the drawer.  Lingerie!  Delicate black lace lingerie.  I look at her with stunned eyes.  "Oh stop being such a prude.  It actually will work perfect with the dress.  I'm not saying you have to show it to Steve, but if the moment is right you want to be prepared."
"Natasha Romanoff!! This is not a date."
"Put the damn lingerie on, and I'll see you later.  You've got ten minutes to get dressed before Steve arrives.  And if he's anything, it's punctual.  Make a good impression."  The red head quickly leaves my room and I start to put on all the new things; the lingerie, shoes, and dress.  As soon as I start to zip the dress up there's a knock on my door, and just like Nat said, Steve is very punctual.  Oh shit.  Oh shit.  Oh shit.  I can't fully zip my dress up what do I do?  
There's another gentle knock on the door.  "Charlie, it's me Steve."  I try again and I can't reach the zipper.  I have no other option, Nat isn't here.  I open the door and he stands staring at me shocked.  "Charlie, you're beautiful."  My cheeks flush up at his words and face.  "You ready?"
"Almost, I have a favor to ask of you." He looks down at me.  "I can't fully zip up my dress do you mind?" Steve steps in my room as I turn my back to him.  His fingers ghost over my back as he slowly zips my dress up.  I feel his warm breath on my neck.  And it's at this moment I realize how much taller and overall bigger Steve's body is compared to my 5'2" petite frame.  Once the dress is fully zipped he also grabs the hook and latches it together. And then pauses his hands on my back before I slowly turn my head to look up at him.  He's immobilized in place.  We're way too close.  This is too intimate for not a date.  "Ready?"
"Right, we should go."  We both let out breaths we didn't realize we were holding.  He hooks his arm out to me and I wind my arm through his.  "You do really look beautiful tonight Charlie."
"Thanks Steve, you clean up nicely yourself.  Which I can't say that I've seen you in a bad way." I smile up at him, feeling more confident than I ever thought I could be.  He truly does look handsome.  Dark jeans, and a blue button up shirt that make his blue eyes even brighter.  He's rolled the sleeves up a bit, showing off his forearms.
"You've only seen me one day."
"Everyone knows who you are Cap.  There's plenty of photos of you out there." He just laughs as he looks down at me. 
"You still nervous?"
"Not so much anymore.  I met a great guy today.  He doesn't seem to be interested in dating, but he's good at tours and conversation."
"I never said I wasn't interested in dating."
"You also never answered my question, usually withholding information is an answer in itself." I can tell we're getting closer to the party because the music is getting quite loud.
"Just so you know, you're not obligated to spend the whole evening with me.  Have fun, and we can randomly meet back up, if you like."
"First you owe me a drink.  Secondly, let's play it as it goes...we both should enjoy ourselves."  We walk into the room where everyone is gathered in different groups talking amongst themselves.  My arm never leaves Steve's.  I spot Nat and she motions Clint to look in mine and Steve's direction and both give us a smile raising their glasses.  Steve leads us to the bar where oddly Tony is standing behind making drinks.
"You were able to get the old man out to the party huh Charlie?"
"Yeah, he owes me a drink.  And Rogers never breaks a promise.  What do you suggest Tony?" I have never drank, so I don't even know where to begin or what to get.
"Depends, what do you like?"  Tony looks at Steve, "You're regular?"  Steve nods and Tony grabs a beer and pops the top turning back to me.
"Surprise me." I answer back nervously.  He looks me up and down realizing why I'm hesitating.
"Wait," he looks towards Clint motioning him over, "have you ever drank before?" I look up at Steve and back to Tony.
"Well no." Clint arrives over there.
"Listen you're the honorary father of dear Charlie.  She says she's never drank."
Clint rolls his eyes, "She's twenty-two and of legal age, make her whatever she wants, but don't serve her too much."
"I don't even know where to begin with what I want Clint." This is so embarrassing.  I almost welcome myself to get drunk just so I don't have to feel as small as I currently do.  Clint notices my embarrassment, "Make her something fruity and with vodka." He walks away and goes back to conversing with Nat and Bruce.  Tony hands me the cocktail I immediately take a sip.  The vodka only slightly burns my throat but the drink itself is pink and very tasty.
"I like this what is it?" I look up at Steve and he smiles before taking my cup and taking a sip. "Not bad for something pink." He responds.
"Pink lemonade, vodka, and a few other things.  Otherwise known as a Pink Panty Pulldown." He smirks over at me.
"Actually, they're black." I wink at him.  Steve chokes on his beer he had just sipped and Tony raises a glass at me.  I turn, arm still in Steve's to go through the party and people.  I still haven't seen Thor.  "Stay out of trouble Charlie." Tony calls out.
"I make no promises." I respond back. I look back up to Steve and smile while taking another drink of my cocktail.  On our way through the crowd Sam spots us.
"Did you forget we had a date on the dance floor tonight?" Sam pouts at me.  I would love to dance, but the thought of leaving Steve's side has made me feel a certain type of way.  I look up at him.
"Go ahead and dance with Sam, I'm going to catch up with Thor, no sign of Loki just yet.  Be careful, he's a tricky one."  We slowly unravel our arms, and I turn towards Sam.
"You better drink up sister, can't be dancing with a drink in your hand." I turn the cup up and drink it down quickly. I don't see what the big deal is anyways with this liquid.  I feel nothing.  I hand the cup off to one of the wait staff and let Sam lead me to the dance floor.  I'm glad that it's a fast hip hop song.
After the first song ends, I'm having so much fun I continue to dance with Sam into another song.  "So you and the Captain huh?"
"You too?  It's not a date."
"He basically told you it was ok to dance with me.  And you're going to tell me this isn't a date?"
"It's not.  He's escorting me tonight."  Sam makes a smiling face at me. "Not that type of escort.  He accompanied me tonight, so I wouldn't be alone."
"Whatever helps you two sleep at night I guess."  He shrugs.  "Steve doesn't do this.  Come to a party with a female, I mean.  I know you two just met, but you seem good together, so far."
The song ends.  "Come on Bird Brain, I need another drink."
"Am I the one accompanying you now?"  He looks over towards Steve, "The Captain might get jealous."
"He won't.  Let's get some more drinks, and then you can introduce me to the god talking to Steve."  He laughs and leads the way to the bar where Nat is at.
"So what will it be Charlie?" Nat smirks at me.  She knows I hadn't drank until tonight. 
"Umm, Tony made me a Pink Panty Pulldown, and it was delicious."  Nat nods, prepares the drink, and slides it over.  She spots Bruce and before heading over to him asks, "Having fun?"
"Yes, now go spend some time with your man."  She smiles and she heads towards him.
"Hey I've got to run to talk to someone real quick.  You mind waiting?  Then you can load back up on your drink, and we'll go meet Thor." I shake my head at him and take a big sip of my cocktail.  I don't know if it is possible but Nat's was better than Tony's.  Before I know it Steve slides in a stool next to me.
"Are you having fun, my pet?" He asks.  There's a different edge to his voice, and I've never heard him use that name on me before, but maybe he's had a bit too much to drink.  
"It's even better now that you're here."  I guess the alcohol is definitely getting to me now, but it's nothing I haven't been thinking all day.
"Oh really?  And what are we going to do for an after party."  He smirks over at me, reaching up to tuck a piece of hair behind my ear.  He's dangerously close.  "Don't have a quick comment to that huh? We could leave early you know? No need to stay at this boring party."
"Steve, I haven't even met Thor yet.  Or Loki."
"Ugh Thor is boring, although Loki is quite charming."  I squint my eyes at him, confused.
"So Loki, I see you've met our newest member, Charlie."  Sam walks up behind me placing his arms around my shoulder.  I look around the place and don't see Loki, and then my eyes catch Steve, he's still beside Thor cutting up.  My eyes turn back to the man sitting in front of me.  "Loki?"  His appearance changes from the handsome Steve, to smooth and silky Loki.
"Ahh, sorry to have to meet you not as myself.  You just seem so comfortable with Captain Rogers, wanted to see what else was there.  The offer still stands for an after party though." He spins and walks away.  I pick up my cocktail and swallow it back.  I definitely need to be drunk, at least tipsy if there's going to be multiple Steve's tonight.  I look at the empty cup sad and back at Sam.  He jumps over to the other side of the bar.
"Listen, I can't make the pink drink, but I can make other things.  And your man looks like he could use another beer."  He motions over to Steve who is in fact empty handed now.
"Get him a beer and surprise me Sam, something fruity and with vodka."  He whips something up and hands me the cocktail and beer and we head towards Steve and Thor.  When we arrive, Steve has a big smile on his face and I hand him the beer.  He thanks me quickly before grabbing my hand and looking over to Thor.  
"Thor this is the newest team member Charlie, Charlie this is Thor."
"Pleasure to meet you Lady Charlie.  I saw that Loki tricked you over at the bar.  Funny he chose to be our Captain Rogers to meet you."  He smiles at me before engulfing my whole body in a tight hug. Before he releases, "Steve has talked about you quite a lot.  Does this mean you guys are dating?" I giggle and shake my head.  "Ahh but in the future, you may win the heart of that old man." He winks and pulls away finally.  I take a sip of the drink Sam prepared for me.  I can definitely taste more vodka in this drink, I'm going out on a limb and say that this will be the last drink of the evening.  I sit down in between Steve and Sam.  Steve slightly shuffles closer and lazily lays his arm in my lap.
Random conversations continue on and I just soak it all in with Steve so close to me, and then my song comes on "Yeah" by Usher is playing and I feel the need to dance.  I look over at Steve, "Dance with me." He looks down at me with his blue eyes slightly patterned with a green.  
"I don't dance to this type of music." He responds.
"Oh come on, get another drink of your beer and come on."
"Charlie I can't get drunk." I look at him confused. "Due to the super soldier serum." I nod.
"I don't care, just dance with me.  It'll be fun."
"Here Steve have a drink of this Asgardian mead.  It's aged a thousand years.  And then get your ass out there and dance with the beautiful lady before I do." Steve reaches over and take a swig and shivers a bit.  I giggle at him.
"You ready?" I clumsily stand up reaching for his hand.  Thankfully Steve is quick and catches me.  Realizing how close we are, his arm around my waist while the other reaches up to ghost across my heated face.  "The question is are you ready? You think you can handle this?"
"Rogers I was born to handle this."  I kick off my heels and toss them to Sam who looks at me confused.  "Come on, show me what you got." I lead Steve out onto the dance floor and start dancing on him.  He awkwardly sways back and forth and I turn back around to him and place his hands on my hips.  "Steve find the beat of the song and move your body with it."
"I told you I don't dance to this type of music."
"Loosen up and have fun.  Move with me."  His eyes focus down to my hips watching me.  I'm glad I took my heels off.  I would definitely be stumbling around out here.  Finally Steve finds an easier flow and starts enjoying it a bit more.  Once the song ends a slow song comes on and I turn to walk back to the couch where Thor and Sam are.  Steve grabs my arm and pulls me back.
"I danced to your song, now I think you owe a dance with me to this one." I step back to Steve and put my hands around his neck.  He places his hands back on my hips and pulls me closer to him.  I pull my attention up to his face.  He really is a handsome man.  His kind eyes offset how angular and chiseled his features are.  I take a deep breath and smell his clean scent, mixed in with a woody and slightly sweet cologne.  I smile up at him and he smiles back down before I relax my head on his chest.  He wraps his strong arms tighter around me.  Just as I was getting good and comfortable the song ends and starts an upbeat song, one of which I'm no longer in the mood for.  I just want Steve to hold me.  He pulls away as I stumble a bit from the alcohol and the lack of support from Steve.  He quickly grabs me up again.  "I think you're spent for the night.  Let me walk you to your room."
"Aww but the party just got started.  Are you sure we have to go?"
"You can stay if you're feeling up to it.  I won't make you do anything you don't want to do.  This party is going to be wrapping up soon anyways.  I was getting tired as well."  And just to emphasize he's tired he lets out a yawn.
"Alright Rogers, let's go to bed then.  I need my shoes."  Steve guides me back over to where Sam and Thor are and grabs up my shoes.
"Everything ok?"  Sam looks up to Steve.
"Yes, we're both tired, and I think Charlie's first time drinking is catching up to her."  I scoffed at him.  I only had three drinks.
"Oh damn, this was your first time drinking? I might have put a lot of vodka in your drink.  I'm sorry."  I waved my hand at him letting him know it was nothing.
"Well good morrow Lady Charlie.  I'll see you in the morning, hopefully not in pain.  Steve maybe you can make sure she has a good evening."  Steve's eyes narrow at Thor.
"Thor, this is not a date." I say to him. "He was just..."
"Escorting you to the party.  Well you two run along then.  I doubt this is going on much longer anyways."  Sam finishes my sentence.  
Steve again tells the two Avengers goodnight before too quickly turning around and I lost my footing only to start falling again.  Gracefully he wraps my body up in his arms and carries me bridal style.  "There now I don't have to worry about you falling down anymore."  I lazily smile up at him before resting my head against his chest. When we make it to my room I become more alert at the shifting of Steve's body to open my door.  He gently lays me down on the bed.  Thinking I'm asleep he starts to head out the door. I sit up on the edge of the bed.  
"Steve. Can you unzip my dress so I can put something else on?" Liquid courage stepping up.  He turns to look at me motioning me to turn around for him.  I stand up and turn, moving my hair to the side giving him ample space to unzip the dress.  He gulps deeply before slowly moving his hands down my back, unzipping me.  He lets out a cool breath causing me to shiver and I turn to look back at him and he looks down at my face.  I turn to fully face him.  "Thank you." I step closer to him and wrap a finger around one his belt loops and pull him closer.  He moves his arm up to my face resting a thumb on my cheek, fingers wrapped around my neck.  He returns the pull until his forehead is resting on mine. He hesitates and pulls back a bit more before ghosting his lips on my forehead, and fully pulling away.
"You're drunk.  I can't do this." I step back realizing that he's shot me down.  I turn my eyes to look at the floor only for Steve to use his hand to push my chin up to look at him.  "It isn't that I don't want to.  But I would prefer if you had a clear mind.  I don't need you to regret anything once you're sober."  I give him a slight smile still hurt from the rejection.  "We'll continue this another time.  And besides, this isn't..."
"A date.  I know."  I roll my eyes at Steve.  "Goodnight Steve."  Without thinking I go ahead and step out of my dress, only to expose the new lingerie to Steve, Nat wasn't lying, you never know.  I walk over towards my closet to grab an oversize shirt.  Steve is still lingering in my room.  Eyes not leaving my body.  He realizes that he's staring.  "Goodnight Charlie.  I'll see you in the morning."  He quickly turns and heads out the door.
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The Tower: Happily Ever After - 2
Tumblr media
The Tower: Happily Ever After An Avengers Fanfic
Series Masterlist | Character Refrence PREVIOUS //
Pairing:  Avengers x OFC, Bruce Banner x Bucky Barnes x Clint Barton x Wanda Maximoff x Steve Rogers x Natasha Romanoff x Tony Stark x Thor x Sam Wilson x OFC (Elly Cooper)
Word Count: 1849
Warnings:  Pregnancy and minor language on chapter.
Synopsis: Almost 40 years after Elise Cooper first crashed into Natasha Romanoff outside the library at Columbia University, she and the Avengers are adapting to a near-immortal life together with their large brood of children.  Yet things aren’t perfect.  Life is moving on without them and they’re starting to discover who isolating being immortal can be.When Angela comes and asks Thor to take the throne of Asgard once more, the group leaves Earth in the hopes that they will find their Happily Ever After there.
Tumblr media
Chapter 2: Anger Issues
When Marya returned home from school that day we were all ready to meet her.  Marya was sixteen years old, a little taller than I was, with dark hair and light brown eyes - just like Bruce.  Those weren’t the only things she’d inherited from her biological father.  She was extremely intelligent and had been skipped ahead a grade in school.  There had been talk about skipping her ahead more than that, but it wasn’t something encouraged in schools due to the strain it has on children’s emotional and social development.  So instead she was finishing up high school with her peer group while taking college courses as electives.
She also had her own little green problem.
Her powers worked differently from Bruce’s.  She could turn into a hulk, and that transformation could be triggered by extreme negative emotions - not just anger, but when she was really sad or anxious too.  Unlike Bruce though, she never had to worry about sharing her body with another person.  When she changed she was always herself and generally she had such precision control over the transformation that she could do it on command, much as Bruce could after the bonding ceremony all those years ago.
She looked around suspiciously at us as we called her over to the couches by the large window, typically the place where we had family meetings.  It was usually where we spoke to the kids if they had done something they probably shouldn’t have.  We took an approach with our parenting where they didn’t usually get in trouble for misbehaving.  Rather we tried to think of a real-world consequence for what they’d done.  For example, if they were fighting they had to sit down and listen to each other’s grievances and then work out a way to both come to an understanding about how the other feels and try to make each other feel better.  It didn’t always work, but we figured it was better than arbitrarily making them go sit in the corner.  So it made sense that she’d think she was in trouble for something.
“What’d I do?”  She asked, dropping her backpack on the ground while she stood looking at her gathered parents.
“Why don’t you tell us?”  Sam teased.  “And we’ll tell you if that’s it.”
“I’m not falling for that,” Marya snarked, folding her arms across her chest.
“Honey, sit down,” Steve said, gently.  “You’re not in trouble.  We just need to tell you something.”
Marya sat down carefully, looking at everyone with deep suspicion.  “Is someone else pregnant?  Are you trying to populate Earth with just our family?”
“No,” Clint laughed.  “What the hell?”
I rolled my eyes.  “Honestly, honey, I sometimes think the same thing,” I said.  “But that’s not what this is.”
“Your Aunt Angela came to visit today,” Steve explained.  “She’s giving up the throne of Asgard.”
“Does that mean Riley’s going to be queen?”  Marya asked, looking over at Thor.  “I can’t believe my sister’s going to be the queen of a whole other planet.”
Thor shook his head.  “Riley is still too young to rule by Asgardian standards.  My people - our people - would consider that the equivalent of having Zak as their king.  I have to step up and take the lead.”
“Which means, we are moving to Asgard,” Steve finished.  “I know that...”
“What?”  Marya yelped, interrupting Steve as she blinked at us.  “When?”
“Within the month,” Steve said.
“But I have school!”  Marya shouted.  Her fists clenched and she started to turn green at the edges.  “And what about my friends?  You can’t just take me away from everyone I ever knew!”
“Mar,” Bruce said, gently.  “Deep breath.  Get that under control.”
“Don’t tell me how to feel!”  Marya shouted, slamming her hands on the coffee table and sending a large crack through the heavy wood.  I jumped a little, startled at her violent reaction, and the green started to creep into her arms starting at her hands, making her muscles swell and double in size.
Sam moved forward and crouched in front of his daughter, taking both her hands in his and looking into her eyes.  “Marya,” Sam said with a gentle yet commanding tone.  “I know you’re upset, but you need to talk about this rationally.  If you can’t talk about it, you’re gonna have to go to your room to cool off first.”
She started crying and pulled her hands out of his.  “It’s not fair!” She cried.  “I don’t even get a say about whether or not you take me away from my friends.  My whole goddamn planet?”
“Honey,” Steve said, wrapping his arm around Marya’s shoulders.  “I know this is tough.  I really do.  But we’re partially doing it for you.”
“I don’t see how taking me from my friends is somehow supposed to be good for me,” she grumbled.
“Alright, kid,” Natasha said.  “I’m going to give you some harsh truths here.  You’re going to lose them anyway.  Maybe not all of them anytime soon, but the ones you would have kept in your life you’d have had to watch age and die.  Just like we all have done and are with our friends and family.  We want to save you what’s happening with Rose.  We don’t want you to have to fall in love and then watch them fade out while you’re stuck looking like you can’t buy a beer.”
Marya started crying harder and fell into Steve’s side and Wanda glared at Natasha.  “You didn’t have to be so harsh,” Wanda snapped.
“Well babying her wasn’t doing it either,” Natasha argued.  “She needs to hear it.  She might not like it, but going to Asgard is what’s best for her.”
“Can’t I even finish school?”  Marya begged.  “I could stay with Eddie - or Rose.  Or one of my friends.  And then… then I’ll come.”
“There will be school for you on Asgard,” Thor said.  “And it will teach you things that far outreach anything any of you have learned on Midgard.  Riley and Pietro both attend and they learn of the world tree, and alien languages, advanced mathematics, and magic.  You are already holding yourself back to fit in, daughter.  You would never have to hide any part of you in Asgard.  Not your intelligence, and not this -” he tapped her arm where it was still tinged with green.
“And I’ll make it so you can talk to your friends here.  We’ll set up a line of communication,” Tony added.  “Don’t worry.  I’ll make sure my kids don’t go without Tumblr and Instagram.  Imagine how many followers you’ll get posting selfies in Asgard.”
“I already have a tonne of followers, dad,” Marya sniffed.  “I’m a Skjodbærer.”
“Yes, you are,” Tony said.  “And don’t you forget it.  The whole universe is yours.”
“We’ll make sure we come back to visit,” I said.  “We all still have friends here, and places we like to spend our time.”
“Yeah, who’s going to annoy Katie-Kate if I’m not around?”  Clint joked.
Marya let out a small laugh that was still more tears than actual laughter.  “I’m sure she’d hate not being annoyed by you.”
“Yeah, that’s right,” Clint said and patted Marya on the thigh.
“We aren’t doing this to punish you, Mar,” Sam soothed.  “I promise.  We’ve all been talking about this for a long time, and we were going to wait, but your dad can’t anymore.  He has to go and rule his kingdom.  And sometimes we have to give up what we want to do for what we need to.”
Marya let out a long slow breath and nodded.  “I know.  I know, dad.  They’re still my friends though and I’m still sad about it.”
“I know,” Wanda said.  “Being sad is normal.”
“Can I have a goodbye party?”  Marya asked.
“Look who you’re talking to,” Tony teased.  “The biggest.”
She sat silently for a moment and nodded again.  “If I really hate it, can I come back again?”
“You need to give it a proper chance,” Steve said.
“I will,” she assured him.  “I just… I don’t…”
“If you really hate it, you can come back,” I said, cutting Steve off before he had a chance to reply.  “We won’t like it, but our kids being happy and healthy is the thing we want most.  We just think… in the long run, this is the best option for that.”
“I know,” Marya said.  She looked around at anyone and kicked at her bag.  “Can I go now?”
“One thing first,” Steve said, tapping the table where she cracked it.  “What are we going to do about this?”
Marya sighed and looked at it.  “I’m sorry,” she said.
“And…?”  Steve pressed.
“And… I’ll go see if I can find someone who can repair it.  If I can’t, I’ll shop for a suitable replacement.  And… and I’ll volunteer at the soup kitchen for the Sundays before we leave as a stand-in for the fact I don’t need to earn money to pay for these things.”
“Good girl,” Steve said.  “Dinner will be at 6.30.”
Marya stood up and grabbed her back.  “Okay.”
“Marya,” I said.  “We love you.”
She smiled a little and nodded.  “I love you all too.”
We watched her disappear up the stairs and Bruce sat back and ran his palms over his scalp.  “I really need to help her deal with her anger.”
Bucky patted his arm.  “It’s usual teen stuff.  We’ve seen it before -” he gestured to me “- we’ll see it again.”
“Yeah, but when any of the others got upset we didn’t have to worry about them breaking the building,” Bruce said.
“Umm… do I need to remind you about that tantrum Riley had that meant we had to remodel her room,” I said.
Bruce chuckled and nodded.  “Right.  I guess.”
“It won’t hurt to work with her more,” Sam said.  “But don’t think that her having a temper is on you.  She’s hyper-intelligent and smart kids often deal with anxiety because they’re always thinking ten steps ahead about all the potential terrible outcomes.”
“Tell me about it,” Tony snarked.
“Yes, Tony, you’re a genius, we all know,” Bucky teased.
“I do not like that I am the reason for her distress,” Thor said.  “We could always go back to how it was before Angela took the throne.”
“And barely get to see you?”  Clint said.  “I don’t fuckin’ think so.”
“That’s not going to happen, Thor,” Steve said.  “We’ve been talking about this for a while.  It’s time.  Sometimes kids have to move because their parents are.  It’s not fun for them.  But she will adapt and it is better it happens sooner than for her to fall into this society's expectations for when she should be doing things.”
Thor nodded, though he didn’t look completely convinced.  
“Alright,” Clint said, clapping his hands.  “Enough about moody teenagers.  We have a lot to work out.”
“It’s going to be a big change,” I said.  “But we’ve gotten really good at those, and in my experience, they always worked out for the best.”
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luminnara · 18 hours ago
It’s Been a Long, Long Time | Ch 7 18+ NSFW
Warnings: nsfw, sexy sex, abo, knotting
Part 6 | part 7 | part 8
Tags:  @kyrah-williams williams @oceanmermaidwitch @shawnie--jo @super-cape @ferxaniti @namjoonwatcheshentai @fandomsstolemylife00 @youngblood199456 @nightlygiggless @darlingely @bluemoon-icecream @kaz11283 @jenjen8675309 @dollfacev8 @witchinpractice @mystical-b3ar r @sukeraa @momc95 @book-lover-2006
Bucky was still reeling from finally getting to hear her name. While the omega explored his apartment, he sank down onto his couch, his head buzzing with thoughts of her and him and his past life with HYDRA and how her name felt so, incredibly, impossibly right.
It didn’t sound familiar to him, and he was pretty certain that he had never known it before. That made him feel a little bit better about everything, a little less guilty for almost completely forgetting about his omega. He hated how much less he remembered about her than she remembered about him, even if it wasn’t his fault that HYDRA scrambled his brain up so much all the time. No matter how many times he told himself that it was okay, that he was already doing his best, he couldn’t help but feel like he was a bad alpha.
But when she looked up at him with that smile and those eyes, so trusting and happy and comfortable...well, a lot of those negative thoughts flew out the window again.
“So you live here? Like, for real? Like, all the time?” She asked as she inspected his tv.
“Sure do.” He chuckled, sitting on the couch to watch her. “Whaddya think?”
She spun around in a little circle, taking it all. “It’s...perfect.”
Bucky smiled. “I’ll have to find some more blankets for you.”
Amoretta paused, looking at him curiously. “For what? I don’t think I could ever be cold with you around. You’re like a furnace.”
“ you know.” He was feeling stupid again. She wasn’t even thinking of nesting with him around, was she?
“So I can what?” She seemed puzzled.
“You know...make a nest…” he mumbled. “Isn’t that what omegas are s’posed to do? I’ve heard Bruce makes them…”
Realization dawned on her and her jaw dropped a little. “Oh. I haven’t gotten to nest” She laughed. “HYDRA never let me.”
“...oh.” Bucky cleared his throat.
“But now that I’m thinking about it, that might be nice.” She glanced around the room, already looking for a good spot. “Maybe there? Ooh, no, I don’t want it out in the open, do I? Or maybe I do…”
“Hey, FRIDAY?” Bucky asked.
“Yes, Seargent Barnes?” The robot replied, her voice sounding from somewhere in the ceiling.
Amoretta jumped. “Can she see us right now?”
“I monitor everything in this tower,” Friday said. “Tony has designed me to run all necessary systems.”
“Yeah, yeah. Tell someone we need more bedding. Blankets. Lots of ‘em.”
“I will let Miss Potts know right away, Seargent.”
“Thanks, FRIDAY.” He said, kicking his shoes off to rest his heels on the coffee table.
“Of course, Seargent Barnes.”
“’re a Seargent?” Amoretta asked, making her way over to sit on the arm of the couch.
He stretched his arms back behind his head. “Seargent James Buchanan Barnes. World War II. I was with the 107th.”
“Is that how you know Steve?”
He smiled, his head. “Nah. We were always friends. Grew up in Brooklyn together.”
She sat up a little straighter. “Brooklyn?”
“Born ‘n raised, doll.”
“I wanna go!” She bounced down onto the cushion next to him, both hands pressing into his thigh as she suddenly leaned up towards his face. “Please?”
“Uh, sure.” He was a bit taken aback by her sudden movement, but he wasn’t complaining about how close she was now. “Mind tellin’ me why, though?”
“You mentioned it once.” She rubbed her nose against his neck, sighing happily as she scent of cloves filled her senses.
“...I did?”
“Mhm.” Amoretta snuggled up against his side, fitting next to him perfectly. “I don’t remember everything from back then, but I remember that.”
“What’d I say?” He brought on of his arms down to drape around her shoulders, hugging her closer.
“I think I asked you what kind of life we’d have outside of HYDRA.” She rested her cheek on his chest. “You told me we’d live in Brooklyn, in our own house. And…” she trailed off, blushing slightly.
“And what?” He asked, curious.
“You said we’d have lots of pups.” She chewed her lip, looking away from him in embarrassment. “It was probably just your rut talking, though, you know...i-if you don’t want that now, it makes sense. I mean, you’ve got this whole life now, and…”
She trailed off as she noticed that his chest was rumbling with a loud purr. When she finally brought her eyes back up to his face, she saw that he was watching her, features relaxed into a soft, thoughtful expression.
“ want pups?” She asked, heart leaping hopefully.
“Always used to want a whole little family.” He pulled her up to straddle his lap. “Didn’t think I’d get the chance to, but now…hey, I never sired any for HYDRA, right?”
“Not that I know of.”
“Good.” He sounded relieved. “That’d be a fuckin’ nightmare.”
“They made sure my heat suppressants kept me infertile.” Amoretta said. “They didn’t have a program for breeding super soldiers ready yet.”
“Good.” He growled. “No pups of mine are ever gonna grow up in a place like that.”
She reached up, running her fingers through his hair. “You really want them now?”
“Course.” He pulled her forward, wrapping his arms around her waist and pressing his face against her scent gland. “Maybe not, like, now, now, but…with you? I do.”
Amoretta’s eyes widened, a happy little keen leaving her throat. “I’ve waited so long to hear you say that…”
Bucky tugged her back so he could face her. “I’m gonna court you properly. Do it right.”
“But you don’t need to—“
“I don’t care.” He interrupted. “I’m an old fashioned guy. I’m gonna court you.”
She grinned, a hand trailing down the side of his neck. “How old fashioned, exactly?”
He raised an eyebrow. “Why?”
“Too old fashioned to have a little fun?” Her hand slipped down to press against his chest.
His purr turned into a growl, his hands moving to hold her hips. “Doll, all you gotta do is ask…”
Amoretta brought her lips to his ear. “Will you fuck me, Bucky Barnes?”
It only took a moment before his lips were on hers. He was gentle, but he was hungry, devouring her in a kiss that left her breathless and would have made her knees weak had she been standing. With his hands slowly sliding down to her ass, Bucky was perfectly content to take his time; he wanted to feel her, inch by inch, until he had memorized every curve and dip of her body.
Her skin was so soft beneath his callouses. He nudged her sweater up a bit, his hands slipping underneath it to grab at her tits. She couldn’t help but let out a whine against his lips when he brushed a thumb over her nipple, her nails digging into his shoulders as she held him.
When he broke away from the kiss, he gave her lower lip a sharp bite. “Bed. Now.”
Amoretta practically launched herself towards his bedroom, scrambling onto the bed without a second thought. Bucky followed at a much slower pace, enjoying the view as she shed her clothing.
“Hey, maybe I wanted to do that,” he teased, crawling over her. His lips found her neck, his fangs scraping her skin.
“I-I wanted to make it easier for you,” she gasped, back arching as he gave her scent gland a gentle bite.
“I wanna take my time with you, sweetheart.” His voice was husky and low, his breath hot against her throat. “I wanna enjoy every second…”
She sighed as he nipped and licked at her, her hands slipping under his shirt. Her fingers ran across his abs, feeling the way they flexed beneath her touch as he ground his hips into hers.
“You’re overdressed,” She said, tugging at his hem. “Let me see you.”
Bucky broke away from her neck and grabbed his shirt, shucking it off and tossing it behind him. “Better?”
“Much,” She hummed, taking in the sight of his naked torso.
“Good.” He took hold of her hips, leaving a trail of kisses behind as he made his way down to her pussy. “God, you smell fucking amazing…”
Amoretta trilled happily. “So do y—oh my god…”
His tongue was already lapping at her. She couldn’t remember anyone ever eating her out before, but Bucky seemed determined to make up for lost time. He acted like he was starving, sucking and nipping at her clit while he sank a finger inside of her.
Her hips bucked against him, his vibranium hand holding her down while his human hand played with her. She was already soaked, slick running down her thighs, and her scent was driving him wild.
“Fuck, I want you…” he growled, adding a second finger. “So wet, so willing…and you smell so delicious….” He inhaled slow and deep, savoring it. “I think I’ve missed this…”
“D-do you actually remember all the t-times you rutted with me?” Her voice hitched with little gasps as he stroked her inner walls.
“Yes and no.” He admitted, leaning his cheek on her thigh and looking up at her. “But I know this scent…”
“What scent—ah!” She bit her lip as he crooked his fingers a few times, warmth mounting in her belly. “K-keep going, I’m—FUCK!”
She shuddered as an orgasm rolled through her, electricity tingling in her limbs.
“The scent of my omega, all drippin’ wet, just for me.” He pulled his fingers away, licking them clean. “I wanna fuck you, doll…”
“Please,” she whimpered, scooting back up toward the pillows as Bucky stood.
Amoretta’s eyes were glued to his hands as they unbuckled his belt, his movements quick and determined. He was tired of waiting around. He wanted her now.
As he shoved his pants down off of his hips, she bit her lip again, rubbing her thighs together. She could remember how good he felt inside her, and as she thought about the way he always used to snap his hips into hers, she felt another trail of slick running down her legs.
At the sight of his cock, she was practically a waterfall.
Before he could get back to her, Amoretta was flipping over onto her hands and knees, presenting herself for him with her ass up in the air. She peeked back over her shoulder at him, watching as froze and then stiffened, a low, impossibly loud growl rumbling in his chest.
“Good girl,” he praised her, his cock already rock hard as he crawled across the bed towards her.
Amoretta gave a little wiggle, trying to convince him to hurry up. When his hands grabbed her hips and jerked her back against him, she squealed in surprise, the sound melting into a moan as he rubbed his cock against her.
“Please,” she whined. “Please, please just fuck me, Alpha, I need it…”
“How bad?” He leaned over her, nipping at her shoulder.
“S-so bad, please, just—“
She interrupted herself with another moan, her hands clutching at the sheets as Bucky finally gave her what she was craving so badly.
He pressed himself into her slowly at first, waiting to feel some resistance. She was so soft and warm that he almost came then and there, his teeth sinking into her shoulder as he forced his hips to still. Fuck, how could someone feel so good? Her pussy felt perfect around him, gently squeezing his cock as he pulled back out and then thrusted back in, already balls deep inside her. He could tell why he had liked her so much during his ruts, but he had no idea how he could have managed to fuck her for more than thirty seconds during one.
When he started moving again, Amoretta turned into putty. She was absolutely melting, angling her hips so that he could sink in deeper and deeper, slick running down her thighs.
“You like my cock, baby?” He asked, voice muffled by her neck as he dragged his lips over her skin. He wanted to be as close to her as possible, and he didn’t care if that meant both of them being a tangled mess of limbs and sweat. He just wanted her.
“Y-yes, Alpha,” she gasped, slowly sliding down until her chest was squished against the bed. He felt even better than she remembered, his cock rubbing against every single perfect spot inside of her. He was stretching her out comfortably, her slick providing more than enough lube to ensure that his size could never hurt her.
Fuck, he was perfect. He was made for her. They were made for each other.
Bucky was pressed against her back, shielding her with his entire body. He didn’t want anyone else to see his omega. The sight of her there, beneath him, taking his cock so well was for him and him alone, and he was going to make sure it stayed that way.
“Want me to fill you up?” He asked, licking her scent gland.
“Y-yes please,” she moaned, leaning her head back for him.
“Want me to breed you, over ‘n over, ‘til you’re full of pups?” He bit at her jaw.
“Yes!” She cried, whines and trills all flooding from her throat in a symphony of needy sounds.
“Say my name,” he panted, his knot already beginning to swell.
“B-Bucky,” she moaned as she felt it catch on her. Fuck, she had forgotten how good it felt to be stretched and feel it filling her.
He let go of her hips, his hand finding hers. “No, my real name…”
“J-James,” she gasped, intertwining their fingers together. “James…please knot me...”
That was it.
Hearing her gasping and moaning his name sent him over the edge, and before he could stop himself, he was exploding inside of her. He snarled, biting her shoulder again as he held her down, his knot locking him in place as he pressed his hips forward.
Amoretta sighed happily at the feeling, relaxing as Bucky’s weight fell onto her. He was panting hard, trying to catch his breath.
“Fuck,” he sighed, kissing the already-healing bite marks on her shoulder. “Sorry ‘bout the bites.”
Amoretta grinned at him as he helped her turn onto her side. “I like your bites.”
“Oh yeah?” He pulled her up against his chest, settling in to wait for his knot to go down once more. “I’ll remember that.”
“Super soldier, remember? Built to withstand you at your roughest.” She snuggled back.
“Guess I’ve got something to thank HYDRA for, after all.” He chuckled, drawing lazy circles on her hip. “You didn’t cum when I was inside you, did you?”
“No, but that’s fine.” She shrugged. “I did before.”
“That’s not enough,” he growled. “If my knot wasn’t so swollen right now, I’d be fucking you until your legs shake.”
“Is that a promise, Sergeant?” She asked, a mischievous glint in her eye.
“It is.”
“Well, then…” she held his jaw in her hand, leaning up to whisper in his ear. “I can’t wait for your knot to go down.”
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moonlighttfoxx · 18 hours ago
The girl with the golden eyes
Fanfic series
Steve Rogers x OC(that’s the plan at least, still in process, might be some sort of platonic Bucky)
Summary: Steve Rogers hates Y/N - the way her golden eyes sparke, the way her hair falls down her shoulders, the way she smells and most of all he hates that she screwed him over in a mission, working with Hydra. Caught between the hatred and the desire he feels for her, what will happen if they are forced to live and work together not as enemies, but as a team?
Warnings: smut, sexual content, 18+, lots of jealous Steve Rogers
Chapter One
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darke-15 · 22 hours ago
Quotes from Aftermath // 22
“When Danny proposed, how did you know that he was the one?”
You cocked your head to the side, “Duke, Danny proposed during a bar fight in Belgium.”
“ did you know?”
“I don’t know,” you sighed with a shrug, “I was in the middle of shanking a guy with a broken beer bottle when he asked. And he was hitting another guy over the head with a pool cue. It was chaos. We were chaos.”
You paused, your breath hitching in your throat, “It was just...right. Like we were meant to be together.”
| Battle Scarred : Aftermath | »Darke15
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marvelfanfiction · a day ago
The sun and cool spring breeze caused me to stir out of my dreams.  I always dream, always feel, but can never fully remember my dreams.  I have gotten used to the simplicity of living at the Barton farm.  My family.  The only family that I have left.  I enjoy the time helping Aunt Laura around the farm, helping her with the kids.  Having three kids and basically a single mother isn't easy.  I know that Uncle Clint would prefer to be here.  I look forward to the days when he is here.  It means I get to have more time training with someone watching to critique what I may be doing wrong.  I don't know what Clint's plans are for training me.  Is it to help keep Laura, the kids, and myself safe while he isn't here? Or does he have actual plans of me helping him and The Avengers out? One could only wish.
"Charlie!" I doubt Laura heard me wake, but my routine is pretty predictable.  Nat would be ashamed of me.  I put on some jeans and shirt, brush my teeth and head downstairs to help set the table and ready it for our breakfast.
"Morning Laura. Did you sleep well?" She sighs at me.  I know she doesn't get the best sleep when Clint isn't here.  She loves the man so much and only wants him near her.  I get it.  Her brother, my father, was the same with my mom.  I would love to find a love like that.  Knowing what I know about this world I doubt I ever would. Nor do I think I want to bring children into this mess. I see Nathaniel already sitting in his high chair as Lila and Cooper sleepily come into the dining area taking their seats.  I plant a quick kiss on Nathaniel's head and help Laura serve up the children before we too take our seats.
"I spoke with your father today," she addresses the kids, but I know she's also speaking to me.  In all matter of speaking Clint and Laura have become my parents. "Him and Nat are coming to stay for a few days." She turns to me, "Apparently Nat has something she wants to discuss with you, with us." Her eyes grow distant.  I'm usually pretty good at reading people's emotions, but I can't figure out Laura.
"Is everything ok?" Lila asks her mom as she takes a bite of her bacon.  
"Yes, and let's enjoy the few days that we have with them."
We eat mostly in silent, making very small talk before cleaning up. "Charlie you mind taking the kids to school?" She asks me this every school day.  And everyday it's the same answer. "Of course I will.  You two go get ready, meet you at the door in ten."
Once I return back to the homestead Laura meets me at the door. "So you should know Nat and Clint will be arriving shortly.  They didn't want to talk with you while Lila and Cooper were here."
"Laur, is everything ok? Why all this secrecy?"
"You do know we're talking about a former spy? And current Avengers? Everything is a secret." She turns to look back in the house.
"But do you know what this conversation is about?" I look over her face trying to gather anything form it.
"Yes." She looks out into the field before heading inside.  I turn to see where she was looking before seeing a Quinjet land.  Overcome with excitement of seeing two of my favorite people for the first time in two months I run over towards the Quinjet.
"How's my favorite marksman?" Nat asks while flicking a smile towards Clint. He just smiles and shakes his head.
"Ahh could be better.  It can be quite draining shooting at a target that isn't moving."
"I believe I would prefer that." Clint walks off the Quinjet wrapping me in a hug, picking my feet off the ground for the embrace, before placing me down. "She inside?"
"Yes, and acting very secretive. Want to tell me what that's all about?"
"Not my gig, that's all Nat." He waves back at us before running to the house.  Neither of us dispute his quick departure.  Of course he wants to have some alone time with Laura.
I turn and look at Nat and she's smiling at me. "So you going to tell me about this secret that I now have had both Barton's refuse to answer me?"
"In time, first let's spar a bit?" Nat cocks her head with a sly grin.
"Nat, you know what I'm capable of."
"And you know you haven't had a partner in a couple of months.  You might have got rusty."
I let out a groan before attempting to kick her legs out from under her. Nat is not easily taken by surprise, so she just jumps over my leg before jumping over my crouched body making me have to spin around to face her.  We both spend time throwing punches at one another, and blocking every one. Because Nat has trained me I know her tricks and she knows mine.  Five minutes later and neither one of us getting the upper hand she laughs and throws out her hand for a truce.  I grab it, and just stare at her still waiting on this secret conversation.
"Were you being serious about becoming bored here?" She asks me.
"That's harsh isn't it?  I love it here, Laura is amazing, the kids are great, but I would be lying if I didn't say that this life is monotonous.  But if I'm being honest I doubt you and Clint spent so much time training me for this to be my only life, did you?"
"I doubt Clint had what I'm going to ask you in mind.  I think it was more to keep you safe, and hopefully the rest of the Barton's."
"You're still not getting to the point." I narrow my eyes at her, urging Nat to get to the point.
"Well Tony has been wanting to bring in some new blood into the team.  I might have shown him a video of you training.  He approves, so does Steve.  They both want to meet you.  You could be an asset to us."
"Tony Stark AND Steve Rogers want to meet me? Wait, what does Clint think?"
"He isn't thrilled, but thinks you're ready for this life.  Laura if you can imagine is heartbroken.  She doesn't want to lose you too."
"And what do you think?"
"Without a doubt you're already in.  I wouldn't have put myself on the line by showing them if I thought you weren't.  They're excited that you don't have too much of a dark past.  You grew up normal.  Until..."
"Yes, both my parents died.  In a normal car crash.  You and Clint made sure everything was normal.  Right?"
"Right.  Neither of us have a reason to lie to you.  But still you lost your parents."
"Six years ago.  I miss them.  But with everything going on, I think they got the better end of the deal.  This world has got weird."
"You have no idea." She smirks.  "So that's it then? You're onboard?"
"Most definitely.  You guys trained me to be a help.  Now I repay you by actually helping."
The next few days go by too fast.  I didn't realize how it would effect me to leave my family.  The past six years while yes monotonous was safe.  How does Clint do this every time.  Look at his wife and kids and say goodbye.  It's because he knows there isn't another him.  He has to, to keep them safe.  Now it's my turn.  I don't know what I'm getting into.  But I know it is what I have to do.
Tumblr media
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strawberry pancakes // bucky barnes
Tumblr media
DESCRIPTION: Lily Osborne and Bucky Barnes were never blessed with an easy relationship. Whether it be emotional trauma, or Lily's parents trying to be evil scientists. But they somehow made it work, after coming together once again after the birth of Lily's nephew. They were smooth sailing for a while. He proposed, they got engaged, but have yet to marry. While also juggling raising a teenager together as Hunter reaches the age of 16 now. All the while struggling with adjusting to their new lives in Long Island, balancing careers. Meanwhile, Lily struggles with the new found fame of being the fiancé of The White Wolf; and handling the tabloids critiques on her life and gossip columns digging up any information they can on her. While trying to maintain a low profile; and handle her life as it is. And becoming parents. Lily for the second time, while Bucky, well, this is his first attempt at a biological child. All the while a new threat from their past rises up once again, blind siding the family. Bringing forward old hatchets that had been buried, and putting their relationship at risk once more.
DISCLAIMER:  I do not own any original Marvel characters! All canon plots and canon characters belong to Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios. This is an original work. You may not publish it anywhere else
STATUS: Unedited
NOTES: Takes place after endgame. I have elected to ignore Tony's death and Steve's leaving. Did not happen. Quick Reminder! My works are only published here, AO3 and on Wattpad, thank you.
Chapter One: The One With His Outburst
Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 2241
    The mix of barking and meowing stirred Lily Osborne from the depths of her sleep. The feeling of a warm body pressed close to her back earned a content sigh from her, his warmth beckoning her to pull back into her sleep. But the melodic noise of animals fighting kept her wide-eyed. A groan vibrated in her throat as she slid from her fiance's grip, stepping into her slippers. The blonde glanced behind her and chuckled lowly at the peaceful face of her hopefully, soon-to-be husband.
The howling continued and Lily stood to her feet, sneaking from her bedroom and down the stairs of their home. She began shushing the noisy animals when her feet hit the bottom, rounding the corner and separating the three animals.
"Why must you three do this every morning," Lily whispered, picking up the bright white cat the two dogs had been harassing, "I know they're so mean to you, Alpine." She cooed, scratching the cat's head, "Poor boy."
The cat cooed before hopping out of Lily's arms, racing down towards the small cat door that led into the expansive backyard. Lily followed close behind, watching the white fur dance along the boards of the dock, before perching on one of the posts near their boat.
Turning on her heels, Lily glanced down at the two dogs that stared up at her, wide-eyed and ready for their breakfast, "Well aren't you two just a sight to see." She grinned, bending down and scratching the Bernese's ear.
Along with the ever-loving cat that they had adopted, the small family rescued a Bernese mountain dog that was being used for dog fights in an underground ring in New York. They named him Chandler, coinciding with the german shepherd they had, Joey. Lily had made sure that the names matched, for only having Joey just didn't make any sense. She tried to name the cat Ross, but her lover was not having it.
After Lily made her coffee and fed the dogs, she found herself stepping out onto the back porch, finding a seat on the swinging bench. She curled into the light blue and navy pillows, allowing the warm sun to seep into her skin as it rose higher above the lake. Glancing at her phone, she saw a few texts from her best friend and chuckled at what was contained.
"Did you know Leo spits bananas at people? Rose forgot to tell me that while I was babysitting."
Typing back her response, notifying Gen that she did indeed know that, Lily chuckled. It was moments like these that reminded her just how lucky she was for the life she led. A loving fiance, great pets, a beautiful home, a perfect job, a son that she wouldn't trade for the world, and-
"Mama!" the young girl's voice rang as she pushed open the back door, walking over towards the blonde with a bright smile on her face.
"Well good morning Stella," Lily chuckled, placing her mug down and lifting the four-year-old to the swing with her, "What are you doing up so early hm? It's only 7." The blonde asked, kissing the dark brown curls on her daughter's head.
"Loud noises." Stella shrugged, looking over at the two dogs playing on the grass.
"And daddy was snoring."
Lily lifted her head and smiled at the man that had emerged from the house. He had a cup of coffee in his hand as well, and walked over towards his two girls and took a seat next to them. The blonde smiled up and pressed a quick kiss on the blue-eyed man's lips. Bucky Barnes. War hero. Ex-assassin. Avenger. Fiance. Father. Love of her life. Despite the obstacles that were continuously thrown in their path, the two found each other each time. And hadn't parted since.
"How do you think mama feels, having to sleep with him every night," Lily teased, tucking a strand of her daughter's dishevelled hair behind her ear, "Might just have to join you in bed tonight."
"Haha very funny," Bucky chuckled, plucking the four-year-old from Lily's arms, "you wouldn't dare steal mom from me would you?" he teased, kissing the brunette girl's cheek, "C'mon, let's get you fed and then get you off to school hm?"
"I wanna stay hooome," Stella whined, leaning her head on Bucky's shoulder, looking up at him with wide eyes.
Lily scoffed as she watched Bucky's face fall and grow softer as his daughter stared up at him with those bright blue eyes she inherited from him. The three fell silent for a moment as Bucky tried to keep his will intact long enough to tell Stella she had to go to school. But it was when he looked up at Lily with puppy dog eyes, she realized she was gonna have to play bad cop with the young girl this morning.
"Sneaky girl," Lily chuckled, standing from her seat and scooping the four-year-old into her arms, "Giving daddy those eyes. Y'know, I invented those eyes. You're welcome." She teased, turning and walking back into the home.
Lily sat Stella down in her chair at the table, before wandering into the kitchen and pouring her daughter a bowl of Cheerios with strawberries on top. Stella had an allergy to blueberries, meaning that Lily and Bucky had to work around the attachment they all had to them to accommodate the newest addition to the family. Hunter just about threw a fit when he realized that they wouldn't be able to have blueberry pancakes as often anymore.
"Morning grumpy," Bucky grinned as Hunter walked into the kitchen when he came back in from the porch, "Looking as excited to be up as ever." The supersoldier teased, ruffling the 16-year-old's blonde hair.
Hunter gave a disheartening grunt in response before popping two pieces of toast into the toaster, staring at it dead-eyed as he attempted to wake himself up. Lily chuckled and poured the boy a cup of coffee, sending it his way before placing the cereal down in front of Stella for her.
"Hey can you promise me not to be late for class this morning," Lily sighed, bumping her elbow on Hunter's arm, "I don't need another call from Ms. Humphrey in the middle of an examination again."
"I make no promises." Hunter quipped, giving his mom a tight smile before sliding into the seat adjacent to his younger sister.
Lily sighed and sent a quick glance towards Bucky. Hunter had been acting up at a continuous pace, furthering his attitude towards Lily specifically. The room fell silent as everyone resumed eating or drinking their coffee. Bucky sent Lily an apologetic smile when he caught her staring at Hunter with a saddened look on her face. When finished, Lily plucked Stella up and carried the dark-haired girl up to her room to get her ready for school.
"Hunter come on!" Lily called after buckling Stella into her car seat, "I don't want Stella to be late!" The blonde sighed, chuckling as Stella pointed out that Lily had a coffee stain on the corner of her mouth.
"I don't get why I have to go to school so much earlier just because Stella's starts earlier," Hunter sighed, climbing into the front seat of the car, "Can't I just get a ride with Bucky when he goes to work?"
"No, because Bucky is going the complete opposite way of your school," Lily hummed, taking a seat at the wheel, "Plus, it puts me at ease knowing that there's less of a chance of your dad calling me wondering why he keeps getting emails that you're late."
"Why do they even email him, it's stupid," Hunter muttered, popping one of his earphones in.
"Don't say that word around Stella, we've talked about this."
"Right, always have to watch out for Stella." The sixteen-year-old muttered, staring out the window.
"Don't start this right now, Hunter. Please."
Lily muttered a few unflattering words as she pulled into the driveway of the large beach house that she was fortunate enough to call home. However, she knew the teenage boy that sat inside the house would not feel fortunate that his teachers were so vocal with his mother. Slamming the car door, Lily stormed up towards the front door, throwing it open with such frustration she thought she herself had become a supersoldier like her fiance.
"Doll hey," Bucky smiled, jogging forward with Stella in his arms, "I know it sounds bad but let's get Hunter's side first- "
"Hunter's side?" Lily scoffed, dropping her purse, "What side, Bucky? He swore at a teacher today. What validates that?"
"Maybe the teacher said something to provoke him." Bucky smiled slightly, a weak attempt to calm down the fuming blonde.
"Have you talked to him?" Lily asked, sliding her coat off and hanging it up on the stand.
"He won't come out of the attic." He sighed softly, bouncing Stella in his arms.
Lily stormed past the brunette holding their daughter, running up the first flight of stairs to the second floor, before mounting the ones leading to the attic. She stopped at the top of the stairs, glancing around the attic in search of the dirty blonde boy she was hunting for. Lily spotted him at the birchwood desk, staring at a blank computer screen. Dropping her bag, the blonde walked over, not attempting to be quiet as she pulled a chair around next to the boy, arms crossed over her chest.
"Something you want to explain to me, Hunter?" Lily stated voice calm and collected as she waited for her son's response.
"If you listen to my side of the story, maybe," Hunter responded, shutting his laptop and turning in the chair to face his mother.
"I'm all ears."
It didn't take long for Lily to end up on the phone with Syosset High School, fuming with a new type of rage that Lily only ever summoned when these specific issues arose. She paced around the back deck, waiting for the line to be picked up so she could let the teacher have a piece of her mind. Though she was sure when they did, the school would've wished they hadn't messed with the Barnes-Osborne family. Especially when it came to the former name in the equation.
"Good afternoon Mrs. Tyler. It's Lily Barnes, Hunter's mom," Lily began, her lips stretched tight, "And I would like to speak with Ms. George about the things that were said to my son today in class."
"Why don't you, Hunter, and Mr. Barnes come by the school. I have Ms. George in my office here." The principal commented, her voice as calm and cool as Lily's.
That was the first mistake on Mrs. Tyler's end. See, over the years, Lily found that fire that burned deep within her. She had allowed herself to feel loved and confident, with the help of therapy and her fiance encouraging her. It only amplified the fact that Lily was the common mother bear that would not hesitate to go to war for her children. Specifically when it came to people spitting on the image of her family.
"Want to tell me why you called my son's father a terrorist?" Lily snapped as she stormed into the office of the high school, making a b-line towards the principal's office, "Because as far as I'm concerned, that's crossing a line."
"Ms. Barnes, please sit." Mrs. Tyler smiled, a tight one that made a shiver run down Lily's spine.
"Relax, love," Bucky whispered, hand finding the small of Lily's back, "You blowing up won't help the case."
"If I may-" Ms. George piped up, earning the coldest glare that Lily had ever dished out.
"No, you may not. You, Ms. George, have crossed a line here," Lily snapped, walking further into the office, "You may teach American History, but clearly, your mind is stuck in the 20th century. My fiance has saved this world more times than you can count, and if you think for a moment I would sit by idly and allow you to say that to the father of my children? You're as dumb as you sound."
A sigh escaped from both Hunter and Bucky's lips as they took a seat behind the roaring Lily, Stella situated comfortably in Hunter's arms. Both knew better than to step in between Lily when it came to this sort of topic. Bucky was the one person who made Lily feel genuinely safe in the world and hearing someone say he was anything but a hero made her stomach twist into violent knots that set off the fire within her.
"I agree the comment was inappropriate," Mrs. Tyler began, "but we are concerned about Hunter's response. We do not tolerate that type of aggression here at Syosset High."
"I don't care what you tolerate, Maria. Ms. George has insulted my son's father and the man that has helped raise him. And has thrown the term terrorist out like it was nothing," Lily continued, chest heaving, "My son had every right to lose it on her. It was a personal attack and insult. So if you think I will be disciplining my son for defending his family? You're mistaken. Suspend him, I don't care. Because I would prefer to teach him myself if this is the education he will be receiving here."
"It's Ms. Barnes, to you."
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04.05 "Type of" Bucky x OFC (#043)
Description: After two years of upgrades, #043 is finally woken up permanently. Just in time for her fight with the Winter Soldier.
Tags: Angst, Fluff, Slow burn, very much a slow burn. Bucky Barnes x OFC, Winter Soldier X OFC
Warnings: Canon typical violence
Thank you all for reading! I hope you enjoy the first meeting between #043 and the Winter Soldier. <3
Part 3
Tumblr media
The lights were bright. Too bright, the ceiling was blindingly white and it burned. The light burned. Her eyes were dry, so dry, blinking hurt but having her eyes open hurt.
Everything was loud, not everything, some things were quiet, the things that were loud were meant to be quiet. The buzzing of the air conditioner, the static sound of electricity, footsteps that sounded close but felt far away. It was overwhelming but she couldn't speak, there was something in her mouth.
A high pitched whine filled her ears, they began to ring, louder and louder, until it drowned out the buzzing.
"#043, you have finally woken up."
The ringing in her ears ceased and she could now hear the chatter in the room. A face blocked the light from her eyes, a familiar one.
"It is likely you don't remember but you have been up before." Dr. Leeb began to fiddle with some restraints on her wrists. "We had to wake you up to test if the enhancements worked. It may have taken two years but I believe we have made the latest breakthrough in mechanical enhancements."
#043 was finally able to sit up, disorientated and confused. She had never seen the room she was in yet it felt familiar. White walls and medical equipment surrounded her, there were a couple of men in white coats chatting by the door.
"You are a stunning success #043, almost enough to atone for your previous mistakes." Dr. Leeb undid the restraints on her ankles, as #043 sat up to face him. "Now I want you to do something for me. Listen to the men over there." He pointed to the men in lab coats. "You can't hear them now but perhaps if you just focused, you may be able to."
#043 didn't quite know what focusing your hearing felt like but she did was Dr. Leeb said and focused. Her ear began to burn slightly as she focused in but eventually she could hear the two men talking as clear as day.
"... chip in the Occipital and Frontal lobes, replacement of the Stapes, enhanced prosthetics and enhanced senses, what type of monster is..."
#043 tuned out, before nodding at Dr. Leeb.
"What were they talking about, dear?"
"Me." She paused before staring right at the Doctor. "What did you do to me?"
"We have simply made you better now! Enhanced sight and hearing. I upgraded you prosthetics to fit your fully grown form and added some extra bonuses in them! #043, click your heels together."
#043 slowly stood up from the bed, Dr. Leeb seemed much smaller than she remembered. Her knees almost gave out when she put her full weight on them but she caught herself on the IV pole beside her.
"We haven't got all day!"
Struggling, #043 balanced herself the clicked her heels together. There was a slight hissing noise and two small blades perturbed from her feet, from the heel on her left leg and the toe of the right. She clicked her heels again and they retracted.
"Brilliant aren't they. Come on now, its time for you to get used to these new legs and then it is time for you to fully atone."
Although he wasn't mentioned by name #043 knew that her atonement was in the hands of The Winter Soldier.
The Soldier stood on the edge of the fighting ring. It was a large concrete circle with walls built up around it, high enough to prevent escape but low enough to allow scientists to stare at him from above. He knew little of why he was here, other than to fight yet another contender. He was tired, tired of the endless fighting, he always won in the end and those who would lose to him would be taken away for more enhancements or to be disposed of.
For this fight, however, there was a palpable tension in the air as the men above him whispered to each other. He was unarmed, except for a small knife which he was currently flipping between his hands. He was unsure how long it had been, how long he had been waiting for but just has the knife in his hands flipped at the fastest it could the doors on the other side of the chamber opened.
The doors parted to reveal a tall figure, probably as tall as him. She was dressed in a similar fashion to him, black vest and her hair pushed out of her face. The Soldier analysed his opponent. She rivalled him in stature, and her eyes were just as sharp as his as he saw her sizing him up as well.
His eyes flicked down to her legs, he felt his arm whirr slightly as he recognised the same mechanics used in both her legs. They were made of interlocking metal parts that glinted in the florescent lights, with every step she took there was a slight whirring as the metallic joints folded over each other.. Her right leg still had her own knee and was made of metal from there down in contrast her left has an artificial knee joint that clacked slightly when she straightened it, the metal plates going far enough up to just brush her hip.
He walked towards her until they met in the middle. He was right, she was the same height as him and almost as broad. Once she was closer to him, he saw that her shoulder's were littered with scars. They were uniform and regular in their placement, perhaps they were a weak spot of hers? He followed her arms down to see the knuckle dusters clasped in her fists. He looked down at his small knife, this was to be a game of wits as well as strength.
All in all he saw her as a threat, he knew he would have to avoid her legs. Now that she was close enough he looked right into her eyes. They were empty. While her eyes moved over him in a clearly assessing way there was nothing behind them. She was devoid of emotion, his heart beat loudly in his ears as he felt pity. Pity and sympathy. A voice came over the intercom
"#043 meet the Winter Soldier, Soldier meet #043."
They nodded at one another.
"#043, you are to defeat the Winter Soldier. This is the only way you may become Eris. Make me proud, my dear, destroy him."
The Soldier looked as the empty eyes of #043 turned from emotionless to anger, she gave no warning before she attacked.
It wasn't personal, the Soldier was just a target. #043 thought as she launched forwards. Despite not remembering the past two years her movements were the same as always. Chaotic and destructive. She felt her arms moving before her brain and watched as the Soldier jumped to block her.
The two super soldiers battered at each other. #043 felt her arm getting bruised each time she countered the metallic arm. She stared into the eyes of the soldier and he stared back each trying to predict the others moves. They danced around each other. Exchanging pummel after pummel, the brass knuckles caught the Soldier's temple, tearing it. In retort the knife caught #043's cheek. Blood flowed down her cheekbone and she paused.
The Soldier paused too.
They stood for a moment, fists still raised, eyes still locked. There was a hint of recognition that passed between them. A familiarity of shared experience, a moment of finding someone who could finally understand.
"Do I need to remind you what will happen if you lose this #043."
It was enough for #043 to be spurred into action once more. The Soldier was immediately back on the defensive as she attacked him continuously. He couldn't predict a pattern in her blows. She seemed to move with no thought, no direction other than to harm. Her legs kicked out with shattering force and he soon learned it was better to dodge than block. She was unrelenting, while his body was not as tired as hers his mind was beginning to lag. He had to focus, he had no time to switch to the offensive. He had to wait, to wait for her to get tired, for her to slip up.
She punched, he parried. She kicked to his chest, he sidestepped, His eyes narrowed. She was going to kick, with her left, no RIGHT. A deafening clang rang out as he blocked her leg with his arm. Her foot was an inch away from his head. They were both breathing heavily, neither of them having fought someone as similar to the other. Once more their eyes met, the Soldier hesitated- under all the anger and hatred in her eyes was a desperation- fear. She was scared. Not of him. Of consequence, of losing.
She began to push against his arm. The scrape of metal against metal sent shiver's down #043's spine. But she kept pushing, she couldn't lose, she refused to. She grunted out at the effort it took to break the Soldier's guard. She gritted her teeth, she felt his arm give way, she relaxed and was swiftly thrown off balance by the Soldier throwing her leg away. He took the opportunity to run at her.
She was now on the defensive. Using her arms to block in coming knife swipes. Using her legs to parry his own kicks. She tried to get a jab in. Only to have the knife slash across her knuckles, causing her to drop on of her brass knuckles. They clanged against the floor, forgotten as she had to double her efforts to concentrate. She ignored the shooting pain over her hand and continued to block punch after punch.
#043 was tiring. She knew this. He knew it. She felt him doubling his efforts to trap her. Sweat was dripping down her brow. Her usual ability to predict her opponents movements was gone, her brain too focused on surviving. The Soldier drew closer. She blocked a final jab with the knife but he grabbed her. He grabbed her wrists and twisted. She dropped the other brass knuckle. He pulled her close, twisted so that her back was to his chest, and placed his metal arm around her throat. He squeezed.
"Yield." His voice was quiet in her ear, low enough so that Dr. Leeb would not hear.
She struggled, clawing at his arm. She thought of Dr. Leeb, of the chair, of consequences. Black spots began to dance around her vision. She would not go out like this. She focused on her left leg. The chip in her brain that lead directly to her left leg. She really did not want to be disposed of.
Dr. Leeb watched with barely veiled excitement as #043 let out a guttural scream. He watched as her left leg began to twist, it rotated against her skin until it was facing backwards, the foot facing the Winter Soldier. The leg reared back, unnoticed and kicked. Dr. Leeb laughed as that single kick dislocated the soldier's knee. The Soldier loosened his grip and she escaped. They faced each other once again.
The ache in her leg was almost impossible to ignore as it twisted back to the right place. Much to her annoyance the soldier was still standing. They were both breathless, bloody and bruised.
The Soldier grimaced before snapping his knee back into place, he had given enough for it to be considered a fair fight. It was time to end this fight.
They both moved at once. Their dance resumed. This time they were both switching from attacking and defending every other hit. #043 began to launch a series of kicks. The Soldier kept deflecting them. She knew she was becoming predictable but every inch of her hurt. Her knuckles were bleeding. Spraying red droplets everywhere as she continued to punch. In desperation she began to launch a final switch kick. It felt obvious, she saw the soldier's eyes flick to her feet. He knew what she was going to do. It was too late to change. She launched her right leg towards the Solder's temple. He raised his arm.
There was a thud as the Soldier hit the floor. Unconscious.
#043 blinked. He had seen it coming. He had raised to block it. Had he been tired? Was he too slow? Her win felt wrong. She stood frozen over his form. She had won. She was Free. She was Eris. So why wasn't she happy?
"What type of monster have you created Dr. Leeb?"
Dr. Leeb turned to face the General, a joyous smile on his face.
"I have created an unstoppable tide of chaos, General. I have created Eris."
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we'll meet again (bucky barnes x oc) part one
Tumblr media
series summary: Eleanor, Steve and Bucky, the trio that relies on one another, face the horrors of war and the consequences of other people's actions, which ultimately puts their friendship to the test
chapter summary: Steve get’s denied again, but he learns that his two dearest friends are going to be leaving him sooner than he expected
warnings: mild violence, mentions of war and deployment
a/n: this is part one to a series I have written in my drafts, I hope you all enjoy it :D
word count: 3.7k (the longest chapter i’m going to ever post lol)
“Oh! Well, you almost landed a hit darling,” Eleanor Hope said to her best friend, Steve Rogers, as she passed him a towel to wipe down his sweaty face.
Steve Rogers was the sweetest guy Eleanor had ever known. A little awkward, but a loyal and true man. Now, Steve was a small guy, and he couldn’t help it seeing as he had many medical complications, so he sought out advice from his other best friend, James Barnes, for a couple of boxing lessons to help prepare him for any trouble. 
Now, James Barnes, or better known as Bucky by the two, was another one of Eleanor’s closest friends. Bucky was very confident, and he excelled at anything he tried. He and Steve had been best friends for a short while before they had met her that same year, but the instant the three had all met, they became as close as close can be. 
Bucky had always been a little flirtatious with Eleanor, same as how she was with him and Steve, but it was never anything more. They all grew to love each other very deeply over their long-lasting friendship. 
“Thanks, El,” Steve sighed and took the towel before wiping it across his red and blotchy face as he left the boxing ring. 
“Whattaya’ say doll? Wanna take Steve’s place?” Bucky asked from inside in the ring, pushing the tip of his gloves together. 
“Oh, heavens no!” Eleanor laughed and shook her head as she looked up at him before placing her hands on her hips. 
He raised his eyebrows and used his forearm to wipe his brow.
“What’s the look for Buck?” She asked in curiosity. When Bucky pulled a face and shook his head, she knew he had won their small disagreement. "Fine" she muttered and climbed the small steps that led to the ring.
Bucky laughed in success and lifted the ropes for her to step through. 
“What am I doing?” She asked as she picked up the pair of gloves Steve had been wearing earlier. She eyed Bucky as he tore one off of his own glove with his teeth before taking his other one off normally. 
She held her hands still as he put the gloves on her in concentration before he tightly secured them. He stepped back and put his own back on as Eleanor tapped her gloves together, mumbling about how foreign they felt on her hands. 
“Okay, don’t go easy on me now Barnes,” Eleanor grinned and kicked her heels off to the side, dropping several inches in height. 
“don't go easy? Oh, darling, I don’t think you could handle my strength.”
“Is that a challenge?”
“Well, we’ve already got the gloves on.” Bucky looked at Steve and smirked. “Like I’m actually going to hit h-” He was silenced by Eleanor’s hard right hook that landed square on his cheekbone. 
“Oh my goodness!” Eleanor gasped as Bucky hunched himself over in shock. 
From the bleachers, Steve laughed loudly.
“Are you okay?” She asked and rushed to his side. Completely forgetting she had gloves on, Eleanor lent down to grab his cheeks but instead hit him again -not as hard as before- and managed to poke his eye. 
Steve’s laughter grew louder as Bucky winced and turned away from her. Eleanor struggled to rip the gloves off of her hands, even her attempts at tugging at them with her teeth and putting them between her thighs and pulling didn't work. 
“Stop laughing and help me get these things off, Steven!” Eleanor exclaimed as Steve’s laughter grew louder and louder. With one last tug, Eleanor had set one hand free with great force, only for her to practically back-hand Bucky across his other cheek. 
Bucky whined and sat down on the ground as Eleanor continued to apologise over and over before she crouched down next to him. He gestured to her hand and pulled it close to take the other glove off for her. 
“Bucky, I am so sorry,” she winced and gently, and carefully, placed her hands on his cheeks. 
He grabbed her wrists and looked up at her, “you’re a pain in my behind, El.” She smiled sheepishly as Steve lent on the edge of the boxing ring, still grinning from cheek to cheek. 
“You sure you’re ready for war Buck?” Steve asked him as Eleanor tugged him to his feet. 
“Well to be fair, I oughtta’ doubt the Germans have a bunch of girls with boxing gloves running around the battlefield,” Bucky joked causing Steve to shake his head from side to side in amusement, letting out another small chuckle as he thought back on what had just happened. 
Eleanor laughed as he slid his hands into hers. “You’d have some real competition then bubs,” she told him, trying her hardest to pull her facial features from humorous to serious. 
Bucky rolled his eyes and let go of her hand to sling his arm around her shoulder before saying, “We gotta get you a husband so you can quit botherin’ us.” 
“Fine, if you want me gone so bad I’ll marry Stevie.”
Both men looked at her as she removed herself from Bucky’s grasp to duck under the rope and walk down the steps. 
“I’m kidding!” She laughed once she saw Bucky’s face. She glanced at Steve and winked before turning around in a fit of giggles after hearing Bucky claim he was also kidding.
+ 1945 +
Eleanor glanced around the front of the theatre with an exasperated look on her face; she knew she had just seen Steve in the exact spot she was standing in, but now he had disappeared. Eleanor knew he was going to get his butt kicked badly if he attempted to fight a guy as big as the heckler they had just encountered in the theatre. 
They had gone to see a film, just like every Wednesday, and Steve spoke out against the man who had begun yelling at the screen before it even started, disrespecting the troops that the commercial was supporting. Steve was quite patriotic and took offence to this, knowing how much it hurt the feelings of others in the theatre. He went outside with the loud heckler and Eleanor followed with a quick hop in her step, hoping to stop him from rushing into things, but they had vanished before she could catch up to them.
She glanced to her right and saw the familiar heckler run from the alleyway next to the theatre. 
The alleyway, of course! Eleanor rolled her eyes at how oblivious she had been and rushed around the corner and along the road, her heels loudly clicking against the damp pavement. She sighed in relief when she saw Bucky picking up a piece of paper near Steve, who was adjusting his jacket and looking rather dishevelled. 
Eleanor took note of what papers were in Bucky’s hands as she began to fuss over Steve’s hair, attempting to part it back normally. She did a double glance at Bucky’s outfit. He was wearing a fresh set of uniforms with his hat sat upon his head nicely; it didn’t take much to figure out he had finally gotten his orders.
Instead of dwelling on the fact that Bucky was more than likely leaving soon, she turned her attention back to Steve. “Really Stevie? More enlistment forms? How many times is this?” She asked him and stepped back as she read them upside-down, seeing as they were in Bucky’s grasp still. 
“Oh, you’re from Paramus now? You know it’s illegal to lie on an enlistment form? And seriously, Jersey?” Bucky asked Steve in offence. Eleanor silently agreed, why did he have to pick Jersey of all places?
Steve gently pushed Eleanor’s hands away as she reached forward and plucked at a flyaway hair of his. 
“You get your orders?” Steve asked Bucky, looking his uniform up and down in a small amount of shock. 
Bucky didn’t smile as he nodded his head. “The one-o-seventh. Sergeant James Barnes. Shipping out for England first thing tomorrow,” he said, looking at Eleanor who quickly looked away and down at the handkerchief she was pulling out of her coat. 
She handed it to Steve for him to wipe his bloody nose as he mumbled, “I should be going.” 
Bucky and Eleanor glance at one another in concern. They knew how much serving his country meant to Steve, and to see his spirits so crushed hurt them greatly. Although Eleanor would be lying if she said she wasn’t relieved that Steve would be staying home. At least she knew he was going to be safe and wasn’t putting himself in any more harm than he typically is. 
Bucky finally broke into his Hollywood grin and threw his arm around Steve’s neck. 
“Come on, man. My last night! Gotta get you cleaned up,” Bucky said. The boys began walking back down the alleyway as Eleanor followed closely behind, listening to their conversation. Bucky threw Steve’s enlistment forms to the side and handed him a newspaper.
“Why, where are we going?” Steve asked as he unfolded the news. 
“The future.”
Eleanor then took an extra step and a skip before she shoved herself between the boys, linking her arms through theirs, earning two grins in return. 
“Then we go dancing!” She declared, making Bucky laugh. “It’s my last night off, and it’s Bucky’s last night here, so we better make it a good one.”
Eleanor smoothed her orange dress down and checked her hair in the mirror. 
“How did it go dear?” A voice called out. The voice belonged to her mother, Charlotte, and it was coming from the kitchen. “How did they take the news?”
She paused and hesitated to answer. “I didn’t tell them. Not yet,” she admitted, turning around to face her mother who frowned deeply after appearing in the doorway.
“Eleanor Elizabeth!” She scolded and uncrossed her arms. “How dare you not tell those boys you enlisted! What, are you not going to tell them you’re leaving until you step foot on the ship tomorrow? How do you think they’re going to feel when-” Eleanor politely silenced her mother by raising her hands in defence. 
“I know ma’, I know,” she sighed and ran her hands down her sides stressfully. “Steve was denied again today, and Bucky’s got his orders, so everyone’s pretty upset already. I don’t want to hurt them even more so,” she mumbled as her mother approached her and grabbed her hands gently. “Steve more than Bucky if I’m being honest.”
“Steve may be small, but he’s tough. You need to tell him tonight. The both of them.” She let go of Eleanor’s hands before taking a step back, “and make sure you have fun, dear. You kids always knew how to when you were younger, albeit a lot of it you shouldn’t have been doing...” 
“Of course, mother,” Eleanor said and smiled at her mother’s mumbling.
"Are you going to tell James how you fe-"
Eleanor shut her mother down quickly by shaking her head. 
"No. No. It'll only ruin what we have."
Eleanor walked through the crowd, searching for Steve and Bucky and their dates. She had decided not to bring one, even though her mother had been begging for her to settle down and marry a nice young lad, but she just couldn’t, not yet at least.
She gently pushed her way through the gathering crowd and grinned when she saw the top of Bucky’s hat. 
“Hey, Steve! Bucky!” She waved and almost knocked a young man over in her quick attempts to reach them both. They looked at her and smiled widely as she finally reached them. "Are you going to introduce me to your dates?” She asked and gestured to the two girls who shared a look. 
“Yes, of course. Connie, Bonnie, this is Eleanor. She can be rather annoying but we bring her along anyway,” he winked at Connie as Eleanor rolled her eyes, something she did a lot around him. 
“Is that why you two get along so well Buck?” Steve asked the taller man who raised his eyebrows in shock, his jaw-dropping a little. 
Eleanor smiled in triumph and nudged Steve lightly as everyone turned their attention back towards the stage where a bunch of showgirls welcomed the one and only Howard Stark. He was all anyone could really talk about in terms of what the future holds for them all. 
“Ladies and gentlemen, what if I told you that in just a few short years, your automobile won’t even have to touch the ground at all?” He asked and gestured to his right at a car. Several girls took the wheels off it, causing Steve and Eleanor to share a surprising look. Eleanor accepted some popcorn that Steve offered to her after he received no reply from Bonnie. “With Stark robotic reversion technology, you’ll be able to do just that.”
Everyone watched in anticipation as Howard Stark flipped the switch in front of him. The car began to splutter before coming to life, the engines that replaced the wheels were glowing and working hard to lift the vehicle off of the ground. 
“Holy cow,” Bucky muttered in astonishment. 
The engines suddenly faltered and the car came crashing back down onto the stage as Howard Stark wooed the crowd, distracting them from what had just happened with a few comforting words of, “I did say a few years didn’t I?” 
Eleanor looked to her left at Steve and frowned when she saw he wasn’t there. She looked around and her eyes landed on a recruitment centre in the distance. Of course...
As she began to make her way back through the crowd to find Steve, a large hand pressed itself into her lower back, making the hairs on her neck stand. Bucky ushered her forwards quickly, his gaze over the top of her and glaring at the recruitment centre. Behind Bucky followed Connie and Bonnie, the two of them gushing over Howard Stark and his latest invention.
They finally entered the building to see Steve standing in front of some illusion thing. He was too short to see into it. 
“Come on. You’re kind of missing the point of a double date, along with Eleanor, or something,” Bucky said and glanced at Eleanor who rolled her eyes with a small grin. “We’re taking the girls dancing,” he added as they shuffled into the hallway. 
“You guys go ahead, I’ll catch up with you,” Steve muttered, his head hanging low.
“You’re really gonna do this again?” Bucky asked in exhaustion as he and Steve stood in front of each other. Eleanor stood between them and off to the side, knowing full well they were about to argue. It was strange, it was normally her and Bucky arguing with Steve acting as the referee. 
“Well, it’s a fair. I’m gonna try my luck.”
“As who? Steve from Ohio? They’ll catch you. Or worse, they’ll actually take you.” The fear in Bucky’s voice caused Eleanor to frown and glance at him in worry. 
“Look, I know you don’t think I can do this.”
“This isn’t a back alley, Steve. It’s war!”
“I know it’s a war. You don’t have to tell me.”
Eleanor sighed and asked, “can you two please not do this here?” But they either chose to ignore her, or she was too quiet and they hadn’t heard her. 
“Why are you so keen to fight? There are so many important jobs,” Bucky laughed in disbelief at his best friend's urge to go to war. 
“What am I gonna do? Collect scrap metal-”
“Yes!” Bucky interjected as Eleanor hid her face with one of her hands, glancing around in embarrassment at the two bickering men. 
“- In my little red wagon,” Steve continued but Bucky continued interrupting. 
“Why not?” He asked quickly. 
“I’m not gonna sit in a factory, Bucky.”
“I don’t-” 
Now it was Steve’s turn to interrupt Bucky as Eleanor politely smiled at a passing couple, nodding her head at them. 
“Bucky, come on! There are men laying down their lives. I got no right to do any less than them. That’s what you don’t understand. This isn’t about me,” he sighed, wishing his friend would just understand his reasons. 
“Right. Cause you got nothing to prove,” Bucky muttered. 
Sensing their argument had come to a close, Eleanor stepped between them both, pulling their attention to her. 
“Are you two done arguing because I have something to say to the both of you.” She looked at them and took a small step back. “Steven, you’re insane for wanting to try and enlist again, there are too many risks involved and that’s without your medical history. James, you have no say in what Steve does even if you think it’s the best option, just like I don’t have a say. He can do what he pleases…”
Steve raised his eyebrows as Bucky’s jaw slacked a little. Her tone along with her use of their full names surely shocked them both. 
Eleanor swallowed the small lump in her throat and nodded her head, averting her gaze to the floor in front of her. She knew if she didn’t tell them then, she would never get the chance. “I also leave tomorrow,” she muttered. 
“Leaving? What?” Bucky asked and turned to face her front on, Steve copying his actions. 
“Are you and your mother going back to your grandmothers?” Steve asked her. 
Eleanor shook her head no. Bucky was the first to realise what she had meant, and Steve wasn’t too far behind with his conclusion. 
“I wasn’t going to enlist. But my sisters are over there, and my two brothers-in-law. The hospital was “encouraging” the majority of us to put our names down anyways. They even threatened to fire some of us...” She trailed off, the weight of her news leaving her shoulder but soon being replaced with a deep sense of shame and guilt. “So, this will be the last time we all see each other for a little while,” she said dejectedly but still wore a small smile. 
Steve nodded to himself as Bucky’s shoulders deflated in defeat. He wanted nothing more than to protect his two best friends, and he thought God was on his side for once, considering the number of times Steve had been denied, but then he realised his luck ran out with Eleanor. 
“I’m going to miss you,” Steve said to her as they quickly moved to embrace each other in a tight hug, one that had provided comfort over the years for the both of them. 
They pulled apart and Eleanor pressed a kiss to Steve’s cheek. “Good luck, Stevie,” she said quietly, knowing he understood what she had meant. 
Bucky looked at Steve and nodded his head. “Don’t do anything stupid until we get back then,” he said, not liking the way he had to change I to we. 
“How could I? You’re taking all the stupid with you,” Steve said as Eleanor and Bucky slowly began to retreat out of the recruitment building. 
Eleanor stopped and watched as Bucky walked back over to Steve, pulling him into a tight hug as he said, “you’re a punk.”
Steve rebutted with, “jerk,” causing Eleanor to laugh a little. “Be careful,” Steve muttered quietly as Bucky joined Eleanor once again, this time offering her a small smile. “Don’t win the war until I get there!” He called after them. 
Bucky and Eleanor turned around and Bucky mockingly saluted him, resulting in the three sharing a laugh before settling into silence. Bucky grabbed Eleanor’s hand firmly and led her back towards Connie and Bonnie, who had both been patiently waiting for them to return. 
Eleanor was a little upset about waiting so long to tell the boys, but she knew if she hadn’t she never would have wanted to go and she would have made a fool out of herself. She kept telling herself it was fine though. Her sisters were over there, so she would be joining them soon. Her mother had fewer people to worry about, financially that is. Eleanor was going to be travelling overseas, something she had always wanted to do, and she was able to go and help anybody who needed it.
“Hey Sarge, are we still going dancing?” Connie asked and bit her lip in excitement. 
Eleanor smiled softly at her and lowered her head, ready to give her and Bucky the privacy they wanted, but she looked up at her best friend in shock after he declined her offer politely. 
“Actually, Miss Hope and I here are going to have a few dances. Come and find me after,” he said and gently patted her shoulder before leading Eleanor away from them and through the crowd in the street. 
“Miss Hope?” Eleanor teased him with a raised eyebrow. “You’ve never been one for the formalities Mr Barnes- Sorry, Sergeant Barnes,” Eleanor laughed as Bucky rolled his eyes but softly swung her outwards, only to pull her in close. 
Her left hand locked with his as her right hand went to his shoulder and his left hand went to her waist. 
"Why didn't you tell us you enlisted?" Bucky asked her with a soft sigh. Eleanor looked over his shoulder, knowing she wasn’t getting out of the conversation anytime soon. "I thought we were your best friends? We’re supposed to tell each other everything." And no matter how childish Bucky knew he sounded, he was genuinely hurt by her choices to keep a secret. 
"That's why I couldn't. I didn't want to hurt you both and leave you counting down the days until I leave like I know you would have," she told him as the music echoed throughout the street that was slowly filling up with dancing couples; many of the men were dressed like Bucky, it was both a beautiful yet depressing sight. 
Bucky sighed and dipped his head. 
"You're a pain in my-" Bucky stopped himself and chuckled as Eleanor grinned up at him. "You're a pain, you know that doll?" 
"If I'm such a pain, why do you keep me around?" She asked as he slowly twirled her around. His eyes followed the seams of her dress as they travelled to the bottom where the hem of it fanned out and swayed with each step she took. 
He pulled her back in close and let her rest her head on his chest. He was going to miss her more than words could ever say. 
"For good luck I guess," he muttered and pressed a firm kiss to the top of her head. "You're good luck…"
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hoebrowsalad · 2 days ago
Ah, the classic avengers 7 minutes in heaven fics 😌✨
Tumblr media
You just gotta love it 😌
Link to this specific fic:
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eloquent-vowel · 2 days ago
03.05 "Sigh" Bucky x OFC (#043)
Description: The past mistakes of #043 are discovered, Dr. Leeb is none too happy with her. Now she faces the consequences for her actions. Now she must be prepared for her upcoming fight with the Winter Soldier.
Tags: Angst, Fluff, Slow burn, very much a slow burn. Bucky Barnes x OFC, Winter Soldier X OFC.
Warnings: Canon typical violence
Please enjoy the next chapter of #043's story, these parts always vary in length so I am sorry about that. There is also no Bucky in this chapter but I swear he is coming in soon! Gotta make sure I build things up right first, I wasn't kidding when I said it was a slow burn. <3
Part 2
Tumblr media
Dr. Leeb was ecstatic for the first few days after the mission. He called it an 'indisputable success' that would 'go down in the history of Hydra.' His happiness meant that #043, or Eris as she had begun to refer to herself, had what she considered to be days off. Instead of facing soldier after soldier until she could no longer stand she sparred with her trainer for hours, there were no ribs broken, her legs did not seize up from exertion, there was no hours of sitting and counting every snap of a rib that fell back in place.
She was given more time outside, time to stand still and contemplate, something she never had before. She didn't know if she loved or hated it, having time. For the first time the watched the small birds that flitted around the courtyard, their red bellies were a splash of colour in the grey concrete. They were so delicate, so gentle as the hopped around, barely leaving a trace behind them, they would always fly away when she moved towards them so she soon learnt to be content to just watch them hop around each other.
The smallest one was staring at her, its black beady eyes curious. She didn't dare breathe too heavily in case she scared the tiny creature away. Her enhanced eyes focused entirely on the bird, the world around it became hazy. She focused on it small chest moving up and down in quick breaths, its head never stayed still as it stared back at her with one eye then the other, its beak clicked. She watched as snow began to fall, surrounding the robin, the air smelt like pine trees and cinnamon and so familiar. Somewhere deep within her mind a voiced peeped through.
"Bruce! Bruce! Go get your sister!"
A women, friendly, not too old and so painfully familiar but she had never heard it before, she could have sworn she had never heard that voice before.
A disappointed sigh caused the bird to fly away and snapped Eris out of her trance. She whipped around to see Dr. Leeb, dabbing at his nose and shaking his head. He looked up at her as he spoke.
"#043 you have disappointed me and the whole of Hydra."
"Did you really think that we would not find out, what happened to no witnesses #043"
"I am Eris." She tried to sound stern but Dr. Leeb only sighed once more.
"You have not earned that title yet, #043. in fact, due to your little mistake there may no longer be an Eris project!" Spittle flew onto her face, she resisted the urge to wipe it off- remaining stock still. "Now I have the General yelling at me, blaming me for your mistake-"
"I am sorry, Si-"
"No, no, no, no, no don't get to apologise #043." His voice was filled with venom, his hands were gesticulating wildly. "Lucky for you, #043, you are not going to be terminated. I managed to persuade the General that you may still serve some..." His eyes flicked over her. "other purpose."
"Who am I?"
He slapped her. He slapped her with his bare hand, it stung. It stung more than anything she had been through before, the force should not have been enough to turn her head but she found herself facing the ground never the less.
"You! You. Are. No one. You are nothing until you complete your training, you will be nothing, nobody until you defeat the Winter Soldier."
Dr. Leeb began to pace around her frozen form, examining every inch of her with a clinical gaze.
"You likely have more to grow and it would be unfair, after all, to let a 16 year old girl fight Hydra's best Asset. No, no, no, that won't do. We have scheduled your test when you have matured fully. But to ensure that you never make this mistake again we must perform a few upgrades, my dear."
He chuckled, darkly, "Yes, dear, upgrades. We shall improve you physically and mentally of course and throughout the next two years you shall make the most beautiful abomination. Now, follow me, it is time for this fist stage."
Dr. Leeb walked inside, #043 followed dutifully. Her hands were shaking violently, her muscles began to ache. She followed Dr. Leeb through dark grey corridors that went further and further down on a decline, lit only by the occasional white, fluorescent bulb that hurt her eyes. Had she been to this part of the facility before? How did she not know that it went this far down? Where was she going? What was stage one? Their footsteps echoed harshly off the walls, the only sound that was made between them, it bounced around her head- creating obscene rhythms that caused her mind to dance erratically just as it reached a deafening crescendo Dr. Leeb, stopped, turned and scanned his key card at a door.
The door opened and there, framed perfectly was the chair. The chair that haunted her memories, she felt the electrical pulses weaving their way through her veins. Panic immediately filled her.
"I see that look on your face, Dear." Dr. Leeb's voice was calm, cool, collected. "You must understand that in order to make you better, we must rewire the very fundamentals of you. You do want to make Hydra proud, don't you?"
She hesitated, eyes flickering from corner to corner- anywhere but the chair.
"You want to make me proud, don't you, Eris?"
Dr. Leeb placed his hands on her shoulder's, eyes begging her. She thought of the Wall, the symbol, the comfort in the red skull. She thought of the Robin, of the smell of candied apple, the voice."
"Who is Bruce?"
Any sympathy Dr. Leeb's face held fell immediately and was replaced instead with a blank anger. No words were said as he gestured to two of the guards inside to grab her. She was strapped down to the chair, a gag forced in her mouth and Dr. Leeb let out one last disappointed sigh before turning to the scientists.
"Wipe her completely, she is beginning to remember again. Then sedate her and prepare for the first procedure." He turned back to face #043. "Soon we will build Hydra's very own harbinger of chaos."
Then there was only pain and the sight of the robin flying away.
Part 4
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twoidiotwriters1 · 2 days ago
Iron 12 (Peter Parker x Fem!Oc)
A/N: Now let's start with Avengers! Getting closer to seeing Peter, lol.
I know, I know...
Words: 1,593
Post-credits scene II
Tumblr media
“Good to go on this end. The rest is up to you,” says Tony from the other end of the call.
"You diconnected the transmission lines?" Pepper asks. "Are we off the grid?"
"Stark Tower is about to become a beacon of self-sustaining clean energy.”
"Well, assuming the arc reactor takes over and it actually works,” She continues
"I assume,” answers Tony. "Light her up.”
The huge sign forms a Stark when the lights come on.
"How does it look?"
"Like Christmas, but more... me.”
“Us!" says Lily after listening to the boring conversation between the two adults.
“We’ve got to go wider on the public awareness campaign. You need to do some press. I'm in DC tomorrow, I'm working on the zoning for the next three buildings,” says Pepper.
"That sounds so boring,” Lily complains walking to the couch, leaving her legs swinging on the armrest.
“I agree with the girl. Pepper, you're killing me. The moment, remember? Enjoy the moment.”
"Get in here and I will,” replies the redhead with a smile.
“Ew," adds Lily.
Since Tony and Pepper are finally together, they can't help but be more affectionate than normal, unfortunately the girl always has to interrupt them. She already has enough trauma.
When Tony reaches the tower, he walks on a platform where several robotic hands are responsible for removing the Iron Man suit.
The redhead continues to see the levels projected in the holograms. She leans back on the desk, waiting for Tony.
"Levels are holding steady… I think.”
Tony comes to her side, they talk, and then discuss the percentage of the great success of the reactor. All while Lily continues to get bored on the couch. The adults sit on the floor in front of the coffee table, surrounded by the armchairs, along with two glasses of champagne.
Blah, blah, blah, elevator, blah, blah, blah, money, blah, blah, percentage.
Lily sighs exaggeratedly to get their attention. They both stop talking and Tony watches her.
"Oh sorry, are we bothering you?"
Pepper purses her lips to keep from laughing.
"Actually yes,” the girl sits up. “I'm supposed to be able to do more things, go out more often.”
"And you did it.”
"From the house to the tower does not count, Dad,” She answers. "It's the same as before, only in another prison…”
"Don't exaggerate,” answers Tony. She sighs and falls back onto the cushions. “I don't understand why you’re bored. We’ve just made a breakthrough for the company.”
“One, your company. Two, I did nothing, just watched percentages, values, holograms. Bored!"
"I thought you liked that," adds Pepper.
"I want to do something else.”
"Like what, Smarty?"
"What about an Iron Man suit for me?" She says turning her head towards them.
Tony laughs out loud.
"It wont happen.”
"I had to try it…”
"Sir, the telephone," Jarvis interrupts. "I'm afraid my protocols are being overridden.”
"Mr. Stark, we need to talk,” says a male voice. Tony takes the phone from him.
"That sounds interesting," says Lily.
“You have reached the life model decoy of Tony Stark. Please leave a message,” He pretends to be an answering machine looking at the screen, making Lily and Pepper laugh.
"This is urgent.”
"Then leave it urgently.”
But the elevator doors open, revealing Agent Coulson.
"This just keeps getting better,” says Lily. It had been a long time since they had seen Phil.
"Don't get excited kid. Security breach,” Tony complains.
"Phil, come in!" says Pepper getting up.
Tony looks confused at his girlfriend and follows her to where the agent is.
"I can't stay," answers Phil. He looks towards the couch where Lily greets him. "Hi, Lily.”
"His first name is Agent,” says Tony a little annoyed, but then he fakes a smile.
"We need you to look this over as soon as possible,” says Phil offering him a device.
Pepper is in charge of exchanging the device for his champagne glass, until it reaches Tony's hand.
"Official consulting hours are between eight and five, every other Thursday—”
"This isn’t a consultation," replies Phil.
"Now what did we do?" Lily asks, rising from the couch.
"Is this about the Avengers?" Pepper asks, then adds quickly. "Which I know nothing about.”
Tony opens the device in such a way that he reveals only a touch screen, he gestures to Lily and they both walk to a desk in the back.
"The Avengers Initiative was scrapped, I thought — And I did not qualify," He huffs.
"I did!”
Tony looks at her.
"Who told you that?"
“Nat," She smiles.
"I didn't know that either," continues Pepper.
"Apparently I'm volatile, self-obsessed, don't play well with others…”
“Bingo," says Lily.
"That I did know.”
"This isn’t about personality profile anymore,” replies Phil.
“Whatever," says Toy looking at the screen.
"What are we watching?" Lily asks, as her father obstructs her vision.
"Wait, Ms Potts, got a second?" The redhead obeys.
Tony enters some codes.
"You know, I thought we were having a family moment," He complains.
"I was having 12% of a moment.”
"Oh, not this again,” says Lily
The pair try to argue again, but Pepper changes the subject.
"What is all this?”
“This is… this.”
Lily walks to see each screen, where the profiles of some people are shown. Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers, Thor.
Pepper sighs. "I'm going to take the jet to DC tonight,” She says.
“Tomorrow," corrects Tony. They both talk, but Lily's attention is still in the files.
"Lily?" says the redhead and the girl turns. "I have to go."
Lily walks up to her and hugs her tightly.
"Be careful,” the little girl whispers when they part. Pepper nods, strokes her black hair and kisses her forehead. She then goes back to Phil.
"Wait, so who am I staying with?" asks the girl looking at her father. The three adults share a look. "Jess is in class, Happy’s busy and you’ll go,” She points to Pepper.
“Actually…” Coulson begins.
"I'll find a babysitter," Tony interrupts.
“I’m afraid that won’t be possible, Sir. For this we need both Starks.”
"What?" say Tony, Pepper and Lily at the same time.
"They need me? Me?" Lily asks in disbelief. She feels a tickling start in her hands, but this time she controls it and hides her hands behind her back.
"No, Phil, it's dangerous for a ten-year-old girl," says the Redhead.
"I thought she was on probation," adds Tony.
“Our base will be surrounded by qualified and knowledgeable agents to ensure Ms. Stark's protection. Besides, it’s only a search, in case the situation changes, she’ll be taken to Miss Potts immediately.”
Lily's gaze moves between the agent and her father repeatedly, waiting for an answer.
“What do you need her for? Specifically,” says Tony.
"Director Fury thinks two Starks are better than one,” He tries to joke. "His words, not mine, but everything’s explained in the files.”
"Is this really happening?" Lily asks to no one in particular. “Someone finally heard my complaints!”
“Hey, calm your sugar. I won't let you go alone like this,” Tony warns.
"So, can I go?”
Tony groans. He senses Pepper's confused look, but he ignores it. Even he doesn't know if this is a good idea, but the fact that the super agents need his daughter makes him curious, and he has a feeling that if he doesn't accept, they’ll try to get it some other way and that's worse.
The redhead sighs in defeat, waiting for Tony to have everything under control. Although that’s not common in him. She now must worry about both of them, but at least has the assurance that Phil will be around. She just hopes she doesn't regret it later.
"Please, stay safe,” She finally says to them, then he returns to Phil and the two leave the Stark tower.
Lily watches them until she's alone with her father. She turns to meet the man holding a hologram of a blue cube.
"What's that?"
"We'll find out soon,” He returns the hologram to the screen and looks down at her. "I'll prepare coffee and chocolate, you and I will find ourselves reading and talking about the new rules of the game."
"New Rules? I'm not six years old anymore, dad.”
He sighs and makes a face.
"These rules are not in case you break something, Lily,” He looks directly into her eyes. “You heard Coulson. We’ll be surrounded by agents, spies trained to do whatever they are ordered to do. And at some point that order can harm us.”
"But Mr. Fury-"
“I know we have given them permission for certain things like your training, but it was all happening under my watch and Jarvis's. This time we’ll have to go to them, and that’s a problem.”
She frowns, analyzing that information.
“But Nat and Phil… They wouldn't do something like that.”
"I don't know, Kid. We can’t take anything for granted.”
"It's not easy and anyone can fool you, Lils." She remembers Nat's words during her training. In the end she nods towards her father.
"So what do I have to do?"
“Pretend that everything’s fine, but you have to stay alert and try not to get too far away from me. I don’t know the real reason why they want you in this, but you should not believe everything they tell you.”
"This will be more complicated than I thought," She adds with a grimace.
"Don't worry,” He offers his hand. "You and I are smarter than they are.” Lily holds his hand.
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luminnara · 2 days ago
It’s Been a Long, Long Time | Ch 6
Summary:  When HYDRA had their prized asset, the Winter Soldier, they did something no one ever thought was possible: they gave super soldier serum to an omega. With the sole purpose of tending to him during his ruts, she spends decades living in HYDRA facilities, denied her humanity and her life. Now, years later, Bucky Barnes has his mind and his own life back...and the last thing he ever expects is to see a familiar omega again. Bucky/OC, a little angsty but mostly smutty/fluffy/romantic!
Part One | ... | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven
Tags:  @kyrah-williams @oceanmermaidwitch @shawnie--jo @super-cape @ferxaniti @namjoonwatcheshentai @fandomsstolemylife00 @youngblood199456 @nightlygiggless @darlingely @ bluemoon-icecream @kaz11283 @jenjen8675309 @dollfacev8 @witchinpractice @mystical-b3ar @sukeraa
Bucky refused to leave the omega’s side while she stayed in the lab. Bruce had to stop him from trying to crawl onto the bed with her, and after about the third time, he convinced the super soldier to just pull up a chair like a civilized person and hold her hand while she drifted off to sleep again. Now that she was with her alpha, she had settled down for another nap, more interested in resting than answering any more questions so long as Bucky stayed and kept an eye on her. 
Steve had to admit, it was endearing. He had never seen his friend so absolutely enraptured like this. Whenever the omega, or Ten, as Bruce was still calling her, shifted in her sleep, Bucky’s eyes were snapping over to make sure that she was okay. Whenever she let out a little whimper, he was purring and stroking her hair. Whenever she seemed like she might wake up again, his attention was completely on her.
“So...sure you don’t remember her?” Steve asked, pulling up a chair. He had left for a few hours to work out, and after a lack of updates from FRIDAY, he headed back down to check on everything. They were exactly as he had left them, which was a good sign. At least nothing was getting out of hand. 
Bucky shrugged, rubbing the back of the omega’s hand with his thumb. “I dunno. It’s...foggy.”
“Well, it seems to me like you’ve either got a history together, or she’s mistaking you for someone else.” Steve said. “Quite frankly, it’s hard to do the latter.”
“I’ve dreamt of her.” Bucky said quietly. 
“It’s not much, but...I’ve seen her face.” Bucky looked down at her. “I think that no matter how many times HYDRA wiped my memory, she’s always been in there. Kinda like the one constant that was always around, the one thing I could always count on being in the base with me.”
“Why didn’t you ever tell me?” Steve asked.
“Never knew if she was real or not.” Bucky sighed. “I thought...maybe she was just something my mind made up to fill some of the gaps. But she smells exactly like I remember.”
Steve sat back in his chair, his arms crossed over his chest as he watched his friend. Bucky wasn’t snarling anymore, most of his attention trained on the omega while she slept. Now that he was close to her, he had calmed down significantly, though he still wouldn’t let Steve within five feet of her bed. 
“Just got off the phone with Tony,” Bruce announced, walking in. “He and Pepper will be back tonight. Pepper’s having some clothes and personal items delivered for our new omega friend here. They also asked about renovating a more permanent room for her, but I, uh...told them I wasn’t exactly sure what the situation would be.”
“She’s staying with me,” Bucky said immediately. 
“Now hang on, hang on,” Steve leaned forward. 
“Steve,” Bucky growled. “I want her with me.”
“Buck, you don’t even know her—“
Bucky interrupted him with a loud snarl, the omega in question whining and squirming in her sleep at the sound of it. 
He immediately shut up, brushing a thumb over her cheek and shushing her until she was sleeping soundly again. Fuck, he felt so stupid. What was wrong with him? She could have woken up, or been scared, or upset, all because he couldn’t keep his big mouth shut. She needed her rest, and he needed to stay quiet. 
Steve almost couldn’t believe what he was seeing. 
“Oh, Buck,” he shook his head. “You’re in deep.”
Amoretta woke feeling well rested, and it wasn’t until she tried to stretch and felt the tug of her IV drip that she remembered where she was. Opening her eyes revealed the bright lights of the lab, and as she started to sit up, a few faces came into view.
“Welcome back, Sleeping Beauty,” Bruce said. “How are you feelin’?”
She licked her lips. “Juice box. Now.”
“Way ahead of you. Had this one waiting as soon as you started waking up.” He tossed one to her and was pleased when her hand shot up to catch it. “Reflexes look good. Vitals are all reading normal. I’ll have to run another test to see what’s going on with those suppressants, but I’m willing to bet you’re metabolizing them fairly quickly now. How are you feeling?”
She pulled the little straw off the back of the carton and jammed it into the top. “Nauseous. Like usual.”
He raised an eyebrow. “Side effect of the suppressants?”
“Always has been. Other than that...I feel great, actually.”
“Well, as soon as these wear off, we can figure out something nicer and more modern for you. If you want to use them, I mean.” Bruce shrugged. “Your choice.”
She smiled. “Choice. I like that.”
“Hey, we’re all about independence here,” Steve said happily. He was glad to see she was awake, even though Bucky wasn’t.
The other alpha was still at her side, but, as of about half an hour ago, he was napping. Steve made a mental note to never let him forget the way he slept straight through the one moment he had been waiting for all day. 
“What time is it?” She asked. “There’s no windows in this damn place.”
“Just after dinner,” Bruce chuckled. “You slept most of the day. Bucky hasn’t left your side.”
She looked over to her soldier, smiling warmly at the sight of him sleeping. He was even snoring softly. “I haven’t gotten to see this in forty years.”
“Did you two, uh…” Steve cleared his throat. “Spend a lot of time together?”
The omega laughed. “You always this awkward around girls?”
“That’s not—“
“Relax, I’m just giving you a hard time.” She sucked on her straw. “But...yeah, we did.”
“ were just kept for his ruts, or…” Steve was so awkward it was almost endearing. “I’m sorry, that came out wrong. I think.”
“It’s okay. I know my lot in life.” She kept her eyes trained on Bucky as she spoke. “But if I’m going to answer more questions, I want to get out of this bed. And I want real clothes. Then I’ll talk.”
And so, only several minutes later, Bruce was handing her a sweater and some shorts he had grabbed from a little stash of extra clothing, and Bucky was startled awake by Ten stepping past him. She was finally free from all the tubes and cords that had been sticking out of her during her little hospital stay, and she was all too eager now to explore the tower.
She stood on wobbly legs, almost falling onto him when she tried to take a step. Bucky was up in a flash, ready to catch her, and as she fell against his chest, he wrapped his arms around her. Despite just waking up, he felt fully alert, completely ready to tend to his omega’s every need. 
His omega...he liked that train of thought. 
“We can head up to the common area. It should still be quiet.” Steve said, leading the way out. 
Bucky kept an arm around his omega’s waist as they followed, Bruce bringing up the rear. He wanted to be touching her at all times, constantly in contact so that he couldn’t lose track of her. His instincts were roaring to life, demanding that he do everything in his power to make sure that she was safe and in his line of sight. The elevator ride was tense and full of possessive growling, Bucky constantly shoving Ten behind him to keep her in the corner and as far away from Steve as possible, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief when the doors slid open and they could step out of the cramped space again. 
The common area was empty, thankfully, FRIDAY informing them that the other Avengers were all either working out or in their private quarters. 
“Good,” Steve said, heading towards the couches. “No interruptions. Got it, FRIDAY?”
“Understood, Captain Rogers.”
“C’mere,” Bucky mumbled, pulling his omega down to sit on one of the couches with him. Part of him was feeling a little sheepish and self conscious of his behavior...but the rest of him didn’t give a shit. The others could stare and shake their heads all they wanted, but he’d be damned if he let Ten slip through his fingers again. 
Or whatever her name was. 
Steve and Bruce sat across from them, making sure that they left as much space as possible between themselves and the new omega. Neither of them had ever seen Bucky behaving quite like this--he was on guard, hyper aware of everything around him. He made sure that she was pressed up against his side, an arm draped possessively over the back of the couch so that it was unmistakable that she was with him.
Christ, what had gotten into him? He couldn’t remember ever acting this way about an omega before. 
“So…” Steve cleared his throat, sitting with his elbows resting on his knees.
Bucky didn’t really like the way his posture made him lean forward towards his omega, but he could deal with it for now. “So.”
“What do you wanna know?” Ten asked, plucking at Bucky’s shirt. She seemed to be even clingier with him than he was with her, perfectly happy to be hanging off him or tucked up against his side. “You met my demands. I guess I’m an open book now.”
“I don’t want to overstep my bounds,” Steve said. “We just need to know as much as you’re willing to share.”
“Then ask a question.”
“...Alright.” he cleared his throat again. “You said HYDRA used you to help with Bucky’s ruts?”
Ten nodded, her expression remaining even and cool. 
“Could you tell us more about that?” Steve glanced at Bucky. “Were there ever any other omegas, or anyone we should know about?”
“There were omegas before me.” she answered. “When I first got to the compound, there were a lot of us. They kept us all in big cells, so everyone talked. People said things about how HYDRA was grabbing omegas off the street for their super soldiers, and how the one at our base was the biggest and scariest.”
Bruce raised an eyebrow at her tone. He wasn’t exactly sure what he expected her to sound like while she regaled them with her life story, but he definitely thought there would be a tad bit more apprehension in her voice. She seemed proud of herself, and more matter-of-fact than a lot of omegas would be while talking about their alpha’s previous partners. Or...whatever you called prisoners whose only purpose was to help during ruts.
“And I bet he was,” she sighed, leaning her cheek on Bucky’s chest and looking up at him adoringly. 
“Well, I don’t know about that…” Bucky said, an almost shy smile on his lips. And...was he actually blushing?
Steve was going to lose his mind. 
“You said the other omegas couldn’t handle it? That’s why you were given the serum?” he prompted, trying to keep them on track before he drowned in the sticky sweetness of her happy pheromones. 
“Right.” she turned her attention back to Steve and Bucky let out a quiet huff. “HYDRA didn’t really like to take care of us. And the soldier--I mean, Bucky--would wear them out. So...HYDRA would just kind of let them go. Or put them down, maybe. I never saw it.”
Bucky’s expression dropped. His blush was gone, and he almost looked like he was going to be sick as he listened to her talk.
“But it wasn’t his fault,” she said quickly, glancing between him and Steve. “I don’t think it was ever on purpose, you were just...demanding.”
He gave a groan, leaning his head back against the couch. “You don’t have to sugarcoat it, doll. I’d rather know what I did, at this point.”
She offered a small shrug. “I don’t really remember it being that bad, but I don’t think I ever met you before they gave me the serum.”
“That’s something, at least.” he mumbled, dragging a hand down his face. 
“Why you?” Steve asked. “Did you have any prior military experience, any ties to something the others didn’t?”
“No.” she laughed. “I never even got in fights before HYDRA.”
“Then why’d they use such an important resource on you, specifically? Not trying to take a dig at you, it’s just...well, omegas don’t usually…”
“I know,” she said. “Omegas aren’t supposed to be tough, right? That’s why they only ever let alphas become super soldiers.”
“That’s not what I…” Steve trailed off and then sighed. “Sorry.”
“I told you, they gave me the serum so that I would be strong enough to hold my own. It also ensured I would always be around, no matter how many years passed.” Her fingers found Bucky’s free hand and she took it, absentmindedly playing with the smooth vibranium knuckles. “Having me as a constant meant they could stop spending so much time and effort on always having a new omega around for him. Plus…well, I wasn’t really there, but I heard something about it once…”
“What?” Bucky asked. 
“They let you choose who was going to become your omega.” She said, looking up at him. “They gave you a bunch of scents, and you chose mine. I guess it was the only reason they didn’t, uh...humanely euthanize me.”
His eyes were wide. The thought of HYDRA killing his omega brought a low growl to his throat, his chest rumbling with the vibrations of it. “No.”
“Well, clearly they didn’t!” She said brightly. “My file said I was a kicker.”
“So they gave you, an already aggressive omega, the serum, but never gave you any trigger words or fished around in your brain?” Bruce shook his head. “Surprisingly sloppy, considering who they are.”
“It’s not like they ever sent me out into the world. I stayed in my cell all day, unless I was needed for a rut. Then I went and stayed in a different cell.” She sighed. “And if they ever needed to, they could just use the alpha to grab me.”
Bucky clearly didn’t like the thought of that. He made a frustrated sound, leaning his head back again. “Great.”
“It was never bad.” She let go of his hand, moving her fingers to cup his jaw. “You never hurt me. You wouldn’t. Sometimes, when I acted up, they would make you go retrieve me, because they knew you were the only one who could do it. If they didn’t send you, they would just knock me out.”
“So...that was it?” Steve asked. “Ruts, serum, cryo?”
“For thirty years!” She chirped. “The last time they froze me, they were freezing him, too. They always tried to keep us in cryo at the same time so that I could be thawed out and ready when he needed me. But...I guess they just...left me there?” She frowned. 
“See, that’s what I’ve been trying to figure out.” Steve said. “I didn’t see any signs of a struggle at that base. I’d say they left in an orderly fashion, but the fact that they didn’t take you along makes me think they were in more of a hurry than they made it seem.”
“Natasha might have a better idea,” Bruce suggested. “We can talk to her, try to figure out—“
“FRIDAY, open the damn door or so help me God I will rewrite your entire personality.” A voice interrupted from the other side of the door. 
“I’m sorry, Tony, but Captain Rogers asked me not to.” The AI said. 
“Well, is it an emergency?” The man scoffed.
“No emergency measures have been executed. No security breaches have been identified.”
“Then I’m sorry, but Captain Rogers does not outrank me when it comes to my own robots. Open the door, beautiful.”
She seemed to sigh. “Very well, Mr. Stark.”
Ten perked up, leaning forward slightly. She was watching the door curiously, tilting her head a little when she heard it slide open. Bucky rolled his eyes, grumbling to himself quietly and pulling her up against his side as another alpha strode in. 
“Really? Having a party without me?” the man asked, a smooth, casual air about him as he walked in and looked at everyone on the couches. When his eyes landed on the omega cuddled up next to Bucky, he stopped. “Ah, is this our new guest?”
“Go away, Stark.” Bucky growled. He didn’t like how long the other man’s gaze was lingering on his omega, not when there weren’t any scars on her neck to show who she belonged to.
“Always such a charmer, Barnes.” Tony said, flopping down next to Steve. “Lovely to see you, too. Care to introduce me to your friend? ….No, you’d rather just snarl and forget your words? I knew you were old, but I didn’t realize you were actually a caveman.”
“Tony,” Bruce groaned. “Don’t aggravate him. Please.”
“Why not?” Tony leaned back against the cushions, completely at ease and totally happy to be pressing every one of Bucky’s buttons. 
“Are you Tony Stark?” Ten asked, wiggling out of Bucky’s grip to sit on the edge of their couch. 
Bucky caught her around the waist before she could get very far, though, and dragged her onto his lap. He loomed over her, sneering dangerously at Tony as the other alpha flashed a smile. 
“Bingo.” he said. 
“I never thought I’d meet a Stark,” she admitted. “I always heard about Stark Industries, but I lived too far away from any big cities to ever get to see any of his exhibitions.”
“Ah. You’re from my father’s time. Of course.” Tony shot a pointed glare in Bucky’s direction. “Seems like Bruce left out a few teensy weensy important details on the phone today.”
“Well, it’s been, ongoing learning experience.” Bruce said sheepishly. 
“Lots of developments, huh?” Tony raised an eyebrow. 
“You could say that.” Steve said under his breath. “We came up here so Ten could be more comfortable while we talk.”
“Oh yeah? What’re we talkin’ about?” Tony asked. 
“They were asking about my time with HYDRA,” she answered, cutting in before anyone else could. “And with...Bucky.”
Saying his name felt odd. Her tongue wasn’t used to it, and her mind wanted to call him alpha, or Winter Soldier. Bucky just seemed so…casual, such a strange thing to call a deadly super soldier. When she heard herself, though, she decided that she definitely didn’t hate it. 
Bucky’s heart gave a little leap at the sound of his name falling from her lips. He wanted her to say it over and over again, in whispers and in screams, for nobody else’s ears but his. 
“...Buck?” Steve asked, pulling him away from his thoughts. “You, uh, kinda zoned out there.”
It wasn’t until Bucky looked at Steve that he realized his eyes had been trained on the omega in his lap. “Yeah?”
“...Is this seriously how you’ve spent the past day and a half?” Tony asked. “Steve, I’m sorry, and I’m sure you’re just trying to be as helpful as you can be, like always, but I think you should let these two get a room.”
Steve looked at him incredulously. “Tony, really? I’m trying to get to the bottom of why exactly HYDRA would abandon the omega they pumped full of super soldier serum. They can get a room later—“
“Yeah, uh, wonder boy? I don’t think your pal is gonna last much longer before he tries to rip our heads off.” Tony nodded towards a very disgruntled Bucky. “You can resume your interrogation tomorrow, Cap.”
Steve looked to Bruce for help, but he only offered a small shrug and stood, heading towards the door. “He’s right, Steve. They deserve some alone time.”
“But—hey!” Steve protested as Bucky picked his omega up, striding past the two alphas sitting on the opposite couch. 
“Thanks for everything, Steve.” Bucky said over his shoulder. 
Ten squirmed, peeking around Bucky’s arm as she was carried away. “Bye, Mr. Stark!”
“Don’t look at him,” Bucky growled as they walked out the door. 
“Did his father really make hoverboards? I heard once that Howard was promising hoverboards—“
“No.” He said flatly. 
“...oh.” She huffed, slumping against him. “Where are we going?”
“My apartment.” Bucky stepped into the elevator, his grip still tight around her. 
The omega perked up. “You have a whole apartment?”
He puffed his chest out a little. “Course I do. Gotta have a nice place for you, don’t I?”
“So I can stay?” Her eyes were bright and happy. “I can stay there, with you, all the time? Not just when you rut?”
He felt a sad little pang in his heart. When he spoke again, his voice was low and soft. “Of course, sweetheart.”
Then, his eyes widened as he realized what he was saying. “I mean, uh...i-if you want to, that is. I know it’s fast and all, and maybe...would you rather have your own room? Or I can stay on the couch—“
“Bucky,” she cut him off with a laugh, a soft hand cupping his jaw. “You’ve been my alpha for seventy years. I’d say we’re actually moving pretty slow.”
His expression relaxed again, lips stretching into a small smile. “Right. Yeah. You’re right.”
They spent the rest of the elevator ride in comfortable silence, Bucky rubbing his scent glands all over her hair. He wanted to make sure that the next time they encountered anyone else, she smelled exactly like him.
Like her alpha.
When the elevator came to a gentle stop at Bucky’s floor, the doors opened, and he stepped out in front of his apartment door. It opened for him, having already scanned his biometrics, revealing a small, but cozy, living room. 
He set his omega down on her feet, watching anxiously as she stepped into his quarters. Did she like it? Fuck, was it too small? It was too small. She probably hated it. Fuck, fuck, fuck...he had to salvage this somehow. 
“Well, uh…” shit, he sounded too nervous. He wanted her to think he was a strong, capable alpha. 
He cleared his throat for another start. “Welcome home, Omega.” 
Wait. That wasn’t right. Should he be calling her that? No, probably not, it sounded too possessive, too uncaring. He wished he just knew her fucking name, or something. 
“I mean…Ten?”
Shit, he sounded so stupid. He wanted to impress her, whatever this was.
She just laughed, though, turning and looking at him with those eyes that sparkled like starlight. “Amoretta. My name is Amoretta.”
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awideworldoffanfics · 2 days ago
Just Friends viii: February
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x OC
Summary: Jules and Bucky finally welcome their baby into the world
Warning: (Hiiii! Welcome to the penultimate part of the series!! After this, there will be one final part and then {Just Friends} will be complete! Back to your regularly scheduled warnings) fluff, birth, language, ANOTHER fluff warning because it’s a lot, also a bit of angst but not a lot
Read Part i, ii, iii, iv, and v and vi and vii here
“Look at my feet!” Said feet are propped up on the coffee table. They’re swollen from the toes to the ankles. Jules is wiggling her toes all crazy as Bucky watches. “They’re like balloons!”
That’s the one thing she won’t miss after giving birth: swollen feet. Everything else she’ll be sad to see go. Well, not the intense drive to consume chili cheese conies and chocolate milk at all times, or the heightened emotions 24/7, or the morning sickness. Or peeing eighty seven billion times a day. She won’t miss the whole no-sleep for three months deal either. Okay, so maybe she’ll really just miss the baby bump and having a little life inside of her.
But those can go in exchange of finally getting to hold her baby in her arms.
“Are the cucumbers and watermelon not helping anymore?” Bucky doesn’t look up as he flips through the notebook. It contains all the reports of their weekly measuring of her stomach. As of last week, when he came back from the dead and she rolled right into the ninth and final month of pregnancy, they’ve been measuring every day. He got up immediately his first day back and wanted to measure her. Opening the book, he’d been shocked to find reports from his two weeks away. Jules had told him that Nat measured her because they both knew he’d want that information.
They haven’t left the house yet since his return. Groceries are delivered, they’re cooking instead of eating out. Well, okay, they left for her doctor’s appointment, but that’s it. Neither wants to let the other out of sight. And despite being home all the time, the nursery still isn’t done. Time is spent either curled up in Bucky’s bed or on the couch, watching tv and movies. A lot of naps, one because Jules no longer sleeps through the night and two because she swears up and down they need to stockpile rest.
She shakes her head. “Nope. Good thing we’ve only got four weeks left or I’d probably make a good hot air balloon.”
Pen between his teeth and tape measure around his shoulders, he motions for her to get to her feet. He goes first, helping to pull her up and steadying her when she teeters back towards the couch. She’s continued her now tradition of not wearing shirts around the house. She’s fully comfortable in just a sport bra and still his athletic shorts. Bucky never seems to mind. In fact, he always just gives a little smile when he sees her in a different pair, but he never says anything. He just smiles. 
“Thirty-six, huh?” Bucky mumbles, wrapping the flex measuring tape around her tummy. “Really just four weeks ‘til we get her?” His tongue clicks as he memorizes the new number and then scrawls it down on the paper. “Little more every day.”  He rubs over her tummy before closing the notebook. As he does, the doorbell rings off. “That’d be the pizza. Can you grab forty from my wallet while I go get it?”
Jules is already hobbling off to the kitchen to get it from the key bowl (why he always tosses it there, she has no clue). The squared brown piece of folded leather is, like always, lopsided in the bowl where they keep their keys. She can hear him chatting at the front door, saying something about how glad he is Maurice’s delivers outside the city. 
She swipes up his wallet and pulls it open. Right there, right in the photo placeholder on the inside, is a picture of her. It’s from Christmas. Out on the balcony of their room. She has a mug in one hand and the other is absently on her stomach.
God, she doesn’t even remember being that small and it was only two months ago. 
She pulls a frown, looking down at it again. She doesn’t remember him taking this, but of course she wouldn’t because her attention was on the mountain view. Why is-why is this in his wallet?
The placeholder on the other side is empty and she wonders what he plans on putting there. 
Shit. Pizza money. 
She fishes two twenties from the cash bill and, his open wallet still in her grasp, she waddles into the entry hall. “Hi,” she breathes, “sorry. Here ya go.”
She hands the cash to the delivery boy. She recognizes him immediately. He’s always been their pizza delivery guy. For the past four years, he has almost always been the person bringing their pizza from Maurice’s Pie Parlor. She watches as he frowns at the amount. “It was only twenty bucks.” Bucky shrugs and tells him to keep the change. The kid stares back at him in awe. He hands off the pizza and glances at Jules’ stomach. And then back at them. “I knew I recognized you!” He claps his hands together. “I’ve been bringing you two pizza for years. Glad you guys finally got married.” 
What the-?
“Congrats,” he gestures to her stomach, “by the way! Have a good night guys!”
Before either of them can say anything, he’s darting off to his car.
Bucky laughs quietly under his breath, shaking his head as he kicks the door shut. On the way back to the couch, Jules can’t get the image of her in his wallet out of her head. As he’s opening the pizza box and handing her a slice, she thinks about why he put it in there. What was so special about that picture that he felt the need to carry it around all the time?
“What’s on your mind?” His knee knocks against hers. “Bein’ too quiet about that pizza.”
Quiet? She’s neglected to even take a first bite of the slice he gave her. Which just happens to be the biggest one from the pizza. 
“Um,” she licks over her bottom lip, “can I ask you something?”
He pauses the movie. His body turns so that he’s mostly facing her. Puts his pizza slice down and wipes his hands on one of the provided napkins. “Yeah,  anything.”
Bite the bullet. Just do it. Just- “Why is there a photo of me in your wallet?”
His face doesn’t change. There’s no shock or surprise. No ounce of expression that would lead her to believe he had forgotten it was in there. “Why wouldn’t there be?”
Okay. Wait. Hold on. 
“Gotta have my two best girls close by all the time.” He continues on. “And in four weeks, when she’s here, there’ll be another one of you two on the other side.”
And she immediately feels dumb for jumping to believe it could’ve been any other reason.
Per orders of Mr. Bossy Dad (Jules’ barely affectionate nickname for Bucky) she is sitting crosslegged in the floor of the nursery while he tries (struggles) to put together the crib. 
They’ve only got three weeks until the baby comes and trying to put the nursery together is now top priority. Except, Bucky’s been working on assembling the crib for about two hours and so far, nothing.
“This should not be this hard.” He grumbles. He’s got the instructions pulled all the way close to his face. As if having them that close is going to make them easier to understand. “Who made these instructions?” He huffs, tossing the papers aside. A Phillips screwdriver is tucked behind his ear. “It’s just a damn crib, not a rocket.” And then, “Hell, a rocket would probably be easier to build.”
The idea sparks in her head instantly. “We should call-.”
“Don’t say it.” He cuts her off quickly.
Jules hoists herself up to her feet and goes over to him. She picks up the instructions and then looks down at the mess around their feet. “Buck.” He grumbles a wordless response. “You’re reading them backwards.”
His head jerks up. “What? No way.” He grabs the papers and re-situates them. He leans back against the wall, face falling. “You’ve got to be kidding me.” He crumples them up and tosses them aside again. “Fuckin’ backwards.”
Well, now they’re almost useless. Not that she’s going to point that out to him. He’s already frustrated enough. The closer they get to her due date, the more tense he becomes. His excitement level hasn’t nearly depleted, but his frustration sure is rising to meet it match for match. His own issues haven’t stopped him from catering to anything he thinks she might need. Hell, he came home two days ago with a belly sling after she mentioned her pelvis hurting from all the pressure. 
“Hey, it’s fine.” She latches her hand around his wrist. “We’ve got plenty of time. It’s just the crib.” He starts to argue that it needs to be done before they bring the baby home from the hospital. Where else is she going to sleep? “We did buy two co-sleepers and a bassinet, Buck. She’ll have somewhere to sleep. What’s goin’ on with you lately?”
His head, ducked down to stare at his feet, slowly lifts to meet her gaze. His eyes are a darkened blue cloud of something she recognizes as fear mixed with worry. But he doesn’t say anything.
“What’s happening in that head of yours?” She pries, the way he always does with her. “Talk to me.”
When his head goes to dip back down, she captures his jaw with her hands to make him look at her. When his lips part, she briefly thinks about what it would be like to kiss him again. And then she shoves that thought far into the back of her head. He’s clearly struggling and the last thing he needs is for her to force a kiss on him, especially one he probably doesn’t even want.
“M’scared. Don’t wanna disappoint her. Or you. And-.” His voice breaks off.
“Do you know how easy it would’ve been for them to put a bullet in my head, Jules? If they didn’t think that the Soldier was more valuable to them than me, they would’ve just killed me. And then-then you would have been alone. I sat there and I fought like hell for a week and a half because I told you I was coming back. And I know, I knew that you didn’t want me to go but I went anyway and God fucking damn it, I almost didn’t come back. And I get sick to my stomach thinking of how scared you were and-.”
“Hey, hey, hey.” She brings his head down and presses her forehead to his. “Don’t, okay? I know it’s hard not to think about that stuff, but you can’t let it devour you like this.” Jules lets go of his face and wraps her arms around him, holding him close. His arms wind around her back, hands gripping her shoulders. “You can’t stew all of those what ifs around in your head. And you are never, never going to be a disappointment to me or our daughter, do you understand?” She pulls her head back to look at him. “You, James B. Barnes, are the best person I have ever known. And our girl is going to think you hung the sun and stars. It’s okay to have doubts, it’s okay to be scared. That’s why I’m here, to bring you back.”
“‘Cause you’re my lifeboat.”
When she smiles, tears brim her eyes. Damn hormones. “Exactly.”
She’s counting two miracles for the day. 1. She got out of the house. 2. She’s actually managing to walk around the grocery store and she’s not completely out of breath. As of late, the baby has ‘lightened’, so her stomach has dropped down more to prepare for birth and as a result, the kid isn’t killing her lungs. Her bladder, however, is a different story.
Bucky had to run to the compound to pack up the last of his things from his office. Jules took it as the perfect opportunity to actually get out of the house. It’s been weeks since she got to do real grocery shopping and she much prefers wandering around the store instead of scrolling down an app on her phone. Plus, she was hoping the exercise would alleviate some of the pain she’s been having since last night. 
The belly sling Bucky hastily bought does little to take the pressure off (not that she’ll ever tell him that). But since she went to bed last night, false contractions and little jabs have been consistent and a bit too sharp for her own liking.
The store is decorated with red and pink paper hearts hanging from the ceiling. There are leftover cards and candies and stuffed animals from Valentines Day. None of it is marked down yet, which she finds a little odd. That stuff almost always goes on clearance right after the holiday ends. 
What kind of PopTarts does Bucky like? She can’t ever remember if he’s a cherry guy or a strawberry guy. She swears up and down it’s cherry, but the strawberry box looks so familiar. 
She’s reaching for the box of cherry flavored PopTarts when it happens. One little stretch and she’s peed herself. Yeah, that’s been happening a lot lately. If she moves too fast or laughs too hard, she leaks a bit of pee. Just pregnancy things! doesn’t feel like a little bit of pee. It’s more like...almost...fuck. That explains so much. The drop of her mucus plug three days ago, which Bianca assured them was perfectly normal to lose days or even weeks before labor started. And yesterday morning, what she had assumed what just a little bit of normal spotting was very clearly not just normal spotting. Bloody show.
Perfect. Fucking perfect. 
She’s 38 weeks pregnant and her water just broke in the breakfast aisle. 
“You’re early.” Jules mutters, placing the box back on the shelf. Bucky’s an hour away at the compound and hospital is thirty minutes from the store. Oh, God, he’s gonna lose his mind. The one day they decide to leave the house. She’s gnawing on her bottom lip as she grabs her phone and quickly dials his number.
“I was just telling Wanda you’d call while you were at the store.” Bucky is laughing when he answers. “You always call about the PopTarts. It’s cherry,” he tells her, “always cherry.”
She takes a little pride in the fact that she’d been right about that. 
Jules squeezes her thighs together as another contraction waves through her abdomen and lower back. “Great, uh, listen, are you busy?” He says he’s just catching up with everyone for a little bit before he heads home. “Cool, cool. Um, so, I need you to leave right now and we’re gonna meet at the hospital, okay?”
“What?” He practically shouts. She can just see him jumping to his feet. “What’s wrong? Did something happen? Are you hurt? Jules-.”
“Buck, breathe.” She grips the handle of the shopping cart. She so does not want to be the calm one in this situation but he’s losing his head. “I’m fine. I water just broke.” He’s already on his way to pick her up, he says, when she reminds him he’s an hour away and it’d be quicker for them to meet at the hospital. She scratches her head, listening to him mumble incoherently to himself. “Have someone drive you, okay? I’ll see you there.”
“Jules, I-.”
She’s already hanging up and putting her phone in her purse. 
Thirty-seven minutes later, Jules is waddling in the front door of New York Presbyterian. Hoping Bucky’s not experienced the traffic hell she has, she’s scouring over the room to find him. By some miracle of God, he’s already there. Wheelchair ready and all.
“Jules, hey.” He rushes over to her, wheelchair in tow and kisses her cheek quickly before helping her down into the chair. “You okay?” She’s barely nodding before, “Our room’s ready. Why didn’t you say you were having contractions?”
She puts her hands on her stomach in the effort to brace for the next contraction. They’re still about fifteen minutes apart, but strong enough she can’t do much else other than wince through their duration. “They weren’t so bad at first, I thought they were just Braxton-Hicks. I mean, my due date is two weeks away.”
As he wheels her through the halls and elevators to their room, she hardly notices the day-old Valentines decorations that litter the walls and hang from the ceilings. Drawings and cards that people have sent to cheer up patients, handmade construction paper hearts of all colors. Paper-made flowers. 
Of course, they didn’t do anything to celebrate Valentine’s Day yesterday. Why would they?
The labor and delivery unit is on the fourth floor of the hospital. He pushes her into Room 416 and leaves the door open. Bianca and a nurse are already waiting for them. 
“Jules,” Bianca clicks her tongue, “what did I tell you about bed rest?” As Bucky is hauling her to her feet, the nurse is handing her a gown. 
“I’m pleading the fifth.” She replies, pulling her sweater over her head. The gown is the standard tie-in-the-back model so after she pulls it up to her shoulders, Bucky is helping her to sit on the bed and then tying the strings together in the back.
“I’m a lot more hopeful about two weeks early instead of seven. Bucky told me your water already broke?” Of course these two were having a little pow wow before she got there. They love to talk about her and the baby, especially if she isn’t around to butt in. Jules nods, laying back on the bed. “All right, and your contractions, how far apart are those?”
Jules answers all her questions as the nurse gets her hooked up to the heart rate monitor and to an IV. Contractions fifteen minutes apart, pretty strong. 
“Okay. Well, you’re in active labor until those contractions shrink to about three minutes apart. Gina,” she gestures to the nurse, “is going to be watching over you today while I make my rounds. If you shift into transitional labor while I’m gone, she’ll page me and we’ll get this show on the road. Sound good?”
Her mouth is dry. This is happening. This is really fucking happening. She’s in labor. 
“How long?” Bucky’s just been sitting on the edge of her bed, twisting his fingers together in silence as she reports everything to Jules. “Until we make the shift, how long?” 
Bianca tells him it could be anywhere from a couple hours to ten. If she goes too long without the baby beginning to crown, they’d have to go Caesarean for the delivery.
“No.” Jules says sharply. “No way. The birth plan says natural birth. We’re doing a natural birth.”
She made way too big a deal about that stupid plan for it to be chucked out the window. She knows there’s medicine Bianca can give her to speed up the process. Bucky grabs onto her hand, squeezing it once.
Bianca gives her a suppressed smile. “Jules, you know how these things go. We do what’s best for you and the baby. Sometimes, the birth plan has to get tossed for everyone’s wellbeing. I’m not saying it’ll happen, just that it could.” Bucky assures her that whatever is best for both of them is going to happen. Bianca tells both of them to stay as less stressed as possible before she leaves.
Gina promises to go get her some ice chips and a working tv remote and she’ll be back soon.
“Bucky?” Jules jerks on his hand as it sets in again. Her smile is wide. “Hey.” 
He meets her grin with his own. “Hi.”
“We’re having a baby.” She giggles. “We’re here, I’m in labor. We’re doing this.” And then her stomach drops. Oh, hell. The nursery isn’t even done. Sure, all the furniture is assembled but it’s not where it should be. The clothes are still in boxes and not in the dresser. The pad isn’t on the changing table, the crib doesn’t have sheets on it. The car seats aren’t even put together. “Oh, my God. We’re having a baby and the nursery isn’t ready. Ohhh, my God.”
He waves it off. “Taken care of.” He promises, massaging her hand. “Team’s at the house, they left when I did. Told ‘em how you wanted it all set up; when we get home, it’s all gonna be perfect for-.” He stops himself. “Whoever he or she is.”
She’s in labor and they still haven’t picked a name yet. It’s been one of the bigger issues (besides Bucky going missing in Belarus for two weeks but-). Throughout it all, they’ve both stuck to their guns about not knowing the baby’s gender until birth, despite literally everyone begging to know. But they’ve both also remained certain the baby is a girl. Bucky’s been sure since the very start. Really, the only people who think it’s a boy are Wanda, Bruce and-.
“Fuck, my parents.” Jules groans. “We’ve got to-.”
“Already on it.” He smiles. “Called ‘em when I left the compound. They were getting on the next flight.”
He’s always, always on top of everything. 
“I really wanna name her Bonnie.” He says, suddenly quiet. “I know we said we weren’t picking a name until she was here but I can’t think of anything else.”
Jules never met his mom but from everything she’s heard from him and Steve, she was a force to be reckoned with. Bucky’s sure she hung the moon in the sky and while she was the sweetest person around, she also knew how to strike the fear of God into anyone nearby. Every time he talks about her, he gets a dewy look in his eyes, like he’s far off. Back on the streets of Brooklyn in his childhood, hanging off the skirt of his mom and off her every word.
Truth be told, no other name has struck her quite like Bonnie. None of the others ring just as well or sound as pretty coming out. “I really wanna name her Bonnie too.” She whispers back to him. 
Jules has a sinking feeling this won’t be the first rule they break as parents.
His eyes light up. “Really? That’s it? That’s her name?”
She nods, grinning back at him. “That’s her name.” Little Bonnie Barnes. They’re suckers already.
There’s a moment’s pause where his eyes are everywhere but on her. Where the room is dead quiet except for the saline drip in her IV and the gentle beep of her monitor. When he does look back at her, his eyes are doused in an uncertainty that makes her nervous. “Since we’re talking about names...”
Oh, here he goes. “If it’s a boy, we are not naming him Buchanan. I don’t care that it’s a family name, it’s ending with you.”
He smiles back at her, but it’s terse enough she knows this isn’t where he wanted the conversation to go. They’ve both known good and well that name has never been a serious option. Even he wasn’t a fan of it and it’s his name. “I just...” he scratches at the back of his neck, “I guess I wanna know if, you know, the name on the certificate...”
Oh. Oh. This is where they’re going. Okay. She really isn’t sure how to deal with this. For over six months, he’s been the dad. That’s the lie they spun for everyone. While the thought occasionally crossed her mind that he may back out one day, she never seriously entertained it. He’s always been too eager, too excited, too all in.
But here he is, trying to tell her he’s not sure he wants it anymore. And as much as it scares her and breaks her heart, she can’t force him to live the lie. The kid isn’t his responsibility. She doesn’t know what the fuck they’re going to tell everyone. Hey! Remember when we said we hooked up and the baby was Bucky’s? Yeah, that was a lie!
No. Not that. Well...
“It’s okay.” She nods slowly, throat itching up with oncoming tears. No, she can’t cry because then he’ll feel like shit. “If you don’t want to go through with this, I understand. It’s a really big lie to tell for the rest of your life and it’s a lot of responsibility. And you don’t have to worry, I’m not gonna cut you out just because you wanna be Uncle Bucky instead of her dad.”
“I’m sorry,” Bucky drops her hand, “what the hell are you talking about, Jules?” He’s staring back at her like she just grew a second head. “I don’t wanna be Uncle Bucky. I want to be her dad. I was just trying to ask what her last name is going to be. Because...’Cause I want her to be a Barnes. I mean, if that’s okay with you.”
God, is she an idiot or what? 
She wants to smack herself in the face. Jules hisses through another contraction that halts their conversation. When it’s over, she grabs onto his hand and puts it on her stomach. “She’s been a Barnes since the second we decided we were doing this. I never for a minute thought she’d be anything else.” Bucky sucked in a breath, squinting his eyes closed as he put his other had on her stomach. “It’s you, Buck. You’re the person she goes crazy for. She hasn’t even met you yet and she loves you.” I love you. “I am so glad that it’s you. If my kid’s gonna get to have a dad in her life, there is no one better than you, Bucky Barnes. And I’m gonna tell her every single day.”
When his eyes open, they’re impossibly blue and glistening with tears. Quickly, she warns him not to cry. If he starts crying, then she’ll start crying and she doesn’t think she’ll be able to stop. And that would just be a big mess.
He leans forward and, with warm lips, leaves a soft, lingering kiss on her forehead. “Thank you, for this.” He murmurs, not moving back. He stays right there, impossibly close to her face. Close enough she can feel his breath against her mouth. “My child. Our child.” Another kiss when his words have come and gone.
Our child. Theirs. His and hers. It doesn’t matter that, biologically, it’s not the case. Genetics aren’t important here. This child is theirs. She has been for months, maybe even since the first day Jules showed back up at his apartment, pregnant and alone with nowhere else to go. He’s the father in every single way that counts and more. From the appointments, to the late-night puke sessions, the books and the classes. Managing her cravings with the utmost care, at-home spa nights and weekly measures. Even if that little piece of her still wishes things had been different and something had happened between them 38 weeks ago.
The words hang heavy in her throat and she doesn’t want to say them, but she does at the same time. “I wish it had been you.” The words are barely audible. She hopes he heard, that he knows, from that little sentence, those six words. She hopes he knows.
Bucky pulls back. The tears have dried, never having fallen. He searches over her face before pushing her hair behind her ear, leaving his hand to cup the back of her head. “So do I.” They stay like that, staring into each others eyes, his hand cradling her head and her stomach. 
And she thinks maybe he’s going to say something else, when another contraction tears through her. She clamps her jaw down to bottle a scream.
“It’s okay, breathe. C’mon, breathe with me.” He tells her. When he inhales, she follows. He counts to three with his fingers and then they both exhale. “Good. You’re doing so good, Jules.” Their eyes catch again and she wants to say something else, to maybe take the plunge and admit the thing that’s been buried in her chest for four years. But then he says, “I’m gonna go call Steve and make sure those punks aren’t tearing up our house. Be right back.”
He’s already out the door before she can register what’s going on.
She lays her head back on the propped up pillows. He has to know. Right? Not just from that loaded statement, but from everything. If everyone else can get the hint, why can’t he? She needs him to know and she doesn’t know how else to tell him. She hopes those words are it for him. That he understands what she really means. Not just that she wishes the baby was biologically his, but that it’s always been him. 
She loves him. Back then, now. Always. She’s never stopped and she doesn’t think she ever will. 
Jules sighs, rubbing her hands in circles across the surface of her stomach. “Hey, kiddo. Just you and me right now. Just a couple hours until we get to meet you and we’re so excited. Your dad and I love you so much.” It’s more than she ever thought she could love someone. It’s so much that it physically hurts her heart to think about it. “No matter what, you’re always going to have us. No one in the world is ever gonna love you more than your dad and me.”
It’s then that Bucky comes back into the room. He’s pocketing his phone as he tells her that the team is getting everything together and Steve says it’s going well. Which only means nothing has been broken yet. Nat is gonna drop by and drop off her hospital bag (after packing it, since Jules hadn’t done that yet either). 
“What were you two girls talkin’ about?” He asks as he sits down on the edge of her bed. 
“Mom-daughter stuff.” Jules smiles. Bucky’s face pinches and he asks what that means. “That’s exactly what I wanna know every time you guys start having your little Russian meetings.”
He sticks his tongue out, tapping his fingers against her tummy. “My vsegda govorim o tebe.” He says, all secret and in a whisper. Not that she understands any of what he just said. “Isn’t that right, myshka?”
But she does know that. She swats his shoulder. “We are not calling her after a mouse!”
Her mom always told her childbirth was the only pain that had the highest reward. And Jules never took it with a grain of salt. She just always believed her. Now, Jules knows for a fact it was the truth.
It’s been six hours since she was admitted and no progress has been made. Sure, her contractions are closer together, five minutes apart, but she’s not dilated any more (stuck at seven). They’ve done everything to try and speed it up. From bouncing on a ball to pacing back and forth down the halls. Bianca had not so lightly suggested sexual stimulation, at which Bucky and Jules had both paled before stuttering out variations of no.
The upside is that she can still eat. And that her parents are here. Nat’s been by already to drop off her hospital bag and her dad went back to the house with her to help finish things up. Her mom is lounging in the arm chair as Bucky rubs her feet through another contraction. His effort to be comforting are barely helpful.
“Breathe it out with me.” He keeps saying as the contractions come and go. And he goes through her breathing exercises with her each time. Jules has never wanted to punch him so badly before. Of course he can say that. He’s not in labor about to push an eight pound baby out of his vagina.
Bianca walks into the room, Nurse Gina behind her. She’s scrawling something on her clipboard. “How we doing in here?” She looks up and flips on the sonogram machine. 
Gina tells her that Jules is still dilated to seven centimeters and has been for the past hour. But her contractions are about five minutes apart, which is a plus. 
Jules grits her teeth. “Why do I feel like my cervix is shrinking? My cervix is not supposed to be shrinking.”
It should be stretching. Dilating to prepare to push her exceptionally large baby out into the world. 
Bianca’s face pulls together. And it’s a face that Jules does not like. Bianca hands off the clipboard to Gina. “Okay, let’s just get a quick look and see what’s happening in there.”
Jules lifts up her gown to reveal her tummy. The monitoring band sits right over her where her belly button is. Bianca applies the conducting gel and then smears over it with the transducer. Both Jules and Bucky look away in case the little someone has got something to show. Bucky moves up to sit next to Jules on the bed, taking her hands in his.
After a moment, “Oh.”
Jules’ gaze snaps to Bianca’s face. “What the fuck does ‘oh’ mean, Bianca?” She snaps. “You can’t just say that.” What the fuck is going on? She wants to look in the screen but also doesn’t want to risk accidentally finding out the gender.
Bianca grimaces. “The umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby’s neck. It’s in distress.” 
Fetal distress. She could be choking. Choking on the cord that’s been giving her nourishment the past nine months. 
Bucky is squeezing her hands. “What can we do?” He asks Bianca.
“Two options.” Bianca freezes the screen. She puts the transducer down and grabs a towel to wipe off her stomach. “We can wait about an hour, see if the baby calms down. The heart rate is low, so if we wait and it picks up, we could be in the clear. But if it worsens, we may have to go Caesarean.”
There’s no way this is happening.
Jules closes her eyes and then risks a glance at the screen. There she is, her sweet baby. Or there he is. Bianca is really the only person who knows the gender. On the screen, she can see where the cord is wrapped about its little neck. 
If she wants, they can wait it out. If waiting doesn’t help, the baby could get worse. 
“Whatever you think is best is what we’ll do.” Her mother tells her. “You’re the mother.”
Bucky nods in agreement. “Whatever you want to do, we stand by it.”
Jules licks over her lips. This is all on her. Literally, her baby’s life is in her hands. She lays her head against the pillows, staring at the ceiling. How is she supposed to make a decision like this? If she’s wrong, something serious could happen to the baby.
Bucky grabs hold of her shoulder. She rolls her head to meet his eyes. Her eyes burn with tears. “I can’t do this.” She chokes out. Her throat is tightening as the seconds go by. “I can’t. What if I choose wrong? What if-.?”
He pushes her hair back behind her ear, tracing his fingers down her cheek. He nods, just once, before he turns to Bianca. “The C-Section. We do it. Right now.”
All four sets of eyes are on Jules. Silently asking if that’s okay with her. 
They could wait and everything would turn out okay. Or, they could wait and something could happen to the baby. She doesn’t want to chance that. And she knows Bucky. He always knows what’s right. He always has. If it comes to her and the baby, he doesn’t take chances. He chose and she knows he chose right.
“Yes.” She keeps her eyes on him. “Let’s do it.”
Inhale, three seconds, exhale. 
The same rhythm for fifteen minutes. The time it took to get her prepped, the epidural set in, and into an operating room. The time it took to get Bucky into scrubs. He hasn’t stopped holding her hand since Bianca said the baby was in distress.
“Few more minutes.” His repetitions are more for him than her. “It’s okay, we’re okay.” His grip on her hand is almost impossibly tight and she’s glad it’s his right hand and not his left. “Just a couple more minutes until we meet our girl.”
And that’s what she’s focusing on. He made the choice. He made the right choice. They’re getting her out, she’ll be safe. 
She swallows as Gina puts up the operating divider. A necessary evil so Jules doesn’t see them cutting into her stomach. Bianca is still in the room, watching another doctor Jules doesn’t know the name of cut her open. 
“We’re cutting now.” The doctor tells her.
Thanks to the epidural, Jules can’t feel anything below her chest. She knows this recovery is gonna be a bitch. C-Section recoveries tend to take longer than vaginal births. At least, she remembers, she won’t be shitting herself the next week or so. That is apparently an issue in the postpartum world of vaginal birth.
“Doin’ so good, detka.” He murmurs, wiping her hair from her forehead. Her skin is drenched in sweat but he doesn’t seem to mind. “I’m so proud of you. Just a little bit longer, okay? How you feelin’?”
Jules inhales harshly at the sound of a scalpel cutting into skin. Bucky reminds her to keep her eyes on him. She doesn’t know anywhere else she’d look. Her vision glazes a bit and she blinks several times to refocus on him. He’s so beautiful, like a sculpture. He’s kept his hair trimmed short, but he’s still stubbly on his jaw and above his lip. His eyes, always impossibly blue, are the only thing anchoring her to earth.
“M’tired, Buck.” She mumbles. 
She doesn’t miss his grimace, even though he tries his best to hide it. “I know, I know.” He nods quickly. He bends down to nudge his nose against her hairline. At his breath, his lips brush against her cheek. “Few more minutes and then we’ve got our girl.” As his right hand squeezes hers, his cybernetic hand continues to push her hair back. Every few seconds, he gifts a kiss to her temple. “Ostan’sya so mnoy, Jules. Ya ne khochu tebya teryat’. Ya lyublyu tebya, ya lyublyu tebya.”
She doesn’t understand half of what he’s saying. But she does recognize the frantic tone from a night long gone. Stay, please stay. 
Jules splays her hand across his cheek. “Not going anywhere, Buck. Made you a promise.”
Bucky nuzzles into her touch. 
Ya lyublyu tebya. 
He’s whispered it so many times to their child. She’d remember that phrase anywhere.
I love you.
And she knows. She can feel it in her bones, all the way from her fingers to her toes and back up again, deep in her soul and to the center of her heart. It’s not just the way a friend loves another friend. It’s not spoken the way they’ve said it before. Not the way he says it to the baby seventeen hundred times a day. 
It’s the way she would say it if she possessed the courage. The way she would grab his face and tell him that, for four years her heart has belonged to him.
She chokes on the revelation. “Buck-.”
He jolts forward, leaning further than she can see to look over the divider. All she sees is his side profile. If she focuses on him, everything will be okay. How could it not be? He has a knack for making everything a hundred times better, juts by existing. 
“Oh, my God.” He breathes. She watches his face light up like the sun, his mouth fall open in starstruck awe. 
“What?” She tugs on his hand. “What is it?” Her throat begins to tighten. Something’s wrong. The baby...something’s wrong with the baby. They weren’t quick enough, they’d waited too long and-.
The softest mewl cuts through her fog of worry like a hot knife through butter. It’s not necessarily a cry, but it isn’t a whimper either. 
Bucky’s hand goes limp around hers. His own tears are falling as hers begin to pool in her eyes. He looks back at her, a breathless smile on his face that knocks the wind from her. “We have a son, Jules.” His laugh breaks his smile open.
Son. A boy. They have a boy. They have a son.
His hand drops hers and her fingers are left searching for his grasp as he steps away from her side. From what she can see, he’s standing next to the doctor. 
“Dad, do you wanna cut the cord?” Bianca’s already handing him a pair of scissors. He doesn’t even say yes and she hears the snip. Bianca reminds the other doctor that they’ve decided to donate the cord blood. 
Her vision blurs and she’s pretty sure he’s just been handed the baby. It’s all over his face. Moonstruck wonder. He’s crying and smiling, fingers delicately tracing as he walks back to her side. Not a blanket in sight, he’s got a bare baby in his arms. “Meet our boy.”
She can’t move. She doesn’t know how and she knows she can’t sit up. The doctor tells her to stay still as they begin to stitch her incision. Bucky is slow and cautious bending down and placing the baby to her chest. Her arms immediately fold around his little body. Eight pounds had sounded like a lot but he’s so...little. And she’s always thought that she would care that he was covered in uterine gunk, but she doesn’t. 
Jules doesn’t bother battling the small sob that wants to come out. She wants to cry about this. He’s here, he’s finally here, in her arms. Safe and sound and making those precious little baby noises.
Bucky is crouched next to her. One hand on the baby’s back and the other running through her hair. “You did so good, milaya.” He murmurs. “So proud of you,” as he kisses her hairline.
“He’s perfect. Isn’t he?” She tears her gaze off the top of the baby’s head to meet Bucky’s eye. 
“Yeah,” Bucky breathes, “absolutely.”
“We did it.” She can’t help but smile. They made it. Six months of knowing. Waiting. Working to get ready. All for this.
“Happy Valentine’s Day, you two.” Bianca’s voice shatters the bubble.
Happy what?
Jules’ eyes skitter over to her friend, doctor, co-worker, boss. It’s not...No, can’t be. “Valentine’s Day was yesterday.” She insists. “Wasn’t it? February 13th?”
Bucky muffles his laugh into her shoulder. He lifts his head, shaking it slowly. “Honey, Valentine’s Day is February 14th.” 
“But that’s today.”
“Yeah. It is.”
Today is Valentine’s Day. Which much, actually. The non-discounted candies and stuffed animals at the store. All the decorations still up. Today is that one day of the year where it’s completely and totally acceptable to be mushy, raw-hearted, and doe-eyed.
She’s all of those things right now. For the little baby boy nestled against her chest. Her heart is jarringly open and full of mushy love for him and she can’t stop looking at that perfect head of dark hair. And neither, it seems, can Bucky.
Today is also her son’s birthday. So, that, she decides, is a perfectly reasonable day to have a holiday of love.
“Hear that?” Jules whispers to their son. “You’re our forever Valentine.”
It’s after midnight. 12:13 and Jules is the textbook definition of exhausted. More so, if such a state can exist. When they came out from surgery, both her parents and the whole team were waiting in their room. Aching to see a baby who was regretfully being examined by New York’s finest. They waited in impatient anticipation until he was rolled in by the nurse, swathed in a bundle of robin’s egg blue blankets and fast asleep.
He was ooh’ed and aah’ed over until night fell and he was still blissfully asleep. Her parents left for their hotel (another generous Stark contribution) on the promise to come back tomorrow. The team came bearing gifts and, Jules’ personal favorite, pizza from Maurice’s. Steve swore the nursery would be perfect by the time they brought the baby home in two days. 
And when they left, the world was quiet. And Bucky was doing his new favorite thing: holding his son. Settled into the bed, sitting next to her, he’s cradling him in his arms, whispering little things in Russian she can’t begin to understand. Every so often, she hears ya lyublyu tebya and her heart skips a beat. 
Gina knocks on the door quietly twice. “Sorry to bother you guys.” She smiles uneasily, stepping into the room. 
Jules waves it off with a yawn. Bucky, of course, doesn’t bother looking up from the baby. Jules actually isn’t sure he’s moved at all since he sat down in the bed. But he does look up to ask Gina, “Handsomest little guy you’ve ever seen, huh?” And then, “Can’t believe he’s so perfect. Well, yeah. I can.”
Jules shakes her head at him. Gina just smiles genially. “He’s a very cute baby. I just came to fill out the birth certificate.” She says they got the time of birth and the prints during his examination. They just need his name and the names of his parents.
His name.
“Oh, God.” Jules moans. “He doesn’t have a name.” He’s been out in the world for almost four hours and he doesn’t have a name. How have they let four hours go by (and they’ve really flown, the two of them lost in the glow of what they believe to be the sweetest and cutest baby ever born) without naming their son?
She knew waiting would come back to bite them in the ass. They can’t very well go and name him Bonnie!
Gina says it’s fine. And they’ll start with mom and dad.
“Juliette Ingrid Washington. Two t’s and an e.” 
“James Buchanan Barnes.”
Jules sniggers a little bit when Gina raises an eyebrow at his middle name. Bucky grumbles something about it being elegant because he’s named after a president. They all three turn to the baby.
He’s wide awake. A quiet little thing with a head of dark hair and eyes to match. He doesn’t really look like any certain name. Nothing jumps out at her and she thinks this will be harder than she originally thought. He’s such a sweet-faced cherub of a baby, any name would suit him well. 
They really neglected boy names, so certain they were having a little girl. Yeah, ass has been bitten. They’ve got a four hours old baby without a name.
“What about David?” Jules suggests. “For your dad.”
The face he gives says everything she needs to know. David is a no-go. Several names are tossed out. William, Blake, Reed, even James. But nothing fits. 
“Could I make a suggestion?” Gina is lounging in the armchair, clipboard in hand. The pen is stuck behind her ear. “Most parents, when they can’t pick a name, usually let the baby decide. Whichever one the baby reacts to positively is what they stick with.”
Now that...that’s an idea. Something neither of them ever thought of. Just try them out on the boy, see which he likes. Almost as if he’s picking his own name. They both agree immediately.
“Steven.” Bucky shoots out. To no avail; their son just blinks up at him.
Jules tries with “Gabriel,” but receives the same silent response.
It goes back and forth. The two spouting names they’ve previously talked about. Some made it on the shortlist, most didn’t. None elicit any sort of reaction from the newborn. He just lays, snuggled warm and cozy in the arms of his father, watching them both with half-lidded eyes. She hopes he’s always this peaceful.
Bucky breaks out in a wild grin, turning the look to Jules. “What about-?”
“Don’t.” She’ll be so pissed off if-.
“Buchanan.” He’s sputtered it out before she can even finish her thought.
They all three watch with bated breath. First, he’s quiet, still. His face scrunches together, mouth pursed and eyes cinched closed. Jules sucks in a breath. If he ends up named Buchanan, she’s going to wring Bucky’s neck. She doesn’t give a damn if her son is a Barnes and it’s a family name.
And then, he cries. A full-blown, top of the line newborn wail. Real, genuine, heartbreaking newborn crying. Jules can’t help but sigh in relief.
“Oh, thank God.” Gina sighs. “Had me scared for a moment.”
“See!” Jules nudges him with her shoulder. “It’s an awful name.” Bucky rolls his eyes in response. Though she thinks he’s secretly glad the name was a bust. Buchanan is a horrible burden to bear.
A few more names are tested. Theo. Hudson. Devin. The room goes quiet as they run out of options. She wishes she had a baby book of names with her. Those things have about a trillion options.
Her fingers tap against her thigh as she looks at her son. And then for some reason, no reason at all, really, she’s thinking of a little kitten from a movie she watched growing up. An adorable loving little thing who’d tugged her heartstrings. She leans over, eyeing her son very carefully before she whispers, “Oliver.”
The smile comes slow at first and then it’s all there. She knows, rationally, newborns don’t smile. It’s just gas. But she’s gonna take it as a sign.
Bucky breathes out as she rests her head against his shoulder. “Oliver.” He repeats. “Oliver Barnes.”
She clucks her tongue. “Oliver James Barnes.” She adds. “For his dad. The best person.”
Gina repeats the name and they both okay it. They sign their names on the birth certificate and she leaves them alone with a final goodnight and a promise to check in soon. Having been nursed just before Gina’s arrival, Jules convinces Bucky to put the baby in his sleeper and let him rest until he wakes up again to feed.
He does so with regret before immediately crawling back into bed with her. The sleeper is on the opposite side of the bed, Jules pretty much in between her two guys. They spent so many weeks believing Bucky would be the odd one out, they never really stopped to consider it going the other way around. And neither would change it for the world.
“Stop staring at him.” Jules mumbles into the sleeve of his shirt. She can just tell that he’s watching.
Bucky sighs, winding his arm over her shoulders to pull her closer. “Feelin’ okay?” He questions. “Stitches feel okay? Thirsty? Hungry?”
Her incision itches a little, which is normal. She doesn’t think she’ll be able to eat again until tomorrow after having stuffed pizza in her. There’s plenty of water at her bedside. “Sleepy.” She gives him. She just wants to sleep. Even if it’s just an hour. This day has felt like a whole year.
“You’ve had a long day.” He says, understatement of the century. “Jules?”
She hums, eyes fluttering shut. Sleep sounds so nice right now. Just a few-.
“I love you.”
She stills. 
There it is. In English. Plain as day for her ears- and heart- to hear. She knows, she knows, she knows. It’s ingrained the way 2+2=4 is. She lifts her head, meeting his gaze. 
This is where she tells the truth. This is where she makes her confession.
“I love you too.”
His face screws up. The way it gets when he’s frustrated and can’t find the words to say what he wants. Or when a memory resurfaces that he can’t precisely decipher and put together with the others.
“No,” he shakes his head, “I mean...Hell, Jules-.”
She cups his jaw with her hand, trying not to wince at the pain the movement brings as she angles herself further towards him. Her thumb brushes over his cheek. “I know what you mean, Bucky. And I mean it too.”
His eyes search over her face. His mouth spreads into a brilliant smile. And then his mouth is on hers and he’s kissing her. 
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Quotes from Aftermath // 21
That man was the only one that he had gotten a good look at. And his face was seared into his memory. His eyes were almost glowing yellow, the sneer on his lips making him look...unhinged.
Bucky slammed his back against a wall, bracing himself against it to hold himself up. A headache was scorching behind his eyes. The pain was almost unbearable.
| Battle Scarred : Aftermath | »Darke15
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We Grow Together (31)
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Tessa Sullivan (OFC)
Chapter Summary: The mission goes wrong...
Summary: Relationships can be tough, especially when one person is a recovering-from-being-brainwashed-and-tortured former assassin and the other is an overworked mutant scientist. But hey, every couple has their struggles. Right?
Warnings: Allusions to being trapped, drowning, dying... pain and angst and, um... bad shit.
Tumblr media
Why the fuck did he tell her it was okay to get into the trunk? It seemed like a stupid and extreme request from the get-go. They could have just blindfolded her. Or put her in a van or a car with blacked-out windows. Get in the trunk?
They should’ve recognized then that something was off.
And maybe Tessa did. She very obviously hesitated. They could see that from the video that Redwing had been taking. They could hear it in her voice when she let out a nervous laugh – Are you serious? You want to drive around with me in the trunk like I’m some kind of stripper you’re gonna bury in the woods?
But Steve had told her simply, It’s okay, Tess. We’ve got eyes on you. Don’t worry.
What a damn fool he’d been.
Cohoes Falls. That’s where they had been headed. The bug that Tessa planted on the car was built with tech that also picked up cell and Bluetooth transmissions. The driver had punched in coordinates for an island along the Mohawk River, completely giving away the facility’s location. Nat and Clint stayed on the car, tailing from a safe distance. Bucky and Steve hightailed it to Cohoes and set up on opposite sides of the small town that they’d be forced to drive through before reaching the island.
At first, they couldn’t believe their luck. Too easy. But then they tapped into a phone call that came to the passenger’s cell.
What’s your ETA?
About ten minutes out.
And you haven’t been followed.
Doesn’t look like it.
Have you been followed?
No sir.
Do you have any idea how important this is?
She’s something special?
She’s more than just special. She’s the Supernova.
I don’t know what that means, sir.
You don’t need to know.
In that instant, everything changed.
He made a call, the only call he could make. Abort. Abort. Get her out of there!
Only Natasha and Clint were too far back to stop the car, the small town roads not allowing them to speed and weave as they’d have to in order to close the distance. None of them knew what exactly lay on that island, of course. But they’d be fools to think that an outfit like this would choose a small, isolated island for their headquarters and not protect it, not arm it to the hilt.
Don’t let them cross that bridge, he had issued out. Buck, take whatever shot you can.
He was on a hill not far from the bridge – good visibility, sure… but only once they reached a certain point. He couldn’t take out a sedan in the middle of a small town, not with residents taking Sunday morning strolls down the streets. So the only shot he had came as they approached the bridge. He took it – Brace yourself, baby – and held his breath. But the driver somehow managed to keep the car moving despite the blown-out rear tire.
Take them out, Steve ordered.
So he took another shot, dropping the driver. But the car still maintained its trajectory. All the way to nearly the middle of the bridge. Then it simply careened off the side and into the murky river below.
At first, there was silence. Tessa, do you copy? Tessa?!
The impact was like that of driving into a concrete embankment. Her head had slammed – hard – against an interior wall. Everything was dark and… upside down and… wrong. But she could hear Steve over the coms, ordering her to respond. And she could hear Bucky’s, please, baby. So she did what she could to pull herself together.
But… I can’t get out. She pounded on the lid of the trunk, tried to kick out the backseat. I can’t… She clawed at the taillights where the water was steadily streaming in. Pushed – as hard as she could – on the trim and the paneling and anything in there that she thought might give way. Steve… I can’t get out.
She heard Clint say that they were coming for her. She heard Steve say to hold on. She didn’t hear Bucky say anything at all.
I can’t… The water was filling the trunk, her earpiece shorting out as she gasped and sputtered. Help, she squeaked between ragged breaths. Please, she cried in a voice so, so desperate.
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World on Fire {Loki X Sigyn!Reader}
Summary: Sigyn was supposed to have died almost 100 years ago. A peace mission to Migard gone wrong and she had never returned. Everyone had thought she was dead until Loki is shown someone who looks too familiar when he comes to Earth on a mission. Sharon Odell. Shannon Orwell. Sidney Orwell. No matter what name she goes by, it’s all the same. Now that Gods and heroes are real, there’s no use hiding who she really is anymore.
TLDR; Sigyn has been hiding on Earth for like 100 years and gets sucked into being on the Avengers. A series based around the one-shot I did titled Undying Fidelity.
Chapter 1
Tumblr media
They had been on the move for a couple days by the time they got to settle down. It definitely wouldn’t be long seeing how Loki seemed determined to recruit an army and lucky for him, SHIELD had no lack of enemies.
Unlucky for him, they worked faster than him.
“Jane Foster has been moved off the grid, sir. No record of her for the past few days,” Clint grumbled as he continued to click through the files of the people that SHIELD had decided were interesting enough to keep an eye on.
Selvig sighed and shook his head.
“Can you not do this on your own, doctor?” Loki frowned as he drummed his fingers on the handle of the scepter that he wouldn’t let out of his sight.
Selvig perked up. It could have been from nerves or excitement, the god wasn’t sure. “Of course, Loki. The Tesseract has shown much about how it works! We should be able to share it with other people, don’t you think?”
Loki could practically feel the Other breathing down his neck as they spoke. He didn’t answer this time, at least not with words. Instead, he let out an annoyed sort of grunt as his eyes flickered over towards the Tesseract. Perhaps it would be helpful to have someone else in case he had to dispose of Selvig at one point or another. The human life-span was so different from his own so who was to say if the man got too old to serve his purpose.
“What about Sidney?” Clint spoke up again as he looked up from the tablet that he had been focused on for the past few minutes. This seemed to peek the older man’s interest; Loki just turned his gaze towards the archer and waited for him to continue. “She’s almost as good as Jane with the astrophysics, right?”
Loki had to stop himself as he nearly physically cringed at the mention of Thor’s Midgardian love.
“Almost?” Selvig laughed. “If she hadn’t disappeared off of the map 3 years ago, she would have made a real name for herself. Sidney Orwell was one of the brightest interns that Jane had...until Darcy, anyway.”
“What use is another individual of your specialty if they all can’t be found,” Loki said through gritted teeth.
“She can be found.” Clint assured them as he turned the tablet to face the other two men. “This was from last week. A convenience store pretty close to Gainesville, New York. It’s in the middle of nowhere. Population below 500. A good place for someone who doesn’t want to be found. Running diagnostics now!”
Loki leaned forward slightly. His facial features didn’t betray the interest that he felt as he took in as many details of the woman’s face as he could from the grainy security footage.
She looked young, but that wasn’t saying much. Many Midgardians would say he looked young as well. Her face was too blurry to really make out any details until a little box popped up in the corner of the screen.
“That’s a match!” Selvig shouted a few inches from Loki’s ear, but the god couldn’t be bothered. 
He could see the woman’s face a lot more clearly now as the identification picture popped up on the screen beside a clearer version of the security footage. Loki’s head began to ache the longer he looked at the pictures. Something looked too familiar. Maybe it was the slope of her nose or the cheekbones, but something itched at the back of his brain. With one last fleeting glance, he spotted it and his breath stopped. 
Without another thought, he rose to his feet and gritted his teeth. His grip on the scepter tightened as he turned away from the two SHIELD employees.
“Bring her to me.”
Tumblr media
It was always a sort of special occasion when Sidney would leave her secluded little cabin and head into Gainesville in order to stock up on some essentials. The man behind the counter knew her by name as he knew everyone in the town. Sidney was always polite and pleasant but never revealed anything about herself. People in town tried their hardest not to talk to the woman that secluded. Some of the kids in town whispered about her being a witch. Sidney had heard a group of them once when she was headed home and she couldn’t help but smirk at them.
Today was different. The air felt thick and the cellphone that she carried in her pocket felt heavier than usual. A weary smile crossed her face as she set the few containers of ramen noodles on the counter with the rest of her items. “Hey there, Ben. How’s your mom doing this week?”
“Oh she’s doing great, Miss Orwell!” The younger man flashed her a bright smile as he rang up her items. “Should be back runnin’ the store in no time. About time too, I don’t think my nerves could handle it anymore.”
Sidney laughed quietly as she paid her total, “I’ll keep that between us.”
She was already in her own world again as she collected her bags and made her way to the car. As she slammed her trunk closed, a vibrating noise in her purse drew her attention. Her hand flew to her back pocket and she found her cellphone was still there, That meant…
The blonde hurried into the car and pulled a smaller black phone out of her bag as she tossed her normal phone onto the passenger seat. 
Selvig. Her throat felt dry for some reason as she looked at the caller ID on the SHIELD issued phone. That had been part of the deal she’d made with Fury. She should have known better than to trust him and SHIELD after everything that had happened with Thor. Saved by the bell, she sighed out loud as the call went to her voicemail.
As she put the car in reverse, she took a deep breath before she began on her journey home. Her right hand shifted the car into drive again as her left hand entered the passcode to her voicemail.
“Sidney! It’s Erik. I don’t even know if this is still your number but give me a call when you get a minute. I have really important questions for you!”
“Why don’t you just ask Jane,” Sidney sighed as she clicked a button before she tossed the phone back into her bag. 
Still, she couldn’t shake the nagging sensation that something was wrong. 
Her suspicions were solidified as she came within eye-sight of her cabin a few miles later. An unmarked black car was parked on the side of the road just a half-mile away from her house and people were inside. The hair on the back of her neck stood up as she white-knuckled it down her driveway. 
“You’re losing it, Si.” The blonde took a deep breath through her nose before she looked in her rearview mirror. The car had pulled off the side of the road and followed her now. “Well son of a bitch.”
Somehow, she managed to keep her demeanor calm as she put the car in park and walked to her door with her head held high. Sidney tried not to shudder as she heard the black car roll up closer down the driveway. She was safe in her house now but her eyes scanned the room quickly. She needed an escape route just in case and she found it just as a loud bang bang shook the door behind her.
“Just a minute,” she threw her voice as she grabbed a small swiss army knife off of her kitchen table and stuffed it one of her back pockets along with her SHIELD phone. Sidney took a deep breath and she opened the door.
“Oh! Hello, gentleman,” she flashed the two suited men a disarming smile as she peeked her head out. “How can I help you?”
“Sidney Orwell?” The shorter of the two asked. The blonde just nodded her head. “I’m Agent Downey and this is Agent Evans. We’re with SHIELD. You’re going to need you to come with us.”
“Is that supposed to mean something to me?” Sidney narrowed her eyes slightly as she glanced between the two men. “I don’t work for you. In fact, part of my deal with Fury was that he would let me live in peace if I let him keep an eye on me so I suggest you get back in your car and you leave.”
She went to push the door shut but a force stopped her. Anger flared through her as she wrenched the door open and stood to her full height. “I’m afraid we can’t do that, miss. We have orders.” Her eyes shot to the taller man. A shiver went down her spine this time as she locked eyes with him. There was something not right about it. “Erik Selvig requests your presence.”
“I don’t know Selvig was in a position to make requests of me,” she replied coolly.
“Everything could be explained if you just let us inside, ma’am.”
Sidney glanced over her shoulder into the kitchen for a moment before she stepped aside to let the two agents inside.
She closed the door behind them and quickly turned to face them. Everything about them just She was used to SHIELD agents and how they acted but there was something truly off about these two.
Time seemed to stand still and then all at once, everything was moving. The shorter man’s hand shot to the taser on his belt as the taller man pointed his gun at her. She hadn’t even realized she had the knife in her hand now. “Everything will be so much easier if you just come with us!” 
“Go to hell,” Sidney hissed through gritted teeth.
“The Tesseract can show you so many things.”
 Her eyes widened slightly. “What the hell did you just say?”
She didn’t get an answer. Instead she ducked as the probes of the taser embedded themselves in the door where her neck had been moments before. A yell left her as she jumped to her feet and tossed the knife at the taller man. The shorter one made a move to grab her as his partner screamed and cursed her as he tried to wrench the knife out of his hand. The woods were right there. Sidney cleared her mind as she dodged another punch from the shorter man. The man looked slightly shocked just as she punched him in the chest and sent him flying across the room. 
Without another thought, she pulled the front door open and sprinted for the woods. 
Tumblr media
She had no idea how long she ran for. It could have been minutes or it could have been hours; all she knew was that by the time she stopped running, her lungs ached. Sidney nearly jumped out of her skin as she felt something. The cellphone in her back pocket was vibrating.
Her fingers shook as she pulled it from her pocket and answered without thinking.
“Listen you bastards if you think-”
“I see our intelligence wasn’t quite up to par on this information. I apologize, Miss Orwell,” a somewhat cheerful voice on the end cut her off. Sidney never thought she could be so happy to hear someone’s voice in her life.
“There better be a good reason why some of your agents showed up to my house unannounced talking about the Tesseract of all things, Phillip,” Sidney’s eye darted around the forest once again.
She could hear Coulson say something to someone else in the background before he replied. “Some of our agents have been...compromised.” He even sounded like he was cringing. “We were calling because we need your help.”
“I know all about your deal, Sidney. Fury fully intends to honor it once the fate of the Earth isn’t in danger.”
Sidney swallowed hard as she started to walk again. “I want that in writing this time, Coulson,” she deadpanned.
“I’ll see what I can do. For now, just do me a favor. Walk North for about another 10 minutes. We’ll have a jet waiting for you.”
The line went dead before she could even reply.
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