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#avengers x daughter!reader
kj-1130 · 10 hours ago
Nothing For Me Taglist Info
I’m hoping to have the next part up either this weekend or sometime next week. These are all the tags so far.
@littlegasps, @leahnicole1219, @thebadassass, @legendarymcnuggies, @big-galaxy-chaos, @believinghurts, @play-morezeppelin, @liaabsurd, @coollemonsaresour, @ximaginx
If your username is crossed out it means I couldn’t tag you. If you aren’t on the list let me know if you want to be.
Chapter coming soon!!
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black-dragon1998 · 11 hours ago
Eating at POP’s
Summary: (Y/N) and Cheryl bond go to pop’s and everybody fawns over them.
autor’s note: It isn’t much, just a bunch of fluff. Just wanted to let you guy’s know i’m not abandoning this story event though it has been ages since i posted for it.
P.S.: It is 1AM at the time of writing this so don’t kill me if their are any mistakes in it.
part 1- part 2- part 3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Over the weekend you continue your research about the town. You found out that they had a local bike gang, the ‘South Side Serpents’. Apparently, even small towns like this have their gangs, you were curious if they were the same as the gangs in the city. your research however was interrupted when Saturday afternoon Cheryl Blossom stood at your doorstep. While you were repairing her car you opted on driving her to and from school as well as practice and you had come at a point where she let her guard down when the two of you were alone, but she had never come over without a reason.
She stood at your doorstep in what you think were comfy clothes. You were in a similar state as you hadn’t taken much effort in searching for clothes that morning. Opting for sweatpants and nothing but your sports bra.
“Cheryl? What are you doing here?” your brows scrunched together in confusion. Cheryl couldn’t help but think it was cute. A word that she didn’t think she would ever use to describe someone like you. Even the rough ways you dealt with certain things or people she thought was cute.
“well, you said you would fix my car and looking as I don’t have your number…” Cheryl trailed off. Your chuckle made her look back up at you.
“afraid I would rack your car darling.” The smirk on your face and the nickname made Cheryl blush. It took her a moment to take to pick herself together but was soon back to her usual banter.
“Can’t be careful enough.” She matched your smirk now with her own as you let her in the garage.
  That is how you spend the next two weeks after school and in the weekend working on Cheryl’s car, with her watching you from the couch that was placed in the garage/ workplace. The first time she saw all of the cars and high-tech equipment her jaw dropped. She knew you were rich, but this was even much for her. Imagen her surprise the first time she heard FRIDAY. First, she freaked out and demanded to know if someone else was there. You told her one no there wasn’t anybody else and second that FRYDAY was an IA that you had built together with your uncle after her precious one died.
 Over the hours that she watched you both of you started to relax and now she didn’t even look up when FRIDAY spoke, she even started asking them questions.
“miss I like to inform you that a vehicle from the compound is arriving later today,” FRIDAY informed. She didn’t give too much information because Cheryl was there but not much was needed.
“Thanks, FRIDAY.” You thank the AI. You were able to work for a couple more minutes before a body draped itself over your back while being bend forward over the car. Cheryl relaxing was becoming touchy and craving cuddles.
“(Y/N)?” Cheryl asked her voice muffled by being buried in your hoody. The whininess in her voice made you chuckle. She could be so cute when nobody was around to judge her.
“yes, Red?” you look over your shoulder at her and see her pouting.
“I’m hungry.” The way she said it made clear you had to do something about it. You turn around, making her fall into your chest. She immediately pulls away and starts blushing heavily.
“well hum. I can make something or I could drive us to pops. My treat.” You propose shyly. Cheryl looked up and again couldn’t help but think how cute you looked.
“How trustworthy is your cooking?” she asks you with a raised eyebrow. Not really knowing if she trusted you in the kitchen. And chuckling at your reaction.
“Haven’t burned down the kitchen jet, but it would probably be safer if we went out.” You admit scratching the back of your neck. Wanda had tried to teach you how to cook and you weren’t bad but like your mom, it didn’t really interest you and you sometimes forgot you had left something on the fire. So at the compound, Wanda took the role of big sister seriously and forbade you from using the kitchen and always made something from you.
To your surprise, Cheryl agreed to go with you on your bike, something that was short of shocking. When she put on one of your helmets and leather jackets you had to take a minute. You thought she look hot before but that had nothing on her now. She noticed you staring and turned around with one hand on her hip.
“See something you like sugar.” She asked in a flirty tone and you had to shake your head a little to get the daze out and could only nod. Yes, you were liking what you saw.
“you look good in leather.” Was the only thing you could say in response. Instead of saying anything Cheryl smiled and straddled the bike. This woman was going to the death of you.
 A motorcycle-riding up the parking of with 2 people on it did raze a couple of heads. Even more when started recognizing Cheryl as she took off her helmet. Cheryl however didn’t seem to notice or care so you didn’t make a big deal out of it either. It wasn’t going to change the way you were going to treat her, it never did.
Walking out in front of her you held the door open for her and it made her laugh but she accepted it.
“what a gentlewoman.” She teased with a smile.
“well, I do aim to please and saw this hot girl in the parking lot and had to get her attention.” You fired back, with a smirk. She giggled slapping your shoulder before walking in. not ready to let it go you continued.
“you think she would be interested?” you wiggle your eyebrows at her.
  Betty who was sitting at one of the booths in POP’s, together with Veronica, Archie and Jugghead looked up when she heard the sound of a motorcycle approaching. Thinking one of the Serpents want to kick up some trouble.
“who’s that?” she askes, not recognizing the drive. Her friend's lookup.
“don’t recognize the bike. It is not someone from the Serpents.” Jugghead comments. Something familiar does spike when they see the driver park the bike, not yet realising it's you. At school, you only wear baggy clothes so they had never seen you like this.
“I don’t know who they are but they look good.” Veronica was openly gawking at the muscles that were on display through your leather jacket and skinny jeans. Archie on his turn was checking out the bike under you.
Recognizing your companion wasn’t that hard, her red hair came flowing from underneath the helmet and gave away their identity.
“well, whoever they are they have convinced Cheryl Blossom to ride on a bike with them.” Jugghead didn’t even try to be as amazed as his friends were, even though he was curious who the driver was.
All four being blown away when you took off your helmet and setting it on your lap while smiling at Cheryl who looked at you with a mock glare.
  “don’t have to be so fuzzy Red, you look good either way.” Your smooth words made her heart flutter while heat streamed to her face. Instead of responding she turned and marched toward the door. Although before she could even open it you already holding it open for her. Giving you a small smile she walked in and you followed. Leading Cheryl to one of the booths in the back of the shop. You tell her to relax as you take her order and walked toward the counter.
Sitting down Cheryl had the time to go over all the emotions she was feeling. You made her feel warm and secure. She only ever felled like that with Jason. Over the weekends she spends with you, you insisted you wanted to get to know the ‘real’ Cheryl as you called it and against her better judgment she caved, so she let the bitch side of her drop.
The other thing you did was take care of her, getting her food was only one of the small things you did and you never asked for anything in return. You also checked on her emotionally, telling her it was okay to be sad and mad over Jason’s death. With you, she was allowed to grieve, at school, she always had to keep up her perfect persona and her parents were sharks waiting for her to mess up to break her down some more. To say her feeling for you were growing was an understatement, the only she couldn’t say was where they were growing toward.
So Cheryl couldn’t help but smile when she saw you walking toward her with two food stray in hand.
Part 5
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simpforquicksilver · 19 hours ago
Tragedy 🎭
Request: can you maybe write a drabble/blurb/whatever you want with the 10th angst prompt “you’re hurting me”. Bucky x daughter!reader please? Maybe fatherfigure!steve as too?
Summary: Bucky has been freed of HYDRA yet, and his daughter must bear the consequences.
Warnings: Choking, extreme angst, sad!bucky
Join my followers celebration here!
You and Bucky had fallen asleep on the couch. It was the consequence of your weekly Friday-night movie marathon in an attempt to catch him up on pop culture. His vibranium arm was wrapped around your shoulders and your feet were tucked into the his side. Your heads were resting against the others as you slept in the dim light of the tv screen. All was perfectly peaceful.
That was, until you felt cold metal slip around your throat. Your eyelids shot open and you could feel you veins bulge as the air was squeezed up of them. Your fathers expression was dark and his glare was dissecting your insides.
“Papa?” You squeezed out, though you knew this was not your dad, this was the Winter Soldier and he was going to kill you.
“Please papa, you’re hurting me,” your voice was scratchy and broken but it seemed to get through to him because he soon dropped you down to the floor.
You coughed and wheezed trying to force oxygen into your lungs, and you heard your father gasp,
“(Y/n)? I didn’t- oh I’m so sorry doll. I don’t-” He stuttered out, before his light steps frantically padded out the door.
You looked up, tears welling in your eyes. Picking up the landline, you dialled the only number you had ever called.
“Hello?” The deep groggy voice called down the wire,
“Steve? He’s- he’ gone,”
“(Y/n)? I’ll be right there,”
He got there quickly and unlocked the door with his own set of keys, he had bought coffee along the way and set it down on the counter before he looked around for you.
He found you in your bedroom, huddled on your bed with your knees pressed to your chest.
“(Y/n)? What happened?”
“He- he tried to strangle me, but it wasn’t him,”
He nodded in understanding, “So he ran away once he realised what happened?”
The creak of the floor boards made you both look up to see the familiar silhouette in your door way.
“Papa?” You croaked, but he didn’t move.
“Buck?” Steve tried, and yet he still didn’t move, “Buck, what happened wasn’t your fault, the Wakandans are working on removing the programming,”
“Steve, I can’t be around them until its gone, until I’m free. They won’t be safe until I’m no longer like this.”
“Papa, we can fix this. Find a way! Its not as bad as you think,”
He shook his head, “Sam said he would fly me out in the morning,”
“Bucky, at least think about this! They need you!” Steve protested, standing up from the bed,
“Steve you can’t change my mind, I’m doing this to protect them.” And with that he walked off and out, the two of you hearing the front door slam behind him.
It felt as if the tears would never stop.
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yourtaletotell · a day ago
The Scarlet Hassassin - V
Tumblr media
Warnings: mention of death; Villain!Wanda; Villain!Pietro; Considerable sensitive subjects; agnst.
A/N: This chapter is a bit big, to open an arc. Everything from this chapter on will make more sense to you. I hope you enjoy it.
It all happened so fast, you followed Connor's signals, but something went wrong and you were found by Hydra. You remember feeling something fast moving past you, it looked like a man, and then a shock went through your body making you pass out.
'Why did you kill me?'
You opened your eyes suddenly when you heard Connor's voice. Your whole body was sore; they had removed your weapons. They chained you to the ground, making it impossible for you to stand up. You don't remember how many days you had been in there, but you knew that you hadn't had anything to eat in days, and you couldn't remember the last time you had a drink of water.
'Why did you kill me?'
It wasn't the first time you had been kidnapped, but it was the first time Hydra had kidnapped you.
You tried to move, but your body was too weak and any movement hurt. You weren't in a cell, you were in a shed. There was a monster from Loki's army standing over you. You could have sworn that this was some kind of experiment place. You took a deep breath, trying to find the strength, but your lung was hurting.
'Why did you kill me?'
The hydra knew they couldn't get information out of you, so leaving you weak was the best alternative.
You turned around slowly as you heard the sound of a metal door opening. You grunted as you felt your body alert you that you were not well. You noticed someone approaching, a young, white haired man.
"I thought you were already dead, but you seem to be inconvenient just like your father." The accent in his voice was strong, he had a smirk on his lips. "I hope you don't mind, but I'll get a snack here." He pulled into your field of vision a package of what looked like a sandwich. Your stomach grunted, loud enough to make the young man smile wider. You closed your eyes, trying to ignore your pleading body. "If you tell them what they need I can get one of those for you."
'You have to withstand hell to see glory.' It was Connor's voice, in an old memory echoing in your head.
You heard the door again and opened your eyes to look for movement, until you saw a woman. The woman. The one you saw when you closed your eyes, the one in your dreams. She was exactly as you dreamed, but she seemed to have a heavy, sad aura.
"Brother, you can't stay here," when she looked at you she stopped talking.
The young man noticed that you were staring at each other and then appeared in your sight. The woman seemed to whisper something to him in their native tongue, the man seemed to shoot back, by his body language he was nervous, it lasted a while before he dropped the sandwich on the table and walked away at a speed that was hard for the eyes to follow. She approached you, looking to you, but then raised her hand and let out a red light at you, and everything changed.
You were at your old school, with your childish stature. You were alone, as you were every time your mother came to get you. Your eyes roamed the school parking lot, searching. You saw a car approaching, a single car in the whole parking lot, it looked like hers. You ran with your awkward legs, jumping to reach the car.
The door opened, there were Connor and your mother.
Your mother was shot in the forehead while Connor had blood running down his neck.
They leaned toward you, white eyes lifeless.
‘Why did you kill us? You could have saved us.'
You screamed the last strength out of your lungs, bringing yourself out of the trance the woman had put you in. She looked at you with a few visible tears in her eyes, but she had a smirk. She turned away as she noticed your look of pain. She manipulated your mind by bringing out your worst fears.
“Report to your stations immediately. This is not a drill. We are under attack. We are under attack.” A voice announced, causing the woman to run away.
Your body began to give out, you felt the tingling and the lack of strength. You just let out a sigh and closed your eyes.
‘Hey, petite souris, it's okay I'm with you.’
You felt something disturb your face, a light. You were on alert now, your ear listening to the machines around you, your hand feeling the softness of what felt like sheets. You strained and opened your eyes, trying to adjust to the light.
"Jarvis, the curtains please," a husky voice caught your attention.
“Of course Miss Romanoff”
You opened your mouth, but it was too dry for any sound. You sat up awkwardly, trying to reach for a glass of water. Natasha noticed your effort and got up to help you. She was wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt. She looked tired.
You got even closer to Natasha, when you found out that Shield was going to fall, the assassins' council had informed you about the hydra agents that were undercover. You warned Nick Fury, but it was too late for him, the attack he suffered was quick. But it was you who helped him stay hidden until Shield went down with Hydra. Besides Natasha, Steve and Sam became your friends too.
"I know you have questions, you are in the Avengers tower, you blacked out for 4 days. Your body was dehydrated, but Banner and Dr. Cho were able to help you recover quickly." Natasha handed you another glass, but you signaled that you needed more. "Hydra doesn't know what you are, only that you are Stark's daughter." You took a deep breath, closed your eyes, and threw your head back. Natasha sat on the corner of your bed, "You scared me, I thought I was going to lose you." You opened your eyes to look at her, raised your eyebrow and she laughed. "I owed you, for saving Nick, Steve and me."
"You have saved me more times than I can count." You said with difficulty.
"Who knew, right?" she held up her hand, stroking it with her thumb. "I told Stark that I knew you from a museum, I made the perfect story." She looked you in the eye. "I couldn't get your weapons back."
"That's okay, the council always has at least one that we can pick up."
"Thor is going back to Asgard, we will have a party, I wanted you along with us." Natasha said smiling and you pretended to think but just nodded in agreement. "Perfect, I'll leave some clothes that I think will fit you."
The party was not what you expected, it was more a gathering of people trying to boost their own ego. Occasionally Natasha stayed by your side, but always someone pulled her into a conversation. The one who kept you company the most was Maria, who played flirtatious games with you to get away from someone. Tony was the only one to avoid any interaction with you, everyone noticed. The avengers thought that Tony's withdrawal was a lack of trust.
The party was about to end, when Natasha pulled into a corner, hiding something behind her back.
"Nat, we tried that before and it didn't work." You said smiling playfully with an arched eyebrow.
"Ew, no." She laughed and showed a box to you. "For all the help you've done over the past few years."
You were about to object, but she just took your hand and put the box down for you to hold. When you opened it, it was a hidden blade, it looked like yours, but more modern. She took it and put it over your arm, helping you to put it on. You activated the blade and noticed an electric current in it.
"Nat..." You lost your voice as you noticed your mother's name studded on the blade. You felt your eyes burn, threatening to tear, so you put the blade away and pulled Natasha into a hug.
"She is proud of you." She said stroking your back.
A huff caught your attention, causing you to turn away.
"Everyone's gone." Clint said pointing to the hall. "Thor is calling."
Natasha held your arm and pulled you to the sofas where the team was sitting. You sat between Natasha and Maria. You laughed at Rhodey's jokes while Tony picked on Steve. You watched as one by one the men tried to lift Thor's hammer.
"You know you lift it right?" you whispered leaning towards Natasha who just laughed at your comment.
A loud noise coming from the speakers made everyone cover their ears, but soon it stopped and everyone looked at each other in confusion. One of Tony's robots appeared, it was from the Iron Legion, it walked awkwardly to the center of the Hall. Everyone stood up, startled by the apparition.
“ Worthy... No, how could you all be worthy? You're all killers.” The robot spoke. “I'm sorry, I was asleep. Or... I was a-dream?”You felt a chill spread through your body. “There was a terrible noise... and I was tangled in... in... strings. I had to kill the other guy. He was a good guy.”
Tony seemed to be trying to reprogram the robot but it wasn't working. Your body put your senses on alert, your heart was racing.
“You killed someone?” Steve asked in a rigid posture.
“Wouldn't have been my first call. But, down in the real world we're faced with ugly choices.”
“Who sent you?” Thor asked, clenching his wrists.
‘I see a suit of armor around the world.’ It was Tony's voice being reproduced, you looked at him who was ignoring everyone.
“Ultron.” Bruce let out in surprise.
“In the flesh. Or, no, not yet. Not this... chrysalis. But I'm ready. I'm on a mission.”
"What mission?" Natasha asked.
You have moved out of the robot's field of vision into an attack position.
“Peace in our time.”
You heard explosions, and then the wall broke open to several Iron Legion robots. You pushed off the rest of the wall and jumped over a robot. The robot turned around trying to knock you down, but you held on, your sense gave you a direction, and you directed it to a wall. You jumped to the ground when you saw the pillar and the robot crashed into itself and exploded into pieces. Another robot came at you and you avoided its blasters, sliding past it on the floor. You jumped onto a couch and jumped over the robot that was destabilized, you took the opportunity and with your hidden blade, decapitated it. You looked around and saw that the rest of the robots were destroyed, only Ultron was still standing.
“That was dramatic! I'm sorry, I know you mean well. You just didn't think it through. You want to protect the world, but you don't want it to change. How is humanity saved if it's not allowed to...evolve?” He picks up one of the dismembered Iron Legion bots. “With these? These puppets?” He crushes the Iron Legion bot's head. “There's only one path to peace: The Avengers' extinction.”
Before everyone could assimilate, you appeared behind the robot and decapitated it with your hidden blade.
The discussion was heated, everyone was confronting Tony. Your head seemed to formulate the best ideas for a solution. You couldn't come up with one that didn't involve joining them.
“Recall that? A hostile alien army came charging through a hole in space. We're standing three hundred feet below it. We're the Avengers. We can bust arms dealers all the livelong day, but, that's up there? That's... that's the end game. How were you guys planning on beating that?” Tony seemed to be losing patience.
"Together." Steve replied.
"We're going to lose." Tony said.
" You will only lose if you turn yourselves in." You said drawing everyone's attention. "You need to go through hell to know glory."
"I'm sorry, but why do you even have a word here?" Tony said looking at you for the first time in the night. "Ever since you showed up everything started to go wrong."
"I saved your life...," You tried to speak but he cut you off.
"You saved my life? Telling me to stay away from abstergo? Is that saving my life?" He shouted sarcastically, Rhodey held him back as he realized he was about to approach. "I don't even know what the hell you're still doing here!" Rhodey pushed him back, while Steve stood beside you. "You don't want to call me Dad and yet you bring me trouble. Hooking up with your mother was the biggest mistake of my life."
You took a step back, denying with your head, you let out a humorless laugh and felt a tap on your shoulder. You took a deep breath, trying to clear your head. "Don't worry Stark, if I could I'd get your DNA out of my body so I wouldn't have to live with the weight of a name that financed wars."
Before anyone could say anything, you left.
"The Council voted not to interfere with these activities, Scarlet." One of the members replied.
The council kept you waiting for three hours so they could come to a consensus about what happened with Ultron.
"Are you guys kidding?" You shouted, Maya stood next to you, whispered a no so that only you could hear. "We are talking about a robot that can expand on the networks, he can compromise the brotherhood if it is his will."
"Scarlet, we understand, but we have an open mission that needs to be completed." Another Council member replied.
"Destroying the abstergo is more important?" You let out in a sarcastic tone.
"You want them not to destroy humanity, but you refuse to help when another enemy shows up." You ripped off your costume and threw your sash on the floor. "I refuse to follow this hypocrisy."
Before you heard any response from the council members, you simply left and headed for your facility that you shared with Connor. You felt your chest heavy as you saw the untouched things of the past years. His side was as if he was still there. You turned to your side, packing your things. Studies, photos, books, clothes.
You opened the shared safe and noticed, that besides money and documents, there was a diary. You took the diary in your hands, it had a leather cover and there was something jammed in it. 'Thoughts of Connor Alexander Kenway'. Your mind told you not to open it, but your heart told you otherwise. You opened it, and the first page was a picture of you, with Amanda and him, both making funny faces. You felt tears forming in your eyes. You turned another page and your heart squeezed.
'In case you are reading this, something happened to me, so here are some things I have discovered over the years.'
Taglist: @tomy5girls @helloalycia @izalesbean @trikruismybitch @aimezvousbrahms @prettysbliss @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @diaryoflife @severepeanutartisanhands @mycosmicparadise @bennyharmon @abimess @randomshyperson
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kj-1130 · a day ago
I will be starting up Nothing For Me again. Quite a few people have asked me to continue it and I’m glad you guys are enjoying the story.
It most likely will be another week or so until I get the next part up (ya know writer’s block and just regular ol life).
Whenever I do finish up Nothing For Me, I plan to start a sequel called Anything For You. Let me know if anyone would be interested in that so I can go ahead and start preparing it and taglist for that etc..
Anyways, have a good day and be on the lookout for the next part!!
Remember to check out my masterlist and fill out taglist info!
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callme-maria · a day ago
The Ballerina Life (part 1) - Platonic!Tony Stark x child!reader
Pairing: Platonic!Tony Stark x child!reader
reader is probably Peter's age
Warnings: Minor eating disorder, parent neglect,
part 2
Tumblr media
“Dad?” Y/n called out.
Tony didn’t make any form of acknowledgement to his child calling him, instead, he continued to fix his suits. Y/n was used to not being noticed by their dad, after all, they hated science, couldn’t even name 10 periodic elements. Instead, they played violin and did ballet. Y/n plastered a fake smile on their face to hide their disappointment and went to go and put the tickets for their ballet recital on the fridge. They opened the pantry and went to grab a bag of crisps, then looked down at their stomach and thought, 
‘Maybe Madame D'Aboville was right, I am getting fat, maybe I’ll just have a water.’ 
So they closed the pantry and went to go remind their dad of their ballet recital tomorrow.
“Dad? Do you have a second?” Y/n asked, entering his lab.
“Is it urgent?” He replied.
“Well its just to remind you about my recital, you are coming right?”
He looked up at them then looked back down at whatever project he was doing this time.”Uh, yeah yeah I’ll come, what time is it at?”
“Its at seven, seven pm” Y/n replied.
“Yeah, I’ll be able to come, now go do your homework, or something” 
“Love you Dad”
“Yeah Yeah, get out of the my lab”
“Hey kid, what’s wrong?”
Y/n turned to look at Steve.
“Its nothing, I’m going to go train.” Y/n said, getting up from their lounging position on the couch.
Steve eyed them carefully but let her go nonetheless. 
Y/n got changed into a muscle tee and a pair of sweatpants. Standing  in front of the mirror, they saw that their waist was wider than they last checked. They huffed and googled a waist shrinking workout on youtube. Y/n memorised the tutorial, grabbed their towel and water bottle, and left the room.
Y/n soon arrived at the training room and began doing their workout that they had previously planned. After doing this workout, they went onto the treadmill, deciding that it would help them burn calories.
They’d been running for about 2 hours, and Y/n decided it was time to train ballet.
“JARVIS, can you please notify the Avengers that I’ll be eating after practicing ballet?”
“Of course Y/n, sending notification the the Avengers... now.” The AI responded, not missing a beat.
“Thank you JARVIS”
After practicing her ballet, Y/n went straight to their bedroom to have a shower in their en suite. They stripped themself of their workout clothes and entered the expensive shower.
Y/n finished their shower and was brushing their hair when they heard laughter coming from the lab.
‘Probably Dad and Peter laughing at cat memes again’ They thought.
Y/n walked out of their en suite in a towel and grabbed their blue stitch onesie and put it on. The zipped it up and climbed into their bed. Y/n covered themselves with the f/c duvet and grabbed f/b from their night stand.
‘Just a normal day in my life’ they thought, retiring for the night.
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shaded-echoes · 2 days ago
Inauspicious Stars // Prologue
Stark!Peter Parker x Rogers!Reader
Taglist: @potters-heart
Two households, both alike in dignity
(In fair New York where we lay our scene),
From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,
Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.
From forth the fatal loins of these two foes
A pair of star-crossed lovers “take their life”;
Whose misadventured piteous overthrows
Doth with their death bury their parents’ strife.
The fearful passage of their death-marked love
And the continuance of their parents’ rage,
Which, but their children’s’ end, naught could remove,
Is now the two hours’ traffic of our stage.
The which, if you with patient ears attend,
What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend.
Do they make it? None shall tell you
(but I won’t tell you they don’t get away)
This tale of Romeo and Juliet
The passage of time, and mortals, and play
Next Part >>>
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kj-1130 · 3 days ago
Should I continue Nothing For Me??
I have things planned for it, but I want to be sure that people are still reading it.
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morganstark15 · 3 days ago
These are just some clarifications about what I’m going to write about and I would greatly appreciate it if you read it.
So I’ve decided that I’m going to begin writing the story I talked about last week.
If you didn’t see it I said this:
“I want to write a story about a girl who is the biological daughter of Tony stark but has powers because of the Greek gods. So kind of a crossover between Percy Jackson and the avengers.
Where like the day her mother was giving birth or very late in the pregnancy the gods were having a fight and it caused a natural disaster which affected her mother or something or they felt bad and awarded them with gifts that are powers.”
But I’m going to specify now a couple of things:
The reader will be female and mixed race (daughter of Tony stark and a black mother)
She will have CHAOS POWERS, which are born from a chaotic storm that was formed during a dispute between the twelve main Greek gods.
She inherited a little of each of them and it resulted in a great amount of energy born both out of the goodness and evil surging in that moment.
Her mother and Tony were never in a stable relationship. They had a one night stand where the reader was conceived.
After giving birth she dies and Tony takes her in, but is unaware of his daughters powers. (This will be explained in more detail in the story)
Thanks for reading this if you have and tell me what you think!
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slutfornat · 3 days ago
fem. reader x wanda, 1 and 8??
Hufflepuff // W.M
Tumblr media
You and Peter were arguing when the avengers decided to finally see why you two were yelling for the past forty minutes. Tony and Steve obviously made a bet to see who's right which wanda joined.
The door was opened just as you shouted "I'm a Hufflepuff for fuck's sake! I would make an amazing girlfriend". A couple of them begin laughing as wanda says "I'm sure you would, y/n."
"Y/n Stark, you are nineteen, that is far to young to have a partner" tony says before continuing, "and yes I said partner, I know how it is with teens, I have tik tok unlike capsical."
They all just stare at you for a couple seconds until you snap, "take a picture, it might last longer". "Well, at least I won the bet" wanda says.
"At least I wasn't married to a toaster" you say and she answers "good thing I can marry you legally instead for a change."
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marvelousbucky55 · 4 days ago
Story ideas!! Tell me what one you like more
Tumblr media
Sebastian Stan X Evans!reader
You are Chris Evans younger sister and while on set with Chris you meet his friend, you slowly fall in love with him, bus Chris doesn’t approve, do you continue talking or do you stop?? (Sorry I’m horrible at explaining things)
Chris Evans x daughter!reader
You are Chris Evans daughter but before you could even remember things he had to give you up for adoption 15 years later, you come back in his life again
Tel me what one you like most!!
Posted (5/4/21)
May the 4th be with you
Tumblr media
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blueposthings · 4 days ago
Little Informant (pt.3)
Warnings: Language, mentions of suicide aka death of Brock Rumlow, daddy issues :D
Word count: 2.8k+
You were brought to the Avengers Compound and they had you checked up by the doctors they had on standby. They confirmed your injuries to be a broken nose, a sprained wrist, some bruising on your stomach and back, and a couple of hairline fractures to your ribs. The doctor let you go with a request of staying out of fights for at least a couple months but the team wouldn’t let you off that easily.
So here you were, tailing a billionaire with a goatee as he led you from the elevator to the conference room of the Avengers Compound. Upon arriving, you became... uncomfortable, to say the least. The room full of notorious heroes couldn’t help but stare at you; the bruised and battered teenager wearing a loaned SHIELD shirt a couple sizes too big with a cast on her wrist. They stared at you because despite your unfamiliar existence, you reminded them of the man that, one way or another, almost tore them apart for good.
For Steve, it was the man who he had trusted and worked with until he betrayed him and tried to kill him on multiple occasions. For Sam, it was the man he fought only seconds before he almost died among the rubbles of a collapsing building, the man he thought he left to die in that same building. For Wanda, it was the man she had thrown through a construction filled with innocent people as she watched him blow himself up, no way of escaping death. For Bucky, it was the man that had commanded him to do despicable things by day and watched him get tortured by night.
Even with the holes you could feel burning into your figure, you held your composure and straightened your back. When Stark told you to sit, you did so while you held your head high, not afraid to make eye contact anytime you caught another’s eyes. You steadied your breath, you hid your emotions and fear, you pretended to be someone you weren’t, because that’s what a Rumlow does.
“So,” Tony broke the silence. “Wanna tell us your name?”
You diverted your gaze to the man. “Y/N.”
“Okay, Y/N,” he sat down across from you. “Where have you been all this time? Because honestly, I couldn’t find anything about you for the life of me.”
“Minding my own business.” You said, a sharp edge to your voice.
Steve spoke before Tony, stopping the two of you from getting into a snarky comments fight. “Tell us what happened.”
You leaned back in your seat, trying to make yourself look less intimidated, less small. “I got back to my apartment, and there was a man trying to kill me.”
“Who was he?” Natasha then spoke up.
“Beats me,” You shrugged, “said he was an old family friend.”
“So he knew you?” Steve leaned in, resting his forearms on the table.
“No.” You shook your head. “He said when I accessed the information I gave to you, it sent a signal to them, and they thought my dad had come back from the dead.” You paused. “But he knew my name.”
“And that is weird… why?” Another man from the far corner of the table you recognized as Colonel James Rhodes inquired.
“Well if your genius of a friend here couldn’t figure out my name without asking me himself, I don’t suppose your everyday hitman could.” You bit, a defensive tone never leaving your voice.
“You said ‘they’. Who is ‘they’?” Steve asked, disregarding your attitude.
You sighed, exaggerating your exasperation. “I don’t know, okay? HYDRA, Hero Mercs, whatever- he did try to recruit me into his whatever-little-army, which I declined. Then he wanted to know what I did with all the shit I got from that laptop. He wasn’t very happy with the answer.”
This time Bucky leaned in with interest. “He tried to recruit you?”
“And I said no.” You repeated yourself, putting an emphasis on every word. “He went ballistic and almost shot me in the head but I shot him first, beat his ass unconscious and ran like hell.”
“Which was impressive, by the way.” Clint couldn’t help but say.
You pulled your lip in to a sarcastic smile. “Thanks. I suppose my dad taught me a thing or two.”
You noticed the way everyone would tense everytime you mentioned your dad. This time Steve looked down for a second, you could swear there was sadness and guilt in his eyes. Good, you thought. You knew it was probably selfish to think this way, The Avengers probably did what had to be done and plus, they didn’t know Rumlow had a kid, but you still wanted them to feel bad. You wanted them to at least think of the unknown damage they have bestowed upon hundreds of people while they were fighting the big fight.
“Speaking of,” Tony cleared his throat. “You know anything about what your dad did? At all?”
“Aside from what he told me, no. Not one bit.”
“And what did he tell you?” Natasha inquired.
“That he worked for SHIELD.” You let your gaze divert to the wall across you, staring at nothing. “After SHIELD was gone he said he’d gotten recruited into another security agency. I didn’t know anything about this-” you paused, gesturing to nothing in particular, “mess.” You sighed again, your defensive and rude facade faltering ever so slightly. “Then one day he left for a mission and never came back.”
“I’m sorry for your loss.” Sam said after a moment of silence.
You only looked at him, face unreadable. After that, you went back to the cocky, overly-confident brat you were. “So, can I go now?”
“No.” Steve answered without missing a beat. “You barely made it out alive, Y/N. It’s not safe for you to go back out there by yourself.”
"Yeah, remember the last time you tried to do that?" Tony asked rethorically, gesturing to the bruises on your face and the cast adorning your wrist.
You rolled your eyes at the man.
“We have more than enough space here for you. You should stay.” Steve said, although his tone made you believe it wasn’t really a suggestion.
You let yourself think for a short moment. “For how long?”
“Until we clear out every immediate threat,” Tony answered as he pulled up the hologram showing a bunch of digital files. “With the information you’ve given to us, I’d say about four weeks.”
With a deep breath you say “okay.” The fact that you had agreed a bit too quickly raised a few questions for everyone around you but they figured not to push their luck.
Tony raised to his feet. “FRIDAY, show Y/N one of the empty rooms.”
“Of course.” An unknown being voiced ahead. “From the door to your right please, Ms. Rumlow.”
You were surprised with the AI addressing you by your last name, but as always you recomposed yourself within a split second. No one even noticed your quick flustered demeanor aside from Bucky and Steve who picked up how your heart rate sped up just a little bit. You rose from your seat and left without a second glance, following the directions from the AI echoing the hallways.
You were left to your own accords for a few hours, FRIDAY left a message from Tony that said you should settle in. But the only belongings you had brought was your knife and the gun Steve had yet to return to you. The sun was already rising, you haven’t slept in almost three days but even after the long night you’ve had, you still couldn't sleep. So you sat on the edge of the way too comfortable bed, staring off to the skyline.
There was a knock on the door right around six o’clock in the morning. You pulled yourself out of your train of thought and stood to open the door. On the other side was Sam Wilson, his hands were behind his back and it seemed like he had aged a couple years since you last saw him merely hours ago.
You looked at him expectantly, mouth shut waiting for him to speak.
“I have something you probably want to have.” He unclutched his right palm in front of him, his eyes studying your reaction upon seeing your father’s dog tags in his hands.
You grabbed it hastily. “Where did you find this?”
“In your apartment,” he said truthfully. “I probably shouldn’t have, I’m sorry.”
You didn’t reply, you only looked at the metal tag sitting in your hands. You wondered how you could have missed it. When you lost your dad, you quite literally lost your dad; you didn’t even know where your dad was buried -or if he was even buried at all. And for three years, your dad’s dog tag was the only remains of him that you had. You had held on to it for so long but you must have forgotten about it after your mind was too clouded by HYDRA, Hero Mercs, and the fact that everything you thought you knew about your dad turned out to be a complete lie.
“Sam.” You didn’t even register the word leaving your mouth. You sounded so scared, so broken. So small.
The older man raised his eyebrows. Though your eyes weren’t meeting his, you could feel him staring at you. You’d expected judgement, deprecation, but you could only feel kindness maybe even a bit of sympathy.
“Is it wrong?”
“Is what wrong?”
“That I still- that I still love him,” you sniffled, tears glistening your eyes, “even after I know what he’s done.”
“No. Of course not.” There was no hesitation in his answer. “People are… complicated. I didn’t know your dad like you did. But from what I’ve gathered, he was a good dad to you.”
You nodded. Because he was an amazing dad. He lied to you, that’s obvious by now, but in the back of your head you believed it was because he wanted to protect you, he wanted what’s best for you. And that’s what made you held on through the past few days.
Sam suddenly continued, his tone changing to one more serious and deep. “Steve didn’t kill him.”
“What?” You finally met Sam’s eyes in a surprise, blinking your tears away.
“He, uh- he killed himself. Steve was there, he was the last person to talk to him and I think he felt responsible.” Sam added with a sigh. “I thought you should know,”
“Oh.” You felt a crippling dull pain crawl from your chest to the rest of your body. Your dad killed himself? Why would he do that when he knew you were waiting for him to come back home? You were just a kid -hell you’re still a kid now, he wouldn’t do that to you. Would he? No, no, he cared for you, he wouldn’t leave you if he had a choice… Right?
There was a moment of tense silence, you were processing and internally panicking and Sam, well truthfully he didn’t know what to do at the moment. He had worked with a handful of war-wounded veterans but he had never consoled a teenager before, let alone a teenager who had just learnt that her mass-murderer father intentionally left her when he decided to blow himself up.
When he looked up, he was greeted by a slam of the door. He flinched, wondering if he made the right decision by telling you what he told you. He finally sighed, sparing one last glance to the door closed tight before walking away.
You sat on the floor, your heart was pounding so hard that you forgot about all of the injuries you had obtained less than six hours ago. The metal accessory you had once thought to be a source of warmth and a reminder of love was now as cold as ice, you could almost feel the letters ingrained into it glaring at you. A reminder that the man you thought you knew, you thought you could rely on, the man you grew up looking up to was nothing else but a stranger who shared the same DNA as you.
Then you planned.
You planned all the things you were going to do within the next four weeks you will be cooped up in this tower. The Avengers now know who you were; where you lived, and so did the people who worked with your dad who now probably wants you dead. You can’t stay in New York anymore so you planned your disappearance. Faking your death might seem a bit far fetched, too dramatic. So you decided after these four weeks were up, you would leave. You would leave with a smile and an expression of gratitude to the people who have protected you. Then you’d say you would return to your apartment and process, you’d need some alone time, about a week. You would tell them to leave you alone for a week, but they were welcomed to visit afterwards. But you will be long gone by then.
Afterall, you didn’t just inherit your father’s last name, or eyes, or jawline, or cocky demeanor. If there was one thing you’ve learnt about your family these past few days, is that the Rumlows are one hell of a liar.
You found yourself walking home one night when you came across a TV in a store’s front display playing a live news report. You held your breath, not stopping the small smile creeping up your lips.
Proud was an understatement. You might not have known him for too long, only for four weeks, but during those weeks you saw how kind, thoughtful, and responsible he really was. Sam was arguably the person who cared about you the most, despite what you’ve heard from Vision -who, mind you, has no filters whatsoever- his encounter with your late father wasn’t exactly a pleasant one. You listened to Sam's speech the other night and you knew there was no one more suited to takeover the mantle than him.
You have been thinking for a while about what would have happened if you never left New York, if you have stayed with The Avengers. Maybe you would eventually become an Avenger yourself, maybe you would have fought against Thanos, maybe you would’ve been blipped -or even died. There were so many possibilities, however none of them made you regret the decision that you made.
Besides, fighting the big fight wasn’t really your thing, you’ve figured that much. You didn’t have superpowers or flying suits or extensive Red Room training, all you had were the skills your father left you with and some self-taught tricks you learnt while you were on the run. And if with great powers comes great responsibility, then your smaller power comes with smaller responsibilities; can’t say you’d complain. So with a mask covering your face and a fake name to hide your identity, you stayed on the ground; protecting the little guy. That’s what you’ve been doing for at least three years now and you gotta say, Baltimore has quite grown on you.
“What do you think?” A familiar voice rang, breaking your train of thought.
“Of the new Captain?” You glanced at your boyfriend beside you. “I think he’s the right man for the job. Glad he finally made the decision, I don’t imagine it was easy for him.”
“Yeah,” he nodded knowingly. “I bet.”
It was silent for a couple of minutes, the both of you stood hand in hand as you two listened to the news reporter reviewing the stunts the Flag Smashers tried to pull yesterday night. However, the silence was soon broken by the shrill of a police siren passing by you across the street.
You looked at your boyfriend apologetically.
“Well, I guess that’s your cue,” he smiled at you teasingly, “Shadow Trail.”
“Oh, shut up.” You pushed him by the shoulder lightly.
“I really wish I could go with you.” The smile on his face turned into a sad one. His hands lingered on your hips, unwilling to let you go.
“And give your grandpa a heart attack?” You joked, poking his nose to try to lighten up the mood. When it didn’t work you sighed, looping your arms around his neck. “I know you do, babe. Soon, maybe. Okay?”
He planted a kiss on your lips, mumbling an “okay.”
There were a couple more police cars passing by you and you forced yourself away from your lover. “I gotta go, I love you.” You turned to walk towards the direction the police cars had gone.
“I love you too.” He said before you got too far. “Bring that beautiful face of yours back home safe!”
“You bet!” You shouted over your shoulder but then you stopped and turned on your heels. “Oh, and Eli?”
His eyes hadn’t leave yours when he tilted his face to the side, cocking an eyebrow.
“If you see Sam again, tell the Captain I send him my best regards.”
Tag list: @iamthescarlettwitch @sincerely-kizzy @ineedmorefanfics @moonyinthestars @mjaudrey @anon03030
The laugh that left his lips was bubbly, genuine. “I will, Y/N.”
With the MCU starting to drop hints in kick-starting Young Avengers I thought why not give a little tribute to it. I was thinking about making more fics based on this Y/N when Young Avengers and Eli Bradley as Patriot becomes canon in the MCU where Shadow Trail would eventually become a part of Young Avengers. With her family background and her history with The Avengers I feel like it would be a fun storyline to play with. But I would love to know what you think!
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ackermanbitch · 4 days ago
i wanna write for marvel, like ong, send me marvel requests >:(
my only rule is no smut! im bad at writing it and i also mostly write for minor characters so like 😃obviously no smut
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simpforquicksilver · 5 days ago
Tarantula 🕷 - Pt 4
Warnings: fighting, burnt skin, descriptions of pain, mentions of knives and guns
“Ugh,” you groaned, reaching your hand up to rub your throbbing, groggy head, “Vision?” You called sitting up, looking for the synthesoid,
“(Y/n)?” He called, gingerly you started to stand up, surveying the scene. You could no longer see the barrier, so you assumed the walls had expanded.
“What happened?” Your hand reached out, helping him to stand,
“Wanda must have discovered that I was trying to leave, so she prevented it.”
“Then where did all these people come from?” You surveyed the chaos of the circus scene,
“They’re from outside WestView, they were some kind of military operation,”
“And Wanda changed them to fit with her world,” you quickly connected the dots,
“It seems so,”
Just then a man dressed in a neon spandex suit walked over to the two of you, “You’re the new clowns?” He asked the both of you, “At least you’re already in makeup, and your late for rehearsal with the escape artist. Come on.” The man turned and gestured for you to follow him,
The pair of you strolled over to the woman who seemed to be the escape artist, “can I help you creeper?”
“You don’t remember me from last night? We locked eyes. There was an unspoken understanding.” Vision gestured between the two of them,
“When?” You asked incredulously, “You met her last night?”
“Yeah no-” the woman started walking away, breaking out of her chains as she turned, “It’s a hard pass,”
“No please!” Vision started running after her, “Wait! Wait up!”
“Vision? What are you doing?” You called after him, trying to keep up,
“Excuse me. Uh you tried to help me.”
“Doubtful.” She scoffed, “I’m notoriously self-involved.”
“No. No, no. Please just hear me out,”
“Alright,” she started tapping her foot,
“I believe that you are part of a team monitoring a supernatural anomaly and now… well, you’re in it,”
“Fine. I’ll go out with you, but I’m ordering the lobster.”
You sighed, whoever this was, was clearly still under the hypnosis of the town. You nudged Vision’s side, and gestured to your temples. He nodded in understanding,
“Look!” You cried, “that mime! His tray is getting too heavy.”
“Oh! Your bad back!” The woman spun around and began to rush towards the mime when Vision grabbed her forehead and pulled her back into reality,
She stumbled, trying to find her footing, shaking her head, “whoa, okay! Ohh! Oh my god,”
“Awake?” Vision helped support her,
“You know, part of me secretly wanted a guest spot on the show, but seriously, that sucked.”
“You don’t have to tell me,” you rolled your eyes,
“Look,” Vision asked, “what is your name? Your real name?”
“Darcy Lewis,”
“You’re a scientist aren’t you?” You tilted your head in understanding,
“Yes, Dr. Darcy Lewis I intercepted a communication regarding your work.”
“Hey! The lions just got off stage. You’re up,” spandex yelled at you from the tent entrance,
“We need to go,”
“Dr Lewis, we have questions,” Vision had desperate notes in his voice,
“And- I have answers.”
“Come on,” you watched as the ringmaster began to march towards you,
“We should take this convo on the road,” Darcy gestured towards a parked food truck,
“I’m so sorry the doctor and I have a prior engagement.” Vision called to the ringmaster,
“No, she not goin’ anywhere,”
All it took was a swift punch to his nose, straight from your fist, for his body to flop dramatically to the floor. However, that prompted all the other clowns and circus-folk to run at you and attack.
“Go! Go!” You yelled over the violent mob, “I’ll catch up! I know how to fight!”
Vision and Darcy began sprinting towards a food van, and you began punching, kicking and disarming in a frenzy of colourful bodies falling one by one to the floor. By the time you were done, the van had sped away down the road. Sprinting and stepping over the heap of bodies, you ran after the pair. You soon caught up, grabbing onto the rails on the back door and pulling yourself in.
“How did you get here so fast?” Vision twisted around to face you,
“I ran” you shrugged,
“Yes, but we were going at 70mph, a human can’t really run above 30. And you’re a teenage girl, how did you manage to take out 40 full-grown men at once?” Darcy mused, keeping her eyes on the road,
“I don’t want to talk anymore,” you slid down, your back to the front-seat. You slowly close your eyes, trying to keep your mind clear after the stress of the last hours. However, in your exhaustion, you drifted off to sleep in the back of the food-truck.
“Your legacy is too much to waste,” The bald man slowly paced around you, “You have unimaginable power, and it will surely increase in the future. You are our asset now, no longer an assassin-for-hire.” His long, delicate fingers reached out and hooked themselves under your chin, pushing your head up, “Yes, such valuable potential.”
“(Y/n)? Are you alright?” You awoke to Darcy’s face peering at yours, she seemed concerned,
“Uh, yes I’m fine, why do you ask?”
“You were crying, in your sleep. Did you have a nightmare?”
“Something like that,“ you murmured as you stood up, “Where’s Vision?”
“He left,”
“Where did he go?”
“To find Wanda I think? She kept holding us up with obstacles,”
“I should go,”
“What? Why? Do you know what’s happening?”
“No, not really, but I’ve done this kind of thing before. If Vision’s gone to find Wanda, then there’s a fight coming,”
“Do you want me to drive you?” Darcy questioned as you opened the back door of the van and stepped out,
“Nah,” you turned back around to face her “I’m fast remember?”
You sprinted all the way from the isolated back roads that circled WestView, all the way to the town centre. You watched cautiously from around the corner as you saw Wanda surrounded by the residents, you knew better than to intervene, the fight hadn’t started yet.
Carefully, you crossed from alley to alley, eventually running up the stairs to your apartment. As far as you could remember, you hadn’t been there since Agnes had taken you.
Once you got past the front door, you started rushing, there was no time to waste. Black combat trousers, black athletic T-shirt, knives into their sheathes and guns into their holsters. It was something you had worn a million times before, but it felt strange. You had tried to leave it behind, and yet you kept coming back to it.
Climbing up the stairs again, you crouched as you snuck across the roof. Carefully laying yourself down onto your stomach, you pulled out a gun and set it up, readying yourself to be a sniper when the battle began. But as you looked up, you saw the hex (as Darcy had described it) disappearing. Slowly and surely it was disintegrating, and Wanda was at the centre. Her body was bent backwards, and her face was screwed up from the strain of the release. You were frozen, you wanted to help her, that was, until you saw Vision. Stomach to the floor, pieces of him slowly dissolving away. You knew it was because of the hex’s slow and steady disappearance, and helping him was the new priority.
No longer caring about secrecy and subtlety, you sprinted up, off the roof and down the stairs, desperate to help him. But when you arrived on the ground, you spotted the twins, disintegrating just like their father.
When Vision spotted you, he gestured as if to say; “help my children,”. And you did as he wished, rushing over to the boys, slipping your arms beneath them to support their bodies and help them stand. You really didn’t know what else to do.
“Now do you see?” a sinister-looking lady dressed in imperious purple thundered atop a building, “You’ve tied your family to this twisted world, and now one cannot exist without the other,” tears welled in your eyes, you had come to help, but you could offer them nothing as their screams of pain echoed around the town, “Save WestView, or save your family,”
The screams became too much, and you squeezed your eyes shut, focusing on trapping the tears in. You heard Wanda cry out, and prepared to feel the children disappear from your hands completely, instead they grew heavier and fuller. Looking down in surprise, you saw their bodies fully formed, along with the walls surrounding the town. The family’s first reaction, naturally, was to run towards each other, and you stood behind them guarding them from any oncoming threats, it was only then that you recognised the self-proclaimed witch as Agnes, the woman who had pretended to be your mother.
The reunion was over quickly however, because Agnes shot a burning blast of purple energy towards the five of you. You all reacted in an instant, Wanda turning to shield her family with her powers, and Vision pulling you beneath the protection.
“I know who you are,” he whispered into your ear, as he pulled both you and the boys close to him,
There was not time to contemplate his statement, because Wanda let out another gasp of pain. Her powers were being pulled from her back, and all the threads landed in the hands of Agnes. The horror was evident by the expressions on everyone’s faces, Wanda’s hands were left blackened and burned, as if drained of life.
“Dad?” Billy trembled, looking at his father, who’s attention had been drawn to the copy of him, the albino version. But things just kept coming, because trucks started rolling in, military grade, and you felt your heart drop to your stomach, you didn’t want to tussle with the military again.
The superheroes readied themselves, pulling glowing energy from thin air. You loaded and cocked a hand pistol, aiming it at the doors of the vehicles readying yourself to shoot at any hostiles that emerged
Vision was quickly flung into the library by his pale counterpart, and you, Wanda and the twins were left to deal with Agnes and the military,
“There will always be torches and pitchforks for ladies like us, Wanda,” Agnes flung out her hand and sent the men labelled ‘SWORD’ flying, they were quickly caught by Wanda, however, as she set them down gently.
“Kids,” she turned to the three of you, “handle the military,”
You watched the boys grin as they geared up for their first fight, and you smiled inwardly to yourself, they really were born for this.
You instantly went into stealth mode, sneaking around corners, thrusting knives into the ankles of the soldiers, disappearing and reappearing from the shadows. The boys were having fun with their powers, Billy was stopping bullets in their tracks and Tommy was racing around; stealing jackets and caps from them. But your joy at doing what you were best at quickly faded as you saw a man unlike the others emerge from a car, he was not a soldier but he was dangerous, he was clearly the leader, and right then, he was aiming a gun at the children.
You didn’t know what had come over you, but you knew you wouldn’t reach them in time, so, on instinct reaction alone, you thrust out the same hand that had previously slipped through the barrier, right at the same time that a woman jumped in front of the boys. Most of the bullets passed through her in an orange haze, she was an enhanced of some kind, but some bullets had never reached her; they were floating, coated in a golden glow, exactly matching the one being emitted from your hand.
Your hand was hot, it felt as if it was burning. Like a thick, vicious liquid was running beneath your skin. You shook your wrist in an attempt to rid yourself of the strange sensation.
All three turned to you in shock, “nice trick,” the woman raised her eyebrows at you,
“Thanks, I like yours to,” you tilted your head and removed one of your favourite knifes from its sheath, completely ready to harm the man who thought it was perfectly fine to shoot at children. He was already back in his car, ready to bolt, when a familiar food-truck drove straight into him,
“Have fun in prison!” Darcy quipped,
Laughing to yourself, you set out on taking out the dick-heads lackeys. It was simple really, jump them from behind, wrap your legs around their torso, flip onto the ground using your momentum and either taser or punch until unconscious. Easy Peasy.
You decided not to use the glow again, not until you knew what it was, or where it came from, or even what it did. It couldn’t be trusted.
When all the men had been pushed to the ground or made to run away in fear, you watched as the white Vision retreated. The boys quickly ran to their father when he emerged from his battle,
“Dad! Dad! Dad!”
“Boys!” He embraced them,
“I’m Monica,” the woman from before held out her hand,
“Oh- I’m (Y/n),”
“Nice to meet you (Y/n), you’ve got some serious skills. You ever do any official work?”
“I don’t think the government would want me, we have a- checkered past.”
Monica pursed her lips together, sensing that she shouldn’t pry any further.
You started looking around, seeing if you could spot the villain of the hour, and you did. She was standing stock-still atop a roof and her eyes were void of emotion. Wanda had her. You grabbed Visions attention to Agathas predicament just in time, because a few seconds later, Wanda reappeared and started firing her red magic straight for Agatha, screaming; “take it, take the burden,”
Vision was not about to let his wife go to battle without him again, and he soared up, seeing if he could help her in any way. He was soon blocked by a shield of Wanda’s own creation, and you grinned, he might not see it yet, but she was a master of manipulation, she knew what she was doing.
You ushered the boys under the cover of the gazebo, wary that seeing their mother like this could be traumatising, and Vision and Monica followed. When the fighting came to a stand-still but no one emerged, you became anxious, and started fiddling with your belt. Even when the walls of the town started glowing with what looked like runes, still no one arrived. Vision was pacing the perimeter, more worried than the rest. You could hear him sigh in relief when both witches lowered to the ground, one looking forlorn and broken, the other more powerful than ever.
The sky cleared, and the hex walls disappeared once again. The boys exited the gazebo in a hurry, along with their father, you and Monica not far behind.
You observed the quiet conversation between to the two ladies, straining to hear their voices. But just before Wanda turned to her family, Agatha returned to Agnes again, the nosy neighbour and fake mother.
As the mother and father kissed their children and exchanged information, Monica started up another conversation with you,
“You’re Jimmys witness aren’t you,” her head tilted,
You sighed “How did you figure it out?”
“Someone with skills like that has got to have been in some tricky situations. And a checkered past with the government? Must have done something pretty bad. And Jimmy was pretty vague with descriptions, but he got very worried when he saw you on the WandaVision broadcast.”
“I’m probably going to be relocated now,”
“It’s likely,” she shrugged, “did you like it here?”
“It was nice, quiet. I’m not used to quiet.”
“I can second that. You gonna go back to your apartment?”
“I’ve got time, might wait out here, help people as they return to their normal states. They know me, so it might help.”
“That’s nice, I’ve got to go to some debriefings, but I’ll see you around.”
“Bye Monica,”
The Vision family had already left, and you were about to wander in the opposite direction when you remembered something.
“(Y/n), are you alright?” He looked back at you, gesturing to his family to carry on without him,
“What did you mean when you said you knew who I was?”
“When I left the hex, I gained access to the internet and the files I previously had access to, including ones from SHIELD.”
“So you know about- everything?”
“Everything that’s available, I’m afraid I do not know your parents names, I only know that your mother trained in the same academy as you.”
“She did?” Your eyes grew hopeful, that narrowed it down massively,
He nodded in response.
“Thank you Vision, for everything. You should be with your family,”
“Perhaps I shall see you again (Y/n).”
“Maybe,” you grinned, as he pulled you into a light hug, “Goodbye Vision,” with one last smile you span around on your heel and returned in the direction of the town centre.
“Hey Dotty, how are you?” You gave the blonde your biggest sitcom smile, “This is Agent Richardson, they’re going to sit with you, just make sure you’re ok.” You helped Sarah, who was still acting as Dotty, sit onto a bench since she had injured herself in the action.
The plan was to give any remaining sword agent a citizen to look after, you didn’t know what would happen when the hex closed, so you prepared for the worst.
You strolled over to the gazebo that you had hid in during the fight, and sipped on a bottle of water. You could see the barrier getting closer and closer. You weren’t worried, you were already conscious so you had nothing to wake up from.
The hum of the hex grew louder and you closed your eyes, but instead of release or a sense of peace, you could only feel excruciating pain.
The pain tugged at your muscles and made you convulse in a million different directions. Your neck was thrust back and you let out a scream of pain from the overwhelming heat that smothered every inch of you.
“(Y/n)?!” You heard a familiar voice call out and felt a pair of arms slip around your shoulders.
“What’s happening? Are you alright?” This one was a male voice, you wanted to reply, explain what was happening, but all you could do was scream from the agony,
“Jimmy, get a med team,”
“On it,”
“(Y/n) stay with me ok? You’re gonna be alright,”
For the second time that week you woke up in your bedroom with someone you didn’t know watching you.
“Hi hon, I’m Dr Khan. I’m just checking your vitals after that little episode you had. You seem to be right as rain though.”
“Do you know why it happened?” You started to sit-up again, resting your elbows on the pillows of your bed,
“Well, it didn’t happen to anyone else, including those who weren’t under Ms Maximoff’s control. You were the only one who she had previously possessed, that was conscious when the hex passed through them. That all we can really guess from the data we have right now.”
You started to push yourself up to get out of bed, “hold on hon,” Dr Richards gently pushed you back down, “ Agent Woo will be here in a moment, bu you need rest. He can question you here,”
“Thanks doc,”
“Just doing my job,” she smiled as she exited the room, and you grinned back. But as soon as you heard the front door close, your smile dropped and you climbed out of bed.
Hey (Y/n), how have you been?” Jimmy lowered himself onto a chair in your small, dingy apartment, as you made the both of you a cup of tea,
“Oh just great,” you retorted, “I absolutely love being mind controlled by two witches at once!”
“Yeah doesn’t sound ideal, sorry it took me so long to reach you,” he slid a file onto the table, marked clearly with your name, needless to say it; it was a large file,
“No, no, don’t apologise it’s completely-” you slowly trailed off, eyes un-focusing on the room around you,
“(Y/n)? Are you alright?”
There it was again, that hot feeling, like a boiling, viscous liquid, but this time it filled you from head to toe, the same one from Halloween night, and when you had stopped the bullet and when the hex folded in on itself. You could feel everything, so many sounds and things to look at, it was as if everything had gone neon and was suddenly calling for your undivided attention. The thing that prevailed however, was the lamp hanging above the table, your eyes focused in on it and it started to flicker and pop, sparks flying everywhere, and then; there was nothing, no light, no neon colours, just darkness.
“Um, Jimmy?”
“Yes, (Y/n)?”
“I think I just blew the power,”
“Yes, I also noticed that,” sarcasm dripped form his voice,
“What do you think happened?” You asked nervously,
“Im no expert,” he flicked on his phone flashlight, “but that seemed like something an enhanced being would do,”
“Do you think so?” You started fiddling with your belt again,
“Maybe,” Jimmy mused, “did HYDRA ever experiment on you?”
“I don’t know, maybe? There’s lot of things I can’t remember about them, I was very young when they- they took me,”
“Well it’s probably good to get you tested again after a show like that, we can analyse some samples for mutated genes while we’re there,”
“Okay,” you weren’t particularly keen on being tested, there had been a lot of that when you arrived in the US, it wasn’t very fun. And the testing hadn’t stopped either, there were still scientists and therapists poking around you on the regular, one of the agreements of your pardon.
By the time you got to the S.H.I.E.L.D base, you had worked yourself up over what turned put to be a simple brain scan and a finger stick. Easy Peasy.
“Okay (Y/n),” Jimmy strolled in, reading the lab results, “There are mutated genes, however they’re built into your DNA, and although they do currently match whatever energy surge thing that was, they weren’t always like that.”
“What do you mean? Something mutated them?”
“Basically yes, we think it might be the hex based on the lingering CMBR radiation, but the thing to focus on is; you have super-soldier serum in your DNA,”
“So somewhere along the line, somewhere in my family, there was a super soldier?”
“Yes, and we’ve run an analysis on the enhanced being in our records, comparing their genetics to yours,”
“Well there’s only one match with an enhanced being,”
“His name is James Barnes,” you stiffened at the mention of the name, it could only be associated with bad things,
“so are we like, distantly related, am I his three times great niece or something?” You looked up at Jimmy, fear dancing in your eyes,
“Well, no, it’s a fifty percent match, which makes him your-”
“My what?”
“Well- You can only get that high of a match if he’s your parent,”
You had to stumble onto a chair, “a parent?” Your voice was getting dangerously high, “my- my father is The Winter Soldier?!”
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tara-learns-to-write · 5 days ago
Being Bucky's kid and comforting him after a nightmare:
 If there was one thing you hated it was seeing your dad in pain
He always managed to put on a smile to make sure you had the best childhood you could but you heard the screams and cries at 3am and there was no denying that
You never brought it up though because you didn’t want to make him uncomfortable but this one night was worse than normal.
In his dream he was running. From what he couldn’t really tell, having gotten so used to the dull sounds of screams during the nightly occurrence. All he knew was he had to get you to safety, he couldn’t pinpoint when you had made your way into his arms but that didn’t matter he just had to keep running. Running. Running. Bang. Another scream. Since when did what he was running from have a gun and who screamed? And then he felt it, the warmth slowly pooling on his shirt, it was you who had gotten shot. It was his fault, if he wasn’t a murderous, villainous asset then maybe you wouldn’t be dying in his arms on the cold hard floor of what looked like an abandoned hospital. When did he get here? So many questions swirled through his head yet all he could think, feel, hear and breathe was you. His little girl, his angel, his everything slowly losing the light from the eyes he had onced so dearly peered in the day you were born. “Goodbye daddy” he hadn’t heard you use that name for him in so long and these were certainly not the circumstances he wanted to hear it under. “No no no no y/n don’t leave me doll, you’re gonna be fine, I promise, this isn’t the end of the line! It can’t be” so with tears in his eyes and broken sobs falling from his mouth he watched you take your last breath.
He had been crying out for the last 10 minutes
It brought you so much pain to hear but you knew better then to wake him up and so you waited
Another 10 minutes went by until you heard his door open and the shuffling of his heavy feet on the tiled floor
You knew he would do what he always did; go the kitchen for a glass of milk.
Feet padding down the hallway, you made a concise effort to make some noise as you made your way to the kitchen as to not scare the already jumpy super soldier.
“Hey dad” you whispered as you opened the fridge, taking out the bottled water that you were sure you had told Tony there was no need to buy  just 2 days ago. “Hey doll, what are you doing up so late” he choked on the word doll as if it pained him to say, remembering the recent image that had flashed before his eyes and the name he had used to bid you goodbye. “Just got thirsty is all” you didn’t bother asking why he was up “dad, it’s okay to not be okay. To be hurting and in a place where reaching out might be both the hardest and the best thing you can do. You don’t need to keep it all locked up and carry on walking around like it doesn’t constantly eat away at the back of your mind” you looked up from your spot at the island and let your eyes fall on your dad's face, it was clear that during your little pep talk he had let a few tears slip. Making your way to the couch and seating yourself next you your dad, you looked head and carried on. “Do you remember when we had a sleepover in the lounge when I was 6? I was so scared without my night light. Aha I kept thinking that the monsters where coming to eat me. Do you remember what you said? You told me that it was okay to be scared and that I was so brave for telling you that I was scared” it was your turn to cry now, reaching for your dads hand and slowly encasing it in your own you said “I’m scared daddy, I don’t want you to think that you can’t ask for help, I want you to be okay but I don’t know what I can do to help you” tears streaming down your face your dad's arms found their place around yours as he whispered “it’s okay doll, you help me every time you smile, laugh, say something sarcastic to Tony or whenever you try ever so patiently to teach Thor some new slang but if it helps you I promise starting from tomorrow I will go get help” if anyone were to walk in now you would both look a mess but honestly you were too tired to care “promise?” maybe he would get help and maybe things would start looking up but it could only start with him making this decision. “I promise” adn with those words acting as a blanket of hope you drifted off into peaceful slumber.
You brought your dad so much comfort that night 
The promise you had thought was probably just an empty one meant to comfort you in a time of vulnerability was proved to be one filled with hope when you woke up the next morning and heard him say
“Steve, I’m not doing great”
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