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#avengers teen!reader
twordytings · 2 hours ago
“what are big brothers for, huh?”
for your sentence starter things!! btw,, you’re not obsessed, you’re just being yourself! 💕
A/N: Thanks for the encouragement bud, I appreciate it<33
“What are big brothers for, huh?” Steve said as he hugged you after thanking him for helping you with your history homework.
“Pulling pranks on?” you told him with a quick giggle. You felt his arms tighten themselves around you, and you immediately felt the complete opposite of comfortable.
“Y’know… I haven’t tickled you in a while. Isn’t that what little sisters are for? Tickling?”
As you grew older, it was evident that Steve couldn’t really be playful with you like he was when you were younger. Before, he would play fight and pretend-wrestle you, play silly games, and chase you around to soon snatch you up and tickle you to bits as his way of bonding with you. Now though, bonding between the two of you took on the forms of incessantly bickering and taking out outside anger with training and actually wrestling one another.
He couldn’t say he didn’t miss when you were a small little thing; when he could pick you up with a simple flick of his pinky finger. You hadn’t really given it much thought, primarily considering that you were the one longing to grow up. But times like these brought a sense of nostalgia that you had also begun to long for, now that getting older made you realize the perks of being young and having no responsibility in sight. That isn’t to say you wouldn’t still put up a fight when it came to his old ways of messing around with you.
“Steheheve nooo!”
“Nooooo,” he mocked as he surprisingly scooped you up off the ground fairly quickly. “Just as easy as it was back in the day…” he said as he took the opportunity to wiggle his fingers into your ribs, making you kick and scream at the feeling.
You’d make sure to put snakes in his bed while he was sleeping that night.
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i-writes-things · 7 hours ago
Old enough
Wanda x teen!reader
summary- you are Wanda's younger sibling
no warnings
Tumblr media
Not my gif*
"what do you mean i'm not old enough?"
"I just mean that- You could get hurt and you have school tomorrow. It's not a good idea Y/n." Wanda explains, trying to make you feel better about not being allow on one of the many Avengers missions.
"Well, Tony said that you guys would be back by sun down, anyways" You say trying to prove your point, that you are able to go
"Well, Tony doesn't really have his mind wrapped around that whole 'time' thing yet." She jokes...
Obvious she wasn't budging about it so..
"Please can I go. Please? please? You know I won't do anything I'm told not to do, and I can partner with whoever you want me to be with!" You beg of Wanda.
She thinks for a moment
"Fine!" She throws her hands in the air and down to her side "You can go but only if you do everything Tony and Steve tell you. Got it?"
You put your hand up in salute "Yes, Captain." you joke, thanking her for letting you go with them.
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captainwans · a day ago
credit to the owner of this gif!
Tumblr media
pairing: chris evans x teen! fem! reader
y/n got a role on marvel and she’s about to shoot her first scene, but her nerves are kicking in. luckily, chris evans is there to ease her anxiety.
word count: 401
warning: not really angsty, just lots of fluff
Tumblr media
Y/N sat on her chair as she read her script, her eyes gazing down her lines and muttering to herself. She was currently on set memorizing a few of her lines before she was sent to shooting with others, and she was nervous because she didn’t want to mess up in front of Robert Downey, whom she will shoot a scene with. She was too caught up in her head that she didn’t notice Chris Evans taking a seat next to her waving up his hand in front of her, looking at her with a grin. 
“Earth to Y/N!”
Snapping out of her thoughts she looked at him, a crimson painting her cheeks. She shyly smiled at him, “Oh, h-hey, Chris.” she greeted with a soft smile, her heart fluttering at the sight of him. He returned the smile and gazed down to her hand holding her script. “You ready to shoot your scene for the first time?” he asked her, his smile reaching his eyes.
She nodded her head, “I think so.” she answered, shoving a few hair strands away from her face and gave him a shy smile, “Just nervous since I’ll be shooting a scene with Downey, who’s amazing by the way, and I hope I won’t mess up my lines because I-'' she brought her hand to her mouth, mentally cursing for ranting. 
She giggled, “I’m sorry, I rant when I’m nervous.” Chris chuckled and laid a hand on her shoulder, giving it a light squeeze. “There’s nothing to be stressed about, Downey is a huge softie. You’ll be fine, Y/N,” he reassured, making her cheeks burn as she nodded with a flustered smile. 
Y/N hummed, fiddling with her hands while trying to distract herself from her beating heart and a flushed face. She was about to open her mouth to say something but was cut off when one of the crew members told her to show up at the set. 
“Time’s up, Y/L/N.” 
She gave them thumbs up and stood up from her chair, leaving her script on the chair, and went to a vanity mirror to check herself. She turned to Chris and pointed at her outfit, “How do I look? Will this capture heart eyes?” she asked him with a cheeky smile, making him laugh, his hand resting on his chest. 
“You look great, sweetheart. You’ll do amazing.” 
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mywldflwers · 2 days ago
Oh, Baby | Chapter One | P.P
disclaimer: sexual commentary/innuendos. mature audience advised. you can find the series: here
Tumblr media
C H A P T E R 1 : D E S T I N E D
The beginning of the school year started about a month after I came back home. It was hectic, trying to get new supplies and putting together my assignments due the first day while being a participant in the Hartford Editorial Co. internship program.
My first day was the week before school started which was nice, considering I had time to get a feel for what exactly I needed to do. Being the youngest intern meant I needed to prove I had every right to be there just as much as the older teens. It also meant I was the runt of the group who had to deal with some of the less fun things-coffee runs, taking calls and messages, or just running around with paperwork that needed to be transferred to other editors and writers.
The older kids were nicer than I first intended. They tried to help me as much as they could, but were determined to get me to know my place. I respected that, to be honest. I couldn’t just waltz in and attempt to act like I was better than them when they had plenty of experience than me.
“Try to relax, sweetheart. You’re just so young to be piling in on this kind of stress. You’re only fifteen!” My mother exclaimed, pouring me my cup of coffee as I wrote down notes from the island counter of our kitchen.
“Sixteen,” I corrected.
She paused. “Hm?”
“I’ll be sixteen in, like, two months.”
The woman chuckled at that. “You’re fifteen right now. Besides, you could be thirty years old and I’d tell you the same. We weren’t meant to endure this kind of stress.”
I huffed at her words, writing quickly as I noticed the time.
“Maybe you should calm it on the coffee.”
That was enough to get my full attention.
“Mom!” I whined, reaching for my cup from her as she taunted me with it.
“You’re too young to be drinking all this caffeine!”
“It’s all dads fault!”
As if on cue, my father walked into the room with a dumbfounded expression.
“What’s all dads fault?”
My mom cackled at his face, placing down my mug on the counter behind her. “Our daughter’s caffeine addiction.”
“Ah,” he nodded. “I confess.”
“Good, I’ll be sure to include that confession in my therapy appointment at rehab.” I stood from my seat, lunging behind my mother to retrieve my liquid courage.
She hadn’t bothered to fight me for it, instead taking a bite of her slightly burned toast. “The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. I’m proud.”
I only shrugged, swiveling around my father as he tried to make his own cup of coffee. I sipped my warm beverage and hurried along the kitchen by gathering my piles of paper into my folders and backpack. My fingers piled up my hair above my head, tying a band around it all. The time was ticking and I was praying I wouldn’t be late my first day of school.
“Gotta go, see you tonight!” I called out to my parents as I threw my bag across my shoulders. My sneakers squeaked against the tiled floor of the kitchen as I rushed to kiss their cheeks goodbye.
“Be safe!” My mom called back.
My dad tried to yell with a mouth full of eggs. “Love you!”
As soon as I rushed into the elevators, I felt slightly light headed. I shook it off, though, noting that it may have been time to start being more active again.
When I made it outside, I was met by my loving boyfriend. He was leaning against the railing with his arms crossed over his chest. He was wearing his brown sweater with a blue flannel underneath. It suited him well.
The early September air was slightly chilly, probably the reason for his outfit, but that was normal for the city.
I lurched forward to drown Peter in a kiss, my arms flinging around his shoulders to steady myself. He laughed against my lips and kept me still against his chest.
“Morning, honey.”
Before I could reply, I heard mock kissing noises and quite prominent gag sounds. I looked over his shoulder to scold our close friends and their childish behavior.
“Very funny, you two.”
“Thank you, we try.” MJ smiled sarcastically. Immediately I noticed her curly hair pinned up in a bun today.
I rolled my eyes but looked back over to my boyfriend to properly greet him. “Good morning, sunshine.”
He grinned. “Ready for our first day?”
“As best as I could be! You?”
“I hope so.” He chuckled once before intertwining our fingers together.
“What about you, two? Did you finish the summer reading?”
Ned snorted. “Duh. This semester, though, I’m focusing on my engineer tech class. How can I be the chair guy for Spider-man when there’s still so much for me to learn!”
“I believe in you, buddy!”
The boy looked at my boyfriend fondly with a hand over his heart.
I rolled my eyes at their antics, but turned to MJ on my side. “How about you, Missy?”
“I already read all the books that were given to us for options, so I picked randomly. It was an easy A.”
My free hand smacked against her palm in a celebratory moment, smiling proudly. “That’s my girl.”
She only smirked before her eyes widened in realization. “Oh, hey, how’s your internship going?”
“Yeah! I heard you’re the youngest one?” Ned asked next.
I sighed, swinging Peter’s and I’s arms together. “It’s okay, but they’re pretty keen on grilling me anytime they get. Perks, I guess.”
Peter pulled me under his arm, holding me close to his side in a swift movement. “Aw, honey, I’m sorry. Anyway I could help?”
“Nah, Pete. It’s just how it is for now.”
“What the hell were you even gonna do?” MJ asked my boyfriend. Her scrunched up eyebrows judged him harshly, as usual. “Go down there and scold them? Tch.”
Ned’s laughter interrupted him. “‘Hey, leave my girlfriend alone!’”
Peter’s face was void as our friends grilled him and I giggled softly. He seemed to have notice my betrayal quite quickly and he pouted at me.
“Babe!” He whined. “Stick up for me!”
I couldn’t help to snort at his tone. But, I cleared my throat anyway and scolded my friends. “Hey, leave my boyfriend alone!”
MJ bursted into laughter at my joke as Ned cracked up harder. I couldn’t not join in.
“Very funny, ha ha.” Peter sighed.
The hallways were cramped as new freshman made their way in, searching for their assigned classes in a frenzy. They pushed and shoved through people, quite impatient to make it to class in time.
When one of them shoved me by the shoulder to get by, I grunted.
“Oh, God, were we this bad?” Ned asks as he watched the scene before us.
“I hope to God not, ‘cause this is bullshit.”
I agreed with MJ silently, tightening my hold on Peter’s hand.
“We have the same first period, right?”
When I nodded, he pulled me by the arm to lead me away. I turned back around to wave at our friends quickly, though.
“Good luck, see you guys at lunch! Text me!”
When Peter and I miraculously made it through the crowd, we found seats in the back. He held my hand to his chest as he asked about my morning.
“You’re mom is right.”
I scrunched up my nose. “Ugh, don’t say that.”
He rolled his eyes as I ended up smiling. “But she is and you know it. You gotta take a load off.”
My arms swiveled around his neck and I nudged my nose against his jawline. I could feel him tense, but I kept my body close to his anyways.
“You can help me destress, right?”
He laughed nervously, rubbing my sides to slowly push me off. “Definitely, but how about after school and not in front of our peers?”
It was my turn to roll my eyes. “As if I was even implying that, Parker. Such a perv.”
His eyes nearly bulged out of his skull. “What?! You’re the one— You—”
I shut him up easily with a kiss.
“You’ve been so mean to me today.” He was pouting now, fingers tightening around my waist.
My eyelashes fluttered at him innocently. “Me? Never.”
“Oh, sure!” He laughed, kissing my forehead now. “Do you have a new body soap?”
“Hm? No, why?”
He shrugged, pushing a piece of my hair behind my ear as he leaned into my neck. His lashes tickled my skin and I giggled, trying to pull away from his tightening grip. I could tell it wasn’t gonna happen, though, as he kept me close to his chest.
“You smell so good. I can’t tell what the flavor of the scent is, though.”
My head leaned back a bit more as he decorated my neck with butterfly kisses. “Pete! Stop, it tickles!”
He did as told with a smile. “Is it a flower? Or maybe a fruit of some sorts?”
I rose an eyebrow. “No, it’s just vanilla. The same one as it always has been.”
“Really? You sure?”
“Yes,” I snorted. “I think I know what I’m washing myself with.”
“I’m just— I don’t know. If I could, I’d spend the class period just smelling you!” He went to tickle my sides as I laughed, hitting at his chest.
“Okay, okay!” I squealed. “Let’s sit, sweetheart.”
By the time we got to lunch, I was exhausted. My arms were holding so many textbooks with countless notes on everything I needed to know about the class and lessons we’d be learning. But, I felt prepared.
“I got you,” A voice murmured from above me and swooped up the mountain of stuff I had.
I looked up at my savior and smiled gratefully. “Thank you.”
Peter kissed my forehead again, leading me towards our seats with an arm around my waist. “How’re your classes?”
When we sat, I waved at our friends. “They’re pretty interesting. A lil complicated, but nothing I can’t handle.”
“You look tired,” MJ muttered as she chomped on her fries.
“MJ,” Peter frowned before I could say anything. He glanced over at me before nodding. “Oh, yeah, she’s right.”
“Jeeze, thanks.”
Ned spoke up with a cheerful tone. “I think you look great, Y/N!”
I felt myself awe at his compliment. “Thank you, Ned.”
“Kiss ass.”
We chatted amongst ourselves for a couple of more minutes, until I smelled something incredibly nauseating. I held my stomach as it churned.
“What the hell is that?” I mumbled.
“Hm? What?” Peter asked as he munched on his turkey and Swiss sandwich that I was sure had tomatoes, too.
“Don’t you smell that?” I whispered, not trusting myself to speak louder.
He looked around the cafeteria, his eyes concentrated to find the culprit.
MJ eyed me suspiciously as she looked around as well.
“The cafeteria is serving sloppy joes,” Ned shrugged.
I almost gagged at his words. “God! Gross! What did they put in it this year? Rancid meat?”
“It smells better than the slop they served last year.”
I glared at my boyfriend and his words, but sighed as the back of my throat practically burned with bile. “I feel sick. Maybe I’ll just go to the library.”
“We’ll go, too!” Peter exclaimed as he scrambled up from his seat.
“No, you guys don’t have—”
Ned smiled, shrugging. He was even quick to sit up with his lunch consisting of a ham and cheese sandwich that I swear I could smell, too. “We don’t mind, Y/N. I wanna check out the new code section, anyways.”
“You sure?”
“Yes, loser, let’s go.” MJ rolled her eyes before grabbing her bag of McDonald’s.
I huffed, but we all gathered the rest of our things to head on out. When we finally reached the library and that detesting smell was finally gone, I sighed happily.
“That was disgusting. You guys weren’t bothered by it?” I asked as I sipped my water.
“No,” Peter chuckled. “Maybe you’re just traumatized from that time Phil Miller pu—”
I gagged. “Shut up!”
“Oh, my God!” MJ laughed, her hands slamming against the table. “I so remember that. It got all over the place!”
My head ached from the momentary visual. I kept my eyes shut as I tried to fight off the queasy feeling.
“Guys,” Ned warned.
I only shook my head, letting him know I was fine for now. “Ugh, I hate that kid.”
“Well, you have a reason to.” MJ snickered, chewing on her nuggets as she reminisced.
“Anyways,” I sighed. “How’re your classes?”
“I actually like my teacher from fourth period. Mr Abbott’s that new chem teacher.”
Peter perked up at that. “Y/N and I have him at the end of day.”
“He’s okay,” MJ shrugged. “Just another male teacher who probably gets paid more than Mel who’s been here for ten years teaching art.”
I nodded at that. “Gotta point there.”
We looked over at one another and spoke in unison. “Capitalism.”
Ned sighed. “You’re probably right. That’s too bad, I like Mel. She used to bring us snacks last year.”
“Ooh, I loved those truffles she brought from France that one time she visited that guy she met over the internet!” Peter exclaimed, his eyes wide in adoration.
“Wasn’t his name Gabriel or something?” I asked as I took a bite from my apple.
MJ shook her head. “I thought Gabriel was the guy from Italy?”
“The guy from Italy was Giovanni. Gabriel was the French guy.”
“Whatever happened to that Toni dude from Italy?”
“She left him for Finn in Germany.”
I pursed my lips. “Why does she still live here if all the guys she goes for are overseas?”
“Something about the love she has for New York. I, on the other hand, would love to head over to Cali. They’re way ahead in the tech world over there.”
Peter shrugged. “I think I’d be okay living here forever. Aunt May and I only have each other.”
My hand stretched outwards to clasp around his. “And me.”
He smiled warmly at that. “And you.”
MJ sighed, her hand scribbling doodles across her new notebook. “I think I’d love to live in the UK or maybe France or Italy, too. Think about the architecture and art.”
“I heard France hates Americans,” Ned pointed out.
That caused her to scowl. “Then we’ll get along perfectly.”
“How about you?” Peter asked me gently. “Do you ever dream about another place to live?”
I shook my head once. “I’m okay with the vacations to other places. This is my home.”
We shared a smile again, but continued the rest of our lunch talking about the teachers we still had to meet. I was slightly nervous when it was time to part again, but Peter reassured me that time would only fly by until the end of the day. I don’t know why I felt so attached to him today, considering I felt excited the night before to see the curriculums.
Watching him walk away almost made me tear up, but I snapped myself out of it with a pinch.
Like I assumed, it went by easily. I was in love with the syllabus in almost all of my classes, excited to get to learn about the multiple lessons. Although Chemistry wasn’t always my strong suit and I always needed Peter to help me study more, I was excited to see such an enthusiastic teacher. Mr Abbott was a good addition to the staff.
“I’m exhausted!” Peter yawned as we walked hand in hand outdoors. He was holding my extra set of notebooks in his other hand like the gentleman he was.
I was extremely tired, too. It felt like I was ready to collapse at any moment. My eyelids had even been a big droopy.
“Let’s take a nap when we head over to your place?” I could feel the excitement running through me at the idea of his comforter.
He gave me his boyish smile that I adored so much it ached my throbbing heart. “Yes, please.”
The walk wasn’t too long as he made sure to pull me when I started to fall behind. When my head finally hit the pillow, my eyes shut for the next couple of hours. It felt like I had a full nights rest by the time I woke up, I felt slightly energetic. I moved to sit up, but was jolted back into a warm body.
“Pete,” I whined, struggling to move. His body heat started to become almost suffocating. “I need to pee.”
He grunted, but moved his arm easily.
I sighed gratefully and hurried over to the bathroom across the hall. After finishing my business, I started to make my way back to Peter’s room. While I stood underneath his doorway, I admired the way his body twisted with his duvet. His bare torso was incredibly defined as he moved around, rubbing his eyes tiredly.
Sometimes I was grateful towards that spider.
I leaned against the wall as he woke up, blinking tiredly at the ceiling.
“You’re a creep,” his hoarse voice called out. “A cute creep, though.”
The smile on my face widened as he looked over at me. “I can’t help it. You just look good, baby.”
His eyebrows lifted at the nickname I used solely for certain activities. I watched the way his eyes trailed down my frame that was only dressed in one of his t-shirts. It barely reached mid thigh, but there was nothing he hadn’t seen before.
“Aunt May isn’t home early?” he asked slowly.
“I could’ve sworn I heard someone else. . .”
I shook my head slowly as I smirked. “Just us.”
His eyes glazed over immediately. He sat up with his forearms and nodded me over. “C’mere.”
That made me smile excitedly and I hurried on over.
When our festivities ended and we were out of breath, his arm held me close to him again. I was trying to relax my racing heart, but being so close to him made it difficult. His nose nudged against my neck, inhaling me deeply.
“God, how do you still smell so good after breaking a sweat?” he asked as his lips attacked my skin.
I sighed happily as he wrapped me in his arms. “I dunno, but thank you greatly.”
“No, thank you.”
I giggled at his flirtatious tone, kissing him deeply. “I gotta get ready.”
“Sweetheart, my parents wanted me home for dinner.”
He grumbled grumpily and held me tightly for a long moment. “I can’t wait until you don’t have to go. You’ll just stay here and let me love you all night.”
That idea almost brought me to tears. I clung to him, soaking in our moment.
“I love you, Peter.”
I felt him kiss my forehead softly. “And I love you.”
Eventually we got up to dress ourselves. When I wore the clothes I left my house in, I was ready to get going.
“Oh! My parents asked you for dinner next Saturday since my grandmother is coming. You think you could take a break, Spidey?”
He chuckled. “Yes, I’ll make time for you anytime.”
I rose an eyebrow at that. We both knew he wasn’t the most reliable nowadays. Not that I blamed him all the time, but it would be nice to count on my boyfriend when need be.
“Okay, but I’ll be there this time!”
My arms crossed over my chest.
His head fell in defeat. “I’ll try to be there. Let them know that Mr Stark has this important competition for the interns and that I’ll just die if I don’t win.”
“Not a bad lie.” I nodded my head in recognition.
“I hate to do it, but you know I have to.”
“I know, Pete.”
We kept our hands intertwined as we walked over to my apartment building. It was only about two blocks over, which made it easy to see one another.
When I kissed him goodnight, I made my way up the elevators and inside to be greeted by my father who was concentrated on getting something connected to the T.V.
“Hey, Dad.” I called out to him as I carried my bag to the island.
“Hey, Bunny! Come check out what I’m doin’.”
I chuckled, but headed over to him with my arms over my chest. “What’s up?”
“These are your baby videos! Chrissy, come here!”
My mom hurried into the room with her hair up in a ponytail and an avocado mask smeared around her face. Her eyes were wide as she stared at the screen.
“It’s Miles and Y/N.”
“Little people versions, but yeah.” I nodded as I inspected the scene unfolding in the video.
Her hands clasped over her heart in awe. “Look how small my babies were!”
My dad smiled fondly at her. “Weren’t they adorable?”
“Oh, you know what I mean, Bunny.”
I mumbled underneath my breath, but sat on the couch as I watched the videos. My mother got close next to me, her eyes watering as she watched the clips. My dad sat on the other side of me, his arm over my shoulders.
“I can’t wait to see my other baby. Do you know when he’s coming home?” My mom sniffled at me.
“Mom, he just left for college two weeks ago.”
“That’s such a long time!” She wailed.
I stifled a laugh as her mask began to slip down her face. My dad flicked the back of my head before telling her to wash up.
When she left, he and I giggled together.
We turned our attention back to the TV and my dad made a few comments as he explained where we were. He then switched out the tape with another one he dated back to the year I was born. By the time it was playing, my mom made back it back.
She gasped excitedly. “Oh, Y/N, look! This is the day I took the pregnancy test! We adopted Miles only a month before and we were still trying to transition him as smoothly as possible, but I knew something was going on. Isn’t the universe crazy, John?”
“What do you mean you knew something was going on?” I asked her as I watched her past self show the camera two lines on her test. My stomach churned just watching her cry happy tears in the video.
“Oh, I was so tired all the time and nauseous! For a month, I could hardly stand the smell of some things. It was awful. Obviously, I missed my period, but I was always a bit off schedule. Babe, remember my meat phase?”
While her and my father talked about their infertility issues, I let my mother’s previous words sink in. It was like everything had been happening in slow motion as my parents laughed together and the sound of the TV flooded the background in a blurred noise. I stood up shakily, whispering that I needed to use the bathroom.
When I shut the bathroom door behind me, my hands pulled out my phone to check the date. I couldn’t even get my hands to stop shaking.
“Fuck,” I hissed.
I was two and a half weeks late.
Usually I’d be a week or a few days behind, but never this long. I couldn’t blame my irregular schedule this time. Especially since I knew exactly what mistake I made just a month ago. The nervousness I could feel in my stomach was enough to get me to throw up, coughing up any remains into the toilet as tears streamed down my face.
After I finished, the tears only continued.
I choked on my silent sobs as I scrambled to look for a specific name in my phone. When she picked up on the second ring, her voice called out from the speaker.
“Y/N? What’s wrong?”
My long silence caused her to repeat herself. When I found the courage to speak, I whispered into the mic.
“MJ, I need your help.”
t a g l i s t : @lharrietg @peterbparkersbae @groovymoviesatpositivity
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gay-wilfs · 3 days ago
hi hi i’m an mlm writer ! i go by he/they and my internet name is bolt. i write strictly (as in very strictly, absolutely no exceptions) male x male on this blog.
as of right now, i’m writing for many fandoms, but the more i fixate on the fandoms, the more motivation i have. submit requests if you wanna, i take anything- smut, fluff, angst, imagines, one-shots, etc.
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mywldflwers · 4 days ago
Oh, Baby | Prologue | P.P
Tumblr media
disclaimer: this chapter is discussing some mentions of sexual intercorse. this chapter is for a mature audience.
find the series here
reminder: this chapter will not be what the others consist of. this is merely for you all to get some history and knowledge on the characters before we get started.
P R O L O G U E :
I never went into thought about the way I would fall in love. Or when, for that matter.
It might seem too 'cliché' and probably hard to believe, but I was just never too interested in the opposite sex. In fact, my family was convinced I was secretly gay. (It probably didn't help that I was set on marrying my best friend, MJ, because then I'd never have to touch a boy). Not that they cared, but for most millennials, it was nearly mandatory to show any affection or interest in anyone at the earliest age possible.
Heteronormative agenda at it's finest.
I was too busy with my mind on the numerous quests that were beautifully described in my novels. They took up all my social time, which I was definitely more than happy with.
To be fair, it was an incredibly helpful step to begin the writings and planning of my life's path. My love for books was the all-to-obvious reason for my career plan to take place in the editorial career. Being able to read countless books for a living seemed way too good to be true, but my school's counselor helped me learn how possible it was for me.
All I had to do was keep an average G.P.A and take a few good after school activities to help my transcript seem more put together. Her crucial and practical recommendation, more like demand, was that I stay focused. I had to keep my eye on the prize and be sharp.
That's all I had to do.
Until he happened.
Of course my luck had to run dry and I inevitably fucked up everything I had worked hard for.
The first month of my freshman year had been running smoothly. It was easygoing and the homework had been light. Many of the teachers wanted to keep our schedules as stress free as possible.
Some students were doomed to fall behind from the lack of structure. Not their fault, of course. But because I had been one of the top students, I was asked to help a few of my peers practice for an English paper worth almost half of our grade.
I, more than happy to devote my time, was all too eager when I was assigned one of the cutest boys I had seen. That says a lot considering I never focused on my peers' looks before I saw him.
He was almost disgustingly cute. His boyish, All American smile was to die for. And his annoyingly beautiful curls were always placed atop of his perfectly shaped head in a way that let certain curls flop gracefully against his forehead. His forehead that was such a nice size with adequate spacing between his brows and hairline. Speaking of, his brows were just as cute as his smile. They were incredibly uneven, with hairs unruly on his left side.
Peter Parker was the sole reason I could not focus.
"I'm embarrassed," His words were muffled as he buried his head into his arms.
We were sitting quite closely for only studying, but how could I fight the fire in the pit of my stomach and middle of my chest as it flared for only him.
Our knees brushed against one another and I wanted to run away while I tried to keep my nervous giggles to a minimum.
Overwhelmed was the least significant way to describe me at the moment. But I continued on, as one does.
"It's okay, Peter. I think you just need to set a good study plan. Specific times for each subject." I placed a hand on his shoulder without much thought to the action.
He tensed under my touch and I nearly fled the scene from embarrassment of my own. I snatched my hand away, looking away from him.
When he was silent for too long, I glanced back to see him gazing up at me. His face was flushed with a red tint that I so wanted to graze with my fingertips. But, of course, I only smiled at him bashfully.
Peter sat up easily then. "Will you help me?"
My mouth became dry. "Help you . . .?"
"With a study schedule. You're so smart for a reason. I'd be an idiot to ignore your advice."
I looked down at my lap to hide away my bewildered expression. A trickle of bravery helped me sputter out my response.
"You're smart, Peter. You used to have your hand up all the time in every class we had last year. You just need help organizing, but I would be more than happy to help you out."
His boyish smile made me practically putty in his fairly large hands.
"How can I repay you?"
"Don't!" I gasped, making him jump slightly from my outburst. I winced before relaxing my shoulders. "You don't have to, I mean. It's really no big deal."
He looked almost worried. "I want to, though."
I didn't say anything, too stressed over the way I could feel my face burn. I didn't trust my voice, either.
"How about the movies? I'll get us tickets to that new film that just came out."
"The horror film?"
"If you're interested!"
I kept my eyes on the floor, thinking of the way our feet almost touched interesting. But I knew I had to answer soon, so I only nodded.
“You sure? You don’t have to just say yes ‘cause you feel obligated.”
My eyes snapped over to him, noting the way he anxiously played with his fingers. His nails were short and the skin around them were either bitten or peeled. He must have been a worrisome person.
The smile forming on my lips seemed to have relax him. “I’d love to, Peter.”
That following weekend, we spent both days together back to back. We got up early both Saturday and Sunday to spend as much time together as we could. It didn’t take long for me to fall for him. How could I not when he looked at me in complete wonderment with those honey colored eyes?
Our first kiss was two weekends after our movie date. Although I never assumed our first gathering would be considered a date, Peter is still adamant to say it was.
We had taken a bus to Central Park, eager children entranced with one another than the scenery before us. He had made us a lunch in a picnic basket and everything, putting a thoughtful amount of care into it for me.
When we nervously stood underneath a weeping willow, our sneakers and limbs bumped into one another as we fumbled to stay upright. But somehow and quite suddenly, he leaned in to capture me in a kiss.
It was sweet and a bit clumsy, but we easily figured out the whole ordeal. With time and patience in between classes and study dates, we were almost professionals.
We spent the year hand in hand, enjoying Friday nights for our designated date night. Of course we were together every other day, too, but it was nice to have a special day for ourselves.
Despite being undeniably smitten, we made time for our friends whenever we could. I introduced him to my MJ and he introduced me to his best friend Ned. The four of us became a tight knit group and I knew to be thankful that I met Peter. He helped me branch out, always encouraging me to let go once in a while.
The group of us had also gotten closer after a certain incident that involved Peter getting bitten by a radioactive spider. He trusted us to keep our mouths shut and we trusted him to keep the city safe.
Although, I had to admit, it scared the hell out of me. The boy I was so enamored with was willfully sacrificing his safety. I was up late at night waiting for his calls that let me know he was home safely. I didn’t know how to cope, but he somehow reassured me he was being careful.
By the time summer came, I was so drunkenly in love with Peter Parker it was frightening at some times. I wanted to be around him every day and each night, but of course, that was not doable. So, we decided to take a small break as it was determined by my parents that I was to go to a summer camp.
We were to avoid texting or calling and it turned out to be a nice break. I spent a month of my summer enjoying the outdoors and catching up on my books. I made new friends once again who showed me what good music was. The time away from Queens was exactly what I needed. But I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I was crazily anxious to go back home, fearful if i was to see him with another girl.
Thinking back on it now, I was a bit paranoid. I know Peter felt just the same for me when he surprised me at the steps of my apartment complex with a breathtaking bouquet.
Which led to the exact moment we were in now.
One of his hands were intertwined with my hair, pulling me into a kiss that had surely took my breath away. His other was snug against my waist. Every part he touched along my body felt like it was scorching hot, his perfect hands most definitely blistering my skin.
I had an arm thrown around his shoulders to keep him locked in this position. He fit perfectly against me, I was completely sure he was meant to be there. The other hand of mine was well rested against his chest. It grasped and tugged his maroon t-shirt as if I could possibly take it off like that just to be closer.
I forgot how well that color suited him.
Peter pulled back a bit, his lips grazing my own. He was trying to catch his breath as he smiled brilliantly at me. “I missed you. A lot.”
“I missed you, too. A lot,” I giggled. My fingers twirled a curl of his, moving his from his face. “You waited for me?”
“Of course I did. I want you just the same as before,” He paused before scrunching up his nose to nudge it against my own playfully. “Maybe a bit more now, actually.”
My eyes fluttered shut to soak in the feeling of him. “After all this time?”
I felt his lips against mine for a moment. “Always.”
When I opened my eyes to meet his, I felt my heart soar. “Will you come in? I can’t wait to show you the letters I wrote you. Afterwards, we can text the gang and go get ice cream or something.”
He grinned at that, but loosened his grip on me. “Actually, I was hoping you’d join me at my place. Aunt May is working the night shift and I thought it’d be nice to have our own space for the evening.”
I could feel my legs tremble from the idea. “Are you sure? Would Aunt May mind?”
“She actually doesn’t know. . .”
My eyes widened at that, ready to protest.
“But! But as long as we clean up after ourselves, what’s the harm? Don’t you wanna stay in after your long trip? We’ll get take out and binge watch a crap ton of movies. We can always meet up with Ned and MJ tomorrow night.”
I felt myself contemplating the idea. It wouldn’t be so bad spending a domestic evening with my boyfriend. I was pretty exhausted from the drive and I just wanted a nap if anything.
So, I nodded. “Okay, but as soon as it’s nine, you’re walking me home. I’d hate to overstep.”
That resulted in Peter letting out a small cheer, pulling me in to kiss my forehead. “C’mon! Chinese food and rom coms are calling our names!”
We raced to get to the restaurant, placing our orders quickly. When we got the bundle of food, we headed over to his place that was only a block away.
When we were walking, I admired the sunset and the skyline. I really did miss home and was adamant on not taking it for granted any longer. This city held some of the greatest things and places and people. It helped shape me into the person I am, molding me with all of its rich culture and history.
While I was busy being entranced, I felt a tug against my hip. Peter had me pressed into his side so I could lean my head into him.
“Were you being safe, Pete?” My voice was soft as I looked up at his taller frame.
He brushed back my hair from my face to gently caress me. “Of course. I had to make sure I was all in once piece for you when you’d eventually come back.”
I chuckled at that while he smiled. “Thank you, then. You took very good care of my person.”
He blushed. “I try.”
Despite the warm temperatures, I was too eager to soak up all that I had been missing from him.
That may have been one of the reasons we didn’t take to long searching for a film, because as soon as we sat down on his couch, our bodies were determined to try and fuse together.
He found his way above me, gently adoring every part of me as we kissed. His lips molded against mine fervently and I was pleased to notice how easily it came to him.
My hold on him was tight, clinging to him for any sense of security. I knew that no matter what was to happen in the next few moments, I’d be safe.
A part of me was surprised with myself. How did I let this get so far?
But when his mouth left wet and warm kisses along my neck which slowly moved down to my collarbone, I remembered why.
I kept my eyes shut as he worshipped me, craving for more urgently. Peter, although usually shy, was confident and cool. He seemed to know what to do and how to help me be more comfortable. He had even gotten me to look him in the eye as we undressed ourselves, determined to be as vulnerable as possible. I felt myself silently thank the universe for blessing me with this boy, allowing me to trust and love him with no hesitation.
The rest of our evening was filled with a certain kind of passion I had never been introduced to before. It was gentle and warm between us, this emotion so intoxicating. Although we were bare physically and mentally before the other, I had never felt so wanted or cared for. He made me feel things I hadn’t been sure I could feel. I was brought to a heaven on earth or some kind of Elysium.
During the midst of it, he even declared his love for me. I didn’t hesitate to do the same.
“You do?” he asked breathlessly.
I cried out, “I do, I do, I do.”
He captured me into another kiss afterwards.
When the moment ended, I could honestly say I felt my body feel lighter. My limbs seemed weightless as I shifted underneath the duvet, moving to allow Peter to lay comfortably next to me. We faced one another with flushed cheeks.
“I’m surprised we both fit in your bed,” I whispered.
It was a bit ridiculous to feel shy after what we had done, but I couldn’t help it. Especially when he looked at me like that.
He chuckled, his voice sounding a bit breathless as he spoke. “Me, too.”
His eyes darted to my lips and I smiled, as if inviting him in. When he kissed me again, it felt almost different than the million other ones. This one was careful.
“How do you feel?” He asked nervously, playing with my fingertips.
I brushed a strand of my hair behind my ear as I contemplated my answer. “A mixture of complete bliss and utter fascination.”
“Why do you say that?”
“Probably because my boyfriend told me he loved me during shockingly good sex. No offense. Is this your first time?”
Peter’s eyes widened at that whilst his face visibly changed to a deep red. “Of course. Is it yours?”
“Of course, Pete.”
He smiled his beautiful smile and I felt my heart thump tremendously against my chest. When his hand went to graze my arm, his fingers gently moving back and forth against my skin, his eyes stayed on mine.
He pursed his lips before speaking. “Can I say something completely insane?”
I only nodded.
“I think we’re destined for one another.”
It was my turn to ask, “Why do you say that?”
He swallowed visibly. His eyes shifted, too, but I could tell he was only being shy. “It just feels like my soul is complete when I’m with you. Doesn’t that just sound crazy?”
The room seemed almost brighter as I soaked in his words. My thumb traced his lower lip as I felt my world begin to turn on its axis. “Not at all.”
t a g l i s t : @lharrietg @peterbparkersbae
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gakushuu-doesnt-lose · 4 days ago
Y/N x MCU. (Picnic Edition)
(A/N in the tags)
You wake up in your room. It's morning and the window was open. Gosh, no wonder it was so cold last night.
You sit up and your notice your alarm on your nightstand, it's 1:30. With the new information you stand up slowly then grabbing a sweater from your closet. You plan to have a shower after breakfast.
Breakfast… did mom make some already? Or did she already go to work? You think for a moment before shrugging. Eh, it doesn't matter I can just whip up something.
You brush your hair before heading out of the room to the kitchen. You stop midstep as you realized you forgot your socks, so you quickly head back to your room on the cold floor.
Once your done you head back, ignoring the figure sitting at the couch. Your heart spikes, thinking it's an intruder but you calm down when you see it's The Vision reading a newspaper.
"Uh, good morning…?" You start before remembering it's the afternoon. "Uh, I meant good afternoon."
He notices you and gets up," it's alright, I didn't mean to bother you like this but I came to keep you mom company"
You nod you head, " ah, I see, well do you know where she is?"
Now that you think about it… aren't they supposed to be a work?
As if The Vision read your thoughts he answered, " Since nothing much was happening today, we were able to have a day off and leave the minor events to the rest."
Then as if on que, your mom emerges from the hallway wearing comfy clothes. She smiled at you before placing a kiss on your head, "Good morning y/n, how did you sleep?"
"I slept fine, how was yours?"
"I slept like a baby" she grins and heads over to the kitchen to grab a coffee mug. You follow her to grab the cereal box.
" Me and Vision wasn't sure if you wanted your breakfast to be in the microwave or have it made later so we decided that you would want to make it yourself."
"Oh okay, thanks." You says as you pour in the milk. You then sit at the table with your mom sitting beside you. You can tell instantly that she's thinking of something but not exactly (it's moments like this that you wished you had telepathy like your mom)
"Mom? What's up?" You stop eating and your mom smiles, Vision goes back to reading the newspaper but at the table.
"Nothing much but I was thinking we should all hang out at the park today, you know have a picnic."
"That's sound fun but what are we going to do about, " You nod your head to Vision. Upon see this he perks up from the paper.
"Well I can solve that problem since I can change my appearance at will." He says. You give a quiet woah, that's cool. Because it was true, you never hung out with him much so you never heard of this before.
"Guess that answers your plans mom, when are we going?" You say. Your mom checks her phone. "Around 2:30, we would need time to finish packing the food," she stands up and pats your head before putting her cup in the sink.
Then you talk with them more before heading to the bathroom to take your shower. Once your done you see your mom chatting with the Vision as they place the food in the basket.
You stand by the wall to admire them. Ever since uncle pietro passed, your mom hasn't been in the best shape so you're glad that she's smiling more with Vision around. You think that if they were to get married, you would like having him as a dad.
You go over to them to hug your mom and she looks confused before hugging you back. You talk with them more as you help prepare the basket before you head out.
Once there, you set out the cliché picnic colored blanket then human Vision hands out your favorite drink to you. You give your thanks before everyone gets settled. Your mom pulls out monopoly so you two play while Vision watches the game with interest.
"Do you want to play Vision?" You ask as you take the paper money from your mom as she lands on your property. She gives you a look of defeat.
"If I played, I'm sure you would beat me at it. I'm not well versed in games" He says as he admires an avatar before placing it back in tbe box. You roll the dice and you land on a chest. You pick your card while your mom has an essential crisis on what to do to beat me.
"I don't like this game," she says.
"Well your the one who brought the game!" You reply. You earn a playful hit from her.
"Well I thought I would win this time but things aren't in my favor it seems"
You play a bit more before you take a break to eat. There wasn't that much talk but it was a peaceful atmosphere. You wished things were always like this but eventually something dangerous can appear and it can potentially take away your mom. You couldn't stop crying when your uncle died and your not too sure how you would handle it if she died too.
No one truly knows what's in the future so you just enjoy their presence while it lasts.
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slutfornat · 5 days ago
Hi can I request a marvel cast x teen!reader where R has been having continuous nightmares (something I suffer with and is as annoying as it sounds😂) and so has had little sleep which affects their performance on set, maybe with frustrated directors etc. Ending with R being comforted by the cast?? Thanks❤
A/n: I'm not sure how it effects other people but I based this off how I was for months in a row so I hope this is good.
Tumblr media
It had been going on for a while at this point when you realised how badly it was effecting your performance during scenes. Because of the lack of sleep you were getting due to trying to ignore it, you weren't paying much attention in class so your grades were suffering.
As for acting, your coworkers began noticing when you would volunteer to do lots of extra work just to avoid sleeping and then there was your parents threatening to have you in sunday school because of your grades.
The dream was always the same. Every night there would be you overhearing all of your friends talking shit about you and your coworkers saying how you'd go nowhere in life as an actor and might as well just quit.
It was when Anthony and Sebastian had found you asleep in your hotel room after a finishing up, you'd began freaking out in your sleep and crying when they finally managed to wake you up so from then on they tried to help as much as possible.
About two weeks later, you'd just had to redo a scene four times because they found something off with your acting and the second you were in your changing room, you broke down crying.
Scarlett was meant to be giving you a ride home as your parents were stuck at work so when she found you crying at the desk, she immediately also began panicking.
After a while and several of the others joining you two in the dressing room, you manged to explain and they immediately apologised if they ever made you feel like that and would definitely comfort you.
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sapphosvioletts · 5 days ago
Love You More
Natasha Romanoff x Autistic Daughter
Tumblr media
Just a little moment of Natasha and taking care of her daughter and letting her stim with her hair <3
Word count: 983
Note: Not every autistic person experiences autism the same. I'm autistic and I am writing from my perspective of how I personally experience autism, but not everyone feels the same as me or has the same perspective as I do.
I wake up to the sound of Natasha's laugh coming from the living room. I groan and pull the covers over my head as my eyes open to the bright morning sun. After letting my eyes adjust I finally sit up, rubbing my eyes tiredly.
I don't mind being woken up this morning, Natasha's laugh is always something I'll cherish, and it is a warm way to wake up. Her voice is soothing and velvety, and her laugh is one that never fails to make others smile. That laugh is reserved for very few people and I'll forever be thankful I'm lucky enough to be one of the few.
I get up and pad down the hallway, my sleep shirt, which is actually Natasha's, falls down past my shorts and almost engulfs me. I peek my head into the living room and find Steve sitting on the couches.
I furrow my eyebrows and come all the way out into the living room, looking for my mom. Steve smiles when he sees me, "Good morning!" He says happily. I give him a smile in return, appreciating his enthusiasm that he always somehow seems to have in the mornings.
I then see red hair pop up into my eyesight, swishing around until the familiar face is visible. Natasha smiles at me and invites me over. Although I'm relieved that I found her, I'm still slightly confused.
She's sitting on the floor, her back to the couch. She has her work spread out on the coffee table with a mug of coffee. I sit on the couch behind her, causing her to lean back into the couch, tilting her head back as well. She smiles up at me as I laugh from the weird angle of her head looking back, bursting into laughter herself.
She straightens back up and goes back to her work. I lay down on the couch on my back, my hands tapping my stomach and my heels kicking the couch. I hear the tv being turned on and I see Steve flicking through the channels.
While I'm staring up at the ceiling, waiting for Steve to find something to watch, I feel something placed on my stomach. I look down and find one of my fidget toys. I smile at Natasha, who is already consumed by her work again and not paying attention, but I know it was her. I fidget with the toy for a while, watching whatever show Steve turned on and listening to the keys clicking from Nat's laptop.
A little while later, there is a very, very loud knocking sound. I jump and my hands come up to cover my ears instinctively. I feel my heart race in my chest and my body shakes. Natasha, having felt me jump, immediately turns around and gives her full attention to me.
"Hey, it was just from the the tv honey" she tells me, knowing I was confused where the noise came from. All I can do is nod and my hands slowly come down from my ears as I take deep breaths.
Natasha rubs my back and patiently waits for me, wanting to make sure I'm okay. She understands with my sensory issues how much noises, especially sudden noises can effect me. She never rushes me to calm down or gets annoyed, she is always patient.
"Are you okay? Do you need something?" She asks softly. I think for a moment about speaking, but I'm really not up for being verbal at the moment. I point to my ears and hope she understands, which thankfully she does. "Earbuds?" I nod and she gets up, kissing the top of my head before going to grab my earbuds.
Steve gives me a small smile, not paying too much attention to us to give me some privacy. Natasha quickly comes back and hands me my earbuds, which I quickly connect to my phone and turn on some music.
"Do you need anything else?" She kneels by the couch and rubs circles on my leg. I reach a hand up to her hair and start twirling it around my finger. She smiles and chuckles, knowing what I'm trying to ask for.
With another kiss to the top of my hair, she turns back around and sits down on the floor. I smile as she scoots further back so I can reach her, moving the coffee table closer as well. She knows me so well, which comes in very handy during times when I'm nonverbal. Instead of pushing me to talk, she gives me other ways to communicate, which usually aren't even needed given how well she knows me.
Once she's settled my hand immediately goes to her soft, silky hair. I run my fingers through it over and over, relaxing with the repetition and feeling of it. She goes back to her work while letting me stim with her hair, but a small smile traces her lips this time.
After a while of work, the hand in her hair never stopping its movements, Natasha leans back and sighs. She sees my eyes shut, my face relaxed and content. She can tell I'm not asleep by my hand in her hair, as well as my bouncing foot and tapping fingers.
She reaches back and takes hold of my other hand. My eyes open in surprise, but I quickly relax again. Natasha squeezes my hand in both of hers tightly, knowing that pressure calms me. I smile at the feeling and let my eyes fall shut again.
My fingers find her wrist and tap three times, our silent way of saying "I love you". I feel Natasha's head lean onto the couch next to me and one of her hands come up to rest on my cheek. Her thumb swipes back and forth over my smiling cheek and she mumbles an "i love you more" back.
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mellowavengersstuff · 6 days ago
Schoolwork and Equations
Summary: you are overwhelmed with schoolwork.
A/N: very much based on my current situation. loll.
warnings: schoolwork, mental exhaustion, nice friends
masterlist :)
Tumblr media
🌸You’re tired.
🌸Not tired as in, I had a late night and need some sleep.
🌸Not tired as in, it’s been a long day at work.
🌸Tired as in, you’re living on coffee and smarties and an old pack of dried mango you found at the back of cupboard in your trailer.
🌸Tired as in your brain feels squishy and old and unable of completing any kind of productive work, but you still do because it’s not in your best interests to fail at life.
🌸It’s fine.
🌸 You’re fine.
🌸 (lies)
🌸So, here you are, sitting at a small, makeshift desk in a small room off set. On the verge of tears if you’re being honest.
🌸Words get all jumbled in your mind, and numbers don’t add up like they’re supposed to, and honestly whoever invented these equations should be tried and sent to prison. In your humble opinion.
🌸Its inhumane to teach people things that don’t make sense. That’s a fact.
🌸You rub at your eyes tiredly, and rest your tired hands on your forehead, as you stare blankly at the offending piece of paper. There are books and pens and highlighters scattered all around you, strewn in inharmonious carelessness.
🌸 There are half open books that you haven’t even attempted to read, and sheets full of quadratic equations that you keep getting wrong, frustratingly. The only thing that you are doing well at, is this English class thesis which you understand.
🌸You’re typing away, getting distracted by birds chirping or games or literally anything that moves in your general proximity every once in a while.
🌸Suddenly, your mental breakdown is very rudely interrupted by a bunch of rowdy actors coming into the breakroom, chattering, and laughing very loudly, babbling on about how they have to wait for the next scene since it’s a night shot.
🌸Sebastian and Anthony catch sight of you scowling in the corner and walk over, grinning.
🌸 “Hey kiddo, what you got there?”
🌸You look up at them utterly miserably, with big, teary eyes and sniffle “schoolwork.”
🌸They look a bit surprised to say the least.
🌸 By now there’s like a couple more people added to the mix. Cevans and Scarlett have joined the congregation around your haphazardly piled books and tiny little makeshift desk.
🌸 “How does such a small person have so much stuff to do?” asks Sebastian, nose crinkled in incredulousness.
🌸 Your eyes grow larger, and your bottom lip starts trembling and you just about whimper, “I don’t know.”
🌸 “Aw, hey don’t be sad kiddo,” Anthony pats your head lightly, widening his eyes alarmedly at Scarlett as you pout even more.
🌸Scarlett crouches down beside you, and wraps an arm around your shoulder, hugging you to her side. “Hey, it can’t be that difficult. Lemme have a look ….”
🌸Her voice trails off nervously as she stares at the equation on the sheet closest you. “Yeah, uh I’m not sure how to do that one. Anyone else?”
🌸Chris Evans leans over you to grab a look at the sheet Scarlett is holding. “Yeah, uh huh, no chance. Isn’t this like AP calculus or something?”
🌸You stare at the offending sheet sadly. “Yeah. My teacher thought I could handle the challenge. It’s fine, I’ll figure it out. Thanks guys.”
🌸You have resigned yourself to a sad future of calculus and breakdowns.
🌸Sebastian and Anthony look at each other, smirking in that idiotic way of theirs. “Nah, we’ll stay kiddo. Shooting doesn’t start again until 2 AM”
🌸 “Yeah,” Cevans agrees, ruffling your hair a bit, and Scarlett says, kindly “We can’t leave you here hon! We’ll stay until you get it done.”
🌸 You could burst into tears honestly. But emotions mixed with mental exhaustion are never good, so you just swallow the lump in your throat.
🌸 So they drag over chairs and couches and stuff next to you, and you sit there and listen to them chatter good-naturedly while you try to complete your homework.
🌸Dodging your frequent “are you sure guys, you don’t have to,”
🌸Shaking your shoulders gently and smoothing your hair away from your face whenever you fall asleep, trying to wake you slowly.
🌸And it turns out, you did get it done in time. All it took was a little perspective, and good friends.
marvel taglist 🌻
@soccer-100000 / @sleutherclaw
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I think... everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves- Natahsa Romanoff x Fem!Teen!Reader, Wanda Maximoff x Fem!Teen!Reader (Platonic/Familial)
My masterlist
Song recommendation:
Summary: Natasha runs into someone from the Red Room, Natasha gets defensive, Y/n just wants to be good but doubts she can be.
A/n: Did I just decide to write one of my prompts on my own free will. Yeah I did. If you want to request any story, check my masterlist post that is linked above. As always italicized words mean flashbacks. Bold words are a different language (Russian in this case). Also we are just gonna pretend Wanda is in her 30s right before Civil War happens just for this story.
Warnings: Langauge, mentions of guns
》* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ • 。* 。° 。* 。 • ˚* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •《
I've got to run. That's all I need to do at the moment. If I stop running, they are going to get me again. I keep telling myself this. If I don't, I'm going to stop. All of the sudden I fall down. Damn it, I ran into someone. I look around frantically making sure no ones found me. After looking around I see a hand offering to help me up. I hesitantly take the hand, and stand up. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't realize there was someone in front of me. Please forgive me." I say quickly, and with a Russian accent. The woman in front of me looks shocked. "I knew I should've went the other way. Now I look crazy from running like crazy." I mumble. "What's your name and why are you running." The woman in front of me asks sternly. "I promise I mean no harm. I'm just trying to get away from my past." I say. "That doesn't answer my question, kid." She says, once again seeming stern. "I-I am Y/n Y/ln and I'm running away from the people who took me when I was younger..." I pause for a moment, before continuing what I was going to say. "The Red Room." She looks at my shocked. "I can help you but you need to trust me real quick." The mysterious woman tells me. "That's fine, just please help.
Not even 20 minutes later we arrive at a tall looking building. "Woah, this building is so tall!" I exclaim in Russian. "Isn't it? It's fancier on the inside." She repeats back to me in Russian. I look at her confused. She nods for me to follow her. When we get in, I see 3 other people in what I guess is the main room. "Nat, who did you bring with you?" The guy with his bow and arrow out asks. "Yeah, dear. Who did you bring?" The brunette with an accent asks her. The guy with really long blonde hair just looks at me. I try to hide behind "Nat" but she just starts talking. "Her name is Y/n Y/ln and she was running when she bumped into me. She said she was running from the Red Room."
They all look at me with sadness in their eyes. I look at them because I still don't know who they are. "I don't know who any of you guys are." I say quietly. The woman who brought me here speaks up first. She also takes the brunette's hand and brings her to be right next to her. "I'm Natasha Romanoff, and this is my girlfriend, Wanda Maximoff." Natasha tells me. "I'm Thor!" The man with the long blonde hair announced. "I'm Clint Barton. You'll probably meet the rest of us later." He says. "There's more of you?" I ask slightly nervous. "Yes but don't worry, you'll be fine." Wanda assures me.
That was 3 months ago. I seemed to have blended into this crazy family. Wanda and Natasha are like the mom's I've never had. And I'm glad about it. Everyone's been nothing but kind and understanding to me. Tony likes to teach me about engineering, Clint teaches me how to shoot a bow and arrow (as he put it so I learned something other than using a gun), Bruce teaches me science. Pietro helps me train. They all do something to help me out.
Today is Wanda and Natasha's anniversary and I wanted to get them something. I know that's not what you normally do, but I wanted to do this sooner than later. I look down at my lap where the bag is with adoption papers. I want to ask them if the want to adopt me. They come into the kitchen and see that I made them breakfast. "Oh sweetheart, you didn't have to do this for us." Natasha tells me. "Well I wanted to and I also wanted to give you both something." I hand the bag over to Wanda and Natasha gives me a look. Wanda opens the bag and looks at the papers. She starts to cry. "Oh Y/n. Are you sure?" She asks me through the tears. That makes Natasha silently ask me what I did. "You guys have basically been like my mother's since I arrived here. I wanted to make that a little more offical. I don't know of I proved myself of love but if you guys wanted to, there are the papers to adopt me." I say with a smile. Both of them are now in tears. Natasha comes over to me and gives me a kiss on my head. "I think... everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves. And you definitely have done that." She tells me. "Y/n, we would be happy to adopt you." She says with a smile. My life has finally started going up hill.
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Announcement: HELLO! I know you have all been EAGERLY awaiting my re-arrival, so BEHOLD I have returned! And with a brand new fic for all of you to enjoy. Curious why I was gone? check my blog to find a little Q/A between me and Anon!
Warnings: None, except for teeth rotting amounts of fluff lol
Request: The reader (me ) is dating chris evans it's the readers birthday,  and chris evans spoiling her, taking to the hair salon and to the nail salon ,  and then throws a party for her, and he asks her to marry him, and a couple months later the reader is asked to been on say yes to the dress and a lot of fluff please (@maximeevansblog)
—————————— Fic:
You awoke to soft nuzzles against your cheek and gentle fingers tracing your midsection.
“Happy Birthday, baby.” A soft voice murmured next to you.
You turned your face to your boyfriend, Chris Evans.
“Good morning, Love. Thank you!” You whispered to him, moving closer to his body.
Chris wrapped you into a hug before tipping your face up and kissing you.
“I’m going to spoil you today, dear.” He hummed into to your ear.
He pulled you closer, and you melted into him, tucking your face into the crook of his neck, and you whispered “I love you” before pulling him closer to you.
The two of you cuddled for another half an hour before he announced that the first stop was the nail salon. You pulled yourself out of bed and were met with a new dress, courtesy of Chris.
“Oh! This is beautiful! Thank you so much!” You grinned, rushing to put it on.
“I knew you’d like it.” He hummed, pulling you in for a kiss.
To his surprise, you pushed him away and snatched your dress, running frantically to the bathroom to put it on.
He smiled to himself, and he loved you too much to be upset.
You exited the bathroom and grinned at Chris. The velvety (Y/F/C) fabric of the dress hugged every curve of your body perfectly, and the draped pattern of the dress only accentuated your beautiful body. You did a little twirl to show it off, smiling all the while.
Chris’s eyes lit up, and his mouth fell open, “I knew I made the right choice! You look perfect, my love.” He said from the bed where he was sitting, wearing a button-down and khakis.
“Now, let's go before we miss our appointment!” He announced enthusiastically, grabbing your hand.
Chris pulled into the parking lot of a swanky nail salon and opened your door for you.
He put his arm out for you to hook yours in and walked you into the nail salon.
You stepped inside, and a friendly woman greeted you.
“Hi! Do you have an appointment?” She asked cheerily.
Chris nodded and told the employee your name, and she led you to a rack of nail polishes and gels.
“If you could please select a few colors for your mani-pedi, I can have someone with you in a moment.” The receptionist smiled before leaving you and Chris.
You gazed thoughtfully at all of the colors on the wall, but so many were enticing, and you entirely gave up on choosing.
“Baby? Can you pick some out for me, please? I don’t know what to choose… I’m torn between a combination of sky blue, Fuchsia, bright yellow, seafoam green, and black, or dark blue, vibrant magenta, sun yellow, white, and warm grey.” You sighed.
“Woah there, you just named a lot of colors.” He grinned. “I can barely tell the difference between some of those polishes.” He shook his head.
“You’re no use.” You pouted sarcastically.
He rolled his eyes at you but was smiling nonetheless. “How about just one color? What about this blue?” He selected a dark turquoise.
“I love it!” You smiled. “I’ll do that one on my toes. For my acrylics, I want one of those cute heart patterns. I’ll show you a picture!”
You pulled out your phone and showed him a vibrant pattern of overlapping hearts, and he only shook his head and chucked.
“You do you, sweetheart.”
After your nails were finished, Chris ushered you back into the car, going on and on about “another surprise.”
After 15 minutes of driving, Chris pulled into a hair salon, opening his own door and rushing around the car to open yours.
“M’lady.” He bowed, holding your door open.
You giggled and gave him a light swat on the shoulder, curtseying after getting out.
You entered the salon and were ushered over to a chair. Chris stayed in the lobby, giving you a thumbs up before your hairdresser started asking questions.
After a long while of cutting and styling, you finally had your dream haircut and color, and it looked great! It framed your delicate features perfectly, and the color complimented your skin tone and eyes.
You thanked your hairdresser and lightly jogged over to Chris. He did it once over and looked impressed.
“Well you clean up well, all thanks to me, of course.” He chided.
“Oh yeah, take all the credit.” You rolled your eyes. “What’s next, though?”
“Now we go home, and have dinner.” He smiled, but little did you know, there were already about 100 guests at the house ready to surprise you for your birthday.
“That sounds nice.” You sighed, embracing Chris as the two of you strode out of the salon.
“SURPRISE!!” Was yelled as you entered your and Chris’s house.
You jumped back, startled, but then started beaming from ear to ear, knowing Chris had set this up for you.
“Awh you big teddy bear!” You hugged Chris as he entered behind you. “Thank you guys for coming! And thanks for all the gifts, woah!” You gestured toward a table full of wrapped boxes and bags.
A chorus of happy birthdays were heard throughout the house, and you just couldn’t be happier. Everything was perfect.
Before you could say anything or thank everyone, Chris ran in front of you, and on one knee.
“Chris!” You yelled out, throwing your hands over your mouth to stop any tears of excitement from falling.
“(Y/N) (Y/L/N), you have made these past two years so amazing. I don’t know where I would be without you. You and your spirit are so beautiful and admirable. I love you so much, (Y/N), and so I need to ask you, will you marry me?” He popped open the case of the velvet box he was holding, and inside was one of the most stunning diamonds you had ever seen in your life.
Everything felt so surreal, and all you could do was cry.
“Yes! Chris, yes, I love you so much!” You choked through sobs.
He began to cry himself, and stood up, slipping the ring onto your finger before crafting your face in his hands and kissing you. Everything around the two of you erupted into cheers and applause, and you could swear you heard trumpets and a choir singing. It felt like a fairy tale, a happily ever after, and it was only going to get better.
News of your and Chris’s engagement had spread like wildfire, it was all the internet could talk about for 3 weeks. You received fan mail and gifts from fans around the world, congratulating you and Chris.
One fateful Tuesday morning after scrolling through your private email, you found something marked important. Curious, you opened the message to find an invite to “Say Yes To The Dress: Celebrity Version!”.
You were beyond ecstatic and forwarded it to Chris and your agent, intending to get an appointment set up as soon as possible.
Chris was just as excited as you were, and your agent was quick to get everything set up.
You simply couldn’t contain your excitement, everything was going right. You bounced around the halls of your home for days, not being able to bear waiting any longer for your filming.
A week before your appointment, you nestled into bed with Chris and hurried yourself in his figure.
“I love you, Chris Evans. Thank you.” You sleepily mumbled.
“And I you, (Y/N) (Y/L/N). You were the best decision I ever made.”
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thepilotanon · 9 days ago
Hi!!! How would Loki comfort a teen that came to his room in the Avengers Tower during the night because they were afraid of the thunderstorm outside?
I think he would be confused, because he wouldn't understand why anyone would come to him during a thunderstorm. He's not someone who would outwardly show kindness outside of his usual idle conversation with you on and off (and, even then, you instigate it), but it would still confuse him. He would ask what you want, but, depending on how you react during a storm, he may take a moment to realize what was bothering you.
While Loki won't admit it, he feels bad and understands how "annoying" thunderstorms can be (I honestly bet that Thor constantly makes jokes whenever thunder strikes, like in the BTS video). He tries to think of what can make you feel better, and suggests watching a movie or those weird late-night infomercials and Loki will make hilarious commentary about it to make you snicker. Usually, whenever thunder strikes, he sees you stiffen or react negatively, and he will just sigh dramatically all "If only Thor would stop passing gas. This is why I tell everyone not to order anything with beans in it" to distract you with "What? You know the saying how thunderstorms are a god's way of farting, right?" It's not entirely true, but Peter told him that from a meme and is going to use it.
If it comes to where infomercials can't distract you, Loki just casually starts building a blanket-pillow fort. You'll ask him what he's doing and he will just shrug all "Young children often like to build their own fortress with blankets and pillows, correct? I don't see why anyone needs to grow out of it, especially when you can tuck yourself away from that obnoxious storm."
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Masterpost (and Masterlist)
Who I write for/write about
Prompt List
Tony x reader:
Can I sleep over? My parents are arguing again.
Natasha x reader
It hurts when I realize I'll never mean that much to someone.
I think... everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves
Wanda x reader
Come on, I can't go to the party alone
I think... everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves
Hope Van Dyne x Reader
This wasn't supposed to happen... but it did
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i-writes-things · 12 days ago
Story 1 -No.1- No.2
This is a Series.
After finally finding Wanda and now living with the Avengers at the Compound, you are the newest addition to the team but are also the youngest, with Natasha watching over you since you got there from Sokovia.
"Well, why don't we just go out then?"
You groan and bring your head up to see the rest of the team question you after getting back from a very tiring mission.
"No" you mumble and put your head back down
"What?" says Steve looking over at you
"No." you say louder with your head resting in between your arms on the cold table.
Some of the team that had decided to change before dinner had come back in the room(Peter Parker, Natasha and Bucky)
"So what's for dinner?" Says Bucky as he walks in with Peter behind him.
"I dunno." shrugs Bruce in the background as Steve cuts him off
"Y/N doesn't want to go out. We have no food here Y/N!" Steve says to Bucky and you. Natasha walks into the chaos that is Bucky and Steve now arguing about dinner and Thor coming in crying loudly cause there weren't any of his pop tarts in the pantry. Sam and Peter both start laughing at Thor and can't stop.
You groan again and move to the floor, the nice, cold, floor. It isn't any quieter on the floor but with your body heating up the coldness is nice.
Natasha walks around wanting to sit in one of the counters chairs but finds you on the floor instead.
"Y/N?" she asks "Mm, what?" you ask slowly.
"Well, why are you on the floor, weirdo." she asks with a chuckle. "It's cold, I'm hot." you say sleepily.
That mission the Team and you went on was for almost a week and by the last day, you were not feeling the greatest, but finally being back to your newish home helped, and with everyone around you crying, Laughing, and just arguing it was nice to just lay there and listen to them and see that they were not the perfect human beings, HYDRA made you believe...
--I don't know how to make a master-list or make the text a link to different pages so if anyone would be willing to message me and help that would be amazing!!!!!--
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sapphosvioletts · 12 days ago
Natasha Romanoff x Autistic Daughter
Tumblr media
Natasha is left in a bad state after a difficult mission, but thankfully she has someone who's there for her. Although, in a different way than most.
Word count: 1,791
Note: Not every autistic person experiences autism the same. I'm autistic and I am writing from my perspective of how I personally experience autism, but not everyone feels the same as me or has the same perspective as I do.
I happily jump out of my seat on the couch as I hear the sound of the jet nearing the compound. I run down the stairs to the large door with the metal handle that leads to the hangar.
I struggled to pull open the large, heavy door that's made stronger to withhold the strong winds from the many jets and planes coming in and out. I run through the door before it can come back and hit me as it closes. With perfect timing the jet is slowly being parked in it's assigned spot as I watch, standing behind the railway of the stairs.
Once the door opens I run down the set of stairs to meet everyone as they came out. I'm looking for one person in particular though, my mom. It's only been a couple of days but I really missed her. I always do when she's on missions.
After greeting the others as they slugged out of the jet tiredly, bags slung over their shoulders, I bounce on my toes while waiting for the last person. After a minute or two of waiting, still no one else had come out. I frown and slowly start to walk closer to the jet.
I keep my ear out for any noises indicating that someone else is coming out, but there's none. I slowly walk up the stairs to the jet and peek my head in. I notice my moms bags on the seat, but she's not in sight. I look around but dont see her and I start growing more and more anxious.
"Mom?" I nervously call out, but there's no response. My fingers start picking and scratching at my arms, a stim that I tend to do when I'm nervous. I gulp anxiously, the sound of it made all too clear to me in the silence.
After a slow and anxious walk around I still haven't noticed any signs of her. I walk up to the cockpit and my eyes do a double take as I finally spot the bright red hair that I know so well.
I walk further in and find my mom, sitting between the wall and the seat. Her eyes are open but unfocused, staring at nothing. Her face is completely neutral and I don't even know if she's noticed I'm here. "Mama?" I call out again quietly. I can feel it becoming more and more difficult to speak, the anxiety making me become semiverbal.
Her head finally snaps up and she gives me a hard, piercing glare, before her face slowly softens as she realizes who it is. She lets out a breath of relief and I can see her body visibly relax. "Hey honey," she says breathily, giving me a painful smile.
I come closer and sit next to her, being short enough to fit behind the seat as well. I wrap my arms around her waist and lean into her side. She pulls her arm out and wraps it around me, her other arm eventually coming around as well.
She holds me close to her and stuffs her face into my hair. I am slightly shocked when I feel my head become wet, knowing that my mom rarely ever cries. After a couple minutes of comfortable silence I look up at her and quietly ask, "Happened?" Being semiverbal was a bit frustrating at the moment, having so many questions, but all I can make out is a single word.
She sighs and lifts her head up. "It was just a tough mission, that's all. It was successful but... just messed with my head a bit." I hug her tighter at her admission, feeling overwhelmed with love for her and wishing I could make it all better.
Right now I know that she just needs someone to be there for her, and in that moment I silently promised to be the best I can for her. I pull away from her embrace and she looks at me confused. I stand up and hold my arms out to her.
She gets the message and grabs my hands so I can help her stand up. I grab one of her wrists and drag her out of the jet. As we are walking through the hangar she adjusts her grip so she's holding my hand and she squeezes it it gently, looking over at me with a small smile.
I smile back and lead her up to the compound, but instead of taking her to our floor I lead her to the shooting range. I know that this is a way for her to destress, but she hasn't done it in a while, she hasn't needed to. I stop at the door to the range and Natasha look back at me with a thankful smile. She kisses the top of my head, mumbling a "thank you" into my hair before disappearing through the door.
I quickly leave, starting to plan what else to do. I know that she will probably be in there for a while, so in the meantime I try to come up with what other ways I could help her out.
A lot of times our communication with each other is different than "normal". With me being semi verbal at times and other autistic traits, we have a different way of interacting with each other. But honestly, I think we both like it better than the "normal" ways.
Being there for my mom, in our own little way, makes caring for her come natural to me. It's different than the ways that most people show they care, those ways just don't make sense or come naturally to me. I can't give her a heartfelt speech about how great she is, I'm not very good with words even when I'm verbal. Buying her things, giving well written notes, and the many other things, those just aren't how Natasha and I communicate, and that's perfectly okay.
I go outside to my little garden and pick some flowers, her favorites of course. I look around and pick up some decent sized, smooth rocks as well. I bring them all inside and put them on my desk, as well as some paint and brushes.
On the rocks, I start to paint the planets, each rock being a different planet. Natasha loves stargazing, she loves the late nights, when neither of us can fall asleep, that are spent outside on a blanket looking up at the stars. She tells me all of the things she knows about space, including the planets.
It's our little thing that we do together and those nights are some of the best memories I have. I know that my mom cherishes them as well from the way her eyes gloss over when she looks over at me with a genuine smile, and how her normally tense body is relaxed.
After I'm done painting the rocks I leave them out to dry while going to check on my mom. I know that she could spend hours in there without noticing while she's stuck in her thoughts, it happens when she trains after nightmares or engulfs herself in work after being reminded of a bad memory.
I hit the button outside of the door to the range, it lights up a buzzer inside to let the person know someone is there so they don't get spooked while holding a fully armed, deadly weapon.
I rock on my heels as I patiently wait for Natasha to open the door. I know not to open it myself, the last thing I want to do is scare someone while they're shooting. My head snaps up when I hear the door click open. My mom comes into my sight while pulling her ear protectors off and putting them away.
When she meets me in the hallway, I notice that she looks much more relaxed than before, but I can still see that she has a certain dullness in her eyes. "Better?" is all I can get out. She smiles and nods. "Much better."
She follows me to her room and starts pulling out clothes to change in to. Once I catch her eye I point to my room, silently communicating with her to come to my room when she's done. She nods and I leave, closing the door on my way out.
The rocks are done drying by now thankfully, so I lay them all out on my bed with the flowers as well. I pull out my laptop and open it to one of Natasha's's favorite movies. I set my laptop aside when I hear footsteps padding on the wood, heading towards my room.
She pokes her head in before coming all the way in. She stops in her tracks when she sees the rocks spread out in front of her. A wide smiles grows on her face and her eyes tear up. She laughs tearfully and comes over to sit next to me in the bed.
"Are these for me?" She asks happily, and I nod with a smile. She reaches out to pick up the rocks and inspects them. I notice a couple tears fall down her smiling cheeks, but I know it's from a good reason this time.
After she inspects the rocks she looks back at me, and at seeing my smiling face she lunges forward and gives me a hug. "Thank you honey. I don't know what I did to deserve someone as perfect as you, but I'm so thankful for you."
I squeeze her waist before pulling away, both of us smiling. She places all the rocks on my bedside table, lining them up next to each other so she can see all of them. As she's moving the flowers while sniffing them as well, I grab my laptop and settle back against my head board.
I patently wait for her to notice, and when she does she sits back next to me. She grabs my laptop and puts it on her lap instead, pressing play on her favorite movie. She pulls me into her side so I'm leaning against her chest, curled up next to her.
She looks down at me lovingly as I stim with her fingers. Although her favorite movie is on, she can't take her mind off of her daughter. Her daughter who communicates slightly differently, and Natasha loves it. She can't help but think that if she was being looked after in the other usual ways, she might even be feeling more miserable. But her daughter always make her feel better, she loves their little language that they have and can't imagine where she would be if she didn't have the pleasure of knowing that language.
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saidrolav · 12 days ago
Apricot doughnuts
Bakery AU!Sam Wilson x gn!reader
Summary: Sam has a huge crush on you but can't find the courage to enter your bakery.
Warnings: none! pure fluff! 🧡
A/N: Hii everyone! Here's my enter for the writing challenge of @lovelyavengers !!! Congrats on your 500 followers!! Hope you'll like what i wrote, and as always feedback is always appreciated!! 🧡
Prompts: “What am I even looking for?” - “I don’t know.”
Tumblr media
not my gif!
Sam Wilson came to your bakery for quite some time now. He could come 3 days in a row then disappear for a month, he was a surprising customer. At first, he would only order a single thing, doughnut stuffed with apricot jam. He loved them really crispy on the outside and covered with icing sugar, with the apricot not too acid but just enough so he could feel the jam melt on his tongue.
The first time he ate one at your place he thought he would melt right here and he didn't know if it was the fault of the most delicious doughnut he ever ate or the person who was serving it. They were both lovely. He ate so fast that he didn't realized that he had icing sugar everywhere in his beard and on his nose so when he tried to flirt with you, you just chuckled and offered him a napkin. He became all flustered and mouthed a small "sorry" and you said it was okay. Since that happened, he didn't try to flirt with you anymore, to your despair, he was too embarassed of the icing sugar incident and just enjoyed in silence his doughnuts.
What you didn't know was that Sam was also disappointed in himself for not talking enough to you. Every time he'll came home he was telling to Bucky every little thing you did with heart eyes and the brunette just had to sit there and listen to his bestfriend being in love. At first, Bucky didn't mind Sam being in love but as time passed, he grew really tired of his bestfriend repeating himself.
As Sam was about to leave for his favourite bakery in the morning to get his breakfast, a question disturbed his routine. "You mind if i come with you ?" He heard Bucky say. He stopped in his tracks while he was in the middle of putting on his coat, he froze. He turned his head to the brunette who was paying no attention to him, he was reading the news. Sam furrowed his brows and finished getting ready while he mumbled a quick "No, i don't mind."
That's how he ended up with Bucky on the passenger seat of his car trying to put on the radio, while driving to your bakery. Sam was nervous, he never bought someone to your bakery and certainly not Bucky. He knew the super soldier had something behind his head but he didn't know what and it was killing him.
"So what's their name ?" Bucky said suddenly and it nearly made the man behind the wheel jumps. He glanced quickly at the super soldier and he said quietly, "Y/N, don't do anything weird and don't embarass me in front of them, please." Bucky let out a laugh and smiled at his friend, "You know me." "That's why i'm telling you that."
When Sam parked on the parking of your bakery, before he could even turn the engine off Bucky was already out and he got out of the car as fast as he could so he could follow him. The super soldier entered the bakery with Sam soon following him, he thought that Buck was about to smash the door but he softly closed it.
The two of them waited patiently that the old woman in front of them ordered her slice of pie. Sam looked around and saw only a couple of person in the bakery, eating in silence just as he loved it. He realized it was his turn only when Bucky patted him on his shoulder, he turned around and caught your gaze, leaving him without air in his lungs, once again frozen. Bucky smirked when he saw his bestfriend that way and gave him another pat to help him make his way back in reality.
"What am i even looking for ?" Sam blurted out akwardly which made you and Buck chuckle. "I don't know." Bucky answered with a hint of mischief in his eyes. Sam wasn't trying to be funny though he was totally lost that he wasn't even remembering what he wanted to order. He smiled when he saw you and the super soldier laugh before he cleared his throat.
"I think i'm gonna have 5 pumpkin and cream cheese muffins with pecan streusel," he smiled sweetly at you while you were putting his muffins in an appropriate package. Bucky took a glance at Sam and a couple of seconds passed without anyone talking. The brunette rolled his eyes while he paid quickly for the muffins.
"And this guy right here will order a date with you." He smiled and Sam's head shot up quickly, feeling incredibly embarassed by how Buck just planified him a date with you. The super soldier smiled and left the two of you shocked and blushing. Sam coughed softly and looked at you with a soft smile on his lips.
"I-I mean you don't have to come if you don't want to, i don't know what crossed his mind.." He chuckled shyly while looking at his feet and he heard no answer. When he looked back at you he saw you were scribbling something on a napkin which made him rise an eyebrow. Before he could say something you were giving him the napkin with an hesitant look. He took it and read your number which made him grin wider than he ever did.
"I'll call you i promise!" You laughed like a kid at his promise. "I hope so! I'm not giving my numbers to everyone i see here." He smiled even wider if that was possible and took your hand softly so he could place a kiss on the back of it making you blush furiously.
You were about to say something but you were cut by big honk sounds, you were quick to see Bucky in Sam's car giving him huge thumbs up which made him and you laugh.
"Yeah.. I should probably go.." He smiled at you after he gave a quick death stare in Buck's direction. You packed an apricot doughnut and gave it to him with a big smirk. He took it shyly and searched quickly for his wallet but you stopped him by putting your hand on his arm.
"Don't worry it's offered by the house." You smiled widely and he joined you quickly. He mumbled a quick "thanks" because the honks were getting louder and louder and fastly joined Bucky in the car.
He had soon a sweet date with you.
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just-dreaming-marvel · 13 days ago
Unofficial Fathers Part 2
Avengers x Teen!Fem!Reader
Word Count: 5,850ish
Summary: Tony, Steve, and the whole team help you deal with the aftermath of your accident. Though it’s not as easy as anyone would like.
Notes: Read Unofficial Fathers Part 1 here. I hope this isn’t crap and that it makes sense.
Tumblr media
“Ah!” You fell to the floor, your hands breaking your fall. “Stupid braces,” you muttered.
Your accident had happened about 6 months ago. Tony and Bruce had been working together to figure out braces for you for about two of those months. Only for the braces to never work right for one reason or other.
“Are you okay, Y/N?” Steve rushed up to your side.
“I’m fine,” you huffed, turning yourself to sit on your butt as you avoided Steve’s helping hands. “I think I’m done for today.”
“Already? We were just getting started.”
“Yeah, well, these stupid braces and my brain don’t want to work together. So I’m done for today.”
Steve sighed. “One more try.”
“One more.”
“Fine.” You held your hands up. “Help me up.”
Steve smirked as he stood up and grabbed your hands. He carefully helped you up and steadied you. Tony and Bruce were observing from the deck above.
“Why aren’t they working?” Tony muttered, eyes trained on you. “Rhodey’s work. We had barely any issues with them. These—these literally won’t listen to her. Why?”
“Maybe it has something to do with her powers,” Bruce responded, studying the braces on a tablet. “Like, they won’t let her connect or something. Maybe tomorrow we hook up her brain to some monitors and watch how it interacts with the braces.”
“Yeah, maybe…”
“Hey, no. I know that tone. This is not your fault Tony. No one thinks that, especially Y/N.”
“Yeah, well, I still can’t help feel that way.”
“Try for her, please. Shuri and T’Challa should be here soon so that we can get their input as well.”
“Hopefully Shuri can see something that we can’t.”
“Damn it!” You exclaimed, falling back onto the floor and causing the men above to look your way. You punched the ground in frustration. “I’m done!”
“Y/N—“ Steve tried.
“No! I’m done! This stupid braces won’t work!” You looked at Steve with an anger he had never seen from you before. “Why the hell did you give me hope?!”
“No!” Steve tried to reach for you again and you pushed away. “Stop! I can get out of this mess myself.”
With a sigh, Steve turned to look at Tony on the observation deck. Tony had a hand over his mouth, looking sadly down at you. Just by the man’s eyes, Steve could tell that Tony was taking on this upon himself. Making eye contact with Steve, Tony quickly shook his head and walked away, heading for his lab.
“Hey, kid!” Bucky greeted, coming into the common room. “How was today’s session?” Steve quickly made eye contact with his friend and shook his head.
“Fine,” you responded, focused on your phone. You were in your wheelchair, near the large wall of windows.
“Just fine?”
“Bucky,” Steve tried to warn.
“Yeah, just fine,” you retorted, still not looking his way.
“Was it Steve?” Bucky continued. “I know that he can be a bit of an old man.”
“Hey!” Steve exclaimed. “You’re older than me!”
“Steve was fine,” you replied.
Bucky furrowed his brows, concerned at your lack of any real emotion. “Just give it time kid,” he said. “It took my arm a little while to—“
“It’s not the same. I would have been better off with no legs at all.”
“Hey!” Both men exclaimed. “Don’t you dare think like that.”
“Or what?” You finally looked at them. “You’ll ground me? Sorry, but I’m already there.” 
Feeling that you weren’t going to be left alone, you began wheeling yourself away.
“Where are you going?” Steve wondered.
“Away,” you replied.
“I’m just going to my room, Pa. Jeez. Let me live a little, I’m almost 18.”
Bucky and Steve watched was you wheeled away. Their sad eyes following you until you disappeared.
“I don’t know what to do Buck,” Steve shook his head, head falling into his hands. “She was making progress and now… now we don’t know if it’s her or the braces or something else entirely.”
“When will Shuri and T’Challa be here?” Bucky asked.
“Sometime today. I’m hoping that they can help.”
“They helped me. They’ll be able to help her. How’s, uh, how’s Tony holding up?”
“You know him, he’s just as bad as you. Lets himself feel the weight and blame for everything.”
“It wasn’t his fault.”
“I know.”
“And it wasn’t yours either, punk. Y/N would have gone in there anyway.”
“She’s just a kid, Buck. She doesn’t deserve to be going through what she’s going through.”
“I agree. And that’s why we have been, and we’re going to be, with her every step of the way.”
You found yourself outside, near the furtherest end of the track. You were staring at the trainees racing around it. Not too long ago it was you racing around it. It was starting to get to you that you were beginning to forget what that all felt like. Walking. Running faster than anyone. All of it.
“Miss,” FRIDAY interrupted your thoughts. “Mr. Stark is requesting your presence in his lab.”
“Not now, FRIDAY,” you responded. “Tell him I’m busy.”
“Really? You think getting FRIDAY to lie for you would work?” Tony’s voice came through your phone. “I need you. Shuri and T’Challa are almost here.”
“Can’t it wait until tomorrow? I’m tired.”
“Honey, I know that you’re tired, but we need to find out what’s wrong. And Shuri won’t be able to stay long.”
“I’m all yours in the morning. Let me have the rest of the day to myself, Dad.”
Tony sighed. “Fine… do you want me to warm up the theater room and some popcorn? We could have a movie night?”
“I want to be by myself.”
“Please don’t shut me out, sweetheart. I just want to help.”
“I’ll be in for dinner.”
You took your phone and quickly shut it down. After putting it in a pocket on your chair, you went back to watching the trainees run. Slow and silent tears trickled down your cheeks as you watched them make their laps, wishing you could join them.
The sun was setting and you had yet to move from your spot. The team didn’t want to push you, though they had been keeping an eye on you out there. Tony had his arms folded as he watched you from the far windows of the common room. Steve sighed as he came up beside his teammate.
“She’s still out there,” he said.
“Hasn’t moved all afternoon,” Tony added, moving towards the bar. “She’s taking steps backwards.”
Steve followed. “It’s just a bad day, Tony.”
“She’s had bad days, Steve. This…” He began pouring himself a glass. “This is different.” Tony passed Steve a drink.
“Thanks.” The soldier took a swig. “Is Shuri in the lab?"
“Yeah, she brought somethings for Y/N to try out before—or, I guess, as we run more tests.”
“It’s going to work Tony. We’re going to help her.”
“I hope, because I don’t think I can fail her more than I already have.”
You had been trying to talk yourself out of it for about an hour. But you were even too damn stubborn for even yourself. You and your wheelchair were on the track. You had pushed yourself to the edge of the wheelchair, your feet touching the ground. But you couldn’t feel it, you couldn’t feel the track. With a deep breath, you pushed yourself from the wheelchair and tried to stand. You were immediately on the ground, head jolting back to hit against the edge of your wheelchair.
“Ow,” you groaned. Your hand rubbed the back of your head. You inhaled sharply when you felt liquid. Bringing your had back around, you noticed the blood. “Shit.”
You turned yourself onto your stomach so that you could grab your wheelchair easier. Lifting up your arms, you grabbed onto your wheelchair and heaved yourself up. You knew that your fathers were not going to be happy with you when you got inside.
“May I be of some assistance, Y/N?”
You practically jumped out of your chair, hand shooting up to  press against your chest. “Vision!” You exclaimed. “You scared me.”
“My apologies. I was just walking about the ground when I noticed you out here. Would you like some help getting inside?”
Your thoughts immediately went to the injury on the back of your head. You didn’t know how Vision would react, especially because you didn’t know how bad it actually was.
“Uh… I… well—“
“I’ll take her from here, Vis,” Bucky said, jogging up. “We’re supposed to be heading to the lab together, anyway.” You quirked a brow at Bucky, confused.
“Oh, yes, of course,” Vision responded. “I will just continue on my walk then.”
“Thanks, Vis,” you said, giving him a small smile.
He nodded before disappearing. Some walk. Bucky came up to you, shaking his head.
“You’re very lucky, young lady,” he said, shaking his finger at you. “Steve and Tony are sitting at the bar or they would have been furious to see you on the ground like that. Are you okay?”
“Actually… I don’t know,” you responded.
That surprised Bucky, but in a good way. Though he couldn’t show it. “What’s up?”
“I, uh, I hit my head.” You lift up your hand, revealing the blood on your finger tips.
“What?!” He rushed around to the back of your wheelchair. Thank goodness the tracks lights were on so that he could see the cut and the blood trickling down. “Shit. We need to get you to the med-bay. You may in stitches.”
“This is just great,” you grumbled. “Now no one will ever let me out of their sight.” You buried your head in your hands as Bucky began pushing you back towards the compound. “I’m so done.”
“It’s okay to feel that way, Y/N. In fact, it’s completely normal. But Shuri and T’Challa are here and they have ideas—“
“It doesn’t matter. None of their ideas could help me.”
“You don’t know that.”
“Really?” You turned your head to look up at Bucky. “Could any of their ideas allow me to access my powers again?” Bucky sighed, not answering. You scoffed and turned your head back around. “Yeah, didn’t think so.”
“No, you know what?” You grabbed your wheels and tried to take over the steering. “I’m fine. Let me just go to bed.” It was pointless, trying to steer yourself away against a man with a metal arm. “Bucky, please.”
“No. We’re going to fix up your head and they we’re going to have a movie night, we haven’t had one in a few weeks.”
“I want to be alone.”
“Not a chance.”
“What the hell happened?!” Tony exclaimed, him and Steve coming to a sliding stop in front of you in the med-bay.
Bucky was sitting beside you, holding your hand as a nurse stitched you up. When Steve and Tony finally noticed you were off the track, they asked FRIDAY where you had gone. The AI immediately told the men where you were located, which freaked them out.
“Y/N! Are you okay?” Steve fretted, coming up to kneel in front of you and cup your cheek. “What happened?”
“It’s nothing,” you grumbled, moving away from Steve’s hand.
“It’s nothing?! Then why is there a nurse stitch up the back of your head?!” Tony exclaimed.
“Stark,” Bucky said, trying to give a kind warning tone.
“What?!” Bucky shot him a look. “Okay, okay.” Tony held his hands up and took a deep breath. “What happened?”
“I don’t want to talk about it,” you responded, eyes focused on your fidgeting hands.
“Bucky?” Steve questioned.
Bucky looked at you and then sighed. “She tried to walk on her own,” he replied.
“What?!” / “Why?!” / “Bucky!”
“I was in the compound, watching her when it happened. I didn’t get to her in time. She hit her head on the back of her chair.”
“Y/N,” Steve breathed out, “how could you—“
“Don’t finish that,” you interrupted. “You should already know the answer anyway. Am I done here?”
“Yes,” the nurse responded. “It will be tender for a little bit, but it should heal up fine.”
“Thank you,” Bucky said as the nurse walked away.
“Can I go to bed now?” You asked, still not looking at any of the men.
“No,” Tony answered. “We need to talk about this.”
“Not now, Dad, please. I’m too tired for this.”
“You know that you can’t get up on your own.”
“Thanks for the reminder, cause I needed another one.”
“You need to talk out your feelings, doll,” Steve said. “You’re not fine right now.”
“I don’t need to do anything. And I am. I’m just having a bad day, am I not allowed one of those?”
Steve sighed. “You are. We’re just worried.”
“Well stop. I’m fine. I’m going to bed and no one should dare try and stop me.”
“How are you feeling today, Y/N?” T’Challa asked as Shuri was making sure everything was ready for the tests today. Tony and Steve weren’t in there yet, which kinda surprised you. You hadn’t seen them all day.
“Fine,” you responded with a shrug.
“I heard you hit your head las—“
“I don’t want to talk about it.”
“Okay. Then how’s therapy? We’ve heard the braces are giving you trouble.”
“Yeah. Dad’s blaming it on himself, but I just don’t think I’m meant to walk again.”
Upon mention of him, Tony and Steve had paused before turning around the corner. They both felt another crack in their hearts at your defeated tone. You had been doing so good, being so positive, until just very recently. But now, it had seemed like you lost all hope.
“It’s not his fault though,” you continued. “It’s nobody’s fault.”
“Have you asked Colonel Rhodes about his braces?”
“I’ve kinda been ignoring him… I feel bad but… I get jealous every time I see him because his braces work and mine… well, mine don’t work for me.”
“I’m sure he’d understand.”
“Yeah. But then he’d talk to Dad and Pa about it and they’d get all guilty. Well, more guilty than they already feel. I see it in their eyes every time they look at me. It hurts, then makes me feel guilty for causing that.”
“You shouldn’t.”
“But I do.”
“Are you ready, Y/N?” Shuri asked, coming closer with a set of braces.
“I guess.”
“Where’s Stark and the Captain?” T’Challa wondered, looking around.
“We’re right here,” Steve replied, coming around the corner.
“Hey, kiddo,” Tony greeted. He immediately came up to you, put a gentle hand on your back, and leaned down to kiss the top of your head. “Sleep well?”
“Could have been better,” you mumbled.
Tony’s brow quirked. “Well you always tend to fall asleep to one of Cap’s briefings—“
“Hey!” Steve exclaimed, causing a small giggle to slip between your lips.
“—maybe we need to have one tonight.”
“My briefings aren’t that bad,” Steve grumbled, pouting slightly.
“Okay, Cap,” Tony patted the man’s back. “Whatever you say.”
“If you boys are done, we’re going to start now,” Shuri said, giving the men a disapproving look. “Y/N, I’m going to insert small sensors into six points of your head. I don’t want to fit you to any prosthetics until I get some readings on your brain. I want you to go about your normal routine, especially your therapy sessions with Stark’s braces.” 
“For how long?” Steve asked, coming to your free side and resting a hand on your shoulder.
“To get the best results, a month. I will be monitoring from Wakanda, making different braces and such as I get results.”
“It’s going to take that long?” You mumbled.
“As I’m sure you’ve realized in the past six months, Y/N, that this is not an easy or fast process.”
“You got that right,” you scoffed.
“You just need to be patient,” T’Challa said. “We have some of the best technology and scientific advances. We will find a way to help you.”
“When are the sensors going in?”
“As soon as you’d like,” Shuri said. “I already have everything set up. You’ll have to be put under, but for no longer than an hour.”
“Let’s just get it over with.” 
Tony and Steve shared a look. They didn’t know what to do to help you but be there for you.
“We’ll be here the whole time, sweetheart,” Tony said, placing a kiss on your head.
“Yeah,” Steve agreed, doing the same, “every second.”
The first day the sensors were in, you had a massive migraine. Shuri had said that would be normal and to take a day. Tony and Steve had to be stopped by Bucky and Natasha to let you have a few moments of peace and quiet to yourself. Other than that, your two fathers were always at your side.
The second day you woke up before everyone and headed to the gym. You took your time getting your braces on. Nervously, you bit your lip as you rolled yourself over to the bars. You knew that the sensors weren’t put in to help with your braces, but you couldn’t help but hope a little. 
Taking a deep breath, you reached up and gripped onto the bars. You used the bars to help pull you out of the wheelchair and hold yourself between them. You gripped the bar tightly as you tried to force the brace to move your leg. You got your foot to move forward barely anything. But that took a lot out of you. Readjusting your grip on the bars, you tried the other leg, with the same result.
“You aren’t suppose to be down here alone,” Sam’s voice came from the doorway.
You glanced up before focusing back down on your feet. “Yeah, well, I didn’t want an audience. Who told you I was down here?”
“FRIDAY.” Sam headed towards you.
“That little snitch.”
“Don’t get mad at the AI. I was already awake and she figured that you didn’t want Steve or Tony here.”
“It’s not that I don’t want them here,” you sighed. “It’s just… they—“
“It’s a lot of pressure from them.”
“Yeah,” you nodded. “I know they’re not trying to make me feel that way. But they are. And I don’t need anymore guilty or pitiful looks from them.”
Sam stood at the other end of the bars. He held out his hands, motioning you to come to him. “Well, I won’t do that to you, kid. Now, come or I’m going to start insulting you.”
You giggled. “Insulting me? You think that will get the braces to work with my brain?”
“It’s worth a shot.”
You nodded, focusing back on your feet. Taking another large breath, you tried to get your leg to move again. It did, only this time you couldn’t get your foot to straighten out causing you to trip over it. Sam lunged forward, catching you before you face planted.
“I got you, kid,” he said. “I got you.”
“This is so stupid, Sam,” you huffed as he stood you back up. “It isn’t fair… Rhodey’s braces work, so just Bucky’s arm. Why can’t mine?”
“I wish I knew, Y/N. I really did. But everyone’s trying. We all want you to be able to walk again.”
“I want to be able to run again.”
“Baby steps, kid. Literally.” He backed up a little, but not too far. “Come on, try again.”
You huffed, looking down again to focus on your feet. You got one foot to move a little, earning a cheer from Sam. You couldn’t help but smile a little. The next three little steps were successful as well.
“Very good, Y/N!” Sam exclaimed. “Almost to me.”
This was the best your braces had ever done, making you feel good. But, as always, that feeling couldn’t last forever. In the middle of your next step, the braces froze unwilling to move.
“What the—“ your muttering was halted when a rush of electricity shot from the braces.
“Y/N!” Sam exclaimed as you fell to the ground.
You cried out in pain as the electricity filled your whole body. Sam’s hands were hovering over you as he tried to figure out what to do without getting electrocuted himself.
“FRIDAY, get help!” Sam ordered.
“Already on it,” the AI replied. A few seconds later, Tony, Shuri, Steve, Bucky, and Bruce were rushing in.
“We’ve got to get those braces off of her,” Tony immediately said.
“I got it!” Bucky replied, using his metal hand to rip a section off of your leg.
The electricity immediately stop, allowing you to lie limp against the floor. You had your eyes closed as you breathed heavily. Steve was quick to pull you into his arms before Shuri hovered something over you.
“The sensors are still good,” Shuri confirmed. 
“Y/N,” Steve gently shook you, “talk to me, sweetheart.”
“Ow,” you grunted, still keeping your eyes closed. A few chuckled. 
“How are you feeling?”
“Like I sat in an electric chair.”
“This is all my fault,” Tony said, running a hand down my face. “I haven’t been able to figure out what’s wrong with the braces and now they go and do this.” He shook his head, turning to face away from everyone. His hand ran through his hair, tugging at it. “I can’t believe I keep failing like this.”
“Dad,” you called. You reached your arm out and opened your eyes slightly. “Please, turn around and look at me.” It took a few moments for him to give in, but eventually Tony faced you. “Can you come here?” You motioned him closer. He took your hand, letting you tug him closer. “This isn’t your fault. Nothing about the past six months have been your fault.”
“Stop it. Yes, I may fail at showing that I don’t believe that it’s your fault. But I don’t. I don’t blame you. And I never will, even for my braces not working.”
“The braces—“
“I’m serious, Dad. Stop blaming yourself.” You looked up at Steve, who was still holding you. “Same goes for you, Pa. None of this is your fault.”
Bruce, Tony, and Shuri worked through the rest of the day trying to find out what happened to your braces and to build new ones. Steve, Sam, and Bucky spent the rest of the day researching other ways to help you. They all did this while you rested in your room, the electrocution taking a lot out of you.
“I’ve got it!” Bucky exclaimed, jolting Sam and Steve from the research they were doing. 
“What is it, Barnes?” Sam wondered.
“I can’t believe we haven’t thought of it before! The answer’s been right in front of our faces the whole time.”
“What are you talking about, Buck?” Steve asked.
Bucky jumped up, rushing out of the room. “I’ve got to go into the city.”
“Where?” Steve stood up. “Where are you going?!”
“The New York Sanctum!”
Sam and Steve shared a look before hurrying after their friend.
“Wait for us!”
“We’re coming too!”
“Does she know you’re here?” Dr. Strange asked.
When the men arrived, it didn’t surprise him all much. He knew what had happened and it was only a matter of time before someone was at his door asking about it.
“No,” Steve said, shaking his head. “We wanted to know if you’d be open to it first.”
Strange sighed. “Captain, there is a reason I have not brought this up to the team sooner. Learning magic is a high cost.”
“I’m sure she’d be willing to pay it,” Bucky said. “She just wants to walk again.”
“Her learning the mystic arts does not guarantee that Y/N will walk again, nor does it guarantee that she will gain her powers back.”
“Strange, we have to try,” Sam pled. “We’ve been there the whole time, watching her struggle with this. Y/N needs hope. This can be that.”
“You can not make agreements for her that only she can make.”
You were awoken from your nap by Tony’s yelling.
“No!” He yelled. “Absolutely not! We are not sending her away to learn to be a wizard. This isn’t Harry Potter!”
“Tony, this could be her one shot at walking again,” Steve argued. “Don’t you care about that?”
“Of course I do! What do you think I’ve been working myself to the bone for?! I want her to be able to walk again. Be able to chase us around the compound and feel free again. I want that more than anyone could possibly know.”
“I know, Tony, I know. I’m sorry.” Steve paused with a sigh. “This isn’t up to us though. This needs to be her choice.”
You could practically hear the gears turning in Tony’s head from where you were. But you didn’t care. You were simply confused, what were they fighting about exactly? Where would you be going?
“Hello, Y/N,” a voice said from the other side of your room.
You jumped, your hand going to your chest. You looked over with wide eyes as Dr. Strange stepped through a glowing portal. As he came closer to you, the portal closed.
“I’m sorry for scaring you,” he continued. “I just figured we should probably talk alone before those two barge in with their opinions.”
“Talk to me about what?”
Dr. Strange went on to explain what he had to offer, with the pros and cons of it. He also explained that the cons were the reason he had not brought it to you sooner. A part of you wanted to be furious at him, but you figured that he knew the mystic arts better than you did. 
“You would have to stay with the others in training,” he continued. “As to not distract you from what you where there to learn. You do not have to become a fully trained master of the mystic arts, but you have to be trained enough to be able to keep the spells you would need going.”
“No,” Tony said, entering the room with Steve. He pointed his finger at you as he made his way to you. “You’re not going. And you,” he pointed at Strange, “need to leave.”
“Tony, this isn’t your decision to make,” Steve scolded.
“She’s not 18 yet, so it is! She’s staying here and giving Shuri’s way a try.”
“And if it doesn’t, work?”
“Then we’ll call the wizard back and ask him for his help. We haven’t used all of our options yet!"
“Dad! I may not be 18, but neither of you are my official fathers,” you retorted. 
You knew that it would hurt them both, reminding them about that. But you saw no other way. Seeing Tony’s reaction towards it, honestly made your decision for you. He was taking all this all himself, too much. He was going to kill himself finding a way to help you, and you couldn’t let that happen.
“I’m going with Strange,” you continued. “I know the consequences, and I’m going today.” You met Tony’s gaze. “I’m sorry, Dad. You’ve tried your best, but we have to give something else a try.” You grabbed one of his hands, holding it with both of yours. “Please, trust me with this.”
Tony wanted so desperately to trust you. But he couldn’t help but feel that you didn’t trust in him to help you. That enormous weight of guilt already on him, grew. Tony tore his hand out of your grip.
“Fine, go,” he huffed. “Like you said, we aren’t your real fathers. We can’t stop you.” He turned, heading for the door.
“Dad!” You called, but he continued on. “Dad!” You looked at Steve, tears clouding your vision. “Are you going to walk away too?”
“Never,” Steve shook his head, bring you in for a large hug. “If this is what you want, I fully support you. But don’t feel like this is your only option.”
“I want to do it. I want to give it a try. But I don’t want to leave Dad like this. I don’t want him mad at me.”
Steve sighed, pulling back so that he could look at your face. “Tony’s not mad at you. He’s mad at himself. He wants to be the one to help you because he feels that he caused this.”
“But I—“
“It doesn’t matter what you say. He still believes that it’s his fault. And he may always feel that way, it just may dim. Please don’t blame yourself for any of this. He just needs time and to, maybe, step away from this problem.”
“That’s why I need to go. I can’t have you all distracted.”
“Doll, you’re not a distraction. You’re anything but. And if this is what you really want, I fully support you.”
“Thanks Pa.” You pulled him in for another hug. “Take care of everyone while I’m gone.”
“Of course.” He kissed your cheek. “I’m so proud of you.”
You pulled away and looked at Dr. Strange. “I’m ready. If you’re willing to teach me.”
“I am,” Strange responded, holding out his hand. “Let’s go.”
Training was not easy. And you never thought it was going to be. There was a lot you were required to learn before you even got to testing any spells that could help you. Even while sitting in a wheelchair, every day was exhausting. Due to worrying about how your progress would be affected, Strange didn’t allow you to contact any of the team. This was hard on not just you, but the whole team. 
Tony was grumpier than usual, to no ones surprise. And was now carrying guilt about how he left you that day. Sometimes Pepper would find him making improvements to your room at night. Muttering something like, “have to keep it up to date for when she does decide to appear through a portal”. Steve was doing his best to take care of everyone like he had promised you. Though sometimes he forgot to care of himself. Luckily, Natasha, Sam, and Bucky were there to help with that. 
And it didn’t get any easier for any of you for 10 months. That’s right, it took you 10 months before you felt like you could go home. You had chosen to learn a little magic, with promises to come back and learn more. You just needed to see your family.
It was movie night when you decided to make your return. You had checked through a small portal to make sure they were all there. And sure enough, they were. You waited until they were well into the movie before placing yourself on a chair behind them all. Your heart burst with joy and every laugh and comment that was made. Oh how you had missed them all so much.
When the movie was over, the lights came on. Tony was the first one to stand up, stretching.
“Well, that was a good one,” he said. “Only wish—“ He suddenly stopped, eyes going wide once they laid on you. “Y/N,” he whispered.
A few “what’s” and “Y/N’s” were heard as the whole team looked where Tony was. Steve quickly got up from his seat as well. You stayed sitting where you were, not ready to move yet.
“Y/N?” Steve questioned, eyes glimmering with happy tears.
“Hey, Pa,” you smiled, holding back your own tears. “Hey, Dad.”
“You’re here,” Tony whispered, like he was in shock.
“Yes, Dad. I’m here. And I have something to show you.” You pushed yourself from your seat. Bucky was quickly at your side to help you. You push his hands away. “I got this, Buck.”
He smiled at you, kissing your cheek quickly before stepping back. You took a deep breath as you took a step. You had been practicing this for only a month. So there was still a chance you could trip, but you knew someone would catch you. You could hear everyone’s breath of reliefs and shock as you took your first step. You continued on without missing a beat, heading straight to Tony. Letting tears slip down your cheeks, you made it to Tony, pulling him into a tight hug. He quickly hugged you back, even tighter.
“You’re okay,” he whispered.
“I’m okay,” you said. “I’m right here.”
He held you closer, kissing your head. “I’m so sorry. I missed you so much.”
“I missed you too, Dad.”
From beside the two of you, Steve cleared his throat. “Can I get a hug?” He asked. You giggled, releasing Tony and turning to hug Steve. He hugged you tightly, lifting you up from the ground. “It wasn’t the same without you here, doll.”
“I wasn’t the same without any of you.”
You walked around the room, making everyone (but Vision) cry as you greeted them. It was wonderful to be back with everyone again. You all stayed up talking, swapping stories from the past 10 months you were separated. You ended up falling asleep with your head in Tony’s lap and your feet in Steve’s. Not wanting to move you, they willingly fell asleep on the couch with you.
In the morning, you woke up to whispers. Looking around, you noticed that Steve and Tony weren’t on the couch with you anymore. Peeking over the couch, you noticed the whole team gathered in the kitchen.
“She’s awake!” Bucky announced. “Come here, Y/N.” He waved you towards them.
You stood up, stretching out. “Well, good morning to you all too,” you replied. You walked over, noticing the pastries that littered the counter and the decorations. “What’s all this?”
“It’s a mix of a welcome home breakfast and birthday breakfast,” Tony answered, putting arm around your shoulders once you wee close enough. 
“We also have a present for you,” Steve said, pulling a thin box out from behind his back. He held it out for you. “Open it.”
With shaky hands, you took the box and carefully untied the ribbon keeping it closed. You set the box on the counter and took off the top. Inside there was tissue paper, you moved it to reveal an official looking document. You swallowed as you picked it up. You gasped as you read it through.
“You’re… I’m… Y/N Rogers-Stark?” You giggled through the emotion that was building up in your throat.
“We know that you’re now 18 and it doesn’t matter all that much,” Steve said.
“But we wanted it to be official,” Tony continued. “Though it was harder than it looks since Steve and I aren’t married, or will we ever be.”
“You two are my… my fathers? Officially?”
“Yes,” Steve replied. “Is that okay?”
You jumped, bringing them other in for a hug. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you!” They both hugged back. “I love you both so much!”
“We love you too, sweetheart,” Tony said.
“Always,” Steve added.
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thepilotanon · 13 days ago
What do you think Loki would do if he saw a young teen getting bullied and pushed around the same way he did as a youngster?
I think it would really depend if Loki already knew the teen or not, honestly. I've said before that Loki doesn't socialize a whole lot with teenagers, but, if they're polite and respectful to him, he will be polite and respectful back. You would have to have a cordial relationship with Loki before he would feel like he would step into a situation where he's not entirely sure what's going on (unless he was seeing the whole thing go down somewhere in public, which I don't see him sticking himself where he knows people don't want him to be present).
So, if you're someone who has conversations and get along with Loki, he would want to make sure you're safe and know your worth as a good person. If he sees anyone pestering or bullying you - depending on how you react to it - he will easily come in and simply take you away while giving the perpetrator a dark glare in a warning. He would talk to you about what's going on (kinda pushing to get you to be honest with him) and figure out that he understands where you're coming from - since he grew up with the same issues of bullies and being teased.
Loki will ask if you need any of his assistance (not that he would kill a kid for any reason, it's an annoyance to stain his blades with their blood). He won't actually physically harm anyone either, but maybe emotionally/mentally traumatize them? "So, you think it's some sort of ego boost to your poor, pathetic self to taunt another who has done absolutely nothing to you? Does it help you sleep at night, knowing that you're damaging another while there is still no progress of yourself becoming a better person? I see. You're still nothing, and will remain nothing more than a poor, ugly bully and that's how plenty of people are going to remember you as. Go ahead and try to cry to your mummy or daddy - it goes to prove that you're still just a little, squirming baby."
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lovemarvelcast0105 · 13 days ago
So it's been a few years now but this story (well parts of it) is based on a true, personal event. But anyway basically for this story the reader is a teen and is quarantining with the Marvel cast for a new movie, most of the people mentioned in this story are from the preferences, the reader is far from home seeing as she comes from England and sadly she can't spend Christmas with her family and to make matters worse, well I can imagine you can guess from the title. So yeah just lots of fluff and the marvel cast comforting the reader.
Christmas was supposed to be a happy time for you, and for mainly everyone else. Everyone was a little bit fed up that they couldn't spend Christmas properly with their families but you were especially sad as you were only a teen and you had already spend quite a long time away from your family located in England. But even though you missed your family dearly at least you could spend Christmas with people who were basically like your second family as you have grown up in the Marvel films since you were little. And you parents couldn't be happier with the cast being your temporary guardians for the holidays, even bough they would love to see you.
So here you were on the big sofa surrounded by your second family. With your head on Chris. E's lap with takeout pizza in-front if you whilst watching Die Hard on Christmas Eve.
Even though you weren't paying attention to a thing that was going on in the movie. Instead your eyes we're glued to the screen of your phone waiting for it to light up meaning your parents were ringing you to say happy Christmas and goodnight. As son as your phone showed the details of your parents contact you grabbed your phone and rushed to your room whilst on the way yelling to the other not to bother pausing the movie and waiting for you.
"Hey Mum, hey Dad. Merry Christmas Eve!!!" Zhou squealed with excitement.
"Merry Christmas darling" they replied in a bland tone.
"Is something wrong?"
"I'm Y/n ..." you're dad softly down the phone but was interrupted by the sounds of his own sobs.
"Mum what's wrong why is Dad crying?" you said shakingly, struggling to stand properly on your feet as your whole body was shaking.
"Darling, we hate hate hate to tell you this over the phone but we thought you had the right to know as soon as like we did."
Then. Silence.
"Darling your - your. We've um just been told that your Granddad has passed away" your mother cried.
"Is Nan ok?"
"Darling you don't need to worry about her"
No no is Nan ok"
"Well you can imagine she's upset but we are all taking care of her. I think she just misses you as well"
"I miss her too"
"Are you ok?!"
"Well of course I'm upset, I'm devastated but even though I can't see you I've still got everyone downstairs to look after me"
"Do you want me to give Robert a ring or Scarlett explain to them so you don't have to?"
"No no no I'll be fine Mum seriously"
"Alright we'll have a goodnight sleep and have a good day tomorrow we love you so much."
"I love you lots" you choked struggling to hold back the tears at this point.
Once as you hung up the phone you held the tears back and tried to stand up on your feet making your way downstairs. "Hey all I've just spoken to the family but I'm im a bit tired so I think I'm gonna go to bed. Goodnight!" Then there were a chorus of 'goodnight Y/n', 'love you', and 'sweet dreams.'
When you got back to the room and locked it behind you you let your legs finally give in and collapsed on the bed releasing all the forced sobs out. Soaking the sheets with your tears.
- skip to next morning -
"Morning all" Robert greeted as he come down the stairway in his Christmas pjs.
"Don't you think you're a bit too old to be wearing Christmas fluffy pjs?" Scarlett questioned.
"Age does not matter it comes to something this fluffy Scarlett"
"We'll hate to tell you I've got you some too. Me and Y/b went shopping the other day and got you all Christmas pjs!" Before he went on he was interrupted by his phone vibrating. "It's Y/N's mum" he said giving a confused look. "Hello!"
"Hey Robert. Is everything alright?"
"She hasn't told you?"
"Hasn't told me what?" Robert replied earning everyone's attention that was on their phones but was now on Robert and his phone conversation.
"Ummm oh god!"
"Hang on hang on its ok do you mind if I put you on speaker so everyone else can hear?" Robert asked as he made his way to where everyone was gathered.
"Yeah yeah no problem. Is she there?"
"No sleepy beauty is still asleep" Mackie jokes but when they didn't get a chuckle as your Mum's reply they were even more concerned.
"So what's up is everything for with you guys?"
"Well..." as your mum explained to everyone over the phone what had happened and what she had to tell you last night. Everyone could feel their heart sink, thinking about poor you who had to not only spend the holidays without her family but has also lost a close family member and couldn't grieve with them properly. As soon as the sent your mother blessing and wishes they made way to your room.
You hadn't been able to sleep since the phone call last night. Only softly cry. Everything was silent until a faint few taps approached from the other side of your door.
"Come in" you whispered with your back still facing the door but turning around to only see everyone squashed in a bundle in your doorway.'
"I said to come in dorks" you smiled a small watery smile as you released a few more tears.
"Oh sunshine come here" Lizzie blurted as she pulled you into a warm embrace then letting Scarlett hold you tightly close to her only allowing all the tears to be released. Which encouraged the rest of them to create a group hug.
"I'm sorry I ruined your Christmas Day"  you cried whilst resting your head on Scarletts chest as she gently placed her head on top of yours still holding you close to her.
"Oh sweetheart you didn't ruin our day" Evans sympathetically spoke as he stroked your hair and Hayley wiped your tears away using  the cuff of her top.
"You could never!" Robert proclaimed.
"We just wish you told us when you found out" Brie responded.
"I know I'm sorry"
"But it's okay you were hurting" Sebastian explained.
"We just wish you could've so we could hug you sooner" Tom (Holland) chuckled.
"How about you have a nice hot shower to relax you. Then we can open some presents." Hayley grinned.
"Then you can help me and Lizzie with the food cause the rest of them are useless when it comes to cooking" Scarlett joked.
"I'd love that. Thank you guys millions. I love you all." You sniffled as Scarlett held you even closer soon joined by multiple pair of arms.
"We love you more Y/n!!"
Don't ask me why I decided to do a Christmas story at the beginning March I just had this idea and I thought it would be nice for any of you going through loss. But yeah, fortunately I did lose my Granddad to cancer a few years back on Christmas Day which sucked. But who ever is going through loss at the moment whether it's a a family member, a friend or even a pet just know that I'm here to talk if you want to. Love you guys xxx
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