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lesbian-deadpool · a day ago
Natasha: Dandelions symbolize everything I want to be in life.
Yelena: Fluffy and dead with a gust of wind?
Natasha: Unapologetic. Hard to kill. Feral, filled with sunlight, bright, beautiful in a way that the conventional and controlling hate but cannot ever fully destroy. Stubborn. Happy. Bastardous. Friends with bees. Highly disapproving of lawns. Full of wishes that will be carried far after I die.
Y/N, smirking: Edible.
Yelena: ... I swear to god...
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the-unknown-fan-girl · 2 days ago
Everlasting Love From Brooklyn by @jamiewritings
Bucky Barnes x Rodgers OC, Victoria Rodgers
Steve Rodgers x twin sister! OC
Absolutely amazing story and it's also finished, so yay! It's about an OC Victoria Rodgers, Steve's twin sister and her life following the marvel movies\series starting with Captain America The First Avenger. The author is also going to be making a shorter AU of the story called Winter Soliders about what would have happen if Victoria would have become a Hydra solider with Bucky.
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just-dreaming-marvel · 7 days ago
I’m From Brooklyn, Too ~ 149
Tumblr media
< previous chapter
Word Count: 3,170ish
Summary: Steve offers to take the Stones back. But will he come back?
Notes: You must read Out Of Time in order to understand this. The chapter numbers continue from Out Of Time.
Tumblr media
The next day was strange in a different way. Steve had volunteered to take by the Stones, but something felt off about it. Y/N knew that she could get the answer if she wanted to, but she didn’t. Her twin already didn’t trust her as it is. So she put all her focus and energy on Morgan.
Natasha had watched Y/N and Morgan from afar for a few hours. She could tell that Y/N was holding in a lot of feelings, that she wasn’t allowing herself to feel everything that was happening around her. Natasha had also been watching how Bucky was itching to help Y/N and Steve was making no move to. She was watching from Y/N’s front porch as Bucky entered Steve’s trailer. Nat quickly went there.
“Bucky,” she heard Steve sigh, “there’s something I need to tell you.”
“Do you want to tell just me, or will Romanoff be invited in too?” Bucky questioned, sensing Nat outside.
“What? How do you—“
Natasha opened the door, stepping into the trailer. “What are we talking about?” She asked.
“Were you just going to listen in?”
“If that’s what it takes to get the answers I need about why you’re acting so strange towards your own sister.”
Steve sighed, shaking his head slightly as he looked look up at the ceiling. “I’m taking back the Stones.”
“We know that Steve,” Bucky said. “Why don’t you tell us—“
“And I’m staying back there.”
“What?” Both Bucky and Natasha said. 
“Where the hell would you go?” Natasha continued.
“Back to Peggy,” Bucky replied, trying to calm his growing anger.
“Yes,” Steve confirmed. “I don’t belong here. This isn’t my time and the woman I love—“
“Married someone else, Steve!” Bucky exclaimed as he shot up from where he was sitting. “And like hell you don’t belong here! I’m here, Y/N’s here! Where else would you belong but by our sides?”
“I’m sorry, Bucky. I have to do this for me.”
Bucky scoffed. “We fought by each others sides—you fought for me all these years and now you’re just going to leave.”
“What about Y/N?” Natasha continued. “And Morgan? They just lost Tony. They need you.”
“She’ll be fine. Ever since we woke up, she’s never needed me the same. They’ll be fine.”
“But Steve—“
“I don’t care about Y/N and Morgan, Nat. I need to do something for me.”
Something outside the trailer shattered, causing the three inside to snap their heads towards the door. Steve walked over and opened the door. Y/N was standing there, a plate of cookies shattered at her feet.
“Y/N,” Steve breathed out. He took a step out of the trailer, holding up his hands as if to tame a wild animal. “Let me explain.”
“I know that we’ve struggled getting a long, but really, Steve?” Y/N took a step back. “You don’t care about me and Morgan?”
“I didn’t mean it like—“
“You know damn well you meant it like that!” 
With a flick of her wrist, Steve was thrown against a large nearby tree. Bucky and Natasha rushed out of the trailer as Y/N stocked towards her twin. Steve groaned as he pushed himself up.
“Please, just hear me out, Y/N,” Steve was leaned back against the tree, noting out his sister’s hands were glowing. “I deserve a brake, we all do. But I’ve made sacrifices that you can’t possible understand.”
“Are you serious? We’ve all made sacrifices, Steve!! Every single one of us!”
“Then don’t we all deserve our shot at happiness?! Bucky is back, he is yours! Being able to go back and stay with Peggy is mine!”
“I don’t believe you.” Y/N shook her head. “You’re more selfish than I ever thought possible.”
“I need to do this. For me.”
“And what about Captain America? What will become of him?”
“Sam is a good man. He’ll do the right thing.”
“Were you planning on telling me? Or were you just going to disappear without a trace?”
“And be honest, because I can easily get the truth from you.”
“I wasn’t planning on telling you.”
Y/N clenched her jaw, tears building. “And how did you expect me to tell Morgan that her uncle left?” Steve looked away. “She’s struggling with the loss of her father, you want to put her through the loss of you too. Morgan adore’s you and I thought you adored her. How am I suppose to tell her?” 
He didn’t bother looking at her or answering. So Y/N portaled so that she was in his face, pinning him to the tree with her powers. Natasha and Bucky began slowly walking towards the twins, each taking a side.
“How?!” Y/N pressed, tears falling.
“I’m sorry,” he whispered.
“You’re unbelievable.”
“Y/N,” Bucky called, grabbing her wrist with his metal hand. “Let him go.”
Y/N listened, her powers dissipating. Bucky pulled her back, guiding her back to her house. Natasha and Steve watched.
“I have to say, I’m disappointed in you, Steve,” Natasha said. She turned to him, arms folded across her chest. “Leaving her and Morgan, when they need you most.”
“They’ll survive,” Steve responded. “They always do.”
“Maybe they won’t this time…. You don’t know.”
“I have to do this, Nat. I deserve some peace and happiness after everything.”
“That doesn’t mean you need to leave. Sometimes all that is right in front of you, you’re just too blind to see it.”
“Y/N, stop,” Bucky begged. She had shaken him off her and gotten in front of him. She was marching towards the woods on the other side of the house. “Y/N. Please.”
“I can’t believe it. I— actually, no. I can!” Y/N exclaimed, sending a blast at a tree. “I guess I just wanted to believe that he was the person that everyone thought he was. He’s great, honorable, trustworthy to all but his own family.” Another blast to a tree. “How am I supposed to tell Morgan that her uncle is leaving her too?!” A third blast. “Just—ah!” Y/N aimed both hands at a tree, causing it to fall.
“Y/N, Y/N! Stop!” Bucky rushed around, gripping Y/N’s arms. “This isn’t going to help. He’s not going to change his mind. And you have every right to be mad, but don’t take out out of the trees, okay? We don’t need Morgan asking anymore questions.”
“Right,” Y/N breathed out with a nod. “You’re right. I need to go some place else.”
Bucky shook his head. “No, Y/N, no. That’s not what I meant—ah!”
Before Bucky knew it, a portal at formed under himself and Y/N. She landed on her feet while he landed on his knees, unprepared. Taking in his surroundings, he noted that they had to be underground, there were no windows. The room was a very good size, with exercise equipment all around.
“Where are we?” Bucky asked, getting to his feet.
“Tony built this underneath the house,” Y/N responded. She snapped her fingers, changing into leggings and a sports bra. “So that we could train still. We spent a lot of time sparring down here. Especially the last year. It was our only way to get a date night in.”
“Should you really be doing this? Natasha told me about the accident.”
“You’re afraid that me working out my aggression will trigger a seizure.”
“Just a little, yeah.”
“Well, no need to worry. The Stones won’t let that happen. Now” Y/N moved to the center of the mat. “Now, come on. We’re sparring.”
“Oh, no, no, no.” Bucky backed up, shaking his head. “I’m not—“
“I promise I won’t use my powers.”
“That’s not—that’s not it.”
Y/N sighed. “You aren’t going to hurt me, Buck. The triggers are gone. And, I would never.”
“No. I-I-I can’t.”
With another snap, Bucky’s clothes changed into sweatpants and a tank top. “Fine, you’re on defense then.”
Y/N ran up to him. Jumping, she kicked him in the chest, causing him to stumble back. She kicked up again, with Bucky quickly catching her ankle.
“I don’t want to fight you,” Bucky said, pushing her away.
The push caused Y/N to flip herself backwards, landing in Natasha’s famous pose. 
“Please, Buck.” She stood up. “I need to get this out and you won’t let me take it out on the trees.” She walked up, grabbing his hands. “Please… for me…”
“I don’t want to hurt you,” Bucky shook his head. “If I—“
“You won’t hurt me. You’d never hurt me.”
The two stared into each other’s eyes, their faces slowly moving closer together. Y/N closed her eyes, ready for their lips to meet after so long when she was suddenly turned and in a headlock. Bucky’s metal hand had her wrists behind her back.
“I thought you were taught to never let your guard down,” he whispered tauntingly.
“That wasn’t fair,” she replied. 
“You said you wanted a fight. I never intended to make it fair.”
“Fine then. Let’s go.”
Y/N thrusted her head back as she swiped a leg underneath his. This caused him to stumble, allowing Y/N to release herself from his grip. The two began hand-to-hand combat, evenly matched. It went on for a while like that, until Y/N left herself open and Bucky got her pinned to the ground. He had her arms above her head as he straddled her. The two were panting as they stared at each other. 
“Tell me, James…” Y/N whispered ever so softly. “Where are you from?”
Bucky’s eyes flickered from Y/N’s eyes to her lips and back again. “Brooklyn,” he responded. “I’m from Brooklyn, doll.”
Bucky eagerly went for the kiss. He quickly let her arms go, cradling her face. Y/N’s hands went to the back of Bucky’s head, gripping onto his hair. As the kiss continued, Y/N began to feel that guilt again. Just growing on top of her chest. It upset her. That she loved Bucky so much, yet she still felt guilty. She pushed him away, sharply. Confusing and concerning Bucky.
“Y/N… are you—“
“I’ve got to go.”
“Y/N, wait—“
But she had disappeared through a portal before he could get her to listen. Y/N had disappeared into her room.
“FRIDAY, lock my room down,” Y/N ordered.
“Of course, Mrs. Stark,” the AI responded.
“And please, don’t— don’t call me… don’t call me that.”
“What would you like me to call you then?”
“Y/N, Agent, Mrs, Boss, I don’t care… just not that… please not that…”
“I knew you would ask that eventually,” a surprising voice said.
Y/N jumped as a hologram of Tony appeared in her room. He was standing, and wearing the same clothes as the other hologram.
“Yes, sweetheart. It’s me. Or another hologram version of me. I made this for when you share your first kiss with Barnes and when you ask FRIDAY to stop calling you Mrs. Stark. I knew it would happen sooner than later. You’re not the only one who carries guilt, you know? I’m the king of it.”
Tears spilled down her cheeks. “I’m so sorry, Tony.” She knew that he couldn’t respond back like she wished, but she still said it anyway.
“Please don’t be sorry. I know you’re killing yourself inside with the guilt. Don’t be. You loved both me and Barnes. I understand it was going to be him in the end. I’m just grateful for the time we had.” The hologram walked closer to Y/N. “Stop being hard on yourself, honey. You need happiness too. You and Barnes need each other. You need to lean on each other, for Morgan’s sake. For your own. We both know Steve’s going to do something stupid and you’ll need someone to talk about it with.” Y/N chuckled. That man was too smart for his own good.
“Let yourself be happy. It’s fine. That’s all I’ve ever cared about or wanted… for you to be happy.” He smiled at her. “I love you, Y/N.”
“I love you, too,” she croaked.
“Now go and be happy.” The hologram disappeared.
“Thank you, Tony… thank you…”
Y/N found Bucky in the training room, taking out his frustration on a punching bag.
“I’m sorry,” Y/N said. Bucky paused for a second before continuing. “I’m sorry for the way that I’ve acted… I’m sorry.” She walked towards him. “There’s a lot going on and I haven’t been handling it well. And with you back… it makes things complicated. But, Bucky… I’m from Brooklyn, too.” Bucky spun around. “I love you. In the end, I was always going to choose you. And I’m so incredibly happy that you’re back. But…” She paused, swallowing down her emotions. “I need to take this slow. Tony died and I have a daughter to worry about.”
“I understand, Y/N. I understand all of it.” He grabbed her hands. “And I’ll wait. Like I always have. I’ll wait for you because you are worth it.”
The next day, Steve was set to return the Stones. He had made sure to say goodbye to Morgan, not giving the child any clue about him not coming back. Y/N watched with distain. She still couldn’t believe he was doing this. Morgan stayed with Happy and Pepper in the house, while Sam, Bucky, Y/N, and Natasha joined Steve and Bruce at the quantum platform.
“Now, remember, you have to return the Stones to the exact moment we got them,” Bruce advised. “Or you’re gonna open up a bunch of nasty alternative realities.”
“Don’t worry, Bruce,” Steve said. “Clip all the branches.”
“You know, I tried. When I had the gauntlet, the Stones, I really tried to bring him back.” He looked at Steve. “I miss him, man.”
“Me, too.” 
Steve glanced at Y/N, who at her arm crossed and was refusing to look at him. He sighed as he moved out from behind the platform controls to where Sam was. Y/N felt awful that he and Bruce had no idea what was about to happen.
“You know, if you want, I can come with you,” Sam offered.
“You’re a good man, Sam,” Steve responded, setting a hand on his shoulder. “This one’s on me, though.” He then headed over to Bucky, who was trying to be supportive as he could. “DOn’t do anything stupid ‘till I get back.”
“How can I?” Bucky smirked. “You’re taking all the stupid with you.” They pulled each other in for a hug. “Gonna miss you, Buddy.”
“It’s gonna be okay, Buck. Just take care of them for me.”
They pulled away. “Of course.”
Steve walked over to Natasha, hugging her. “Thank you for everything.”
“I’ll take care of them all,” she whispered.
“I don’t doubt it.” He walked over to Y/N next. “Can we not let me go like this?”
“You did this to yourself,” Y/N responded. “No one else.” They both looked at each other with sad eyes. “You still have time to change your mind. Please don’t do this.”
“I have to.”
“No, you want to. There’s a difference.”
Steve sighed, pulling his sister in for a hug. “I love you, Y/N. And I hope one day you’ll forgive me.”
He pressed a kiss to her head before he walked over to the platform. The quantum suit formed around him.
“How long is this gonna take?” Sam asked.
“For him? As long as he needs,” Bruce answered. “For us? Five seconds.” Steve picked up Mjolnir, planning to return the weapon as well. “Ready, Cap?” Steve noted. “Alright. We’ll meet you back here, okay?”
“You bet.” Steve looked at Bucky and Y/N.
“Going quantum. Three, two, one—“ Steve disappeared and Y/N inhaled sharply. Bucky quickly wrapped an arm around her, pulling her into his side. “And returning in, five, four, three, two, one—“
Steve failed to appear on the platform. Y/N closed her eyes as Bruce looked around the control panel. Natasha sighed and headed back into the house.
“Where is he?” Sam wondered.
“I don’t know,” Bruce responded. “He blew right by his time stamp. He should be here.”
Y/N stepped away from Bucky, facing the house. Bucky sighed and looked at the lake.
“Well, get him back,” Sam urged.
“I’m trying,” Bruce said.
“Get him the hell back!”
“Hey, I said, I’m trying!”
“Sam,” Bucky called.
Everyone’s attention fell on Bucky, who was staring at something near the lake. Sam walked toward Bucky and that’s when Y/N noticed it. There was an old man sitting on a log, looking out at the water. She walked up to the two men, then they all slowly made their way to the man. They paused, Y/N shakily her head. Bucky looked at Sam with a slight smile.
“Go ahead,” Bucky urged Sam.
Sam walked toward the man. His face giving Y/N everything she needed to know. That old man was Steve.
“Cap?” Sam questioned.
Steve looked over at Sam, small smile on his old face. “Hi, Sam,” his aged voice said.
“So did something go wrong, or did something go right?”
“Well, after I put the Stones back, I thought, maybe I’ll try some of that life Tony was always telling me to get.”
Y/N’s heart was pounding. She had been preparing herself to never see her twin again. Yet here he was, aged. He had lived a life and had decided to reappear. 
“How’d that work out for you?” Sam wondered.
“It was beautiful,” Steve replied.
“I’m happy for you. Truly.”
“Thank you.”
“Only thing bumming me out is the fact I have to live in a world without Captain America.”
“Oh, that reminds me.” Steve pulled out a round leather pouch. He unzipped it and revealed the shield. Taking it out, Steve handed it to Sam. “Try it on.” 
Sam looked over to Bucky, who nodded in response. He then looked over to Y/N, who was clearly in too much shock to answer. Sam then took the shield and slipped it onto his arm.
“How does it feel?” Steve asked.
“Like it’s someone else’s,” Sam answered.
“It isn’t.”
“Thank you. I’ll do my best.”
“That’s why it’s yours.”
Steve took Sam’s hand, shaking it. Everyone then saw the gold wedding band adoring Steve’s wrinkled hand.
“You wanna tell me about her?” Sam teased.
Steve smiled as he pulled his hand away from Sam’s. “No. No, I don’t think I will.”
Bucky moved back to Y/N as Steve and Sam looked at the water.
“You should go to him,” he whispered. “Don’t leave your relationship like this.”
“I wasn’t the one who left,” Y/N responded. “He did.”
Then she walked away.
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lucisfavoritedemon · 11 days ago
The Black Dove Chapter 2
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky x reader, Steve x reader, Sam & Dean x Winchester!reader, Castiel x reader
Summary: All you have ever known was how to fight and hunt. Your world and all you have ever known is thrown through a loop when you are sucked through a portal, and forced to adjust to this new reality. Will you leave the life you knew for so long, or will you decide to go back home, leaving the ones you loved behind?
Warnings: super fluffy, some angst, bad dreams, night terrors, anxiety, homesickness, Steve being boyfriend material (yes it's a warning)
Word Count: 5601
A/N: My Taglists are open. This is not beta read so all mistakes are mine. Still written for Marvel Fluff bingo, and Spn Fluff bingo. Flash backs, dreams, and thoughts are in italics.
After 2 days of traveling we finally were about 20 minutes away from the bunker. I led Steve the rest of the way because I figured that his GPS wouldn’t work. He didn’t mind it, he said it gave him a chance to get to know me better. I told him stories of my brothers, and all the places we had been. I spared him the details about what we did, but he would soon find out what I did for a living when we made it to the Bunker.
“It should be coming up here on your right.” I smiled, getting excited.
He pulled up and parked the car, “this is it?”
“Yep, come on let’s go.” I got out of the car as soon as he put it in park. I ran to the door and grabbed the key that I found in my jeans that I was wearing when I went through the portal. I unlocked the door, and walked inside. I turned the light on, and all I saw were boxes, just like Nick Fury said.
“This is the bunker you were talking about?”
“It’s not usually like this. I swear.”
“How long has it been since someone has been in here?”
“70 years maybe?” I walk over to the power box and flip up the lever.
“There’s power, but I don’t see anything.”
“It’’s not here. The library, the tables, it’s all gone.”
“I’m so sorry Y/n.”
“Or it doesn’t exist in this world.” I started to think about the portal. It made sense that nothing from my time existed. Though the thought of Jimmy existing in this world was difficult for me to grasp.
“What do you mean?”
“Looks like that portal worked then, somewhat.”
“You sound concerned.”
“Yeah, well, in my experience other dimensions, or realities, usually have a different version of yourself. I guess it makes sense why we don’t. It doesn’t even sound like my father, or mother exist.”
“I’m sorry.”
“I should be saying that. I made you drive all the way out here.”
“It was no trouble.” Steve smiles as we walk out.
I get in the car, and watch as the Bunker disappears from view in the side view mirror. I face back forward, seeing Steve glance at me every once in a while. He gets to the town, and I point him to a motel. I remember coming to this hotel when we first met our grandfather:
“Look Dean, I understand you don’t trust him, but he’s still family.”
“He ran out on dad.”
“Dad wasn’t exactly father of the year, and you know that.”
“He did the best he could!” Dean shouted, going to get into the Impala.
“Don’t shout at me. I’m just saying.”
He just rolled his eyes. I hopped in the passenger seat next to him. He didn’t argue, he knew he wouldn’t win, so he just let me tag along.
“Dean, I get you’re upset, but he’s trying. This is all new to him. He came from a time that isn’t as advanced as we are. He’s doing the best he can. Imagine if you went to escape from a demon, and found yourself 55 years into the future, only to find out Sam and I were dead?”
“I’d feel like I failed as a brother.”
“Exactly. He feels like he failed at being a father. You have to put yourself in his shoes. Look at the perspective.”
“Okay, okay,” Dean smiled slightly at me, “you’re pretty smart for your age.”
“I’m only two years younger than you!” I giggle, getting him to chuckle.
We drive around town trying to find something to eat so he can eat and pass out. We found a little diner. We ordered our food, and brought it back to the motel. Sam was already fast asleep, and Henry was reading dad’s journal. Dean rolled his eyes, and we ate out in the car. It was one of the longest conversations we had ever had without us arguing.
The next morning I heard Sam talking to Dean telling him to get up. Henry had left and only left a note saying he was going to try to fix things. We only assumed that meant he was going to go back in time, and go back to our dad. Make sure that our father never had to go through what he went through.
“Y/n, you okay?” Steve asked, tearing me from my thoughts.
“Yeah. I’m okay.”
“Come on, I booked us a room for the night. We have to be back in D.C tomorrow.” He gave a soft smile.
I smile back, and get out of the car. He led us to our room, it looked just how I remembered it. I could almost see my brothers sitting at the table talking. It felt so weird being in a motel room without them.
“Are you sure you’re okay?”
“It’s just weird being in this same motel without them. The first time we stayed here, it was to help our grandfather who had time traveled to us. He was looking for our dad. He was being chased by something that you couldn’t even begin to understand. He died trying to save my brother Sam. He truly made up for not being there for my father. It wasn’t like he had a choice though.”
“I’m sorry. I wish I knew how to help you. I would do it in a heartbeat.”
“I know you would. You have proven that so far.” I smile at him.
He smiles back at me, “you can tell me about the life you used to live if you want to. I’ll listen to you, and I won’t think you’re crazy. If you don’t think it’s crazy that I’m a super soldier, who was frozen in ice for 70 years, then nothing you can say will make me think the same.”
“Alright. I’m a hunter. Not the animal kind either, well if you count werewolves as animals, then maybe. I traveled across the country living on fake credit cards, fast food burgers, coffee and whiskey. Not the best way to live but we managed. It's all we have really known.”
“Sounds like quite the lifestyle. Is that why you said you're a wanted criminal? For all the fake credit cards?” Steve asked, and I guess he wasn't wrong, but that wasn't why. 
“I wish that was the case, but no. One of the monsters we hunted were called shifters. They are weird amphibious creatures that can turn into anyone they choose. On our last hunt, I was supposed to be keeping watch, well I got distracted talking to my boyfriend. That's when the shift grabbed me and took the form of me. It used me to hurt someone, and because there had been a series of similar cases with murder, the police pinned all of it on me. After that I was told I couldn't go on any hunts till it all blew over.”
“Did your boyfriend call your brothers? Is that how they found out what happened?” 
“Kind of. Cas heard the phone drop, immediately hung up, and called my brothers.”
“I guess I have more questions for you than I thought, but did your brothers make you stop going on hunts, or was that a choice you made?”
“They made that decision for me immediately. They wanted me to be safe, which I understand, but hunting is in my blood. It's like taking someone who was born to be a soldier and then being told they can't be one anymore. That was the hardest thing for me to comprehend.”
“I understand the soldier analogy. I don't know what I would do if I was told I could fight, and help save humanity from impending doom.”
“Finally someone who understands me. Cas attempted to understand, but him being an angel, feelings are hard for him to grasp the concept of.”
“That's cute you gave him a pet name. Is that because he seems so innocent?”
“No Cas is an actual angel. From heaven. We have crossed paths with angels, demons, and even Michael and Lucifer themselves. We even helped stop the biblical apocalypse.”
“So in a way you're kind of like a superhero. Just without powers I guess.”
“I guess.” I giggled at the thought of being called a superhero. 
The rest of the drive we just talked more about hunting, and telling him about the many different times that we actually teamed up with monsters. He listened attentively to me as I blabbed about what my life was like before I found myself here in his world. He seemed very interested in what I had to say, which was the first time someone seemed to want to hear what I had to say. It made me feel better about being here. I finally had someone who would listen to me rant. I still couldn’t figure out how I ended up in 2012 though.
“I hope I didn’t freak you out by talking about my life before I came here.”
“You didn’t. I think what you have done is so cool. I wish that we would have found more answers here for you, but you are always welcomed to help us. We could use someone like you on our team.”
“You mean that?” I was totally caught off guard by that. No one had ever told me that they actually needed me. That they wanted my help.
“Give a chance to talk to Fury about what you can do. I won’t mention the monsters, but I’m sure he would agree with me. He may ask for you to show what you can do, but that might be all that he needs to be convinced.”
“I’ll do whatever you need me to. It’s weird being wanted by someone. Don’t get me wrong my brothers loved taking me on hunts, but they made me do the easier work while they did most of the hunting. I do know how to shoot a gun, and I’m a great sniper if you guys need one of those.”
“I’ll talk to Fury then. Sounds like we could use someone like you. You’re not a flakey person are you?”
“In my field of work there is no such thing as being flakey. Flakey gets you dead. Sorry that was kind of dark.” I apologized.
“Don’t worry. I get it. That’s how it used to be when I was in the war. You hesitated even for a second and it could mean your life.” Steve smiled understandingly.
“I should probably head inside. Get some rest.” I smiled.
“Yeah. It wouldn’t be a bad idea.” Steve’s smile faded some as he stepped closer. Before I knew it his lips were on mine. I didn’t even hesitate to kiss him back. It felt so real. So right, but I knew that it really wasn’t.
I pulled away slowly, my eyes still closed. I couldn’t figure out how to speak. It was like he sucked my thoughts from my brain. I finally opened my eyes, smiling as I looked down.
“Sorry if that’s too soon. I know you said you had a boyfriend, but I couldn’t help it. It’s almost like you understand me more than anyone in this world, and you’re not even from here.”
“I felt the exact same way. And it wasn’t too soon. I feel like it was perfect timing, oddly enough. Cas and I weren’t destined to last. He probably doesn’t even realize I’m missing. He never usually does.”
“Not from what you told me.”
“That was because I was on the phone with him. That doesn’t count.”
“Whatever you say sweetheart.” He chuckled.
“I really should head to bed.”
“Okay. I’ll let you go now.” He pecked my lips once more before walking down the hall to head up to his apartment. 
I smiled watching him before entering my own apartment. I leaned my back against the door, an unfamiliar feeling in my stomach. A feeling I’ve never felt before. Not a bad feeling either. Just a weird feeling. I could get used to it though. It was like butterflies, but more intense. 
I walked further into my apartment, and set my stuff down on the couch. I walked into my kitchen to grab a quick snack before I headed off to bed. There my eyes glanced over at a picture that used to live in my wallet for the longest time, but now that I had an actual place to call my own, I figured it belonged in a proper frame. It was a picture of me and my brothers with Cas. We were all smiling, and we all looked really happy. I couldn’t help but get misty eyed at the sight of our smiling faces. 
I ate my snack quickly before I walked into the bedroom and laid on the bed. I put on the TV to have some background noise as I dozed off. I wish I could tell my brothers I was okay, but I had no idea how. I let sleep consume me, but the dream I had seemed like a distant memory.
“Y/n! Come on! I thought you said you were ready?” Dean hollered from outside the bathroom door.
“I am.” I said walking out, and over to the bed.
We just wrapped up a hunt in New Orleans. Dean wouldn’t tell me where we were going next. All he said was that we had someone very important to pick up along the way. I thought it was another one of his infamous hookups again. We couldn’t be going to Vegas. That wasn’t for another couple months. 
“Can you at least tell me WHERE we are going?”
“California.” He said, grabbing his bag of gear.
“What’s in California that’s so important, and why are we driving all the way there to get someone?”
“Our next hunt is there too. Figured I’d knock out two birds with one stone.”
“You’re starting to sound more like dad every day.”
“Is that a bad thing?” He asked all cocky.
“No. Just an observation.”
“Come on. We have to hurry.”
“What’s so important about this hunt anyways? You’re never this eager.”
“I can get more eager if it’s something I like.”
“Is it a vampire, other monster hybrid?”
“No, but those are so cool. All the name combinations.”
“Okay, then spill Mr. I’m really bad at keeping secrets.”
“It’s nothing. And I’m not bad at keeping secrets, I think you just don’t want to wait.”
“I can too!” 
“Prove it.”
“Fine.” I walk out to the car and get in. Dean met me there shortly and loaded his gear into the trunk before hopping into the driver’s seat.
The drive seemed like a blur to me. Next thing I knew we were pulling up to a nice house in the dark. Dean asked me to stay put, and he would be right back. When he came back the man standing next to him was the last person I expected us to be picking up.
I got out, and Dean told me to get back in the car. I didn’t listen, and ran up to the taller man, tackling him in a huge hug. He lifted me off the ground and held me tight. 
“Hey sis.”
“I missed you baby brother.” I said, voice cracking from the happiness. I had my baby brother back. I missed so much.
“I missed you too. Are you okay?”
“Yeah. I’m fine. I’m safe and sound, I promise.”
“Good. Stay safe for me kiddo. Okay?”
“I promise.” I give a confused look.
“Have fun.”
Everything started to fade around me and I called Sam’s name several times, but he just got further and further away from me. I tried to run to him. “Sammy!”
“Sammy!” I shot up, shrouded in a cold sweat. The dream felt so real to me, but I knew it couldn’t have been. I mean it was at one point. I remember the day we got Sammy from school very distinctly. That must have been why the dream felt so real to me. 
I heard a knock at my door, and I got up and threw on a robe. I walked out of my room, and to the door. I looked through the peephole before opening the door. “Morning Steve.”
“Good morning. Sorry I didn’t mean to wake you.”
“You’re fine. I was already awake. I just didn’t have time to get dressed yet.”
“That’s okay. I just wanted to see if you wanted to go running or something?”
“Yeah. Let me get dressed and I’ll meet you downstairs.”
“Sounds good.” He smiled.
“Or you can wait here. Whatever feels right for you.”
“I’ll just meet you downstairs. I don’t want to make you feel weird, or uncomfortable.”
“Okay. I’ll meet you downstairs then.” I shut the door behind him as he walked away. I went to change into something more appropriate to go running in.
I changed into a pair of leggings and a fairly loose tank top. I walked into my kitchen to grab a bottle of water. I glanced over at the photo of me and my brothers and Cas once more before walking out to meet Steve downstairs. 
I wondered how they were getting by without me. I wondered if they even missed me, or if they thought that it was better that I wasn’t around. I didn’t want to dwell on that thought though. I didn’t want to ruin Steve’s day with my melancholy thoughts.
“You ready?” He asked, having waited outside for me.
“I am if you are.” I giggled. 
We walked for a bit not really being in the area to go for an early morning jog. It was still a little dark out, and the sun seemed like it was just starting to rise. Steve and I walked to our running destination, the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. Steve said it was the best place to run laps in DC. I didn’t doubt it.
“Don’t feel bad if you can’t keep up with me. You go at your own pace. We can meet right back here when you’re done, is that okay?” He asked, apologizing in advance.
“Yeah. I’m only doing one lap. You do as many as you want, super soldier.”
He chuckles before we start our run. He was not wrong though. He just took off, but I really didn’t mind. It gave me time to think and wonder about how my brothers were doing. It made me really reflect on some things. That’s when I got the feeling in my stomach again that I felt last night when Steve kissed me. I remember I felt that same feeling when Cas and I were reunited after he came back from purgatory. 
I laid on the couch of our motel room. I could hear Sam and Dean talking about Cas. I stayed quiet because I knew that if I spoke up I would get told to just be quiet. I couldn’t help but feel bad for my brother. I tried to go back to sleep, and pretend that I wasn’t hearing any of this.
Dean sent me out to get some supplies, but I stayed out for a little longer than what they had anticipated. I needed to get my mind off of what I heard last night. I missed Cas so much, he was my best friend. He was the only person that would actually listen to me. The only person who really seemed to care.
“Where the hell are you?” Dean asked.
“I’m coming back. I just needed time to clear my head. With all that’s going on I needed time to think.”
“Get back here now. You have 5 minutes.” He then hung up. 
I just felt like screaming. I just wanted his horrible attitude to go away. I pulled back up to the motel, and got out slamming the door. He could kiss my ass if he got angry with me. I walked in and threw the stuff on the ground. “I get you’re angry with yourself asshole, but don’t take it out on me!”
“Y/n, just calm down.” Sam said calmly.
“Shut the hell up okay? You think you guys are hurting because of Cas, I am too. He’s the only one who actually seemed to give a crap about me. You two are just stuck in your ways! Who was here still hunting? Who was here trying to pick up the pieces? Who was here breaking while you guys seemed to have the time of your lives!?” I was in tears now. I just wanted to walk out of the room, and never come back. I wanted to disappear.
“Wh-why is Y/n crying?” A deep voice rang through my ears.
I turned around, and there stood a cleaned up man, his face had a smile painted across it, he looked like his old self again. “Ca-Cas?” My eyes dried quickly seeing him. I ran up to him, and hugged him tight.
“Hey. Why are you crying? Why are you so angry?” Cas asked, hugging me back, lifting me up.
“I freaking missed you. You have know idea how badly I’ve missed you.” 
“I know. I’m sorry about leaving you. I’m sorry I didn’t come back. I’m sorry I couldn’t.” He let me down gently.
I felt that feeling in my gut when my eyes met his again. Being so close made my heart flutter, but something seemed off about him. I didn’t think much about it though. Cas was back and that’s all that mattered to me.
I finished up my jog, and met Steve where we first started. I stood waiting for a minute for him. It was nice to get my mind cleared a little, but thinking about how most of my conversations went with my brothers had me wishing things between us were different.
“Hey. Sorry about that. Did you have a good jog?” Steve asked, walking up to me tearing me from my thoughts.
“Yeah. It was nice to clear my head. Wanna head back to my place for some breakfast?”
“That sounds wonderful. Mind if I freshen up first?”
“You can use my shower.” I smiled.
“I-I appreciate the offer, but.”
“No buts. I wouldn’t offer if it made me uncomfortable. Now come on.”
He chuckled, “okay, let’s go.” He grabbed my hand, intertwining our fingers as we headed back to our apartment complex.
We walked into my apartment, and he went to take a shower. I started to make us breakfast trying to keep my mind clear. I didn’t want Steve to start to worry about me. I finished making our healthy breakfast of eggs and toast when he walked out of the bathroom. I set his plate down on the counter.
“Thanks.” He smiled, sitting down. 
I made my plate and stood in the kitchen as I ate it. Steve and I talked as we ate. Then I saw his eyes glance over to that framed picture. The one that has clouded my thoughts for the last few days.
“Are those your brothers?” Steve asked, pointing to the picture.
“Yes. That actually was a fairly recent picture. The one with the long hair is Sammy, or Sam, he’s the youngest. Dean is the dirty blond/light brown haired one. Cas...Cas is the one with the dark hair.”
“You miss them don’t you?”
“A little. I miss Cas the most. He was the only one who understood me, who seemed to understand me that is. Dean and I really didn't get along that great for whatever reason. Every time he was angry at himself he took it out on me. I don’t understand why, but he did. I feel guilty for thinking that making a new life here is probably going to do me some good. Maybe do them some good too. Me not being around may make them realize how crappy they treated me. Maybe they might actually miss me, or better yet, realize how better they are without me.”
“I’m sorry to hear about that. I’m glad you’re here though. I’m glad I got the chance to meet you.”
“Me too. This is probably going to sound weird, or maybe not, but I have lost my brothers so many times, whether through death, teleporting to other worlds, them being possessed, being kidnapped. Yet, they always come back. This time I want things to be different. I don’t want to go back. Not yet.”
“I don’t blame you, and it doesn’t sound weird at all. Trust me. I shouldn’t even be alive right now. I don’t want you to leave either,” he grabs my hand gently, rubbing his thumb on the back of it, “I’ve really enjoyed the time we have spent together.” He smiles wide at me.
I smile back, as I lean in to kiss him. His lips were soft, and gentle. He was everything that I could ask for, and more. I pulled away slowly, smiling more. He smiled back, moving his hand to my cheek. I leaned into his touch. 
I had been here for a few months, and thanks to Steve, I had forgotten about my life, almost forgot that is. I still kept them in the back of my mind, but things here were going great. Today Steve had arranged for me to meet with Nick Fury to show him what I was capable of. 
“Come on sweetheart. We’re going to be late.” Steve whispered in my ear before kissing my cheek.
He got up, and headed to the bathroom. I sat up in bed, and stretched waiting for him so I could go shower. It was nice waking up next to him every morning. It was a consistency I wasn’t familiar with. It was nice.
“All yours sweetheart.” Steve smiled, standing in the doorway.
I got up grabbing the clothes I had set out the night before. I walked past him, but not before I pecked a quick kiss to his lips. I took shower, and quickly got dressed. Steve and I grabbed some coffee before heading to S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters.
“So, Captain tells me you’re good with a sniper.” Fury stated.
“I’m also good with pistols and hand-to-hand combat as well.”
“Alright. Let’s see what you can do.” Fury said, leading me down to a training area of some sort. 
I followed, and was greeted by two men. I was intimidated by them a little. I had no idea if I was capable of taking them on, not on my own at least. I was starting to think I had bit off more than I could chew with this.
“First we’ll test your sniping skills, and targeting skills. Then, we’ll move on to hand-to-hand combat.”
“Sounds good to me.” I follow Fury up to a platform where there is already a sniper loaded ready to use.
“You’ll be shooting that target over there. Miss it three times, and that’s it. No more chances.”
“Yes sir.” I grab the sniper, and aim it at the target. That’s when it begins to move. I knew I was going to be tested, but I wasn’t prepared for this. I always learned though, expect the unexpected. I took aim, and took the shot. I hit the target perfectly. 
“Alright, let’s head down and do some more target practice.”
“Can we skip to the hand-to-hand combat?” I asked, looking at Fury.
“I don’t see why not. If you’re up for the challenge that is.”
“Y/n, are you sure about this?” Steve asked, concerned.
“I’m sure. I’ve tackled worse. I’m sure I’ll face worse later on down the line. Have to be able to protect myself somehow.”
“If you think you’re ready then go ahead.” Steve smiled, taking my hand and squeezing it gently.
“Alrighty then. Time to fight. These two are the best men I have. They are the leaders of our Strike team.”
“Don’t take it personal if you can’t fight us back.” One of them smirked.
I took that as a challenge. I’m a Winchester, so anything could be taken as a challenge to me. I stepped up, and waited for one of them to make the first move. I wasn’t one to start a fight, but I sure could finish one. I had gotten into many fights prior. I even thought I was strong enough to take on Sam, granted he had what seemed like superhuman strength because he was possessed by a demon, but I digress.
The taller man ran at me, and tried to tackle me. I grounded my feet so he couldn’t knock me down. He then tried to flip me over, but I pulled him with me, and flipped him over instead. The shorter man came towards me and started swinging punches at me. I ducked, and blocked them, hitting my forearm against his. I threw in a couple myself trying to stay focused. That’s when Steve started shouting something.
“Y/n, they’re shifters. Hold your ground.”
All that ran through my mind was Dean’s voice. Fight harder, stay focused. Don’t let your guard down. It helped me a lot actually. Hearing my brother’s voice in my head helped me keep them at bay. That’s when Fury called it.
“You’ve done well Ms. Winchester. Welcome to the team.”
“Thank you director Fury.”
“I think it’s time for a proper mission for you. First you’ll need to meet the team, and.”
“Do you really think she is ready to be sent on her first mission sir? I think she still needs a little time adjusting to this life. I don’t think throwing her in like that would do much good.”
“Steve is right. My mind is still easily distractible. It wouldn’t be smart for me to go on a mission just yet. Give me a few more months and we can talk.”
“Alright. The minute you feel you’re ready let me know.”
“Yes sir.”
Steve and I walk out, and head back to our apartment complex to change into something more formal. We decided we wanted to go out and celebrate the accomplishments of today. I was all for that, plus I got to hang out with Steve more which I would never complain about. 
“Here’s to you sweetheart, for a job well done.” Steve said, raising his beer to me.
“Here’s to bigger and better things in the future.” I smiled, raising my own bottle towards him. We clanked them together then each took a sip of our own. 
“You really did do an amazing job out there today.”
“Thanks Steve. That means a lot coming from you.”
“What do ya say when we’re done, we walk around the reflecting pool? We don’t have to run. Just walk and talk.”
“That sounds like a wonderful idea.” I smiled. 
We finished our dinner, and our drinks, then paid the bill. I attempted to snatch the bill from Steve to at least pay for my dinner, but he refused. He was such a gentleman, even when it was irritating. We walked out and to the reflecting pool. We walked around, along with a couple of other people, and families. 
I didn’t really pay attention till I saw a man who looked familiar to me. I didn’t think much of it though, that was till I kept seeing him everywhere. It was like Dean when he thought he kept seeing Cas everywhere after he came back from Purgatory. 
“Everything alright sweetheart?” Steve asked.
“Yeah, I just think I’m seeing things. It’s been a long day, and I just want to go home, and go to bed.”
“Alright sweetheart. Let’s get you home.”
We turned around to start walking back when the man I kept seeing stood right in our path. Steve walked around him to avoid hitting him, but he kept staring at us. I didn't understand why until he spoke up to stop us.
“Excuse me miss. Is your name Y/n?” He asked, walking up right behind us.
“Yes? May I ask why?”
“I keep hearing your name over and over again. I'm on vacation with my family, but I saw you jogging here the other day, and that’s when the voice got louder.”
“A voice?”
“I know it sounds strange, but I promise I’m not making it up.”
“I believe you,” I gave a reassuring smile, “I’ve heard, and seen, weird things in my lifetime.”
“I’m Jimmy by the way. Jimmy...”
“Novak. I know.” I stated calmly.
“Darling we should get you home.”
“You see him too right Steve?”
“Yes sweetheart. I see him too.”
“Jimmy? Tell whoever you are hearing, that I’m okay. Tell them that I’m doing just fine on my own here. That I finally found a place I belong. Tell them to stop looking for someone who doesn’t want to be found. Find Mary, and get her back. Not me.”
“O-okay then. I’m so sorry to bother.”
“It’s fine. Oh and Jimmy?”
“Take care of that family of yours.”
“I will.” He smiled.
Steve and I walked back to our apartment complex. We walked into my apartment, and headed straight to bed. I was so exhausted. I stripped out of my nice dress, and threw on a baggy t-shirt I stole from Steve. I laid down, curling into Steve before falling fast asleep. Having gained peace from seeing Jimmy, and knowing Cas was out there in my world, looking for me.
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Hiiiii!! I was wondering if you could do a one shot/blurb/head cannon were the reader is Peter Parker’s younger sister and they’re at the beach with all the avengers and she gets sunburn and Peter being the overprotective, dorky brother he is starts panicking and if you don’t mind, could you add the dialogue “But I don’t usually get sunburn”. Thanks a bunch love ❤️🥰🥰
Notes: I’d like to thank @alexandriagrindlewald for the suggestion! I hope you enjoy it.
I don’t own any of the pictures/gifs used.
Warnings: Unedited, dorky Peter, spelling/grammatical errors, poorly written? probably, anything else I missed
Masterlist: Click Here
Word Count: 508 (give or take)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ah yes
A beach day
On the hottest day of the year
But it makes sense right?
Hot day = beach
Your older brother Peter invited you to join him and the avengers on their beach day, and you excitedly said yes
Who wouldn’t want to spend a day with earth’s mightiest heroes?
A n y w a y
So peter decided he’d just have you lather yourself in sunblock, two different types just to be safe, so you don’t cook once you step outside
Even though you’ve never been sunburnt before
Peter is just overprotective 🤷🏻‍♂️
The ride to the beach was nice
You talked to Tony, the very man who took your big brother under his wing
And the very man your big brother wouldn’t stop talking about for w e e k s
Months actually
Tony’s nice
Sarcastic but nice
So’s all the avengers tbh
But once y’all made it to the beach that’s when the fun began
Clint and Natasha paired up to challenge steve and bucky to volleyball
Sam and Thor went straight to the water and dove in
Tony chose to lay back so he could, and I quote, “start my summer body off looking golden”
Peter hung with you for a minute — only cause you weren’t sure what to do, you were so overwhelmed — before deciding to join sam and Thor in the water
So you just stood there
Like a nerd
After five minutes, you took off the shirt and shorts you were wearing
Your bathing suit was underneath
But you decided to just walk along the beach
Everyone else looked like they were enjoying themselves
You didn’t want to intervene
Until Peter called you over to join him in the water
Which you happily did
You were having so much fun in the water you didn’t notice the burning sensation on your skin
It took you a good minute or two to really be like wow something doesn’t feel right
You look at your arms and they’re red
Your thighs are red
Your face and neck are probably red too
Peter notices too
He freaks out
He immediately gets you out of the water
“We gotta get you back to the car!” he sputters. “Fuck what was I thinking! How could I be so careless?!”
“But I don’t usually get sunburn,” you exclaim. “And you pretty much made me bathe in sunblock before we came here.”
Peter looked at you, his eyes big and full of worry
God he looked like a kicked puppy
“What’s May gonna think?” he mutters
“I don’t think she’ll have a heart attack over it,” you sigh, “just calm down okay?”
“Tony brought some beach umbrellas,” you continue, “I’ll stay under one of them for a bit. How does that sound?”
Peter nodded. “Fine, I’ll get it. Stay in the shade, okay? I don’t want you getting even more burned.”
You roll your eyes but nodded
But what did you expect?
Peter’s always looked out for you
Even if it’s from the sun ☀️
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just-dreaming-marvel · 15 days ago
It’s Always Been You ~ 150
Tumblr media
< previous chapter
Word Count: 2,200ish
Summary: Y/N wakes up to worried family and friends. Tony takes care of his wife after she saved the universe.
Warnings: nudity 
Notes: You must read Out Of Time in order to understand this. The chapter numbers continue from Out Of Time.
Previously on It’s Always Been You…
“Haven’t either of you noticed how her body isn’t acting out a normal dead body would?”
The two men shared a look before focusing back on Wanda. “No,” Bucky replied. “We haven’t.”
“Well, the Stones are—“
Y/N gasped, head lurching up before coming back down to the table again. She coughed as she opened her eyes and took in her surroundings.
“Y/N!” The men exclaimed.
“And just when I was beginning to explain it all,” Wanda mumbled.
Y/N was panting as Bucky and Tony stood to hover over her. Wanda took her leave to go tell the others. Tony gripped onto Y/N’s hand, pulling it up to kiss the back of it. His eyes were glistening with tears.
“Hey there,” Y/N roughly said, smiling at her husband. “Did I scare you?”
Tony let out a watery chuckle. “You think?” He leaned down at kissed her, not caring that Bucky was right there. “Don’t ever do that again,” Tony whispered against her lips. “I thought I’d lost you.”
Y/N ran her fingers through Tony hair as her thumb rubbed his face. “You’ll never lose me.”
“Mommy!” Morgan squealed, rushing into the room with Steve right on her tail.
“Morgan!” Y/N sat up with her arms spread wide. Morgan jumped into her mother’s lap, being enveloped by both her parents. 
“I missed you both so much!”
“We missed you too, sweetheart,” Tony responded. “So much.”
The small family stayed at way as others gathered inside the room. Tony opened his eyes to see Steve standing there, tears in his eyes as he watched his sister.
“Come here, Cap,” Tony said, waving him closer. “You’re part of the family too.”
Steve quickly joined the hug. Rhodey joined next, followed by Happy, Pepper, and Bucky. One by one, each of the heroes there joined the family’s hug. They were all family after all.
“I need space,” Morgan suddenly exclaimed, pushing against Y/N to get out.
Everyone started laughing as they parted from the large hug. Y/N kissed Morgan’s head again, glad to have her daughter back in her arms.
“Mom, what are those?” Morgan pointed to Y/N’s arm.
“What are wha—“ Y/N started before noticing. “Oh. Uh, those are what gives mommy her powers.”
“You have powers?! That’s so cool!”
“They can be. But they aren’t always fun and games.”
“What can you do? Can you show me? Will I get powers? If so, what will they be?”
Y/N laughed as her daughter rapid fired questions. “Maybe later. Mommy’s still a little tired and needs to get these Stones out of her arm.”
“Let’s eat dinner with the gang and then it’s bed time for you, Mo,” Tony added.
“No! I want to stay up with all of you.”
“What makes you think we’re staying up? Your mother and I are going to bed right after you.”
“Come on, Mo,” Steve said, holding his hand out out. “Let’s go wash up.”
“Okay!” Morgan grabbed her uncle’s hand and jumped down from the table.
Tony wrapped his arm around Y/N’s waist, bringing her to his side as they watched everyone follow after Steve and Morgan. After everyone was gone, Tony nuzzled into Y/N’s neck, breathing her in.
“I thought you were dead,” he whispered after pressing a kiss to the base of her neck.
“I’m sorry,” she replied softly. “I didn’t mean to.”
“What happened?” His brown eyes met his wife’s, pleading to know.
“The Stones happened… like always. I saw Phil, Nat, AJ.”
“Nat and AJ?”
“Yes. And… I saw Howard.” Tony tensed slightly. “He’s so proud of you.”
“He meant it, I could tell.”
Tony nodded, staying silent for a beat. “How was AJ?”
“Good. He’s such a good kid. I wish we had more time.”
“Me too… and how was Nat?”
“Better than me about her death… I’m not ready to tell Morgan yet.”
“We don’t have to tell her tonight. Let’s focus on getting the Stones out of your arm and getting some rest. Tomorrow we can break the news.” Tony lifted Y/N onto his lap. “Tonight I just want to hold my girls close.”
It took Steve, Y/N, Tony, and then finally Wanda, with her powers, to get Morgan to bed after dinner. While they were trying that out Bruce, Bucky, and Rhodey were getting ready to get the Stones out of Y/N’s arm. Tony helped Y/N lay down, placing a nice kiss on her lips.
“Are you ready, Y/N?” Bruce asked.
She nodded. “As all ever be,” she responded.
“It might hurt.” He moved over to where her arm was laid out, bringing the needed instruments with him. 
“I’ll be fine.” Tony hurried around to the other side to hold her free hand.
“Okay,” Bruce breathed out, he eyed everyone in the room. “Let’s do this.”
Y/N cringed as the first Stone began to get pulled. She sucked in a breath before it finally released, clearly going to leave behind a scar. Bruce put the Stone safely away before starting with the next one. With his cringe and sharp breath, Tony kissed Y/N’s free hand and told her how good she was doing. Once all the Stones were put away, Y/N felt like she could breath again.
“How are you feeling, Y/N?” Bruce asked.
“I’m okay,” she looked up at her friend, “just tired.”
“That’s expected. We’ll get these Stones gone as fast as we can so that the connection between you and them can break.”
Y/N looked away, pursing her lips. Tony quickly noticed.
“What’s that face about?” Tony questioned.
“It won’t break the connection,” Y/N replied. “Taking the Stones back will just help us figure out what they’ve left me with.”
“What they left you with?” Steve repeated.
“While I was out, I was told that I would be left with certain abilities. We won’t know what those are until the Stones are gone.”
“Then we’ll get them out of here tomorrow,” Tony said. 
“No… we need to put together a memorial for Nat.” The room grew somber. “Invite all the heroes. We can do it here. Someone can take the Stones back after that.” Y/N’s eyes were growing heavy. She leaned towards Tony. “Can we go to bed now?”
“Of course, sweetheart.” He pressed a light kiss to her lips before picking her up. “Goodnight everyone. I’ll see you in the morning. Feel free to find a space to sleep, FRIDAY can tell you where blankets and pillows are.”
A chorus of goodnights were said as Tony carried Y/N out of the garage and up to their room. She was almost asleep by the time they go into their room.
“Honey, I need you to wake up,” Tony said gently. “You need to get bathed and changed.” She groaned in response, cuddling further into his chest. Tony chuckled lightly. “Okay, we’ll do it together.” Y/N nodded. “I’ll going to set you on the bed to get everything ready.” 
He laid her on the bed, pressing a to her head. Tony then quickly turned on the shower, grabbed towels, and items of clothing to sleep in. Once that was all ready, Tony unclothed himself before helping Y/N unclothe. He carried her into the shower and slowly let her legs down. She heavily leaned into him for support causing Tony to laugh.
“Y/N, baby, I’m going to need you to try and hold yourself up for me so that I can wash you,” he said kindly, “alright?”
She hummed a response, forcing her legs to hold herself more. Tony quickly got to work, gently washing every each of his wife. Pressing soft kisses ever so often to show her how much he cared. When he reached her left arm, he paused. Y/N’s hand was still scarred, even after all these years, and now it was accompanied with six new ones going up her arm.
“You’ve always favored that hand,” she whispered. “I’ve never been able to understand why.”
Tony kissed the palm of Y/N’s hand. “It’s always grounded me somehow,” he responded. He began cleaning her new scars, causing her to winced. “Sorry.” He continued more carefully. “It’s a reminder of how strong you are and how lucky I am to have you.”
Y/N’s free hand came up and traced the scar on Tony’s chest. “I feel the same way about this.” She pressed kisses around the scar.
“Okay, okay,” Tony smirked. “We really can’t be doing this right now because you’re turning me on and I know how extremely exhausted you are. So may I finish washing your hair so that we can get to bed?” Not responding, Y/N began leaving a trail up kisses up his chest. “Y/N,” Tony suppressed a moan.
“Yes, dear?” She smirked as she continued her way up his neck. She loved how she could get him bothered.
He pressed her away gently, but not too far. “You know exactly what you’re doing.” He cupped her face, running his thumbs under her eyes. “And I would love to have hot, steamy shower sex, but you’re so exhausted honey. You’ve got bags forming under your eyes.”
“Fine,” Y/N sighed. “But you owe me.”
“Gladly.” He kissed her forehead. “Now let’s hurry so you don’t fall asleep in here or try something again.”
She was running out of a small town. What she was running from she couldn’t tell. Glancing back, Y/N tried to see if something—or someone—was following her. As she did, she ran into something, throwing her back and onto the ground. Looking up, all she saw was the outlining boarders of the town and beyond.
Y/N panted as she slowly stood up and reached her hand out. She gasped when it hit an invisible shield. She punched at it, blasting it with her powers. Only for nothing to happen.
“Y/N!” She heard Tony shout. It was muffled though, like it was coming from the other side of the invisible shield. “Y/N! Hang on!”
“Tony!” She replied. “I can’t get out! Tony!” Red began to creep around her. “Tony! Hurry!"
“Y/N, wake up,” Tony’s voice broke through as he gently tried to shake her awake. “Sweetheart, please.” She gasped, panting as her eyes shot opened, looking around wildly. “There you are. I’ve got you.” He brought her up into his arms, trying to calm her beating heart. He pressed a kiss to her temple. “I’ve got it. It was just a dream.”
“It felt so  real,” she said quietly. “It was so strange… so different…”
“Tell me about it.”
“I was in this small town, running from something.”
“Do you know what it was?”
She shook her head slightly. “I don’t. I was trying to get away from whatever it was but I ran into this invisible shield. I tried to get through it, but nothing. Then I heard your voice coming from the other side, I couldn’t see you though. You were trying to get me out from the other side.”
“Of course I was. I will always come save you.” Tony kissed her head. “Did anything else happen?”
“Yeah,” she furrowed her brows, “there was this red, stuff. It was coming around me… it’s… oddly familiar…”
“I’m sure it’s nothing. The Stones are probably messing with you.”
“Have they ever messed with me?”
“Well, no. But—“
“Tony, something’s going to happen. I can feel it. Whether any part of that dream was real or not, something will happen.”
He groaned, dramatically pressing his face into her neck. “But we just got done saving the universe.”
“How about this?” She sat up so that they could face each other. “We semi-retire.”
“Haven’t we tried that before?”
“Just listen to me. We retire, just focusing on Morgan and Stark Industries. No Avenging, unless the whole world, or universe, is in immediate danger.”
“What about Peter and Harley?”
“So we focus on Morgan, Peter, Harley, our friends and family, and the business, but no Avenging. No superhero unless is ultimately necessary.”
She held up her pinky. “Pinky promise?”
“Really?” Tony laughed. “Are we twelve?”
“Fine.” He held up his pinky and went to lock it with Y/N’s, but she snatched it away. 
“One more thing, I know I can’t stop you from making any more suits. But can we limit it to only two a year, please?”
“Two? How about 12?”
“No.” She shook her head. “The highest I’ll go is four, one each season.”
Tony bit his lip, trying to hid the grin that wanted to form as Y/N pleaded with him, giving him her best pouting face. 
“No wonder where Morgan got that face from,” he commented. “Fine.” He wrapped his pinky around hers before she could do anything else. “I promise.”
“Good.” She grinned cheekily, knowing she’d won. She leaned over and kissed his lips softly. “I love you.”
“I love you more.”
“Well I love you 3000.”
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lazydoodlesandfanfic · 15 days ago
Sibling Hatred (Holmes Brothers X Sister!Reader)
Characters: Holmes Brothers X Sister!Reader
Universe: Sherlock, Marvel, Avengers
Warnings: Mention of bomb
Request: Holmes Siblings x (F)Youngest!Holmes!Reader. Like R can be estranged sibling and all three siblings hate her for some reason or other. She is an Avenger or Shield agent. But then something happens and only she comes to their aid. And after she helps she doesn't take credit and so is accused, so later when they realize they feel guilty or sad.
Tumblr media
You had long come to accept that when it came to your strange siblings, you were the strange one to them. The black sheep. Everyone else outside your family would say you were the normal one, but that just felt isolating. That isolation felt worse since you weren’t exactly on speaking terms with them. 
You had a relationship with your parents- at least you had that. But you couldn’t go to Christmas dinner, or see them on their birthdays since that meant crossing paths with your siblings, most notably your two brothers, who would immediately kick up a fuss and put all their energy into spitting venom at you. It didn’t matter if your parents ordered them to stop or you sat there and said nothing in response, it never stopped until you left, usually in tears. You hated that their hatred for you stopped you having a relationship with your parents, but luckily your parents understood, and instead you had regular phone calls with them and sent them gifts in the mail to ensure paths weren’t crossed.
Luckily, you had your own family that you saw everyday. They weren’t biological- in fact there wasn’t anything that said in writing you were a part of their family, except that you shared a title with them. Avenger. You had originally took a job working in a section of SHIELD operating in the UK, and after being brave one day and taking leadership when it was needed in an accident, you got promoted and got the chance to travel to America to be praised by Fury himself, as your quick thinking and leadership saved countless lives. It was then he asked you to consider being a top agent, working just bellow the Avengers. You accepted, and after months and years of working closely with the Avengers, befriending them, working in the field, and proving your worth time and time again, Fury finally promoted you to Avenger. This promotion was pretty fresh still- you’d only been an official member for a few weeks now, but you already felt well adjusted, even if you hadn’t been on a big mission yet, or that the news wasn’t released to the press yet. You had of course told your parents, who after a little explanation on what it was exactly that they did, were thrilled for you, and said you’d have to tell them all about it when you got the chance to come home. 
You had finally got a chance to go home, being asked by Fury to check in on how that section of SHIELD was doing since they had been dealing with some issues. It wasn’t a lot to ask for, so you agreed with little hesitation. It had also been a quick request with you flying back just a few days later, so you decided to surprise your parents. Their birthdays weren’t close, so you knew there was a good chance you’d have them to yourself, uninterrupted by your brothers. However, when you arrived you realised that they had been downplaying how bad things were, and you thanked that Fury didn’t have that much trust in them and sent you. After a strong scorning from you, you organised what was going to happen. 
It was some guy named Moriarty. You read his file, and to your surprise and annoyance, you found he had strong connections as enemies with your two brothers, especially Sherlock, the trouble maker. You shouldn’t have been surprised, though admittedly you couldn’t help the feeling of glee at the knowledge that you, the black sheep, will be fixing your brother’s problems. You didn’t intend to inform him of this, but the knowledge was enough. 
You eventually got the whole thing sorted with your own two hands and a helicopter. Turns out Moriarty was planning to set a powder bomb off in the middle of an art gallery, except with 100x the needed explosives, for whatever reason he had planned, not that it mattered now. Moriarty had been arrested, and being moved into a secure holding cell at one of the quarters of SHIELD until Scotland yard could come up with something better to keep him in. It felt rather easy, compared to some of the stuff you’d been through up to this point alongside the Avengers. Overall, you were in a great mood, just in time to go see your parents. 
You knocked on the door to their little home, waiting outside patiently but smiling gleefully. That was until the door opened, being greeted by the face of your oldest brother, who immediately scowled at you. “What are you doing here?” 
“Here to see my parents. Mum! Dad! It’s me!” You called, pushing past him into the house. You heard the excited gasp from your mother, the clattering of her putting cutlery down before she came and met you in the hallway, hugging you tightly. 
“Y/N! You didn’t say you were coming!” Your father commented. 
“Yeah, sorry, it was last minute- needed to come over here for work and decided I’d surprise you while I was here.” You chuckled, pulling away from your mother to go and hug your father, and as you were in this hug, Sherlock also entered the hallway, glaring at you. 
“How long are you here for?” You mother asked. 
“Hopefully not long.” Sherlock commented, the air immediately becoming tense. You took a deep breath, keeping a smile on your face. 
“I’m afraid not. I’ve finished my work here, so I expect that I’ll be getting called back to Washington soon. I’ll have to properly book a holiday and come down- maybe bring some of my friends from work, I think you’ll get along well with Steve.” You told your parents, ignoring Mycroft and Sherlock’s presence. 
“That would be lovely- or maybe we could come to America to meet your friends.” Your mother suggested. 
“I’m sure I could talk Tony into hosting a party and paying for the flight.” You humored. 
“Some boyfriend of yours, Y/N? I expected more from you than mooching.” Mycroft commented, and as you glanced over, you saw he still had the door open, a silent but clear instruction telling you to leave. You realised that your brother’s had cornered you in the hallway- Sherlock guarding the entrance to the living room and the rest of the house, and Mycroft blocking off any other diversion. The only way to escape them was to leave.
“Mycroft, stop it!” Your mother told him off.
“No mum, it’s fine. I can try to pop by again another day.” 
“Or never.”
“Sherlock!” Your mother now scorned Sherlock. You took in another deep breath, your smile gone. You looked at Sherlock, who was still steely eyed. You looked him up and down, before you smiled pleasantly. 
“Have you been here all day?” You asked him, glancing at Mycroft as well. 
“So what if we have?” Mycroft asked. You hummed, amused. 
“Well… just wanted you to know that an old friend of yours tried to set off a bomb in an art gallery… luckily for you both, your dear old sister dealt with it personally, and I’m not talking about the sister in prison.” You informed them. Their faces dropped, almost immediately knowing who you were talking about. 
“Will it be on the news?” Your dad asked. 
“Probably, especially since SHIELD was involved and the press like to follow anything possibly linked to the Avengers… I suspect that the Director will use this to announce me as the new member to the team.” You told him.
“What?” Mycroft now asked.
“Oh yeah, did I not tell you guys? I’ve been working for the Avengers for a few years now, and I’ve made such an impression, I’ve been promoted to actually being one! Tony threw a party and everything, I wish you could have been there.” You said, saying the last bit to your parents. 
“Well we could have a dinner out at some point?” Your mum suggested, and you nodded in agreement. Your phone buzzed in your pocket, and you checked it. “Work?” She asked. 
“Afraid so- my next big mission and my first big one as an Avenger- which mean’s I’ll be flying back to Washington in a few hours. We’ll have to postpone that dinner… but hey! I got to see you, and that’s what matters!” You insisted, giving a final hug to your parents, before nodding your head to Sherlock, and walking to the door. As you reached Mycroft, you stopped. “Oh, and don’t worry about Moriarty- we’re holding him in a much more secure cell than what can be provided by Scotland yard for the time being, here’s the number you’ll need if you want to talk arrangement for future imprisonment. Now that he’s on SHIELD’s radar, I suspect we’ll be seeing each other a lot more, dear brother.” You told him, handing him a small card, before leaving the house. Were you upset that those brothers ruined your catch up with your parents? Yes. Were you smug as shit as you one upped them and made them look like idiots, while making your parents proud? Absolutely. Were you looking forward to rubbing it in their faces on how successful you had become without them? More than anything.
Hope you like it! If you have any questions, please send them in! 
*Not my gif
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obsessedwithseb · 16 days ago
birthday boy
pairing: tom holland x sister!reader
warnings: nothing than fluff and tickles
word count: 380
summary: your brother celebrated his 25th birthday at home, you got the great idea to give him a slice of cake in a different way than usual.
A/N: sorry but i just had to make a short fic to tom’s birthday. I love that boy so much and i just had to! i know it’s very short, but it‘s still cute
Tumblr media
your brother turned 25 today, and since he wasn’t gone to shoot a movie or something, you celebrated his birthday together. your mother got a cake for him, but, as cheeky as you are, you planned something different with the cake.
“TOM! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” you shouted after he entered the living room, still sleepy because he just woke up. he groaned and giggled tiredly.
“thank you darling.“ he smiled and walked towards you and gave you a lovely hug, rubbing your back and rocking you from side to side.
“blow them ouuuuut! and make a wish!” you smiled while you and you other brothers and you parents stand around tom, standing in front of his cake.
“alright alright.” he closed his eyes, thinking of a wish to make, and leaned down to blow out the candles on top.
you laid your hand on the back of his head and pushed his face into the cake, giggling after he flinched up, his entire face covered in whipping cream and crumbles.
gasping, he removed the cream on his eyelids and opened his eyes, smirking at you. and without any warning, he dug into your sides, making you squeal in front of your family.
“tohohohom! nohoho!” you giggled and ran away from him, outside into the backyard.
he still was smirking and cleaned his face with a paper towel his brother harry handed to him with a chuckle.
“get back here missy!” he smiled and ran after you, chasing you all around the garden before catching you and wrapping his arm around your midsection. nervously giggles escaped your mouth, already squirming in his hands to maybe escape.
“you think you’ll get away with that?” he grinned and scribbled over your tummy, making you giggle uncontrollably.
“you thought wrong.” he continued and blew a raspberry on your neck, causing a adorable shriek of you.
“TOHOHOM! ihihim sohohorry!” you smiled and wiggled with you legs in the air, seeing your family watching you and tom from the inside.
“you better are! and get a new cake!” he smiled and let you go.
“fihihineeee” you groaned annoyed with a smile and walked inside, grabbing the keys and your purse and changed into some shoes, making your way to get a new cake for the birthday boy.
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idyllicmei · 16 days ago
Harley, Peter and Morgan run up to Y/n and hug her:
Y/n, tense: What?
Tony, softly: I told them about what happened
Y/n: Oh...
Peter: We still love you
Morgan: Yeah, this makes you cooler now
Harley: You're still our family
The symbiote that has attached itself to Y/n: We must protect them no matter what
Y/n, hugging back: I know. We will
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just-dreaming-marvel · 17 days ago
I’m From Brooklyn, Too ~ 147
Tumblr media
< previous chapter
Word Count: 1,445ish
Summary: What’s going on with Y/N? (I hope this chapter makes sense. Please be patient with me.)
Notes: You must read Out Of Time in order to understand this. The chapter numbers continue from Out Of Time.
She panted as she sat on her knees and took in the space around her. It was orange and completely empty. Y/N was overwhelmed by everything; Tony’s death, defeating Thanos and his army, the Stones channeling through her. Her hands rested on her knees as she tried to calm her breathing, to no avail. Footsteps sounded from behind her, hurrying towards her, but she wasn’t phased. Before she knew it two people were in front of her, kneeling. One put a calloused hand to Y/N’s cheek.
“Breathe, sweetheart, breathe,” the man guided.
“T-tony…?” Y/N panted, looking up to meet his gaze.
“Hey, honey,” he smiled.
Y/N looked over at the person next to Tony. “AJ?”
“Hi, mom,” the boy smiled.
Y/N quickly wrapped her arm around the two and brought them in for a hug. They wrapped their arms around as well, forming a group hug. She failed to keep the tears in her eyes as she pressed a kiss to AJ’s head and leaned her cheek against it.
“You did great, honey,” Tony commented, pulling back. “Really great.”
“I don’t know what’s happening right now,” Y/N admitted. “Why I am here?”
“The Stones brought you here while they finish what needs to be done,” the Ancient One responded from behind.
Y/N rushed to standing and turned around to face the former Sorcerer Supreme. The two behind her followed suit. Y/N stood protectively in front of Tony and AJ, not knowing what was going to happen.
“What are you talking about?” Y/N asked.
“The Stones are imbedding you with their powers,” the Ancient One replied. “All except the Soul Stone’s, because the power that it possesses should never be accessible. It’s brought you here to say goodbye.”
“I don’t want the powers. I should have a choice in the matter.”
“I’m sorry, Y/N, I really am. But I’m afraid you don’t have a choice. I will leave you now to say your goodbyes.”
“Will I never get to see them again?”
“You will. But only after you die.” Then the Sorcerer disappeared.
“Y/N,” Tony called, gently helping her turn around to face him.
She looked around. “Where’s AJ?” She worried.
“He’ll be back. I just wanted to say goodbye alone.”
“Tony…” Her eyes filled with tears. “I’m so sorry.”
“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.” Tony cupped her face. “Please don’t be. I never regret being with you, not for a second.”
“But I didn’t tell you about my feelings for Bucky… and I wasn’t able to save you.”
“Y/N, sweetheart. It was either me or you. And to me, watching you jump wasn’t an option.” He held a kiss to her forehead. Y/N closed her eyes, as tears slipped down her face. “I will always love you.”
Tony was gone when her eyes shot open. She couldn’t help the guilt that began to fester inside her chest. It was quickly ignored when AJ grabbed his mother’s hand.
“We’ll be okay, mom,” he said, smiling up at her.
“I want to believe that, I really do,” Y/N said. “But I am struggling it all right now. And I don’t know how many more times I can say goodbye to you.”
“Then don’t think of it as goodbye.”
“You’re too wise for your own good.”
“And yet you still don’t believe me.”
“I’m honestly struggling to understand if this is all real or the Stones playing tricks on me.”
“It is me, mom. It always has been.”
She pulled her hand out from AJ’s and stepped away shaking her head. “I-I-I don’t know that though. Every time could have been a trick. The Stones playing a trick on me…. Always me.”
“Mom,” AJ’s hands were held out, like he was trying to calm Y/N and was scared of her at the same time.
“I can’t… This isn’t… It’s not…”
“Mom, it is. I just need you to calm down.”
Y/N was breathing hard, with it rapidly getting worse. Her arms were wrapped around herself as her thoughts spiraled. Could all this have been a lie? A trick to get her to do the Stones bidding, somehow?
“Mom, you need to calm down,” AJ urged. “Please!”
The space around them was shaking. With the old familiar buzzing starting up in Y/N’s head again. She covered her ears and fell to her knees. A wave of power bursting through her, knocking AJ down.
“This isn’t real… This isn’t real…” Y/N murmured to herself as she rocked back and forth. “It’s never been real…”
“Mom, please!” The area was still shaking. “Believe me.”
“No!” Y/N screamed as she shot to her feet. “How do I know if this is real? I can’t. I need to get home to my daughter. Now!”
She shot her hands out, spending her power out in powerful streams. The orange area began cracking around them.
“Listen to me, mom!” AJ continued. “It’s real! This is all real!”
“I wish that were true.”
Outside of the bubble, the heroes were still surrounding it. Having no clue what to do.
“We could shoot at it,” Rocket suggested it.
“And possibly do something to hurt Y/N?” Bucky exclaimed. “No! Not a chance.” 
He shook his head, frustratedly running his hand through his hair. He was pacing back and forth in a short line. As he did so, Bucky noticed Steve sitting to the side, having yet to say anything.
“Steve,” Bucky called, coming to a stop in front of his long-time friend. “What the hell happened?”
“I don’t know what you’re—“
“Cut the bullshit, punk. It’s me! What happened between you and Y/N?”
Steve sighed. “She’s kept secrets. I got mad, still am slightly. She also blames me for Tony’s death. Neither of them would have gone through with this if I hadn’t showed up at their door.”
“So, try to fix this. You’re Captain America! Figure out a way to save your sister.”
Steve stood up. “No!” He got into Bucky’s face. “I will not because she never told be about all that the Stones can do. I will not risk anyone’s lives because I don’t have all the information! Not anymore.”
“What the hell happened to you, Steve? This isn’t the man I knew.”
Before anything else could be said, the bubble exploded. Causing everyone to duck for cover. When they looked, the Stones and Y/N were glowing. Slowly, the glowing dimmed and Y/N floated down to her feet, the Stones dropping as well. She looked at everyone, her eyes tellingly different. They were her normal color, but they were saddened and guilt ridden. 
“Y/N,” Bucky said, slowly stepping towards the woman. He had a hand out, wanting to just touch her to make sure she was real. “Are you okay, doll?”
“I’m going home,” Y/N’s tone was cold and completely unlike her. “I have a daughter to think about.”
“Tony’s memorial will be in two days. Feel free to come if you’d like.”
A portal formed below her, dropping Y/N and the Stones into the front yard of her cabin. 
“Wait, Y/N!” Bucky shouted.
Using her powers, she closed the portal. Y/N lifted her hand, controlling the Stones, and placed them safely in the garage. Catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror, Y/N noticed out dirty she looked. So with a snap of her fingers, she was cleaned up and changed. Y/N studied herself, noting how hollow her eyes seemed. She needed it to change, at least in front of Morgan. With a deep breath, she finally entered the house.
“Morgan, honey?” Y/N called.
“Y/N?” Happy called, rushing from the kitchen. “You’re back! Is everything—“ He paused as soon as he realized she was alone. “No.” He shook his head. “No. Tony… he can’t.”
“Mommy?” Morgan called from upstairs. Her feet made quick work of the stairs. Her big, bright, brown eyes grew excited when Y/N came into her sight. “Mommy!” The little girl ran, jumping into her mother’s arms. “You’re back!!”
“I’m back, sweetheart,” Y/N responded, kissing her daughter’s head. “I missed you so much… I love you.”
“I love you 3000!” Morgan pulled away slightly. “Where’s daddy? Did you bring him with you?”
Y/N made eye contact with Happy and Pepper, who had followed after Morgan. The two both knew the truth without any words having to be said. Y/N sighed as she made her way to the couch.
“Morgan… I need to tell you something."
next chapter >
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just-dreaming-marvel · 18 days ago
I’m From Brooklyn, Too ~ 146
Tumblr media
< previous chapter
Word Count: 1,915ish
Summary: The battle reaches its end... (I hope the chapter all makes sense, apologies if it doesn’t. I really did try...)
Notes: You must read Out Of Time in order to understand this. The chapter numbers continue from Out Of Time.
Thor made a battle cry, as did T’Challa, and the heroes charged towards the opposing army. Thanos raised his sword towards the Avengers, signaling his army to charge as well. As the two armies collided, everyone formed into pairs. Bucky and Y/N were working together, keeping each other safe. Steve and Thor were doing the same thing, both switching off weapons. Steve had Stormbreaker in his hand while Thor had Mjolnir.
“No, no, give me that,” Thor said, tossing Mjolnir to Steve and signaling for Stormbreaker. “You have the little one.”
Steve passed Stormbreaker over and the two nodded to each other before running back into the battle. Despite trying not to, Y/N and Bucky got separated. Y/N knew she needed to focus less on Bucky and more on getting to the Stones before Thanos did. While she fought off a creature, another one came up behind her. Before she even had to worry about it though, Spider-Man webbed the creature.
“Miss Rogers!” He exclaimed, running up to her. Peter’s masked disappeared, showing how relieved he was to see her.
“Peter!” She gasped, her helmet disappearing as she turned to him.
“Holy cow! You will not believe what’s been going on. Do you remember when we were in space? Well, I got all dusty in Mr. Stark’s arms. I must’ve passed out because I woke up and he wasn’t there anymore. But Doctor Strange was, right? He was like, “It’s been five years. Come on, they need us.” And then he started doing the yellow sparkly thing he does all the time and we ended up here. And I’ve been searching the whole battlefield for you and Mr. Stark and—“ 
Y/N pulled the teenager into her arms before he could witness her tears. This surprised him, taking him a moment to hug back. Peter could hear her shuttering breaths and fast beating heart.
“Y/N…” He said. “What’s going on?”
“I’m so sorry, Peter,” she whispered, her voice full of emotion. “I’m so sorry… He wanted so much to get you back. To see you again… He really did.”
Peter pulled away slightly. “Y/N, what happened to Mr. Stark?”
“A sacrifice had to be made in order to get one of the Stones we needed to bring everyone back… Tony… he… he made that sacrifice.”
“No.” Peter shook his head. “No.”
“I’m so sorry, Pete.” She pulled him back in. “I’m so sorry… he really did care about you…”
“Cap!” Clint called as he ran through the battlefield with the gauntlet. “What do you want me to do with this damn thing?”
“Get those Stones as far away as possible!” The Captain ordered.
“No!” Bruce exclaimed. “We need to get them back where they came from.”
“No way to get them back,” Natasha said. “The—“
“Give them to me,” Y/N said as she flew around fighting the army. “It’s time to end this.”
“Y/N, are you sure?” Steve questioned. “I think that putting the Stones back might be—“
“Don’t doubt me right now, Captain. It’s not time to have trust issues. Barton, I’m coming for the Stones.”
Y/N flew down, heading for Clint and the Stones. Before she could get there, she was hit down by Thanos’ sword. Y/N grunted as she crashed onto the ground and tumbled to a stop. Groaning and coughing, her helmet disappeared as she tried to catch her breath. Thanos slowly marched towards her.
“I’ve only heard about you recently,” Thanos began, “but I already know I either need to end you or have you on my side.” He towered over her before going to kneel on one knee beside her. “With you and the Stones, I’d be unstoppable.”
“You’re stupid for thinking you could get me on your side after everything you’ve taken from me,” Y/N replied.
He growled, grabbing her by the throat and lifting her up. Y/N clawed at his hand, even though she knew it was useless.
“Then you will die,” Thanos replied.
All Y/N could do was smirk as she noticed the streams of red magic coming towards them. Before Thanos could do anything, he hand was forced open and Y/N dropped to the ground.
“Get the Stones, Y/N!” Wanda said. “Go!”
Y/N nodded, her helmet closing and she flew up. She hovered in the air, scanning for the Stones. She noticed the gauntlet being passed from T’Challa to Peter for safety.
“Peter, I’m heading down to—Ah!” 
Before Y/N could finish, she was shot down from the sky by the large ship above. It had begun raining fire at Thanos’ order. Y/N crash landed into a large pile of debris, cutting into the suit that encased her.
“Y/N!” Bucky screamed, rushing to her.
He pushed debris away and shots kept raining down around them. When he finally got to her side, Bucky knelt down.
“Y/N! Can you hear me?” He worried.
“Yeah,” she groaned. Her armored hand reached up and tapped the reactor, the suit disappearing inside of it. 
“What are you doing?” He helped her sit up. “Put that suit back on. I know Tony won’t be—“
“Tony’s dead. So it doesn’t matter what he’d think. Besides,” she stood up, brushing dirt off of herself, “I’ll be fine. The Stones won’t let anything happen to me until I do what they need me to do.”
“And what is that, exactly?”
“End this.” She went to walked away, when Bucky quickly grabbed her and stopped her.
“Doll, I’m sorry about Tony. I know… I know he meant a lot to you. If you need anything, just know—“
“Right now I need to focus on getting the job done.”
Y/N tugged her arm out of Bucky’s grip and ran off. He sighed as he watched her disappear into the fight.
Carol showed up and destroyed the ship that was firing as them as Y/N tried to get to the Stones. It frustrated her as it seemed that every member of the opposing army was trying to stop her. Through the fighting, she could see Carol land in front of Peter and take the gauntlet from him.
“Danvers,” Y/N grunted over the comms. “Get the Stones to me.” Y/N blasted through a create. “Now!”
“On it!” Carol responded.
Carol began flying to Y/N. But before she could get there, Thanos grabbed her from out of the air. He threw Carol to the ground, causing her to lose her grip on the gauntlet. Y/N fought through the creatures as Carol and Thanos battled it out. Panting, once the creatures attacking Y/N were defeated, she looked towards Dr. Strange. He was holding up a shaky finger. That day on Titan quickly replayed through her head:
“I went forward in time to view alternate futures,” Strange panted. “To see all the possible outcomes of the coming conflict.”
“How many did you see?” Star-Lord wonders.
“How many did we win?” Tony asked.
Strange stared intently at Tony for a moment, almost sad like. Before looking past him at Y/N. “One.”
Strange gave her a sad nod, and she knew what she needed to do. With a shaky breath, Y/N portaled over to the Stones. Thanos was near them, alone, having tossed everyone else aside. She held out her hand to the Stones, they quickly floated to her. Thanos’ head snapped in her direction as the Stones began circling around her, glowing strongly.
“Join me,” Thanos said, standing up straight. “We could rule this whole pathetic world together— the galaxy, even. Your precious Stark could even be brought back.”
“How do you—“
“I am cursed with knowledge, like you. I know the price for the Soul Stone and noticed who was missing from your team of heroes.”
“There is no way to bring him back.” Y/N shook her head. “The price had to be paid in order for us to get everyone back. I will not let Tony’s sacrifice be diminished because of your need for power.”
Thanos held his large hand out. “Come, child, and your world can be saved.”
“I don’t need you to save the world. I only need me.”
Y/N lifted her hands up and to her sides, lined up with her waist. As she did, she began to rise off the ground. The Stones followed her, still circling her. With a little wiggle of her fingers, power shot from the Stones and bound Thanos to the ground. He growled as he tried, and failed, to break free.
“Now, I will end this, once and for all,” Y/N said.
Pushing her arms out, the Stones powers mixed together and snaked out to Thanos’ army. With a touch from the power, they turned to dust. The heroes were in awe of what was happening around them, and relieved that the fight was going to be over. After all of Thanos’ army was dust, Y/N floated back to the ground and walked over to Thanos, tauntingly.
“No matter what… what I wish is inevitable,” Thanos strained. “I am inevitable.”
“And I don’t care.”
With a snap of her fingers, a wave of power shot out of the Stones and over the battlefield. The Heroes all ducked, shielding themselves just in case. When they finally looked up, Thanos had been turned to dust and Y/N was still standing with the Stones circling around her.
“Y/N…” Bucky called as he carefully came towards her. He slowly walked around to the front of her, hand out. “Y/N, you can stop what you’re doing now. It’s all over.” He held in a gasp as her glowing eyes. The Stones were truly a part of her. 
“No it’s not,” she replied. “It will never be. There will always be evil people and battles to be fought. What kind of world is that for my daughter?”
“A world worth living in. Without the bad, how would we know how good the good actually is?”
The other heroes were rushing up to the scene, stopping before they could get too close.
“Y/N,” Bucky continued, “please.”
Instead of answering, Y/N closed her eyes and an orange bubble formed around her and the Stones. Separating her from the outside world, and them from her.
“Y/N!” Bucky shouted. He hit the bubble with his metal arm, only to be flown back by the energy.
“Bucky!” Steve exclaimed, going to help his friend.
Wanda went up to the bubble next, pressing a glowing red hand to it. She closed her eyes, trying to get something from it.
“I can’t get in,” she said. Wanda turned around to face everyone. “I can’t even sense her.”
“No,” Bucky breathed out. 
He shook his head as he pushed away from Steve and went towards the bubble again. Bucky hit it again, only for this time to get no response from it. So it did it again, and again. Grunting and yelling, as tears slipped down his grimy face.
“Barnes,” Natasha said, going over when she realized no one else was going to stop him. “Stop.”
“I can’t—“ Bucky hit the bubble again. “I can’t lose her. Not again.”
“I understand. But you’re not going to get in there unless the Stones or her let you.”
“Why… what… how is this all happening? And why does it always happen to us?”
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Out Of Time ~ First Anniversary
The following is a one shot for my series, Out Of Time.
Tumblr media
Word Count: 2,170ish
Requests: First: Can I get one about Tony and Y/N’s anniversary? / Second: Also I want some Steve and Morgan time.Maybe a request where Steve take care of Morgan for one night and they find them sleep in the coach Morgan over Steve stomach 🥰 (that how I used to sleep with my lil cousin when he was a baby)
Warnings: mentions of sex
Tumblr media
“Actually, uh, Tony, I don’t know.”
“Sweetheart, it’s for one night. Steve can handle Morgan, he’s done it before.”
“Yes, but not for longer than an hour or two.”
Tony understood why Y/N was so worried, this would be their first time being away from Morgan overnight. The couple had every right to be worried. But it was their first wedding anniversary tomorrow and Tony wanted to celebrate, just the two of them.
“Y/N,” Tony gently grabbed his wife’s waist and pulled her into him. He placed a soft kiss between her brows. “Steve is Captain America, he’s battled armies from outer space. I think he can handle his niece for a few hours.”
“I just… what if something happens? To her? To us?”
“You need to stop worrying so much. You’re going to over stress yourself and that’s not good for your brain. It’s still recovering.”
“I know. But—“
“No, no, no, no, no.” He shook his head. “No more buts. We are leaving for the night. That’s final.”
Y/N huffed and walked away, heading to the nursery. She wasn’t happy about leaving Morgan, even if it was with her own brother. Slipping into the room, Y/N smiled when she noticed that Morgan was wide awake in her crib.
“What you doing up, baby-girl?” Y/N teased in her baby voice as she leaned over to pick up her daughter. The girl babbled. “That’s right, your dad is being mean to mom.” She pressed a kiss to the child’s nose as she bounced her up and down. “He wants to take me away for the night. What do you think about that?”
Morgan babbled some more as Tony came and leaned in the doorway.
“Oh, you agree with mommy?” Y/N pretended to understand her daughter.
“That’s daddy’s being really mean by trying to take me away from you.” She pouted and looked at Tony.
“Nu-uh,” Tony shook his head, coming further into the room. “That’s not going to work. We’re going. Morgan and Steve will be fine.” He wrapped his arms around her from the side and pressed a kiss above her ear. “We need this,” he whispered. Tony began leaving slow, wet kisses down her neck. “You know you want this.”
“We haven’t had time for us in too long.”
“Tony, please… our daughter is in my arms.”
Tony smirked against her neck and made his way back up to her ear, lips playfully brushing against it. “And that’s why Steve’s coming to watch her.” His breath goose bumped her skin, causing her to shiver slightly. They both noticed, his smirk grew. “I’m going to go finish packing for the two of us.”
Y/N gritted her teeth together, trying to hold herself with her daughter in her arms. Tony couldn’t get that smug look off his face as she waltzed away. How she hated how easily he could turn her on, and how he knew it. Y/N also hated how right her husband was. They did need to spend some time alone together.
“Where’s my favorite niece?” Steve asked as the came into the cabin.
Y/N laughed. “She’s your only niece,” she responded. She was on the couch as Morgan played on the floor.
“Doesn’t make her any less my favorite.” Steve set his things down and came around the couch. He pressed a kiss to Y/N’s head before sitting down by Morgan. “Hey Mo.” The little girl clapped as Steve picked her up and held her in the air. “Did you miss your Uncle Steve?”
“You were literally here yesterday.”
“Doesn’t matter. Where’s Tony?”
“Finishing up the packing.”
“How are you?”
“I don’t want to leave her. Even if it’s with you. Sorry, Stevie.”
“No, I get it. She’s your daughter and you’ve never been apart before. It can be nerve-racking. But we’ll be fine.”
“Doesn’t make me feel any better.”
Steve got up, Morgan still in his arms, and came to sit next to Y/N. “We’ll be fine, won’t we Mo?” Steve suddenly changed his voice, trying to sound like a baby. “Of course, mommy! Go and relax with daddy!”
“Please don’t do that,” Y/N cringed, shaking her head.
“Honey!” Tony called, coming down the stairs with the bags. “Are you ready?”
“Begin your good-byes. I’m running the bags to the car before I come back for you.” He opened the front door. “Oh, and hi Rogers.”
“Stark,” Steve gave a nod.
“Okay, give me her,” Y/N requested, holding out her hands towards her daughter. Steve handed Morgan over. “Your momma loves you, okay?” She mumbled as she held the little girl close. “No matter if your dad takes me away or not.”
“You know she doesn’t know what’s happening, right?”
“And that’s why I can’t leave her. What if she thinks we aren’t coming back? What if she forgets about us? What if something happens and I forget about her? What if—“
“Okay, okay,” Steve put his hands on his sisters shoulders. “You’re spiraling. Calm down. Nothing will happen… all of us will be fine.”
“You don’t know that!” Y/N stood up swiftly, freaking Morgan out. The baby began crying loudly. “Oh, no… ssshhh, I’m sorry, honey. Mommy didn’t mean to be so loud.” Y/N started walking around, bouncing her daughter up and down. “Sssshhh. You’re okay, you’re okay.”
“What did Rogers do now?” Tony said, coming into the living room.
“It wasn’t me!” Steve said, holding his hands up. “Y/N was freaking out.”
“Of course she was,” Tony sighed. “Honey, we’ve got to go, or we’ll miss our reservations.”
“No!” Y/N responded, holding Morgan closer while still trying to calm her. “I can’t leave her now.”
“She’s be fine. Steve’s got her and I have Natasha on stand by.”
“Hey!” Steve exclaimed, standing to join them. “I can handle twelve hours with my niece without Romanoff getting involved.”
“Of course you can, Cap. It’s just a precaution. Now, Y/N, hand Morgan to Steve.”
“No,” she shook her head, stepping back from the men. “I can’t do this.”
“Yes you can, sweetheart. Just hand her over.”
“I’m not ready.”
“Okay, Steve, grab Morgan, I’ll grab Y/N.”
Swiftly, the men took their targets. Freaked out, Morgan began crying. Y/N fought against Tony as he threw her over his shoulder. She kicked him and hit at him as Tony began carrying her away.
“We love you, Morgan!” Tony said. “Be good!”
Tony shut the door and hurried to the car. He set Y/N in the back seat before having FRIDAY lock the car to prevent Y/N from getting out. Tony quickly got into the driver’s seat and headed off. 
“I hate you,” Y/N pouted from the back.
“No you don’t,” Tony responded.
“Stop fidgeting with the phone, Y/N/N, and enjoy the dinner,” Tony reprimanded. “Steve and Morgan are fine.”
“How do you know that?” Y/N responded.
“Because FRIDAY would inform us if they weren’t.”
She sighed. “I guess you’re right… I think… I think it’s not just leaving Morgan that’s got me like this.”
Tony leaned closer, taking Y/N’s hand. “What’s going on, honey? Talk to me.”
“What if… well… we haven’t, uh, ‘done it’ since our wedding night. And I, well… I’m scared. What if it triggers something? What if I can’t even enjoy it?”
Without letting go of Y/N’s hand, Tony stood up and walked around to her. He gently tugged her to stand and set his hands on her waist, holding her close. His thumbs rubbed against her dress as he pressed his lips to hers and begged further entrance into her mouth with his tongue. Y/N responded willingly, letting him in eagerly and wrapping her arms around his neck. When they pulled away for air, they didn’t pull too far. There foreheads resting against each other.
“How did that make you feel?” Tony whispered.
“Like I was catching on fire,” Y/N responded with a slight giggle. “But, in a good way.”
“Good,” he smirked, bringing her into another heated kiss. “How about that one?” All Y/N could do was nod, too caught up in the passion of it all. Tony chuckled. “We’ll take it one step at a time, okay? And the moment you feel uncomfortable or that something is wrong, you let me know and we’ll stop. I’ll be completely content just holding you in my arms all night.”
“You’re too good to me.” This time, she pulled him in for a kiss. “I love you.”
“Not as much as I love you.”
“Come on, Morgan,” Steve pleaded. “Just let me lay you down.” 
He was dishelved. Hair poking out in every direction, stains on his shirt. After Y/N and Tony had left, it took Steve a while to get Morgan to calm down. He eventually did and got her to eat. It was good but not for very long. Morgan soon got tired and cranky, clearly wanting her parents. She whined and cried and threw anything Steve handed her at him. 
It had been hours and nothing was working. In fact, she was somehow getting worse. He was currently in her room, rocking her as he paced around. Trying to get her to calm.
“Mo, I’m not asking for much,” Steve continued. “I’m just asking for you to sleep for an hour. You can do that for your Uncle Steve, right?” Morgan cried louder. “Oh, come on. I’m already struggling to stay on your parents good side, especially your fathers, don’t make them regret this. I want to be able to keep seeing you.”
Steve kept pacing, bouncing his niece slightly. Eventually, she calmed. But as soon as he tired to put her down again, Morgan began fussing. It wasn’t long later when Steve decided to stop trying. He made his way into the living room and turned on a movie. He laid Morgan on his chest, where she quickly fell asleep. Too afraid to move her too soon, Steve left her that way, planning on putting her to bed once the movie was over. But before he could, he fell asleep on the couch, on arm securely around his niece.
“That was…” Y/N panted, laying tangled in the sheets of the hotel bed with Tony.
“Absolutely mind-blowing?” Tony finished. “The best sex we’ve ever had?”
Y/N laughed. “Something like that.” Their legs were wrapped in each other and Y/N’s head was resting on Tony’s bare chest, a hand rubbing the old reactor scar. “Though… there was that time on the island… in between my SHIELD missions.”
“Or the night Morgan was created.”
“That too.”
“Now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t think we’ve ever had a bad night.”
“Now don’t get too cocky there, Mr. Stark. You’re getting up there in age and you know how things began to get. Things stop—“
“Don’t you dare go any further! I don’t like you insinuating that I’m getting old and that I will stop functioning. I’m Iron Man.”
“I’m sorry, Iron Man, but that doesn’t do anything for the natural aging process.”
“You think?”
“I know.”
Tony quickly moved on top of Y/N. “I’ll show you, Mrs. Stark. The aging process has nothing on me.”
“Thank you, Tony. Last night was wonderful,” Y/N said as the couple headed towards their house.
“You’re welcome, darling,” he responded. “We should definitely do it more often.”
“Only if Morgan and Steve have survived.”
“Of course.”
“Do you think they’re okay?”
“We didn’t hear anything, so I’m sure they’re perfectly fine.”
Tony unlocked the door and held Y/N’s hand as he led her into the house. They set their bags down and looked around. There was no sign that Steve was up yet, which surprised them. Quietly, as to not wake Morgan, the two walked into the living room. They both froze at the sight they walked into on the couch. 
Steve was passed out, one arm hanging off the couch with the other securing Morgan to his chest. Morgan was sleeping soundly. Y/N quickly got her phone out and snapped a couple photos.
“I think they did fine,” Tony whispered, pulling Y/N in and kissing her temple. “I think we may even have time for another round if we hurry to the bed room.”
“Don’t you dare think about it, Stark,” Steve grumbled. “First, I don’t want to be here when you and my sister… well, fondue… and second, if you wake up Morgan, we will have another civil war on our hands.”
Y/N giggled. “I’m sorry, Steve,” she apologized. “I can take her—“
“Like I said, another civil war. Just stay away and stay quiet.”
The couple stifled laughs as they nodded and walked away.
“Do you think he’ll ever watch for us again?” Tony asked.
“Not a chance.”
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Happy birthday loser
Tony Stark X Sister!Reader
Summary: You spray your brother with silly string on his birthday.
Warnings: none.
Tumblr media
You walked into the tower carrying a confetti popper and a thing of silly string. Steve looked at you confused as you walked past him but said nothing. You made it into the lap easily, shaking your head at Bruce when he went to say hi. You sat the silly string down out of reach of your older brother before you walked up behind him.
"Happy birthday!" You exclaimed popping the confetti popper. He jumped in surprise looking at the mess.
"Y/n!" He glared at you. You smile mischievously as you quickly grabbed the can of silly string. "Don't you dare do it." He warned.
"Why not loser?" You asked him.
"You don't want to know."
You thought for a second before shrugging and shooting him with the silly string. You emptied the can before darting out of the lab at full speed Tomy following close behind.
"Get back here!" He shouted. You laughed at him as you ran into the living room. The avengers who previously were enjoying peace and quiet are now looking at you confused.
"What did you do?" Nat asked you.
"Uh I sprayed him with silly string!" You said jumping over the couch and running down the hallway, tony following behind you.
"Should we stop them?" Steve asked.
"They'll work it on their own." Bruce said walking in.
"I'm sorry!" You exclaimed. "Stop it." You pushed him away as he tickled you.
"I don't believe you." He grumbled. You glared at him.
"Please I'm sorry!" You said through laughter.
"Fine." He subsided standing up and throwing a piece of silly string on you before leaving.
"I love you!" You laughed when he glared at you. When he turned away from you he smiled.
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lesbian-deadpool · 21 days ago
(In a group chat)
Y/N: Hey guys, how do you make a tissue dance? 
Natasha: How?
Yelena: How? 
Y/N: You put a little boogie in it. 
Y/N has been removed from the group chat
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just-dreaming-marvel · 21 days ago
It’s Always Been You ~ 149
Tumblr media
< previous chapter
Word Count: 2,820ish
Summary: Y/N sacrificed herself to end it all. But is she really dead?
Notes: You must read Out Of Time in order to understand this. The chapter numbers continue from Out Of Time.
Once the blinding white light subsided, the heroes all looked around as the enemy quickly turned to dust. Strange let Tony go from his magic hold, the two men watching Y/N collapse onto the ground.
“Y/N!!” Tony cried, rushing over to his wife. As he lifted her up to cradle her in his arms, he noticed the Stones were still seared into her arm and blood was trickling out of her nose and ears. “Honey, come on.”
Steve was the next to notice the scene. “No!” He exclaimed as he ran over, causing others to see as well. “Y/N!” He fell to his knees beside the couple. Tears ran down both mens faces, creating pathways through the dirt and grime covering them.
“She’s not breathing….”
“What?” Bucky gasped, suddenly appearing near them.
“She’s not breathing…” Tony rocked back and forth, Y/N held close. “Don’t do this… please… I can’t— You can’t—“ He sobbed into the base of her limp neck as he clung to her and begged.
Clint was the first to get down on one knee in respect, the other heroes slowly following. Some bowed their heads, others shed tears, but they all felt an immense amount of pain and sorrow. Their hearts cracked a little more each time they heard a sob, whimper, or sniffle from one of the three men that loved Y/N the most.
With a hand on Steve’s shoulder, Bucky collapsed next to his friend. “No…” he cried. “Doll…”
“Mom!” The boy’s voice was worried. It sounded like it was underwater. “Mom! Wake up!” She groaned as someone began shaking her, still not opening her eyes. “Come on, mom! You did it! Wake up!”
“W-what…?” She rasped. She slowly blinked, trying to get her eyes used to the light and the orange tint around her. When her eyes finally focused on the boy leaned over her, she gasped. “AJ?”
“Hey, mom,” he smiled.
“Where…” Y/N pushed herself up, with AJ’s help. She studied her surroundings. She was at the cabin, laying on the grass. But it wasn’t the cabin. “How did I—“
“You used the Stones. You did it, mom.”
“I did it,” she breathed out.
“Now you have a choice,” the Ancient One’s voice said. AJ and Y/N turned their heads to see Phil, Natasha, and the Ancient One standing there.
“Phil, Natasha?”
“Hey, Y/N,” she greeted. “You did good.”
“You did,” the Ancient One agreed. “And now the Stones have given you a choice.”
AJ helped Y/N to her feet. “What kind of choice?” She asked.
“Whether to stay here or go back… there are consequences, good and bad for either choice.”
“I can’t make that call,” she shook her head. “I have family—children on either side of that equation. Why are they giving me a choice?”
“Because your journey is not over with the Stones, but they want it to be up to you.”
“What do you mean?”
“If you choose to go back, you will be granted certain abilities. That you will not need the Stones to use. You will not be as powerful as you are when you channel all the Stones, but you will still be very powerful.”
“And if I stay?”
“Your daughter would lose her mother and your husband, his wife. The whole team would be affected. But, there are many significant events that would still play out. They will just be harder—longer, without your help.”
“Mom,” AJ tugged on her hand, turning Y/N’s attention to him. “If you’re worried about me, I’ll be fine. I have Uncle Phil, Auntie Nat, Grandma and Grandpa Rogers and Stark!”
“Stark? Like… Howard?”
“Yes.” The boy nodded. “He didn’t want to be here just incase he could be a distraction. Said something like you always had a thing for Starks.”
Y/N laughed. “He wishes.” She took a deep breath and looked around. This would be a hard decision either way, but she knew what she had to do. She looked at her son before looking back at the Ancient One. “How much time do I have?”
“You have until they take the Stones back,” the Ancient One responded.
“Okay,” she nodded. Y/N gazed down at her son, grabbing his hand. “How about we go for a walk AJ?”
“Tony,” Rhodey gently called, coming to a stop a foot or to away from the three men. “We need to get her to a hospital. Or home.”
The man shook his head. “I’m not letting go of her,” Tony replied. “And I— I can’t… Morgan needs her mother.”
“She also needs her father.”
“Mr. Stark?” Peter called, coming up beside Rhodey. It was clear that he had been crying as well. “You don’t have to let her go… you—you can carry her the whole way.”
“They have a point, Tony,” Steve agreed through the tears. “We need to get her and the Stones out of the open, just in case.”
“They asked too much of her,” Tony mumbled as he continued to rock. “Too damn much…”
Steve stood up and walked around to help Tony stand, Bucky joining him. Tony didn’t resist, standing and fixing Y/N’s position in his arms. The other heroes watched, their hearts breaking further as they realized how limp Y/N truly was. But upon further observation, Wanda noticed something.
“She’s being preserved,” she whispered.
“What was that Wanda?” Clint asked, standing beside her.
“She’s dead, but she’s being preserved. Her coloring is too normal.”
“Are you saying there’s a chance we could bring her back?” Sam asked, joining them.
“Not we,” Wanda shook her head. Her eyes were glued to Y/N as she was carried away. “It’s all her… it’s all up to her…”
AJ lead Y/N around, talking her here off about anything and everything. And she was enjoying every minute of it. Eventually, the two came to a stop at the edge of the pier. They sat down, letting their feet touch the water.
“AJ… You know I love you, right?” Y/N nervously said.
“Yes,” he answered with confidence.
“And that I would never want to leave you?”
“Mom,” AJ looked at her, firmly, “you need to go. Morgan, Dad, Uncle Steve, and Uncle Bucky need you more than I do. I’ll be fine.”
“Uncle Bucky?” Y/N chuckled.
“He’ll be okay, mom. He will… Bucky understands that he kept you waiting too long, too many times.”
She pulled the boy into her side, kissing the top of his head. “You’re so much stronger and wiser than me… I love you. So very much.”
AJ hugged his mother. “I love you too.” 
Happy and Pepper immediately sensed that something was wrong when the quinjet landed and Rhodey was the first one out. He walked to the house and simply asked them to keep Morgan away from any of the windows and the garage. They didn’t question it, already knowing they weren’t ready for any answers that may come.
Rhodey went straight to the garage, Bucky and Steve joining him. They cleared off desks and tables, putting them together. Steve grabbed blankets and a pillow, laying them out on the large table they created. FRIDAY then informed Tony that he was clear to bring Y/N in. Bruce was with him as Tony carried Y/N in, having noticed how much the man was trembling. Bruce was scared that he’d have to carry two bodies in.
Tony gently laid Y/N on the table. He began pulling a blanket up to her chest, pausing when he noticed the Stones still seared into his wife’s arm. He clenched his teeth and let out an angry, grief-filled cry. Tony raised his hand had shot around the room, everyone having to duck.
“Tony!” / “Shit!” / “Woah!”
“Tony, you need to—“
Everyone froze at the little voice. Tony was breathing heavily  as he clenched his eyes closed, unable to turn himself around and face his daughter. Morgan was being held by Happy, clinging to his neck as she stared at Tony’s back. The others quickly moved so that Y/N’s body was blocked from Morgan’s view.
“Get her out of here, Hap,” Rhodey ordered. “We’ll all be in soon.”
“No, Daddy,” Morgan pushed. “Where’s mom?”
Tears cascaded down Tony’s cheeks as he thought about having to tell his daughter that she had lost both her auntie Nat and her mother in the same day. Steve, trying to hold strong, quickly took control of the situation.
“How about we going inside, Mo?” Steve suggested, stepping up. He was still all dirty from the battle. “I’ll hurry and clean up while you and Pepper get dinner situated. I’ll come join you after.”
“But dad—“
“You’re dad… He just needs a moment. Okay? He’ll be in soon too.”
Though a bit hesitant to, Morgan agreed. Steve let out a sigh a relieve before following Happy back inside. He couldn’t fall apart, not when Tony and Morgan needed him. 
“You should get out of the suit, Tony,” Rhodey said. “Get cleaned up.”
“I…” Tony spoke quietly, still not opening his eyes. “I can’t tell her… I can’t bare to see her face about Nat. I can’t imagine telling her about—about Y/N…”
“You won’t have to do it alone.” Rhodey set a hand on Tony’s shoulder. “Come on, let’s get you cleaned up."
“You shouldn’t have done what you did,” Y/N told Natasha as they walked allow the edge of the lake together.
“If I hadn’t, we wouldn’t have gotten everything back,” she responded. “It was worth it.”
“As long as you believe so… Morgan will be devastated, so will the Bartons.”
“They’ll mourn, you all will. But it will make you all stronger. Individually and together.”
Y/N grabbed Nat’s hand and stopped her. “You are the sister I always wanted. You were always there for me, basically since I left the ice. Thank you.”
“Oh, Y/N,” Natasha wrapped Y/N up, pulling her close. “Thank you.”
“I’ll keep your memory alive.”
“You better. And I’ll keep an eye on AJ. He’s a great kid.”
“I know… I only wish that I had more to do with that."
Everything around him was muted. Color, light, sound. Everything, as Tony finished dressing himself after his shower. He didn’t want to believe it—he couldn’t. Y/N could not be gone. Not his wife… After everything they had survived—she had survived. How was he now suppose to go on without her? How was he suppose to help his daughter do the same?
A soft knock sounded on the bedroom door, before Pepper peeked her head in.
“Tony?” She called. “I’m just checking in on you. Do you need anything?”
“Where’s Morgan?” Tony’s horse voice was quiet as exited the bathroom.
“Downstairs with Steve, Bruce, Happy, and Rhodey. They’re putting dinner together.”
“Where’d Barnes go?”
The redhead sighed. “He won’t leave Y/N’s side.” Tony inhaled sharply as his eyes closed. “Tony…” Pepper slowly made his way over to him. “What do you want to do?”
“I want… I want my wife back… I want Morgan to have her mother…” A tear slipped through his closed eyes. “And I— I would do anything to trade her places…”
“I wish that I could bring her back, I really do, Tony. And I know that you need time to grief, but Morgan needs her father. She’s confused and those men downstairs keep staring at her with pity. She’s smart and has started questioning it.” Pepper moved so that she was standing in front of Tony. “Just go down and hold her.”
“I need to see Y/N first.”
“Okay. Let’s go then."
“Why must we always say goodbye?” Y/N asked Coulson as they sat on the steps of the cabin.
“I don’t know,” Phil answered. “But it seems like we always say hello again.”
“It does,” she nodded. “Thank you for taking care of AJ.”
“He’s a good kid. Though, too much like you and Tony.” He chuckled. “Always finding some way to get into trouble.”
“And you’re always there to help get him out of it, I’m sure.” Y/N laughed. “Some things never change.” She sighed as she moved closer and rested her head on his shoulder. “Are the others okay?”
“They’re great… they miss us though, that much is clear.”
“I miss them too.”
“I check on them every once and awhile. They’ve all gone on their separate ways, but they’re still a team. They’re still our team.”
Bucky couldn’t bare to leave Y/N’s side. Not like this. Never like this. It wasn’t suppose to be her. She had a daughter, a husband. For a few moments, he let himself hold her hand and cry. But then be decided to put himself to use. Bucky found a few towels and wet them. Gently, he cleaned off any skin he could see, being extremely careful around the Stones still imbedded in her arm.
He then brushed her hair out. Bucky couldn’t stand the thought of Morgan seeing her mother untidy. Tony entered the room not too long later. The men stayed on opposite sides, focusing on the woman in the middle.
“I forgive you,” Tony said quietly. Bucky’s head snapped up to look at Stark, who was still focused on Y/N.
“Wh-what?” Bucky stammered. “H-how… I… I killed your parents…”
“Trust me. I tried to hold it against you, and Steve for keeping the secret… But… Y/N… she never held it against you. Even though it was Howard. She never did.”
“I don’t deserve your forgiveness.”
“Don’t say that too loud. Y/N might come back and smack some sense into you…”
“I wish she would… She, uh… we ran into each other before the fight… I know that it was always going to be you. You’re good for her.”
Tony scoffed. “No I’m not. She’s too good for me.”
“That might be true,” Bucky nodded. “Your, uh, your daughter… she’s pretty.”
“She is. You know, Barnes, we don’t have to make small talk. We can just sit here and wish for her to wake up, together.”
“Good, cause I was running out of things to say.” Tony sat down. “Thank you though… for forgiving me… I’m still working on forgiving myself for it all…”
“You’re welcome.”
Coulson, Natasha, AJ, the Ancient One, and Y/N were all gathered together in front of the cabin.
“I guess this is it then,” Y/N said, nodding as she tried not to cry. “I don’t want to have to say good-bye to y’all again.”
“It’s not good-bye, mom,” AJ smiled. “We’ll see each other again.”
“You’re right… you’re always right. I love you, my son. I’ll see you—“
“You think you can leave without me actually making an appearance?” A voice came from behind Y/N.
She gasped, slowly turning around. “Howard?”
“Hey, Y/N,” he stepped forward. He was young, the Howard that Y/N was most used to. “Seems like my favorite Rogers is still getting into trouble.”
“Always.” They stared at each other for a moment before Y/N brought him into a hug. “Oh, Howard.”
“I remember,” he whispered. “I died and it all came back to me.”
“What?” She pulled away slightly.
“You erased my memory when you appeared in 1970. After I had talked to Tony.”
“You know.”
“I do. Way to not lie to me. You wouldn’t have met Tony without me, for multiple reasons. And I did end up knowing him.”
“I couldn’t lie to you. I just couldn’t tell you the truth either.”
“I understand. I guess I’ll let you go back now. Tony and Morgan need you.”
“Yeah… they do.”
“Can you… uh… can you tell Tony how proud I am of him?”
“Of course.”
Howard leaned forward and pressed a kiss on her cheek. He smiled before he turned around and headed over to a woman standing near a tree not too far off. Y/N knew that must’ve been Maria. She waved, Maria waving back.
“Okay…” Y/N breathed out. “It’s time…”
“How is she?” Wanda asked, coming into the garage.
“How do you think, Maximoff?” Tony responded, annoyed. “She’s dead.”
“No she’s not.” Both me sat up straighter and looked at Wanda.
“What are you talking about?”
“Haven’t either of you noticed how her body isn’t acting out a normal dead body would?”
The two men shared a look before focusing back on Wanda. “No,” Bucky replied. “We haven’t.”
“Well, the Stones are—“
Y/N gasped, head lurching up before coming back down to the table again. She coughed as she opened her eyes and took in her surroundings.
“Y/N!” The men exclaimed.
“And just when I was beginning to explain it all,” Wanda mumbled.
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Boy meets girl
Steve Rogers X Stark!Reader, Tony Stark X Sister!Reader
Summary: Boy meets girl, boy treats her right, everyone could see it she was in love and so was he.
Warnings: Age gap.
Song: Boy Meets Girl by J. Hartley
Tumblr media
Didn't know my buddy had a sister
Didn't know I'd get drunk and kiss her
Didn't know I'd even miss her
Steve looked up at the sound of the elevator opening. Then he saw you walking in with a suitcase. He started shocked. He let you the night before at party tony held.
"Hey there." You smirked at him.
"Hello." Steve smiled at you before taking a sip of his asgardian ale that Thor gave him.
"Y/n what's your name?" You sat down next to him.
"Steve. So what are you doing at a party like this." He looked around at the crowd.
"My brother forced me to come. What about you?" You asked taking a sip of your drink.
"Yeah my buddy force me to come." He said looking down at his drink.
You stepped in force not noticing him sitting on the couch alone. You put your suitcase by the elevator then walked to the kitchen area.
"Hey Friday where's Tony?" You asked with a hum as you opened the fridge.
"He's in his lab." Steve spoke up.
"Ah!" You exclaimed jumping looking behind you. "Jesus! Don't do that!" You groaned.
"What are you doing here?" Steve asked.
"My brother. You didn't mention your an avenger?" You said grabbing a pop from the fridge before leaning on the counter looking at Steve.
"Your brother... Your brother is tony?" He asked.
"Oh! I see you two met!" Tony said walking in.
"Yeah.. Met." You smirked remembering last night.
"That's great! Well Steve y/n is staying with us for a little while. She gets the room next to yours!" Tony said before hugging you.
How the hell would I know
I'd drive 600 miles to ohio
I did though, I did though
"Remind me why we're driving to Ohio?" Steve asked as he kept his eyes on the road.
"Because! I have a meeting there and I'm scared of flying." You said casually as you looked out the window.
"Oh of course. But couldn't you have gotten a driver? Your rich like tony."
"But then I wouldn't get to spend time with you." You smirked at him. You two weren't dating you became close and there was definitely more then friendship there but neither of you would admit it.
"I guess your right." Steve smirked.
"Ooh! We should stop for breakfast!" You said seeing a sign for a nearby IHOP.
"Okay." He said turning off the highway.
Boy meets girl, Boy treats her right
Boy she's gonna love you for the rest of your life
She'll build you up, when you break down
Steve was nervous as he knocked on your door. He was holding your favorite flower. You opened it, you had your hair in a towel and was wearing comfortable clothes, and a shirt he was almost sure was stolen from him.
"Hey Steve!" You smiled at him.
"Hi. This is for you, I was wonder if I could take you on a date tomorrow night?" He asked handing you the flower.
"Yes!" You smiled. He swore your smile could light up the darkest room.
"I'll meet you here at 5 then." Steve smiled.
"Okay. Thank you for the flower."
She'll stand and applaud when there ain't no crowd
Boy meets girl, boy meets girl
Steve looked at you lovingly. It was your fourth date. This one was just spent at the tower watching movies. He let you pick one, which you told him was a master piece he has to watch. He found out that master piece is a kids movie called toy story.
"Stop staring at me!" You laughed looking up at him from where you head laid on his chest.
"I'm sorry you're just so beautiful." Steve smiling leaning down to kiss you.
"Well I knew that." You rolled your eyes putting your attention on the tv once again. His eyes stayed focus on you, how your smile grew everytime Buzz acted like he wasn't a toy.
"Will you be my girlfriend?" He blurted out. Your eyes met his and stayed there for what seemed like forever before you sat up and finally answered.
"Yes!" You exclaimed wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him.
I was scared a hell to even ask her
To pack up her life
And move to Nashville
She did though, yeah she did though
You were getting tired of living with your brother and the avengers and steve could tell. To be honest he agreed. He loved the team but you two have been dating a year, were now sharing a room at the tower. He thinks it's ready for the next step.
"We should get our own place." Steve suggested after you finished complaining about Tony.
"You'd want to move out of the tower? I've been scared to mention it." You said as you looked at him.
"Of course! Maybe we could move to Brooklyn?" He suggested.
"Yeah. That would be nice. An apartment of our own." You smiled at the idea. "Let's do it!"
"How are we going to tell Tony and Bucky though?" Steve asked. "And the rest of the team."
"We could do what I did when I moved out the first time." You suggested.
"Oh what did you do?"
"I left him a note and found my own place." You said shrugging.
"We're not doing that."
"Fine we'll just hold a team meeting." You said rolling your eyes, he laughed pulling you into his side.
"There you." He kissed you before resting his head on yours.
"So should we start looking?"
"Yeah probably."
"We should look for apartments out of Brooklyn too though maybe Manhattan? That's where I'm from." You asked.
"As long as your happy I'm happy."
Since her daddy's passed away I was
Terrified to get her brother's okay
I did though
and he said though
Steve was nervous about this. Since your dad died when you were still in high school he was going to be asking Tony for his blessing to marry you. He just didn't know what he'd say. You two have been dating for three years now and have been living together for two.
"Tony, can we talk?" Steve asked walking into the lab where Tony was.
"Sure capsicle what can I do for you?" Tony asked him. Steve sat down next to him.
"I want to ask Y/n to marry me." Steve said. Tony looked at him. They stared at each other for a few minutes.
"Why are you telling me this?" Tony asked after a while.
"I want your blessing please."
"You have it. You've had it." Tony stated.
"You think I would've let you date my sister if I didn't think you were right for her?" Tony asked rolling his eyes.
"Oh. Thank your Tony." Steve smiled.
"Yeah, yeah welcome to the family or whatever."
Boy meets girl, Boy treats her right
Boy she's gonna love you for the rest of your life
Steve shuffled nervously from behind you. He took one deep breath then tapped your shoulder and dropped on one knee.
"Oh. My. God." You gasped starting down at him.
"Y/n Stark will you make me the happiest man in the world and be my wife?" Steve asked you pulling the ring box out.
"Yes!!!" You screamed hugging him. He wrapped his arms around you smiling ear to ear.
"Try the ring on." He said after kissing you.
"It fits!" You said looking down at the ring on your finger. "It's so beautiful." You smiled.
"Just like you." He kissed you again.
She'll build you up, when you break down
She'll stand and applaud when there ain't no crowd
Boy meets girl, boy meets girl
You were currently home alone as Steve was on a mission. You were planning a bit of a surprise for him. You noticed you missed your period and decided to take a pregnancy test, and found that your pregnant. You're super excited to tell Steve but he's not here so you have time to do something creative to tell him. The two of you have been married for 3 years, together 7 years. It was time, so you've been trying for a baby for around 7 months and finally you saw two pink lines.
"Sweetheart? I'm home?" Steve shouted.
"Baby!" You said coming out of the kitchen and giving him a hug.
"Oh I missed you." He sighed happily before giving you a kiss. This mission was 4 days long.
"I missed you too! And I have big news!" You said pulling from the hug.
"What is it?"
"We're having a baby!"
Nine months no time to go
She said he's coming right now here at home
I'll never forget laying 6 pounds 6 ounces on her chest
I said Boy meet girl
"It's a boy!" The doctor exclaimed holding a crying newborn before handing the baby to a nurse who wiped him off then set him on your chest.
"Aw." You cooed.
"What are you going to name the little one?" The nurse asked you.
"Uh me and his dad where thinking James but we're not too sure. He came a little early after all." You said softly looking down at your little bundle of joy.
"I'm here I'm here!" The door opened and Steve came running in. "Oh sweetheart I'm so sorry I was late- fury made us go to shield after the mission an-"
"It's fine just come meet your son." You said smiling.
"Oh he's so precious." Steve cooed.
"You can hold him after we give him a bit of a check up." The nurse told him.
"Oh of course."
"So what should we name him?"
"Well first name is definitely James right?" He asked you smiling.
"Yes middle name should be..." You thought for a second.
"Anthony." Steve suggested.
"James Anthony Rogers... I like it." You said before the nurse came back.
"Dad here's your son." She handed James to him.
"Hi there Champ. I'm your daddy." He cooed. "Yeah buddy." He couldn't believe it he's a dad.
"He has your eyes."
boy treat her right
Boy she's gonna love you for the rest of your life
She'll build you up, when you break down
"Come on buddy!" You said. "You can do it come to mommy."
"No walk to daddy." Steve countered. The one year old looked around before taking a step. He stumbled before landing in the lap of Tony.
"Hi there Kiddo." Tony laughed lifting the baby to rest him on his lap. "I'm his favorite."
"You are a traitor." Steve said jokingly to his son.
"He really is he should've come to me I should be his favorite uncle!" Bucky whined.
"Okay calm down boys these weren't even his first steps." You rolled your eyes grabbing your son cooing at him as you left the room.
"Wait those were his first steps?" Tony asked confused.
"He walked to me yesterday, those were his first steps." Steve shrugged before following you out of the room.
"Why didn't you tell me my godson took his first steps!" Bucky shouted.
She'll stand and applaud when there ain't no crowd
Boy meet girl, boy meet girl
Boy meets girl
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bisexual-chupacabra · 23 days ago
Y/N: Hey Nat! You still dating Bruce??
Nat: Yeah :)))
Y/N: Thats great! Happy for ya!!!
Nat: Thanks Y/N!! That means a lot
*spongebob voice* five minutes later
Y/N, with a sword(yes sword mf): I hope her boyfriend dies, I mean of course I'm not gonna do anything but if something were to accident perhaps?
Bruce: Man cmon
Nat: Y/N nO-
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