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bebx · 2 days ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Thor (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe Rating: General Audiences Warnings: Major Character Death Relationships: Loki & Thanos (Marvel), Loki & Thor (Marvel) Characters: Loki (Marvel), Thanos (Marvel), Thor (Marvel) Additional Tags: Hurt Loki (Marvel), Loki Needs a Hug (Marvel), Loki Gets a Hug (Marvel), Loki Does What Loki Wants (Marvel), ghost - Freeform, Thor Needs a Hug (Marvel), Whump, Angst, loki is a little shit, Hurt/Comfort, Hopeful Ending, Happy Ending, Angst with a Happy Ending, Sad with a Happy Ending, Fix-It, Fix-It of Sorts, Canon Divergence - Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (Movie), Thanos has a heart Summary:
If Thanos thought life after retirement was going to be simple for him, he was partly wrong.
To put it another way, Thanos saw Loki's ghost, and it kept haunting him.
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andreafmn · 10 days ago
Choices- Part 3
Tumblr media
*got the gif from google
Word Count: 5,739
Requested: by me, inspired by a TikTok POV
Story Description: After the snap (Y/N) and Steve decided to shift their friendship into a romantic relationship. After the Battle of Earth, and Thanos’s ultimate defeat, Steve had to travel back in time to return the stones, but what (Y/N) doesn’t know is he’s not returning. The man leaves to his best friend the hard task to break the news to his lover. But what will happen if Steve returns in an unexpected manner?
Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader
Part: 3/3 (?)
Warnings: language
A/N: Final part, maybe. Let me know if you'd like an extra part where there's a resolution between the parties involved.
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The days went on and Bucky and (Y/N) were basking in the honeymoon stage of their newfound relationship, taking it one day at a time. Their friends were proud that they both had found happiness and solace in each other. Wanda had been walking around, a proud look on her face, gloating that she had made that happen. Missions had been going smoother, training had been exceptional; everything seemed to be falling into place. Before they knew it three months had passed since Steve’s disappearance.
On the other hand, Bruce Banner had been working hard to track down their estranged leader. He had been getting tips of possible sightings of men that looked like the Captain but finding an old white man in New York wasn’t an easy task. Until his mindsight changed; the tips he was receiving were of a younger Steve Rogers because he hadn’t lived a whole life, he had come back the same Captain he had left.
“I’ve got you now,” the hybrid smiled as he stared at the monitor in front of him.
He passed all the information he had on the national hero on a tablet and went to relay the information to the rest of the team. Bruce found Wanda and Sam talking in the kitchen over a cup of coffee. What he didn’t know is that Bucky and (Y/N) were close by and would be an audience to his announcement.
“Guys, I think I’ve finally found Steve,” he showed them the tablet.
“How do we really know it’s him?” Sam questioned, tired of following useless leads.
“The reason we weren’t finding him is that we were searching for an old man in the midst of New York’s elderly. But what if he never actually turned old?” Banner mused. “We know he went back in time; we know he strayed from the destined year loop; what we never pinpointed is if he lived a full life or came back at some point the same Steve that left. And that’s what we were missing, Steve is only a year or two older than when he traveled back in time. I have an informant that says he’s living at an apartment complex in Brooklyn. Sam, Wanda, maybe you could pop over and have a look.”
“I’ll do it,” (Y/N) spoke up.
Bucky and she had been walking down the hallways when they heard Bruce’s news. Her knees went weak at the sound of Steve’s name, Bucky serving as a stabilizer for her limp body. The girl knew there was a possibility the team was looking for Steve, but she never believed they would ever find him, let alone the young Steve they knew. She assumed they’d meet an old Steve, someone she would be able to forgive; not the man that had betrayed her and caused her the most pain she had ever felt.
“You don’t have to do that, (Y/N),” Wanda bargained. “We aren’t even certain if it’s him.”
“I don’t care. I want to check it out. Please.”
“I’ll go with her,” Bucky chimed. His hand rested on the low of her back, giving his partner the reassurance she needed at the moment. It didn’t go unnoticed by (Y/N), who returned a smile to the man.
“Guys, this might be too hard on you both. Maybe you should leave that to us.”
“Thanks for worrying, Wilson. But we need to do this.” (Y/N) nodded, agreeing with Bucky’s interception. They both needed closure from the man that had decided to abandon them three months ago. “Banner, send us the info. We’ll let you know anything that happens.”
“If you say so,” he mumbled.
Bucky and (Y/N) retired into their now shared bedroom to prepare for the mission. Although they were possibly going to see Steve, they had to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Silence fell upon the room as each of them zipped up and strapped in parts of their suits, the weight of what would happen burdening their mind.
“Are you sure you want to do this, (Y/N)?” Bucky finally adding sound to the room.
“No, but I know I have to. We deserve to close that chapter in our lives; not for his peace of mind, but for ours. He got to get away unscathed, we were the ones left to pick up the pieces.”
“I just don’t want you to be doing this for revenge, darling.” He closed the distance between them and tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear. “You deserve better than reopening old wounds.”
“I know, baby. Thank you for looking out for me, but I wanna do this for you too. Not only did he leave you to bear the bad news, but he also left his best friend behind. You deserve better too.”
“Okay, doll.” He placed a quick kiss on her lips. “Do you have any sort of game plan?”
“Wing it?”
“Wing it it is,” he chuckled.
They left their room and met with Bruce and Sam at the front of the building. The car they were to take was already running and the information had been loaded up on the panel.
“Now, whatever happens, don’t turn off the tracker in your suits. We don’t know if you will actually encounter Steve. For all we know this could be a setup, so you must be careful,” Bruce advised. “Leave your earpieces on to receive, if you don’t want us to hear anything you can turn off the broadcasting mode.”
“Thanks, Bruce,” (Y/N) smiled.
“Make good choices, kids.” Sam joked. Bucky and (Y/N) smiled at him and closed their respective doors, waving goodbye to their worried friends.
The 30-minute drive went by faster than they expected. Reality finally set in when they parked in front of the beige-colored run-down building. Her hands had started shaking without her knowledge and her breathing started hitching in her throat. Bucky noticed the change in her and grabbed her hands in his.
“Come on, (Y/N), breathe with me. In and out.” She followed his example until her breath regulated. “Good, darling. That’s good. If this is too much, you can just stay in the car.’’
“No, I want to do this,” she retorted. “I have to do this.”
Bucky gave her an understanding smile and helped her to get out of the car. “Okay, Bruce said the apartment was 4C.”
(Y/N) nodded and followed behind Bucky as they made their way up the stairs. They were met with a wide array of characters the resided in the building, a far contrast to the Captain’s life in the tower. Four flights and a long hallway later, the couple was faced with a rusted gold 4C plaque hanging on a yellow-stained door. This was it, the moment that would confirm or deny the existence of a young Steve Rogers in their timeline.
(Y/N)’s hand raised slowly and left two knocks on the door; Bucky’s hand on her back providing the needed comfort to continue with this mission. There was no going back now.
“That was fast. How much do I owe you?”
There he was. She started at the figure in front of her stuck in a trance. The blonde man that was standing before her was the same man that had promised a quick return what felt like a lifetime ago. (Y/N) breath hitched in her throat, leaving a squeezing feeling in her chest.
Steve hadn’t noticed them at first, too busy searching in his wallet for the change he never heard. That was the moment he looked up and was met with the last two people he thought her would encounter. His jaw fell open as he stared at his best friend and ex-girlfriend straight on.
“(Y/N),” he finally spoke. “Bucky.”
“Hi, Steve,” Bucky spoke dryly, noticing that (Y/N) couldn’t form the words.
“Um, come in.” He moved out of the way and allowed passage to the two people in front of him. It took a small nudge from Bucky to get (Y/N) moving, but her feet moved one after the other, the door closing behind them.
The apartment was simple. A one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment that held the bare necessities. There was a fully equipped kitchenette and enough space for a three-seater couch, a side chair, and a four-seater dining table. It was comfortable enough for a single man. Steve motioned for them to have a seat on the couch as he planted himself on the leather side chair, the three of them keeping a necessary distance.
“How did you find me?” Steve was the first one to speak up once again.
“Bruce never stopped searching when you didn’t come back that day. He was actually looking for a decrepit 90-year-old, but here you are the pure image of health.” (Y/N) noticed the anger building up in Bucky and unconsciously laid her hand on his forearm to keep his calm; a movement that did not go unnoticed by Steve, who stared at her hand. “How does one do that, Steve? How does one live more than sixty years and appear in front of everyone the 39-year-old he used to be?”
“Well, it’s safe to assume that I didn’t spend sixty years in the past. I actually came back that same day,” he confessed. “I only spent about two years in the forties; finally got to dance with Peggy. I, um, appeared in the same spot that day and saw you guys before you left.”
That had struck the wrong chord in (Y/N). “Three months.”
“It took three months for me to rebuild myself. Get over a breakup that never took place, move on from a man that had the audacity to leave me without saying the words.”
“(Y/N), I…”
“THREE. FUCKING. MONTHS, Steve. And this whole time you were passing your time thirty minutes away from us, while we were left to acclimate to the thought of you one of these days possibly just passing away after living a supposed life that you would miss out on.” (Y/N) bit the inside of her cheek, doing her very best to hold back the tears the threatened her ducts. She would not give him that satisfaction.
“I thought that’s what was best. I didn’t do my original plan and I didn’t want you to have gone through what you did for nothing.”
“Ladies and gentlemen, Captain fucking America, the noblest man out there.” Sarcasm was laced in her words; venom the only thing she could spout. “Do you know how many nights I cried for you; let the tears run out until I could barely breathe? I didn’t function as a human being for a whole month. I didn’t eat, barely slept, I couldn’t even hold a conversation that didn’t include one-worded answers. Our friends had to strip me off our bed, hide alcohol bottles, your cologne, your clothes. But I wanted to hold onto the only things I had of you, because you left me.”
“I’m sorry, (Y/N). I didn’t know. I thought…”
“I LOVED you, Steve. I gave my everything to you and believed you when you coaxed your way into my personal life with the promise of a life together. I TRUSTED YOU! I gave you my whole heart and you crushed it in your hands with a fucking letter. You left your best friend to pick up the pieces for you, because you were too much of a fucking coward to face me yourself. You cleaned your hands off this whole mess and were going to have a beautiful, picture-perfect life with your long-lost love. Ironically, you were too much of a coward to even do that.” Her words tasted red to everyone in the room. Her anger palpable, understandably so.
“You have to believe me when I say I never wanted to hurt either of you.” His words sounded sincere, but the pair in front of him couldn’t find it in themselves to believe him.
“That’s grand,” Bucky commented. He knew he would mostly stay quiet during the confrontation, but this just slipped out.
“I’m telling the truth, Buck.”
“How did you expect this all exactly to play out? You would leave her, sit on a bench and have us all hold hands and sing kumba-fucking-ya? Is that it?”
“Well, not exactly. I knew there’d be some getting used to it. But call me cynical, I thought you guys would understand why I did it.”
“So, why did you come back? Why didn’t you stay with her?”
“It doesn’t matter now, (Y/N). There’s no need to dig that up.”
“It’s what matters the most! This reason had to be a godsend for you to hurt so many people but still come back without achieving your goal.”
“Seriously, it’s not that important.”
“Steve,’’ she spoke sternly. “Talk.”
A sigh left his mouth and he stood from his chair. He was debating whether to tell the truth or an appeasing lie, thinking on the war that could set off in his living room. “Fine. I did go back to see Peggy, starting with the dance I had promised her. Everything was going great, but it didn’t feel right. We mostly just worked for those two years, but we never got closer. The life I thought I would have never started.”
“So, what changed?” Bucky asked.
“I, um, realized I couldn’t form a life with Peggy because my feelings for her had changed.” He ran his hands through his face, bracing himself for the reaction his next sentence would bring. “I realized I was still in love with you, (Y/N).”
Bucky’s metal arm clenched, ready to make contact with the Captain’s face. It took all of (Y/N)’s strength to hold him back. He was heaving, his chest rising and falling at a fast rate.
“You don’t get to say that, Steve.” She stood in front of Bucky, acting as a barrier between the two disputing friends. “You don’t get to say I was the reason you came back when I wasn’t a good enough reason for you to stay.”
“Why do you think I couldn’t face you head-on, (Y/N)? I knew if I told you, I would have stayed, and I didn’t want to burden you with my feelings of regret. The years would have gone by and we would still be dwelling on what could have been.”
“Awfully kind of you to assume how I would react, Captain. How selfish do you think I am? I was the one that was there when Peggy died. I saw how much you loved her. For five years I always knew I fell second place to her, but I still gave it my all, despite my doubts on your feelings. All these years I felt inadequate to be by your side. It feels good to know I wasn’t.” (Y/N) turned to the man that was standing behind her, his face red with anger. “Buck, why don’t you go start the car? I think we’re just about done here.”
“Are you sure?” His eyes softened when directing his gaze at her.
“Yeah.” Her hand landed on his chest as confirmation. “I’ll let you know if I need you.”
“Okay, I’ll be right downstairs.” His stare fell on Steve once more, burning a hole where his head stood. Bucky walked past him, harshly bumping his shoulder, and closed the door behind him.
“Safe to assume you’ve already moved on.”
“Don’t, Steve.”
“What? Just stating the obvious.” His face had grown green with envy. Now that Bucky wasn’t here, he could front his emotions.
“Fine, Steve, I have nothing to be ashamed of. I did move on. I moved on because the man I had loved for five long years vanished from my life. I fell in love with the one that stayed to pick up the pieces; the one that cared for me. The man that saw me in a horrible state and did not give up. The person that gave me a reason to wake up in the morning. I moved on because even if every fiber of my being was telling me to give up, he made me smile.” She couldn’t help the tears that were now falling down her cheeks; her walls were crumbling. “I moved on because when you left, he stuck around. You don’t get to be jealous, Steve. Not when it’s all your fault.”
She walked towards the door, with no resolution to the situation, but she couldn’t spend another second in that apartment.
“I haven’t given up, (Y/N).” Those words halted her walk. She stood frozen in the doorframe. “I will fight to the end to have you back, baby doll.”
“Don’t call me that,” she spoke through gritted teeth. “You don’t have the right. Keep fighting, Steve. You’re the only one left in this war.”
(Y/N) closed the door behind her and ran down the stairs. The tears had finally opened a floodgate, and her vision was becoming blurry with the liquid. Right now, she just wanted to be with the person that could make it all go away.
Bucky leaned on the passenger side of the car; his arms crossed tightly as he let his anger boil down. But when he saw his girl crying, all emotions were replaced with the need to comfort her. He opened his arms and she crashed directly onto his chest, tears quickly staining his shirt. He soothed her by running his gloved hand through her hair and providing a squeeze with the other to hold her as close as he could. Bucky looked back up to the building and noticed Steve was looking down. He noted the anger that was evident on Steve’s face, indicative of the jealousy he held for his new relationship. Although they had hoped for it, they knew their paths were going to cross after today.
“Why don’t we go, darling?” She looked up at him and nodded.
Their arrival was long-awaited back in the tower. They hadn’t called in for backup, so they assumed they were met with Steve. What they didn’t know is what happened in the building.
The elevator made all the heads in the living room turn to it. As the doors opened, they revealed Bucky carrying (Y/N) in his arms. She had no energy left in her and had fallen asleep on the ride home. Buck noticed all the curious stares from the trio that sat on the couch, shaking his head to notify they would be turning in for the day.
In the room, Bucky laid (Y/N) softly on the bed and started undressing her from the tight-fitted suit and putting her in one of his t-shirts. Luckily, the movement didn’t wake her up and he was able to tuck her in before going to take a shower. The hot water eased his muscles and released the tension he had been holding since the meeting. He had always thought there was nothing that could come between him and his childhood friend, but he was wrong. But he wouldn’t have it any other way. If it came down to Steve and (Y/N), he would continue to choose her without a doubt.
It was 3 am and he still hadn’t been able to fall asleep. He was propped up on his left elbow, admiring (Y/N)’s face as she slept, and was running his right hand through her hair. Then, (Y/N) stirred awake, a smile playing on her face at the view.
“Hey, handsome, haven’t slept?” She spoke in a groggy tone.
“Not tired,” he smiled down at her.
“You should be.” She turned and looked at the clock on her bedside table. “It’s 3 am. You should have been sleeping hours ago.”
“And miss all this beauty? Wouldn’t dream of it.” He chuckled. “So, what happened after I left?”
“Bucky,” she sat up. “We don’t have to talk about that.”
“Darling, it had to be significant if it left you like it did.” His right hand found her cheek, and he stared as she closed her eyes to the touch.
“I don’t want to hurt you, Bucky.”
“It’ll hurt me more to wonder.”
“Fine,” she sighed. “He said he hadn’t given up on us and that he would continue to fight to get me back.”
“That fucking punk.” His fist clenched in anger. How dare Steve say something like that? After all this time he continued to be selfish. (Y/N) put her hand on his chest, rubbing circles to calm him down. “Would you ever go back to him?”
The question had taken her aback. She thought Bucky was more confident in their relationship, but she understood where he was coming from. She had spent most of her last relationship trying to match up to his last love, even if it wasn’t enough. But this was different. She was 100% committed to Bucky. She got on his lap and held his face to look at her after it had fallen with the question.
“James Buchanan Barnes, I need you to look into my eyes and know that what I am telling you is the purest truth that will ever slip from my mouth. I am undoubtedly committed to you and I love you with every fiber in my body. I won’t lie and say that I don’t feel for Steve, I always will; can’t just squash 5 years. But he is my past, you are my future as long as you’ll have me.” She planted a soft kiss on his lips, demonstrating all the love she held for the man under her. “I love you.”
For the first time in their moments together, Bucky was the one shedding the tears. He had never felt love like he was experiencing at this moment. His head landed on her chest and his arm engulfed her in a tight hug. This time (Y/N) was the one running her hand through his hair to provide comfort.
“Say it again,’’ He whispered.
“I love you, Bucky.”
“And I love you.”
Before they knew it, the sun was peeking in through the windows. Bucky and (Y/N) were waking up full of bliss, the events of yesterday quickly dissipating from their minds.
The couple left the room with a giddy aura around them, acting like the happy couple they were. They made their way to the kitchen and decided to cook some breakfast for their friends, which they were sure were already awake. (Y/N) turned on some music and Bucky took out the ingredients from the pantry to make some pancakes, a quick and easy meal. Anyone that knew nothing of their past, would never think anything other than a beautiful image of a joyous couple.
But you know what they say, all good things come to an end. As they were plating the last batch of pancakes, the elevator announced the arrival of someone. They both assumed it would be one of the residents of the tower, but they never thought they would bring company.
Banner walked out of the elevator in all his giant glory, unbeknownst to him that he was hiding the guest. Wanda and Sam walked in from the balcony, attracted by the smell of pancakes, also unaware of the presence of someone else in the building.
“Morning, Banner,” (Y/N) smiled.
“Morning, everyone.” He responded, but the girl quickly noted the extra awkward aura that surrounded him.
“Everything okay, Bruce?”
“Um, someone came by today. To stay here… again.” The group looked at him with curiosity on their faces. They only saw Bruce; they couldn’t follow where he was going.”
“Who, Banner?” Sam questioned.
When he finally moved, the glass (Y/N) was holding fell from her hands. She fell back but was held up by Bucky.
“What the fuck is he doing here?” Bucky said through gritted teeth. His behavior came to the surprise of the whole group. They knew Bucky was angry at Steve for leaving, but only (Y/N) knew the magnitude of his anger.
Standing there with two large suitcases was a leather jacket-clad Steve Rogers, his world-class grin adorning his face.
“Figured I wasn’t doing the world any good hiding in a rathole in Brooklyn, so I decided to pick my shield back up. You know, for the good of the community.”
Had yesterday not happened, Bucky would have believed him, but he could see right through his lies. He wanted to be close to (Y/N) once again. Bucky was fuming at this point, the only reason he had pounced on him was because he was holding his girlfriend up.
“Didn’t stop you before.”
“I know I was wrong for leaving, but it was a moment of weakness. I hope you can all forgive me so we can go back to saving lives as we used to.” The rest of the team seemed to be eating up his lies. Bucky couldn’t blame them; he was very good with his words.
“Wanda, can you please take (Y/N) to our room, please?” Wanda didn’t understand why but complied, either way, noting the girl’s pale expression and the sweat that was forming on her forehead.
Bucky walked straight to Rogers, ready to pounce on him, but Sam held him back. “You have a lot of nerve showing your face here.”
“I have not ill will with showing up,” he put his arms up. “I simply want to pick up where I left off, it’s my duty.”
“If that’s how you want to play it, so be it. But stay out of mine and (Y/N)’s way, or you’ll regret it.”
“Come on, Buck,” Sam interjected. “It’s not worth it. Go check on your girl. She needs you.”
Bucky gave Steve one last stern stare and hurried down the hallway.
“Man, I don’t know what’s going on between you three, but you better be here to just work. You put that girl through enough shit to just waltz in again.” Out of the trio, San was the one that was keeping Steve an arm’s length.
“I promise, Sam. I just want to do what’s best for our city. I know she’s moved on and I don’t wanna continue hurting her. I love her too much.”
“Alright, just keep your distance for now.”
Bucky knew Steve would try all he could to get (Y/N) back, but he had her now and he was never letting go.
The duo did their best to avoid Steve during their downtime, only interacting with him with things that were strictly business. But Steve knew they wouldn’t be together all the time, and tonight was a perfect example of it. Bruce had caught wind that there was a resurfacing of Chitauri weapons in a warehouse two states away, and he decided to send Sam and Bucky for a recon mission.
“It’s just one night, Buck. I can hold my ground for one night.”
“It’s not you I’m worried about, darling. It’s him,” he scoffed.
“I know, but he’s not going away any time soon. The faster we come to terms with it, the faster we can go on with our lives. This much hate is making you age,” she chuckled, running her hands across his forehead.
“Not funny,” he kissed her. “But seriously, be careful tonight.”
“I will. You be careful too, okay?”
“How could he not be with the best partner ever?” Sam joined in.
“Shut up, feathers. You’re lucky I’m the one that’s going with you,’’ he joked. “It would end so badly otherwise.”
“Yeah, yeah, Robocop. Let’s go.” Sam got into the driver's side and waiting for his partner to say goodbye to his girlfriend.
“You call me if anything happens.”
“Likewise,” she smiled and plated a kiss on his lips, waving goodbye as the car sped off.
“Let’s do something tonight, Wanda,” (Y/N) whined.
“I can’t, (Y/N). I have a date with a library and a long night of research. I’m still learning of my powers, you know?”
“Ugh, fine. I guess I’ll just stay in my room tonight and wallow in self-pity.”
“Don’t be so dramatic, my friend. You’ll be fine for just one night.”
“I guess. Call me if studying gets too boring, yeah?”
“I promise.”
All she had to do was withstand 12 hours. 12 hours where she had to avoid Steve Rogers and wait for Bucky to get back. And for the first six, it had proven to be easy. She locked herself in her room with a wide variety of snacks, and a long list of movies she wanted to watch. She had dozed off a couple of times, but not the clock had hit 2:30 in the morning and all her snacks were gone.
Before leaving her quarters, she peeked her head out to survey the hallway. It was quiet, and the captain’s light was off. (Y/N) deemed it safe to head to the kitchen without being detected by Steve. She quietly tiptoed to the fridge and picked a wine bottle and a block of cheese to nip on. But when she turned around, she was cornered.
“You have to stop avoiding me, (Y/N).” His breath reeked of Asgardian liquor. The super soldier was definitely drunk.
“Steve, leave me alone. You’re clearly not yourself right now.’’
“Why couldn’t you have chosen me? We were so good together.”
“I think that’s more of an introspective question, Steven. Need I remind you I wasn’t the one who left.”
“I made one mistake, (Y/N). The biggest mistake of my whole life and look at me now. Throwing myself into work as I look at you parading around my best friend.” He hiccupped. “What does he have that I don’t?”
“A backbone, for starters,” she mumbled. “Steve, don’t you think it’s time you move on? Stop wanting things you can’t have. At first, it was Peggy, and now you’re projecting onto me. Don’t you think now is a good time to do something for you?”
“Don’t you get it, baby doll? You’re all I want!” He stumbled back as he raised his arms, giving the girl the perfect chance to escape.
“You lost that chance long ago, Steve. You should work on yourself. I don’t want you to lose everyone in your life because you’re spiraling. You made your choice, now it’s time you live with it. ’’
(Y/N) ran back to her room and locked the door behind her. Hopefully, some of the words she spoke would sink through his thick skull.
The next morning, (Y/N) decided to keep last night’s encounter to herself. Steve had been drunk and she didn’t think he’d remember his actions. Bucky would be home at any minute and there was another conversation that was gnawing at her brain.
She had finished getting dressed when two arms encircled her waist and lifted her up. There was no mistaking the cold feeling from one of them and she knew her Bucky was back.
“I’m back in one piece, darling.”
“I can see,” she smiled. “I’m glad, baby. You look exhausted. Did you sleep at all?”
“Not really. I missed you too much.” He stared into her eyes, there was something behind them he couldn’t point out. “Is something wrong, darling?”
“Gosh, you know me too well.” She led him to their bed and sat him down. “There’s something I’ve been thinking of, Buck, and I don’t know how you’ll take it.”
“My love, you know you can tell me anything.”
“Do you ever think about the future?”
“In what way?”
“Well, kids, marriage, hanging up our earth protecting gloves?” Bucky stayed quiet, needing (Y/N) to elaborate. “Do you ever think of retiring to go live a normal life like Barton? Would that be something you’d be interested in pursuing?”
He couldn’t lie. Ever since they had begun their relationship, he hadn’t stopped thinking about it. “I have. And, with you, I would go the ends of the earth.”
“Do you really mean that?”
“I would quit right now if I knew I would spend my life with you.” (Y/N) smiled and hugged the man in front of him.
“Then, let’s do it. Let’s tell Banner we’re retiring and go. Clint once told me there was this cabin a couple of miles from his cabin that he bought to make sure no one knew of his family’s location; we can stay there. It’s peaceful, it’s quiet, there’s a little lake, it’s perfect.”
“Then, what are we waiting around for?” He smiled, planting a deep kiss on her lips, a look of adoration in his eyes.
In a matter of hours, the little possessions they had were packed away in boxes. Banner had been informed by Bucky of their plans, and Bruce understood. He told him there was nothing to worry about, the world had a supply of heroes and a surplus of agents ready to fill their spots. He wished them luck in their endeavors and asked him to not be a stranger. (Y/N) then went by to say her goodbyes to the scientist and her good friend, promising him a weekly call with any important news.
Bucky kept glancing at his watch counting down the second until the Captain was back. They had taken advantage of the fact Steve had gone on a meeting two hours away; that had been over three hours ago. They had less than an hour or less to leave unnoticed.
“You promise to always call?” Wanda cried.
“Of course. Just because I’m not here does not mean you will stop being my best friend. Just make sure you answer your phone when I call.” (Y/N) sobbed as well, for the first time in many months with happy tears. “And you have to visit. You too, Sam”
“I cross my heart. Robocop here would miss me too much.”
“Yeah, yeah.” Bucky hugged the man he considered his close friend. “Now, come on, darling. It’s time to go.”
(Y/N) nodded and hugged Wanda and Sam one last time. When they made it downstairs where their truck awaited, she looked back at what she had once considered her home. Bucky wrapped her in a hug and kissed the top of her head, aware of the melancholy that overtook her. They were heading off to a new life, the normalcy they both had craved for a long time. The couple jumped into the truck and drove off to a place where they believed they could rid themselves of their Steve past. Hopefully, it was enough.
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andreafmn · 10 days ago
Choices - Part 2
Tumblr media
Word Count: 4,259
Requested: by me; inspired by a TikTok POV
Story Description: After the snap (Y/N) and Steve decided to shift their friendship into a romantic relationship. After the Battle of Earth, and Thanos’s ultimate defeat, Steve had to travel back in time to return the stones, but what (Y/N) doesn’t know is he’s not returning. The man leaves to his best friend the hard task to break the news to his lover. But what will happen if Steve returns in an unexpected manner?
Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader
Part: 2/3
Warnings: SMUT (18+ only), female receiving, unprotected sex,
A/N: I know I said it would be two parts but I got carried away and now it's three , I think 😅
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<- Previous
Another week had gone by and (Y/N) was starting to go back to her usual self. She had gone back to training and had started spending more time with the rest of the group, her energies lifting after a month and a half.
Until an unexpected visit had her falling in a downward spiral.
Wanda, Sam, Bruce, Bucky, and (Y/N) were all sitting around the couch, enjoying a bit of downtime, when a struck of blonde came barreling out of the night sky.
“THOR!” (Y/N) jumped up from the seat and went to give the god a hug.
“Lady (Y/N), how I’ve missed you.” He picked her up easily and spun her around.
The rest of the group smiled seeing the usual (Y/N) again. Thor put the girl down and went to say hi to the rest of his friends. It had been a while since they all had caught up with each other and were glad to see the god once again.
“So, Lady (Y/N), where is your captain?” (Y/N)’s breath hitched in her throat. The group present had done a good job of not mentioning his name in front of her, and it had been a long time since she had heard it. She couldn’t muster up any words, and she felt like the whole room started spinning. Thor grew worried and was thinking back to what he said, he had gotten a variety of reactions to the things he said but this had been extreme.
“Woah, (Y/N) stay with me,” Bucky tried to keep her attention. “You gotta breathe, darling. Come on, in and out.”
(Y/N) followed the breathing exercises Bucky was modeling in front of her. Inhaling through her nose and exhaling through her mouth. The tears came quickly, quicker than Bucky could dry them. Bucky decided that the best thing he could do was remove (Y/N) from the situation and tuck her in for the night, leaving Thor with a dumbfounded look on his face. He had been away for a while and had no idea what had happened.
“Lady Wanda, I’m afraid I may have overstepped in a certain topic, but I do not understand how. I thought Lady (Y/N) and Steve Rogers were an item.”
“They were, but Steve went back in time to have a life with Peggy,” she answered. Realization washing over Thor’s face. “It’s been a long time since she’s heard his name and it’s taken a lot for her to get back to normal.”
“So, the captain is in the past, having another life?”
“Well, technically, he should already be in our current time as an old man, but we haven’t found him anywhere,” Bruce interjected. “We’ve had some leads but nothing too concrete. He’s been flying under the radar.”
“If I understood correctly, Rogers traveled back in time to have a full life with a past love, without telling his current one what he was doing. He’s out there as an old man, leaving no trace of where he is. Lady (Y/N) is saddened because he left with no explanation and left her to mend her heart by herself.” Wanda nodded. “Whenever you find Captain America, let me know. Old man or not, (Y/N) does not deserve to suffer in the way she has. He has to pay.”
“As much as I agree with you, Thunder, there’s not much we can do,” Sam sighed. “All we have been able to do is just be there for (Y/N). It’s been a hard month.”
In the dark room, Bucky soothed a sobbing (Y/N) as warm tears streamed from her eyes. After two weeks without a major breakdown, she felt all her progress had crumbled down.
“I’m sorry, Buck. I’m sure you’re tired of me crying over the same thing.” She spoke, her voice trembling as she struggled to inhale correctly.
“There’s nothing to be sorry for, darling. This is just a little setback, you’re stronger than you think. You’re gonna have days when this happens and that’s okay, I’ll always be here to pick you back up, okay?”
The girl nodded her head and laid her head back on Bucky’s chest as he rocked them back and forth.
Knock, knock
The sound coming from the door made both of their heads perk up. After a "come in" was heard from inside, Thor opened the door. An evident sorry look on his face.
“I hope I am not interrupting anything, Lady (Y/N).”
“Of course not, Thor. Come in.”
“I just wanted to apologize for what I triggered back there. I was just filled in with what happened a month ago, and I just want to say I am on your side. 100%.”
She chuckled. “Thank you, Thor. And it’s okay, you didn’t know. Surprisingly enough, this has been the lightest one I’ve had.”
“Unfortunately, my stay is a brief one, I have to join the Guardians again. But I am just a call away. I’ll be here for whatever you need, Lady (Y/N).”
“Thank you, Thor,” she got up to hug the man. “Hopefully, you visit soon.”
“I will be sure to do so. It was good to see you, Bucky.”
“You too, Thor. Safe trip back,” he said. The blond man nodded and left the room. “You ready for sleep?”
The girl nodded and settled back on the bed, her head lying on Bucky’s chest and him humming a lullaby while rubbing her back.
(Y/N) was in a gala in the middle of the dance floor looking around. She was surrounded by people she didn’t know, and she felt alone. Her dress swished as she turned round and round looking for just one familiar face. The music stressed her out and the figures around her kept bumping into her.
Then she felt hands on her waist, spinning her to look at them.
She smiled up at the man she loved and stared into his baby blue eyes. They both swayed to the music, feeling like no time had passed between them.
“You look radiant tonight, baby doll,” he smiled.
“You clean up nicely yourself, Captain.” He leaned down and gave her a kiss. “I’ve missed you, Steve.”
“What do you mean? I’m right here.”
“You left me, Steve. You left to be with Peggy.”
“Oh, (Y/N),” he said devilishly, running his hand across her face. The scene around us changing. We were now standing in an endless, dark void. “Of course, I would leave you for Peggy. You have always been destined to be alone. All alone.”
His voice started fading as his figure dissipated. (Y/N) tried to reach out to him, but his figure had completely vanished by now. All she could do was scream his name, even if nothing came out.
Bucky woke up to (Y/N) thrashing around, clearly experiencing a nightmare. He started shaking her awake when the screams started. He gently shook the girl awake and encircled her in his arms as she woke up gasping for air and crying. Bucky shushed the girl and rubbed her back.
“Listen to my heartbeat, darling. Focus on that,” he shushed. “Just focus on my heart.”
This technique seemed to ease the startled girl and she quickly settled back down in Bucky’s arms. Seeing her hurt maimed his heart in a way he never thought possible. Bucky had a good handle on distancing himself from his emotions to cope with everyday life, but the hold this girl had on him made it difficult for him to not feel her pain.
In the morning, (Y/N) awoke to an empty bed. Bucky had training today and had left earlier, leaving her to sleep in and recuperate her energy. He left a kiss on her head and the hope that she woke up in a better mood. But (Y/N) did not, she woke up with the lingering memory of the man she had the opportunity to love and be loved by for five consecutive years. She craved his touch even if just for one last time; to be in his arms where she felt the safest. And she had an idea of how to do it.
“Yes, Miss (Y/N)?” The AI powered up in her room.
“Could you tell Wanda to come to my room?”
“Of course, Miss (Y/N). She’ll be here shortly.”
In a few moments, Wanda walked through the door into the dark room. “(Y/N), you called?”
“I want to do it, Wanda.”
“Do what, (Y/N)?”
“I want to do the spell. I want to see him again.” The redhead stood still, a cold shiver running through her body. She had offered to do this spell a month ago, a way for her to get closure, but now it seemed like a step in the wrong direction. “Please, Wanda. Just one last time.”
Wanda couldn’t help but feel for the girl. She understood the loss of your partner, she had grieved her own. And as her friend, she wanted to do her best to help (Y/N) with what she needed. The girl was asking for a strong love spell, a trance-like vision that would project only the image of the person’s love. (Y/N) described it as a way to do exposure therapy, confront the fear or person in order to heal by yourself.
“Alright, (Y/N). Just this time,” she sighed. “But please remember, he’s not really here. He’s just a projection of your avid imagination, nothing more.”
“I know, Wanda. I know he’s gone.” The witch provided a pity smile and stood behind the girl.
“Okay, I’ll be starting now.”
Wanda moved her fingers close to (Y/N)’s head as a red streak of light emerged from her hands. (Y/N)’s body relaxed, and her eyes turned red, a comforting image playing in her head.
(Y/N) was standing in the middle of their room, the song “It’s Been a Long, Long Time” playing from the sound system. Her body was clad in a short, flowy red dress still barefoot, waiting until the last minute to put her shoes on. She was staring at herself in the mirror, applying the finishing touches on her makeup, a dark red lip to bring the whole look together.
“You’ve always looked gorgeous in red, baby doll.” (Y/N) raised her view from her lips and smiled at the figure behind her.
Steve was dressed in an all-black attire, a black leather jacket sitting atop the dress shirt and his dog tags shined in his chest. His face was adorned with his renowned bright smile. His body moved towards her, his big arms encircling her waist, leaving kisses on the exposed skin of her shoulder. (Y/N) smiled at the closeness of his body, leaning into the warmth of his touch.
“It’s been a while since we’ve danced, you know?” She commented.
“Then why are we standing around?” He took her hand in his and turned her to face him. “I have always loved dancing with you.”
Her head was pressed to his chest, her hand circled around his neck and his on her waist. The sound of the trumpets, a comforting welcome of his past life. Their bodies swayed from left to right, enjoying a simple turn occasionally. This was a pastime they would enjoy at night, after a long mission, or when one of them was feeling down.
“I wish we could stay like this forever, Steve” she whispered against him. “I want to always be with you.”
“I would love that more than anything, baby doll.” His hand rested on her chin and lifted her head. His lips pressed against hers, laced with love and passion.
“Then, why did you leave?” Water started pooling in the corner of her eyes, and Steve raised his hand to wipe the tears away before they fell.
“What do you mean, darling? I’m right here.”
“No, you went back in time to be with Peggy. You left me here with no explanation.”
“Oh, baby doll. That wasn’t me, I would never leave you.’’ His hand stroked her cheek, a touch she leaned into. “I’m always here with you. Always.”
He leaned down once more to have their lips make contact, until…
“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!” Bucky stormed in. (Y/N) jumped back, startled by the sudden entrance. “Stop it, Wanda!’’
“Wanda? What are you talking about, Bucky?” Steve asked but got no response from Bucky.
“Buck, please. What’s going on?” She questioned.
Suddenly, the scene around her started disappearing, like a fine mist had settled in her vision.
“No, what’s going on?” She freaked. “Steve don’t go. No… NO!”
The image finally dispersed, and she was back in her dark room, no Steve in sight. (Y/N) broke down and fell to the ground, fat tears flowing down her cheeks. Her beautiful memory had stayed just that, a memory. The witch was stood flabbergasted at the fact that (Y/N) was able to see Bucky inside of her vision.
Wanda kneeled and tried to comfort her friend with a hug, but Bucky did not allow it. “Don’t you think you have done enough?”
“I’m sorry, Bucky, I thought I was helping her. She…”
“Clearly you weren’t. Look at her now.” He looked down at her figure, curled up in his arms. “Just go.”
“I’m sorry, I really am.” Without another word, Wanda left the room wiping away a few stray tears.
“Why did you do this, darling?” He stroked her hair.
“I wanted to see him one more time, Buck.” Her voice trembled as she tried to speak between sobs. “I miss him so much.”
“I know you do, but mental manipulation is not the way to do this. Darling, you deserve so much better.”
“I’m sorry, Bucky. I didn’t know what I was thinking, I just…”
“I know, darling. I know.” He kissed the top of her head and held her closer.
“But you didn’t have to go off on Wanda. She didn’t deserve that, I practically forced her to do this. She didn’t want to.”
“I will,” he sighed. She looked up at him, knowing he wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t now. “Fine, I’ll be right back.”
He knew he had blown everything out of proportion and that the witch didn’t deserve his misplaced anger. He cared deeply for (Y/N) and seeing her in that delusion struck him hard. Bucky found Wanda sitting at the kitchen island, her head in her hands.
“Hey, Wanda.”
“Look, Bucky, I’m really sorry I allowed her to do this. I was against it at first, but she kept begging and I…”
“I know. I came to apologize for blowing up. (Y/N) explained everything to me and you didn’t deserve how I came down on you.”
“Thank you, Bucky, and I understand. But there’s something I think you should know.” The man furrowed his eyebrows. “The love spell I was doing only allows the person to see the person they love, like truly love. You shouldn’t have been allowed to show through the vision.”
“What are you saying?”
“That I think you and (Y/N) have to have a talk.”
Bucky walked back to (Y/N)’s room, Wanda’s words heavy on his heart. Could it be that (Y/N) felt the same way he did?
In the room, (Y/N) had exited the bathroom wearing fresh clothes and a towel on her head.
“Want me to brush it?” Bucky asked. It had become a comforting action for the man to brush her hair after she showered, his braids had improved greatly.
She nodded and sat on the stool in front of her vanity. Bucky sat behind her, hairbrush on his left hand and his right to smooth it down. Unknowingly, (Y/N) had started humming alongside Bucky the Russian lullaby he’d use to lull her in moments like these. As much as he was enjoying the moment, the man needed to confess now.
“(Y/N), I need to talk to you about something.” He stopped brushing and turned her around.
“What is it, Buck?” Worry filled her eyes quickly. “You know you can tell me anything.”
“Wanda was telling me about the love spell she was doing.”
“Yeah, you get a corporeal recreation of the person you love.”
“Yes, and you can only see the people you truly love.” The confusion was evident in her face, not understanding what his point was. “You saw me through the vision.”
Realization fell on (Y/N). She had seen Bucky through the vision, it even interacted with him. She hadn’t had time to analyze the shift in her emotions had started. She had always loved Bucky as a friend, but the spell didn’t apply to friendships. Her sentiments towards Bucky ran deeper than that. “I did.”
“I need to tell you something, (Y/N), and I don’t want you to feel forced to do anything about it.” He took her hands in his and stared deeply into her eyes. “I have been in love with you since we were on the run from the Avengers because of the Accords. You turned your back on your family for someone you barely knew; you accepted me for everything that I was and am, and I am forever grateful to have you in my life. You looked past my flaws and embraced me for what the rest couldn’t see. And I don’t know if you even feel a sliver of the same, maybe you don’t and the vision was just a slip up; maybe that’s why you saw me, and maybe…”
(Y/N) crashed her lips into him, in part to stop his rambling. But really because she felt the same way. He had seen her at the lowest point in her life and stood by her no questions asked; he had taught her to smile again. “I feel the same way, Buck. Not for the same time, but I do.”
Bucky smiled at her and closed his arms around her waist, spinning her around in a hug. She looked down at him and grabbed his face to bind their lips together once more. This time the kiss they shared was deep and filled with passion. They both smiled into the kiss, Bucky slowly settling her down. Their forehead’s rested against each other as they caught their breath.
“What does this mean for us now?”
“We take it one day at a time, Buck.”
He smiled once more a kissed her lips, happy that he was finally able to do so. He peppered her whole face with small kisses, having (Y/N) laughing at the show of affection. His rough persona quickly melting away.
Bucky’s lips left her face and landed on her neck, nipping at her most sensitive spots. Her hands flew to his hair, gripping at the base earning a low growl from the man. His hands pulled her closer by the waist, latching onto her, afraid it was all in his head. He was getting hungry, but he wasn’t sure it was the right time.
“Wait, (Y/N), wait.” He pulled her back.
“What’s wrong, Buck?”
“We don’t have to do this if it’s too much, too fast.”
“Bucky, it’s okay. I want this. I want you, now.”
A fire was lit inside of him, animal energy emanating from within. Bucky closed the distance between (Y/N) and him, attacking her lips ferociously. Their hands discovering places in their bodies they had not touched before. Bucky wrapped his left arm around her and softly laid her down on the bed, never breaking the kiss. (Y/N) pulled at Bucky’s shirt, needing to feel him closer.
***********SMUT(18+ ONLY)***********
He broke the kiss to remove his t-shirt, (Y/N) taking advantage of the moment to remove hers, exposing her bare chest. Bucky came down once more and devoured the newly exposed skin, earning a soft moan from the girl. A sound that told Bucky he was doing something right.
His right hand distracted himself with a breast, while he took the other in his mouth. Bucky feasted on her body leaving wet kisses on her skin after feeling satisfied with the work he had done on the now perked mounds. When he reached the waistband of the pants she was wearing, he looked up at the squirming girl for permission to take it further. (Y/N) bit her lips in anticipation and nodded at the man between her legs.
It had been a long time since she had partaken in this game of limbs, enjoying the ecstasy that came from every move that was made. Bucky pulled her pants down, alongside her underwear, throwing them to a corner of the room. He worshiped her legs with kisses until he landed on her wetness. His breath teased the next movements he would engage in. A breathless moan left her lips when Bucky pressed his tongue flat and licked upright her entrance. Her back arched when his mouth landed on her clit, closing over it and using his tongue to draw an 8 figure on it. (Y/N)’s hands flew down to Bucky’s hair, pulling every time she felt the nerve endings responding to his touch. And the more she pulled, the more he moaned, the more the feeling reverberated through her body starting the cycle all over.
“Oh, baby, don’t stop,” (Y/N) moaned out. She could feel Bucky smiling, pressed to her skin. Then he inserted a finger into her dripping entrance. “Oh, fuck.”
Bucky was proud of the work he was doing. (Y/N) was a whimpering mess and that excited the man even more, the erection he had painfully squashed in the pants he was wearing. After pumping a single digit, he decided to introduce another, earning a gleeful groan from the girl.
(Y/N)’s breathing was becoming more staggered as Bucky continued pumping his fingers. “Fuck, baby, I’m close.”
“Go ahead, darling. I want you to come for me.” Said Bucky, before sucking on the swollen mound that he had been enjoying. His fingers started moving at a quicker pace, and so did the moans that escaped from (Y/N)’s mouth. With a few more pumps and a scream, the girl let go and enjoyed the peak of her climax. “You did so good, baby.”
He joined her on the bed and kissed her once more. She could taste herself on his tongue, and that only excited her more. She looked deeply into his striking blue eyes and told him all that he needed to hear. “I need you, Bucky. All of you.”
He unbuttoned his pants, finally unleashing his punished length. (Y/N) stared at him, hungry to feel him inside of her. Bucky aligned himself with her body, the head teasing the opening. “Are you ready, darling?”
“Yes, Buck!” And he entered her in one quick swoop, a loud grown leaving both bodies involved.
At first, his thrusts were slow and accommodating to allow (Y/N) to get used to having him in her. But once she acclimated to his above-average size, he thrust into her at a punishing pace. The sound of skin-on-skin contact was drowned out by the arousing sounds that came from (Y/N) and the animalistic groans that emanated from Bucky’s throat. (Y/N) felt her head going hazy from pleasure and couldn’t imagine feeling any more, until Bucky changed positions.
Somehow, he shifted their bodies to a stance that allowed him to go deeper and harder, hitting all the right spots. Bucky was seated on the edge of the bed, his left arm grabbing her waist to assist in her movements, as (Y/N) was bobbing up and down on his lap, their foreheads pressed together. Both of their breathing had become staggered, exhaling at the same time (Y/N) fell upon his lap, taking him completely in. Bucky stared in adoration at the woman in front of him; if this was a dream he did not want to wake up.
They were both reaching peak euphoria, the sound they were producing a testament to it. Bucky’s tempo picked up as (Y/N) clenched around him, climax knocking at their door.
“I’m so close, baby.” Bucky whimpered.
“Me too, Buck. So close,” (Y/N) breathed into the crook of his neck. His grip on her waist tightened as he got seconds away to release. A few more strokes and they were both yelling out each other’s names.
***********SMUT END***********
While they worked to regain their normal breathing rhythm, Bucky wrapped (Y/N) into a tight hug. The warmth of their bodies becoming a comfort blanket for each other. Their chests rising and falling at the same time; they were connected in more ways than one.
The man couldn’t help but smile at the figure lying next to him. He propped himself up by his elbow and basked in the view before him.
“What are you looking at?” She chuckled. She looked radiant to the man under the light of the sunset that slipped through the window.
“I just can’t believe this is actually happening.” He grinned. “I never thought I was the kind of person to get a happy ever after, as cliché as it sounds.”
(Y/N)’s gaze softened as she heard that. She stroked Bucky’s cheek, and she melted as his eyes closed to lean into her touch, committing to memory the feeling.
“You are deserving of that and much more, James Barnes.” She kissed his lips as a promise of her statement. “Now, I’m gonna go take another shower. Someone got me all riled up.”
“Maybe I’ll join you,” Bucky teased.
“Maybe you should,” she winked. Bucky smiled and threw her over his shoulder, (Y/N) growing out of breath from laughing too much. She could get used to this feeling, especially if it was with him.
Tag list: @marvelfansworld @coldhvrt16 @bluemoon-icecream
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andreafmn · 11 days ago
Choices - Part 1
Tumblr media
Word Count: 3,913
Requested: by me; inspired by a TikTok POV
Story Description: After the snap (Y/N) and Steve decided to shift their friendship into a romantic relationship. After the Battle of Earth, and Thanos’s ultimate defeat, Steve had to travel back in time to return the stones, but what (Y/N) doesn’t know is he’s not returning. The man leaves to his best friend the hard task to break the news to his lover. But what will happen if Steve returns in an unexpected manner? 
Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader
Part: 1/3
A/N: I just gotta say I only have spoiled knowledge of what happens in Endgame because I refuse to acknowledge its existence and I’ll never watch it. Anything I write that is not cannon, whoops. But this one-shot is inspired by a POV I stumbled upon in TikTok and I just needed to write. Had to divide it into two parts because it was getting too long.
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 It had taken 6 years and losing almost everyone we loved for Steve and me to admit our feelings for each other. After seeing our closest friends dissipate into fine dust we decided life was too short to wait for the right time. 
That was 5 years ago. Our relationship had been solidified as the years went on and the loss of Nat and Tony in the Battle of Earth only bringing us closer.
But something had changed. These past few days Steve had grown distant and quiet, only acknowledging me when we were in our bedroom or stuck in training. All I could attribute it to was that he was nervous about traveling to return the stones. Normally, he would talk to me about what was clouding his mind but nowadays he was acting as if we were strangers. 
Thankfully, I had a friend to occupy my time with. Bucky and I had developed a close friendship since meeting him back when he still was the Winter Soldier. Being part of his recovery was the catalyst to the relationship we have today. Losing him in the blip was horribly heartbreaking but it brought me and Steve closer. Now that he was back, I was able to have someone I could confide in the understood the Captain’s brain. 
“Hey, Buck,” I announced my arrival as I saw Bucky getting some water in the kitchen. “Couldn’t sleep?” 
“Not really,” he sighed. “The nightmares, you know?” 
He was right, I did know. Although I wasn’t blipped I had my own demons I was still battling with. “Yeah, I get it. I’m making grilled cheese, do you want some?” 
“Grilled cheese? At 3 am?” He chuckled. “What’s wrong?” 
“What do you mean?” 
“Come on, (Y/N). You only eat grilled cheese at this time when you’re worried about something.”
“You know me too well,” I sighed. “It’s Steve. He’s been really weird this past few days.” 
“Weird how?”
“He’s been kinda avoiding me lately and I don’t know why.” A few tears were threatening to spill, but I did my best to dry them before they fell. “It’s like nothing I do is good enough, like he’d rather be anywhere but close to me. Does he hate me? Is it something I did?” 
Bucky got up from the chair he was sat in and wrapped me in a hug. I couldn’t hold off the tears this time. “There’s nothing you could do that would make that man hate you, he’s probably just in his head about traveling in time.” 
“I thought so, but why wouldn’t he talk to me about it. There’s not a single thing we haven’t been able to talk about up to ‘til now. What’s so important about this that he can’t talk to me about it.” 
“Don’t stress yourself over this, doll. I’m sure after tomorrow everything would go back to how it was.”
Bucky’s POV
And at that time I did believe it. Knowing Steve I really thought he was just nervous about the journey he had to take in the morning. That was until he said he needed to talk with me. 
“What is it, punk? You too nervous?” I chuckled until I saw the serious face he held. 
“I need a favor from you, Buck, and you might not like it.” 
“You’re scaring me, Steve. What’s wrong?” I couldn’t help but think that this had to do with why he was avoiding (Y/N). 
“When I go back today, I’m not coming back in 5 seconds.” 
“What are you talking about, Steve?” 
“I’m going to stay back and have a life with Peggy. This is my last chance to be with her and I’m taking it,” he ran his hands through his face. He knew what he was asking of me and he knew it wasn’t fair. “I need you to tell (Y/N) for me once I’m gone. She’s gonna need someone to lean on and I need it to be you.” 
“You can’t do that, Rogers. It’s not fair to me and it’s definitely not fair to her. (Y/N) loves you with her whole being. This is going to crush her.” He had been ignoring her out of guilt and he was leaving all these feelings behind in a couple of hours, leaving me to deal with the aftermath. “You know, she’s been beating herself over you avoiding her and I thought it was just nerves. But this is a new low; the Steve I know would never do this.” 
“Bucky, I’m sorry. I just think it’ll go over quicker if it comes from you.” 
“What you’re doing is cleaning your hands of a mess you’re making.” The anger was boiling inside of me by now. (Y/N) did not deserve this ending, she did not deserve to have her heart broken in such a cowardly way. 
“Please, Bucky. I don’t think I could tell her face to face.” He took a paper out of his back pocket. “I wrote her this letter, hopefully, it’ll help things to smooth over. Please, Buck, please. You have to believe me when I tell you the last thing I want to do is hurt her.”
I snatched the letter from his hands and guarded it in my jacket pocket. “I’ll do it only because I owe you my life and she’ll need someone once I break her heart for you. But, I get it.” 
“Thanks, bud. I know that for now, it must seem like a horrible thing to do but hopefully in time you’ll see my point of view.” I accepted the hug he offered. Although my head was telling me to be loyal to Steve, my heart was breaking at the thought of breaking (Y/N)’s. 
Before I knew it, Sam, Bruce, (Y/N), Steve, and I were standing in front of the machine that would be the catalyst of inevitable heartbreak. 
3rd person’s POV
“Well, this is it,” Steve whispered. They were standing to the right as Banner made sure everything was ready for Steve’s trip. 
“You know, it’s not too late to back out,” (Y/N)’s hands traveled to his chest. “We can have someone else go.” 
“It has to be me, (Y/N). But I’ll be back before you know it, doll.” His head lowered and left a deep kiss on her lips. They lingered for longer than usual, and she couldn’t help but imagine that there was an underlying message to it. “You know I love you, right? And I would never do anything to purposely hurt you, right?”
“Of course, Steve. I love you, too.” (Y/N) smiled and kissed him once more, allowing him to engulf her in a tight hug. “Be careful, okay? I can’t lose you too.” 
“I will,” he smiled. “Now, I’ve gotta go.”
“I know, be safe.” She smiled once more as she watched Steve get on the machine. She made her way over to Bucky, his arm circling her shoulders. “It’s just 5 seconds, right?” 
“Yup,” he smiled, ignoring the burning sensation coming from the paper inside his jacket. “Just five seconds.”
“Ready, Cap?” asked Bruce from behind the control panel. Steve nodded, one hand on Mjolnir and another on the case that held the Infinity Stones. “Alright, we’ll meet you back here, okay?” 
“You bet,” he responded. Two of the people present knew that it was a lie, but no one else had picked up on it yet. His head was encircled by the helmet and he stared at the two people that meant the most to him in this lifetime. Hurting them was the hardest thing he had to do, but he had been living for everyone else for too long. He decided that it was time to do something for himself. 
“Going quantum in 3, 2, 1,” Bruce announced. A breath hitched in (Y/N)’s throat as the time went down, all she had to do was brace herself for five seconds. Banner hit the button and (Y/N) had to blink various times to fully grasp the disappearance of the man she loved. He had vanished as quick as a thought, one second there and the next just a memory. “And returning in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1....”
Nothing. Bruce clicked the button and nothing happened. The body of Captain America was nowhere in sight. 
“Bruce, what the hell is going on?” (Y/N) spoke up, but she wasn’t sure if her voice was heard. Her mind raced a million miles an hour and she could feel her legs giving out. Had it not been for Bucky’s left arm, she would have crashed to the floor. Bruce stammered with his words, not knowing what to say. “Bucky, where is he, Bucky? Where’s Steve?” 
Bucky knew it would hurt to see her cry, but this was shattering his heart. Her body was falling limp in his arms and the tears were streaming out of her eyes faster than he could dry them. Her words were slurred but he understood the gist of it. She was hurt; she was betrayed; she was beyond heartbroken. 
“Come on, let’s sit down.” Bucky led her to the tent that was propped up behind them. “There’s something you should know.” 
“What is it, Buck?” She sobbed. 
“Please don’t hate me, but Steve is not coming back.” The girl looked up at her friend, not know what emotion she was feeling in the moment. Her tears stopped momentarily, needing to hear the words that would spill from Bucky’s mouth. “Steve decided to go back in time and have a life with Peggy. He needed you to know that he didn’t want to hurt you. He also left you this note.” 
Her shaky hands extended to take hold of the piece of paper Bucky handed her. She dried away the tears that were clouding her eyes and began reading. 
My dearest doll,
 If you are reading this letter, you know I am not coming back. I decided to take hold of the chance to have the life I would’ve had if I stayed in the 40s. I can’t imagine how you’re feeling in this moment, and I’m sorry for all the hurt I know I’m causing you. I need you to know that I never knew I could love someone after Peggy and I’m thankful for all the years we had together. I was in love with you and I still am, but I could not continue on knowing I have a chance to answer one of my biggest ‘what if’s. I could not go on in our life with the weight of my past on our shoulders, you deserve better than that. I hope you can pardon how big of a coward I am being in the moment, I knew I couldn’t do this face-to-face and you deserve at least a worded explanation of why I left. You are strong, amazing, beautiful, and deserving of all the love in the world; I’m sorry I couldn’t provide it. I want you to promise me that you’ll move on and be happy, even if it’s not with me. I also hope you don’t hate Bucky for being the bearer of bad news, he didn’t know until today and I gave him no other choice thant to tell you. If there’s someone that can understand what you are feeling right now, it is him.
I hope one day you will forgive me for this,
I love you until the end of the line.
She folded the paper back up and broke down once again. Bucky engulfed her in a hug and held her as she shook. “He’s gone, Buck. He went back to be with Peggy. I wasn’t enough for him.” 
“Oh, doll, I’m so sorry.” 
“Guys, we’ve got to head back,” Sam peeked his head through the tent, heartbroken by the view in front of him. “I’ve got her, Buck. Go get the truck started.” 
Bucky released (Y/N) into the arms of Sam Wilson, and left to start the car to head back to the tower. Sam ran his hands over the sobbing girl’s hair trying his best to soothe her. Even though he didn’t fully understand the situation she was in, he got the jist of it. After everything was packed back up, (Y/N) had fallen asleep in Sam’s arms, so he picked her up and laid her on his lap to not wake her. She would be needing all the rest she could get. 
“You guys good back there?” Bucky asked.  
“Yeah, she’s out like a light,” Sam whispered. 
“Good, she’s gonna need all the energy she can get to recover.”
“What happened?” 
“Steve decided to stay back and be with Peggy; left me to tell her the news.” Busky gripped the steering wheel until his knuckles were pale white, his anger building up inside him. 
“Wow, I never expected that from the Cap. I don’t think it’ll be easy for her to move on from this.” He looked down at the sleeping figure in his lap, wiping away the few tears that had slipped out in her slumber. “She might be physically strong, but she’s very sensitive and rarely gets attached.”
“I still don’t understand why he chose to do it this way. The little punk.”
The duo waited until Banner was inside the truck before leaving the spot they were in and back home. Unbeknownst to them, behind the trees, a figure stared at the scene in front of him with a broken heart.
It had been almost three weeks of robotic movements from (Y/N). She would wake up, sometimes eat, sit in front of a window and stare down the New York skyline; other times she would lay in bed wearing one of Steve’s shirts and sprayed the room with his cologne as she sobbed into his pillow. There were the nights that she drowned her sorrows in a bottle of whatever liquor she could find, until the other members started hiding the bottles. But that didn’t stop her from stashing a couple of bottles in her closet. Nighttime was always the hardest. (Y/N) had grown used to falling asleep in Steve’s arms and being engulfed in his warmth. Now, she thrashed around in a bed that was too big, too cold, and too uncomfortable.
The rest of the team had tried their best to lift her spirits, but nothing seemed to work too well. Sam tried his best to make her favorite meals, which she gave thanks for but rarely ate, pushing the food around in the plate; Bucky tried to entice some emotion by asking her to join him in clearing his list of movies to watch to catch up on the times, but she would zone out for most of the movie; Bruce would ask her to join him in his afternoon reading sessions, but every time she picked up a book she re-read the same page over and over not retaining a single word; Wanda would try her best to get her to partake in normal hygiene practices, which the girl had held off on for a couple of days, only getting her to shower every other day.
(Y/N) was a walking zombie, doing the bare minimum to survive.
But today she had woken up differently, her heart hurting a little less than the other days. She got into the shower, brushed her teeth, and even got dressed in her own clothes. It was three in the afternoon, but she was up. She was detangling her hair when her bedroom door opened.
“You’re awake?” Bucky said, startled to see a clean and awake (Y/N) in front of him. “Don’t mean to sound so surprised, but I came in here with the intention to startle you awake once again.”
The girl chuckled and continued her brushing. “Thought it was time to do something by myself.”
“Here, let me.” Bucky took the brush from her hands and started brushing through her damp hair. It finally smelled of her normal shampoo and conditioner, and not a mix of her hair oils and Steve’s cologne. The smell of strawberries and vanilla emanated from her head and Bucky couldn’t help but breathe in deep. His left hand ran the hairbrush through her hair as his right hand smoothed it down. (Y/N) leaned into his touch and smiled at the comforting strokes he was providing. Unknowingly, Bucky started humming a lullaby under his breath.
“What are you humming?”
“It’s a Russian lullaby I overheard one night while under HYDRAs hold. There’s not much I like to remember from those times, but this I don’t mind.”
“I like it,” she rocked to the movements of his hands and smiled as she listened intently to his humming. She couldn’t see him, but the veteran was smiling at her. It had been the first time she had shown any kind of emotion in the time that had elapsed. He finished her hair in a sloppy braid, not fully understanding the mechanics of the three-strand braid. “Thank you, Buck.”
“How’re you feeling today, (Y/N)?” He finally asked.
“I’m feeling better, don’t know how long it will take to get me to 100% but I’m feeling like a 45% today.”
“That’s good to hear, you know. It’s better than where we started.” He wrapped his arms around her from behind and she leaned into him, enjoying the warmth his body emanated. “So, what do you want to do today?”
“Have not gotten up to that point.”
“Well, Sam’s already cooking up something in the kitchen and I’m on the second movie of The Lord of the Rings, so we can watch that one.”
“Okay, that sounds good.” She smiled at the man that was next to her as they exited her room.
The rest of the team had gathered in the kitchen, working on ways to cheer (Y/N) up when they saw her emerge from the hallway with a small smile on her face. Everyone’s jaw fell open when they saw the girl looking partly human and with a spark of energy. It had been a while since she had resembled the (Y/N) they knew and loved.
“Guys, please pick up your mouths off the floor, your eyes do not deceive you.” (Y/N) joked.
“Glad to see you’re alive, (Y/N),” Sam spoke. “Come have some food.” 
She smiled at her friend and sat next to Wanda as Sam placed a plate of chocolate chip pancakes in front of her. Bucky served himself and her a cup of coffee and added the cream and sugar she enjoyed with her drink. She happily munched on the food as the people around her stared in astonishment.
Thankfully, the staring didn’t last long. Wanda and Sam had a quick recon mission and Bruce had some work to finish in the lab, leaving Bucky and (Y/N) to enjoy The Two Towers in peace. Bucky had the curtains drawn and the movie all set up as (Y/N) took out blankets and made a hole between all the pillows that adorned the couch. The duo settled into their spot and bundled themselves in the blankets, settling in for the 226 minutes of the extended version of the movie.
She wasn’t sure at what point in the movie she fell asleep, but she was woken up by Bucky softly shaking her awake. She mumbled something she didn’t even understand, so Bucky decided to carry her to her bed. (Y/N) had burned too much energy by being around too many people too fast. It didn’t seem like a lot but being around the whole team had taken a toll on her. The sun had started to set and so were the last slivers of happiness she had felt.
Bucky set her down on her bed, tucking the blankets around her. He turned to leave when a small hand wrapped around his right wrist. He looked down and saw a teary-eyed (Y/N) looking up at him.
“Stay, please.” Her voice was barely a whisper and it trembled slightly. She was the vision of the heartbreaking scene that had hurt him three weeks ago.
He smiled softly at the girl and went around the bed to climb in. “Today was hard, huh?”
“Yeah, I thought I was ready to go back to normal, but it took too much out of me. I feel so useless.”
“You are far from useless, doll. You’re hurting, darling, we all understand.” He pulled her in close and laid her head on his chest, the thin layer becoming wet with her tears. “It’ll get better someday, that’s the only thing I’m sure of.”
“How do you know?” 
“Because we all do, after a while we all get better.”
“I wish we knew how long a while was. Everything would be easier.” 
“I know, doll, but let’s take it all one day at a time. Just remember you’re not alone. You have me – and the rest of the team.” He cleared his throat trying to disguise the importance she held in his life. Bucky would have never said anything, but he had fallen for the girl. He held her already in high regard for the care she had given to his best friend, but his feelings had started to shift when she started caring for him while they were on the run.
“Thank you, Buck. I don’t know where I would be without you.” She laid a kiss on his chest and drifted to sleep with Bucky’s arm rubbing circles on her back.
One more week had gone by and (Y/N) had grown used to having Bucky sleep with her at night. He had helped her pack away all the things Steve had left in the room – specifically the cologne that still hunted her, – he started waking her up earlier and making sure she got at least two full meals a days before she went to bed, and he made sure that she didn’t spend her nights crying for a man he called his best friend.
All of Bucky’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed. The remaining Avengers had noticed how the ex-assassin cared for the broken girl, going further than the rest of them did. And his feelings for the girl did not fly by the mind-reading witch that currently stared at him preparing lunch for (Y/N).
“When will you tell her how you feel?” The redhead spoke, casually sipping on a cup of coffee.
“What do you mean, Wanda?” 
“What she means is that you’ve been in love with that girl for far too long and it’s time you confess already,” Sam jeered. “Nothing’s stopping you now.”
“Except for the fact that she’s still reeling from my best friend breaking her heart by going back in time and leaving her to be with someone else. I’m sure she’ll be jumping with joy if I confess right now,” he mocked. “Anyways, how did you know?” 
“You’re not very secretive about it,’’ Sam laughed. “You’re always in a sour mood but magically when you’re with her you become someone else. The White Wolf become (Y/N)’s puppy real quick!’’
“I am not that obvious with it.”
“Okay, lil’ pup.”
“Whatever. Anyways, it’s not the right time for that.”
“When will it be the right time then, Bucky?” Wanda inquired.
“I don’t know. But it’s not right now.”  He plated what he was cooking and headed to (Y/N)’s room. The last thing she needed at the moment was a new relationship, even if that’s all Bucky wanted. 
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rodrikstark · 13 days ago
some whispered words (and the promise to come)
steve rogers x reader (angst and fluff and smut)
summary: a night spent in the hospital wing with a sick steve rogers.
word count: 1.6k
warnings: see tags on AO3. 18+ ONLY. MINORS DNI.
a/n: i don’t want to say my entire blog is 18+ so this work is being posted exclusively to AO3. this is to discourage minors from interacting. thank you for respecting my boundaries.
Tumblr media
   “I’ll live,” he says, dismissing your concern. “You gonna scold me?”
   “I don’t scold—”
   “I can take care of myself.” He closes the bottle and drops it on the small side table.
   You scoff. “I wish you would.” Your grip tightens for a second before you step away. “I’m only watching you ‘cause Cho is supposed to have the night off, and I’m the only other person in the Compound with medical experience.” In the semi-darkness of the room, you can see him roll his eyes. “Do you ever think about how your carelessness affects other people?”
   Flatly, he tells you, “I would say that since dozens of people didn’t die from a military-grade explosive earlier today, my recklessness has net positive results.” Despite the confident Captain-ness of his voice, he winces at some pain you can’t see. “But how could I forget your incredibly important Friday night plans?”
   He curls tighter now, petulantly facing away from you, almost boyish. Instead of feeling irritated, your heart aches unexpectedly. 
   “No plans,” you admit. “I was just hoping to not have to spend my night with an asshole.”
   “You’ve never complained before.”
— — —
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bebx · 17 days ago
Chapters: 1/? Fandom: Thor (Movies), Iron Man (Movies), Captain America (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe Rating: Mature Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence Relationships: Loki & Tony Stark, Loki & Steve Rogers, Loki/Tony Stark, Loki/Steve Rogers, Steve Rogers & Tony Stark, Loki & Steve Rogers & Tony Stark, Loki/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark Characters: Loki (Marvel), Steve Rogers, Tony Stark Additional Tags: Loki Needs a Hug (Marvel), Hurt Loki (Marvel), Slave Loki (Marvel), Loki Gets a Hug (Marvel), Loki Feels (Marvel), Tony Stark Has A Heart, Protective Tony Stark, Tony Stark Feels, Steve Rogers Feels, Protective Steve Rogers, Steve Rogers Is a Good Bro, Odin's A+ Parenting (Marvel), Slavery, Master/Slave, Hurt/Comfort, Whump, Angst, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Eating Disorders Series: Part 1 of Crying Tears of Gold Summary:
There must have been a mistake. Surely, Tony told himself, an honest mistake that, once he could reach Thor, would be gone - like it never happened.
Because Loki shouldn't be here, kneeling at his front door, in chain and with a collar around his throat. And Loki wouldn't talk. This must be a mistake.
Except it wasn't.
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Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Thor (Movies) Rating: General Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Loki & Thor (Marvel) Characters: Loki (Marvel), Thor (Marvel) Additional Tags: Loki (Marvel) Feels, Protective Loki (Marvel), Good Loki (Marvel), Thor Feels (Marvel), Hurt Thor (Marvel), Whump, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Dysfunctional Family, Family Bonding, Fluff, Protective Siblings Summary:
In Loki's belief, Thor was not capable of getting himself hurt. That was just... a simple untrue statement. Thor was strong. Thor was invincible. Which was why Loki was having an extremely hard time wrapping his head around the fact that Thor had been injured.
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rodrikstark · a month ago
lend me your hand (we’ll conquer them all) 4/6
steve rogers x reader (fluff & angst) [PACIFIC RIM AU]
summary: you and steve pass the interview stage. can you prove compatibility in combat?
word count: 1.3k
warnings: swearing
(part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 5) (part 6)
Tumblr media
   One, two, three, tap.
   With a push of your staff against Steve’s, you jump back. His face, flushed pink, appears stoic and concentrated. He circles you, his muscles stretching the material of his sleeveless shirt as he narrowly dodges your jabs.
   In the brief milliseconds between each sequence of choreographed moves, his severe countenance falters, changing so minutely that only you catch it. 
   The look is a question: You good?
   Spin, wait. Three, four, tap-tap.
   You force yourself to focus on the sequence that you and Steve rehearsed for weeks. Since arriving at camp, he had even tried to find private moments to quiz you, to ask What comes after the third leg sweep? while chewing at his lip, worried that you wouldn’t remember.
   Despite his efforts, you struggle to recall everything now, because you can’t stop thinking about the interview questions you and Steve answered together yesterday.
   Steve had been sitting directly in front of you at breakfast, listlessly picking at his eggs with a fork. Still upset about what he said at the party, you could barely look at him without getting upset. Unfortunately, you had to stick together for the sake of optics, making stilted small talk and pretending like everything was okay. 
   As he turned his head to chat with other candidates, his eyes continued flickering to you every minute or so, checking in. The fake normalcy he adopted in his tone grated your ears.
   You wanted to move to another table. You wanted to get out of Steve’s line of sight, and get him out of yours.
   You wanted to go home.
   When the Jaeger Program announced the pairings at the end of breakfast, relief washed over his face. You hated to admit it, but it felt like a weight off your shoulders too, knowing you and Steve managed to get assigned as partners.
   You were the third couple to interview. A Jaeger Program guide led you to a small room, stepping inside to reveal an officer sitting at a desk facing two identical chairs. You silently rehearsed your lines in your head, feeling nervous.
   Halfway through the door, Steve greeted the officer and simultaneously reached his hand backwards, blindly scrambling to take hold of your fingers. He squeezed firmly, desperately, one time.
   I’m sorry.
   You squeezed back. Then you dropped his hand, took a deep breath.
   You could do this. You and Steve could do anything.        
   “What strengths would you bring to a team?” the interviewer asked.
   Steve’s answer: “I’m not afraid to be honest. If I think a plan will go south, if it endangers my teammates or the civilians involved, I’ll speak up.”
   Your answer: “I’m calm in an interpersonal conflict, and I care a lot about making sure my team communicates openly so we’re all on the same page going into a mission.”
   You watch Steve spin the staff several times, making blurry circles in the air. He lunges at you confidently, moments before you remember that you should pivot so that the side of his staff just misses your left shoulder.
   You duck, yanking at his arm until his body presses against yours. You take a step back, shoving your leg between his stance to throw him off balance until finally tossing him over your shoulder, like he taught you. Instead of landing with a thud, he rolls across the mat before catching himself. Then he smirks at you, proud.
   The interviewer: “What characteristics would you look for in a co-pilot?”
   Steve: “Someone level-headed, and smarter than me. Loyal. Someone I can trust to stick by my side.”
   You: “I need someone who can adapt to any situation. If we need to change course in a fight, someone who can make that decision quickly. Figure out the best course of action possible.”
   Four moves later, and you stifle a cry when Steve stabs at the right side of your ribcage, sending you stumbling backwards. Worry rapidly spreads across his face at the mistake—your mistake, the result of your inattention. After regaining your balance, you immediately launch into the next sequence in the choreography, mostly to distract yourself from the pain ripping across your side. He frowns, but then follows your lead.
   Three, four, five. Tap, tap, tap.
   “Jaeger pilots are not just individuals, but symbols. Spokespeople and representatives of a united, international front against the threat of Kaiju. Why would you make a good spokesperson?”
   At this question, your eyes had widened slightly and Steve cleared his throat surreptitiously. Steve never prepped you on this question, so he must not have known that JP added it to the interview phase.
   You had no idea what kind of reply would best compliment Steve’s. Trying to keep your expression neutral, you decided on an honest response: “I have a solid background in science and engineering that will help me garner public support for the Program. People forget that there’s more to this operation than the pilots—we need researchers, engineers, and scientists if we’re going to eradicate the Kaiju from the Breach.” 
   After your answer, several beats of silence had passed. Steve then leaned forward, his elbows on his thighs as he cracked his knuckles. 
   “I don’t care about being some perfect frontman, and if that’s what you’re after, this program needs to evaluate its priorities. The people along the Rim live in fear. They’ve lost jobs and homes. Friends and family.” 
   His voice had cracked here, causing you to whip your head toward him in concern.
    He abruptly stood up from his chair. “I’m going to do what I can to stop it from happening. And I don’t give a fuck if I’m not your goddamn poster child.”
— — —
   Your fellow candidates cheer as you drag yourself off the mat. You smile weakly at them, walking away to put your staff in the rack along the far wall of the room. The next pair, Thor and Brunnhilde, take your place.
   Steve jogs toward you, his broad shoulders blocking you from everyone else’s view. “Hey. Are you okay?” He throws his staff haphazardly onto the rack, reaching for your ribs.
   Your instinct is to bat him away, but you’re too tired. He touches you softly, a thumb ghosting over where he hit you, his skin warm even through the fabric of your shirt. You shudder.
   “I’m sorry,” he whispers, panting a little. “We should have practiced more. That wasn’t supposed to happen.” For once, he doesn’t reprimand you; he sounds regretful.
   The audience gasps at the fighting display, Thor and Brunnhilde dancing gracefully. You steal a glance at them but really only notice Steve’s hand on you.
   His thumb strokes your side again, and you wince as you suck in a breath, trying to seem unaffected by everything. The interview, the pain, his current proximity to you. “I’m fine, Rogers.”
   “I’ll get you ice,” he offers, already taking a small step towards the door, his fingertips still grazing your ribcage.
   You shake your head. “I said I’m fine.” You’re lying, and you know you’ll pull off your shirt later and see a dark bruise blooming below your breast, but he doesn’t need to know that. 
   Quickly, Steve’s hand moves awkwardly to his side, like he just realized how long he’s touched you. 
   “How was it?” you ask, trying to force a change in tone in this conversation and conceal your hurt. You gesture toward the mat with a nod. “My performance?”
   His voice lowers, his face scrunching a little, which is overwhelmingly cute. “You were so good.”
   It feels nice, to hear him compliment you, to have him look at you like this, full of gratitude and pride and something else.
   You fidget under his gaze. “Good enough to be your co-pilot?” you ask, a bare hint of cheekiness in your tone.
   “Yes. You've always..." He swallows. "Yes."
— — —
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bebx · a month ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Thor (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies) Rating: General Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Loki & Thor (Marvel) Characters: Loki (Marvel), Thor (Marvel), Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff, Avengers Team Additional Tags: mention of Thanos, Hurt Loki (Marvel), Loki (Marvel) Has Issues, Loki (Marvel) Needs a Hug, Loki Gets a Hug (Marvel), Thor is a Good Bro (Marvel), Protective Thor (Marvel), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Psychological Trauma, Psychological Horror, Whump, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Canon Divergence - Avengers: Endgame (Movie), Fix-It of Sorts, Hopeful Ending Summary:
There was an outage in the Avengers Compound. Just an electrical error, really, no one thought it was a big deal at all... until it became a pretty big deal.
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c-is-writing · a month ago
good enough
Tumblr media
pairing: wanda maximoff x gn!reader
genre: light angst, fluff
word count: 1064
warnings: mentions of guns, mentions of a minor injury
a/n: you can always count on me to have hurt/comfort to break through writers block. i’m still feeling pretty down, so don’t expect too much from me soon :’))
The room is silent for a moment as you begin to gather yourself. Within a few seconds, the bangs of a gun and clatter of bullets falling to the floor echo throughout the room. More to the left. Lower. There. You fall into a rhythm; inhale, shoot, exhale, repeat. Since there’s no clock in the training room, you’ve lost track of time. Was it day time? Was it nighttime? You’ll never know as you’ve been standing in the same position, repeating the same thing, trying to get it into perfection for countless hours. As you finish the magazine and begin to unload it, a heavy weight falls onto your chest, reminding you why you have spent so much time in these four concrete walls.
Placing the gun down, you reach for another magazine when a soft, red glow encases your hand, effectively stopping it from moving. Wait, when did she get here? For the first time since entering the room, you feel the aches in your legs and your arms as they slightly tremble due to exhaustion. A pair of soft hands grasp your headphones and slowly take them off, pulling your head back to lean against whoever is behind you. Sighing, you close your eyes and let yourself melt into their embrace, feeling their arms wrap around your waist. You feel a warm puff of air against your ear before they begin to speak.
“What are you still doing here, moya lyubov?”
You mumble, “Working on my aim.”
“How long have you been here for?”
The room falls quiet as you begin to think about it, unsure of how to answer or if you even know the answer.
She sighs, “Baby, it’s 4am and if I recall, you left the bedroom this morning at around 10am.”
Shit, you really did lose track of time.
Continuing, Wanda asks, “Why?”
“Why what?”
“Why have you spent this much time shooting at targets? Your aim is practically perfect.”
“There’s always room for improvement, Wans.”
“My aim can’t be practically perfect, it has to be perfect. If I’m going to be an Avenger, I have to have perfect aim.”
You move your head away from her chest, staring at the targets in front of you, all of which are riddled with bullet holes. Frustrated, you begin to rub your face with your hands, scrunching up your nose while you do it. It’s almost as if you’re trying to rub away the feeling of failure and disappointment. Wanda softly turns you in her arms so that she can take a look at you. She reaches for your hands covering your face and pulls them away, her eyes softening as she takes in the exhaustion evident on your face. As she takes your hands, your eyes fall to the ground, unable to look at Wanda.
In a soft and whisper-like voice, “Detka, look at me, please.”
Giving in to her plea, you look up and meet her ocean eyes. Her eyebrows furrow as she drops your hands to cup your face. Your gaze falls to her shoulders where a patch of gauze is peeking out from under her shirt. Tears begin to gather in your eyes as you tuck your chin to your chest, avoiding eye contact. The pads of Wanda’s thumbs gently brush away the tears as she pulls you into her chest and kisses your temple. The sounds of a gun firing are replaced with painful sobs, each one creating a small crack in Wanda’s heart. She never wanted to see you in pain and just listening to how hurt you are, pained her as well. 
The two of you stay in that position until your sobs begin to quiet down and you find yourself gripping Wanda’s shirt as if you were scared she was going to leave you. Once again, the room falls silent with a few hiccups and sniffles here and there. Breaking the silence, Wanda asks, “Was this about the mission?”
Unable to give her a verbal response, you nod against her chest. She lets out a soft hum of concern and tells you, “It’s not your fault, please don’t beat yourself up about it.”
In a quiet and broken voice, you respond, “Wans, it is my fault though. You shouldn’t have gotten hurt on that mission.”
“Love, we all make mistakes and that’s okay.”
Gripping her shirt even tighter, you say in a louder voice, “But this wasn’t okay! I hurt you, Wanda! I. Hurt. You.” With the last three words, tears begin to fall again and you can’t help but let out a small sob.
Wanda pulls away from you and hooks her finger under your chin, pulling it up until you make eye contact with her. Your tears drip onto her finger as her eyes are filled with worry and concern.
“I’m okay, Y/N. I’m alive.”
“But, you’re still hurt because of me. If I didn’t miss that shot, you wouldn’t have a bandage on your shoulder and I would’ve kept my promise.”
“It was just a graze and you did keep your promise though. You protected me from that Hydra agent. If you didn’t shoot then that Hydra agent would’ve gotten me and things would’ve been much more serious.”
“I just- I-”
At a loss for words, you lean your forehead on Wanda’s uninjured shoulder and sigh. She slowly runs her hands up and down your back, providing you with much needed comfort. Taking in a few deep breaths, you ask, “What if- what if I’m not good enough for you? What I did feels unforgivable considering you’re my girlfriend and I promised to never hurt you.”
“Oh, moya lyubov, you will always be good enough for me, no matter what. Accidents happen and I know that you would never intentionally hurt me, so don’t worry about your promise, you never broke it. I still love you through and through, Y/N.”
A weight is lifted off of your chest upon hearing Wanda’s words. Your tense shoulders sag down in exhaustion as you begin to lean more heavily on her. She lets out a small chuckle, “Someone’s tired, huh?” You lightly smile and nod against her shoulder. Wrapping an arm around your waist, she begins to lead you out of the room. Maybe you’ll never reach perfection, but as long as you’re good enough in Wanda’s eyes, that’s all that matters.
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(A/N) Hope everyone has had a great week! Sadly, I do not own any characters other than (Y/N)! Here’s a good ole’ Steve Rogers imagine for ya!
italics = flashback
Warnings: blood, violence, angst
(Y/N) - Your Name
(Y/L/N) - Your Last Name
(Y/N/N) - Your Nickname
Tumblr media
You’ve been an Avenger for about a year, and since you joined them, you’ve been hunting down the remaining Hydra bases around the globe. You’re currently in a tunnel leading to a Hydra stronghold in the northern Montana wilderness with your team.
“Comm check.” Steve whispers, followed by a chorus of “checks” from the rest of the team. You didn’t even realize you didn’t respond until Steve gently grabbed your shoulder, snapping your attention from the dark, eerie tunnel you were waking further into.
“Hey. Are your comms working?” The blonde man quietly asked with a concerned look etched on his face. “Check,” you muttered into your wrist. “(Y/N), what’s wrong?” You know you can’t look him in the eyes or he’ll see right through you. Like he always does. “N-nothing. This place just gives me the creeps.” You say monotone, staring straight ahead. He grabs your hand, forcing you to turn to him. As soon as you see those blue eyes, it all comes flooding back.
2 weeks ago...
“Steve, I can handle missions in my own! Just because we’re together doesn’t mean I’m not a capable member of this team!” You yell.
“Well (Y/N), is it so bad that I don’t want to see you hurt?! I’ve already lost my best friend once, and I’m determined not to lose another one!! What do you expect me to do? Let you dive headfirst into a dangerous situation without any idea of a plan!?” Steve retorts.
“All I’m saying is I want you to treat me like an equal on the team! You wouldn’t act this way about Nat, would you?”
“This is between us. There’s no need to bring her into this! Anyways, that’s completely different, I don’t love her the way I love you!”
Both of your faces fell flat at what had just been divulged. Of course you loved Steve, but you couldn’t handle your relationship if he didn’t let you do your job.
“Steve,” you started, “I love you too, but I can’t do this if I don’t know you’ll stop acting like you have been.”
“I’m not losing you, (Y/N), so if we have to take a break, so be it. I’d rather you be alive, than dead on some mission.”
“Are we really doing this, Steve? After all this time?” Tears were welling in your eyes and threatened to spill.
“I guess so.”
Present Day
You missed him so much; his gentle but firm hugs, the forehead kisses, and most of all, you missed your best friend. You used to talk about everything, but now, you don’t speak other than in missions. It hurt you to even look at him, much less have him talk directly to you like nothing happened.
“(Y/N/N), I know we’re not in the best place right now, but I still care about you so much. So please, what’s wro-“ “Guys, we’ve got movement ahead” Nat quietly calls out, cutting Steve off. Thor, Tony, Bruce are hitting another base in Colorado, so it’s just you, Nat, Clint, and of course, Steve.
Being trained by Nick Fury himself, you can handle what most enemies threw at you, but Hydra, they were a wild card. You fought alongside Steve when SHIELD fell to Hydra in D.C. You remember when he saw Bucky, freezing in his tracks. Soon after, you slowly fell for each other. Now, your mind was ok whatever monstrosities awaited you in the base. The plan was to come through the tunnels and take them by surprise.
You all froze at Nat’s announcement. Steve let go of your hand, readying his shield, while you unhooked your pistols from your thigh holsters, ready to put up a fight. Every sound echoed in the small tunnel, and even though you had stopped, you continued to hear footsteps coming closer.
“Yeah, we got a motion sensor going off in tunnel 23A, commander. I’m checking it out, but it’s probably just a rat, sir. Over and out.” Now, the soldier was probably 20 feet away, but couldn’t see you because of the darkness that enveloped the tunnel. Quickly, Barton pulled on his night vision goggles Tony made him, and pulled back an arrow. Looking to Steve, he whispers, “I’ve got a shot, Cap.” “Take it.” There’s a whoosh, and then the Hydra soldier had an arrow directly in his heart.
“Remind me not to get on your bad side, Clint!” You joke. “Nah (y/n/n), you could never be on my bad side because you’re always on my good side!” He quips back. Continuing on into the tunnel, it splits into two different directions.
You all stop, looking at both of your options. “Well sh-“ Steve starts before being interrupted by Nat, “Language.” “Shoot. I was going to say shoot,” he says back. You can’t help but chuckle at his sudden outburst. “Where do we go?” You asked. “We should split up.” Nat suggests.
In a blink of an eye, you see a grenade being thrown at you, and you spring into action, pushing your teammates away from the bomb before running away from it the best you can.
Boom. Ringing. That’s all you hear as you start to come to. Try to push yourself up on your stomach, but your ribs cry out from the pressure. Involuntary yelping from the movement, you hear muffled yelling from what seems like far away.
“Steve” you thought. “Is he okay? He has to be okay. He’s a freaking super soldier. He can survive anything.” Out of sheer will alone, you push yourself up, with your back leaning against the tunnel wall groaning from the pain. That’s when you see it. The blast pushed you into the other tunnel and collapsed the entrance. You were alone. You were hurt. You were scared.
As you sat there realizing your situation, you saw a puddle of red on the ground in front of you. You start to feel your body for injuries, being careful of your ribs. when you get to your lower thigh, right above your kneecap, you see a large piece of shrapnel protruding from your all black mission suit. You stare in horror as the adrenaline starts to wear off and you feel how sore your battered body is.
That’s when you heard it. It was faint, but it was there. “(Y/N), can you hear me!? Are you okay!?” Your heart skipped a beat when you recognized that Brooklyn accent that belonged to the man you love. Trying not to hurt your ribs anymore than they already are, you take a big breath and try to yell back. “I-I’m he-“ you manage to say before a sharp pain hits you, causing you to cry out. “(Y/N)?! You’re hurt! What’s hurt! Please talk to me! Please (Y/N/N). Try and see if your comms are still working.”
“Of course,” you thought, “That’s the first thing you should have done idiot!” You pulled one wrist from its position holding your rib cage to your mouth. Then, you whispered, “H-hey Steve. Can you hear me?” “(Y/N)! Yes sweetheart, I can hear you. What happened? One second you were next to us and then we were on the ground with the other tunnel caved in. We assumed you got pushed in there by the bomb. (Y/N/N), how bad is it?” His last sentence came out barely above a whisper, and you could hear the strain in his voice. “Bad.”
Then, a coughing fit hit you that made your ribs feel like they were being pulled apart, one by one. You clench your teeth, trying to keep yourself from crying as the tears built up in your eyes. When you tasted copper, you knew it was worse than you thought. Wiping your mouth, your suspicions were confirmed. You didn’t even realize Steve was calling your name through your comms.
“(Y/N)! (Y/N/N), take deep breaths and tell we what’s wrong.” You could tell he was struggling to keep his composure. “Steve,” you rasped, “I don’t think I’m w-walking out of here. I’ve got multiple broken ribs a-and” you take a breath, ignoring the complaints from your ribs, “a big piece of shrapnel in my leg. I think it may have hit my fe-femoral.” He sighs and you can see his brows furrowing in your mind. “We’re going to get you. There’s no way through this rock, so we’re going to have to fight our way through the base and then find your tunnel entrance. (Y/N) (Y/L/N), I swear we’re going to get to you. I love you so much. Hold on. Please.” His voice broke on the last word. As you watched the pool of blood under you expand, you squeezed your eyes shut and mustered up the to strength to speak one more time. “I love you too. Now, come find me, Rogers.” “Yes ma’am.” After that, you closed your eyes with hope that Steve would reach you in time.
Steve’s POV:
“We have to find some type of blueprint or something!” I say, slamming my shield into yet another Hydra agent trying to stop us. Nat was fighting another agent as well, and quickly knocks him out. “Steve, can’t you tell we’re trying!? I care about her too. She’s strong. She’s going to make it.” “I know” I think, but I can only nod slightly in her direction.
We haven’t talked to (Y/N) in at least 30 minutes, and I’m starting to get a really uneasy feeling. Running into the room with enemies tailing him, Clint yells, “Steve!” And my head shot in his direction. “I’ve found her! She’s in tunnel 23B. Here’s the blueprints. Nat and I can hold them off. Go find (Y/-“ Before he can finish his sentence, I sprint towards him and snatch the map out of his hands.
It takes me about 10 minutes to make my way into the small tunnel. As I make my way down it, all I can think about is how much (Y/N) means to me. She’s the woman I love. The woman I want to marry. I thought it would be impossible to move on from Peggy, but falling in love with (Y/N) was easy. Almost as easy as breathing.
She comforted me after we found out Bucky was the Winter Soldier. She found me when I fell from the helicarrier. I’m who I am today because of her and I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. I’m snapped out of my thoughts when I see a small figure slumped against the wall. “(Y/N).”
Your POV:
You were in and out of consciousness at this point. This was due to the blood loss and probable concussion you suffered. Normally, when you came to, you were surrounded in darkness, so you didn’t know if you were awake or just dreaming. This time, you heard a voice and felt someone picking you up bridal style. You whimpered at the pain radiating from your ribs and leg. Someone was talking to you, but everything sounded underwater.
You slowly pried your eyes half open, and the sight before you made your heart skip a beat. It was Steve. Your Steve. Your head was resting against his chest, and you were moving fast as he ran down the tunnel. “Hang on (Y/N/N). We’re almost there.” You could tell he was crying, which wasn’t a first, but it was different this time. He was crying over the fact you might die in his arms.
With every step he took, your ribs throbbed painfully. “Steve?” You whispered. His head shot down and that’s when you saw it; his normally blue eyes were red and puffy. He was wearing his signature Steve Rogers furrowed brow, but it softened when you two made eye contact. The faintest smile appeared on his face as he continued running down the tunnel. “Hey (Y/N/N). You’re going to be fine. I’m so, so sorry about what I’ve been doing. It was to prevent th-“ In the middle of his sentence, you start to cough again. The pain radiating from your ribs was unbearable, and you started to see white as you felt something warm trickle down your chin.
You heard Steve curse under his breath, and you wanted to say something sarcastic like “Language,” but you simply didn’t have the strength. Now, the white had faded to black and you were unconscious once again.
When unconsciousness had finally had enough of you, you became aware of your surroundings. You could hear, smell, and feel, which was nice considering the last time you were awake, you were dying. With every breath, you were reminded of your broken ribs, but they were wrapped by something that actually made the pain not as bad. Your leg, though, was not hurting much at all. You assumed you were on high powered pain meds, and you were thankful you weren’t a super soldier like Steve. See, his metabolism burns through anesthetics like it’s nothing, so he has to bear the pain of his injuries.
“Steve.” You thought. “Where is he? Is he okay?” Then you realized your left arm felt heavier, so you opened your eyes ever so slightly, but soon shut them at the bright white room that surrounded you. Although the lights were anything but pleasant, you knew you had to find out who was there with you.
You opened your eyes, squinting at the light. After they adjusted, you saw the only person you cared to see; Steve. He was looking down at your hand while holding it, clenching his jaw as if he was in pain as well. You immediately assume he is hurt too.
“St-Steve. Are y-you okay?” His eyes snapped to yours and his surprised expression changed to a smiling one. “You’re the one who’s just been blown up, and your asking me if I’m okay?” You finally noticed you were in the medical room at the Avengers Compound. Your ribs had been wrapped and your leg was raised on some pillows. There were all kinds of wires attached to you, along with an IV going into your arm.
Looking back at him, you saw a look you had never seen from him before; regret. You were pretty sure you knew why he looked that way too. Before you could say how you felt, he cut you off by leaning towards you and softly kissing you, careful not to hurt you. You both smiled and put your foreheads against each other.
“I’m so sorry (Y/N)” he started, “I love you more than anything in the world. Wh-when I saw you broken and battered, it made me realize how stupid I was being. I stopped you from doing your job because I didn’t want to lose you like I’ve lost everyone else.” You felt your heart swell with love as he gave you a turn to reply. “Rogers, you know how I feel about you. When I was in that tunnel, you were all I thought about.” Taking a deep breath, you whimpered at the movement of your ribs, which you had forgotten were broken. Steve immediately asked what was wrong, and you responded in your drug induced slur, “Like you said, I got blown up. So tell me, what was the damage?”
Suddenly, his face got serious again. “Four broken ribs, mild concussion, pierced lung, and a stab wound from the shrapnel in your leg.” “Wow.” You said. “It was worth it.” He looked at you with a confused expression. Before he could speak, you cut him off, “What? You think I’d rather it be you in this hospital bed?.”
He just shook his head and cupped your cheek with his hand. “You know how much I love you, right? Do you forgive me?” “Steve, your already forgiven.” This time it’s you who leans forward to kiss him, but your broken ribs stop you halfway. You wince, and he meets you halfway, kissing you with sincerity and passion. You knew that no matter what tomorrow will bring, Steve Rogers would never leave you again.
(A/N) Woah that was long! Sorry guys! I just got carried away! Anyways, tell me what you think!
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Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Thor (Movies), Iron Man (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types Rating: General Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Loki & Tony Stark, Loki/Tony Stark, Loki & Thor (Marvel) Characters: Loki (Marvel), Tony Stark, Thor (Marvel) Additional Tags: Loki (Marvel) Does What He Wants, Loki (Marvel) Feels, Hurt Loki (Marvel), Loki (Marvel) Has Issues, Loki (Marvel) Needs a Hug, Loki Gets a Hug (Marvel), Loki & Tony Stark Friendship, Tony Stark Has A Heart, Protective Tony Stark, Tony Stark Feels, Thor is a Good Bro (Marvel), Canon Divergence - Avengers: Endgame (Movie), Fix-It, Temporary Character Death, Whump, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Men Crying Summary:
After things settled down; Thanos was defeated and everyone returned — everyone except Loki — Thor gave his brother a funeral.
Meanwhile, Tony got himself an unexpectedly new friend.
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bebx · 2 months ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Thor (Movies) Rating: General Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Loki & Thor (Marvel) Characters: Loki (Marvel), Thor (Marvel) Additional Tags: mention of Thanos, Loki (Marvel) Feels, Loki (Marvel) Has Issues, Hurt Loki (Marvel), Loki (Marvel) Needs a Hug, Loki Gets a Hug (Marvel), Thor is a Good Bro (Marvel), Protective Thor (Marvel), Hurt/Comfort, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Temporary Character Death, Whump, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Angst, Dysfunctional Family, Post-Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (Movie), Canon Divergence - Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (Movie) Summary:
"The Tesseract or your brother's head?" Thanos had said, and Thor gulped, looking at his brother, Loki's eyes met his, and even though he couldn't speak, the look on his terrified face seemed to say, 'it's okay. I understand,' Because Thor couldn't give up the Tesseract, knowing it would mean deaths of half the universe.
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bebx · 2 months ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Thor (Movies), Captain America (Movies) Rating: Mature Warnings: Rape/Non-Con Relationships: Loki/Steve Rogers, Loki & Steve Rogers, En Dwi Gast | Grandmaster/Loki, Loki/Original Male Character(s) Characters: Loki (Marvel), Steve Rogers, En Dwi Gast | Grandmaster, Original Male Character(s) Additional Tags: Hurt Loki (Marvel), Loki (Marvel) Needs a Hug, Loki (Marvel) Has Issues, Loki Gets a Hug (Marvel), Steve Rogers Feels, Protective Steve Rogers, Forced Prostitution, Non-Consensual Drug Use, Implied/Referenced Rape/Non-con, Past Rape/Non-con, Hurt/Comfort, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Angst and Hurt/Comfort, Whump, Rape Recovery, Angst, Angst with a Happy Ending, Hopeful Ending, Canon Divergence - Thor: Ragnarok (2017) Summary:
After the revolution on Sakaar, Loki never escaped the planet. He ended up the Grandmaster's slave for four years before he, still under the Grandmaster's thumb, found himself in a brothel on Earth. Things got more interesting from there.
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apollos-garden · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Word count: 1320
Summary: you cut your hand, flashback + panic attack ensues
A heavy bass fills your earbuds as you dump various vegetables onto the spacious kitchen counter. The Stark tower had a truly extravagant kitchen with oceans of counter space, a fridge stocked with every possible ingredient, and two ovens. Coming from a tiny NYC apartment where you sometimes had to chop things on the floor for lack of space, you intended to take full advantage of  every single square inch. 
Turning the burner on to heat oil pooled on the bottom of a large pot you found, you rinse a stalk of celery and dice it. Once the oil started to simmer, you poured the celery in along with a few diced carrots, garlic, and onion. Turning to the sink, you rinsed your hands and was about to move to the spices when you felt two hands suddenly wrap around your waist. You jump and rip your earbuds out, turning to see Bucky. “Jesus!” 
He grinned. “No, it’s me.” You sighed at the horrendous pun and swatted him halfheartedly with the towel tucked into the side of your jeans waistband. The bass of the song could still be heard tinnily pulsing through the mini speakers hung around your neck. “You know I can’t hear you coming with those in.” “I know. It’s cute when you jump.” Your eyebrow cocked up. “It’ll be less cute when I reflex-punch you one day.” 
Bucky moved over to the stove, breathing in. “What’s this? Smells good.” You finish toweling your hands off and join him, stirring the bottom. “It’s going to be vegetable soup. Come back in, oh, forty five minutes.” You tap the watch dial fastened to the inside of your wrist. “And no more jumpscares, please?” Bucky holds up his hands in an approximation of innocence as he backs away. “Promise!” 
Shaking your head, you turn back to the counter, grabbing the spice jars and moving to the counter. Thyme, pepper, salt, a bay leaf... hmm, maybe some paprika? You stir every powder in thoroughly, watching for clumps. Throwing in the rest of the vegetables and a good amount of broth, you lean back against the counter. That should be everything. 
You wash your hands and wipe down the cutting board, then reach for the knife and sponge. Noticing some unknown spots of something on the handle, you carefully hold the knife by the blunt side of the blade and scrub the handle too. Rinsing the handle under the water, you look out the window at twilit New York. 
From up here, the twinkling lights formed a mosaic of colors outlining the surrounding skyscrapers. Far off in the distance you could see the reflections of the river. Suddenly, you feel the knife slipping from your grasp. You mindlessly grab for the knife before you fully register what’s happening. And catch it you did- catch the blade right in the middle of your palm. A dull sting blooms up your arm as you blink at your hand, tap still running. Fumbling for the handle, you switch off the water and breathe deeply before gently lifting the knife up, setting it on the counter. 
The sting had gotten decidedly sharper and you fight back the familiar prick of tears. Then you made the mistake of looking down. Dark blood was pooling in the hollow of your curved palm. Fuck. You look back out the window and clench your fist, ignoring the sharp throb accompanying the action. It was dark enough to see your reflection in the glass, and you stared at the outline of your body as you try to keep the image of your bloody hand out of your head. 
You wrench your eyes shut, forcing yourself to breathe deeply. Against your best efforts, though, your mind dragged you back to the tundra forest you had tried so hard to leave forgotten in the past. Dimly, you are aware of yourself sinking down to kneel on the floor, but in your mind’s eye you could see perfectly the body of your friend motionless in the snow years ago. The gunshot wound had bled steadily despite the pressure of your shaking hands. Long after they were past the point of saving, you had knelt in the snow, staring at your blood soaked palms. 
The ringing in your ears grew louder as you mentally shake yourself, trying to pull yourself back to reality. Still, you kneel there like a statue, chest tightening painfully as tears leaked from your tightly shut eyes in silence. Over and over, you watch them crumple into the snow, leaving a pool of red that stained the knees of your pants. Their blood dripped from your cold hands. You couldn’t save them you couldn’t save them you couldn’t sa-
You flinch as a hand clamps onto your shoulder, shoving blindly in the direction it came from. Your hands hit against someone’s chest weakly. “Woah, hey, Y/N, what’s going on? Wait, what happened to your hand?” You swallow and take a shuddering breath. “It’s fine.” You heard Bucky shift and the floorboards creak through the ringing. His hand settled hesitantly on your back but you pushed it away gently. “Please, I- sorry.” 
You took another deep breath and forced your eyes open, focusing on the cabinets in front of you. How stupid, to freak out over a little bit of blood. You were an Avenger for god’s sake. You thought about standing up, but your muscles wouldn’t budge. Your vision blurred over with fresh tears. “I couldn’t,” you whisper hoarsely. Fabric rustled and you felt the weight of Bucky’s leather jacket drape over your shoulders. “Should I stay?” Bucky asked softly, crouching down to sit next to you. 
You nod silently, clean hand absentmindedly fisting the soft cotton lining as you fight the pull of the memory of crimson stained snow. Gingerly, you turn yourself around, resting your back against the cabinet door. Your heartbeat pounded too fast in your ears and throbbed rhythmically in your palm. Bucky broke your tense silence. “You’re breathing too shallow. Here.” 
He shifts forwards, moving to sit crosslegged in front of you, and pulls your good hand to rest against his chest. “Breathe with me.” Quietly, you inhale and exhale with the steady rise and fall of Bucky’s chest. It slowly became easier to focus on the warmth of Bucky’s hand over yours, the way his calluses felt against the back of your hand and the planes of his chest under his shirt. 
Eventually your breathing stabilizes. The relentless pull of your memories slackens and in the lull you become aware of how bone-achingly tired you feel. You swallow and wipe at your eyes, skin tacky with salt. A nagging feeling of shame starts to grow at the back of your mind and you shift your eyes to the floor. “I’m sorry that you, ah, had to see that,” you start to apologize, but you don’t really know where to take it. 
Bucky shakes his head. “No. You have nothing to be sorry for. I get them too.” He lifts your hand, examining the cut running across your palm. “Let’s get you cleaned up.” Standing, Bucky left, returning with a pack of cloth bandages. He carefully washes off the old blood with a damp towel and starts to wrap your hand with the gauze strip. You watch Bucky’s fingers fold the cloth precisely over the contours of your hand, his brows furrowed slightly in concentration. 
“Thank you.” It was strange to have someone near you after an attack like this. Usually, you rode through it alone, curled tightly into yourself in your bedroom or leaning against a supply closet wall at the train station. Never had you really considered that you could allow someone to see you like this, that it was even an option. But maybe, you thought to yourself, you could learn to let the right person in. It just might be better this way.
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Every Day With You Is Valentine’s Day 
pairing: steve rogers x reader
word count: 638
summary: you come home to find steve upset over his ruined valentines plans and quickly comfort him
warnings: fluff, hurt/comfort
author’s note: happy valentine’s day !! muah!!! ; do not repost my work
*gif does not belong to me*
Tumblr media
You walked through Steve’s apartment door using the key he had given you months prior. You had a beaming smile on your lips and gifts for Steve in your arms. You had spent the day getting dolled up and getting your gifts ready for Steve. The smile hadn’t left your face until you were fully in Steve’s and noticed that something was wrong. You furrowed your eyebrows and closed the front door behind, setting your gifts down by the door. You toed off your heels and made your way further into the apartment.
Everything was silent until you finally picked up on the sniffles emitting from the living room. Your heart dropped to your stomach and you quickly hurried to the living room seeing Steve sitting on the couch with his head buried in his hands and his body slightly shaking.
You rushed to kneel in front of him and placed your hands on his arms rubbing them comfortingly. Your hands made their way to his wrists and tried to pull his hands away from his face, but Steve refused you which made your heart sink further.
“Steve, baby, can you please look at me? Please,” you asked out desperately.
You could feel the tension in his hands loosen allowing you to pull them away from him. When his face was fully in sight the pout on your lip worsened. His nose and eyes were red, evident of his crying, and his lips were red from what you think was from him constantly biting them. You brought your hands up to his hair, pushing the stray locks back, and then cupped his cheeks so he’d look at you.
Steve looked at you with glossy, puppy dog eyes. You stroked his cheeks and gave him a small smile.
“What’s wrong, baby? What happened?”
Steve let out a sigh and shut his eyes for a few seconds before reopening them. He had a pained, embarrassed look on his face that told you he was hesitant to tell you.
“You can tell me anything,” you cooed at him interrupting the negative thoughts floating through his head.
“It’s just,” Steve spoke with a quiet voice,” it’s our first Valentine's together and everything that I tried to do went wrong. The flowers, the dinner, the gifts—everything! And I know how excited you were for today and I ruined it—“
“Steve, stop. You didn’t ruin anything. I don’t need any of that, I promise.”
You moved closer to Steve and the hands that made their way to your hips brought you to straddle Steve’s lap. Your arms were quickly wrapped around his neck as you pulled him as close as possible.
“I don’t need any of that when I have you. All I need is you, Steve.”
“I just feel like a horrible boyfriend that I couldn’t make today as special as we both wanted it to be,” he said softly and with a small sniffle as his forehead came to rest against yours.
“Please don’t. You’re the most amazing person I’ve ever been with and I’m so grateful that I get to be with you, Steve. Please believe me and know that” you pressed a soft kiss on his nose.
“I do, I just wish tonight went as planned.”
“Well, we can plan the rest of the night together, baby. You and I. Just a simple night in, okay? Hm?” You pressed kisses all over Steve’s face until he finally caved in and let out boisterous laughs.
“Okay, okay,” he said through a toothy smile, “let’s get started then, sweetheart.”
“Let’s,” you agreed with him and let him settle you on the ground before leading you to the kitchen.”
“And besides,” you stopped him to pull him into a kiss that you both smiled into, “every day feels like Valentine’s Day with you.”
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Hey to the followers I recently got. Sorry I'm not one for posting a lot of updates or anything of that nature, but I thought I'd let you know that requests are open for what I have in the fandom list, and abide to the rules. But I think the gist I'd that nothing is closed in terms of requesting what kind of fanfic I'm writing, I usually write any character, but there will be exceptions that I'll let you know on if you ask, and I write for any gender reader. I also don't usually do character x character, unless a reader is also somehow involved as if it were a poly imagine. I also do platonic or romantic. Thank you if you do requests, I have been struggling inspirational wise lately lol.
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