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#avenger reader
outofplaceoutinspace · an hour ago
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x gn!avenger!reader
Warnings: some sad feelings maybe
Requested: No.
Category: mild angst maybe, fluff
A/N: Wanda & reader are both 18+. I'm slowly getting back into writing which feels nice, but I feel like my tenses are a bit off, I hope that's not too bothersome.
Feel free to like, reblog and/or leave feedback if you like what I write, I would really appreciate it! And just letting whoever reads this know, for anyone who's interested, that I also take requests! Now, please enjoy!
Love is like a parasite. It bites its way through your system until it reaches heart and mind. No remedy. No escape.
Tumblr media
You caught a bug. A feeling, making you so sick to your stomach that you weren't able to eat or sleep properly, nor able to think straight. You called it a parasite, Natasha called it love. She was the first and only person you told about what was going on in the head and heart of yours. You didn't want to have those feelings in your body. You wanted to feel normal, be able to function properly without your body and mind being in this confusing state, especially when you were around her. Wanda. The redheaded witch fascinated you the moment she joined the Avengers. You haven't been part of the team for too long yourself at the time, but once she approached you, you two almost instantly clicked. That's why you became best friends within a short amount of time, spending time together as if you were glued to each other's bodies, barely spending a minute without the other. One could think of you both as some sort of puzzle, feeling incomplete if one of you wasn't around.
The whole best friend relation went well until you caught the infection. It came out of nowhere, you woke up one day and it was there, muddling up your body. It was the kind that many people suffered from and usually didn't go away so easily. You were lovesick and didn't know what to do. You just couldn't help it, you held such a love and admiration in your heart for the sokovian woman, you seriously thought you had a problem. Your biggest fear was that she would find out, and that you would lose her. You didn't want to risk it. That's why you decided to keep your distance. Little did you know that this action caused more damage than good.
She just didn't understand. Did she do something wrong? Everytime Wanda entered a room you were in, looking for you, you stopped whatever you were doing and left. In the beginning the witch thought it was just some weird coincidence, maybe you were just busy and went off dealing with stuff, but she slowly realised that you were doing it on purpose as it started to happen more frequently. You wouldn't even let her come close to you, even though all Wanda wanted to do was ask if something has happened between the two of you that she wasn't aware of, but she didn't even get the chance. You would have left before she could even open her mouth.
This went on for several days and to her misfortune, when she knocked on your bedroom door one evening, Sam who passed by told her that you were on a mission with some of the others. You didn't tell her, even though you told each other everything. It broke Wanda's heart to say the least, not just because she thought you were best friends, but also (unbeknownst to you) because she liked you a little more than that. She hid in her own room the following days, trying to figure her feelings out.
When you came back from the mission you soon noticed that your best friend wasn't around as often as before, spending a lot of her time with Vision and everywhere else but the places you could usually be found. First you thought that this was a good thing, you didn't have to actively avoid her anymore. But as more time passed, you started to get a horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach. Guilt and longing started to eat you up from the inside. You missed her, and the thought of maybe having ruined your friendship with the redhead, just because you were too much of a coward to be true to your feelings, bothered you extremely. Natasha noticed your weird behaviour rather quickly, nudging you one dinner. "You should talk to her." she whispered, nodding her head towards Wanda. "I should." you answered vaguely, but you didn't want to. You were scared. What if she didn't want to hear you out? What if she disliked, or worse, hated you now? You didn't even want to think about it.
So you spent the whole evening brooding in your room, thinking about what to tell her, but you gave up eventually, deciding on just being honest with her and telling the truth. You got up from your bed and started walking towards your door when you heard a soft knock. You stopped in your tracks, hesitating for a moment before you opened it. In the corridor stood no other than Wanda, a rather cold look on her face. You didn't say anything, but you took a step aside, a sign for her to enter your room. You closed the door, only to awkwardly stand beside it, fiddling with your fingers. "We need to talk." the witch said, looking around your bedroom. "I know." She paused, turning her head to examine your figure. "What did I do?" The question was simple, yet you struggled to find the right words. Wanda kept looking at you, her features taking on a pained expression. "Because I really don't understand why you have been avoiding me the past weeks. Did I say something? Have I done something that upset you? I just don't get it. I thought we were friends." She didn't notice that tears have formed in her eyes, but you did. You grimaced, guilt taking over every inch of your body. "You didn't do anything." A dry laugh escaped Wanda's mouth, a tear rolling down her cheek that she quickly wiped away. "If that's how it is, why have you been ignoring me? Because I have a really hard time believing you." The tension in the room became worse with every passing second. You bit your lip in desperation. It was now or never. "Wanda..." you started, stopping when you met her gaze. Her usually bright eyes were dull, glazed due to the tears. It hurt you to see her like that, knowing that you were the reason why she felt this way in the first place. "I didn't avoid you because you did something wrong. I avoided you because I thought it was for the best."
"What do you mean?" she asked bluntly, not understanding. You took a deep breath before continuing. "I thought it was a good idea to stay away from you because I like you. A lot. And I don't mean in an amicable way. I like like you. I was so scared that if you found out you would leave me, that I thought it for the best to just not be around you anymore." There it was. The truth about how you felt about her was out in the world. No going back. You searched Wanda's face for any kind of reaction, but you were met with an unreadable expression. "So you thought just not talking about it and making me feel bad for no reason was the best idea?" You nodded hesitantly, now feeling ashamed of your own behaviour. You both stayed quiet. "I'm sorry." you said eventually. "I guess I didn't think much about how it would affect you." The sokovian said nothing for a while, a sigh breaking the unbearable silence. "You should have told me about this. This whole situation could have been avoided." A nod was your only reaction.
"You know why we should have talked about this earlier? Because then we could have spent the past weeks, beside your mission, happily together instead of... of whatever this was." You tilted your head, searching for her gaze. "Why happily? I would have made our friendship extremely awkward and broken my own heart by telling you. Still might happen." Wanda stared at you. "You are unbelievable. Did you even think about the possibility of me maybe liking you back? Like like?" Now it was your turn to stare at the woman. "Y-you like me? As in like like?" Her soft laugh filled the room, easing the tension. "Oh Y/N, yes, as in like like. You really think I said this for fun?" You shrugged your shoulders. "You never know." The witch took a step towards you, holding out a hand. "Yeah, but I know that I didn't. I mean it, I really like you. And if we could just forget about the whole ignoring thing, please? I mean, it's all good now, right? I know you didn't mean to make me feel bad on purpose."
"I guess so, if you can forgive my behaviour?" You took her hand in yours. "I can." She smiled sweetly before she planted a soft kiss on your cheek. "How do movie and cuddles sound?" Your lips formed a wide smile, cheeks slowly turning pink. "Like a perfect plan."
Maybe this "infection" wasn't so bad after all.
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bri3ll3 · 5 hours ago
happy for you
pairing: bucky x black!reader
word count: 370
summary: after being gone for two years, you come back to find a little surprise.
warnings: none
a/n: i know natasha cannot have kids but let’s just say she can here.
part 1: if only
Tumblr media
it has been two years since i had last been in that tower, steve had sent me on a long mission which required me to live a different life.
i was excited to come back and see everyone. no one but steve knew where i was and i had contact with absolutely no one but steve.
i walked into the tower with my suitcases and look around the tower, it looks the same as when i left.
i heard talking coming from the kitchen, i walk towards the kitchen quietly and stood in the doorway quietly.
i cleared my throat and everyone looked towards me, i swear tony’s eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw me.
peter got out of his seat and ran over to me, hugging me. after peter everyone piled in to make a a big group hug. eventually everyone pulls away from the hug and bombards you with questions.
as i’m talking either everyone i hear tony giggles and a goofy roar come into the kitchen, i look up and see bucky holding a child in his arms.
i notice the little girl cock her head as she looks at me. her eyes are blue and her hair is reddish-brown, the perfect mixture of her parents.
i smile at her and she smiles back holding out her arms to me, bucky puts her down and she waddles over to me. i pick her up and sit her in my lap, her hands immediately go to hair playing with the curls.
“we’ll give you two a moment alone” steve says guiding everyone out of the kitchen, leaving bucky and i alone.
“so how is it, married life” i ask and he sits down next to me,
“it’s great” he admits and i smile.
“you finally got it, the family you wanted” i look at him and he nods.
“yeah, i’m a full time family man” he jokes and i laugh
“what’s her name” i ask looking at the little girl.
“sarah rebecca barnes” he says and i smile before looking at him.
“its beautiful” he smiles at my response.
“i’m happy finally, it feels nice” he says and i smile
“i’m happy for you”
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starknik22 · 7 hours ago
Ok so I’ve seen a few fanfics like this but I don’t remember for Peter Parker
So peter and reader are bestfriends and one day peter accidentally drinks some potion in the lab and turns into a puppy and tony tells reader to take care of the puppy but dosent tell her it’s peter. So for the next 3 weeks reader spends time with the puppy, feeding it and giving it bath n stuff. (Reader changed in front of him but peter is a gentleman so he turned around.....after a peek) and reader also told the puppy how she’s in love with her bestfriend. And so later tony finds the solution and gives it to Peter and since reader n Peter cuddle in the night when he was a puppy he wakes up on top of the reader naked and both of them are just blushing like mad and rambling nonsense and it’s just super cute fluffy bestfriends to lovers.
Thank you!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
awww this was such a cute prompt! i did change a few things since someone else also requested this (so i combined the requests).
COMING May 15th @ 8pm EST (New York Time)
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bri3ll3 · 18 hours ago
pairing: scott lang x black!reader
word count: 467
summary: cassie makes a new friend and introduces her to her scott.
a/n: here’s some scott and cassie lang content!
Tumblr media
i was walking my dog, duke, around my neighborhood trying to get her to the area. i didn’t know anyone but i knew that the neighbor to my right has a daughter, who might i add is absolutely adorable.
“hi” i hear a little voice behind me, i turn around and see my neighbors daughter smiling at me revealing her two missing teeth.
“hi sweetheart” she giggles at the nickname making me smile.
“i like you’re hair, it’s soooo curly” i smile at her compliment, i see her eyes sparkle as she looks at my hair.
“why thank you and i like yours too, the tiara makes you look likes a pretty princess” she giggles at my compliment.
“i’m cassie” she holds her tiny hand out and i shake it.
“i’m y/n” i say and she squeals making me giggle.
“we’re friends now” she declared and i smile, she runs away and yells “daddy i made a new friend” i giggle at her excitement.
“and who could that be peanut” her dad asks as she pulls him towards me.
he’s very handsome and i can tell he has a great personality based off of his daughter.
“daddy this is my new friend, y/n” cassie announced and he looks up, his eyes widen as i smile.
“hi nice to meet you...” i trail off not knowing his name.
“scott and it’s nice to meet you as well” he smiles at me and i smile back feeling warmth spread in my chest.
a year and a half later
“i’m gonna get you” scott yelled goofily as i ran around with cassie on my back.
“he’s picking up speed” cassie yells through her giggles.
“cassie hold on” she tightens her grip around my neck and waist.
i turn around stopping scott in his tracks, i grab his chin and kiss him catching him off guard. i pull away and run off with cassie down the hall.
“that wasn’t fair” scott yells making cassie and i giggle as we run upstairs, i walk into her room and kneel beside her bed so she can get off of my back and get into her bed.
“alright sweetheart get some sleep” i tuck her in and make sure she’s good before kissing her forehead.
i turn her nightlight on and turn her light out before meeting scott at the doorway “night peanut” he says pulling me into him.
“night daddy, night y/n” she mumbles sleepily before scott closes the door, leaving to cracked slightly.
scott and i walk into his room and he pulls me in for a kiss, i wrap my arms around his neck deepening the kiss.
he pulls away and rests his forehead in mine “i love you” he says barely above a whisper and i smile.
“and i love you”
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bri3ll3 · 19 hours ago
if only
pairing: bucky x black!reader
word count: 661
summary: y/n watches bucky fall in love with natasha.
warning: angst
part 2: happy for you
a/n: all of my one shots have been sad lately i am so sorry, i promise fluff is coming soon :) and also reader and nat do not have any friendship problems.
Tumblr media
watching someone you love falling in love with someone else hurts, and experiencing that first hand was never easy.
i walked into the kitchen after waking up and grabbed a bottle of water, i opened it up and guzzled it down feeling the coolness spread through my body.
as i was drinking my water nat came in wearing bucky’s red henley, she smiles at me before sitting down. i feel a pang in my chest seeing her in his red henley, i tried to shake it off but i was still hurt.
bucky and i had been or were bestfriends for a while, we were at one point in time inseparable. when natasha came back from wherever she was, bucky caught feelings and left me in the dust.
after a while they started dating and he came to me about everything, from gifts to how to ask her to be his girlfriend.
i did my best to hide how hurt i was but soon enough tony caught on, them steve, then sam, then vision, until eventually everyone but nat and buck found out.
after a while everyone but bucky was in the kitchen talking, i drank my water in silence listening in on conversations. as i was finishing my water bucky walked in and kissed nat on her cheek, before sitting next to me.
i didn’t feel like sitting and listening to their conversation about whatever so i got up and left without a word. i walked into my room and shut the door behind me before locking it, i asked friday to turn on soundproof mode so no one could hear me.
i slid down my door and let out a loud sob, i felt hot tears steam down my face as i sobbed. i sobbed for hours until i felt fatigue hit me in waves.
i got up and unlocked my door before walking to my bed, i close my eyes and soon enough i fall into a dreamless sleep.
when i wake up it’s around ten, i get out of bed and walk into the living room to see everyone watching a movie. i walk over to the couch and sit next to wand, i lay my head on her shoulder and she lays her head on top of mine.
as we’re watching the notebook bucky and natasha come out of the elevator with smiles on their faces, it takes everything in me to get up and walk into my room.
i walk into the kitchen and walk right back out as i see natasha and bucky kissing each other, as i walk into the living room everyone can see the hurt look on my face. i walk over to the couch and sit back down next to wanda, and she frowns.
“what are you guys watching” bucky asks walking into the living room with natasha clinging onto him.
“the notebook” peter answers, his eyes still focused on the tv.
of course they join in and of course they sit next to me, if it wasn’t for steve mouthing ‘stay’ i would have left.
at the end of hen movie i’m crying into wanda’s shoulder and she was rubbing my back “i hate this movie” i say through tears making everyone laugh.
hearing bucky’s laugh made me cry ever harder “alright i’m calling it a night” i mumble as i get up but i feel his hand wrap around my wrist “come on stay” he pleads and i notice everyone looking at me. i try to hold my tears back but i just cry more.
“i’m sorry but i can’t” i say and he removed my hand from his grasp, i quickly walked out of the living room into my room.
i shut the door behind me and once again sobbed, not even bothering to ask friday to turn on soundproof mode.
i figured it was time to move on but it wasn’t as easy as you thought.
if only it was.
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annebl4cksworld · 21 hours ago
Cold Blood pt.3
WARNINGS: None really, I don’t even think there’s swearing ^^”
NOTE: I do not own any rights to Marvel or The Originals, I have taken content directly from the shows in order to give you a better image of what’s happening! 
A/N: Sorry i haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been going through a lot lately and haven’t had the chance to sit down and keep going.... also I haven’t figured out how to link my chapters yet so I’m sorry for new ppl
Word count: 1,500 (smaller than normal but the next part will be longer so it will make up for it) 
Weak from the hours of spells and torture Rebekah stumbled trying to get away from Klaus, running through doors, falling against walls and eventually ending up in the basement where she met a dead end
“Tired of running?” he called behind her
“I know how much you love the chase and I’d like to deprive you of it” huffing against a wall, watching him round the corner. Klaus was suddenly on his knees and tossing someone away from him, it was Marcel 
“Ah! The lovers reunited, this is actually perfect, I can deal with you both at the same time” pulling the dagger from his belt he waved it in the air. 
“Klaus, it was my idea to call Mikael, he had nothing to do with it” she wheezed moving to stand in front of Marcel, unconscious on the floor.
Before anything else, the blade in Klaus’ hand was driven into his chest. Outside Briar gasped in pain, everything halted to a stop and she fell towards the ground; as the energy field dropped Steve ran for her, grabbing on at the last minute before hitting the ground himself. Briar groaned turning in the arms of the super soldier, she placed her hands on his chest and pushed herself up “Nice save capsicle” 
He turned and sat up after her “don’t call me that” 
“Somethings wrong” Briar brushed his comment off looking over at the sanatorium, she stood and watched as her aunt and Marcel sped out of the door and off into the night. “Oh no” she breathed turning back to see Elijah carrying Klaus with Tony and Natasha right behind them,
Tumblr media
“He did it to himself Briar, I’m taking him back to the compound” Elijah interrupted as he walked past, he placed Klaus in the car and turned back to his niece “What about aunt Rebekah?”
“In hiding; a necessary sacrifice. Go Briar, you don’t need to be here for what comes next, you did your job beautifully. This is between siblings” Elijah placed a kiss on her forehead before getting into the car and driving off.
Briar turned to face the avengers “Ok, when do we leave?” Tony then turning to face Steve “You gonna fight me on this?” Cap clenched his jaw and looked away 
“Seems you’ve already made up your mind” Steve turned to Natasha, “and I for one would like to get out of this city before any other vampires come sniffing around” the redhead flipped her hair and grinned at Briar. 
Once on the quinjet Briar leaning against the wall next to Tony who was flying, she watched steve and he adjusted his uniform, 
“He doesn’t like me” she whispered, Tony shook his head 
“His loss then” winking at Briar she rolled her eyes, “He’s not so great, there’s times where I want to punch him in his perfect teeth” 
“Down boy” Briar glanced Tony's way “what’s got your panties in a twist about him?”
“Grew up listening to how my dad ‘knew captain America’ as if it was some great feat, as if that made him some superior being. What I hate most of all is how freaking polite he is”
“Polite?” Briar scoffed I must have missed that 
“Guy dies and wakes up 70 years later, finds out there’s aliens, androids, wizards and now vampires, witches and werewolves. Let alone someone who is all three; he’s bound to be suspicious. Stand off-ish, hell, maybe even a bit of an ass” 
“Are you defending him? The guy you just said you want to punch in the teeth? I mean he’s got a hell of an ass but-”
“How close are we?” Steve asked cutting Briar off coming to stand behind Tony’s chair 
Nearly 20 minutes out, sir 
Steve nodded and walked away eyeing Briar as he went, she winked, giving a devilish smirk. 
“You were saying?” Tony asked, turning as Steve left. Briar shot him a ‘nevermind’ look shaking her head, she looked out the window as they flew closer to the compound.
Once on the landing strip, the back opened and everyone gathered their belongings. 
“Labs all set up boss” a demanding voice called from outside the ship,
“Oh, no. He’s the boss” Tony turned to face the brunette, who was now on the ship, pointing to Steve who turned his head not making eye contact with anyone,
“I just pay for everything, design everything, make everyone look cooler” 
Briar shrugged and turned to face the brunette, “what’s a girl gotta do to get a drink around here” 
“Hill, status report” Steve called coming to stand in front of them “Sir-“ before she could continue; Steve pulled her from the ship and spoke in hushed tones. Briar huffed, feeling an arm snake through hers, “c’mere darling, I got you” Tony whispered in her ear pulling her off the ship.
Steve watched as they walked by, “I have everything you could dream of and if I don’t I’ll have it flown in, promise.” Tony announced loudly for everyone around to hear, Nat watched Steve watching you, “She doesn’t seem so bad” 
“What’s her deal?” Hill asked 
“Nothing, she’s not a part of the team” Steve stated grabbing the tablet from Hill’s hands to sift through the photos. 
“Top shelf for little old me? Tony you spoil me” Briar winked taking the drink he handed her,
Tumblr media
“You’re going to be meeting the rest of the team soon, a god, an Android, a witch, a rage monster, you know a little of this a little of that. Try to be nice, some of them have-“
“Anger issues?” Briar twisted the glass in her hands “They sound fun, who’s first?” 
“Tony…” a timid man called from the doorway, 
“Banner, - Tony smiled at Briar - Banner is first, what’s the word?” 
“Uh- I need you -um in the lab” without making too much eye contact he walks off 
“He gets nervous around beautiful women, it’s no big” Tony waved his hand dismissively and followed Banner, Briar close behind. 
“The scepter, we were wondering how Strucker was getting so inventive, so I’ve been analyzing the cube and take a look at this.” Banner brought up a holographic image of the cube onto the floor.
“It’s beautiful” Briar commented leaning against the doorway 
“It is; it’s like it’s thinking- i mean this could be- it’s - it’s not a human mind, i mean look at this. They’re like neurons firing.” he paced around the image
“Down in Strucker’s lab I saw some pretty advanced robotics, they deep six the data but… I gotta guess he was knocking on a very particular door.” shrugging Tony watched Banner come to a halt.
“Artificial intelligence.”
“This could be it, Bruce. This could be the key to creating Ultron.” 
“Ultron?” Briar asked sipping her drink,
“Peace in our time Briar. Imagine that?” Tony beamed 
“That’s a mad sized ‘if’ Tony” Bruce rubbed his neck 
“Our job is if what if you were sipping margaritas on a sun dried beach turning brown instead of green? Not looking over your shoulder for veronica” 
“Don’t hate I helped design veronica” Bruce started pacing again
“As a worst case measure right? What about best case? What if the world was safe? what if next time the aliens roll up to the club they can’t get through the bouncer” 
“The only ones threatening the world would be people” Briar stated leaving the doorway to stand beside Tony, offering her drink.
“I wanna apply this to the ultron program but friday can’t download a data schematic this dense, we can only do it while we have the scepter here that’s three days, give me three days” he took a sip of the drink
“So you’re going for artificial intelligence and you don’t wanna tell the team?” staring at Tony nervously,
“Right and you know why because we don’t have time for a city hall debate. I don't wanna hear: the man was not meant to meddle, medley. I see a suit of armor around the world” 
“Sounds like a cold world Tony” Bruce looked back at the image in front of him.
“I’ve seen colder” Briar locked eyes with Bruce 
“this one, this very vulnerable blue one, needs ultron. Peace in our time Banner, that’s all I’m saying” placing a hand on the small of Briars back he led her out of the lab and into the hall.
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mayraki · 22 hours ago
✧ let me make your night better - bucky barnes
Tumblr media
-> asterie’s gif
Tumblr media
summary: it all starts as a fun girls night out with your friends but when you get the unwanted attention from a man, your mood completely changes so you decide to call your boyfriend bucky to take you home. which leads to him wanting to make your night better.
check out my bucky barnes x oc series let’s play fire with fire
a/n: there’s something about bucky riding that motorcycle........
warnings: creepy guy at the bar. oral (female receiving) +18!!
Tumblr media
“Do you actually have to go?” Bucky asked as his eyes were glued to your body while you were checking the outfit you picked for the night. You turned around to see the poor man giving you puppy eyes as he was sitting on the bed behind you. “I mean, you can stay with me and we can watch a movie or something-”
“Bucky, I haven’t seen my friends in person in a long time. And I see you everyday... c’mon, it’s just for tonight.” You left the mirror to get closer to him and stand in front of him to grab his cheeks with your hands and make him lock eyes with you, as his eyes didn’t seem to want to leave your body. “My eyes are up here, baby.” You bit your lower lip as he let out a little laugh and grabbed the back of your thighs to pull your body even closer to him.
“I’m sorry, doll, but the way you look on that dress... what I would give for you to stay tonight here with me.” He said softly while gently caressing your skin. You let out a little smile getting closer to his face to feel his breathing against your skin.
“Maybe when I get back.... someone has to take this dress off..” you said with the intention to tease Bucky and leave him with wild thoughts on his mind, but as soon as you tried to take a step back he quickly grabbed your waist and pulled you up to sit you down on his lap with your legs between his body.
“So you’re teasing me and now you want to leave? That’s kinda rude, doll.” Bucky said softly against your lips before pulling in closer to touch yours with his. You immediately felt the hotness of his skin against yours, feeling your body with that desire you would love to feel so much. But you needed to keep your head up and not give him what he wanted, after all, that was your favorite game.
You pulled away and bit your lower lip seeing how his eyes were filled with lust. “Save it for later, Bucky. We don’t want you to get tired now, do we?”
Before he could make any other movement you left his lap and gave yourself a last look in the mirror. That tight red dress fitted your body like a glove. Ending right in the middle of your thighs and those tall black shoes making your legs more longer. You felt hot... and for the way Bucky was checking you, made you feel even more sexy.
You turned around to face Bucky once again and noticed how his eyes were slowly going down on your body, making the butterflies on your stomach go wild. But no wanting to show any weakness under his eyes, you walked closer to him and grabbed his chin to make his eyes look at yours, once again. “Time for me to leave, baby. See you later?” You asked softly before leaving a simple yet hot kiss on his lips.
“You count on that, doll.” He said when you pulled away. You smiled at him and then turned around ready to leave Bucky and your apartment behind. But not before feeling those blue eyes on your body just one more time.
“Cheers, cheers, cheers girls!” Your friend Kelly said as the sound of the glasses clinching together hit your ears. “For a wonderful night, for a wonderful life filled with love, money and success!” Those words were followed with yours and your friends happy laughs before taking your shot to your mouth, feeling the burning sensation on your throat as soon as the liquid was going down your body.
“Another round, please!” Your other friend, Jessica said loudly to the bartender which nodded quickly.
“I’m not going to black out tonight, girls.” You said as a little laugh escaped your lips. Immediately, you had your two friends looking at you disappointed.
“What?! Why not baby?” Kelley asked while shaking your arm playfully.
“C’mon! We haven’t party like this for a while! Let’s bring back those nights Y/n!”
You let out another laugh as you were shaking your head the moment the bartender pulled another round of shots for you and your friends. “I’m not ready to wake up with a horrible headache and throw up everything I ate today. Not happening. I need more night outs to finally get to that point.”
“Alright, seems fair! But we’re dancing until your feet can’t no more.” You and Jessica quickly nodded as Kelly let out those words. You all grabbed your shots and lifted them up ready to toast again. “For a hot and sexy guy to take me home because I haven’t got any action for months!” Jessica said and you let out a loud laugh before taking your glass towards your mouth, feeling once again, the horrible sensation against your throat making you close your eyes and shake your head waiting for it to end.
“I feel you on that one, Jess.” Kelly said after leaving the shot glass on the table. “I haven’t had a guy on my bed for ages, I’m starting to wonder if sex changed or if I have my virginity back.”
“Definitely.” Jess agreed. “We need to look for potential guys to take home, please. Someone rich, if it’s possible.”
They both turned around to wonder around the club as you let out a smile looking at your friends being their goofy selves. But soon after, they all turned around to face you with grins all over their faces. “What?” You asked confused at their facial expressions.
“Since we don’t have any sexual encounters in our lives, we need to live through yours.” Kelly said making you let out a laugh feeling the hotness going towards your cheeks. “C’mon, tell us what that hot boyfriend of yours do.”
“Girls! I don’t kiss and tell!”
“Don’t be like that, Y/n! Help your friends out.” Jess complained shaking your arm. “I’m pretty sure that man leaves nothing to the imagination.” She lifted her eyebrows repeatedly making you shake your head while biting your lower lip as the memory of the other night came back to your head.
“Oh, am I seeing that correctly? Am I seeing Y/n remembering something? Oh, girl, c’mon tell us!”
“She’s probably thinking about her boyfriend’s huge-”
“What? C’mon, Y/n, I’m such touched starved!”
You looked at your friends but your mind was somewhere else, his hands touching you, his lips against your skin, your bodies dripping with water, your back against the wall... “The other night,” you started before your brain gave you a chance to decide about telling your friends “he decided to surprise me with something that he knows I like. He prepared a bath with roses in it and chocolate sented candles. We got in and well... one thing lead to another and we ended up-” you let out a tiny laugh seeing your friends carefully listening to your words “we ended up turning on the shower and doing it against the wall.”
Your friends pulled their bodies backwards to let their backs rest on the chair as they were covering their faces with their hands. “Steamy and wet, that’s the one right there!” Kelly said as you were letting out little laughs seeing how funny their reactions were.
“Please tell me he likes to go down on you.” Jess said and then carefully waited for your reaction, and then again, once you slowly nodded they both let their bodies hit the chair as Jess was waving air with her hand towards her face and Kelly ordered another shot. “Jesus, that man keeps getting hotter and hotter the more I found out about him.”
You gently punched Jess on the arm as she shrugged her shoulders. “Hey! That’s my man you’re talking about!” You said with a smile seeing how Jess took another shot like it was the easiest thing in the world.
“Yes! I know you lucky bitch!”
“I need to dance and shake my ass.” Kelly said with her eyes closed, feeling the burning from her shot. “Twerking is the only thing that’s gonna make me feel better.”
After Kelly grabbed you and Jess to take you two to the dance floor, you danced and danced until you started to feel your throat getting dry as you started to move along with the music. Your feet inside those heels were making your toes hurt so realising your defeat, you pointed at the bar to your friends and they quickly nodded, letting you know they got it.
Making your way to the chair you were sat down a half an hour ago, you let your body as well as your feet relax once your weight was on that tall chair. You let out a relaxing breath as you felt your toes getting comfortable and the cold wind that was entering the club hit your skin, making your sweat slowly fade away.
“Can I have a glass of water, please?” You asked the bartender and as soon as they nodded, you let out a tiny smile thanking them. While waiting for your drink, you pulled out your phone to check out the hour and as soon as the time ‘01:35’ appeared on your screen, you blocked it to leave it again inside your tiny black purse. “Thank you!” You said as the bartender left with a smile a glass of water in front of you.
With a quick move, you grabbed your drink and headed it towards your mouth to let it fresh your mouth and throat. Seconds later, the water was long gone and you were feeling better. So, with the intention to see your friends and check if they were still on the same spot, you turned your head around but when a strange guy walked in front of you making it impossible for you to see your friends, you slowly followed him with your eyes as he quickly made his way towards the chair by your side.
“Waiting for someone?” He asked letting his elbows rest on the counter as his face was facing you.
You let out a tiny smile after checking your friends. “No, I’m with my friends. They’re dancing right now, so-”
“Oh, don’t tell me they left you alone! They’re bad friends.”
You slowly shook your head while you locked eyes with him. “No they’re not. We were dancing together but I got thirsty so I decided to come here.”
The guy nodded as his eyes looked down to your lips. You moved in your seat uncomfortably as you felt his eyes under you. Trying to make it obvious that you didn’t want to talk you turned to the bartender and kept your focus on what they were doing. But when you still felt the guy by your side, you turned around to them once again to give them an awkward little smile.
“I’m Peter.”
“Do you want a drink?”
If guys ever approached you on the street you would usually tell them politely that you had a boyfriend of that you weren’t interested, making them to leave you alone or sometimes leaving the typical comment ‘you’re not that hot anyway’ in the processes. But for some reason, there was a feeling in your gut that this guy wasn’t good news. The way he was staring at you and after every word getting his body closer and closer to you, made you even more uncomfortable and wanting to go out of that situation as fast as possible.
“Not really. I already had a lot.” You said dryly and wanting the guy to leave you alone you faced the bartender once again, but instead, Peter touched your elbow with strength the moment he moved his body closer to yours.
“C’mon, what’s one more? Please, hey, you!” He snapped his fingers to call the bartender. “Two shots!”
“Hey, I said no.” You said shaking your head. “I’m sorry but I have a boyfriend.”
“And what about it?” Peter let out a loud as soon as the two shots were in front of you. “Can’t your boyfriend share?”
You stared at his eyes and soon felt how your heart dropped to your stomach. You looked at his hand handing you the shot but then quickly shook your head, grabbing your purse with the intention to go back with Jess and Kelly. “I better go find my friends, they must be looking for me.”
“You told me they were dancing so they’re probably having fun, Y/n! C’mon, take the shot with me.” Peter got closer the shot to your face which made you turn your head backwards. “Don’t be a party boomer!”
“I don’t want to.” You said firmly trying to take his hand out of your face’s way, but him taking it even more closer to your face made you unintentionally push his hand away, making the shot fall on his shirt.
“You little bitch! This shirt is new!” With the intention to grab your arm he lifted his now wet hand towards you but soon was stopped by the bartender grabbing his shirt and pulling him away. You quickly got up from your chair and looked how the bartender looked at you and once they noticed you were fine, they turned back to Peter.
“You better leave her alone, asshole.” They said and soon called the security guard, who grabbed Peter to take him out of the club after the bartender told him some words quickly. “Are you alright?” They asked and you quickly nodded. As they were about to say something else, you felt someone grabbing your shoulders and soon noticing your two friends standing by your sides looking at you worringly.
“Y/n! What happened?! Are you alright?” Jess asked as Kelly was looking around for Peter with anger on her eyes.
“I’m fine.” You said after gaining the control of your tongue. The realisation of what just happened hit your head so feeling annoyed at the music around you, you turned around to walk out the front door and leave the club behind, soon followed by your two friends.
“I’m gonna kill that guy!” Kelly said with anger while Jess was gently caressing your shoulder.
“Are sure you’re alright?” Jess asked softly and you slowly nodded pulling out your phone from your purse.
“I’m gonna call Bucky so he can take me home.” You said and your friends quickly nodded.
“We better go too.” Jess said turning to an angry Kelly, who was still looking around for Peter. “Kelly?”
“Yes, you call Bucky and tell him what happened because I’m sure he’s going to be down with me to kill that guy.” Kelly said but you quickly shook your head.
“No, I’m not telling him what happened.”
“What?!” Kelly turned to you confused. “Y/n you need to tell him.”
“No, that’s going to lead the whole situation into more chaos and I just want to go home.”
Kelly was about to say something else but Jess cut her off. “Kelly, is Y/n’s decision.”
Knowing that Jess was right, Kelly let out a sigh and walked closer to you to gently caress your arm. “Alright.”
You looked at your phone and once you saw the name “Bucky” on your screen, you let out a little sigh before looking at your friends. “Not a word, ok?” They both nodded and then you clicked on his name taking your phone towards your ear, already ringing.
“Hello? Y/n? Are you alright?” Bucky asked with worry in his voice the second the call was answered.
“Bucky. Yeah, I’m fire. I just- can you pick me up?”
“Why? What happened?”
“Nothing. I just want to go home. Jess and Kelly want to stay and I don’t want them to end the night earlier because of me. That’s all.” You looked at your friends and noticed the anger still coming out Kelly’s eyes, but her mouth stayed shut.
“Doll, you don’t sound alright what happ-?”
“Can you come Bucky?” You cut him off with your voice cracked. Something about him sounding so worry about you made your throat to close up and to feel some tears wanting to come out.
“Stay there. I’m on my way.” He quickly said before ending the call. Leaving your phone back in your purse you locked eyes with your friends and tried your hardest to keep your tears inside your body.
“Are we taking an Uber?” Jess asked to Kelly but before Kelly could answer, you shook your head.
“No, you guys stay. C’mon, it’s early. I’ll be fine with Bucky. Besides, you two still need to find someone rich so they can take us on their fancy boat.”
Jess and Kelly let out a tiny laughs while you felt your throat going back to normal. “I can’t promise you the boat, but a house on a lake is enough?” Kelly asked jokingly and you quickly nodded while a little smile escaped your lips.
Soon after, the sound of a motorcycle hit your ears making your head to turn towards the noise. You got up noticing the entire attention of the people outside the club was now on your boyfriend arriving while riding his motorcycle. Seconds after pulling over, he took off his big and black helmet off and left the motorcycle to make his way towards you.
“What happened, Y/n?” He asked with anger on his voice. “Did someone touch you? Who? Y/n, please tell me.” Not getting an answer from you, Bucky immediately understood and looked around with anger. “I’m gonna kill whoever touched you.”
“That’s the fucking spirit!” You heard Kelly say behind you.
“Where is he? Is he still here? C’mon, Y/n, tell me so I can show that guy that nobody touches my girl.”
“Bucky!” You yelled loudly enough to gain Bucky’s attention. He turned to you and once seeing the tiredness on your eyes, he quickly grabbed your cheeks and left a simple kiss on your lips. “Just take me home.” You said softly once he pulled away.
You moved back ready to walk towards his motorcycle and put the extra helmet on, soon followed by Bucky. Once you were on his bike sitting behind him and wrapping your hands around his waist, you turned to your friends and let out a tiny smile.
“With a lake house?” Kelly asked with a little smile and you nodded.
“Nothing less.” You said before Bucky turned the motorcycle on and started the way towards your apartment.
As the wind was hitting your skin you started to feel cold and your body to shiver, so trying to look for warmth you touched your forehead with Bucky’s back as you tried to get your body closer to his as possible. Moving your hips to his, you noticed how Bucky did a quick look to you on the back and understood what you were doing. Being able to manage his motorcycle with just his metal arm, he let go and with his warm hand touched your naked thigh with strength, giving it a little squeeze before gently caressing your skin with his thumb.
The amount of safety he made you feel by just touching you it was unbelievable. Everything that you felt moments ago was slowly fading away, making you feel butterflies in your stomach and filling your chest with warmth. You unconsciously let out a tiny smile as the feeling of freedom hit your body, you let your chin rest on his back as his hand was still on your thigh. The way he made you feel on that situation, him riding his bike with you on the back, it couldn’t be described. You felt in movie, those things you were used to seeing in old movies where the guy is something so far off by reality that would always made you feel sad because you thought you were never going to find something like that. But there you were, with the man of your dreams driving his motorcycle while his hand was resting on your thigh, ready to protect you and make you the happiest girl in the world.
“Want something to drink?” Bucky asked softly as the door of your apartment was being closed by him and you were on the couch, taking your shoes off.
“Not really. Just want to take this dress off and go to bed.” You tossed your shoes aside and made your hair into a bun ready to head into your bathroom and take off your makeup.
As you feet touched the coldness of the floor in the bathroom, you shiver but quickly turned on the hot water to wash your hands and start with your routine. As soon as you grabbed the makeup remover, you sigh regretting going out with your friends. It made you feel so disgusting on the inside as the memory of Peter was slowly going back to your head. It was more anger right on that moment than sadness and shook, the way that some guys felt you were obligated to say yes to them just because they wanted to buy you a drink. No matter if you said no multiple times. It was sickening.
Your muscle memory made you remember his hands touching your elbow making you stop throwing with anger the makeup remover towards the counter and close your eyes to try and forget it.
“Doll?” A hand touching your elbow made you jump and quickly open your eyes. But as soon as your eyes locked up with his, your heart went down to its normal speed. “You ok?”
“Yeah.” You nodded before opening the cold water to wash your face. You opened your eyes to see the water dripping down on your skin but then your eyes went directly to the man behind you. Once you did, you slowly followed him and his lips as they were ready to kiss your bare shoulders. Feeling their warmth, you closed your eyes enjoying the feeling.
His free hand slowly traced your body until it arrived in your stomach to gently push you against him, to warm your bodies against the other. Slowly living kisses on your shoulder, he then moved his lips towards your neck. Wanting to leave him more space, you tilted your head sideways as little breaths were coming out of your mouth.
“Open your eyes, doll.” He said against your skin making you shiver the second your skin felt the air hitting you.
As he said, you slowly opened your eyes to meet his as his lips were leaving gentle kisses on your skin. Your left hand touched his, the one that was carefully resting against your stomach to gently caress it with your thumb. Without giving you the chance to do something else, Bucky turned your body to face him and quickly grabbed your cheeks to leave a simple yet full of passion kiss on your lips.
“Let me make your night better, doll.” He said softly right in front of your face making you feel the hot air leaving his mouth in your skin. His eyes were glued to your lips and his thumb was caressing your cheek. With his metal arm, moved a piece of hair that was covering your face and carefully tugged it behind your ear.
“What do you have in mind?” You asked when a grin escaped your lips. Suddenly, like Bucky was waiting for that exact answer, with his metal arm grabbed your waist and pulled you up, making you wrap your legs around his waist while he was making his way towards your bedroom.
Once inside, as he was getting closer to the bed he pulled up your dress and left it right on your stomach. He carefully dropped you and quickly positioned himself on top of you. Feeling the coldness of his metal arm it made you shiver once again, but soon it was covered by the hot kiss he left on your lips.
Leaving your lips, he started to move on your neck and then your chest while his other cold hand was slowly pulling your dress up. Soon after, you were wearing nothing but your underwear. Tossing your dress to the side, Bucky held his body up by his knees and stared at your body like he was staring at a piece of art freshly made.
“You’re so fucking beautiful, doll. You know that?” He said with a little smile and that made your stomach turn as you felt the heat going towards your cheeks. Even if he had been your boyfriend for over a year now, no matter how many times he had seen you naked or called you beautiful, it still made you feel like it was the first time.
Getting closer to your face once again, he united his lips with yours but this time he managed to make the speed faster than the ones before. His tongue touched your mouth so you opened it wider to let it play with yours. As slowly as they were moving, you could feel the heat growing in your body. He had his metal arm by the side of your head holding his body on top of yours while his other hand was slowly massaging the side of your thigh.
His fingers found themselves playing with your underwear, pulling it and twisting it while his mouth was still focused on yours. But soon leaving your lips desiring for more, he ended the kiss and looked down ready to pull your underwear down. Like he was a pro at it, with quick moved he sat down on the bed and with his metal arm lifted your waist so the thin underwear you were wearing would come off easily. Letting out a grin Bucky toss it aside and used his hand to touch your stomach and slowly move it up towards your chest.
You could feel your insides asking for more. Wanting to feel Bucky against your legs even more as his hands were tracing your body. Joining them soon his lips were now against your skin. Taking his tongue out he gently licked your bare chest around your bra. Needing to take it off, you arched your back to let his hand go under and with a quick move making it undone to take it off your body and again, toss it on the floor.
“I’m never going to get tired of watching your naked body under me, doll.” Bucky said softly making you let out a smile as his lips were already flying towards your mouth.
“Bucky-” you said against his lips.
“What, doll?” He asked leaving your mouth to slowly caress your cheek with his thumb as his eyes were staring you and your eyes full of lust. “What do you want me to do to you?” He asked with a smile and you bit your lower lips while million of ideas were flying around your mind. “What is it, doll?” He asked more with a joking tone than before. The grin on his face became even bigger as a smile appeared on your face. “Oh, you want me do the thing- I’ll do the thing, alright.”
A little laugh escaped your lips as Bucky moved his mouth towards your chest and left little kisses on it, but soon placed his body lower so his face could be closer between your legs. Ready to feel that sensation your body was desiring so much, you closed your eyes and soon felt his lips against your inner thigh. Wanting to make more space for his head Bucky grabbed your thighs and slowly separated them without taking his lips away from your skin.
He was taking his sweet time around your folds leaving little kisses making you feel the hotness and the wetness of it become even more stronger and noticeable. You moved your hips to feel his lips more strongly against your skin, noticing this Bucky let out a tiny smile and looked at the desire in your face. “Want me to move quicker, don’t we?”
“Fuck, Bucky.” You let out softly gaining a little smile from Bucky’s mouth.
Just like you wanted, soon after you felt Bucky’s lips against your inner lips making you slightly shake under his touch. He started to leave gentle kisses before taking his tongue out and slowly tracing every single angle.
You could feel the sweat starting to leave your body as Bucky was carefully moving between your legs. That burning sensation he would always make you feel it was starting to appear when he moved to the top of your inner lips, towards your clit. With the tip of his tongue he started to make circles around it making you embrace every feeling that was happening inside of you. The butterflies in your stomach seemed to have gone into riot mode as your heart was going full speed under his warm touch. It was like he was putting you under a spell, making your entire body to fall for him no matter what he did.
“Fuck, fuck.” You spitted out almost in a whisper as Bucky’s tongue started to move faster against your clit. The faster he was getting you could felt your legs starting to shake around his head. The tightness of your inner lips and lower stomach was starting to make their way into your body as his tongue was professionally moving against you. But once you felt like you were coming undone, Bucky stopped leaving you wanting for more. “Oh, fuck you.” You said softly while Bucky just grinned before going back to your clit and leaving gently kisses on it.
Taking his fingers closer to you, with his index finger started to caress your folds up and down, making you, once again, fall under his touch. You could feel the wetness of your sex becoming stronger and stronger the more he spent between your legs. Moving his index finger away and taking his thumb against your clit, he started to caress it to place his middle finger right outside your orifice.
Feeling how slowly his fingers was entering your body you slightly arched your back and let out a long breath. The combination of his thumb moving against your clit and his fingers inside of you was making you fall into such a big relaxation and lust that whatever your body did or came out of your mouth was no longer under your brain commands.
Your hand flew towards Bucky’s hair to gently caress as he moved his tongue towards your folds to trace them up and down. Now, you had him touching your folds, his thumb tracing your clit and his middle finger slowly moving inside of you. He was a damn good multitasker.
The sound of your wet vagina was now louder as Bucky entered his ring finger inside of you to accompany his middle finger and make your legs shake around his head even faster. He replaced his thumb with his mouth and started sucking on your clit with strength to help you reach that wanted orgasm.
With the tip of his tongue and with speed, he started play with your clit and moved it around making your feel everything around it turn tighter and your folds to burn.
“Fuck, Bucky, I’m close- don’t stop.” You said with your voice cracked as he was gaining speed and moving his fingers with more decision between your walls. As they started pounding he slowed down and took his fingers out to enter them once again, making you let out a loud moan in the process. “Shit.” You said as your legs were shaking and his tongue wasn’t stopping against your clit.
Seeing how close your were, Bucky removed his fingers from inside of you and took his two hands towards your thighs to spread them wider and make more space for his head once again and for you to feel his tongue even more deeper against your clit.
Faster than you could let out another moan, you felt your inner lips fill with lust and your clit to burn with passion as his tongue was slowly taking its speed down. “Fuck..” you said in a whisper and you felt the orgasm slowly fading away as Bucky was leaving gently kisses on your folds and caressing your thighs with his thumbs.
He slowly went back to your face as he was leaving multiple kisses on your skin. Once he arrived at your lips he left a simple kiss in them as you tasted yourself. As soon as he ended the kiss your heavy breathing started to mix with his, feeling how his chest was touching yours and his free hand tracing your legs up and down.
The amount of lust he made you feel under those minutes it was more than you ever felt with any other men in your entire life. The way he made you feel under his touch, under his eyes, under his presence... it was like no other. He was yours and you were his. You were his girl and he made sure you knew that, nobody was ever going to hurt you ever again.
“Feeling better?” He asked with a smile the moment you opened your eyes to meet his.
“Better than ever, Bucky.” You said softly before uniting his lips with yours one last time. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad night after all.
Tumblr media
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A missing feeling
pairing: Bucky Barnes x GN!Reader
a/n: i'm so in love w this man idk why i didn't write for him sooner. This is also me trying to find comfort lmfoa. It's rather a personal experience. This is for everybody feeling this way, i know i'm not the only one and it's ok to feel like this, stay safe and know that you are valid and deserve help. and if you need somebody to talk to about this or anything that's been bothering you, my messages are open💙💙
And thank you to the loving @emmastarz for teaching me how to make dividers 💙🤧
summary: A missing feeling can't always be replaced by something good. Bucky is willing to help you find the good to replace the bad with.
w/c: 2.6k
warnings: mental health issues, insecurities/fears, eating disorder, mention(s) of calories, hints of self-harm, talks of therapy
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Tumblr media
This isn’t foreign. It isn’t a new feeling, or emotion. More like, missing. It feels like you had a sense of control. There aren’t a lot of things you can control, things in your own hand. But this is one of those you had the chance to control. It isn’t really a good thing, but it brought you happiness, a sense of calm, knowing you reached the limit and didn’t feel empty.
You also don’t do it because you wanted to, willingly. It feels like you just got dragged back into this negative habit. Some may say it’s an addiction to count and count and want to see the numbers everyday. Some others tell you at least you’re trying. “As long as you don’t lose your goal,” they tell you. As if you didn’t lose it a long time ago.
You stare down at your phone in hand, its light the only thing illuminating your dark room. You’re laying in your bed, covers long shoved away and only sitting there in your big sweater and shorts. The sweater swallows you whole, not really letting you see your body.
Another negative trait.
Your therapist had told you about this. “A part of recovery is accepting your body,” she said to you. It’s carved its way into your brain, you remember her words everytime you walk past a mirror. Which is, again, why you avoid doing so. The baggy clothes help you hide, hide the fact that you’re changing again. And although that is a good thing, your mind won’t let you think so. Or more like, the disorder won’t. Your mind was already past the first step of recovery: accepting your disorder, knowing and wanting to get help. It wasn’t an easy step and took you a long time to go through, but with the help of your amazing and loving friends, it passed quickly.
Accepting your body when you’re fighting against a mental illness that takes over your whole life, mind and body, such as an eating disorder, isn’t the easiest thing to do. The disorder revolves around doing the exact opposite, so how is this supposed to be easy? How are you supposed to tell your mind to do a full 180 and forget what it learned in the past three years and listen to what your therapist and friends tell you?
And then there are the numbers and food. At first, this doesn’t make sense. Numbers and food aren’t supposed to come and be together. They are two completely different things. Food, to fuel you and for you to enjoy. And the numbers. There for you to fall down a deep, deep dark and hate filled hole. Which takes you back to the screen of your phone staring back at you.
Three numbers aligned next to each other, black on white. Different pictures of food below the different numbers, some marked with the word “free”, some showing you a lock on the picture, meaning you’d have to unlock the content and pay for it. This also isn’t new. The app, the numbers, the joy and euphoria filling your brain when you went another day hiding it.
Bucky told you to delete this app off your phone weeks ago. You had promised him to do so after he warned you and told you he’d do it, but you just needed some time. And he trusted you and gave you a kiss on the cheeks, reminding you of how beautiful you are and that he’s always there to remind you of it and to let you vent. For you to turn to him instead of the numbers when you needed a sense of control and just to talk. He had even asked if you were interested in finding a mutual interest, which you had turned down with a wave of your hand and a convincing enough smile. And now here you are, still on that same damn app and trying to hide your body from yourself.
This isn’t what they call recovery. This isn’t what your therapist encouraged you to do.
Your phone blinked with a message after it locked again, snapping you out your lost mind and drawing your eyes back to it. You unlock it and read the message.
Nat 🕸
We ordered your favorite.
u coming down?
A shaky breath leaves your lips and you turn the phone around. How are you supposed to hide the fact that you lied to your friends in front of your friends? You knew this would be coming, but you hoped they’d at least wait a little longer until they invited you to eat together. Although Bruce suggested eating together, talking about it being “therapeutic, helpful and making you forget about the numbers for the moment.” And he is right. It does make you forget about them when eating with the people you love, but it’s the pain and anger that hits you after leaving your friends that makes you doubt everything you take in. And it hurts. So, so much.
There’s a knock on the door, silent. You almost don’t hear it, too lost in your thoughts and fears. You get up slowly and lift yourself off your bed, this motion alone almost taking up all energy in you. You step to the door and grab the door handle, breathing in and getting ready to answer whatever question would be thrown at you. But to your luck, only Bucky is standing in front of it, beaming and two small bottles of orange juice in his hand.
“Hey,” he whispers. You reply with a tired smile. He pulls you into a soft hug, holding himself back from wincing when he sees the state your room is in. You had definitely been laying in bed all weekend. And he doesn’t blame you. If he only had been through half the things you have been going through for years, he’d be laying in bed and trying to relax too. You invite him in as you pull back and step to the side, closing the door behind him and turning on the lights in your room. He makes a mental note to help you clean the next day and walks to your bed, throwing himself in and patting the empty space next to him. You go and sit next to him. He pulls you in and draps an arm over your shoulder, bringing you closer to his strong form and letting you rest your head on his shoulder. You relax and let out a sigh, closing your eyes.
All you want to do right now is just sleep. Close your eyes and sleep, sleep, sleep.
Everything is happening so fast. Questions, hours of listening to and meeting professionals, hours of needing to be checked by doctors and weeks of your friends not leaving your side. They are all worried about you and you know it, you just wish they’d give you a minute to relax and breathe. And it seems like Bucky is the only one to know how to react. Hell, he literally escaped and hid for years because everything was too much and he didn’t want to be recognized. He makes you calm down, relax and just lets you breathe and think, even though he’s in the same room as you.
“What are you thinking about?” he whispers into the comfortable silence. You stir, moving your head a little only enough to look straight ahead of you and at the door. “Not much, I guess,” you mutter. He nods.
“Have you- have you done it?” He looks down at your face, noticing the frown. “Deleting the app,” he quickly adds. You start chewing on your bottom lip and lift your head off his shoulder, now directly looking at him.
“No,” You shake your head and clench your jaw. He notices your distress and takes your hand in his, softly drawing circles with his thumb on it. He wants to know why.
“I’m just,” you sigh, “it’s happening so fast, you know? I just need time, Bucky. Everyone expects me to instantly go all happy and accepting but it takes so much of me to even get up, knowing you all think I’m doing great.” you explain. Mentally, everything is so draining. Even talking about it with him makes you tired.
“Is there something that happened?” he asks. You shake your head, no.
“It’s like something is missing, you know?” You lean your head back on his shoulder. “I miss this feeling of being able to control what I take. I know it’s bad, but it’s not foreign. It isn’t new. I’m scared of trying new things. What if I fail? What if I turn something good into something bad?”
“What- what if this is the only thing I got control over? It makes me feel comfortable for some reason. All I’m asking for is time and a new thing I can trade this for, but I’m scared.” you explain. Bucky turns his head, lowering it and planting a kiss on your head.
“Look, I know I don’t entirely understand what you’re going through. I’ve never counted…” “calories?” He nods. “Yeah, that. I never did that. But I know what it feels like to think you have no control over your own life. I know why you turn to this instead of searching for something better. It feels easy and brings you joy,” he stops and glances at you, eyes full of worry. You nod, your eyes still fixed ahead of you and not him.
“See? It’s all about it feeling easy. and it brings you joy. We can find something else. When I used to-” he stops himself. Maybe right now, this is a little too much for you. “Uh, when I also did things, Steve asked me to go to this library and start reading. They had a cat and it always came up to me when I entered the library.” He smiles at the thought.
“And so I found joy going there and it distracted me from the bad thoughts. I now have two bookshelves filled with books in my room.” he completes.
“Is that also why you got Alpine?” you ask jokingly. He chuckles, his vibrating chest making you bite your bottom lip and smirk.
“Yes, that’s also why I got the cat.” You nod and hide back in your thoughts. This is going to be difficult, you know that. Hiding longer won’t bring you closer to your goal either. You have friends who support you, and the chance to get a therapist.
So why not do it? You already started getting better. It’s your mind that pulls you back and doesn’t let you go. It’s like this disorder got hands, grabbing after you when you’re about to slip from its fingers and pulling you back to its bad goal, because it knows you’d come back.
But you don’t want this anymore.
It’s exhausting. Grabbing your phone, logging in whatever drink or food entered past your lips and waiting to see the app calculate and see what number it is today. Because you know it’s going to be disappointing anyways, even if that euphoria and excitement is there for a second, it’s going to leave you again and let you worry on your own. It’s comforting, but not forever. It shouldn’t be comforting anyways, and you know that.
“Are you listening?” You flinch and lift your head. “I asked you if you want to go to the library with me tomorrow?” You hum, still not entirely listening to your boyfriend. And he notices.
“Y/N, what’s wrong? I know that face,” he notes. You groan and turn to him. He raises his hand, placing his thumb under your chin and making you look up at him. He’s got a soft and worried look in his eyes.
“I don't know what, really.” You shake your head and free your body from his hold. A sigh leaves your lips and you drop your head down again.
“I already told you everything’s going so fast and I- I don’t understand what’s happening half of the time. I get these really energetic bursts of energy where I feel like running through Tony’s yard and still feel happy. And then suddenly I feel like the whole world’s watching and judging me,” you explain.
“And then again, some days I get really motivated and want to recover. I really do, Bucky. I really-,” your voice cracks at the end of your sentence as your eyes fill with tears. Talking about it feels good, but it’s hard. “I’m trying so hard and then there’s days where I download the app, count, and I just want to isolate myself and be anyone but me,”
“And today’s one of those days?” he asks softly. You nod.
“Not only today. It’s been like this for weeks now, but these past three days have been so difficult going through.” Another silence fills your room, only Bucky’s breathing could be heard and your own heartbeat in your ears. You’re happy and thankful for Bucky for not judging you or being disappointed in you for lying to him these past days. Your mind was already taking the role of doing so and it was tiring.
“Do you want me to tell Bruce? He can tell your therapist and the-” You cut him off with a shake of your head and shuffle closer to him, wrapping your own arm around him and finding comfort on his broad chest. He relaxes into your touch and wraps his arms around you, lowering his head, chin resting on your head after placing a kiss on it.
“I just want to stay here, with you. We can talk about this later.”
Bucky knows better than to push you and make you uncomfortable to the point where you feel forced to talk about this longer. So he chooses to nod and hold you closer to him, savouring the moment. He loves moments like these with you, just hanging around together.
“Ok, but you promise me one thing,” he starts. You hum, encouraging him to go on. “You’ll come to me the next time you feel like this.” You’re about to argue when he warns you.
“And no, you’ll not argue. I want the best for you. Please, I want to help as much as I can,” he lets you know.
“You’re already helping me by being with me. This right now? Having you with me is better than therapy,” you joke, but his face stays stern and demanding as you raise your head to glance at him. You groan and roll your eyes. “Ok, I promise. But I promise I’ll try. I can’t guarantee it, but I’ll try my best,” you say. He frowns and thinks for a second. He’d get the truth out of you anyways. Bucky knows lying to him wasn’t easy for you.
“Okay, but now,” He raises your head again, eyes darting down to your lips and wetting his own. “Now I want to spend time with my love,” he whispers as he dips his head down, capturing your lips in a slow and intimate kiss. You smile into the kiss and feel him smirk. A breathy chuckle leaves his mouth as you seperate your lips from his, leaning your head against his chest.
“Can we watch a movie?”
“What? Not again!” You smile and nod eagerly. “Of course again! It makes me happy,” you reason and get ready to lift yourself from the bed. He takes your hand and pulls you back into his lap. “Let me get everything ready. You stay here and wait,” he tells you as he gets up. You smile and peck his lips before he gets up, a grin plastered on his face.
“You’re like a big baby when I kiss you,” you tease him.
“What? Am I not allowed to be happy when the person I love loves me too?” he protests, earning another eye roll from you.
“Yeah, yeah. Go get the movie, I want to cuddle!” He laughs and leaves the room, not before sending you an air kiss.
Tumblr media
@bi-lmg @fandomxreaders @aayaissaa
bucky barnes
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athenamgh · a day ago
a/n: veryy veryy old idea.. lets see if smth good of it will come out... btw it will have at least two parts
paring/s: Natasha Romanoff x fem!Reader
summary: two broken hearts need to heal each other.. but will they..
warning/s: tears, angst, fluff (i am soo not sure....)
word count: 1.7k
Chapter I | Chapter II
Natasha Romanoff MASTERLIST
Tumblr media
You slowly opened your eyes and they met the dark ceiling. It seemed it was still an early morning because the room was still sinking in the dark. You slowly turned your head to the side, your palm brushing through the empty space aside. Suddenly, you tightly clenched the sheets in your fist, closing your eyes strongly.
You slowly opened your eyes and they met two beautiful forest green orbs. Before you could notice your body was already acting in it’s own way, your face spread a bright smile. Natasha was looking at you with those dark green eyes, you could drown in, her hair messy due to the sleep, made her look even more beautiful whenever.
You gently brushed the loose strand of hair, whispering “Good morning gorgeous”. A soft smile spread her soft lips and reddish crawl up her face. She was about to cover herself, to hide her face with sheets, but you gently caught her wrists. “Don’t you dare to run from me”. 
Natasha looked at you with a challenging look “Or what?”. Your face crept up a smirk, you quickly brought your hands to her sides starting to tickle her.
The laugh filled the room. She was trying to defend herself, but your hands there faster running across her body. “Okay, okay,” she giggled, “stop now, please” , but you didn’t want to let her go so easily. 
“Say, that you won’t hide from me ever again”, Natasha narrowed her eyes slightly, her lips spread a wide smile, she nodded. Romanoff  wrapped her hands around your neck, looking deep into your eyes, admiring the pure affection sparking in them.
  “I would never want to be apart from you y/n”. You felt her hand brush your cheek, then slim fingers ghosting your bottom lip. All this time your eyes didn’t disconnect even for a breath second.
In a moment of surprise Natasha swiftly flipped two of you over, now she was on the top straddling your waist. You widely smiled at her tricky move, lifting yourself up on your forearms “I will never be able to stay away from you, huh?” you asked, astonished. 
Natasha leaned forward for a moment with a mischievous smile, placing her index finger on your bottom lip making your tongue brush it lightly “Well, that’s the plan, dear..”. 
You lifted your eyebrow playfully, “Oh, really?”. 
“Mhm,” she giggled, now shaping your strong jawline with her finger. 
“Well, then how about we make it even, huh?.” Her lips parted, her tongue liking her bottom lip while  looking up at you. “You will never be able to get me out of your head,” you said with such a low almost husky voice. 
She leaned her head to the side slightly because of your statement, from her eyes you could tell she was intrigued. “And how would you possibly do that?” she said seductively.
Suddenly you lifted yourself up from your elbows making her sit down in your lap. A  gasp escaped her lips at the sudden closeness, her hands resting on your chest. You looked at her deep green eyes, analyzing every detail of it. While your fingers ghosted the side of her neck, then lingered at her collarbone. You noticed she was holding her breath, looking stunned at you. At this moment Natasha Romanoff only belonged to you and you only belonged to her. Then, with both of your hands, you gently took the sides of her face. Bringing her closer to you, one of your thumbs brushing the soft skin of her cheek, your lips inches apart, but before they could touch one another, you whispered, “This…” and your lips blended together into a perfect kiss.
You shot your eyes open. Sweat covering your body. You sit up in the bed crawling into the ball. Your hand now tangled in your hair, cheeks riding down salty tears.
It was a late evening. Moon step by step climbing up the dark sky to settle in for a night. The room was quiet, just the sound of the light rain tears from time to time interrupted the comfortable silence. Natasha was curled up into the ball near the window, her eyes lost somewhere far in the distance, guarding something or someone.
The sudden movement inside of the room interrupted the peaceful, but gloomy atmosphere. “You know, you need to leave your room sometimes,” Steve’s voice reached her ears. 
“You know, it wouldn’t hurt if you knocked sometimes,” Natasha said without turning around.  
“You are becoming a hater, Nat.” this time she just ignored his comment, drowning somewhere deep in her own world.
Since the day Steve has met Natasha, he kind of promised himself he would do everything he can to protect her, of course, as everyone else who was part of his life. Natasha for Steve was such a dear friend and he hated so much seeing Nat like this: broken, hurt, lost. And there was just so little he could do to lighten the Romanoff’s pain.
“It’s been months Nat”. 
“And it seems like nothing has changed…” Natasha’s voice almost sank into the whisper. 
“She is still on your mind, isn’t she?” Natasha turned around, brushing the tear sliding down her face. Her eyes reddish and cheeks stained with tears. “And it hurts too?”
Taking a deep breath Natasha parted her lips “If I didn’t feel the pain, maybe it would be easier to forget? Forget how good it felt, how bright and beautiful everything looked, how sweet it all sounded, to forget it all...” Steve’s face softened, he came up to Natasha, sitting beside her.
“Nat,” he stopped for a moment, thinking. “They say with time the pain fades away, but they always forget to mention how in fact long it takes to finally feel it calm down even a tiny bit. It seems the pain gets more and more powerful with every day until it almost claims you completely.” Natasha’s gazed down, her hand tightly clenching the blanket.
“And there is nothing. Not even the shining armor you suited yourself to protect your heart or giant walls you built around to save yourself from pain, will hardly defend you from what your heart desires.” Steve continued. “And even then all the pain fades away, you won’t forget it. It will always be in the back of your mind and heart, lingering there and never fading away.” He reached to take her hand, squeezing it tightly for a moment and letting it go, making Natasha to look up. “Because Nat, you can’t just stop loving someone who you fall for so unconditionally. Your heart will never forget someone who once made you truly happy.” Steve saw how the last tear rolled out on Natasha’s cheek.
“I knew you were sentimental bastard, but not that strong” she said jokingly and Steve for the first time in month’s saw her lips spread a tiny smile even if it was for only a moment. 
“What should I do?” she asked, her eyes filling with new tears again. 
“Natasha, only you can decide what to do, what or who to choose.” She barely nodded. “Now, get some sleep, a long day is waiting for you tomorrow,” Steve said while walking towards the doors. He was about to exit, but Natasha’s voice stopped him, making Steve turn around 
“Thank you, I don’t think I say it enough”. Steve gave her a soft smile before leaving.
The sound of someone entering the small grocery store interrupted the soft music playing in the background. You were standing in front of one of the shop shelves, searching for the right ingredients for dinner. It was probably a good idea to make at least one home meal. Instead of buying pizza or any other meal that you could possibly order directly to your apartment.
You were about to grab a serial box, but suddenly you heard a familiar voice. “Y/n?” you turned to your right, recognizing the person. 
“Oh, Wanda” you greeted each other with a warm hug. “What are you doing here?” You shook your head a little, “I mean, obviously you are in the grocery store because of the food.” 
Wanda released a small laugh, “Yeah, that’s how it kind of works. Or the shop just convinces you that you need something, even if you really do not.” You chuckled lightly agreening.
Wanda stepped closer to you, reaching to crease your left arm “So, how are you doing?” 
You glanced down “You know, I would say that I'm okay’ or ‘Everything is alright’,” You looked up at her, facing her concerned face “But I know you know me better than that, so I would just say… I don’t know, I really don’t know.” Wanda nodded slightly 
“I hope everything will be okay soon.” You nodded, barely smiling. 
You shook your head a little, asking “Less about me, how are you and the avengers?”
“They are good. Nothing new lately, just a few missions here and there, everything as usual. Thor is too busy being a badass and worrying about his hair, Tony and Bruce working on some kinda project that I am too confused yet to talk about, I keep myself busy with training stuff and helping Steve and Nat.." Wanda's voice cut off at the last name, realizing what she said, you heart skipped a beat at the sound of the name that left Wanda's lips.. After a moment more Wanda continued ''Everyone is just keeping themselves busy, ever. Long story short everyone is okay”. 
  “Not all happy, but okay” she added, listening to her last words made your heart ache even more. “We miss you, you know?”
You smiled with a small smile at her words “Yeah, I miss you too guys..” 
Wanda looked at you for a moment “Would you come to the party tomorrow that Tony is throwing?” You looked at her hesitantly. “Come on” she pushed you shoulder. “We would love to see you”
You looked at the ground for a moment, trying to collect your thoughts. “I’ll promise to consider it,” you said, looking up at Wanda.
“That’s all I need” her lips spread a wide smile. “I see you there!” she said walking away. You rolled your eyes at her playfully.
As you stood in front of a mirror smoothing your palms over the small wrinkles on your dark velvet suit, the only thought that was lingering in your mind was how desperately you wanted to crawl up in a ball in your bed and just stay like that forever. You didn’t want to go to that party. 
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lovelybarnes · a day ago
home- bucky barnes
pairings: bucky barnes x reader warnings: language, alcohol mentions and drinking, the use of my own headcanon that bucky gets very clingy when he finds someone he trusts and loves about: (requested!) prompt 21: person a tugging on person b’s shirt
bucky has been a lot clingier than usual. you suppose it’s your fault, you have dragged him everywhere with you since you met him- although that was to help bring him out of his shell and get him to actually go outside. you’re not sure if your efforts have backfired, as he’ll be trudging behind you like a lovestruck puppy wherever you go, no matter if it’s around the compound or in the small boutiques you frequent. you convince yourself they didn’t, since his days aren’t spent locked in his room, which you consider a win.
you’re going over mission plans in your room, trying to figure out the best way to infiltrate the very last hydra base and succeed in cutting off the last of the organization’s heads. bucky is sleeping, his head on your lap. the hand that isn’t skimming the lines on the blueprint is combing through bucky’s hair, calming him down and chasing away his nightmares. once in a while, you coo inattentively when he begins to stir, not wanting him to wake up. you had been away for two days, during which he got a grand total of three hours of sleep, the rest of his attempts driven away by nightmares. you calm him down, he says, so he’s slept in your room with you ever since you got back. it’s a strange sight seeing the former winter soldier, over two hundred pounds and six feet tall, resting bitch face pressed on the skin of your legs.
a knock you identify as natasha’s interrupts your mutters about an entrance you hadn’t seen before, natasha’s voice cutting through the peaceful silence. “i swear i saw you in that exact same place like five hours ago,” she states, leaning against your door frame as you shrug, not looking up. “you should take a break, the plan you made yesterday is great.”
“there are always possible ways to fail, i need it to be foolproof,” you respond distractedly. natasha rolls her eyes and raises her hand, holding a pair of black heels between her fingers. “we’re all going out in half an hour,” she instructs, and you furrow your brows, staring at the intimidatingly tall shoes, “what? we are?” natasha hums, raising an eyebrow at bucky, “i haven’t been able to spend any time with you since you got back, besides, you need to have fun for a few hours.”
“i am having fun,” you lie. and natasha, unsurprisingly, sees right through it, shaking the heels and letting you know you have thirty minutes. you sigh, pushing the plans away and stretching, already planning to wear something casual, even though wanda will probably have a fit about it and point out the new dresses you have stored in your closet.
“you do deserve a break,” bucky points out from your thighs, and you look down at him, not realizing he was awake. shrugging, you agree, “i guess you’re right.”
bucky hums in reply, sitting up and looking over the blueprints you just set down. “i also guess i have to get ready, then,” you say, pressing a kiss to bucky’s cheek before going to your closet and taking out what you want.
bucky isn’t in your room when you walk out of the bathroom, light makeup applied (an illusion because you have no idea how to do it), jeans and a loose shirt that you somehow make refined, and heels that you bought months ago with no real occasion in mind. you hope the heels pull the outfit together and get you the wanda seal of approval, avoiding getting sent back to your room and having the woman make a mess of your closet to find something else.
you check yourself out in the mirror one final time, squinting at yourself. “you look amazing, doll,” bucky compliments, coming in through your door to stare at you and kiss your shoulder. you look back at him, appreciating how he looks, stunning as always. “you don’t look so bad yourself,” you reply cheesily, admiring the smile that adorns his face when the words leave your mouth.
it appears you and bucky are the last to be ready, seeing how everyone other than sam, steve, and nat were already on their way to wherever it was you were going. “whoo,” sam whistles, and you twirl when nat claps and asks you to. “you look hot,” she comments, and you do a proud little bow, “i can clean up when i want to.”
“and this will be worth it. we are staying out late like we used to,” natasha declares. you grin, “hopefully i don’t fall asleep. missions are tiring. especially when you finish them that quick.”
“ah yes, we are celebrating the new record y/n set!” steve reminds, and you tilt your head in smug satisfaction. “oh yes, i did beat nat, didn’t i?”
shooting the russian redhead a faux complacent look as she smiles, “enjoy it while it lasts,” she replies simply, and you nod, “i absolutely will. i know there’ll be a new one by next week.”
you manage to drink half of your weight in liquor by the second hour you’re at the new bar, chatting with wanda over her and vision’s relationship while sam flirts with someone next to you. bucky is surprisingly invested in the conversation, pointing out how happy vision has been- as much as he’s noticed, he’s still getting used to vision being a synthezoid- which makes wanda blush and smile wider. you can tell his social battery is running out, though, and you can’t blame him, exhausting your own with how many times you’ve rejected guys and held useless conversations with both the avengers and random people you bump into.
natasha has managed to get you into the dance floor, and you manage to have fun, even through the tiredness that hasn’t stopped coursing throughout your veins and smell of sweat and sex. you’ve sweated out the alcohol in your system, sitting next to your boyfriend while you’re telling steve what you saw the other day. sam is listening along, head tilting back in laughter when you inform him that tony wears captain america underwear. how you found that out, you prefer not repeating.
bucky doesn’t add on to conversations anymore, instead listening silently and driving away any men that dare to bother you with a threatening glare. it isn’t needed, but appreciated regardless.
which each hour that passes, you can see less of the avengers and more of the sun’s yellow, your body planted in your seat, listening to the others’ conversations. you’ve bitten back enough yawns to know your night is ending, your shorter answers only reassuring you.
you’re nodding along to one of tony’s stories when you feel a tug on your shirt, not needing to turn to figure out who it is, but you do anyways.
“can we go home?” bucky asks, weariness clear in the bags under his eyes as you nod, tangling your fingers with his vibranium ones. you bid everyone goodbye, bucky lingering behind you, his own farewells a silent nod of his head if any.
you nearly fall asleep next to him in the car, and he swears it’s the cutest thing he’s ever seen.
he’s waiting for you on your bed as you get ready for bed, walking out and ruffling his hair when you see how he’s sprawled out. “come to bed, y/n,” he pleads when you begin to walk away again, his fingers pulling at your-his, really- shirt. “i’m almost done,” you promise, fulfilling it when you come back not a minute later.
he wraps you in his arms and is out like a light, dreams of you replacing the nightmares he’s had, and he vows he’ll never let you go.
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bri3ll3 · a day ago
pairing: steve x black!reader
word count:
summary: steve goes back in time to live his life with peggy, leaving you behind.
warnings: angst, cheating????
a/n: i’ve been on a sadness kick lately
Tumblr media
that all you could feel when steve didn’t return, your breathing picked up as you looked around frantically. “sam, y/n” bucky called pulling us out of our panicked states.
sam and i walked over to bucky, i followed buckys gaze and saw an older man sitting on a bench.
that’s who it was, i felt my heart shatter into a million pieces as i realize he went back to her after five years of being engaged.
the three of us walk over to him, standing a couple of feet behind. sam walked over to him as bucky pulled me into his side rubbing my arm, i shed a few tears as i wrapped my arm around his back and laid my head on his shoulder.
after sam gets done talking to steve he walks over to bucky and i “he wants to talk to you” sam tells me and i nod.
bucky and i let go of each other, he nods before i walk over to steve. i walk around the bench and sit next to him, i stare straight ahead trying to keep myself together.
i feel steve’s hand grab mine and squeeze, that’s all it takes for me to breakdown. i grip onto his hand lightly before looking at him, i smile sadly and he does the same.
“i’m sorry i left you” he apologized and i shake my head as i wipe my tears.
“you did what you had to do and you look happy” i say and he smiles “she was your soulmate, you can’t deny that type of love” i say but he doesn’t respond.
“i see you still have it on” he said referring to my engagement ring.
“yeah, it still hasn’t sunk in that we’re broken up” i admit and he chuckles
“i loved you, don’t ever think that i didn’t” he says and i feel a pang in my heart as he uses past tense.
“i know, i know” i say patting his hand lightly “you loved her more though and i knew, i knew that this day would come” i says and he nods.
“i’m happy you got to be with her” my voice cracks as i speak to him, me gives me a sympathetic look.
“thank you and i really do hope you find happiness” he says and i smile sadly.
we both get up, we hug each other before we both go out separate ways. i walk back over to sam and bucky, bucky pulls me into a hug and i cling onto his body as i sob into his chest.
i knew it was coming it was bound to happen, we weren’t supposed to work out.
it was just a matter of time until we had to say goodbye.
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bethanyjade77 · a day ago
Unstable - Peter Parker series (ongoing)
This is being updated on my wattpad too, if you’d rather read it there:)
Synopsis - 
Seraphina was Hydra's best mistake, and had the potential to become their perfect weapon. The only problem? The pint-sized psychopath was unstable in every sense of the word. She was uncontrollable, unpredictable and that was why she was supposed to spend the rest of her life in a cell. But a certain millionaire had other ideas, and enlisted the help of the only other teenager he knew to help tame the wildfire that is Seraphina.
 "Don't be scared, bug boy. Only twenty per cent of me wants to kill you right now, the odd's are in your favour."
Tumblr media
This whole series is based off a weird dream I had after drinking milk, so take that as you will.
Chapter 1- Bowling first, then total world domination
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bethanyjade77 · a day ago
Unstable - Peter Parker series
Unstable Masterlist / Masterlist / Requests / Taglist
This is being updated on my wattpad too, if you’d rather read it there:)
Warnings: Mentions of violence/death.
This is kinda AU-ish, it doesn’t really follow any set timeline/storyline as of yet. This series is completely based off a weird dream I had after drinking milk, so take that as you will.
Tumblr media
Chapter 1 - Bowling first, then total world domination.
Keys jangled against the guard’s thigh as he escorted Seraphina back to her cell. The man kept a firm grip on her upper arm and didn’t allow her out of his sight, not even for a second. She couldn’t blame him, it was only last week that she ‘accidentally’ killed five of his co-workers.
“You know, I’m not as dangerous as they make out. You can let go of me, I’ll behave.” She batted her eyelashes, letting out a psychotic giggle as he shoved her into the special cell.
In a way, Seraphina was honoured that they had to build a cell just for her. No other prisoner received this treatment, but then again, no other prisoner could kill every single person in this building like she could. They only had themselves to blame, of course. Their obsession with making superhumans eventually led to her creation. She was Hydra’s best mistake and had the potential to become their perfect weapon. But Seraphina was unstable in every sense of the word, which led to her being trapped between the four military grade walls that made up her cell.
The teenager sighed, and created a ball of fire between her hands before throwing the flames at the cold, stone floor. After accidentally burning her bed down the previous week, they refused to replace it as a punishment. So now she had to sleep on the ground.
She propped herself up against the wall and started creating shapes out of fire, giggling at the irony of creating a dragon. But boredom still got the better of her, so she whistled annoying tunes as loud as she could to rile the other prisoners up. They were always so predictable, all it took was the slightest disturbance to their sleep for a full-blown riot to start. But when the screams and shouts began, Seraphina quickly realised that it wasn’t from the cells, it was coming from upstairs instead. A grin tugged at the corners of her lips. Now this was the kind of entertainment she’d been hoping for.
“Oi, Scarface, what’s going on out there? They’ve blocked my window off again.” She hollered, her voice ricocheting off the walls.
A long huff came from the cell opposite hers, “For the last time, Seraphina, stop calling me that.”
“But that’s your name, Scarface. Now, use your freedom of sight and tell me.” She chuckled, skipping around her cell in anticipation. A loud crash came from the end of the corridor, earning whoops from the other prisoners. Now Seraphina was getting impatient. If there was going to be a riot, she wanted in, or at least the ability to watch.
“Someone’s kicking the guards asses, he’s covered in red metal. Look’s like a complete weirdo to me.” Scarface informed her, and she tilted her head in thought. 
Maybe she was dreaming… a big metal man throwing guards around wouldn’t be the strangest thing her brain has come up with.
“I’m looking for a Seraphina.”
Yep, she was definitely dreaming. And since she was dreaming, she decided to have some fun.
“I’m in here, RoboCop.” Seraphina giggled, wondering how many movie references her subconscious would come up with.
A loud blast sounded from outside the cell, and the flash of light that followed almost blinded her. She did a little happy dance, escape dreams were always her favourite. They gave her real life inspiration, although she didn’t know how she would get her hands on a metal man, but she would definitely try. Rubble fell at her feet, and her eyes found the glowing blue ones of the metal suit.
The helmet opened up at the front, revealing an older man with a strange beard.
“You look less dangerous than I imagined.” He stated, gesturing to her.
A scoff left her lips, and she titled her head, “Wow, my subconscious is being rude today. Well, you look more stupid than I imagined. How about that, tinman?”
The man stared at her in pure confusion, blinking slowly before stepping into the room to give it the once over.
“How would you like a room with an actual bed, and a door that you can open freely, Seraphina?” He asked, turning his full attention to her. “Cause that’s what you’ll get if you come with me.”
The teenager hummed and resumed her skipping, much to his bewilderment. A giggle left her lips, and he raised an eyebrow at her.
“I already have a door that I can open freely, I’m just a polite guest. As for the bed, they’ll replace it… eventually. I need incentives, old man.”
The man sighed, running a metal hand over his face, “Anything you want is yours.”
“I’ll have a think on it and let you know.” She nodded and suddenly jumped with her finger up in the air. “I want a cheeseburger for the road.”
For the first time, Tony cracked a smile. This teenager was a bat shit crazy nightmare, a villain in every way according to her file. But he knew, with a lot of work and nurturing, recruiting Seraphina would be the best decision he’s ever made.
“So, you’re telling me, that there’s a bunch of freaks in spandex that save the world every other day?” Seraphina mumbled, shoving another bite of the cheeseburger into her mouth. 
Tony rolled his eyes at her wording, but nodded along as he led her through the Avengers compound, “Maybe drop the word freak, and spandex while you’re at it. But yes, kid, and I want you to join us.”
The burger that was once in her hands was now on the floor, and she doubled over in laughter, not caring about the other people in the room that were watching her intently. She wiped the tears on the back of her hand and pointed at the man.
“Ah, Tony, you almost had me there.” She laughed, but stopped when he raised an eyebrow. “Oh my Satan, you were being serious? I thought this was a villain saving another villain so we can take over the world kinda deal, it’s the only reason I came. Total world domination is on my bucket list, you see, right after bowling.”
A boy close to her age sat at the back of the room, his eyes wide in fear and awe. The Avengers had yet to be briefed on the girl Tony was going to liberate, so this was a surprise to them all.
“Give me an hour, Avatar. If you still want to destroy the world afterwards, I’ll send you straight back to Hydra.” Tony reasoned, determined to get through to the girl.
Of course, he wouldn’t actually send her back there, or back into the world at all. The mutate pyromaniac would be a threat to society unless they could tame her. It took a lot of begging for Fury to allow him to recruit her in the first place. If she refused, they would have to imprison her instead.
Seraphina tilted her head, “Fine, but can I shower before you send me back? Hydra’s showers have awful water pressure. The only time I really felt clean was after water torture, now those showers had good pressure.”
In the back of the room, a man with a metal arm chuckled under his breath. All eyes shot to him, and he raised his hands defensively.
“What? It’s true.”
The next 45 minutes comprised of Tony talking, and Seraphina pretending to listen. As soon as he told her about the luxuries that came with living here, she wanted to stay. The man offered her free Netflix, and a king sized bed to watch it on. How could a girl refuse? All Hydra gave her were old movies after a successful mission or trial, and she didn’t even get popcorn with it. But she still wanted to torture the others and make them listen to the presentation that they’ve obviously heard multiple times before. And tortured they were, all apart from the teenage boy who hung onto every word the man said like he was a god or something.
“So, Seraphina, what do you say?” Tony asked, turning to her with eyes full of hope. She leaned back in her chair, tapping her chin for dramatic effect.
“It depends. Is the no killing thing a suggestion or a rule? Cause I like to treat myself to a nice kill now and then, it really relaxes the mind and heals the soul.”. Alarmed expressions spread over the others’ faces, but the millionaire just rolled his eyes at the teenage girl. “Fine, fine. I’ll join your stupid little revenge club and try my very hardest to not brutally murder anyone.”
“That’s very considerate of you. Now, go wait outside and don’t you dare set my building on fire.” He warned, pointing at her as she danced out the door. She waved her hand in agreement, but the glint in her eye didn’t give Tony much reassurance.
As soon as the door slammed behind her, voices rose in protest and questioning. All Tony could make out was the words ‘psychopath’, ‘no way’, and ‘pretty’, the latter making him send a glare Peter’s way.
“Look, I know she’s a bit… eccentric. But we need her, I’ve never seen powers like it. Once we reverse the brainwashing, she wil-”
Steve cut him off by clearing his throat, and he stood up to lean across the table, “She’s a risk, Tony. You can’t possibly think this will work! Do you even know anything about this girl?”
The man sighed and strolled back over to the computer to pull up her file.
“Her name is Seraphina, last name unknown. She’s sixteen, birthdate unknown, she ‘ages up’ on the 1st of January. Her abilities include, but not limited to; elemental and mind manipulation. Been a Hydra subject since age six, killed some guards over the years - woah, that is a lot of guards - loves fire, obvious psychopath, uses movie references as nicknames and likes cheeseburgers.” Tony listed off and turned to his fellow Avengers with a raised eyebrow. “Now tell me, how is she any different from Bucky or Natasha?”
Silence filled the room, the only sound being the occasional loud breath. Tony was right, and they all knew it. No one dared to speak, except from the teenage superhuman.
“She’s not, Mr Stark, Sir.” Peter shrugged, nervously tapping the table. Reluctant murmurs of agreement spread around the table, and the millionaire clapped his hands in victory.
“I’m glad you agree, kid, it’ll make this part of the plan a lot easier. The pint-sized psychopath needs a friend her own age, to teach her the normal teenager stuff they deprived her of.”
Peter’s eyes widened with a gulp, what the hell has he got himself into?
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tinyyoungblood · a day ago
ok i have had this idea 5EVER so here it is: how ab a peter parker x stark!reader where the two of them have to go on a mission back in time to get smth from young tony in his MIT days? literally just straight humor and fluff while very aggressively ignoring the events of endgame. i hope that makes sense! much love for u and ur writing babe <3
pairing: peter parker x avenger!reader
a/n: tysm fren <3 i’m sorry this took so long, but every time i looked at it my brain just went poof. i also changed it to avenger!reader because we know MIT!tony is a shameless flirt and i didn’t want to pull a back to the future so i hope that’s okay. enjoy x
              ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
chilling in the 80s with tony and peter
y/n and peter have no idea why they’re going back in time. there was no briefing, no call, not even a text message
they find out on twitter because tony tweeted “it’s not irresponsible to send minors back in time, right? be honest” and it immediately trends and appears on the news
everyone’s collective response is “yes?”
steve’s response is a super low-quality imagine of himself, shot from a bad angle and in horrible lighting where all he does is lift an eyebrow while staring blankly at the camera
sam: if i had a dollar for every pixel in this image, i’d have 15 cents
vision: actually, i did the math, you’d would have $225, not $0.15
sam: dude…
the image turns into a global meme and peter prints out about a dozen signed t-shirts to sell them on etsy
(boy has a college education to pay and he will NOT take handouts from tony)
(tony still buys five boxes)
peter is half livid, half concerned when he finds out
“i told you i don’t want charity” “don’t flatter yourself. i bought them for myself” “nobody needs 200 identical t-shirts” *tony, clutching his steve shirt* “that was uncalled for and for WHAT”
the time machine looks like a back to the future rip-off which makes steve very happy because he “understood that reference :)”
everyone is emotional when peter and y/n have to leave and loki stops by to hand out handkerchiefs so they can all act like it’s the 1800s and they got nothing to do but watch ships sail off at the harbour
peter and y/n on the other hand are Super Duper Geeked™
y/n is so excited, she doesn’t even bother with her luggage. she just tosses it in bucky’s general direction, not caring that he has to sprint like a cartoon character to catch it
“kid treats me like her loyal servant”
nat, walking by: “well, aren’t you?”
bucky, voice cracking: “shut up”
they quickly find out that time traveling is unpleasant. it feels like being stuck in a vacuum cleaner but in an acceptably cool way
bruce gives them his video camera to record everything since it’s the “biggest scientific advance in history” or whatever but they don’t film any of that
half of the footage is y/n and peter making faces at the camera and the other half is y/n doing absolutely nothing while peter is secretly filming
peter drinks his ✨simping juice✨ religiously so he honestly has no idea why he was given filming privileges in the first place
they arrive in 1987 and do a double take because everything looks straight up fake
“you sure this isn’t a coca-cola commercial” *peter shrugs while squinting at the empire strikes back movie poster across the street*
they go clothes shopping in an effort to blend in and it’s a mom jeans paradise. y/n grabs about 50 of them for herself before chasing peter through the store with a pile of neon-coloured windbreakers and denim jackets
they tease each other’s hair and use so much hair spray that peter cannot physically open his eyes for about 40 seconds
he ends up wearing a washed-out pair of jeans and a hideous green button up that has a geometric pattern and everything is way too big on him but y/n can’t stop glancing at him bc he somehow makes it look good and it’s. very confusing
“i look ridiculous” “well…” “i look like a side character from full house” “yea I don’t think that’s an issue”
they make a detour to check out current music. they spend at least 2 hours in a sketchy corner shop to go through underground bands no one has ever heard of and leave with a stack of vinyl records although neither of them owns record players
they also pick up some slang terms as they’re walking to the bus stop and they use them excessively
“barf me out! that’s so grody!! seriously gag me with a spoon!!!” “y/n, all i asked if you wanted ketchup with those fries”
they finally arrive at MIT and peter is in ~love~. boy has never seen anything more beautiful. he sprints across the campus like it’s an amusement park and y/n is this close to leaving him in the 80s (she doesn’t)
“what do you think tony will look like?” “i hope he has a rat tail or a mullet or both”
he has neither. in fact, tony looks so unexpectantly Hot™ leaning against that random water fountain that peter has to physically close y/n’s mouth before she drools on the prestigious floor
they don’t even have to approach them bc tony spots y/n first and saunters up to her like the shameless flirt he is
y/n plays along and their banter goes back and forth until peter has to pinch himself to make sure that he hasn’t evaporated into thin air again
peter’s eventually sick of it and goes “hi, i’m y/n’s boyfriend and you have a cookie recipe we want 😠”
y/n, grinning: “you’re just jealous bc this is what 2000’s romcoms wish they had”
tony is bamboozled
they go back to tony’s dorm and tony asks them what their deal is and at this point they don’t even care anymore
they tell him everything and once they’re done, tony just slowly takes a sip from his root beer and says nothing
*peter and y/n blinking at him* “you’re not surprised that you invented time traveling, are you” “i’m honestly disappointed that it took me so long”
they go out for some frozen yoghurt because it’s the author’s world and it’s a headcanon stable at this point (don’t mind the fourth wall collapsing) and it’s a genuine remake of “alone in new york”. these three are having a field day with tony’s credit card
with a few thousand bucks poorer, they part ways and peter and y/n go back to 2021
peter’s filming y/n as she’s rattling off 35 types of sweet potatoes when the elevator door opens and the avengers are standing in the middle of the hallway to greet them, each of them grinning like fools except for tony
peter slowly zooms in on tony’s glare and then pans over to where he’s pointing at on his arm. before the camera could even focus, tony whips around and leaves severus-snape-style
later that day, another one of tony’s tweets trends on twitter
“for the love of god, never let peter and y/n travel back in time to hang out with your younger self otherwise you’ll end up with a matching tattoo of a chicken leg that you paid for in 1987”
steve prints out the tweet, laminates it, hangs it on the fridge, and responds with a three-pixel picture of him standing in front of it while going 😀👍
* * *
i don’t know what this is lmao stay hydrated <3
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loonyloopylupxn · a day ago
part one / part two / part three
"You're joking." Y/N groaned when the elevator refused to move.
"I do not joke." JARVIS informed her and she jumped in frustration, slamming her feet down over and over again. "That would not work even if you were Captain Rogers, ma'am."
Y/N cursed at the elevator door, kicking it and falling through when the doors open suddenly.
"I don't understand why I'm grounded. I did my chemistry homework this time." She grumbled, making her way into the communal kitchen, eyes narrowed.
"It doesn't count if you plagiarised it all." Bruce reminded her from his seat at the kitchen island and she grumbled again.
"It's not plagiarism if you reference." She reasoned and he raised his eyebrows.
"You didn't reference." She scowled at him, well aware she was throwing a strop, not caring enough to fix it.
"Bet I won't be grounded when there's a call for a mission. Funny how I can go to work but not Starbucks." She sneered. Steve poked his head in from the living room and fixed her with a warning look.
"You have actually been benched. Bucky, Wanda, and Pietro went to Montreal this morning with Tony instead." Y/N let her jaw drop, her eyes wide open, and stared at Steve.
"For the squishy rats? You promised I could go this time!" The elevator opened, letting Clint and Natasha out and she turned her glare on them.
"Whoa, tone it down." Clint held his hands up defensively while Natasha only laughed.
"Did you know that not only was I grounded, I was also benched for the squishy rats?" Y/N asked, fists clenched.
"I made the decision and whispered it in Hill's ear who whispered it in Steve's." Natasha shrugged, heading for the fridge.
"Boo you whore." Y/N grumbled to two choruses of 'hey!' from Steve and Bruce and one too happy 'get in loser, we're going shopping' from Clint.
"I'm running away." She informed them all.
"Can't run away if you're grounded." Steve reminded and she glared, hands on her hips.
"Can too! Running away trumps getting grounded. I'm gonna join the circus." She frowned at Clint. "I'm amending that. I'm going to join a terrorist organization. Well, Wanda and Pietro already did that. God, I've never had an original thought ever."
"I know. I graded your chemistry." Bruce spoke up, hiding his laugh behind the paper. No one else bothered to hide their laughter.
"That was my thirteenth reason." She told him and huffed when no one laughed. They were all so old. She huffed again before sliding into the seat next to Bruce and resting her head on his shoulder.
"Help me do it?" She asked and he sighed.
"Tomorrow morning we'll go over it again." He promised and she gave him a soft smile.
She was almost over her tantrum when the elevator opened, letting Tony, Bucky, Pietro, and Wanda out. They looked miserable.
"Squishy capybaras." Bucky groaned and the look of anguish on Y/N's face almost made them think someone had died.
"What's a capybara?" Clint asked.
"Only the second-largest rodent on Earth!" She groaned, dropping her face into her folded arms on the island.
"Second largest?" Bruce asked, petting her head awkwardly to somewhat console her.
"After Pietro of course." She sighed.
"Isn't that a line in Bob's Burger's?" Steve asked and she looked up at him and nodded sadly. They watched it together sometimes when neither of them could sleep. They all had ways to comfort their nightmares.
"I could've quoted so much Bob's burgers." She sighed, leaning into Bruce's hand when he scratched at her scalp.
"Next time do your own chemistry homework." Bucky told her, accepting a coffee from Steve.
"Okay, Mr. Fall Off A Train And Forget My Best Friend." She seethed and Bucky hid his smirk when Steve began to lecture her on manners and not bringing up people's trauma.
"I'm going for a bath, anyone seen the toaster?" Tony spat out his coffee and Steve launched into a whole new lecture on how fatalist humor hadn't been charming in the 1940s and it certainly wasn't any different.
"Steve, it wasn't funny then cause you were a stick in the mud and even less so now because you're a centennial." Y/N sighed.
"Centenarian." Bruce corrected her quietly and she rolled her eyes.
"You're being childish." Natasha sighed.
"I am a child." She reminded her.
"You're almost eighteen, time to start acting like it. Start doing your homework, stop annoying everyone." Tony sighed and Y/N shot him the finger making Steve scowl again.
"If you benched me from the squishy capybaras then considered me benched. I'm not going back until I decide my grades have improved enough. Try being one down and see how it goes." Y/N turned on her heel and headed back to the elevator.
"I still don't know what a capybara is." Clint sighed as the elevator doors shut.
That night Y/N found Steve on the sofa in the communal living room. On his left, Bucky had fallen asleep but she could tell it was only recently, he hadn't started to drool yet.
"I'm sorry." She whispered, sitting on his right and wrapping the rest of Steve's blanket around herself. He only rolled his eyes, wrapping an arm around her shoulder and changing the television over to Bob's Burger's letting it pick up where they'd left off.
Tina was trying to become her school's news anchor and Y/N was beginning to drift off to the steady rise and fall of Steve's chest. He was running his hand through her hair slowly, trying to relax her. "You wanna come to Washington with me?"
"When?" She asked around a yawn that made her jaw crack.
"Probably in the next day or two. Fury's narrowing down the location of what used to be a Hydra base. We're not expecting a fight, just information recovery. I was gonna bring Natasha and Tony but what if we just went down together?" Steve asked. This was his way of apologizing. It was no squishy capybara but it would do.
"We might find out Bucky is actually my dad this time." She told Steve, leaning against him more and getting comfortable.
"I'm not your dad. I'd have given you up for adoption." Bucky spoke sleepily from Steve's left.
"You're only proving my point Buckmeister. I am adopted." Y/N closed her eyes with a satisfied smile.
a/n i just adore the thought of the Avengers having to deal with a gen-z team member
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just for you, honeybee (4/?)
pairings: steve rogers x fem!reader (platonic), bucky barnes x fem!reader
warnings: characters death, swearing, flirting with colonel phillips, guns, plane crash
word count: 4,327
a/n: holy crap this one is long! i really enjoyed writing this chapter just because i got to watch CA:TFA all over again and i cried like a little baby. hope you guys enjoy this! btw, next chapter is going to be very short - probably the shortest one yet, just a heads up!
Tumblr media
“Johann Schmidt belongs in a bughouse,” Colonel Phillips started, “he thinks he’s a god and he’s willing to blow up half the world to prove it, starting with the U.S.A.”
You tensed up next to Steve as Howard moved behind you, taking a seat to your right, “Schmidt’s working with powers beyond our capabilities. He gets across the Atlantic, he will wipe out the entire Eastern Seaboard in an hour.”
Peggy’s eyes met yours before they drifted to Steve who tossed a pile of papers on the table in front of him. One of the Howling Commandos spoke up, “how much time we got?”
Colonel Phillips sorted through some files, “according to my new best friend, under 24 hours.”
You spoke up, “where is he now?”
The Colonel presented the group with a photo, “Hydra’s last base is here. In the Alps, 500 feet below the surface.”
Another Howling Commando spoke up, “so what are we supposed to do? I mean, it’s not like we can just knock on the front door.”
“Why not?” And just like that, Steve captured everyone’s attention in the room, including yours. You knew this was going to be a suicide mission, especially if he continued with this idea, “that’s exactly what we’re gonna do.”
Everyone looked at Steve with wide eyes, except for you and Peggy. Schmidt was in for a rude awakening.
Grabbing a motorcycle alongside Steve, the two of you headed into the snowy forest towards the base. Glancing over at Steve, you noticed he kept the design on the shield, joy sparking in your chest, “you kept it!”
Steve barely heard you over the sound of the motorcycles but he smiled, “not too shabby for your first Captain America design.”
You chuckled, about to respond until you glanced back, seeing six motorcycles behind you, “we got company, Cap!”
Quickly swerving back and forth to avoid whatever-the-hell they were shooting at you, Cap glanced back once more before he pushed a button on the pad attached to his motorcycle, two hooks with strings attached latching onto two trees. Right away, two guys on motorcycles failed to avoid the trap, sending them flying forward.
Cap yelled over to you, “get next to me!”
Speeding up a bit on your bike, you ended up next to Steve as he pressed another button, fire immediately covering two of the cyclists. You gave Steve a look, “that was so badass!”
On your left, you saw two Hydra motorcycles race ahead of you before you looked to Steve, “I got an idea! Move quickly!” Racing ahead, you quickly picked a pin from their motorcycles, making sure Steve was nowhere near them. Looking back, you sent a smirk his way as he sped up next to you, hearing and feeling the explosion of the motorcycles.
Riding towards the base, a tank was placed right before the entrance. Steve yelled, “stay right behind me,” just as the tank started shooting at you. Racing behind Cap, you both saw the tank explode as Steve shot at it from his motorcycle, riding up the cement barrier of the base.
Jumping over the barriers with your bikes, both you and Steve were met with Hydra soldiers with guns pointed right at you. Continuing your ride, you saw Steve jump off his, watching it explode the first wall of the base. Riding through the base, you quickly took down any soldier in your way, shooting them with your new best friend – StG 44.
Running a few fellas over with your bike, you looked over at Steve who was taking multiple soldiers down with the shield. Turning your attention back towards the fight, you continued to take down more men – but you noticed their numbers were growing bigger by the second.
In a spare glance, you turned to Steve who was now surrounded by two men holding flamethrowers, making it unable for him to move. You came to a stop, noticing a line of men pointing their guns at you. With a sigh, you hopped off your bike – but not before shooting one more guy by your feet.
You saw Cap look around for you worriedly until he met your eyes; you nodded at him, telling him to not put up a fight, at least not yet. He nodded back, allowing the Hydra soldiers to take both your weapons and leading you down the halls of the base and into a room that had it not hold one of the world’s most dangerous men, you’d say it had a beautiful view.
You and Steve stopped side-by-side with the Hydra soldiers as Johann Schmidt started talking, “arrogance may not be a uniquely American trait, but I must say, you do it better than anybody.”
This was not what you expected Johann Schmidt to look like.
He glanced at you, “seems you have no limits, Captain, bringing a woman into this.”
You glared at the red-faced monster, “I came here on my own accord, just to clarify, Schmidt.”
Johann hummed as he turned away from you, “however, even you have limits as to what you can do, Captain. Or did Erskine tell you otherwise?”
Steve spoke up beside you, “he told me you were insane.”
Schmidt seemed unsurprised, looking down to the floor and back to Steve, “ah…he resented my genius and tried to deny what was rightfully mine. But he gave you everything. So, what made you so special?”
Steve chuckled, “nothin’. I’m just a kid from Brooklyn.”
Schmidt turned to you, “how about you, little one? What makes you so special?”
You swallowed thickly, “good looks?”
You nor Steve really aren’t sure what exactly set Johann off, but a switch had flipped, and his face grew into a frown before he slapped you across the face twice, doing the same to Cap while also kneeing him in the stomach. Both you and Steve were put on your knees as all three of you breathed heavily.
With a slight grin, Steve looked up at Johann, “I can do this all day.”
Johann was not amused, “oh, of course you can, of course.” He paused before he continued, pulling a gun out from the side of his uniform, “but unfortunately, I am on a tight schedule.” He pointed the gun to Steve’s head just as the Howling Commandos began to zip line towards the base.
You growled towards Schmidt, “so are we.”
Once Schmidt realized what was happening, you and Steve quickly grabbed the guards behind you, pulling them in front as Johann fired his gun at them, their bodies disappearing in thin air. You gave Steve a look as the Howling Commandos flew in through the windows, firing at the enemy as Schmidt took off.
Quickly getting up off your feet, you scurried towards the hall where Schmidt took off, a Howling Commando yelling behind you, “Rogers! You might need this!”
Hearing the shield pass through the air, you knew Steve caught it as he yelled back, “thanks,” then hearing his footsteps take after yours.
Hydra troops marched down the halls of the base, guns ready to fire at any moment. With your heightened sense of hearing, you knew the rest of the platoon was taking over the Hydra base, gunfire slowly taking over your senses. Explosions filled the base as smoke and fire entered your senses; Steve ran beside you, sensing the same things.
You saw Schmidt turn down a corridor, yelling over to Steve, “this way!” Quickly, Schmidt retaliated, sending bolts of his gun your way, making you narrowly avoid being disintegrated. Steve ran beside you, shield blocking the gunfire as you chased after the madman.
With a lucky throw, Steve threw the shield, catching it between metal doors where Schmidt narrowly escaped. Cap let out a sigh, rushing towards the shield as you quirked an eyebrow, “lucky throw?”
Before he could answer, a Hydra Agent came around the corner with two flamethrowers, making Steve push you against the wall as he ran opposite of you; you both were trapped as fire encapsulated your vision. Glancing towards the fire welder, you tried coming up with a plan before, lo and behold, Peggy Carter shot at the man, his flaming body falling to the ground.
Both you and Steve looked around the corner, spotting Peggy as soldiers ran by; Steve smirked at Peg, “you’re late.”
Your eyes shifted towards the ceiling as you tried to avoid the awkward moment; Peggy spoke up, “weren’t you about to –“ Steve nodded, “right, yeah – y/n.” With that, you and Steve took off towards the door where the shield held its place. Grabbing your hand, Steve pulled the shield and quickly took off.
You spotted men from the 107th shooting at the giant airship, Hydra agents lying about the floor. Turning to Steve, who was a few steps behind you, you nodded your head, “we got a problem.” The ship’s engines had already started, and it seemed Schmidt was, understandably, in a rush to complete his plan. The ship turned, wheels screeching against the floor as you and Cap slowed down, watching it slowly make its way to the exit.
Steve glanced around, watching as Hydra forces and your own fought one another. With a nod towards you, both you and Steve took off, running headfirst into battle, making sure to avoid trouble along the way; that, and, well, Steve also wanted to get some hits in.
You noticed where Cap was headed as you two ran in battle, “how do you plan on fitting us both on that?”
Steve glanced back at you, “think you can hold on, kid?”
You grumbled, “yeah! But I’m literally older than you by like, 4 months…”
Quickly, Steve jumped over huddled bodies until he reached a box of supplies lying right beneath a chain; with a jump, Steve latched onto the chain as you skipped a step, latching onto his waist mid-flight. Reaching a safe zone, you jumped first, meeting Steve in a mid-run as you headed towards the ship Johann Schmidt was currently about to fly.
You and Steve ran beside one another, pushing to reach Schmidt even as fire from the engines burnt your face. You yelled over to Steve, “c’mon, Steve! We’re – we’re almost there!” Your last sentence turned into a scream, your body yelling at you for pushing itself to the limits.
The fans from the ship sped up as you and Steve struggled to catch up with Schmidt, your hopes slowly fading as he seemed to get further and further away. Steve pulled you to a slow jog, about to crash until Peggy Carter and Colonel Phillips pulled up beside you in one of Schmidt’s cars.
Colonel Phillips yelled at you both, “get in!” Before you even settled down beside the Colonel and Steve beside Peggy, you took off, hair flying behind you. You turned to the Colonel with a smirk on your face, “nice ride, Phillips!”
The Colonel glanced a look at you as he sped up, “figured I might keep this once we’re done here!” You let out a laugh that soon died off as you recognized the light from the sun and a runway – right where Schmidt currently was.
You looked to the Colonel, a worried look on your face, as he pressed a button beside the steering wheel; right away, the car you were seated in blasted off, hair wildly being thrown behind you as the Colonel grasped onto the wheel. You held onto the door handle, eyes wide as you were reaching the ship, “remind me to never drive with you again, Colonel!”
With shaky legs, you began standing up as Steve did the same mid-ride, reaching the back end of the ship. You and Steve yelled to the Colonel, “keep it steady!”
Peggy shouted over the sounds of the ship and car engines, “wait!” Steve looked back to Peggy as she pulled him into a kiss.
You looked to the Colonel with a shrug; he shook his head at you, “I ain’t kissin’ you!” You gave a laugh as you blew him a kiss, leaning on the hood of the car to avoid getting chopped up by the propellers on the ship. Steve followed right behind you, shield meeting the propellers only once, sparks flying.
You glanced at Steve quickly before you jumped towards the ship’s wheel, grabbing onto the metal support beam as Steve flew right below you, catching onto the lasting part of the wheel. Looking down, you tried steadying your breath as you realized how high up you were; grasping Steve’s hand, you pulled him up alongside you as the wheel you two stood on was slowly pulled into the ship.
With a shaky hand, you reached into your shirt and grabbed Bucky’s dog tags, holding them tight against your scolding skin, even though it was blistering cold in the Alps.
Once inside the lower level of the ship, you and Steve quietly made your way along the metal floors, looking below you as you saw a horrifying sight; bombs with names of major cities written on them, including Chicago and New York.
With a slight gasp, you turned to Steve who looked just as distraught as you were. As his eyes met the New York bomb, footsteps echoed above you, Hydra agents making their ways across the metal landings. With stealth, Steve jumped up, grabbing onto the railing, and kicking an agent over the ledge. Jumping just as high, you landed on the landing and met with the remaining three agents.
With a slight run, you met one agent halfway as he immediately threw a punch your way. You narrowly avoided it, ducking to the side and elbowing him in the face, hearing a nice crunch beneath your elbow. Steve made his way around you, kicking another agent in the chest as he flew backwards. Kicking your opponent over the ledge, you grabbed a knife holstered onto your thigh and threw it at the third and final agent running away, hiding him in the back of the neck; with a grunt, he fell against the side of the landing.
Somehow, Steve’s agent escaped during a quick moment of distraction, climbing on top of the Chicago bomb. Cap ran towards the control panel, pressing the red escape button before the poor guy could even make it inside the capsule, hearing him scream as he fell thousands of feet.
You took a quick breath, “I don’t feel guilty about that…is that bad?”
Steve shrugged, “I – I don’t think so…no, yeah, no, definitely not.”
Less than a second later, two Hydra agents ambushed you and Steve, punching you in the side as you let out a grunt. Avoiding another punch, you grabbed a knife from your thigh and stabbed your opponent in the chest, flipping him over just for good measure. Steve had already disposed of his guy as you kicked yours down towards the opening where Steve’s own guy had just gone down.
You wiped off the blood from your knife on your suit as Steve grimaced, “what, waste a perfectly good knife? Sorry I don’t have a shield, Stevie.”
Steve just shivered, “that’s just…gross, y/n.”
You rolled your eyes, “so overdramatic. C’mon, let’s go.”
Before you could continue on within the ship, however, Steve and you heard someone get into one of the bombs, closing the lid. Steve immediately jumped onto the window, another agent jumping on top of him. Without thinking, you threw your knife at the agent, hitting him in the shoulder as the bomb, along with Steve on it, dropped into the sky.
You screamed, “Steve! No – no!”
Grabbing at your hair, you held back tears as you watched Steve fly around, narrowly avoiding the tiny ship’s propellers. With careful steps, you saw the scene unfold as the agent you had stabbed was shoved into the propellers, blood flowing from the sky; you gagged, “jesus, Steve – that was disgusting.”
Stepping away from the platform, you trusted Steve and continued your way through the ship, trying to find Schmidt. Grabbing Cap’s shield from where it had been discarded before the bomb was dropped, you made your way to the cockpit where you realized it was quiet – too quiet.
At some point, you felt the ship shake and loud bangs filled the air as you hoped it was Steve – back in one piece. Slowly walking down the stairs, the shield protecting you, you quietly walked upon the metal grates of the ship until reaching the pilot’s seat; leaning to the side, you realized Schmidt was no longer there.
“What the –“ Before you could finish, you heard the sounds of a gun preparing to fire, and in a split second, you used the shield to protect yourself from Schmidt’s laser, the shot hitting the window of the ship.
Harsh winds forced itself into the ship, your hair blowing wildly as Schmidt stood before you, “you don’t give up, do you? Where’s Mr. Rogers, little one?”
Just then, Steve decided to make his grand entrance as you glared at Schmidt, “kids from Brooklyn aren’t exactly known for givin’ up, Johann.” With a flick of your arm, you threw the shield to Steve as Schmidt fired, forcing you to jump to the side. Steve caught the shield, blocking another hit from Schmidt’s laser as it hit the window again.
Cap ran towards Schmidt, blocking more hits as he fought with the red-skulled man, avoiding yet also receiving some hits. Once Cap was kicked to the ground, you jumped behind Schmidt, kicking his hind legs and kneeing his lower spine, hearing him grunt in pain in response. Steve stood up, pushing Schmidt against a wall before being slammed to the ground.
You ran towards Johann, arm going around his neck, choking him as he tried grabbing at anything for leverage. With a quick glance to the table lying in the middle of the room, glowing blue, you threw yourself on top of it, pulling Schmidt with you and onto the floor. Steve had then pulled Schmidt up, hitting him with his shield until Schmidt fought back, hitting Cap with his own weapon before Steve headbutted him.
Steve leaned back before he grabbed onto Schmidt’s uniform, throwing him towards the pilot seat, sparks immediately flying through the air. With a yell, you realized the ship was tipped downwards, heading straight towards, what looked like, an icy landscape. Flying to the ceiling alongside Schmidt and Steve, you flew towards Johann, punching him in the stomach as he did you, trying to gain some type of balance.
As the three of you fought in the air, you gave your best kicks and punches, watching Steve be thrown to the side of the ship. In the short time, Schmidt flew over and pulled up the steering stick of the ship, pressing a few buttons as you all three fell to the floor, the ship back to normal altitude.
Landing on the metal grates harshly, you groaned as Steve stood up, pulling you alongside him as he held his shield in front of you both. Schmidt turned towards you, gun in hand as he stumbled down the stairs, “you could have the power of the gods! Both of you!”
Schmidt shot towards you and Steve as you ducked, feeling the heat of the gunfire pass over your head, “yet you wear a flag on your chest, and think you fight a battle of nations!” He kept firing at you, Steve pulling you along as Schmidt continued, “I have seen the future, Captain, little one! There are no flags!”
Another shot fired over your head as Steve analyzed his next steps, yelling back, “not my future!” Leaping forward, Steve rolled and protected himself from another shot from Schmidt as you kneeled by the side, ready to step in.
With a grunt, Steve threw the shield at Johann, forcing him to hit the glowing table, the item inside slowly coming out of its container. You narrowed your eyes, “what the hell is that?” Its bright light captured your attention as Schmidt stood beside it, “what have you done?”
The bright blue box was now outside its container, off to the side from the force of Johann’s body; Schmidt grabbed it, and after a few seconds, bright lights flew around the ship and the universe seemed to open up above him. Your brain could not comprehend what you were seeing – millions of stars and planets littered the space above as Schmidt stood below, arms beside him as he looked up.
Slowly, Schmidt’s body began to deteriorate, his screams of pain echoing throughout the ship, rainbow flashes coloring your vision as both you and Steve looked away. Then, in a split second, the blue cube fell to the ground and Schmidt was gone.
You looked at Cap, “what…what just happened?”
Steve shook his head, leaning down to grab his shield before nodding towards the pilot’s seat, “we gotta figure this out.”
Sitting beside him as co-pilot, you turned on the radio as Steve tried to figure out how exactly to land the aircraft. He looked down at the map, noticing the ship was on its way to New York. Looking at one another, you pressed on the intercom button beside you, “come in! This is y/n l/n, alongside Captain Rogers. Do you read me?”
Right away, someone responded, “Y/N, L/N, what is your –“
Quickly, Peggy interrupted him, “y/n! Is that you? Is Steve with you? Are you both alright?”
You sighed at the sound of Peggy’s voice as Steve smiled, “Peggy! Schmidt’s dead and – and –“
Peggy calmed you down, “what about the plane?”
You looked to Steve for help as he talked for you, “that’s a little bit tougher to explain.” You raised an eyebrow at Steve as you grasped onto Bucky’s dog tags around your neck, trying to help the conversation. Peggy continued, “give me your coordinates, I’ll find you a safe landing site.”
With solemn eyes, you looked at Steve who was trying his best to possibly fix something, anything, “there’s not gonna be a safe landing…but I can try and force it down.”
Peggy stumbled, “I – I’ll get Howard on the line. He’ll know what to do.”
Steve shouted back, “there’s not enough time. This thing’s moving too fast and it’s heading for New York.”
The sky ahead of you looked beautiful. It was orange, mixed with bits of yellow and blue. Your nose had grown quite cold and your hair whipped your face as you still grasped onto the dog tags.
Steve breathed heavily, “I gotta put her in the water.”
You knew this was coming. You just knew it.
Peggy responded, “please, don’t do this. We have time. We can work it out.”
You called out to Peggy, “Peg…we’re in the middle of nowhere. If we wait any longer, a lot of people are going to die.” Steve glanced at you with worry in his eyes; you nodded to him as he continued, “Peggy… this is our choice. We’re okay.”
Steve reached into his pocket, pulling out a compass with a picture of Peg in the middle of it, placing it on one of the meters. With a grunt, Steve pushed the level down, the airship leaning towards the ocean in no time. You looked at Steve, your heart racing as tears raced your cheeks; not in fear, but in sadness.
Sadness that you never got to have your dance with Bucky at your wedding, nor see his smile once again or feel his lips against your own. You wouldn’t get to hear his gravelly voice in the morning right after a good night’s sleep, or get to hold his hand as he pulled you along at fairs. You wouldn’t be able to smell him or feel his hair against your fingertips as he cuddled into your chest. You wouldn’t be able to be with him before you died.
The altitude was dropping fast and Steve continued to look at the picture of Peggy, the sun glaring in his eyes, “Peggy?”
With a whisper, Peggy responded, “I’m here.”
Steve stared at the glaciers that were coming into view, “I’m gonna need a rain check on that dance.”
Your lips quivered as the glaciers came closer and closer to you. Peggy let her tears fall as she whispered back, “all right. A week, next Saturday, at the Stork Club. And I expect you there, too, y/n. You hear me?”
You and Steve let out a breath as Steve responded, “you got it.” Steve reached beside himself and grabbed for your hand, holding it tightly. The tears came faster as did the glaciers and the cold water.
Peggy continued, “8 o’clock on the dot. Don’t you dare be late. You two understand?”
You swallowed, tears clouding your vision, “yes ma’am.”
Steve stared at the oncoming landscape, “you know, I still don’t know how to dance.”
Peggy whispered as Steve’s hand gripped yours tight, “I’ll show you how. Just be there.”
Steve had his own tears running down his cheeks as you sobbed quietly, hand gripping his tight, “we’ll have the band play something slow.”
Steve turned back towards you, eyes sad as he saw your cheeks, “I am so sorry, honeybee. I’m so sorry.”
With your remaining hand, you held onto Bucky’s dog tags tightly, alongside Steve’s hand, as he turned back to the radio, “I’d hate to step on your…”
The last thing you saw was your James Barnes standing right in front of you, arms wide as he yelled, “my honeybee! There she is – looking gorgeous as ever, honey.” With a kiss to your lips, it almost felt real as you responded, “hi, Jamie.”
honeybee taglist:
@clownerlyluv @ginger-swag-rapunzel
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lovelokiqueen · a day ago
Reality in Madness Part 4:2 Summary: loki x julia being great hus and wife, bucky being the best dad. loki x Julia “buck ,  you alright “steve asked worriedly .
“no i am not fine . i practicaly raised her .she was so small when i got her .every time they brainwashed me she always comfort me .”
sam pat his back for comfort .
“loke’s my waterjust broke “
“ ok dear  you wait here i’ll go get the doctor ,alright darling stay calm you are a strong girl”
ok nat you are up 
ding dong 
hey julia , whatsup 
“who are you “ 
i am Natalia Ramnova 
“ hi natalia, how do you know me “ 
dottie told me ,there is a couple living here loki and julias home you are famous .
“come on , welcome to lafueyson residence “
 oh you are pregnent , what are you going to name them
“james  or anthony “
nice names for boys ,what if the baby would be a girl 
someone you know 
“i love that name and i have close realation to that person but i cant remember it “
you can do it tell me  who is this natasha .
ahhhh...........its coming the baby is coming oh god i have to laid down 
push julia , you are a strong women ,you can do it .
a small cry appear
he is so beautiful 
at that time loki enters on his house seeing his wife holding a newborn child with agent ramnoff
lokis pov
what is the readhead doing here .my child just born , i cant be more happier than this my first born .my beautiful wife were calling for me to hold our son . she told to show himself ,i dont want to scare my son ,when he toched me mine and his body turning into blue . smart child like his mother wrapped me  up on their little fingers in a single look. when i tried to kiss her , she sreamed i go an ckeck that she had another baby there 
oh my lord she is right as always 
“now who is the grandpa “
Tumblr media
she had 2 sons 
my brother is a father that makes me an uncle .
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bri3ll3 · a day ago
love, tony
pairing: tony x black!reader
word count: 1066
summary: tony snaps bringing back half of life but taking his own. after the funeral y/n finds a note in the dresser from no one other than tony.
warnings: angsts just pure pain
a/n: i’m so sorry for how sad this is
Tumblr media
he did it, he actually did it.
he snapped...
and what did it cost...
the helmet to my suit opened and i saw peter kneeling over my husbands body, i walked over to him peter who was sobbing uncontrollably and rubbed his back. rhodey grabbed peter giving me a nod before walking away with peter.
i kneel down in front of tony and move him to look at me “hey” i say smiling sadly at his tired face,i put my hand on is arc reactor and try to hold my tears back.
“hey, y/n/n” he says softly placing his hand over mine gripping it lightly.
i look at tony and he smiles before looking away “tony baby, look at me” i say and he looks at me “we’ll be ok” i start off “you can rest now” i say and smile.
he looks at me before taking his last breath, i immediately breakdown into tears. i feel his hand slip from mine and his body go limp.
he’s gone.
i kiss his cheek lightly before my head falls on his chest, i sob into his chest not caring that kings and gods were watching me break down.
1 week later
today was the funeral.
i never would have though this day would have come so quickly, i knew it would come but never would i be prepared for it.
i was sitting on the couch with peter on my right and morgan on my left sitting next to pepper, peter had his head on my shoulder and his hand laced with mine as we listen to tony talk.
i let a few tears slip as i listened to tony’s hologram wishing it was him actually here with us.
“i love you 3000”
the holograms shuts off and i smile sadly remembering morgan’s lasts words to her dad. i let go of peters hand and get up from off of the couch, i grab the bouquet of flowers with one of tony’s old arc reactors that have the words ‘proof tony stark has a heart’ on it and walk out of the house.
everyone follows me out of the house and stand with their loved ones as i walk to the platform with morgan, i crouch down and place the bouquet in the the water and watch it drift away.
i feel morgan tap my shoulder and i look over at her and see a tear slip down her face, i wipe it away and smile sadly. she hugs me and i hug her back, i rub her back and she sniffles.
“i love you y/n” she says and i feel tears come to my eyes, this is the first time she’s ever said that to me.
“i love you too morgan” i says pulling away from the hug and she frowns as she wipes my tears with her little hands.
she smiles proud she got all of my tears before telling me she was going back to her mom, she hugs me one last time before going with pepper.
everyone gives me their condolences before doing their own thing with their loved ones.
i sit down on the platform and take my heels off, i look out into the distance and think about all the nights tony and i spent out here.
i feel footsteps coming up to me, i look back and see pepper right behind me. she takes her heels off and sit next to me, she grabs my hand a squeezes it.
“he loved you a lot” she says and i laugh sadly “he always talked about how strong willed and beautiful you are, and don’t even get me started on how much he talked about your hair” she says and we both share a laugh.
“thank you” she thanks catching me by surprise, she laughs lightly before squeezing my hand “thank you for taking care of him for all of these years, i’m glad he found you” she says and i smile.
“it was my pleasure” i say and she smiles.
we both get up and walk and grab our heels before walking into the house to talk to everyone before they had to go.
when everyone left i was alone in the house, i looked around and saw pictures of tony and i around the house. i walked into the kitchen and saw my name in tony’s handwriting on it, i opened it and unfolded the paper and saw a note.
my dearest y/n,
if you’re reading this we got half of life back and i met my untimely demise. i want you to know that this was never my plan and i just took my chance to bring half of humanity back or erase the big purple giant from existence.
i’m sorry for leaving you, morgan and the kid behind but i want them to know that i did this for them.
please let the kid know that i did this for him, he was my main motivation to do this whole time heist thing. please tell the kid i’m proud of him, he needs to hear it. take care of him, make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid like i did ... just keep him in check for me.
and as far as morgan well... good luck, she’s just like me and that’s going to drive you up a damn wall. last night when i was talking to her she told me how much she loved you but is scared to tell you because she doesn’t think you’ll say it back, i hope she tells you soon if she hadn’t already.
and lastly you.
don’t cry over me too much unless you want to then go ahead.
but seriously i love you, i love you more than words can describe. i’m sorry that i left so quickly but i’m always there with you and i always will be, i will always be with you no matter what because i promised to be there before and after death at our wedding and i meant that.
i’m not going to tell you not to move on in life because that’s selfish of me, if you don’t want to that’s fine i’m smiling at you where ever i am.
thank you for loving me unconditionally for all of these years and putting up with me and i’m sorry for our time running short, but we’ll meet again i’m sure of it.
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mayraki · 2 days ago
besides writing my bucky x oc series (cough cough let’s play fire with fire) i’m writing a fic where the reader goes out with her friends but when a 🤢guy🤢 starts to talk to her inappropriately her mood changes completely so she decides to call bucky to take her home and then boom smut happens. what are we thinking? 👀
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