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#author life
adreameratdawn · 54 minutes ago
The sun rises  and I rise five hours later. I go about the house  helping my mother  and watch TV after lunch  till sundown. Then I scroll my phone  checking for important messages  I never receive  before casually typing your name to see how you've been doing. Between the guitar strumming  and your voice singing in front of  your bedroom wall I try to find  why it may be so hard for you to ask me  how I'm doing, once in a while. Did aunty get one of her  episodes again? Or that no matter how much you love  your sister never understands? Or that your father still only cares  about you when he's drunk? The 3AM darkness climbs over the railing  into your room and writes you  a list of insecurities. I'm a phone call away. I'm a text away. You always say you know that, but I'm not sure  if you remember me  like I love you, everyday.
~ Huanted kid-hood 
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jwoodwrites · 2 hours ago
Task for the day: Spend 12 hours deciding a single character's name.
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J. R. R. Tolkien the comic book — — #comicbook #biography #author #jrrtolkien #tolkien #art #story #lotr #lordoftherings #british #uk #southafrica #war #death #life #writing #literature #fantasy #hobbit #tidalwave #grave #series
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informatic4u · 8 hours ago
📷📚My own library pic for friends📱[ #Perspective]☺📚
📷📚My own library pic for friends📱[ #Perspective]☺📚
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kaelinaloveslomaris · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Two of @ao3commentoftheday’s fic bingo sheets. Close but no bingo for Why I Wrote It, and one for Why I Didn’t Write It.
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deepdarkromance · 12 hours ago
Writing is never task, but a purpose worth pursuing every day. The idea of writing all the time is a crazy idea but somehow it's a possible thing. I write everyday. However, what I write doesn't seem to get anywhere. That's because I also write blogs. Well... nowadays, I've become picky on what to post, as if it actually matters now. Should it matter? I don't know. Therefore, I'm yet again submerged in utter depression, trying to sort out my insecurities. Why should it matter so much? I'm writing because something wants to get said. Sometimes, it's difficult to verbalize what the heart and mind wants to say.
A story wants to be told.
When I look back in life, it was much more difficult to become an Author. If many publishing houses rejected your work, you were left in limbo. The choice was either give up or keep writing until a story is marketable. Or until the individuals skill matures enough to sell.
Nothing personal about rejection, it's just business, but now it's different. More stories are getting out there because of technology and platforms catering to the Self-publishing Author, not limiting what content is published out there.
Self-publishing becomes a raw experience. Now as an Author, we can experience failure of not writing a good story, or actually writing a successful one. There's no rejection letters, but everything is tossed in our hands to deal with. Believe me, thick skin is needed because definitely a future Author is gonna write a story that sucks. However, there are some readers who aren't picky or even care about grammar, simple mistake, and bad story-telling. They might just like it because they like it for there own particular reasons.
So, I really don't overthink things now as a self-publishing Author. I just let my skills grow through my failed work. Or has it failed. Readers still read my first book even though I published it 5 years ago and it's, yet again, my first book. Usually first novels suck. Well, it does ... even though I wrote it, but I love it for what it is... It was my starting point and my first grim love story that absolutely reflects my toxic point of view on relationships. I absolutely enjoy not having happy endings right away and killing my protagonists. Mortality is reality. No character is safe from their demise.
Why should it matter now about what I write?
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paperfury · 14 hours ago
why writers are a little creepy
stares at you without seeing because they're thinking up books
knows a bit about murder
says things like "my book is bare bones right now"
thrives in the dark
is probably a ghost with an attitude
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bluesnow261 · 17 hours ago
Two Can Play Their Game by Auzzies on AO3 gives me the MOST cowboy like me vibes…
It’s modern AU Six and Mono go from town to town, occasionally robbing people, Six scamming men that think she’s gonna spend the night w them…
You're a cowboy like me Perched in the dark Telling all the rich folks anything they wanna hear Like it could be love I could be the way forward Only if they pay for it And the skeletons in both our closets Plotted hard to mess this up And the old men that I've swindled Really did believe I was the one Now you hang from my lips Like the Gardens of Babylon With your boots beneath my bed Forever is the sweetest con
The whole song is about two swindlers who fall in love with each other in the middle of their schemes. I would quote the entire song if I could
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riveriablues · 19 hours ago
I don't know myself, but I know I look beautiful when I smile with my heart. The colour blue holds me longer than any other on the spectrum. I fall back on recommended songs and the artists I discover are the treasure I want to share with all. I don't know myself but I am happy when I can make you laugh, when I can be silly, when something touches me, when sunsets consummate in the sky for a little longer. I don't know myself, but I know I am beyond things that make me, things that break me, the words I speak, the thoughts I don't and definitely beyond how I appear to you. I don't know myself but I can feel it and I think that's enough.
Ivara Nodnat, A monthly diary entry
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withrewings · 19 hours ago
You used to be my favorite Wolfstar blog and now it seems you’re going out if your way to post literally anything else ://
sorry i don’t have the same interests now as i did when i was 14? lol idk what to tell you dude, the unfollow button isn’t hard to find if you don’t enjoy my posts
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cloud-sailing · 20 hours ago
My Book Promo
An excerpt from Petals and Leaves:
An elderly woman, with a face that has seen life, turns towards the sound, hand reaching up to her forehead to shield her eyes from the sun, and offers a kind smile for her granddaughter. ​
Upon their warm impact, they wrap arms around each other, the little one as far as she can reach around and the woman as far as she could bend forward, her hands on the child's back and shoulders.
A really difficult story to write but it needed to be told. It's a reminder of how fragile the world was, and still is, and how there are people behind the events that unfold--not statistics.
Learn from history. Make sure you don't make the same mistakes. Take care of each other.
Available on amazon and kobo.
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mtmcguire · 22 hours ago
Birthdays and other hilarity
Birthdays and other hilarity
Do you ever wonder what you’re going to be when you grow up? I was 53 yesterday so I suspect I should hvae grown out of the habit by now. However, I still look to the future and wonder what I will ‘be’. Well no, I don’t wonder that, being an author is definitely what I’m here to do but I do wonder if I will ever ‘make it’. Making it, here, is earning £20k a year. Even minimum wage would be nice.…
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