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#auditory stim
neuroperson · 2 days ago
What is your ''to stim'' song?
Mine is ARIES by Water Spirit
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thendandnbhrshl · 2 days ago
I was thinking since I’m stimming with sound right now; what about auditory stimming blog?
I mean I have a mic now, and even if there’s better ones than the one I have it could still be good?
let me know what you think y’all
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auditorystim · 3 days ago
chocolate snap
description: a person holding a red chocolate bar gently snaps the bar in half, revealing a caramel filling. there is a faint noise in the background through out the video.
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auditorystim · 4 days ago
cracking ice stuck to a window
description: a person opens a window to reveal that ice fully covered the opening, the person then gently alternates between poking and running their hand across the ice, resulting in a soft crackling sound. the ice doesn’t ever fully break in the video
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thelonelyrainbowenby · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Mt. Wolf makes the most ethereal music. I can feel it from my head to my toes. When I want to close my eyes and get lost in sound, I turn to them. As an autistic, I experience music more deeply than a neurotypical person would, and the emotions and shivers elicited from the first few notes of any of their songs feel like floating up a huge wave in the ocean. I just wanted to give them a shoutout because their music is so stimmy!
Who are your favorite bands to stim to?
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dapperappleton · 8 days ago
I have never felt better than I do when I listen to Merry-Go-Round Of Life by Joe Hisaishi on full volume on repeat and aggressively rocking back and forth and stimming
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