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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
#atsuko kagari
snowiebeans · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
spose this is my take on gothic akko? anyways uh. yeah 👍
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shintorikhazumi · 11 hours ago
TITLE: I wqs stressed
A/N: I'm disoriented and stressed I typed on Swipetext isn't helpful. (i wanted to type "love" but you'll see what went wrong) Diakko romance.
Shout out and a big thanks to supa for letting me borrow your name!!! Your writing is super fly!
~Shintori Khazumi
"But! I love you!" Shiny akkordiom cried out, clenching hwr chest in pain. Her heart beat our of it literally because why mot. (She had just been attacjes byb croissant merryDIES and couldn't breathe without Lotte's helpful magic.) "I love you!!" She breathed. "DAVE!" Dave cabbagepatch turned her head about, eyes widening in shock. "You... You love me? Di yoy really love me Akkordion?" "I do! I do, Dave! Even if your bffs, hansel and Bobba don't approbe!" She sobbed, tears streaming down her fave. "Even if Hansel bullies me a lot, nd bernard—" "Wasn't it Bobba?" "Shut up, Santa. I'm trying to make a heartfelt confession here." "Carry on." "EVEN IF MY ADOPTED MOM CHARITY CASE DOESN'T NORD DOESN'T APPROVE..." She forced hwrself to stnd, worryinf Dkana as sge dropped her protective spell to catch the fallimg akkordion. "-I love yoy!!!" "Akkordion..." "Dave..." Tjeg looked into each other's eyes and kith. Supa, a man who was actually womanda, and john clapped. The sound waves from.those hit croissant and sent her flying, dispelling the magic and saved the world They were now the new heroes.of the worls. But.dave amd akkorsiom didn!t ming. As ling as they were together and in luv. I live you akkordion." "I lube you too dave.' "let's get marrjed". Twigward officiated and they got married. Happy ending.
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snowiebeans · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
found this piece of treasure on a HP page and had to do it to em
this is exactly something she'd do
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purplechats · a day ago
Tumblr media
they’re sharing a jacket :)
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shintorikhazumi · 2 days ago
Two is company, Three's a Crowd, but Four is the Death of Diana Cavendish (1): Crowded Three
A/N: Basically, uh. I found an ally ( @tanuki-pyon ) and now. Rip. You get to see my hidden ships hihi. Self-indulgence at its finest... or worst
~Shintori Khazumi
"Allow me time to process this, please." Diana rubbed the bridge of her nose in frustration.
"Sure, sure~" Barbara sing-songed, getting up from her crouched position in front of Diana to plop herself next to the baffled woman on their bed.
"You saw this girl-"
"Who was super cute, btw." Hannah added a very important detail.
"Yes, yes. Whatever." Diana waved them off with her hand. She took a deep breath. "You saw her...” Diana took another deep one, preparing herself for the absurd statement about to exit her lips. “-and decided it would be alright to ask her to be in a relationship with you both?!"
Shifting her perplexed glare between her two girlfriends, she clicked her tongue as they simply shrugged in synch, clearly not seeing the problem at all.
"Technically, we invited her to be with the three of us." Hannah, once more, supplied helpfully.
"That's not the point!" Diana's voice squeaked. Wait... The words were registering in her mind. "Actually, that's much worse! She hasn't even met me! I don't even know who she is, or what she looks like!"
"Oh? Is that it? You just need to meet her?" Barbara clapped her hands together, as if she just had a good idea. "Then let's go meet her! We told her to wait for us downstairs and-"
"You what?!"
Without much say in the situation, Diana found herself dragged down the hall, into the longest elevator ride she'd ever had, by her two girlfriends.
Stepping into the lobby, Diana felt her hands released as the two pranced their way over to an unsuspecting brunette seated with her back to them.
Hmm? There was something... familiar... about that little ponytail.
"Hi~, sorry for the wait!" Hannah tapped the woman on the shoulder. Said woman stood up, and Diana could tell from her body language that she was somewhat nervous.
Who wouldn't be?
Why she hadn't even rejected the two straight up after their bold question, was more of what confused Diana.
"I-it's no problem." She murmured.
Diana could have sworn she'd heard that voice before.
"So? Who did you want to introduce to me?"
"Oh!" Barbara waltzed over back to her side, pushing Diana forward towards their new "friend".
Diana went stiff as the other two girls turned to face her, recognition registering in her blue eyes, and noticeably in her new companion's as well.
Hannah puffed her chest up in pride, arms gesturing in Diana's direction. "Meet our other girlfriend! Her name is-"
"...M-Miss Cavendish..."
"...Miss Kagari."
Well this was awkward.
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purplechats · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ah yes my fav dynamic. girlboss and himbo
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fallinglikemagic · 4 days ago
for the character ask, akko !
Ooo starting of with an LWA one! Alrighty, it’s been a few years but my memory’s still pretty fresh so LET’S GO
How I feel about this character
ADHD queen...okay but seriously I love her, Akko’s amazing and one of the best representations of what it’s like to have ADHD that I’ve seen in a long time. The parts about how she learns differently from everybody else, but that doesn’t mean that she’s somebody who was in high school and kinda struggling when I first watched LWA, it resonated with me a lot. Also she’s just cute and fun and I love her design, overall Akko means a lot to me :)
All the people I ship romantically with this character
dianakko my beloved...
honestly Diana’s probably the only one I ship romantically with Akko. Suakko is kinda cute tho
My non-romantic OTP for this character
can I say all of them I wanna say all of them If I can only choose one...I think I’m gonna go with Andrew. I just think they have a very fun platonic dynamic (and I live for Dianakko with wingman!Andrew)
My unpopular opinion about this character
I haven’t really participated in fandom stuff for a couple years so idk what’s popular or unpopular these days, but based on what used to be unpopular...Akko’s like. Really damn smart. We see a ton of examples of her actually being really clever, and she's brilliant at learning new languages (WHICH IS NOT AN EASY THING TO DO), regardless of whether that language is an animal/magical language or a human language (let’s not forget that LWA takes place in the UK and Akko is Japanese). She’s oblivious and impulsive and it can be fun to make jokes, but she’s not stupid by any means.
One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.
Aside from the obvious answer of Dianakko kiss/other kind of confirmation...I wanna see more interaction with Chariot after the truth of Chariot’s identity is revealed. Also, this wouldn’t happen because this like never happens but it would be neat to have her ADHD confirmed as canon :)
OH ALSO more backstory pls. We don’t even know if she has parents or not (we do see them at the start but that’s when Akko is a kid, for all we know they could’ve died by now), we need more details!!! 
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jokerfan99 · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anime One Night Stand Requests Girls 171-180 by DYWTB-Nothing
Power-Girl (Safe): (A. O. N. S. R.): Power Girl (Safe) Power-Girl (NSFW):… Junko Enoshima (Safe): (A. O. N. S. R.): Junko Enoshima (Safe) Junko Enoshima (NSFW):… Foo Fighters & Hermès (Safe): (A. O. N. S. R.): FF and Hermes (Safe) Foo Fighters & Hermès (NSFW):… Ryougi Shiki & Mikiya Kokutou (Safe): (A. O. N. S. R.): Shiki and Kokutou (Safe) Ryougi Shiki & Mikiya Kokutou (NSFW):… Boa Sandersonia (Safe): (A. O. N. S. R.): Boa Sandersonia (Safe) Boa Sandersonia (NSFW):… Tama Sakai (Safe): (A. O. N. S. R.): Tama Sakai (Safe) Tama Sakai (NSFW):… Musashi Miyamoto (Safe): (A. O. N. S. R.): Miyamoto Musashi (Safe) Musashi Miyamoto (NSFW):… Atsuko Kagari, Lotte Jansson, & Sucy Manbavaran (Safe): (A. O. N. S. R.): Atsuko, Lotte, and Sucy (Safe) Atsuko Kagari, Lotte Jansson, & Sucy Manbavaran (NSFW):… Ilulu (Safe): (A. O. N. S. R.): Ilulu (Safe) Ilulu (NSFW):… Maria Calavera (Safe): (A. O. N. S. R.): Maria Calavera (Safe) Maria Calavera (NSFW):…
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midnightlovermj · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➥ ❝ Lotte Jansson, Sucy Manbavaran & Atsuko "Akko" Kagari ❞
➥ Little Witch Academia
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Diana: Akko, you're flying?
Akko: Yes
Diana: How?
Akko: I finally figure it out, Diana!
Diana: What did you figure out, Akko?
Akko: The secret of magic, that let me fly
Diana: What do you mean? what secret is that?
Akko: It's an happy thought!
Diana: I see....
Akko: It took me a few hours to find out what my happy thoughts is.
Akko: And I did( smiling and blushing)
Diana: Okay, I'm curious Akko! are you gonna tell me, what is you're happy thought? (blushing)
Akko flying on her broom came closer lean down looking at Diana's face blushing and smiling and she said
Akko: It's you Diana! You're my happy thought.
Diana looking at Akko, face is blushing and eyes widen and surprised and slight flustered
Diana: (speechless)
A few minutes.later
Diana finally able to say it
Diana: I-I thank you Akko, I love you!
Akko: Aww, I love you too.
Akko: Wait, you love me?
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sleepycherri · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Akko’s dream xd, pls don’t look at the details it has lots of errors
I’ve started watching this anime yesterday and now I’m gonna start the second season uwu
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