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forlorn-flowers · 8 months ago
the storm.
Tumblr media
You think back to how Saint described being on a battlefield, how one was supposed to feel. Welcome the chaos. Everything lines up, like a boat in the eye of a raging hurricane. 
You think about the forest. The roaring in your ears, unable to distinguish whether it was the storm overhead or your own screaming. You were desperate. Unhinged, wild. Feral.
You were the storm.
Breathe in. Out. 
You hold your hands out, palms up in your lap. Close your eyes, concentrate. Breathe in. Out.
Electricity sparks on your fingertips.
Mentions; @bygone-eras​
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ibuzoo · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Archetype Inspirations | Atmokinesis
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elgaberino-mcoc · a year ago
Tumblr media
Result Announcement
The windy-cold Russian mutant could not faze the MC2 crazy lady with the science-accident cold powers. BITTER FROST cracks her opponent's 15th divisional seed and will next challenge the ice powers of BLOODAXE in Round 2. #TournamentOfBattlerealmFuture 
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localmutantlesbian · a year ago
Differences Between Mutations
So my Giant Masterpost of Mutations has gained some traction, and because I'm a total nerd I'd like to talk about why certain mutations are categorized as their own thing, why some mutations are considered sub-sects of another, and why some mutations aren't differentiated.
Why isn't Reicinokinesis (the ability to self-combust and then reconstruct one's self) not considered a sub-category of Regenerative Healing?
While you could of course categorize it under Regenerative Healing, the reason I didn't is because the focus with Reicinokinesis is more on the blowing up part. With healing, it's not so much what is done to you as how your body reacts, while in this case it's your body literally combusting and reassembling.
Why aren't Photokinesis or Magnekinesis listed as sub categories of Electromagnekinesis?
Technically neither magnekinesis nor photokinesis are represented on the electromagnetic spectrum ("but Iri" i hear you say, "isn't photokinesis control over the visible light spectrum?" well, im so glad you asked, imaginary person. we used to think it was! but studies show photokinetics actually draw from heat, UV light, and the visible light spectrum when using their mutation!) so I count them as seperate. But they do function similarly.
What is the difference between Bio-Picnokinesis (also known as Intagiblity) and Picnokinesis?
Intangiblity is focused soley on organic matter, while picnokinesis either incorporates both organic and inorganic, or simply inorganic matter.
Why isn't Inclinkinesis (shape-shifting) seperated into animal and humanoid categories?
Imma be real with you: I do not have a good answer for this. For some reason we usually just lump all shapeshifters together. Why? Idk ask Hank McCoy bro
Why are Vitakinesis, Toxikinesis, and Nosokinesis all seperate categories? Aren't they basically the same thing?
This is similar to the whole Reicinokinesis/Regen Healing thing. It's all about where you place your focus. So while a vitakinetic can cause someone to become sick, they do it by decreasing/disrupting life systems, while a nosokinetic would be interacting specifically with the processes that make someone sick (disease, etc). Likewise with toxikinetics vs. nosokinetics. It's less about the end result and more about how they got there.
Aren't all psonic (e.g Hypnokinesis, Mnemokinesis, Oneirokinesis, etc) a form of telepathy?
I mean....yes? Kinda? I would say the reason for the difference is telepathy is thought of (heh) as manipulate of conscious thought, while other psonic mutations manipulate different brain functions. Also the fact that most mutants with these mutations wouldn't be thrilled to be called knock-off telepaths lol
Are there specific kinds of atmokinesis?
To put it simply: yes! True weather-specific atmokinesis is fairly rare; most people who find they can only control rain or tornados for example find that with practice that control extends to all weather phenomena. But there are definitely mutants who can manipulate certain kinds of weather exclusively.
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danirak-spyderowl · 21 hours ago
Ritual =/= Magick: 5 Ways to Do Magick without Tools
Too often to I hear Wiccans & other Neopagans say "real" magick has to involve candles, herbs, crystals, etc. Or else it's "not real magick." No, no it doesn't. All that is needed to cast magick is your intent, clear visualization, the ability to focus your will, your powers, & magick energy (thoughts refined by emotional energy aka purposed bioelectricity). You don't even need words! As long as you have those 4 things you can do magick. You absolutely do NOT need any of those fancy things like talismans, candles, magickal oils, herbs, crystals, incense, or even an Altar. Having a Grimoire or an Encantus is helpful for writing down your spells, potions, incantations, & lore, but it doesn't have to be fancy. A 5 subject notebook would work perfectly, for example! My first Encantus was a 400 page leather journal I got from Walmart. The one I have now is a fancy custom-made leather bound book of my own design. Do I need it to be a Wizard? Nope! Is it great to have? Yup! I also have my one & only Staff I created mys'elf, a School Robe I got from Magick Alley, a Wizard hat I made from cotton fabric & batting, my Ogham cards, & my watercolors that I use with a base of storm water that I collect whenever it storms. Do I have crystals, herbs, & magickal oils? Maybe. But do I NEED them to cast spells & work potent effective magick? Absolutely not! I built my Craft over years based on my childhood circumstances & dependency on my Staff to help me walk. Here are 5 alternative ways to do magick that don't require many tools:
Technowizardry/Cyber Witchcraft: This is a facet of Alchemy. Literally all you need is a computer, Internet access, & basic knowledge of computer science. Cyberspace & the Astral Plane are the same thing. When you surf the Web, your body stays where it is while your mind projects into the computer and your focus beams into what's on the screen. Your nwyfre/Mana/magick energy flows from your hands into your phone/laptop/tablet to make changes to the coding in Cyberspace which alters the coding of reality, therefore casting a spell. Ever bought anything online? Your mind entered Cyberspace & manifested something physical through the medium of the Internet. That's Technowizardry. Do it with magickal intent next time & see what difference it makes! This is the magick my girlfriend uses. I'm learning how to do this as well.
Keranolurgy: Working directly with the Elemental forces of nature to work magick. All that's needed is knowledge of Meteorology, Atmokinesis power, visualization, & your intent. Just tap into the electrical energy of the weather & program your intent & visualisation into it. This taps into the power of ley lines via the Light Grid. This is the magick I use the most as I am naturally Atmokinetic.
Sigilcraft: All that's needed to do Sigil Magick is paper, pencil/pen/writing utensil, a magickal statement of intent, & your creative ability to draw symbols. Worried about not being able to draw perfectly? No problem! A sigil don't need to look beautiful to work. There is also such a thing as Emoji spells whish function the same way as Sigils do. I use both of these.
Knitting/Sewing/Knot Magick: If you have a talent for sewing or knitting, next time you do it program your intent into the knots each time you make them while visualizing the result of the spell. You could make a scarf or shirt for good luck, a poncho for success, a quilt for healing, etc. Possibilities are limitless! A facet of this is traditional Poppet Magick. You take two pieces of cloth, form them into a person shape, sew them together & stuff then with cotton, and other things.
Depictumagick: Similar to Sigil Magick & Poppet Magick. If you have talent to draw, paint, sketch, mold, sculpt, or otherwise produce an image, then next time do it with magickal intent. I have done this on several occasions when I was younger. I grew up in a household that didn't want me practicing so I got clever. Whenever I wanted something to happen I would just draw little sketches depicting a scene & just pour my visualisations into them. Worked like a charm!
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sis-nora-universe · 2 days ago
Identitatemkinesis...manipulate identities
Idiokinesis...manipulate a specific object of personal significance.
Idrótaskinesis...manipulate sweat
Íliokinesis...manipulate helium
Imérakinesis...manipulate the daytime
Immortalitatiskinesis...manipulate immortality
Imperiumkinesis...manipulate governments
Incértaekinesis...manipulate uncertainties
Inclinkinesis...manipulate body shape
Industriakinesis...manipulate industries
Infernakinesis...manipulate demonic power
Inferna-Atmokinesis...manipulate demonic weather
Inferna-Cryokinesis...manipulate demonic ice
Inferna-Electrokinesis...manipulate demonic electricity
Inferna-Elementumkinesis...manipulate demonic elements
Inferna-Ferrokinesis...manipulate demonic metal
Inferna-Geokinesis...manipulate demonic earth
Inferna-Hydrokinesis...manipulate demonic water
Inferna-Organikóskinesis...manipulate demonic organic
Inferna-Photokinesis...manipulate demonic light
Inferna-Pyrokinesis...manipulate demonic fire
Inferna-Sonokinesis...manipulate demonic sound
Inferna-Symphokinesis...manipulate demonic music
Inferna-Technokinesis...manipulate demonic technology
Inferna-Twilikinesis...manipulate demonic twilight
Inferna-Typhokinesis...manipulate demonic smoke
Inferna-Umbrakinesis...manipulate demonic darkness
Inpensakinesis...manipulate expenses
Insidiaskinesis...manipulate plots
Interna-Ergokinesis...manipulate internal energy
Invidiakinesis...manipulate envy
lófoskinseis...manipulate hills
Iokinesis...manipulate ions
Iota-Ergokinesis...manipulate particle energy.
Iotakinesis...manipulate charged particles
Iuriskinesis...manipulate laws
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sis-nora-universe · 2 days ago
List of Powers
Absolutakinesis...manipulate absolutes
Acedikinesis...manipulate sloth
Acido-Pyrokinesis...manipulate acidic fire
Aciukinesis...manipulate sharpness of objects
Adráneiakinesis...manipulate inertia
Aero-Ergokinesis...manipulate air energy
Aerokinesis...manipulate air
Aestatekinesis...manipulate Summer
Aggressiokinesis...manipulate anger
Agrotikóskinesis...manipulate rural areas
Aidoskinesis...manipulate humility
Aktíkinseis...manipulate coasts
Alcokinesis...manipulate alcohol.
Aliena-Essokinesis...manipulate foreign realities
Alysídakinesis...manipulate chains
Amaikinesis…manipulate candy
Ambire-Ergokinesis...manipulate ambient energy
Amétkinesis...manipulate fun
Amokinesis...manipulate the emotion of love or desire
Anemistíraskinesis...manipulate fans
Angeloskinesis...manipulate angels
Anthropokinesis...manipulate humans
Antikeímenokinesis...manipulate objects
Antikinesis...manipulate antimatter
Anthracokinesis...manipulate coal
Apelpisíakinesis...manipulate despair
Architektonikíkinesis...manipulate architecture
Argentokinesis...manipulate silver
Arthrokinesis...manipulate joints
Aspectuskinesis...manipulate aspects
Aspídakinesis...manipulate shields
Asteroeidiskinesis...manipulate space rock
Asterokinesis...manipulate cosmic energy
Astrakinesis...manipulate astral energy
Astronkinesis...manipulate the remnants of dead stars
Astroremkinesis...manipulate celestial/astronomical objects
Atmokinesis...manipulate the weather
Atmóskinesis...manipulate steam
Atomkinesis...manipulate atoms
Auctoritatiskinesis...manipulate authorities
Audiokinesis...manipulate sound
Aurakinesis...manipulate aura
Aurokinesis...manipulate gold
Aurorakinesis...manipulate the aurora
Auto-Atomkinesis...manipulate one's own atomic structure.
Auto-Leptokinesis...manipulate one's own molecular structure.
Auto-Subatokinesis...manipulate one's own subatomic particles.
Avarikinesis...manipulate greed
Avgókinesis...manipulate eggs
Avikinesis...manipulate avian creatures
Axonaskinesis...manipulate any axis
Azur-Pyrokinesis...manipulate blue fire
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sunandmoonbot · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Suzy Bae | bisexual | switch (sub lean) | single, poly
Twin sister of Apollo. Goddess of the hunt, archery, wilderness, forests, the Moon, radiance, maidenhood, and childbirth.
Focused, reserved and reasonable woman, but also extremely stoic and pragmatic. She doesn't frequently lose her temper and speaks calmly with others.
Despite her focused and stoic self, she's known to be sneaky and often prank her brother.
She is a little more reserved with men, tends to open up to men only of they gain her trust.
She's very protective of her brother, loved ones and animals, her anger and cruelty often show when they are hurt. She also doesn't like when her maidens don't follow her orders, hide things from her or disobey.
Spends most of her time in the wilderness and hunting, or generally tends to pefer spend time in the forest amd surrounded by nature.
Being an introvert, she needs more time to open up with people, but when she does, she tends to be a very smiley and funny person, bright like her brother.
A very powerful goddess and with her great following, she bears a greater level of worship. Her powers include: enhanced hunting, excellent archery and knife skills, great strategist. Transfiguration. Wilderness manipulation and control among all animals, able to communicate with every animal. Atmokinesis, lunarkinesis, photokinesis, teleportation. Artemis' blessing.
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jazzyocs · 3 days ago
Mina Suzuki (OC) - Percy Jackson
I changed the book timeline for Percy Jackson, so the timeline is 2011-2017.
Basic Information:
Tumblr media
Face Claim:
Full Name:  Mina Suzuki
Age When They Came To Camp: 10
Birthday: December 2, 1999
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Japanese from mother, Greek from father
Nationality: Japanese
Birthplace: Nishikyō-ku, Kyoto Japan
: Orlando, FL United States
(what town is your character currently living in when the story starts, include county)
Languages Spoken / Read: Japanese, Greek, Mandarin, English
Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Blood Type: B+
Sexual Orientation: heterosexual
Greek Zodiac: Sagittarius
Ruling Planet(s):Jupiter
Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit
Hair Colour: Brown (Natural)
Eye Colour: Brown
Everyday Clothing: Mina wears jeans, shorts, skirts  and graphic t-shirts as everyday clothing. When the occasions call for it, she wears dresses.
Camp Clothing: Mina is usually seen wearing shorts or leggings with the camp shirt. Mina usually doesn’t wear her camp necklace.
Fears: Clowns
Favorite Animal: Penguins
Favorite Song: Bios from Guilty Crown
Favorite Movie / Film Franchise: Harry Potter Series
Activities / Subjects:
Best Activity in Camp: Archery, Hand-to-Hand Combat
Worst Activity in Camp: Sword Fighting
Best School Subject(s): History and Art
Worst School Subject(s): Math
Family / Friends:
Mother: Kiyoko Suzuki
Occupation: Dentist
Relationship: Mina and Kiyoko have a okay relationship. It is not as amazing as Percy and Sally, but Mina knows she can go to her mom for advice. Kiyoko does tries to be a mother to Mina and she does have a better relationship with Mina than Zeus does.
Father: Zeus
Relationship: Mina and Zeus have a non-existent relationship. Mina does not want anything to do with Zeus. As she told Percy, Zeus did not make an attempt when she was a child, why should she be the one to initiate a relationship. Even though they don’t talk, Poseidon has mentioned that Zeus does sometimes show pride in Mina.
Siblings at Camp: Thalia and Jason Grace
Who do they get along with most?: Jason
Who do they get along with least?: Thalia
How do they feel about their cabin mates in general?: Thalia is in the Hunt and Jason goes back and forth between Camp Half-blood and Camp Jupiter, so she really does not see them a lot, so they are just kind of there. But she does like Jason a lot more than Thalia.
Closest Friends: Braylen Franklin and Luna Park
Demigod Friends: Percy Jackson, Piper McLean, Rachel Dare, Ethan Nakamura, Jason Grace, Leo Valdez, Nico Di Angelo, Travis Stoll, Connor Stoll, Drew Tanaka (sometimes), Grover Underwood
Enemies: Kronos, Gaea, Hera
Weapon: Bow
Fatal Flaw: Indifferent, Mina really does not care for Camp or the Gods, but she does care for the few friends she has at camp and the mortals who are usually the casualties of the Gods. If not for those two things, Mina would have just stayed out of the war.
Abilities: Electrokinesis, Atmokinesis
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lauraperfectinsanity · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
In a world where part of the population is born with special gifts, commonly called "superpowers", there are law enforcement agencies made up of these superpowered individuals.
BTS is an elite team of superpowered agents, based in Seoul, South Korea. The team consists of six people: Kim Namjoon, leader of the squad, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung.
Most agents would kill to join the elite team, but it's been two years (when Jimin and Taehyung graduated from the academy) since them and their agency found someone worthy of joining BTS.
That is, until Jeon Jungkook graduated from the gifted academy, top of his classes. And it turns out that Jungkook is exactly what they needed to complete the team.
Kim Namjoon is the leader of the team. He's very well known and highly sought after by all law enforcement agencies for his incredible intellect and strategic mind. His main powers are his telepathy, his telekinesis and his superhuman intelligence.
Kim Seokjin is the eldest. His main power is the acoustikinesis, the creation and manipulation of sonic effects and sound waves that can also control and influence people's minds. But he can also rely on his sono-kinetic flight and his superhuman hearing.
Min Yoongi is known in their work environment to be a real badass, the cold one you don't mess with. He's literally a spitfire since his powers of pyrogenesis and pyrokinesis, allow him to generate and manipulate fire. Despite Yoongi's reputation, he's actually fiercely protective of the people he trusts and loves, his teammates.
Jung Hoseok is mostly known for his ability to create and manipulate photons of light; and thanks to his superhuman speed, he can also be as fast as the light he manipulates. His bright powers perfectly reflect Hobi's personality.
Park Jimin has a great variety of powers, all connected to water. He's able to generate and manipulate water in all its forms, and to be perfectly adapted into water, with his superhuman swimming speed and agility. Also, his water manipulation extends to cryokinesis, the manipulation of ice.
Kim Taehyung is able to perfectly blend with nature. His main power of naturakinesis allows him to communicate, control and manipulate all living beings through zoopathy, animal manipulation, botanopathy and plant manipulation. With his atmokinesis, he can also control the natural forces responsible for the weather.
Jeon Jungkook has some pretty scary and rare powers. Even when in the academy, most people were wary of his umbrakinesis, the ability to manipulate and control shadows and darkness and his ability to completely transform his body into darkness and teleport through it. He's also superhumanly strong. Despite his scary powers though, Jungkook is actually a real cutie.
Read more here.
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lauraperfectinsanity · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bangtan Boys [6/7] -> 김태형 Kim Taehyung
Naturakinesis: He's connected directly to the natural world and thus, can communicate, influence, manipulate and control nature: all living beings and plants and weather conditions. Because he can communicate with nature, he becomes instantly familiar with his surroundings. Animals and plants are instantly attracted to his presence.
Atmokinesis: He has the power to manipulate and exert influence with the natural forces responsible for weather. He can create rain, hail, lightning, snow, sleet, fog and temperature changes.
Thermal Variance: His body counteracts extremes of temperature, internally increasing or decreasing his temperature in contrast to its external environment.
Spiritual Energy Absorption: He can draw on the spiritual energies of all of Earth's living beings.
Natural Perception: He can sense natural and biological patterns of force around him, such as electromagnetic forces, air currents and chemical reactions.
Energy Vision: He can see the physical world around him as energy, including the human body's nervous system.
Curative Healing: He's known to have great powers to heal injured living beings and to cause living beings to grow. This ability can also be used to purify water and air.
Botanopathy: He possesses the ability to communicate with all plant life.
Plant Manipulation: He's able to manipulate all plant life. He can cause plants to grow, move, attack, rise from the soil and walk, mutate plants by re-arranging their DNA structure, and revive withered or dead plants.
Zoopathy: He can telepathically read the minds of animals and communicate with them.
Zoolingualism: He's able to understand the speech of any animal life forms.
Animal Manipulation: He's able to control and manipulate all animal life forms to do his bidding.
Empathy: He can sense the emotions and feelings of all living creatures, from people, to animals, to plants, and can broadcast his own feelings in order to influence other people's emotions.
Animal Shapeshifting: He possesses the ability to transform into animals, as well as use the abilities, traits and physiology of animals by rearranging his own DNA structure.
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edensgalore · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— edensgalore presents.                 character intro • children of the great empire ( info below )
trigger warning mentions. torture, child abuse, death
:// small about
the children of the great empire ( cotge ) are a group of people that were raised within the garden as nothing more than an experiment/lab rats. being either left at the garden’s entrance or born within it, themselves. these people were treated not better an animal in a cage. with one immortal ( ares / alive ), two mortals ( agatha / alive & astoria / deceased ) and two a.i ( atlas / active & astra / active in 20s ), the group was something kept a secret for many years. and as rumor has it -- is nothing but a myth.
with the only three humans ( agatha / ares / astoria ) being the sole interest of cosima for the experiments. they were probed and tortured at a young age, for the sole purpose of trying to see what results would come from children born with the serum in their blood that had not yet triggered their immortality gene. with the first a.i ( atlas ) being part of the group, to see how a robot would mimic emotions of its peers and how they would behave. and with the second a.i ( astra ) activated when the humans of this group reached adulthood and forced to join the group to fool its members.
the children were part of what is known cerberus project ; the secret experiment cosima has been working on for centuries now on the children born with the serum but not with the triggered gene of immortality. when ivan finds out about this project, he takes it upon himself to save and protect the kids and with the help of tamsin and cara he manages it to get two of them out of there. rescuing agatha and astoria when they were twelves. atlas purposely left being because ivan knew of the a.i’s true identity, and not having to time to rescue ares because otherwise cosima would’ve caught them.
:// cerberus project
dead of the one. astoria died tragically at the hand of who they considered family, agatha. who after sufferings night terrors, woke up from a nightmare and unwillingly used their acquired abilities; killing astoria in that moment. 
the experiment. throughout the years cosima has performed experiments on these forgotten kids. hoping she can find a way to trigger their immortality gene before reaching adulthood, but the experiment have ended in the death of many. many while still children, others while in their teens. they never manage to reach their twenties.
the experiment ii. what made this group of kids so particular was not only that two of three managed to survive, but also these probing and torture they were subjected to triggered abilities in some of them. comes as a surprise that ares was able to endure a second doses of the serum and it trigger his immortality. 
the a.i’s. they were placed in the group to see how they would behave and see the other children’s reaction to it. atlas being the first one at the time, the a.i was unaware of its own nature. but managed to defy the orders given at the time and feel something. when passed into an older version of its program, the a.i was granted atla’s 1st, memories but feelings were blocked. they were still able to defy orders and break through the barrier, and old feelings resurfaced. astra being the second a.i, she was placed on the group as a replacement for astoria. and while they are aware of their own nature -- they are to lie and pretend to be a clone instead, to try and gain the trust of the rest of the group.
:// children of the great empire
eg. name — a.1b2rt / birth name — agatha barlow         abilities. heart manipulation, heat vision, psychokinesis, atmokinesis          about. was born a stillborn on the day of her father’s death at the garden. brought back by teressa silva. she was tortured more than the other kids as a punishment for her father’s betrayal to the garden. eg. name — ar.43gs / birth name — ares riggs        abilities. seismokinesis, ability absorption         about. given up to the garden when only being a few weeks old. his mother gave him up for an exchange at a life within eden without being persecuted for breaking the rules. eg. name — a.31t / birth name — astoria       abilities. telekinesis        about. birthed within the garden, astoria was the product of nova and talon. two people who willingly volunteered for creating kids for the sole purpose of being experimented on. they were rescued alongside aggie at the age of twelve. but when they were fourteen, while trying to console agatha after a nightmare, they were accidentally killed by her. eg. name — a.s.t.r.a / birth name — astra   abilities. none    about. placed as a replacement for astoria in the group. the only a.i aware of its identity and volunteered to see how the humans would react to seeing them. but much like their previous a.i, astra starts sympathizing with the others and wondering about their own reason for agreeing to join the group. eg. name — a.t.l.a.s / birth name — atlas     abilities. none      about. created in order to see how they would behave alongside others and how the kids would react to having an a.i there, they manage to defy every order given to them and always fight back.
:// links - tags
graphic inspo - credit
cotge musing tags - tumblr
board for the coge - pinterest
board for the cerberus project - pinterest
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salty-coffee · 19 days ago
there are many powers I don’t think Vanya should have however atmokinesis was just a good call and im sticking by that
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