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#astolfo granatum
monaldmouse · 6 days ago
astolfo headcanons (pt. 2)
(semi-canon, check the omake out :3) not only likes but expects to be pampered. cooking? that’s for servants. cleaning? you must be kidding. his childhood (minus the vampire trauma) was full of maids, butlers, and people waiting on him and louisette. he has a taste for indulgent activities.
^ going off of the previous point, he can eat sweets without gaining weight. he still prefers savory foods over sweets though.
animals love him. he tolerates them.
usually has a low body temperature. he has marco knit/buy him cardigans to keep warm. 
sharp, thin handwriting. letters are closely written to each other. marco considers it very “distinguished.” roland once joked that it looked like an apothecary’s writing. 
pierced his ears on a whim and in a moment of slight madness. he wanted to feel something that wasn’t just in his head.
when he’s not acting reckless, he is good at thinking strategically. he once won consecutively against both roland and olivier in card games and chess. 
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vanitasheart · 9 days ago
ASTOLFO !?!♡ AstolfO ☆ !! astolfo !!★♡% ^___^ ♡' astolfooo !! ☆ ASTOLfo(☆__★)/♡ astolfo... < a s t o l f o astolfo??? ★ astolfo☆ !! ♡ a-astolfo ♡ ★ ¡¡ ASTOLFO!! A... S... T... O... L... F... O...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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am0rama · 17 days ago
I don’t know if it’s the haircut, the boots or maybe the weapon but there’s something about his character design which gives me big Sailor Saturn vibes.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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naehja · 18 days ago
grounded for a week
Astolfo: I got grounded by Roland for a whole week just because I came home late.
Astolfo: the audacity of this man
Astolfo: He IS the one to get often late!!
Vanitas: Well, you deserved it. I mean, getting everyone's hopes up like that and then showing up again.
Noe: *sweats nervously* what are you doing Vanitas?
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kixaxstyx · 20 days ago
Gano: *teaching Astolfo to drive* Okay, you’re driving and Olivier and Roland walk into the road. Quick, what do you hit?
Astolfo: Oh, definitely Roland.
Gano: The brakes, Astolfo. You hit the brakes.
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Tumblr media
always an exciting time when the church takes advantage of your trauma and brainwashes you into being a child soldier with little to no impulse control 
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greyrose22 · 28 days ago
Idk why but when Astolfo is speaking, I’m always hearing like some thick Scottish accent in my mind 😅
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dominiqueswaifu · 2 months ago
🍀🍀 VcC question to kill the time while waiting for the new chapter: who do you think is going make it to end of the Manga alive? 🍀🍀
I think Luca and Noé are the only ones who'll make it to the end of the manga alive (from the main cast at least). I really like the theory that Vanitas is going to be stuck in Altus and that won't exactly be him being alive.
From the side characters, I have a hunch that Roland and Astolfo are going to die. They've both become too likeable, which is never a good sign in MochiJun's works😭
I don't think Chloé and Jean-Jacques are in danger of dying anytime soon but Ruthven is definitely going towards death, he kinda gives off PH Fang vibes.
Last but not least, I believe either Dante or Johann will die. I don't have any arguments to support this theory, it's just a hunch.
Thanks for asking!
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Tumblr media
Digital version of Astolfo’s sketch I did a while ago 
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