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#ask to tag please
blair-slicestheships · 3 hours ago
Intro post ghahgahahha
💞 Hey, I’m Blair! (Blīr, Blair, Brettsy) 💞
I do gacha, I draw, play the violin and I am terrible at voice acting
My zodiac is a ♍️ (Virgo)
My birthday is 12/9 (September 12th because apparently Americans do the date backwards)
Here’s some stuff about me
I am obsessed with BFB (we’ll get back to that)
I consider myself an extrovert
I’ve got a “your fave” account riiiight @yourfaveisthesimpiest here
My favourite music is alternate pop music
My favourite animal is a “”””””forg””””””
I have a meme defficency please help
I am in the LGBTQ, my sexuality is trixic (attraction to women regardless of the simp’s gender)
Spaghetti is a good food
Here have some kins
Pencil (BFB)
Lollipop (BFB)
Bubble (BFB)
Match (BFB)
Flower (BFB)
Anne (Amphibia)
Marcy (Amphibia)
Sasha (Amphibia)
Pitchfork (AIB)
Nabla (AIB)
Glue (AIB)
Thanks for coming folks 🎀
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alexspinkhoodie · 9 hours ago
Ask for the night: How do you organize your desktop? (Folders, named images, leave everything in a terrifying mess, ect.)
I honestly don’t have much to organize so I pretty much just leave everything a mess, but, hey, at least I can find it
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mushroom-elf · 10 hours ago
Ask me stuff for I am bored. I will answer each and every question for there will not be many.
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tscampfireau · 11 hours ago
what’s your worst fear
something happening to my loves ones and not being able to do anything about it, or anything useful in general. That and accidentally finding a deceased body
im also pretty scared of tsunamis tbh -d
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wanderingcas · 11 hours ago
you are such a talented writer and I am so impressed with everything that you put out. I am so proud that you are writing your own novel, I know that you're going to make it big and i'm looking forward to supporting you! you broke the mutual with me which I was confused about, but I will always be your fan either way and you're such a genuinely sweet person <3
i can't reply but i really want to no i will not i will keep the ask game
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saintdabi · 11 hours ago
i will now be pestering you with posts abt monstrous love that i think can apply to shiggy and/or dabi x x x x x x there are so many more i could think of but i dont wanna bother u too much hskxbdknc
sophie my greatly beloved............these are perfect.
but the tim o'brien one specifically 'i wanted to live inside her body. i wanted to melt into her bones—that kind of love' is exactly what i was trying to say. i just really like to write shigaraki as someone whose view of love is about consuming and being consumed in return. like if given half the chance he'd burrow himself under his lovers skin.
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thewangshuinn · 12 hours ago
A teyvat mailman comes in with a box
Hello ma'am, I have a package for one Huai'an. Is he here?
The lid pops opens to show that the package is filled with supplies generally associated with anniversary celebrations in monstadt, but the mailman closes it before Goldet can get a good look.
He should be out that way. I can get him, if you'd like.
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bihercs · 12 hours ago
you make me want to learn about wonder man
ahhhh anon i'm so glad you're interested!!!! he means SO much to me, just a strange gay little actor who also can fight thor bdnsjdjrjrjr. if you're interested, i'll give you some recommendations!
avengers vol 1 #9 is his debut, where he dies & remains dead for 14 years!
he comes back in avengers vol 1 #151 - #153!
avengers vol 1 #160 is one of my all time favourite simon issues ever. here, simon's brother eric (the grim reaper, who became a supervillain following the death of his brother as he blamed the avengers for his death & attempted to kill them to avenge simon. he also tried to put vision in steve's body at one point bc he hoped that vision would be the same as simon, long story)
avengers vol 1 #164 - #166, where simon & the avengers battle count nefaria, and it establishes simon's fear of dying, and in my opinion reads as an anxiety disorder today!
marvel premiere vol 1 #55 - simon's company basically gets taken over by the mob & he teams up with an old workmate to try and take them down. basically simon's first solo story & i really enjoyed it :)
west coast avengers vol 1 & 2. these series ran alongside the v&sw series so you might need to read those two to understand what's going on but this offers simon as a main character along with clint barton, rhodey, tiagra & bobbi morse, and later hank pym so in my book this series is really good! WCA vol 1 establishes simon's abusive father & just offers a really good study of simon!
marvel graphic novel: emperor doom is a REALLY good story where doctor doom takes over the world, and it's more or less up to simon to try to save it! it's really fun & enjoyable, and works well as a simon story as much as a doctor doom one.
wonder man vol 1 - this is his 80s mini, it's pretty quick & short n cute! it's not the most interesting thing i read but i enjoyed it well enough!
wonder man vol 2 - this is his 90s solo series that went on for almost 30 issues. to be honest, after it gets sucked into events i find this comic takes a turn for the worse so i'd only recommend the first 6 issues. note, the characterisation here is very wonky, & also the author is gerard jones, who is a really gross person so if that keeps you from reading that's completely understandable!
dark reign: lethal legion is set during dark reign (duh) and offers a pretty interesting look at simon & eric's relationship. as with most dark reign stuff though it's pretty grimdark so warning for that, & again the characterisation is... kinda weird but i would still read it if you were interested in simon & eric's relationship!
tales of the marvels: wonder years isn't a simon story per say but it's told from the pov of an obsessed fan of his and imo is really good for understanding simon's status as a celebrity in the marvel universe! trigger warning though for unhealthy obsession, & attempted suicide in the second issue.
uncanny avengers vol 3 #28 is a really nice cute issue between simon & hank, & i can give you specific recommendations for them if you want! simon & hank both reflect over their lives, and it's just a really nice piece that holds a special place in my heart :)
this is by no means a comprehensive list of every important simon appearance, but they should offer a good introduction to simon & if you have any more questions i am more than happy to give them! i am also more than happy to give a character overview/history if that would be helpful!!!
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taylorswiftrulestheworld · 12 hours ago
oh! pick 3 taylor albums and which oc do they remind you of?
Lover definitely reminds me of Izzy! She loves the different songs, and A Thousand Cuts is her favorite song!
Red reminds me of Peyton: it's tradition that she listens to it every autumn because it's an autumn type of album. Her favorite song is 22!
Reputation is definitely Sam's album! She'll listen to it if she feels mad, and Sam listened to it after meeting Caleb, knowing what he did to Willie and the boys. Her favorite song is I Did Something Bad!
Send me asks, headcanons and requests!
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one-morbid-beauty · 12 hours ago
Going into the various Princess and the Frog tags are bittersweet because you can tell that it was way more lively between 2014 and 2019. I'll see cute fanart or headcanons and go onto the blog of the person that made it and find out that they either don't create content for it anymore or just deleted all the work they have ever made for it leaving us with the same gifs and screenshots repeatedly. Don't get me wrong; I appreciate the ones still involved and putting out work I'm just bitter that I missed out.
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my-rosegold-soul · 12 hours ago
You deserve pampering - relaxing bath with your favorite soothing smells surrounded by candlelight, your favorite music playing while sipping on your favorite drink. Afterward I massage your favorite lotion into your soft skin while kissing along your neck and shoulders. You put on your favorite comfy pajamas and snuggle into my arms where I alternate between forehead and lip kisses while rubbing soft circles against your back until you drift off into a blissful sleep. My girl deserves to be kissed, cuddled, and caressed.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PLEASE you got me messed up. My feels can’t handle this 😩. ANON BEAN you saying a lot of soft things and I’m too soft from reading this and in my feels today and you AINT helping me 🥺😭. YOUR girl??? You can’t claim me yet tho🤪
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aurieeeeeenyx · 13 hours ago
thanks for the tag, @veneritia :D
30 QUESTIONS: get to know me!
1. name/nickname: nyx (i also go by aurie cuz lol my url...haha...)
2. gender: uhhh good question *sweats* i generally use the label gnc (gender non-conforming) tho i think i also like agender? still figuring that out sjfjnabs (i use all pronouns btw; i like when multiple pronouns are used for me, though if you want to use one pronoun for me they/them is good)
3. star sign: gemini (don't know what moon and rising are)
4. height: you'll never know
5. time: too late to be doing my laundry that's for sure (jk it's late afternoon as of writing this...but i have been procrastinating doing laundry for the past four hours)
6. birthday: ;)
7. favorite band: the score
8. favorite solo artist: alec benjamin probably??? tbh i haven't listened to his stuff in a while but he's good go check out his music :) i mostly listen to random music that shows up in my recommended sdjfhds
9. song stuck in my head: all of them /j most recently maybe "i'm gonna win" by rob cantor tho honestly i always have at least 4 songs looping in my head at any given time /hj
10. last movie: howl's moving castle
11. last show: no idea; i don't think i've watched any recently, tho i have been thinking of rewatching atla
12. when i created this blog: april 2020 iirc
13. what i post: literally anything. this blog is just full of reblogs of random stuff (especially fandom related things for whatever fandom i've inevitably fallen into lmao) and the occasional creation of my own (art, animation, writing, etc)
14. last thing i googled: naginata
15. other blogs: i have a writing-only blog, @/aurienyx, which is...kinda dead, honestly. usually i post whatever to this blog, and then if it's writing (like Actual writing, and also original writing only-ish) then i'll reblog it to that blog. this blog was originally supposed to be a side blog but then...well, here we are (i post fics/drabbles and stuff to this blog only cuz yeah this one's more fandom-oriented; i think i post fic updates to the other one though)
16. do i get asks? rarely, but yes! i love getting asks, so feel free to send me one anytime :D
(getting long so the rest is under the cut!)
17. why i chose my url: oh boy. time for an explanation nobody asked for but i'm gonna give it anyways >:) a saga in three parts:
1, my url for this blog (aurieeeeeenyx) has 6 e's because it stems from the original (aurienyx), and that's because it was originally supposed to be a sideblog/joke-y blog—being unoriginal (/hj), i decided to stretch the vowels cuz that's what meme subreddits did and i thought it would be funny
2, the name "aurienyx" has two parts: "aurie" and "nyx". "aurie" is cuz i take latin, and "aureus" is "gold (coin)" in latin and like. that's cool (also we used to do this thing in class where we'd give ourselves names in latin and mine was "aurelius/a"). "aurenyx" looked funky to me so i stuck an "i" in there and that was that. the "nyx" part is where it gets fun: i used to be (and still kinda am) a mythology geek thanks, pjo/hoo and i always liked the name "nix/nyx", so i was like ah yes goddess of night nyx that's great—BUT i also really like(d) phoenixes so i was like aha! double whammy! and then i mixed them together and here we are
3, the less important part, "aurienyx" is a fairly short name with three distinct syllables and therefore easier to remember so like. branding or something ig (i didn't think abt this til after lmao) (this doesn't apply much to the url for this blog cuz it's loooooong)
so that's why! thank you for coming to my ted talk—
18. following: 256
19. followers: 129
20. average hours of sleep: .....don't attack me like this (not enough, clearly /j)
21. lucky numbers: don't really have them, but maybe 3 and 8?
22. instruments: piano, and i'm currently teaching myself (ish) ukulele! :D used to play oboe and cello but unfortunately not anymore...maybe i'll get back into cello someday (also thinking about learning guitar but uh 6 strings brain says no thank you /lh)
23. what am i wearing: right now i'm wearing a grey shirt/hoodie thing and black shorts
24. dream job: no idea/don't really have one; would love to be a part-time author though...kinda (i just wanna be able to create things for fun on the side ig)
25. favorite food: potatoes, maybe? they're so versatile it's great. but there's a lot of foods contesting for the spot so who knows
26. ?
27. nationality: :)
28. favorite song: oh god don't ask me this i can't chooooooose (but recently, probably "favorite color is blue" by robert delong ft k. flay... or maybe "revenge, and a little more" by unlike pluto... or maybe—)
29. last book i read: uhh besides an ungodly amount of fics i think the last book i actually finished was none of the above by i. w. gregorio. it was alright, though i wasn't really a fan. there's several other books i started but haven't finished reading, including (but not limited to) leviathan by scott westerfield, song of achilles by madeline miller, vicious by v.e. schwab, the night circus by erin morgernstern, the raven boys by maggie stiefvater....the list goes on
30. top 3 fictional universes i would like to live in: that's....really hard, honestly. i don't know, but if i had to choose: 1, harry potter bc i wanna explore hogwarts dammit; 2, the world in the game monument valley cuz wow those graphics are so pretty (the world of sky: children of the light too); and 3, this wonderland-based world i created a couple months ago lol (yes i'm biased but also i did a Lot of worldbuilding and i think it's really cool >:>)
tagging: @charlesjosephwrites, @belialwrites, @ryns-ramblings, @oasis-of-you, @djthedumbass, @iwantadamusername, @kittycatinblue, and anyone who wants to join :D
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lemjpanda13 · 13 hours ago
You push people away then wonder why they leave? You’re creating your problems by not addressing them.
I don’t think I worded myself quite right.
I see/find it more as I’m waiting for someone to talk first (since I’ve often been the one to do that and hope as I don’t come off as annoying) and wonder if they care about me at all.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And then your ask kicks in as a fair point and it’s come all full circle.
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maxlordd · 14 hours ago
I think you’re the coolest and when i first joined i thought you were a celeb within the fandom 😂
anonymously tell me how you feel about me. i can't reply, i just have to read it and post it.
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Seeing people armchair diagnosis cluster B disorders with the Creepshow art situation is starting to get to me.
Armchair diagnosing isn't a good thing y'all. Especially when Shannon has spoken about her own struggles with being a Compulsive Liar in her storytimes.
She may or may not be cluster B and as far as the public is aware it's a N O so don't treat her as if she is, but she has flat out shared that she used to be a compulsive liar. She's faked drama with someone nicknamed amy before too, about 6 years ago on deviantart & got exposed for it.. She made an apology that was insincere, and that was when I unfollowed. It was around the same time as her mary sue/gary sue series where she fixed folks' characters so they weren't sues anymore.
It was a problematic series, and I was a problematic very young teen at the time who honestly didn't know any better.. But as far as I'm concerned, Shannon has essentially implicated herself through the keywords and phrases she used with Emilyartful, and through private conversations with HP being discussed on Lolcow. Idk very much about lolcow so I can't speak to past validity of exposed identities, but I can say this is something Shannon has done in the past.
Unlike Creepshow art however, I'm going to assume her mental health is shit right now and she may have fallen into old habits because of it. Does that make it more okay? Fuck no. But, I'm going to suggest we encourage Shannon to reach out for help, and to look for resources that could help with the compulsive lying if that has returned. As for the stalking situation, there's not much to be said aside from go to therapy/reach out for help where possible, and do better. Be honest with the people you've hurt, and apologize. That's the only way forward. But, once you do, try to build up a support team to keep you on the right path & to help you move forward instead of holding you back.
And to anyone who's going to look at this and think I like Shannon, I couldn't watch her content because I'd have panic attacks. I felt like she was screaming at me the entire time, and it became a trigger for my (C-)PTSD. I haven't watched her content in over 6 years. I'm not a fan. I just don't think going in on someone or armchair diagnosing is a good idea.
We all saw what happened with HP and people claiming she was sui baiting for attention-and though I wasn't here at that time I was on another blog, I asked for people to remember that it's best to assume someone talking about that is serious. I'm not saying don't be pissed, or angry. I'm not saying don't hold her accountable. I am saying, instead of threats maybe send resources to help with that kind of thing. If she comes out and says it was X mental health issue, send resources for that. Send self help book titles, send tips and tricks. Because I can guarantee, anyone who is genuinely struggling & reaching out about it will appreciate resources & help in whatever form it takes so much more than threats & doxxing.
Call her out, hold her accountable, but please don't armchair diagnose her because of this situation. Don't use it to stigmatize mental health disorders. Thanks.
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