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#ask prompts
kittiegirl1616 · 23 minutes ago
Orgasm denial with shklance in your where Shiro and Keith are monsters (vampire and werewolf) and Lance is their human
Ooooo! I'll add this to my list! This will be an interesting one! Thanks for requesting! 😊
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authorjoydragon · 46 minutes ago
For the fanfic prompt, Suki/Katara?
Well anon you didn’t leave a number 😂 So I just picked one! I don’t think I’ve ever done Sukitara? It’s cute as hell!
“It’s just a cut.” For Sukitara
Suki hissed and held her face, recoiling from the attack that had just hit her.
“Suki!” Katara shouted in worry, dropping the water she commanded. Her attacks rarely landed on the Kyoshi Warrior when they sparred.
Said warrior waved her off. “It’s fine, Katara. Just a cut. Nice hit.” She teased.
Katara pulled the older girl’s hand away from her face gently. “Let me see.”
She laid her tanned hand over Suki’s pale cheek, calling water to her fingertips to glow bright as she patched up the bleeding cut.
When she was finished she let her hand linger, holding Suki’s face gently. Her breath caught as their eyes met.
They stood frozen for a moment, staring into each other’s eyes, leaning into each other slightly...
And then Katara flushed brightly and stepped back. She coughed lightly and tucked her hair behind her ear. “Well, all healed up now! I better um... go.”
Suki grinned as if she knew something Katara didn’t. “Sure. See you around then, Katara.”
Katara didn’t know why that look on her face and the way her name rolled off Suki’s tongue made her cheeks hot. She stammered goodbye and stumbled away.
What just happened?
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rhysandswingspan · 8 hours ago
Hey babes/ bitches! (Whichever you prefer)
I’m bored so send me shit, or prompts, or questions about me, or whatever in my “Ask me anything” area! 
It’s allowing anonymous questions for only a few days, so ask whatever shit you want with no worrying about judgement!
And if you have a good fanfic rec, send it my way!
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sorry-but-no-sorry · 9 hours ago
Are you ever gonna draw pickpocket again?
Yeah ! I haven’t forgot about them !
It just currently, the bad batch, out and I’m still on this hype train,
but do not worry your little heads they’ll be back on the board !
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mlmvoreconfessionals · 12 hours ago
Prompts for a meek, skinny pred eating his big buff boyfriend?
YES YES YES YES YES! Absolutely one of my favorite setups. It’s so good and I love it. The size difference, the role reversal, the’s such a good mixture. Time for a bunch of A and B stories.
Having a massive jock for a boyfriend like A usually means that he’s very, very competitive in his day-to-day life. And when the person who has to deal with all those competitions is a small nerd, B, that can’t even walk down the stairs without getting winded, well, things can get very frustrating very fast. Especially when each competition has to have some stakes to it, which leaves B doing the chores around their apartment or making meals or paying for things. So when ‘winner eats loser’ becomes the latest competition, B decides it’s his turn to choose the competition. It’s one round of a simple racing game, but A doesn’t play video games and loses almost immediately. A tries his best to get out of it, but that never worked for B, and it won’t work for him. A few heavy gulps later and he went right down the hatch, curled up in the tight gut of his boyfriend. B’s not sure if--or when--he wants to let A out, but he does know that he definitely sees the appeal of winning now.
B has been wanting to get bigger and stronger, always feeling so inadequate next to his massive and muscular boyfriend, A. So, of course, he goes to A asking for some help to get bigger like him. A think it’s cute and tells B that the way he got so big was making sure he had a lot of protein for his workouts. B thinks he understands, eating steaks and chicken and the like, but he’s very surprised when he finds A shoving himself down his gullet. It’s a slow process for the very surprised B, but eventually, he’s gulping down a pair of feet and his gut is large and distended. He’s a bit confused, mostly because of how much he enjoyed the experience, but soon finds himself getting a workout regimen from his boyfriend-turned-turned food. He spends the rest of the day having to work out and exercise, following instructions for a while. Once A’s voice got too...gurgly to make out, B had to wing it a bit, but he was already beginning to improve by that point. In the end, B ends up massive and muscular, all thanks to A’s help. Of course, B’s going to have to go eat some more to make sure he can catch up with where A used to be. Not that he’s complaining about that anymore.
A and B are trying to binge-watch a long movie marathon together. They’ve taken several days off for this and had prepared everything. However, after only the first two movies, they’re out of food but neither wants to get up to make more and have to ruin their flow. Their solution? B devouring A, since A is so much larger, he’ll make for better food and last through the marathon compared to B. Horking down A only took B a few minutes to make sure he didn’t miss too much, and then it was watching the rest of the marathon with his boyfriend-shaped gut. Well...sorta. The boyfriend shape is lost over time, and by the end of the marathon, it’s just a wobbling ball of fat in his much thicker lap. And a long visit to the bathroom. Still, B thought it was worth it, and if A was able to have an opinion anymore, he probably would, too.
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cptalpha-17 · 12 hours ago
Hunter taking care after omega after she has a nightmare. love a buir and adi’ka duo
This is shorter than I initially planned, but I had a lot of fun writing it and I’m very excited to share! I have Many Feelings about these two. 
Many Feelings that I would be more than happy to expand on in other little drabbles/fics! 
Taglist (open if you’re interested!): @a-lil-perspective @delta-the-mando @merspots @dudewhynotthis @the-mandalorian-clone-lover (I think I forgot some I’m soRRY) 
Hunter is drifting, lulled into a state of semi-awareness by the low hum of the Marauder’s engines when the soft footfalls he’s slowly becoming accustomed to reverberate at the edge of his perception.
He opens his eyes to Omega’s small face, open and vulnerable in the glow of the cockpit’s array of controls. There’s a twist to her lips he doesn’t think he likes, a haunted look shadowing the normally inquisitive gaze.
“What’re you doing up, kid?” 
She shrugs with unconvincing nonchalance. “Couldn’t sleep.”
He almost smiles at the response - the pattern of speech, the way it’s delivered with a conviction that doesn’t quite reach her eyes. She’s a fast learner. 
“Wrecker snores something awful,” he agrees. A way out should she choose to take it. 
She hesitates, then - 
“Do you ever have bad dreams?”
The question catches him off guard, and he has to work to formulate an answer that will satisfy her. Finally he settles with, “Sometimes.”
The luminous eyes flick away. “But you’re… not scared. Not really.” 
“Well, I never said that.” 
A small smile crosses her face. “You’re not scared of anything.”
“Is Echo telling you stories again?” Hunter lets her laugh, enjoying the sound, then meets her gaze. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of.”
“I know…”
“But?” he prods gently. 
The disconcertingly fragile hand finds his, and he closes his fingers around hers without thinking. Omega may be mischief incarnate when the mood strikes, but she’s still a child, despite the worry creasing her face and her too-old eyes.
And she’s scared, and Hunter would be the last to blame her for it because shab, he’s scared too - scared for his brothers and this new addition to their aliit, scared that one day their time is going to run out and he’ll be powerless to stop it, scared of - 
And he’s not at all certain about what he’s doing, despite the knowing look Cut flashed him on more than one occasion during their brief stint on Saleucami. He wants to do right by this girl - desperately so, though he can’t fathom why - and he hasn’t the faintest clue where to begin.
“Come on up, kid.”
Omega scampers onto his lap and settles herself with her head tucked under his chin. The ease of the motion surprises him, but he puts one arm around her nonetheless. 
The worry on her face gives way to a contented smile as the minutes pass, and he thinks maybe this is a start.  
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amethyst-writer · 12 hours ago
ask game but make it hero/villain
drop one of the beverage names in the ask box.
coffee: hero saving villain
lemonade: villain saving hero
tea: hanahaki disease
milk: a “i hate you but now I have to take care of you” piece
water: first kiss
juice: “Don’t touch them.”
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happylittletrees3 · 13 hours ago
hiya! i just read your WandaVision one-shot and i loved it, I don’t see much of Darcy and this felt really realistic! i’d like to request something similar, with Jimmy-Monica-Darcy being besties, especially after episode 6. hopefully something centering around Darcy and her getting sucked into the hex, maybe after she gets out and finds herself a lil scared of everything. thank you so much!
Cross posted on AO3 | Part 1
Ended up making this a Part Two for Needles, this is turning to a whole blown fic isn’t it?
god i'm sorry this took so long blame adhd
Darcy was not able to set Hayward on fire.
She did get him arrested though, so she could live with that. 
Darcy had done her best to avoid the debrief, but Jimmy eventually tracked her down and dragged her back.
“I know you don’t want to but we need more information on what happened inside the Hex from someone we know isn’t actively lying to us.”
“Ok, so ask Monica.”
“We need information from more than one person.”
“Fuck you.”
“I’ll buy you coffee?”
Jersey didn’t have terrible coffee.
Like, Darcy had had worse, she thought, sipping the mug Jimmy had put in front of her. They were having dinner in a place off the highway (major dejavu) and he had scribbled out all of his notes in a little pad that had been in his pocket. It was a grandpa notepad. Monica stared into her own cup of coffee, tagging along with the other two in an odd sort of haze.
Something had happened that the woman wasn’t talking about and Darcy wasn’t sure if she wanted to know.
“Do you think Wanda is ok?”
Darcy turns to look at Monica who's still staring into her coffee cup.
“I mean, she's pretty powerful I think she can handle herself,” Jimmy says with a nod, “Yeah, Wanda is probably all right.”
“She's still suffering. And now she's alone,” Monica says with a sigh, “I want to help her but I think my schedule just got booked. Indefinitely.” 
“We could look for her,” Jimmy says, giving Darcy a hopeful look.
“I kinda have a job Jimbo.”
“You’ve been unemployed for six months and it’s not even because of the blip.”
“How does he know that?”
“Look, someone does need to look for her,” Jimmy says, giving them both a look, “I don’t think the government is the best option right now given...uh...all that. Everything. The Hex incident in general,” he says, with a flourish of his arms, “It’d be completely off book. I’ve got friends who could get us transportation and supplies, we could get set up somewhere easy.”
“It sounds like you’re proposing a road trip,” Darcy says, balling up her straw wrapper, “Didn’t know you liked me that much Jimmy.”
“I’ve worked with worse people. Besides, it's more of a ‘find someone who is capable of dealing with this’ trip.”
“Doctor Strange?” Monica says, sitting up, “He's definitely capable of helping her.”
“Both have the Hogwarts vibe going on, I dig it!” Darcy says with a grin, sticking her straw in her mouth and blowing the wrapper at Jimmy's face. 
She misses.
“You have a PHD,” he says, just staring at her, “And here we are.”
“You’ve never met someone with a Doctorate have you? Ninety percent of us just...don’t give a fuck anymore dude.”
“So your plan is go off the grid, find Strange, and hope for the best?” Monica asks with a grin.
“The road is the best therapy,” Darcy says, spreading her arms wide, “And I’m too broke to afford the real thing so I’m calling it the next best thing!”
Monica laughs, “Well sounds like I know where I’ll be until I’m officially called in. A road trip sounds...nice.”
“I still don’t think it's technically a road trip…” Jimmy says, standing out of the booth, “But it's not Westview so I’m not complaining.”
Darcy lets out a cheer and jumps over the back of the booth. “Let's go slowpoke! Wizard hunting time!”
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the-ship-maker-2 · 13 hours ago
Ask box is always open.
Fandoms: creepypasta, doctor who, sherlock, supernatural, good omens, any and all anime, bands, helluva boss, hazbin hotel, heathers, be more chill, dear evan Hansen, Hamilton (I'll add more when I think of more)
Headcanons- up to 4 characters both sfw and nsfw
Fanfics- give me prompts or the specifics you want. Which characters you want.
I also do x readers too
I also do x OC too (just give me background info first)
If you want something with my OCs in it I can do that too.
You can ask questions about and rp with my OCs
Tabby Anderson
Chase Chasteaway
Connor Carters
Juliet monroe
Robbecca Ironwood
Amelia Lovelace
Or we can just talk if y'all want
If you think I should add or do something you can say it and I'll think about it
dark realistic stuff
Dark themes
Just about any prompt you'll give me.
Rape/non con
Over excessive gore
If you have any questions or unsure of something please do not hesitate to ask I'll be happy to answer each and every question
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museswithinx · 13 hours ago
( sms ) : what should i have for dinner tonight? (Betty for Harper)
texting prompts.
( txt ; Betty ) : Pizzaaaaaaaaaaaa ( txt ; Betty ) : You can never go wrong with pizza. Eat a slice or 5 for me.
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mandareeboo · 14 hours ago
Infinity train drabble? Possibly about chicken choice just and some other passengers?
“You wrote a song,” Grace says. Her voice is strangled in the presence of normality- of a small, two bedroom apartment and the scruffy looking man who probably has no idea what she’s on about. “About a train.”
Ryan in his fifties is, well, not much different than Ryan in his twenties, really. His hair is long and a bit curly from summer frizz. He’s wearing some baggy jeans and a faded Platinum Blondes t-shirt. He looks every bit like the awkward vinyl picture for Train to Nowhere, overshadowed by a hotel bell. 
He looks at her mismatched clothes, department store buzzers still clipped on, to the ancient magnetic boots on her feet. And he kinda figures where this is going. 
“Lemme guess,” he says, leaning on the doorframe. “You heard us on one of those flashback radio channels.”
Grace slowly shakes her head. She looks more lost then when she started. “My dad loved your CDs when I was a kid. I’ve just...” She clenched her fists and shrugged. “I don’t have anywhere to go. I thought maybe you knew of places I could... be?”
“Ryan,” Min-Gi calls from the kitchen, bent over his fast-cooking egg rolls. “You’re letting the heat out. Who’s at the door?”
Bewildered, he replied. “A passenger.” He turned to Grace. “I, uh.... you want breakfast?”
Grace nodded. “I haven’t eaten in- well, it’s been a few days. I could use the protein.”
The fact she says that casually only makes this worse, as far as Ryan is concerned. He held the door open and let her in.
Min-Gi glances up as they enter the kitchen. He’s wearing his favorite “ring for service” apron as he cooks. “Flashback radio?” he asks, wry.
“Nope,” Ryan says, pulling a chair out. “Her dad’s a fan.”
Grace sat down. “Was. Maybe? I, uh, I haven’t...”
Min-Gi looked up from breakfast, brow furrowing. “Train-based outfit, battle stance, smaller stature from unhealthy eating... you were on there a long time, weren’t you?”
“Yeah. I dunno how long. I haven’t really given it a lot of thought, I guess? I’d need to see a calendar.”
Ryan handed her a napkin and fork. “Okay. But, like. Spitballing?”
“Over a decade. Probably closer to thirteen to fifteen years.”
He let out a low whistle. Min-Gi flicked the heat off and divvied up their portions. “That sucks. I dunno where to even start from that.”
“Introductions?” Min-Gi offers, setting her plate down. “I’m Min-Gi, and this is my life partner, Ryan. We’re Chicken Choice Judy. We don’t travel as much as we used to, but we’re still pretty active. Ryan’s got one of those spotty-fliers.”
“Spotify. Dude, you sound like your mom.”
Min-Gi set Ryan’s plate down a bit harder than needed, reveling in the thud noise. He gave the other man a shit-eating grin. “Eat. It’s very good for you!” 
“I’m Grace,” she said, breaking into the joke with an awkward half-grimace. “I, uh, I’m sorry to bust in like this. I just needed a place to go.”
“What about your dad?”
She shrugged. “He’s... probably still alive. I just don’t want to talk to him. Him or my mom.”
Ryan smacked Min-Gi’s shoulder in an attempt to lighten the mood. “I knew we should’ve gone with the judgement line orphanage instead of the discord chat.”
“Right,” Min-Gi said, deadpan. “Stupid us.”
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danisdreaming · 14 hours ago
ok new glee ask game thing bc why not (i’ll also try to send one to anybody who rbs this cause i think it’s fun)
put a glee character in my askbox and i’ll give you
a song/album i associate with them (can’t be smth they sang on the show)
what i think they would name their kids, if they had any
whether or not i think they’d get tattoos and if so, what tattoos they’d get (for the sake of this one, just ignore the actors’ tattoos lmao)
what i think their favorite movie/book/tv series would be
how i think they’d take their coffee/tea/hot chocolate/etc.
a song i think they could’ve sang on the show + context for why they’d sing it
a hobby i think they would have / something i think they’d be into
a reason i like them
a reason i dislike them
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the-ship-maker-2 · 15 hours ago
it said u do requests so can i request hcs for any of the creeps (pls include EJ hes babey) with a s/o whos mute from trauma coming up to them and whispering "i love you" ?
Sure! I've been waiting for this for awhile now.
Tumblr media
To be fair this is my first time doing this so bare with me please.
I'll do up to 4 creeps since you didn't specify who you wanted besides EJ.
And EJ is indeed babey.
Headcanons for the creeps with a s/o who's mute from trauma coming up to them and whispering "I love you"
- hes not very talkative himself so hes perfectly fine with you not talking a lot or not at all
-hes pretty understanding that you're going through and processing trauma since he was mute for the longest time after the sacrifice from the cult.
-if you want space he'll give it you. He understands not wanting to be touched a lot or not wanting to be around a lot of people.
-he doesn't do anything without your say so.
- you two communicate by ASL or by writing what you want down or him talking or a combination of the 3.
-he noticed that you were having a particularly bad day today.
- you barely got out of bed, you were curled up and you hadn't really eaten anything all day.
- he could tell you kept having flashbacks.
-EJ quietly made his way over to you
- "hey y/n can you look at me please?"
-you slowly turned over to look at him with your dead on the inside eyes
- "is it okay if I lay down next to you and hold you?"
- you thought about it for a moment and nodded
-careful not to make any sudden movements he climbed underneath the covers and holds them close to his chest and rubs their back
- "I love you" he whispers back
- you signed back to him "I love you too"
- this man is an asshole
-but hes your asshole
-he'll tease you to no end because he knows you won't say anything back
-but if you truly had enough hes fairly observant to your body language so he'll back off before going back at it again
-he'll never joke about your trauma
- he's hella protective of you. If anyone dares to make fun of you for being mute they won't make it to see another sunrise
- you two communicate by hand gestures and it's the cutest thing.
- he notices that you're starting to be more distant towards him. More so than what you usually are.
- this scares him because he doesn't want to lose you
- he goes to find you normally you'd e up in your room hiding away.
-he goes over to you promptly and gives you hug.
- "I love you" he whispers knowing that loud voices scare you.
- you just cry at the affection and hold him tight.
- hes a pretty chill person
- hes accepted that you don't really talk
- as long as you play video games with him and let him hold you if you're okay with it this man is good.
- you two communicate by him asking yes or no questions and he holds up the potential objects that you want and he guesses the rest.
-theres a lot of shaking and nodding involved
- sometimes you get frustrated that hes not getting it right and you write down what you want.
- you two have a cute little thing going on where you two write "I love you" on your hands and you show them to each other when you want to say it to each other
- you were so engrossed on the level you were on playing a game that you were playing without him that you didn't see him coming up from behind you. You were busy
- he draped himself over you and whispered "I love you" in your ear
- you held up your hand showing him the "I love you too" written on it before hurriedly going back to playing your game
- honestly I don't think he's really bothered by you not talking
- he talks enough for the two of you
-you enjoy listening to him
- hes a social creature
-but so are you
-just without the talking
- so you two hang out with the creeps and he talks for the both of you.
-hes adorable but he does not shut up for the life of him
- you two have some sort of telepathy going on between each other and that's how you two communicate
- but really its from you two being together for so long that hes able to read your facial expressions and body language and knows you so well to tell what you want and need basically.
-if you don't feel up to socializing hes okay with that too
- he either gives you space or you two just sit in the same room watching movies together
- it was one of the quiet days where you didn't feel up to socializing so you two were laying on your bed watching some tv show
- he laid his head on your shoulder and whispered "I love you" not seeing the reason to be loud
- you stayed silent for a minute he wasn't expecting you to say anything back since he knew better at that point
- before you opened up your mouth and hoarsely whispered back "...I love you...too..."
- that was good enough for him
Thank you for this! I hope I did a good job. Please feel free to send in more if you want! I'm always open! 😁
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sir-huffman · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
That moment when you realize you’re slowly dragging your sunshine muse into the darkness and he’s just going to be another cliché tragic backstory muse. Huffman why you gotta be like...
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mandareeboo · 16 hours ago
Thoughts on Edling?
I can appreciate shipping the two dumbasses who ate a shoe together but I also feel like Xing would fall to pieces with them as leaders lol
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mandareeboo · 16 hours ago
Mob/therapy for the ship meme
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rpdepartment · 19 hours ago
insult my muse! tell them something horrible! make them angry and upset, make them cry, touch their deepest insecurities and see the results!!
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blackacre13 · 20 hours ago
Hi I just loved the top debbie with the strap you did I'd love to see more of it so can you do a top debbie with the strap where they decide to do anal sex for the first time on Lou ?
I was nervous about this one for some reason, but hopefully I did Top!Debbie justice. Somehow this is hella smutty but then it’s soft? Hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Debbie and Lou were sitting side by side in bed, each supposedly reading. Debbie would’ve believed it better if Lou’s book wasn’t resting upside down in her lap for the last twenty minutes.
After a few more minutes, and the brunette being aware she couldn’t hide her smirks or giggles much longer, she leaned over her book and peered at Lou, knowing the blonde world feel Debbie’s eyes on her.
“Something on your mind, baby?”
Lou brushed her off, shaking her head, before ruffling her bangs to be more in her eyes, if that were possible. Debbie saw the faint blush playing at the blonde’s cheeks and raised her eyebrows.
“Clearly, it’s somethingggg.”
Lou sighed and closed the book, leaning back further against the headboard. She remained looking forward for a moment before turning to Debbie, locking eyes, staring deep.
“How would you feel about fucking me in the ass?” Lou asked sharply, eyes never breaking focus.
Debbie’s eyebrows nearly shot into her hairline, her mouth gaping open as it floundered for a moment before she was able to clamp it shut and regain her composure.
“Is that something you want?” Debbie asked slowly, trying to piece together where the question had come from. It both was and wasn’t an odd request from Lou.
“No,” Lou rolled her eyes. “It was an attempt at truth or dare.”
“Lou,” Debbie sighed.
“Of course I’m serious,” Lou smiled. “It’s something you’ve done before a few times and enjoyed and I’m curious. Besides, you’re the only one I’d trust to it.”
“Well, I should hope so,” Debbie laughed. “We’re married.” She teased, hiding the way Lou’s confirmation of trust made her heart flutter happily and her head feel deliriously fuzzy.
“Details,” Lou scoffed, but her eyes were smiling.
“When did you...”
“Start thinking about it or want to do it?” Lou asked, throwing her book on her night stand.
“Both, I guess,” Debbie answered, chewing at her bottom lip.
“Like a week ago,” Lou admitted. “And maybe right now.”
“Right now?” Debbie laughed nervously. “Well, fuck.”
Lou crawled forward towards Debbie, shaking her ass side to side. “What, honey? Don’t think you can handle it?”
“Oh,” Debbie smirked, control returning to her eyes, flexing her hands as she put her book aside. “I absolutely can handle it. Why don’t you strip down so I can see that pretty ass of yours?”
“Seriously?” Lou gaped.
“No,” Debbie rolled her eyes. “It was an attempt at truth or dare,” she repeated in a mocking tone before getting up from the bed. She started towards the closet, only pausing to smack Lou’s ass.
Debbie swung the closet door open, flicking on the light, making no show of hiding what she was doing as she removed her leggings and socks and then slid her sweater up over her shoulders and head, throwing everything into the hamper. She turned to face Lou on the bed, running her fingers between the elastic of her underwear a few times as if deciding whether or not to take them off. She left them on as well as her bra and Lou let out a little groan of disappointment.
“Patience, baby,” Debbie spoke, leaning down to dig into one of their drawers. She pulled out Lou’s harness and one of the smaller dildos they owned and carried them back out to the bed, leaving them on one corner. “I don’t see that ass yet.”
Lou gave her an incredulous look but decided it wasn’t worth arguing who should be in charge tonight. If she was putting her trust in Debbie, then she would give up that control as well and submit herself completely. For now.
The blonde stood to let her sweatpants pool down around her feet, followed by her boxers. She removed the T-shirt and sports bra as well, leaving herself bare, standing before Debbie at the foot of the bed.
Debbie dragged a single finger down Lou’s spine, watching goosebumps appear against porcelain skin. She smiled to herself, blowing softly against Lou’s neck and ears watching the blonde shiver in anticipation.
“Deb,” Lou whispered. “Don’t tease me, honey.”
“Just warming you up, baby,” Debbie promised. “Tell me one thing. Do you want to come on my fingers or my tongue?”
Debbie’s hands teased asking Lou’s back and stomach as she waited for an answer that never came. She peeked over Lou’s shoulders and saw her cheeks growing hot again.
“Someone’s greedy tonight, I see,” Debbie whispered, fingers teasingly dancing over Lou’s center. “Both it is, love. On your back for me, baby.”
Lou sat down on the bed and scooted back against the pillows before laying down flat. Debbie got onto her knees, crawling forward along Lou’s body, kissing up her legs from her calves to thighs to hips and belly and higher, fingers cupping breasts and twisting nipples as she peppered the blonde’s chest in kisses and bites, only letting up to move up to her neck and lips in response to Lou’s soft moans and pants. Debbie could see her trying to rub her thighs together and smirked.
“Someone’s eager,” Debbie teased. Debbie leaned forward to kiss Lou again, one of her hands moving to her own body to pull down the cups of her bra slightly so her breasts tilted forward towards the blonde making her groan and try to reach out. Debbie pressed her hands into the sheets instead. Debbie sat up for a moment on her knees and dipped her own hand into her panties, swirling he fingers inside her own wetness. Lou could hear it and let out a small “fuck”.
“Only you get me like this, Lou,” Debbie whispered before removing her fingers and sucking them clean. “Just imagine how fucking wet I’ll be after having my way with you. Stretching you out. Making you come in a way you never have before.”
“Please, Debbie,” Lou panted, rubbing her thighs together without shame.
Lou expected to have to ask again or even beg but Debbie’s tongue was on her in an instant, her fingers plunging inside Lou not much later as Debbie worked her deep and slow, Lou arching below her, panting out her name and moaning softly until she came on Debbie’s tongue with the Ocean’s name on her own tongue and Debbie’s fingers tight inside her.
Debbie gave her time to rest, kissing her back to reality until she saw Lou start to get antsy again, seeking out another round of pleasure. Debbie encouraged her to get onto her knees.
“We’ll go slow,” Debbie promised. “Ease you into it. Won’t push anything tonight. And if it feels good and you like it, we can always revisit it. Okay, baby?”
“Okay, honey,” Lou agreed. She took a deep breath. “I love you, Debbie. So much.”
“You’ll never know how damn much I love you, Lou,” Debbie whispered. “You ready?”
“God yes,” Lou sighed, nervous but excited.
Debbie reached into their night table and extracted their lube. She opened the bottle and rubbed some into her hands before she ran her finger along the opening of Lou’s ass, for a moment. She kissed Lou’s spine before she entered with one finger, Lou hissing as she pushed inside, gentle and slow, moving it around to loosen the hole. Lou nodded as Debbie went, careful and slow.
“Let me know when it starts to feel good,” Debbie whispered. “I know it hurts a bit.”
Lou nodded again, stifling any sound of discomfort and suddenly, Debbie felt the wetness spread around her finger allowing her to push completely forward as Lou let out a deep groan at the sensation.
“Feels good, Deb,” she whispered as Debbie started to pump her finger in and out, whispering sweet, encouraging words to Lou. There was something about having Lou in this position. Knowing she trusted her more than anything to ask for this. To be vulnerable like this. Debbie kept pumping slowly, admiring the sounds her wife made.
Debbie’s movements hit Lou a certain way and she cried out her name, asking for more. Debbie added lube to her fingers before pushing two inside together, Lou gasping as they stretched her, the burning sensation no doubt back like in the beginning, but soon she was moaning with pleasure again and begging Debbie to go faster. Debbie’s eyes nearly popped out of her head when Lou asked for more again, but she repeated her ministrations and added a third finger to the mix, moaning herself as she felt Lou yield around her, becoming more pliant and oh so wet around her fingers. Debbie could feel her underwear growing dangerously damp.
“Fuck, Deb. Deb, I’m close,” Lou panted suddenly, and Debbie could almost feel what Lou must have felt right now. That cooking heat in her stomach like she might explode at any second from so much pressure and depth in such a sensitive, tight spot.
“You want more fingers, baby? Or do you want my strap?”
“Your strap, honey” Lou panted. “Please. I want to come with your dick inside me.”
If Debbie’s panties hadn’t already been done for, this was definitely the line that was her undoing as she moaned at the blonde’s request.
“Of course,” Debbie whispered, kissing Lou’s back again. “One second, love.”
Debbie stepped off the bed to strap herself into the harness, buckling it tight. At a second thought, she slid her underwear from beneath it, stepping out of it, hoping she could get enough friction against her clit from her thrusts against Lou that she could tumble over the edge with her. But if she didn’t, she didn’t. This was all about making Lou feel amazing.
Debbie stroked lube up and down the dildo until she was happy with how it was coated and then kneeled back on the bed, the tip of the dildo teasing at Lou’s ass, Lou wiggling back against it.
“It’s going to feel like that pressure again,” Debbie warned. “I’ll go nice and slow. Just keep talking to me, Lou.”
“Okay, honey,” Lou promised. “I will. Please just...just fuck me, Debs.”
Debbie used her hands to position the tip of the dildo against the tight hole, pushing forward the barest amount until Lou could feel the slightest amount of silicon against her, a gasp coming from the blonde as she adjusted.
“Keep going.”
Slowly, Debbie pushed further in, waiting for the green light. They did this again and again, half inch by half inch until Lou let out the deepest of moans and a “fuck, Debbie” and Debbie slid all the way in, the strap bottoming out as Lou fell from her knees to flat on the bed, her fingers gripping at the sheets like her life depended on it.
“Shit, baby, are you okay?”
“God, I’m good,” Lou panted. “So good, honey. I’m ready. Fuck me, Deb. Please.”
Debbie pulled all the way out of the blonde and then made her way back into her slowly, repeating her movements again and again, Lou already shaking and cursing at her movements before asking her to go faster. Debbie could feel her heat spreading, her coil growing tighter and Debbie could feel the strap pushing against her clit just right.
“How you feel, Lou?” Debbie asked, panting against her.
“Almost...there. I just—I just.”
Debbie knew exactly what she needed. She pushed the dildo into Lou once more and kept it there, grinding against her slowly as she added fingers to Lou’s clit, teasing at the sensitive nub while keeping pressure in her tight hole until Lou was grunting and panting out Debbie’s name leading and following more curses than Debbie had ever heard Lou use during sex and suddenly Lou was panting like crazy and pushing back against Debbie, asking her if she could “please, please, Deb. Please can I come on your strap?”
And Debbie was whispering yes, delirious at the thought and the feel of Lou pulsing around the strap, pushing back against Debbie and panting her name as she came and cried out making Debbie proud and overly heated and turned on, and hopelessly, ridiculously, even more in love with her wife.
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mandareeboo · a day ago
For the ship opinion thing, Greed/Ling?
How... Would that even work? Like would Greedling take themselves out to dinner? Kissing? Holding hands????
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