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#ask me!
bigmammallama52 minutes ago
Fun article about art and a cryptid in West Virginia:
How a mythical backwoods monster saved a struggling West Virginia glass company
By Molly Born
馃憖馃憖spoopy glass聽
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xxprettylittletimebombxx3 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Cat and Dog FLOOFS to make your day better
I am always, always here for cat and dog floofs-- LOOK AT THEMMM 馃ズ thank you for sending these over, dear-- definitely brought an instant smile to my face! 馃挄
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ducaticorse3 minutes ago
Red Maja blast strawbebby and ofc KAZOOO NOIDES
red - you don鈥檛 intimidate me at all *awkward laughter*
Baja blast - im watching you slowly go feral please just take a nap
strawbebby - *platonically kisses you on the lips*
kazoo noises - so smart genius amazing but also so chaotic
isabel beloved enemy of mine i am just a little clown q little clown person I鈥檓 not intimidating i promise !!!! i give you a sweet kith and then continue my descent to becoming completely feral next time you see me I鈥檒l be hissing at the tv during this weeks press conference and the transformation will be complete 馃様
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blindlydominant3 minutes ago
I like you but we don't talk much so I don't think you are into me
Are you the same anon from earlier? Who are you?
Give me a hint?
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1lilspark5 minutes ago
You come to cliff, (let's pretend there's snow at the bottom so no one is dying) who do push first from When Calls the Heart? Characters and/or in real life people
I don鈥檛 deal with real people.....
Character wise a part of me would want to say Allie as there were moments this season ....but than I remind myself she鈥檚 a tween (I know that term didn鈥檛 exist back than but) and that鈥檚 how they act so that said maybe Jesse to knock some sense into the boy (or the Pinkertons because fuck them)
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artofjoh5 minutes ago
Hello bi bestie i would just like to remind you that your art is wholesome and adorable and it gives me great joy every time i see it on my dash 馃挋
OH MY GOSH DARRIN thank you so much I love you and everything you do bi bestie 馃ズ
Yeah.. haven't been posting a lot but I have drawn a bunch so maybe one of these days you'll see my art again dhsjsjs
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call-me-yam6 minutes ago
I think the R-P-G thing is doing great please continue also that friendship is a mood
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lieutenant-amuel8 minutes ago
Here are some lyrics of the Polish version of Make Them Proud song (I don't know if all the lyrics will fit the word limit): "Tak dawno ich nie widzia艂am. W g艂owie mam tamten czas. Wsp贸ln膮 gr臋, wsp贸lny 艣piew. By艂am wtedy ich Elenit膮. Pi臋kne dni, teraz wiem. Oni tak kochali mocno mnie. Czy dumni ze mnie s膮? Dumni z c贸rki i z w艂adczyni? Dumni ze mnie s膮? Wierz臋 w to, 偶e spe艂niam ich o c贸rce sny."
I already have the Polish lyrics, but thank you nonetheless! I really appreciate that you wanted to help me!!
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chaotic-redhead8 minutes ago
Favourite non-sexual thing (not body part) about the person you鈥檙e with?
Ooooooo good one!! (blushing whilst writing this 鈥榗ause I don鈥檛 think he realises just how amazing he is and he deserves to be told every damn day 馃グ馃グ)
It has to be how safe he makes me feel when I鈥檓 with him. And the fact that he can make me laugh when I鈥檝e had the WORST day. Or when he knows I鈥檓 having a really bad time with my mental health and he just holds me. He never forces me to talk about what鈥檚 going on in my head. He just rubs my back or my hair and let鈥檚 me cry (if I need to). Or OMG when he goes off on a nerdy tangent about a film or something!
Ohhh ok so there鈥檚 a few things 馃檲馃檲 he鈥檚 just wonderful tbh
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zoriis8 minutes ago
LOOKS OFF, yes I did okay I'm a simple woman who y e a r n s (and like. okay sweater weather was RIGHT THERE how could I not??)
In conclusion, I just -
Tumblr media
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1lilspark9 minutes ago
During the writing process, do you tend to write and then edit, or edit as you go?
A bit of both....
Normally I will re-read what I have down before I go back to add more and make a few tweaks hear and there and than will do a full chapter re-read before I鈥檓 confident to post over on my platforms of choice....
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artofjoh10 minutes ago
Joh joh Siwa
Joh joh rabbit
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shepard-ram12 minutes ago
Shepy my friend is going to drag me into hermitcraft hell when season 8 starts!!
Hshsuzuz don't worry my dear friends- when the first episodes of season 8 start I plan on posting one big "Don't know where to start?" Post for any newcomers interested in joining the hermitcraft community!
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ask19thcentury-doctorgilbert13 minutes ago
I'm currently making a fritz & voltaire break up playlist <3
blank space by taylor swift has to be on there okay
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pray4jensen16 minutes ago
this is such a long shot lol but I鈥檓 trying to find this christmas fic where cas and dean are wooden toys in a toy shop and they can鈥檛 talk? one of them is a cowboy and one is a toy soldier or smth like that and it鈥檚 adorable but i have no idea who wrote it
here you go
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mxnsterparty16 minutes ago
look... look.... tyson is an asshole but i love him and am very excited to learn more about him
Anon I very very much agree with you he鈥檚 a major asshole but yes he鈥檚 aaaaa and do not worry there is definitely more about this man to come 馃槀
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thequibblah16 minutes ago
9, 33, and 40 for the writer asks!! <3
thank you for the ask!!! for anyone else who wants to send me one, here is the list.
9. Do you believe in ghosts? This isn鈥檛 about writing I just wanna know
yes, in all forms, but as a rule i show them respect and not fear
33. Do you practice any other art besides writing? Does that art ever tie into your writing, or is it entirely separate?
gosh! i guess i am... in the technical sense... a singer, but somehow i don't think of it as a particularly creative part of me. i also used to do a lot of visual art but i've fallen out of practice. those things are not usually connected to my writing but i think my creative mind always works the same 鈥 focused, super one-track, fuelled by music!
40. Please share a poem with me, I need it.
i am so glad you asked >:) i actually track the mary oliver tag here on tumblr lol which i would recommend, it's so lovely seeing those posts pop up on my dash. as it happens the most recent one i saw was "wild geese," so even though it's well-known and you might have seen it before, it really is the most beautiful thing ever, and here it is:
You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
For a hundred miles through the desert, repenting.
You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves.
Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.
Meanwhile the world goes on.
Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain
are moving across the landscapes,
over the prairies and the deep trees,
the mountains and the rivers.
Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air,
are heading home again.
Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,
the world offers itself to your imagination,
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting 鈥
over and over announcing your place
in the family of things.
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