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#ask a killer
anonymous-eggy4 hours ago
Hiya 馃挅馃挮
What was Connor's favorite thing to do in our time and what's his favorite thing to do in Nicky's time? Also, could you give us some background of his love life and how Nicky had changed that?
Hopefully, these weren't too personal, if they were you can block me 馃槀
hi. blocked and reported. 馃
I never really thought about what Connor liked to do in our time. bouta do some deep thinking on the spot 馃槑 (lil cut because... there ended up being a lot 馃槱)
well, he was trying to become an actor before making it into Nicky's world, so i imagine he spent most of his time trying to find places to audition.
I think he would enjoy playing an acoustic guitar or ukulele for fun, though. His favorite song to play would be Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol (it sounds so nice on acoustic guitar and its such a lovely song, i could see Connor playing it for Nicky and then it becoming Nicky's favorite song 馃槱馃挒)
Before going to Nicky's world, Connor wasn't super close to anyone, and he lived alone. But when he was younger, he would always follow his mom around the house because he's always enjoyed just being around someone (he was a mama's boy, for sure 馃槀). So Connor's favorite thing in Nicky's time would probably be that old habit coming back to him and following Nicky around absent-mindedly. 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ which i can imagine Nicky finding adorable.
(perfect segway into the next part 馃槀)
Connor has only really had one past relationship worth mentioning, which was with his best friend that he dated on and off a couple times before deciding that they needed to stay as friends. The funniest part about that is that if they had been a little more committed, then Connor would have never found Nicky 馃 its kinda weird to think about that.
He wasn't ever in many relationships because he refused to date someone unless he knew them really well first, but the few relationships he was in never really lasted more than a couple weeks.
Eventually he just came to the decision that he was probably better off not doing relationships at the moment. He believed in true love and all that lovely stuff, but he just didn't think he would ever meet his other half. he decided to be more concerned with other life problems and let love sit on the back burner.
When he met Nicky he was surprised that someone so confident and charismatic would choose to flirt with someone who was awkward and quiet like him. He was confused and curious at the quick connection between them. ngl his first thought was "I'm not looking for a sugar daddy, who is this guy???" 馃ぇ
Remember how I said Connor refused to date anyone he hasn't known for while? we all know Nicky smacked that off the table 馃槀馃槀 but to be fair, there had been a very fast connection, faster than any connection Connor had made with anyone else. So he figured "why not just go with it, he's cute and nice?"
Most of the people he dated in the past viewed their relationship as temporary and uncertain (thus making the relationship unstable), so Nicky's steadfast commitment was a breath of fresh air. When Nicky warned Connor that they had to be fully committed to each other, Connor was already absolutely vibing with it.
The main thing that changed in a personal sense for Connor was his confidence in his social skills. He used to be the type of friend who would struggle to order, have to have a friend help, and then when he was given the wrong thing he would be like "oh... it's alright i dont wanna bother them, im fine with this"
Now...he can functionally order his food on his own. Still cant correct them if they get it wrong, but that's alright some things never change. Nicky probably doesn't mind handling that. 馃槀
i hope this wasnt too long or too much unwanted information, these were really good questions 馃槄
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jann-the-beana day ago
Anon you need to shush because now everyone will know my secret that I鈥檓 a simp-
I mean that I am not a simp and never have simped
( 藰蠅藰 )
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jann-the-beana day ago
S I M P.
W-whaaaaaaat?? Me? Nooooooooooo
Never!! I don鈥檛 know what gave you the impression that I鈥檓 a simp! I鈥檝e never simped once in my life! I don鈥檛 even know what a simp is....
*Looks at zu鈥檚 recent Killer drawing* pffft... yeah not me
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momo-all-the-waya day ago
You're 5'0 and sweet and obsessed with cute cat pics and shy and yet you say you are not a ball of fluff you cutie pieee
Tumblr media
No I still disagree.
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yuriyuruandyuraart3 days ago
Yuri!! The drawing of Nightmare in maid dress is so good! (鈮р柦鈮) and I think all three of them suits this song XD
How's your day going? Hope you have a wonderful day (锞夆棔銉棔)锞*.鉁(锞夆棔銉棔)锞*.鉁
aahh- thank u so much solia! it means a lot x)
Tumblr media
i don鈥檛 know what鈥檚 worse, the fact that the song absolutely fits them ((especially killer)) or that this is what you thought about when you saw the three gremlins
tagging the simps @help-im-a-gay-fish @jann-the-bean because we gotta admit he is self aware
the pose took so long but hey, made my day better ;D
thanks again solia! the compliments mean a lot<3
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alexandria-morrowgrove3 days ago
what is your character reluctant to tell people?
She鈥檚 reluctant to talk about her home life. Her hobbies aren鈥檛 just out there for the public to know. When strangers have a high chance of being hired to harm her she鈥檚 become more internal with her practices.
Her fianc茅 knows as does his family she has a massive garden at home where she enjoys tending to her plants. While this is probably expected with her being a harvest witch there are many that forget she is in fact nature bound like that due to her constant heavy armor usage and appearance that gives her more of a warrior like look I guess?
She鈥檚 also reluctant to talk about her family. She lost her family in Gilneas and there鈥檚 a reason she keeps naming all of her pets at home Henry.
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thesedangankids4 days ago
Did syo ever know about toko鈥檚 murders and just didn鈥檛 say any or did She also not know
syo definitely found out at some point but she overlooks it because she cares about her sister more than the things her sister has done. she sees the whole effort to quit killing as toko鈥檚 equivalent of quitting a harmful habit or addiction but theres not really any 12 step program for it
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artystaroc4 days ago
Who do you think will be the next victim?
Next chapter is usually the double murder so I'm hoping that both Angie and Himiko are the next ones to get killed. That's just wishful thinking though.
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gothamsworst4 days ago
Some headcannons about what is like swiming with killer croc from btas, the Batman 2004 and Arkham Games ?
BTAS!Waylon Jones:
He can swim faster than most regular humans do, and he can stay underneath the surface for a lot longer, but other than that, there鈥檚 not much of a difference really.
Still, he wants to show off a little when you鈥檙e in the water with him. Usually by doing little tricks, or lifting heavy stuff, or whatever else he can think of to show you how cool he is when he鈥檚 in the water.
You know the scene in聽鈥淭he Shape of Water鈥 where Eliza and the Creature kiss underwater? He鈥檚 definitely done that with you before. And it鈥檚 just as romantic as it is in the movie.
The Batman!Waylon Jones:
You know that thing some gators/crocodiles do where they have their head up above the water and the rest of them is standing beneath it? Yeah, he does that a lot.
He likes swimming underneath you and then popping up under your legs so that you鈥檙e sitting on his shoulders. It always makes you shriek, which he finds pretty damn cute (and funny).
Sometimes, when it鈥檚 sunny out, he鈥檒l lay on his back and let himself float on the surface of the water, with you lying on his stomach. It鈥檚 very relaxing.
Arkhamverse!Waylon Jones:
He much prefers to have you sit on his back while he swims, since it鈥檚 easier to 鈥渒eep an eye鈥 on you that way. Well, not physically, but you know what he means. He just feels safer, the closer you are to him.
But if you insist on swimming with him, he鈥檚 gonna be a little playful about it. He likes to swim around you in circles like a shark, maybe even dip down and pretend like he鈥檚 going to pull you under. Just as a joke, of course.
Regardless of his little聽鈥減ranks,鈥 he鈥檚 going to stick by your side the whole time you鈥檙e in the water. And don鈥檛 think you can outswim him either, the man will lap you before you鈥檝e even had time to blink.
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iamakiller5 days ago
I'm so glad you decided to take an interlude to open up submissions ooc. I know you already know how much I adore you, (both within and outside of the incredible character you've built) So I'll just tell you again how often you leave me in awe of your talent. The way you and Britt (and the others along the way) came together to weave this story so flawlessly stole my breath, or set me on a roller coaster of emotions more times than I could count.
It's been an honor to have the opportunity to be along for this ride, to watch it all unfold, and to call you friend. So thank you for that, and for Charlie. 馃挏
Bless you, Claire.聽 That means a lot to me.
It鈥檚 genuinely been an honour to witness your journey as a writer, and see your confidence in your abilities grow.聽 Your storyline with Father Garupe was honestly one of the most real, emotional stories I鈥檝e read in a long time, and as you know, I was absolutely gripped throughout the entire journey.聽 You truly have such talent as a writer, and I will continue to tell you this as often as I can for as long as I know you.聽
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iamakiller7 days ago
Anatomy of a Killer was perfection as always! I鈥檝e been awed by and in love with your writing since day one.
I鈥檝e always wondered, are there any characters or personalities, real or fictional, from whom you鈥檝e drawn to create your Killer Charlie? Or any other external influences behind his persona? He鈥檚 so nuanced and deep that I鈥檓 constantly amazed.
As an aside, you and Contesa are both wrong. Gandalf and the Ring Wraiths are tied for best LOTR characters.
Thank you very much.聽 I鈥檓 so glad you enjoyed Anatomy of a Killer.聽 I must also thank you for your enthusiastic support since the beginning of this blog.
With regards to your question, I have had a fascination with American serial killers since my early teens, when I checked the book聽鈥淢indhunter鈥 by John E. Douglas out of the library on a whim and read the whole thing in one night.聽 I鈥檝e always been interested in the darker aspects of the human mind, and especially the why of a person becoming a killer.聽 Although I never even considered choosing to pursue psychology or criminology as a career path, nor indeed murder.)聽 I wasn鈥檛 inspired by any particular individual, but I鈥檓 sure that the ridiculous amount of knowledge I鈥檝e crammed into my brain over the years played its part.
A major influence in terms of how I chose to unravel Charlie鈥檚 story was undoubtedly the Netflix documentary series 鈥淚 Am A Killer鈥 (I swear I had completely forgotten the name of the show when I named this blog!) which deliberately and carefully unfurls the story of each episode in such a way that you feel horror and compassion in equal parts for the titular individual by the end of the hour.聽聽
Other than that, I'm not knowingly aware of any other influences.聽 Killer Charlie is all mine, I鈥檓 afraid!
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neonstarz7 days ago
(tumblr ask button too close to unfollow im so sorry) which chars r the worst (not as in worst developed or worst made, i mean as in worst behaviour/morals/etc.) and why (unless spoilers ofc)
im gonna have to go with taylor and gabriel for that one!
taylor is a serial killer targeting children and also he manipulated and abused his own adopted daughter
gabriel is also a serial killer and manipulated a 16 year old into killing multiple people, including her younger brother. and then they used weather magic to murder the entire island <3 also they were a cult leader
i think the most like morally bad character who isnt an antagonist is eve. she doesnt have to work as an assassin, she lives in a city with a lot of job openings that could provide enough money for her, but she enjoys the feeling of power from it and the outlet for her anger. also shes just kind of an asshole LOL
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iamakiller7 days ago
Just here to say I am very grateful for the time you put into curating this space. Seeing you pop up on my dash always gives me a rush of happy, and reading your work is cathartic, particularly over the past several months. It鈥檚 something I didn鈥檛 even know I needed. Endless thanks and praise 馃挏
You are too kind, Brittany.聽 For this lovely message, and your support throughout my time on this blog.
I feel very privileged on the occasions when people tell me my writing has had a positive impact on them.聽 It has been a terrible 12+ months for us all, and if I鈥檝e helped in any way to provide a moment or two of respite or release for some of my audience, then I am contented.
Wishing you health, happiness, and brighter days ahead.
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iamakiller7 days ago
Hi Charlie! I hope you are having a wonderful day! No question, but I wanted to say thank you for always being such a delight to follow and for sharing your talent with us. We are truly not worthy of being in your presence. It has been such an amazing ride from the beginning. I hope you know how deeply appreciated you are. 馃挋
Hi Meg!聽 It鈥檚 always a wonderful day when I see your name popping up in my ask box!
I am truly grateful for your kind words, and the support you have shown the blog all this time.聽 I鈥檓 so glad to see you鈥檙e still here, and still enjoying the story.聽 Thank you for taking the time to send me this message - I appreciate it (and you) very much!
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iamakiller7 days ago
I wasn鈥檛 around when you and Britt put together this wonderful AU and I am so thankful to be here now. I鈥檓 (slowly) catching up and fucking obsessed. Thank you for coming back to give us more! 馃挅
Thank you very much for your kind words, and welcome!聽 I can only apologize for how much there is to catch up on.聽 I believe that at last count there were just over 1,100 posts, which is a strong indicator that I have had far too much free time these past months.聽 Although I suppose you could argue this proves the saying about the devil making work for idle hands ...
I do hope you enjoy what we have in store for the remainder of our little writing project.聽
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missinnocentscarlet7 days ago
Lonely Starters | ACCEPTING |
@cosmicstardreamer鈥 said: 鈥淵ou seem lonely鈥︹ ( Hello!! This can be either for her main verse or bsd!! Whichever you feel like using c: )
Tumblr media
鉂 Do I now? 鉂灺 Scarlet inquired, silver clad eyes merely giving the other a glance as she organized her finished paperwork.聽 鉂 Now, even if that were true, why would you care about something like that? 鉂
On some level it was true, she was lonely.聽 But she had been alone for a while now, and even before then, she only ever had one true supporter at a time, two in total.聽 They were both dead now, by her own hand.聽 Sometimes she missed companionship, but it was better for her and others that she remained ALONE.
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iamakiller8 days ago
I鈥檓 about to get emotional on main, so brace yourself even though you鈥檝e heard some of this about a dozen times already. Thank you for choosing me to write this story with you. It鈥檚 still so wild to me that we went from absolutely winging these responses to staying up all hours of the day/night, plotting and fine tuning this story while also getting to know one another better. Working on this story and becoming your friend has genuinely been the highlight of this last year for me, so thank you. 鉂わ笍馃
Okay, since this is an AMA, it鈥檚 only fair I ask you something. So, what鈥檚 been your favorite piece of Charlie and Kitten鈥檚 story thus far?
As someone who is constantly聽emotional on main, I see nothing wrong with that!
Without you, killer!Charlie would never have existed in the first place.聽 As it says in the header of this blog, you inspired the initial concept.聽 You give so much to this fandom, both in terms of your wonderful writing, but also the friendship and encouragement you offer to others, and I wanted more than anything to do something in return for you.
It鈥檚 easy to write elegant paragraphs when I鈥檓 writing as Charlie, but a great deal harder when I鈥檓 being myself.聽 I don鈥檛 know how to properly express how much this story, and your friendship, means to me.聽 But I think you鈥檒l understand. 鉂わ笍馃
To answer your question, it鈥檚 hard to choose just one.聽 Although the more dramatic, emotional scenes have offered more of an opportunity for us to flex our writing muscles, I鈥檓 very fond of the quieter, softer moments between them.聽 Their wedding day comes to mind, and the night before they left New York.聽 I also love the piece you wrote about the night they met.聽 It gave me shivers when I first read it, it was so perfect.
What about you?聽 What鈥檚 been your favourite piece of their story so far?
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