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#ashton irwin memes
superbloomluke · 22 hours ago
Luke: *singing* you have me wrapped around your finger
Ashton: *pulls his fingers out of Luke’s ass*
Ashton: can you maybe not sing that while I’m fingering you?!
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thispersonisafangirl · 4 days ago
"Calum my best friend,gonna be friends till the very end.Ashton,is a sh*t motherf****r,I hate you f***ing so much"
-Luke hemmings.
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unknown-salvatore · 5 days ago
Michael: one year ago, I married my best friend
Ashton: awww
Michael: Crystal is still angry about it, but Calum and I were drunk and thought it would be funny
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unknown-salvatore · 5 days ago
Ashton: Getting the group mood rings so I know when my homies need a hug.
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unknown-salvatore · 5 days ago
Calum: how'd you like to be buried when you die?
Ashton: I wanna be buried face down, so anyone who doesn't like me can kiss my ass
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kervibes · 10 days ago
michael: engaged for two years
luke: recently engaged
ashton: in a stable relationship for a long time
meanwhile calum: *dyes his hair four different colours*
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superbloomluke · 13 days ago
Luke: guess what
Ashton: what
Luke: *nods*
Ashton: what?
Luke: I didn’t ask you to guess what again
Ashton: and I didn’t ask for a boyfriend with a horrible sense of humor, but here we are.
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superbloomluke · 20 days ago
Ashton: I really like this guy
Luke: who?
Ashton: well, he’s tall, has blond hair and blue eyes
Luke: oh yeah?
Ashton: yeah. Actually, he looks quite a bit like you
Luke: *leans in closer* oh yeah?
Ashton: yeah...
Luke: who is it?
Ashton: jack
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euphorialuke · 21 days ago
hey, it's been awhile guys.
weird ask, but about a year ago i came across this fic that was like luke hemmings and his twin sister leia? and leia came along on tour with 5sos? it came into my head a few days ago and i cannot for the LIFE OF ME find it.
if anyone's read it, please let me know where to find it again x
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igarbagecannoteven · 21 days ago
NO YOU'RE COMPLETELY RIGHT ABOUT THE JACK BLACK VIBES. for me it's also the facial hair and how round his face looks with his hair like that. honestly i feel like ashton is channeling a similar level of chaotic good energy, although it is not the same type of chaotic good as jack black's -hazel
yeah you get me!!! and you're absolutely right about them both having chaotic good energy but different types! like there's a spectrum of chaotic good and i have no idea what each end is but they're on opposite ends if that makes sense
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