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#ashlee tomassian
tallulahrobinson · 2 days ago
Swynlake Style - Tallulah’s Circus Party
A hot or not fashion rating for the EVENT OF THE SUMMER. (Totally not biased!)
Phineas Flynn - -1/10
Why on earth would someone dress up as Evil Knevil (Is that even how it’s spelled??) for someone’s birthday party? You had the right energy, but honestly, atrocious... fashion SIN!
Amazing. Very simple, but ON THEME. Plus you always look good, babe! 
Martin Ambrosius - 4/10
You’re giving me very sad circus tent/even sadder concessions clerk vibes. BUT! ON THEME, so you get some points there!
Susan Webb - 11/10
The beading on this was very well executed, who made that? I could have done a bit better, but still it was a look™. Have you considered running away to join the circus? Taming lions?
Henry Charming - 7/10
VERY on theme, I appreciate your efforts young man! 
Anna Sommers - 2/10
I KNOW I said it was a circus theme, right? Not Candyland? Either way, it looks kinda cute on you and you pulled it off better than most would. 
Oliver Saluki - 8/10
I understand that you did NOT dress yourself for this event, so again credit to the tasteful, Pacifica Northwest! 
Jessica Rabbit - 8/10
Gorgeous. You Court ladies really know your classy looks™ don’t you? Red is your color, babe!
Wendy Darling - 6/10
DARLING. So simple, on theme, and wow you’re to die for! Would have loved to see you in something a little more bold, but NOT BAD!
Barbie Roberts - 10/10
BARBIE HOW COULD YOU. You looked fab, it was BOLD and COLORFUL and CAMPY. I did not expect any less from you! 
TOM - ∞/10
Sarina Go - 12/10
YES. That’s all I have to say, wait no. I have more! ASJKLJGKL. Ok, that’s all now. 
Toulouse Bonfamille - 13/10
WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE BOOTS?! To die for!! They really brought the whole look up a level. Magnifique!
Ashlee Tomassian - 3/10
Yesss Queen give me nothing! No feathers? NEED MORE STRIPES. mORE color! 
Simba Bonfamille-Lyons - -10/10
Melody Oceana - 1/10
Striped parachute pants? NOT EVEN COLORFUL STRIPED PARACHUTE PANTS? Babe, we both know you can do better! 
Attina Triton - 7/10
So cute!! Vintage show girl vibes were the vibe of the night for so many ladies and you looked so sexy! *chef’s kiss*
Vixey Chakraborty - 10/10
Actually a very cute clown look!! I love how original the idea was, not many people came as clowns! The face paint shows commitment to the fit and I applaud you!!! 
Roman Triton - 4/10
As MUCH as I love this jacket, WHERE WAS THE REST OF THE PIZZAZZ?!?!
Theodore Barrie - -2/10
Such a pretty face... such an... outfit... You got points for originality but I just hate it. 
Zira Blackwell - 11/10
Iconic. V similar to my outfit, but honestly, I can’t be mad! IT’S A GOOD OUTFIT.
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swynlake-spill · 3 months ago
Haven't you figured it out bobba? Edward pushed devyn off to save them from boo and give anna that big dramatic moment! Securing the anna/devyn/edward triangle for good. Ashlee t jumped off so ian could rescue her and prove himself worthy to the collective ashleys hive mind, establishing the ashlee/ian secret relationship. Falling off the boat = code for the new insta couples photo op. Henry was just there. Defending his place as part of the ashley collective already?
this entire ask is simply. genius. i have nothing to add. 
except that ian is gay of course LMFAO though i mean who knows maybe he WAS gay but now he realized that queer is a much more flexible label which allows him to explore all types of feelings and different relationships with people, such as ashlee t. 
(i still ship ian/riku though) 
anyway when is someone going to push me off a boat where i will be rescued by a kind, soft-eyed stranger who will unlock my tragic backstory and help me on the road to personal and spiritual healing  🥺
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swynlake-spill · 3 months ago
Ok it was totally that nerd Ian who pulled Ashlee in and for some reason he's ripped as hell? Honestly thought about jumping overboard to get a feel of those muscles
omg im going to write in a scene into my fanfic where ian with his ripped af muscles jumps in to save me, his child, from sea monsters or something. thank you for your contribution to both the creation of art and the TRUTH ! 
though just in case! i think ian should take a shirtless selfie for proof!  😏
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swynlake-spill · 3 months ago
Henry's walking around with a black eye. Any idea what that's about?
oh myf  verything im learning is making this boat trip seem like one of swynlake’s disasters? is that possible? did u guys start a MMA Fighter AU on a yacht without telling us? who si WINNING? 
maybe ashleigh punched him after pushing ashlee off. 
maybe rose punched him bc he triedt o come up with her
maybe he walked into something? 
no ur right my MMA Fighter au is absolutely the only explanation at this point that makes sense. 
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swynlake-spill · 3 months ago
Ashlee T almost drown on the uni trip?! Shouldn't there be lifeguards on that boat? This is why we need Skip!
no one has ever needed skip in their life 
but that being SAID 
????????????? uni kids what goes on and why does ashlee t not know how to swim? i can only assume, with the limited details ive gotten, that someone pushed her off. here are the options: 
1. henry, who is jealous of the ashleys and insecure in his relationship. 
2. violet, in another fit of rage 
3. mary gibbs, bc she thought she was pushing off anna while EXTREMELY drunk (i told u guys to watch her!)
uni kids if you do not give me a detailed summary of what actually happened i will simply make up increasingly ridiculous explanations sorry this is how the internet works i cant stop it!    🤷
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swynlake-spill · 3 months ago
feel like i should rate some hats
Tumblr media
a modest rim! very confident, old boy sort of hat, a hat of a woman who is investigating a crime. almost enough to fool me that she is a law-abiding citizen! beach points are low but i like that this is a very versatile hat. 👒👒👒 (3/5 hats.)
Tumblr media
this hat is a GRANDMOTHER of hats! very wide rim, but light, breathable. A hat for the fields, a hat for the beach, a hat for vacation. Classic! Cannot go wrong with a hat like this!  👒 👒 👒 👒 (4/5 hats!) 
Tumblr media
Finn’s hat-- we got a FLOPPY ONE!! very generous visor capabilities, but i am scared it will blow away in the wind. still, this is a statement hat with lots of personality!  👒 👒 👒 (3/5 hats)
Nemo’s cap-- BORING! A black cap? Really? u could wear this anywhere bae! but i guess it gets the job done.  👒 👒  two hats! 
Tumblr media
we call this a small-medium visor job. actually louie folding it back makes it more charming, gives me some serious macklemore thrift store vibes. wish this hat was a differnet colour, it makes me uncomfortable that i cannot tell if its grey or brown.  👒 👒 👒 (3/5 hats)
Tumblr media
THE BUCKET HAT. of course tae “i hate boba” moon would wear a BUCKET hat to the BEACH. we cannot ignore that this hat will keep tae’s perfect skin smooth and healthy and very un-tan. however this is a safety hazadr. can u SEE under there little moon? what if he runs into a WALL? disqualified for hurting my feelings. 
the next two hats i present side by side for a who wore it best
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i’m talking about the backwards cap moment. this defeats the PURPOSE of the hat so we must judge it on aesthetic only. i think vanessa really understands the backwards cap’s true spirit: queer trucker on vacation. five outta FIVE hats!  👒 👒 👒 👒 👒 
Tumblr media
i love this hat. no complaints.  👒 👒 👒 👒 👒 👒 👒 👒 👒 👒 (10/10 hats)
Tumblr media
THANK GOD !!! A STRAW HAT WITH A STRING!!! every bonus of the wide-brimmed hat with the security to boot. love the thick braiding work. so much detail and artisty! feel like im reading to work a long day on a farm in such a hat! a perfect hat score of five hats!   👒 👒 👒 👒 👒
Tumblr media
wow i didnt know that lonely island had a new music video out! Negative hats, for appropriating gay hat culture while on a boat! 
Tumblr media
THIS is the best hat moment of Spring Break 2021 so far. it’s giving me captain meets hannah montana in a 2010s claires moment! who’s in charge? rose! land ahoy, queen! 10/5 hats.  👒 👒 👒 👒 👒 👒 👒 👒 👒 👒
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swynlake-spill · 5 months ago
Top 5 kisses Tony should have on New Years Eve? We all need to know your predictions to know who should get their hopes up and who will be crying the new year in.
i like that this is phrased in a way that Tony gets all five kisses because he should!!! you deserve it tony!!! 
1. Ashlee Tomassian. They’re friends and they’ve been talking more lately. Ashleigh’s smoochin on Henry, Ashle B’s got Candace F, and Ashley A’s main man is of course Asher A. himself. So...why not give a little love to Ashlee T! 
2. Wilbur Robinson. Unfortunately this is inevitable look i like to spice things up but unless something drastic happens wilbur is getting himself a smooch! 
3. Nemo Bae. honestly this is just because nemo is working his way through swynlake secondary bingo. the odds are in his favour. and tony DID slip a card to him in the caf the other day (so my sources say...)
5. Phineas Flynn. this is what im talking about getting spicy hehe. from enemies to lovers? it was sexual tension after all! stranger things have happened! 
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bdrpmemes · a year ago
Ashlee T: I'm sorry that people are so jealous of me. But I can't help it that I'm popular.
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simba-bonfamille-lyons · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy Holidays Ashley – Ashlee Tomassian
Darkness will be rewritten Into a work of fiction, you’ll see As you pull on every ribbon You’ll find every secret it keeps The sound of the branches breaking under your feet The smell of the falling and burning leaves The bitterness of winter Or the sweetness of spring You are an artist And your heart is your masterpiece And I’ll keep it safe Dismiss the invisible By giving it shape Like a clockmaker fixes time By keeping the gears in line Don’t be, don’t be afraid God knows that mistakes will be made But I promise you I’ll keep you safe
Day three...which is supposed to be day two! Whoops! Anyway, had to do my adopted daughter second because I love her. <3 I tried to make a simlee aesthetic but it was literally so hard because it’s so hard to define their relationship. It’s super unique but that’s what I really like about it. I think they have a lot to learn from each other and I can’t wait to see where they go in the future as they develop.
I also just love Ashlee as a character. She has a really heavy plotline but I think you handled it with grace and gravitas, and it was such a heartrending but enjoyable (is that bad to say, lol?) read. I have really loved following Ashlee’s journey and being a part of it in a multitude of ways! I can’t wait to see what the new year brings for her. <3 <3 
Secret Santa Presents || 2/12
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swynlake-spill · 6 months ago
Agreed that Ferb is on the nice list, but can you give us the full naughty/nice list?
I refuse to expand on any of this. I said what I said. 
Berlioz Bonfamille-Lyons Candace Flynn Cornelius Robinson Dewford "Dewey" Mallard Errol Woolf Franny Robinson Llewellyn “Louie” Farraj Mallard Mabel Pines Marie Bonfamille Mary "Boo" Gibbs Mason "Dipper" Pines Mitte Esseman Phillip Knightley Phineas Flynn Roscoe Sykes Rose Whitman Theodore Fiske Wilbur Robinson Arwan Prydain Iago Jack-Jack Parr Jane Darling Lucius "Lock" Adamson Miguel Rivera Panic Ca'idh Pearl Park Seamus MacTunnag Violet Parr Héctor Rivera Bae "Nemo" Nam-min Dot Orkney Ignacio de Tito Mei Qin Merida Dunbroch Petunia Robinson Reza Kasraoui-Müller San Mononoke Tiegan Winchell Toulouse Bonfamille Ashleigh Quinlan Hades Acheron Ashley Armbruster Belle Acheron Moon Yeongjun Moon Yeongtae Simba Bonfamille-Lyons Adella Triton Aquata Triton Ariel Triton Attina Triton Finn Flounder Kovu Blackwell Tony Rydinger Vidia Wind-Whistler Dodger Jones Hubert "Huey" Mallard Thomas O'Malley Deb DamselBu Vanessa Doofenshmirtz Tinker Bell
Abigail Vanderwaal Al McWiggin Arthur Pendragon Ashlé Boulet Ashlee Tomassian Bianca Gabor Brandon "Barrel" Adamson Ella Ashbourne Eric Anderson Henry Charming Holley Shiftwell Isabel Flores Jake Rogers James Hawkins John Darling John Smith Kristoff Bjorgman Lachlann "Launchpad" MacNab Laszlo Robinson Oliver Saluki Pacifica Northwest Princess Elena Flores of Avalor Rita Saluki Thomas Harrington Wendy Corduroy Willis Tibbs Alice Liddel Babette Durand Clara Baudry Claude Frollo Georgette Midler Hercules Persaud Marisa Soto Marzel Soto Megara Creon Melody Oceana Pedram Ratigan Shannon "Shock" Adamson Susan Webb Yoshioka Haru Atta Orkney Cheralynne Alexander Eilonwy Llyr Eoghan "Sled" Lantern Flik Feathery Haley Long Iandore Lightfoot Imelda Rivera Jake Long Kairi Uchida Kiongozi Lorrin Lymantria Khan Mei Kusakabe Mu-yeol "Marlin" Bae Olafur Elsuson Önnuson Periwinkle Frostbrittle Perry Flynn Riku Nakayama Ryeo "Robbie" Hwan Sally Finkelstein Sindri Dyrsson Sora Hamasaki/Roxas Su Qin Suta Shere (Khan) Ting-Ting Qin Dornan Humbert Lumière Charmant Aurora Rosewood Barbie Roberts Evelyn Deavor Ferbs Fletcher Gregory Eeyore Minnie Muyskens Monica "Mocha" Chino Philip Seville Phillip Nam Tiana Truitt Tod Sionnach Vishaka Chakraborty Alana Triton Arista Triton Charlie Little Edward Hatter Nuka Blackwell Vitani Blackwell Zira Blackwell Nyx Quillspear Queen Clarion
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swynlake-spill · 7 months ago
Ian Lightfoot carrying Ashlee Tomassian out of Town Hall was... Kinda Hot...😏
You are right. Is this a fan fave?? I cannot tell. OH WELL we’ll tag brave, bold sexy~ Ian anyway! At least someone was keeping it together smh 
Hi Ian! You’re braver than you believe! @ianthedisastrous
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moon-yeongjun · 11 months ago
PETITION: Swynlake Small Business Vampire and Dark Magicks Protections Act
PETITIONERS: The Swynlake Small Business Leaders Association, headed by Moon Yeong-jun
OTHER SIGNERS: Tigg Khan, Roscoe Sykes, Ashleigh Quinlan, Ashley Armbruster, Thomas Harrington, Shock Adamson, Anthony Coleman, Gaston Lacarriere, Jane Darling, Al McWiggin, Phillip Knightley, Barrel Adamson, Sarina Go, Ashlee Tomassian, Thomas O’Malley, Tiana Truitt
ARTICLE 1. This petition states that the Swynlake Town Board should vote to immediately and irreversibly suspend any business owner(s)’ lease(s), who fails to comply with Section 8, ground 17 of Great Britain’s Property Law,  which refers to gaining a tenancy through false representation. Any business owner(s) who misrepresent their identities will be evicted from town limits. Failure to comply to the eviction will result in punishment under the court of law.  
ARTICLE 2. This petition moves to add onto the Town Board’s agenda a proposal to revise business leases to include a mandatory disclosure of magick status. 
ARTICLE 3. This petition moves to add onto the Town Board’s agenda a proposal to revise business leases to ban any dark magicks from acquiring tenancy or business permits within town limits 
Budget: N/A 
Petition: Swynlake Dangerous Magick Persons Residency Act 
PETITIONER: The Swynlake Concerned Adults and Parents League, headed by Moon Yeong-jun
OTHER SIGNERS: Ashleigh Quinlan, Roscoe Sykes, Ashley Armbruster, Thomas Harrington, Shock Adamson, Robert Parr, Kanga DeRosa, Anthony Coleman, Gaston Lacarriere, Jane Darling, Al McWiggin, Phillip Knightley, Barrel Adamson, Sarina Go, Thomas O’Malley, Marzel Soto, Marisa Soto, Tiana Truitt
ARTICLE ONE: Swynlake Town Board should vote to enforce a mandatory residency restriction for Dangerous Magick Persons of no less than 1,000 feet from the following: 
(a) “Child care facility”
(b) “Park” means all public and private property specifically designated as being used for recreational purposes and where children regularly congregate.
(c) “Playground” means a designated independent area in the community or neighborhood that is designated solely for children and has one or more play structures.
(d) “School,” which includes a private school, a voluntary prekindergarten education program, a public school, but does not include facilities dedicated exclusively to the education of adults.
ARTICLE TWO: Swynlake Town Board should vote to enforce a mandatory zoning buffer for Dangerous Magick Persons of no less than 250 feet from the following: 
(a) “Child care facility”
(b) “Park” means all public and private property specifically designated as being used for recreational purposes and where children regularly congregate.
(c) “Playground” means a designated independent area in the community or neighborhood that is designated solely for children and has one or more play structures.
(d) “School,” which includes a private school, a voluntary prekindergarten education program, a public school, but does not include facilities dedicated exclusively to the education of adults.
Dangerous Magick Persons will be defined as any person, human or humanoid, who has been convicted of any felonies and/or misdemeanors due to magic abuse, as well as persons whose magic and/or magick status results in or threatens harm, such as, but not limited to, vampires, lycanthropes, necromancers, and demons. A person who violates this subsection commits a felony of the third degree and will be punished under the court of law.
Budget: N/A
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Gossip Husbands /./ [Simber]
Simba was deep in thought.
This didn’t happen often to Simba. His thoughts never ran very deep, because he usually didn’t have to think about things too much. He zoned out a lot, but that was different. Zoning out was focusing on the tick, tick, ticking of a clock in one of his classes, it was getting too absorbed in the telly, it was playing a game on his phone, or just staring at a black wall sometimes, to be honest. 
That wasn’t what was going on now. Now, he was thinking deeply. 
It was the Board, usually these days, that got him all twisted up, the petitions hanging over their heads like guillotines waiting to come down. Simba knew whatever they did wasn’t going to be pretty. Despite his own feelings on vampires, they needed to keep the town safe above all. That was the purpose of the Board in the first place. And the vampires were safe. They were bloody undead. They could take care of themselves. It was up to the Board to take care of everyone else. At least...that was how Simba felt.
But he didn’t even know if that was how he felt. Or if it was how he should feel. It had kept him up several nights.
That wasn’t what was bothering him now, though, as he mindlessly folded clothing, the telly playing some show that he hadn’t even registered.
He was thinking about Ashlee T. and his responsibility to his students. His student. One he was more or less sure, without any real evidence, was being abused. Just the suspicion made him sick and also made him blinding mad. He wanted to just see red and go over to the Tomassian’s and take care of Arakel himself. He’d put in all the anger he had towards Murphy, who still walked free, into beating the shit out of Arakel. 
Except: Simba knew that wasn’t going to help anything and reporting could be dangerous, if Ashlee T. wasn’t out of his control first. The reason he hadn’t hesitated to call the police on Hades was the same reason he couldn’t call them on Arakel Tomassian. 
Oh, Berlioz was standing in front of him. Oh, Berlioz had been trying to tell him something. Simba blinked back into focus, looking up at his husband.
Tumblr media
“Huh?” he grunted, very inelegantly. “I’m sorry, mume, what were you saying?” 
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ashley-incharge · a year ago
Updated Ranking List
The Ashleys have given everyone in school a ranking from 1-10, based on fashion, looks, and personality. Only 7s and higher are permitted to sit at the Ashley table, if invited.
@ashleigh-inyourdreams @ashlee-inperfection
TENS Ashley Armbruster Ashleigh Quinlan Ashlee Tomassian Ashle Boulet EIGHT Keaton “Buster” Palmerteri Dash Parr SEVEN Urchin Owens Lucius “Lock” Adamson Wilbur Robinson Haley Long
FIVE Mirium Midge Romeo “Roo” de Rosa
FOUR Louie Mallard Barrel
THREE Finn Flounder Moon-Yeongtae Vee Hauntley TWO Huey Mallard Dewey Mallard Spinelli Ariel Triton Violet Parr
ZERO Mei Qin Bae “Nemo Nam-min Ryeo “Robbie” Hwan
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