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oh-hush-its-perfect · 8 minutes ago
so glad that we all accept that Magnus Chase would wear crop tops
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blitz-and-hearth · 25 minutes ago
Nobody ever wants to talk about how Hearthstone was fully prepared to eat his father's heart
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suchbrokenstars · 35 minutes ago
{Mother -- @thequeenfrigga​}
It had been days since Loki had left his chambers. After he had learned the truth of his parentage, after his world had fallen apart around him, he had broken. He hadn’t stepped up to rule as regent. He had barely been seen much less barely eaten, instead hiding in his room, covered in his blankets. Today, however, had been different. Today, Thor, now back from exile, had grabbed Loki of the safety of the chambers 
“I was told that you wanted to see me.” He spoke softly. Clearly he didn’t want to be there and would rather continue to stew in his identitty crisis.
Tumblr media
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loki-laufeyson965 · an hour ago
Scary Clowns
PAIRING: Loki Laufeyson x OFC (Taylor Willow)
RATING: PG-13 (implied smut)
TW: Scary clowns harassing Taylor, Protective Loki, Threats, Fluff, Implied smut
SUMMARY: Taylor gets an unpleasant surprise whilst working and Loki is there to save the day.
Tumblr media
Loki had been on midgard for a little over a year and a half. At first he loathed the realm. He thought the people to be rude, gross, and just stupid.
That was until he met Taylor; a 23 year old, brown-haired, green eyed barista. He had no idea that when he went into the small coffee shop The Bean that he’d meet her.
She was working the cash register. While most people cowered away and steer clear of him, Taylor gave him a bright smile and asked for his order. When he was confused as to what the coffee's on the menu were, she was more than happy to explain what they were and even gave him recommendations.
After that day he found himself coming into the shop almost every day. On the days where business was slow he would stay beside the counter and talk to her until customers came in.
When he witnessed a few older men checking Taylor out and saying some crude remarks about her, he felt anger like never before. He made sure that once Taylor couldn't hear or see anything, to make sure those men knew not to come near her again.
After a couple weeks, he decided to stay with her while she closed the shop. He stayed out of her way while she did the cleaning and the closing duties and walked her to her apartment.
It’s been 4 months since the first day they met. They’ve gotten considerably closer and Loki knew he fell for the young girl. How could he not? She was the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen; and he’s seen a lot.
Loki was currently reading his book the house that Stark let him live in. Granted, he made major adjustments to it with the help of his magic. He usually heads to the shop at 5 since it closes at 7. That gives him ample time to talk to Taylor while also not staying there too long. He looked at the clock on the wall that read 4:36 and continued reading, at least until his phone rang.
This alarmed him for a moment since he rarely uses the device, and very few people have his number; Taylor was one of the few.
When the caller ID read her name, he could feel his heart speeding up as he answered.
“Taylor?” He asked as he put the phone to his ear.
“Loki?” She replied quietly from the other end.
“What’s wrong dear? Why are you so quiet? Aren’t you working?” He shot out questions, his anxiety starting to rise.
“Can you come now please? There’s like 4 people dressed as creepy clowns outside the doors. They keep banging on the windows.” Taylor whispered, a small gasp coming out as Loki hears some noise in the background.
“Are the doors locked?” He asked as he was rushing out the front door.
“Yeah. They’re locked. I’m hiding in the back.”
“Good. I’m on my way darling. Don’t fret, I won’t let anything happen to you.” Loki assures her, jogging down the street. Taylor didn’t reply but she stayed on the phone. Loki could hear her letting out soft whimpers and it only made him run faster.
When he finally got to the shop he saw the punks Taylor was talking about. They were all dressed as creepy clowns and had some type of weapon with them.
“Taylor?” He called softly through the phone.
“I’m out here. I’ll handle them and then I’ll meet you in the back alright?”
“Be careful Loki. I don’t want you to get hurt.” She hurriedly said, making Loki smile.
“Of course, my love.”
When he hung up he made his way over to the person closest to him and roughly pulled them from the window. Before the person could react, Loki made a dagger appear in his hand and grabbed them by the neck.
“Woah woah dude chill. It’s just a joke!” The person yelled, pulling the mask off.
Loki rolled his eyes. “Scaring an innocent girl to death is what you consider a joke?” He seethed, pushing the guy harder against the wall.
“She rejected my friend man. It was just a little fun. We weren’t gonna hurt her.” The guy pushed.
Loki rolled his eyes. “You’re going to tell your friends to leave and never come back. Forget about her. If I see any of you around here again, or talking to her, looking at her, if you do so much as think about her, I will show you what I find fun. And it will be painful for you.”
The guy nodded and profusely apologized. Loki let him go and he scurried to his friends. After giving them a quick recap of what just happened, the other three looked at Loki who was still gripping his dagger, and took off.
Loki quickly made his way to the back of the shop and Taylor was waiting for him. She didn’t hesitate to jump into his arms and cry.
“Shh, it’s alright my love. They’re gone. They were just some idiotic boys.” Loki cooed.  It took a few minutes for her to calm down and when she did, she simply held him closer.
“Thank you Loki.” She whispered.
“Of course, my love. I will always protect you.” He assured her. “Now what do you say we go back in, you finish your shift, and then we can head to my place and partake in what you midgardian’s call a puzzle.”
“Really? You’d bring me to your house?” Taylor asked, pulling back slightly to look at his face.
Loki smiled. “Why wouldn’t I?”
Taylor shrugged. “It’s your place, I’m sure you don’t like people being there.”
“You’re not people. And I happen to enjoy your company more than I would like to admit.”
Taylor gave a big smile. “If you’re sure you’re okay with it then I’d love to.”
The pair made their way back to the front of the coffee shop and Loki unlocked the doors. As usual, Loki took the stool at the side of the counter and started talking about his adventures on Asgard. This was something he typically did when something was bothering Taylor and she needed a distraction. She loved hearing about Asgard.
There weren't very many customers for the rest of the day, to which Taylor was thankful. She wasn't sure how much more stress she could take in one day. Loki, being the lovestruck gentleman he is, did all the closing for Taylor by using his magic.
"I'll never not be amazed when you do things like that." She mumbled as she looked at the clean shop.
Loki chuckled. "I'll have to show you more of what I can do." He replied playfully, suggestively raising his brows as he made his way over and stood directly in front of her.
"Loki!" Taylor screeched with a laugh as she lightly shoved him on his chest. "Is that why you want to bring me to your house?" She laughed.
He caught her wrists before she could drop them and held them against his chest.  "While I would absolutely love to see you laying in my bed wearing nothing but one of my shirts, I invited you over because I enjoy your company. I fully intend on cooking you dinner, perhaps we watch one of the mundane movie you mortals love, and then, if you would like me to ravish you until you forget your own name and all you can say is mine, I certainly wouldn't be opposed to it." Loki's voice dropped an octave, causing Taylor to gasp.
For a few moments they just stood there looking into each other's eyes. Finally, Taylor leaned up on her toes just enough to press her lips beside his left ear. "Well Mischief, what are we waiting for?"
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araedi · 2 hours ago
Assumption: Thor is a top or at least the more dominant partner in a relationship
[Send me your assumptions about my muse; I'll respond with correct/nope/kinda]
Kinda. It honestly depends on the partners. He's under no illusions that as a tall, broad fellow with the power and confidence of a god, a lot of people feel safe in his presence and enjoy his dominance. Thor loves nothing more than making those he cares about happy and control is always a thrill: if you know what buttons to push and tease him all day, you'll uuuuh get what's comin' to you.
That being said for all of the strength and responsibility he carries, Thor's greatly appreciative of any opportunity he gets to let go and put his focus in the present alone. He's choosy about who he lets be more dominant, but it's something he enjoys.
tldr: Thor's a switchy boi who is more a service top on that end, but will 100% go ham if you ask him for it / tease him to it. He also loves being pampered and taken care of, just sayin'
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kekosaesthetics · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In Honor of the new Loki Series, its aesthetic timee
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I’m starting to realize that this post might be too long for a lot of pjo fans (I know text blocks often make mind go blank thanks dyslexia), so here’s an abridged version
An animated series means the other series can be adapted as well
Immortal characters won’t age (especially Thalia, Artemis, and Hestia, who would be portrayed by children)
The cgi won’t look good in a few years (look at any old movie whose cgi was considered good when it came out, it doesn’t hold up)
It’ll be out sooner and the wait between seasons will be shorter
No child actors
Animation is easier to relate to than live action
Fight scene won’t have to be cut (safety of child actors would (or at least should) come first)
The entire camp can be explored, not just the parts they built for filming
Actors are easier to replace, which with 18 books of content, will have to happen
No need to sacrifice small details
I suggest you check out the original post if you agree with this, but I get it if you don’t, that thing is a real monster
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jokerflecker · 6 hours ago
Hello, Loki. I spent a great deal of time in my garden today. Fancy a white rose?
Tumblr media
Hello, my lady. That looks so lovely, thank you. I would like a rose, yes.
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plutodexay · 8 hours ago
Loki imagine
Admiring Loki while he watches a snake.
He had been sitting there all afternoon, his vision focused on the small snake as it moved effortlessly in the grassy area. It had been so long that the sun had begun to set, yet I could not bring myself to try and move him. As boring as it would seem, it was quite interesting watching him stare at such an innocent and harmless creature, bringing out a type of beauty I never thought possible coming to this God. 
When we had started walking together, as a favor to Thor, I figured the day would be spent in arguments and my head pounding from dealing with him. The time started like that, and continued until we found the grassy patch where no one else was, that's when he noticed the grass move. 
At first he flinched, his hand moving to instinctively grab a dagger, only to remember Thor had locked them far away. Then, he saw the yellow tint through the blades of grass and his demeanor changed. Hands dropped away and the scowl that was on his face since the moment I met him disappeared within an instant. Instead, he leaned down so slowly it took me a minute to catch that he was even moving. To my surprise, he didn’t reach for the snake, there was no commanding aura to him. Rather, he moved to the animal's level, sitting carefully so he could just observe it. 
After a while I could have sworn he was somehow speaking to it, but I simply didn’t question it. My previous headache from his constant complaints had faded, and my eyes were stuck to him. I couldn’t put my finger on it, why he seemed so different, beautiful even, yet I didn’t really want to know. 
“They are highly misunderstood creatures on this planet” Loki spoke up after what had been hours. “Many of your people do not find the beauty, fearing what they do not understand” He turned to look at me for a moment, his eyes started to burn my own somehow before he turned back towards the resting snake.
“I suppose you are right” He let out a slight laugh, one I never heard from him before, nor did I ever expect to.
“I suppose I am” He stood up as the snake started to slither away, presumably going to wherever it sleeps for the night most likely. “You can tell Thor the truth, he knows of my care for them” His words faded as he turned to walk towards the city once again, returning to where we had left this morning and leaving me behind in the process. Even with it being an obviously Loki action, it didn’t read the same anymore, and I fear nothing ever will coming from the God
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serpentargo · 8 hours ago
i enter the loki tag and i find hateful comments and 'opinions' on the series and loki himself... and then my day is ruined. pls stop
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malloryiswlw · 8 hours ago
gunilla getting to do the bit in thor ragnarok with immigrant song. she deserves it <3
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