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#artist couple
dontworrybexime · 6 hours ago
So last weekend I was kinda feeling sick and I projected through my characters here- well
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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gnome-sketches · 6 hours ago
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OC on the left belongs to
Just two wholesome OC’s dancing from a headcanon we had heHO
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depresseddragonsstuff · 23 hours ago
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This could be us but you want someone else 🙄
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eating-mooncakes · a day ago
Prompt #4: Nature
Posting day: June 25
Don’t forget: Today, 6/22, is the posting day for “Academic Rivals”! Please tag @sophitz-week in your creations if you want to be featured there.
Inspiration - Writers
“It’s the anniversary of Calla’s transformation, so we decide to make her starkflower stew together and pour it for her. But I miss her so much I can hardly stand it, and now I’m breaking down in front of you—and I hate doing that.”
"You just burst into my flower shop trying to get last-minute flowers for Mother’s Day, but you have no idea what you want, and every flower type you suggest is worse than the last one.”
“We were all ready for a nice picnic, and then it started pouring rain. I’m freaking out, but you decide that we should make the most of the rain. Before I know it, we’re dancing in the puddles, and things don’t feel so scary anymore because I have you.”
Inspiration - Artists
Artists, this is your place to shine! Here are some slightly more specific prompts, in case any of them are helpful to you:
Snow-dusted hair
Noses red from cold and cheeks red from laughter
Soft lavender flowers
Twilight’s last glow
Moonlit panakes
@sophitz-week - Gallery of prompts & creations
Explanation & Prompt List
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copydemonn · a day ago
Sketch commission
Simple commission I made :))))
Tumblr media
They look so cute omg
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starniv0re · a day ago
i feel like i should join a megaman community discord but ive already muted and blocked more than half the artists/members for them creating or supporting nasty™ content.  🙃
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raven-cat35 · a day ago
Gorynych/Emrik (Goremrik)
Emrik was still a boy, so he didn't understand why girls gather on a festive night and light bonfires, pick flowers and herbs. Why wreaths on Kupala night was woven and was allowed on the water.
"If you are destined to get married this year, the guy on the other side of the river will find your wreath. So he is your betrothed," his mother answered him.
"Can I weave wreaths too?"he asked. Mother just threw up her hands and became sad.
Only after 10 years the guy will understand why the heart did not feel anything for any girl and why it hurts so much at the sight of this young man. Why, when Emrik look at him, thoughts freeze, and hearing a snake's whisper cloudes his head.Perhaps he is fall in love.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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despite-everything · 2 days ago
ngl i'm super curious about the full lucy dacus album being released friday. i'm into the tracks she's released so far, but kinda miss the grungier tones / lofi influence on her no burden album, but am interested in the direction she's heading with tracks like brando. lorde's new solar power track is headed in a similar direction, which i think is fascinating. i suppose it makes sense as these women grow older and more confident in themselves, but it's an interesting parallel. i'd pre-ordered lucy dacus', bob schneider's, and the mountain goats' new albums coming out this summer, and the mountain goats' arrived this past friday (though the official release is also this friday) and i really like it. i enjoyed getting into knives, but really appreciated the sense of calm throughout this album. i wonder if they're going to do another angstier album like talahasse in the future (though ngl i'd love for them to explore something conceptually to the degree they did with goths - writing an indie rock/folk album with pop influences about goth music? fucking brilliant). also looking forward to the new squirrel flower album. anyway i'm just rambling... i worked from home today so i was playing music from my computer rather than spinning records or listening to the live stream at the station, and i'm also thinking about reaching out to john darnielle for an interview. hmm.
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