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#aro culture is
aro-culture-is · 36 minutes ago
Arospec culture is using school as a convenient excuse if someone asks about your “love life”.
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aro-culture-is · 2 hours ago
romo-favorable aro culture is feeling guilty and alienated and hurt when romo-repulsed aro's talk about hating romance and feeling left out and like a traitor for no reason
I don't want you to feel like i'm speaking over your experience but: romance favorable aros are still aro. There's nothing traitorous about having a different experience. No two aros have the exact same experience and these differences strengthen our community.
A community is not a group of identical people: it is a group of different people with some commonality who stand in solidarity. Not despite our differences, not in spite of our differences, but because our differences enrich our experience and display the wonderful elegance of random circumstance bringing us together.
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aro-culture-is · 3 hours ago
aro culture is laughing at the single sad memes AKAJSJAKS LIKE WHAT THE HELL, ARE YOU ACTUALLY SAD BC YOU'RE SINGLE???
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aro-culture-is · 4 hours ago
aro culture is being annoyed when your younger cousin starts dating bc your mother want you to be like them 🥲🥲 (pls i cant stand this anymore
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aro-culture-is · 5 hours ago
Aro culture is seeing a video that said, basically, "friendly reminder, asexuals aren't aromantic! Asexuals can still love, aromantics don't love or care about anyone, thank you" and discovering new levels of rage.
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acelor · 6 hours ago
Listen, I recognize that I'm out on a limb balancing on breaking branches here, but my sister and I BOTH SEPARATELY saw this new merch collection and were like...ummmm are these the primary colors of each flag Taylor features these days??
Orange for lithromanticism
Purple for asexual spectrum
Green for aromantic spectrum
Mixed together in one delicious tie-dye swirl 🍦💜💚🔥
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🖤💜🤍 this is acelor where we document every time Taylor has looked like the asexual flag (black, grey, white, and purple stripes) or aromantic flag (green, black, grey, white) 🤍💚🖤
Now who's gonna get me some temporary tattoos?! I always thought that'd be a good band name....
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aro-culture-is · 7 hours ago
Aromantic and a-platonic culture is actually wanting to be the crazy cat lady
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aro-culture-is · 8 hours ago
Aro culture is watching alloromantics with great interest because sometimes you really don't get them.
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aro-culture-is · 10 hours ago
Aro culture is doing shitty drag to breakup songs but making them about your ex best friend
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aro-culture-is · 11 hours ago
non-ace aro culture is struggling to figure out whether the allosexual aro label or the non-sam aro label is most accurate for you (and struggling an extra amount with the fact that no matter which of these two labels it is, there's always that heightened stigma against non-ace aros)
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Question Time! Question Time! Did Cybertronians have weddings?
Cybertronians absolutely did! Though, there were no rings or vows like western weddings, instead traditions varied from city-state to city-state. And unlike weddings here in America (which are influenced by Christian culture), people were allowed to conjunx multiple bots at once, and not all had to be conjunxed to each other (for example, bot a and bot b could be conjunxed to bot c, but not each other, or they could all be conjunxed to each other).
Vosian weddings were private affairs, with usually only close family and friends present for the actual wedding, and a slightly larger group there for an afterparty. Couples would paint their faces in specific patterns meant to evoke Xal Maximo — also known as Liege Maximo, the founder of Vos and ‘the first Seeker’ — and his conjunx, Vigilem.
This was meant to both bring their blessing, and as a hope that the newlyweds’ love would be as great as the two lovers of legend. Wearing these paint patterns outside of a wedding setting is considered inappropriate, as is most face paint in Vos, as it’s usually reserved for important ceremonies or religious affairs, and wearing it outside of those contexts is frowned upon. One would also paint markings on themself in the colors of their conjunxes, usually in swirling patterns evoking airflow.
For Vosian weddings, lippaint is mandatory for both parties.
Polyhexian weddings were massive affairs, basically huge excuses to party. One would wear ribbons on their wings the day of the conjunx if ceremony, and things would be romantic and peaceful, but before? There was a celebration for the announcement, where everyone got drunk. There was a celebration the week before, where everyone, you guessed it— got drunk. And then the party after, which included even more drinking. Polyhexians are very, very fond of their engex, and it’s a national joke that they’ll take really any excuse to party.
(Yes, this includes funerals and national holidays, with the latter being an excuse to party nationwide)
In Kalis, one repaints themself grayscale in the month leading up to marriage, and on the day of, the newlyweds have paintballs thrown at them by their friends and family for good luck. The more colors gotten on them, the better. Ceremonies usually were big things, but only on the day of the wedding, there wasn’t much celebration before. This was considered good luck for the newlyweds, especially if the paintballs hit their spark chambers.
Helexic weddings feature extravagant frame paint, and particularly smudgy lippaint, as it’s expected for one to kiss their conjunx or conjunxes and leave a mark or two, usually on the top of the hand or face. Helexic weddings usually are community-wide affairs, and due to the overall religiousness of the city, the ceremonies do often feature prayer, though this is optional. After the wedding, the conjunxed parties are expected to stay together an entire day to celebrate and spend time with one another.
Queerplatonic couples also have their own weddings! Rituals vary, and can sometimes be wildly different— though it isn’t uncommon for one to have their amica ceremony be treated like a normal wedding, perhaps because they prefer the traditions, and the opposite happens as well.
And unlike human weddings, no Cybertronian wedding carries the expectation of Sparklings. Sparklings can be adopted by married bots, sure, but they’re just as often adopted by groups of friends living together, single parents, groups of siblings, and whatever other combination. Conjunxing and adopting Sparklings are not even considered correlated on Cybertron.
Cybertronians do not sexually reproduce either, so there’s no expectation of that, either. There is also no pressure to get married or find a partner, it just happens. It’s not culturally expected, and romance isn’t held up on a pedestal above other relationships. Most bots view all relationships as equal— none are more important or committed than others.
Once again, nonnie, thank you for your enthusiasm, and sorry if this post reads kinda weird because I’ve been editing it a lot and I’m very very aromantic and I don’t really understand the significance of wedding ceremonies from my own culture, so creating ones for an alien culture wildly different than our own has been an experience.
(Cybs in Mirror Mirror don’t know what being cisgender is, let alone what gender or reproductive roles are, and being polyam is the norm, so the standard human framework of weddings doesn’t really work for them, plus I’m not a fan of it)
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aro-culture-is · 12 hours ago
aro culture is platonic cuddles
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aro-culture-is · 13 hours ago
aro culture is using the word "love" all the time because you've created your own meaning for the word, but then feeling really weird when people say they love you because their definition of love is definitely different
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aro-culture-is · 14 hours ago
aro culture is asking the girl who’s playing a character being pursued by a (lowkey disrespectful of boundaries) dude if that’s the sort of stuff people actually find romantic, and her being like “idk, straight guys are weird” and nobody has an actual answer to the question because if there’s one thing that p much all femme-presenting people who aren’t into guys can agree on, it’s that straight guys’ idea of “romance” is kinda creepy at times
(for the sake of clarity: this happened at rehearsal the other day; the character was being disrespectful of boundaries, not the actor)
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aro-culture-is · 15 hours ago
aroflux culture is one second going "ew who even feels romantic attraction" and then a minute later going "oh. me"
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