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#armin arlet
erenslittlestepsister8 hours ago
It's 3 am and I cannot stop thinking about what Armin's tongue would feel like?
Don't worry guys, will be selfly institutionalizing myself at daybreak.
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shepfics20 hours ago
"give me a drabble of a hot summer day with armin and a popsicle please shep" - @erenslittlestepsister
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
warnings: smut / 18+, MINORS DNI. oral sex + cum eating. semi-public setting. begging. innocence kink? mommy kink (i'm sorry i just rly felt the need to throw it in there.) rushed and unedited ;)
the thick air and hot june winds today led you and armin straight to the public pool.
and thirty minutes in, the highs of armin's ears and cheeks are already tinted pink from the sweltering summer sun - the tip of his little nose is more of a strawberry red. faint new freckles kiss the tops of his cheekbones and forehead.
he insisted he didn't need you to rub any more sunscreen on him, even though he did like it when you tried to baby him like that.
"min, just let me dab some more sunscreen on your face. that burn is gonna hurt later."
"i'm fine. what are you, my mom?"
he didn't need you to tell him what to do. he can take care of himself, right?
or he really thought he could, until you decided to grab some popsicles from the concession stand.
you notice his turquoise swim shorts tighten and his legs start squirming in his seat at the sight of your tongue raking up the rainbow popsicle. the heat of your mouth melts little drops onto your lips and chin, causing you to slurp and lick and lap at your treat until all of it's colors blend together like a poorly done watercolor painting.
and armin hasn't touched the one you brought for him. he just lets it melt all over his hand; his innocent, needy little head is too fixated on the show in front of him.
what a waste. that makes you feel bad.
so you lead him to the one-stall bathroom near the front of the waterpark, pulling his shorts down and planting your knees on the damp tile floor below once the door is locked.
"please touch me - suck on it mommy, please!"
"need me to suck it 'til you cum, baby?"
"i'll be good. just need it so bad."
you start out just licking and teasing. flattening your tongue and working it up and down his shaft. swirling it around his head and tasting the precum oozing from his tiny slit. his breath is so shaky and nervous while he watches you, desperate for more, twitching his hips toward you slightly when your tongue traces over the most sensitive spots, leaving his mouth open as it spills tiny whines.
he braces himself on the sink behind him, one hand gripping the lip of the basin and the other gripping the back of your head as he inches his cock down your throat.
his brows furrow and his teeth grit when your suctioned lips start dragging up and down on his swollen dick. your mouth is so perfect, dripping with warm saliva as you try to cater to every inch of him. armin whines at the sensation, throwing his pretty blonde head back and curling his toes when you let him guide his cock deeper.
and he's an eager, sweaty, beet-red mess as he continues fucking into your pillowy mouth.
"mommy, please, please don't stop."
"gonna cum - mmhmm - down your throat, mommy."
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v1ct0rian22 hours ago
Hi! May i please have a matchup? I鈥檓 charlotte, and i鈥檓 a pieck kinnie :) I鈥檓 a bisexual 19 year old girl. I鈥檓 5鈥9, caucasian, and i have wavy long brown hair, hazel eyes, and i wear glasses. I have a thin/athletic build. I have a soft light academia kind of style, and i love wearing sweaters.
I鈥檓 INTP, and i tend to be really antisocial. My sense of humor is really sarcastic, and i like to playfully tease people. People describe me as kind of intimidating sometimes, mainly because i鈥檓 usually quiet around others. I鈥檓 also pretty stubborn. Despite this, i鈥檓 also pretty childish sometimes, but i know how to be serious too. In a relationship, i鈥檓 a bit easily jealous, but i don鈥檛 like showing it.
I鈥檓 in college and majoring in psychology. I take schoolwork pretty seriously, and i鈥檓 also learning french on the side!
My love language is words of affirmation, and i鈥檓 not a big fan of physical affection! I take things slow in a relationship.
I鈥檓 very into fitness and health, and i exercise every day (mainly strength!). Some of my other hobbies include shopping, playing video games, and baking. I鈥檓 a stress baker, sometimes i鈥檒l get upset and the way i鈥檒l cheer myself up is by making a batch of cookies or cupcakes :) I鈥檓 into a lot of soft things, like animal crossing, minecraft, and sanrio, but i鈥檓 also a really big fan of horror games and movies!! My favorite season is fall, and my favorite color is purple. I鈥檓 also an avid coffee drinker, but i love hot cocoa too. My biggest fear is probably small spaces. Thank you so much in advance :)
here you go!!! my first request, i hope you enjoy 鈥榥 thanks for being so sweet!!
鈧嶁倣...锔忊値鈧 陹 鉂 @imissleeandluke鉂 陹
馃棷饾枮饾枖饾枤 饾枓饾枂饾枡饾枅饾枍 饾枩饾枎饾枡饾枍....馃棷
!饾枂饾枟饾枓饾枎饾枔 饾枂饾枟饾枒饾枈饾枟饾枡!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鈼炩櫋 he absolutely LOVES your baking, he鈥檒l join in on baking with you :) you two both have matching aprons
鈼炩櫋 he鈥檚 all in for video game nights with you, but when the both of you play minecraft together & you decide to invite eren & mikasa, eren ends up exploding armins house with dynamite.
鈼炩櫋 male wife & girlboss couple?? yessir 馃槴
鈼炩櫋he has a bunch of little notebooks filled with things about you, what foods you like, things like that; 鈥渃harlotte usually exercises around *insert random time*鈥 鈥渢ake charlotte shopping鈥 and some of them are surprisingly detailed, but it just goes to show he鈥檚 very caring for you :)
鈼炩櫋 when he first had a crush on you, every time he鈥檇 talk to you his voice would CRACK SO MUCH- like he literally sounded like alvin & the chipmunks.
鈼涒憛路藲 嗉 鈾 i hope you liked this! send in any feedback if you want!
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Besties I know I said I was gonna take a break from my pregnancy series but would anyone wanna see the names post鈥 they are kinda short cause it鈥檚 just the meaning behind it but like I lowkey wanna post it 馃憖
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deltax-o-x-o23 hours ago
Yup 馃檮馃馃徏
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deltax-o-x-o23 hours ago
Yup 馃檮馃馃徏
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multifandomloversbloga day ago
Can anybody recommend me some really good anime please?
I'm sure you can tell the only anime that I've only watch is aot and death note by the hastag so maybe recommend me some anime that is similar to those two
I would really appreciate it if you recommend some
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vale-writes-stuffa day ago
Uh IDK what this is, I鈥檓 sorry (n//sfw)(18+)
鈮 500 words
Armin Arlert x reader
warnings: uh you鈥檙e highkey giving him a bj, children scroll away馃槶
A/N : yall I鈥檓 a virgin and I hate porn- so sorry idk how any of this works馃槶 plz correct me
Tumblr media
Armin knew this was a bad idea. God, why did he agree to this? Was it the way your skin seemed to glow in the light? Or maybe it was the way the saliva from your mouth seemed to glow on your bottom lip. Or maybe it was the way your embarrassed eyes seemed to have a mischievous glimmer to them when you had suggested the idea.
Whatever it was, his brain was racing at the possibilities of the two of you getting caught in the middle of the forest, you kneeling in front of him with his pants down to his knees. Fuck, what if someone saw? You'd both be expelled from the scouts, and not to mention what would happen if his friends saw, they'd never let him live it down.
He looked down at your lust-clouded eyes and saw that you were looking up at him, tilting your head biting your lower lip. Despite his racing thoughts he couldn't help but feel one overwhelming feeling, lust. He looked down at your raw lips and messy hair through half-closed eyes and nodded. He could feel his cheeks heat up as you pulled down his underwear to reveal his half-hard dick.
He watched as you smiled softly, rubbing your thumb over the dark pink tip and touching the sticky precum. He couldn't help but shudder, let out a small whine at the contact, and bite his palm to quiet himself.
You could feel his member harden under your touch as you stroked it and looked up at his red face. He was letting out small moans and you could tell his breathing was irregular. His pupils were blown out to where you couldn't even see his blue iris'.
You leaned forward slightly and kissed the tip of his cock before taking it into your mouth, causing him to buck into your mouth. He let out a small mumble of an apology before letting out a loud gasp as you suddenly slid your mouth deeper onto it and let out a small hum.
You couldn't help but let your lips curl into a smile as he tried to muffle his small whines and groans into his palm. As you moved your lips up and down his shaft you looked up to see his eyes screwed shut as he mumbled out a few words you couldn't quite make out. A few seconds later you heard him let out a gasp before tasting a salty liquid on your tongue.
You pulled your mouth off of his dick with a small pop, and with a tiny bit of difficulty, swallowed the cum filling your mouth. As you stood up to face the blonde, he looked away, his cheeks heating up.
You simply leaned forward and gave him a peck on the cheek before suggesting that you both go back to camp.
A few yards away, Levi was *trying* to collect firewood, "Tch, disgusting kids."
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eristhots2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A/N: I have no idea what spurred me on to make this but here we go lmao. Requests are open!
Tumblr media
Eren: Originally wanted to own a snake but was bummed to find out that no, you can鈥檛 allow it to roam around your house nor can you go to bed with it. He settled on a dog instead - a Russel Terrier to be exact. Known for being athletic and stubborn, it was a match made in hell heaven and Eren tends to frequent the dog parks with his little buddy, typically being seen chasing after it due to its boundless energy. Tends to have the remnants of shedding all over his apartment.
Mikasa: She鈥檇 be an owner of a cockatiel! They鈥檙e known for being friendly and intelligent, which is shown often by how Mikasa鈥檚 loves to perch on the crook of her shoulder. She鈥檚 taught it to whistle and mimic some fragments of human speech, but more often than not likes to try and train it to learn jingles and whistles. Much to her horror one of the only strains of speech it鈥檚 learn is the phrase - Oh, God. Pretends to not know the reasoning behind this.
Armin: An obvious choice but his choice of pet is to own various breeds of fish! His love developed due to his parents buying him a beautiful blue betta on his tenth birthday, and from there his fascination blossomed. He鈥檚 an excellent owner and is more than willing to help those who are new to owning a fish. You may find Glofish Danio, Indian Glassfish, Powder Blue Dwarf Gourami, among many others!
Jean: Similar to Eren, he wanted a snake but unlike him he actually got it. Was originally to seem badass especially because he thought he was getting a ferocious breed but accidentally ended up with a Corn snake. Is still made fun for this by Sasha and Connie but threatens to feed their rat to it whenever they get too annoying about it.
Connie/Sasha: Co-parents a rat named 鈥淩emy鈥 because of course they would. No one finds the joke all that humorous and after realizing that they鈥檙e now in the care of an actual rat, scrambled to research how to properly care for it. Both grew quickly attached to the little guy and whenever one has to go to work, is going on a date, etc the other takes it in. Has a habit of bringing Remy to places they shouldn鈥檛 and sneaking it food to nibble on.
Annie: Technically doesn鈥檛 own a pet and scoffs at the idea of it. But much to everyone鈥檚 amusement is the local hub for all the neighborhood cats to come get food and water out on her porch. Has given names to every single cat frequently comes to visit her and fears moving because then she鈥檒l miss them all.
Hitch: Has a Persian cat that absolutely hates her. No matter how hard she tries it seems the two just can鈥檛 get along and has on numerous occasions begged for the cat to put their dislike behind them with no response. Is jealous of the fact that it seems to love Annie whenever she visits and makes snide comments until Annie tells her to be quiet.
Bertholdt: Owns a Greyhound that鈥檚 just as awkward and quiet as he is. Typically has the dog tag along with him on jogs and visits the dog park every so often to give it socialization. Sees his pet as emotional support whenever he鈥檚 feeling overwhelmed, and likes to lay on the couch with the comforting weight of the greyhound鈥檚 head in his lap looking at him adoringly.
Reiner: Perhaps an odd one, but owns a Crestled gecko because he doesn鈥檛 trust himself to own a dog or cat. Keeps the habitat in his room/office, wherever he鈥檚 most frequently at and likes to talk to the reptile whenever he鈥檚 stressed. Finds the gecko cathartic and has a smile on his face whenever he gets the chance to show it off.
Historia: A gift from her sister, Frieda, Historia owns a Miniature Schnauzer. She absolutely pampers her baby (her own words), though has a habit of not being exactly strict with training. Thus, her dog is known to be a terrorizer to everyone but her and seems to be only getting worse going into old age. Allows it to sleep with her in bed and is frequently seen cuddling whenever her Schnauzer isn鈥檛 nipping at the heels of her guest.
Ymir: Doesn鈥檛 actively own a pet, and never plans on doing so. Secretly fears being an irresponsible owner and so chooses to live her life pet-free. Despite this she鈥檚 frequently used by her friends to 鈥減et-sit鈥 their own much to her annoyance, but later gets back at them by having them be in debt to her. Secretly finds herself enjoying her time pet sitting, especially Eren鈥檚 and Bert鈥檚.
Erwin/Miche: Owns a German Shepard alongside Miche, the pair of dogs being siblings. Oddly attached to the dogs and frequently have 鈥減et dates鈥 to allow them to socialize with one another. There鈥檚 somewhat of a competitive streak between them as they participate in competitions, proudly hanging the medals up for everyone to see.
Levi: Owns an Egyptian Mau and may love the cat more than anything or anyone else in his life. Very gentle and affectionate with it and looks up cat food recipes to try out whenever he has free time to do so. Has a tendency to fall asleep in his chair with the cat curled up in his lap, nuzzling against his stomach.
Hange: While Hange is an animal lover in general, most of their affections go to the creepy crawlies of the world and thus they own a variety of insects from all walks of life. Have you ever seen those YouTube videos where the person showcases all their centipedes, spiders, etc? That鈥檚 Hange, and they tend to get upset seeing someone else needlessly kill an insect that could鈥檝e just as easily been saved.
Porco: Owns a Boxer he rescued from the pound despite initially not wanting to have a dog. Was persuaded when browsing the pound with a coworker of his and fell in love with the poor guy being housed inside a crate. Is a strict owner and doesn鈥檛 like to have his pet sleep in the bed with him, nor has a tolerance for begging for scraps of food. However, he鈥檚 a great owner overall who鈥檚 helped to give the breed a better name.
Pieck: Only wants a pet that鈥檚 extremely low maintenance so she decided to go with Sea Monkeys. Tends to get poked fun at by Porco and Zeke for having them but she simply finds them so amusing she can鈥檛 help but continue to care for them. Has probably owned the same habitat full of them for longer than she cares to admit.
Zeke: Much like Ymir chooses not to own a pet for a variety of reasons, mainly feeling strange at housing an animal inside his house until it dies. With that said has a fascination with virtual pets and proceeded to get malware on the family computer when he installed BonziBuddy in the early 2000鈥檚. Nowadays has a virtual pet app on his phone that he diligently takes care of during his breaks at work.
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bridgetotheskyyy2 days ago
Flash reverse harem, go! Who's invited for some lovin'?
Kisuke has gotta be in there, but I struggle to see what kind of harem boy he'd be. But, like, yeah, he's there.
Itachi because duh.
I don't often thirst for them but I obviously like them, but for this they've gotta be there; Hashirama & Tobirama, definitely just because, like, they're gods ok. Absolute gods especially hashi
Eren and Armin can come, too (pun not intended but welcome)
Older!Allen Walker can come along as well. Sweet boi.
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amagnolia2 days ago
鈹 Raise it, baby, stay with me | 馃寶 鈹 Armin Arlet
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鈹 馃帴;; synopsis. You've got the power long as you want it; long as you got me inside
Tumblr media
路鉁韭 Masterlist Directory 路鉁韭
鈫 Updated: 06/18/21 - | 馃尲 = Sfw | 馃崚= Nsfw
藯藦藡Armin鈥檚 works are here! Good reading and have fun with them!
Tumblr media
鈹 馃幉;; FICS聽
藯藦藡Coming soon!
藯藦藡Coming soon!
鈹 馃幉;; HEADCANONS 路鉁韭
藯藦藡Aot characters + Kinks - 馃崚
Tumblr media
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erenslittlestepsister3 days ago
adj. being in want
"Eren and Armin were your favorite beggars. So needy and always willing to do anything for a little bit to nothing of you in return."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When he's feeling generous Eren allows you to take control in the bedroom. Given how infrequently this happens the power trip is almost too much for you and Armin.
"Poor little baby," you said in a patronizing tone at a very pretty Armin who was pinned under you and with a single hand, you gripped his cheeks. Knowing he'd follow your lead you opened your mouth into a wide "O" when he mirrored it your spit dribble landed on his tongue and he swallowed it greedily, his hips giving a thrust. "I'm ready, ride me please."
You click your tongue to the roof of your mouth, "Let's check if you're really ready Armin." He was more than ready, that much was evident even without checking, his pre-cum very obviously staining your inner thighs and undies through both of your undergarments. You stop dry humping the teary-eyed blonde and rest your ass on his thighs, slowly lowering the baby blue fabric of his boxers, he'd been edged for so long the entire length was pink and leaking resentfully
"What a fucking mess." you reprimand him as your pussy throbs. Glancing over your shoulder you spot your other boyfriend who's knelt uselessly at the end of the bed as observing as instructed. The tent in his own boxers showcasing a wet spot pleading for your attention.
"Eren, come clean this up." you say pointing a condemning finger at Armin who has tears spilling down his cheeks as he fights the urge to fist his cock in search of some relief.
Eren crawls over to you, knowing exactly what you're asking of him as he rests his head on the pillow and turns to Armin.
Armin almost falls off the bed as he desperately wrestles his boxers down his thighs and climbs on top of Eren, knees on either side of Eren's face in record time. His cock drooling all over Eren's face as he stares obediently at the needy thing that Armin has become.
You smile at the sight of your boys, both so touch-deprived and thirsty that they turn to each other for the relief you won't provide.
After a few minutes of Armin's ecstatic moans and Eren's gags it gets too much for you to resist. You crawl over eyeing Eren's neglected cock, drooling all over his tummy without you to help him, your pussy clenching at the sight. Carefully you mount eren and take a peek over Armin's shoulder granting him a single kiss on his shoulder as you sink down on Eren.
Armin groans at your touch and you watch with a satisfied smile Eren's eyes grow hooded as you slide up and down his girth.
You lean into Armin and whisper a reminder in his ear "You're going too easy on him, he never goes this easy on you."
Smirking you grip Armin's shoulder for both better support as you impale yourself on Eren's dick and to fully watch the show that is Armin mouthfucking Eren.
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