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#ari x reader
buckysbrattybug · 16 hours ago
➸ 𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐥𝐮𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐜𝐡𝐫𝐢𝐬 𝐞𝐯𝐚𝐧𝐬, 𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐯𝐞, 𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐨𝐦, 𝐚𝐫𝐢, 𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐲, 𝐣𝐚𝐤𝐞
Tumblr media
[♡ 𝐟𝐥𝐮𝐟𝐟 — ✷ 𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐬𝐭 — ❀ 𝐡𝐮𝐫𝐭/𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐭 — ♞ 𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐤 — ✮ 𝐝𝐝𝐥𝐠 — ✧ 𝐬𝐦𝐮𝐭 ]
𝘀𝘁𝗲𝘃𝗲 𝗿𝗼𝗴𝗲𝗿𝘀 𝘄𝗼𝗿𝗸𝘀
𑁍 𝐨𝐧𝐞-𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐬
owie | summary: where you hurt yourself and hide it from your daddies. (stucky x reader)
he’s gone | summary: where steve leaves you for peggy and bucky has to pick up the pieces
little fucking brat | you curse just to tick your Daddy off, knowing that there will be a punishment in store
𑁍 𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬
their angel | summary: bucky and steve have their sights set on you to be the third element to their relationship. you’re flawless in their eyes. their perfect angel. how long will it take for you to accept them?
𝗮𝗻𝗱𝘆 𝗯𝗮𝗿𝗯𝗲𝗿 𝘄𝗼𝗿𝗸𝘀
𑁍 𝐨𝐧𝐞-𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐬
his perfect angel | summary: andy comforts you about your insecurities (daddy!andy x little!reader)
i’d never leave you | summary: you finally break down and andy takes pity on you (DARK — stepdad!andy x little!reader)
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samsteel · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
jamie insta edits for my upcoming work! <3
the happiest place on earth - jamie drysdale.
summary: jamie's first time at disneyland.
shoutout to q for the idea! @three-headed-monster .
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samsteel · a day ago
we're good - brennan othmann.
summary: long distance was hard but how can you just let go of someone when you spent every single moment with them.
specified pronouns?: nope.
word count: 1.7k.
warnings: lots of angst and a few bad words.
a/n: this had to be one of my most emotional works ever (i cried twice while writing it) and i am so excited to share it with you guys. i really hope you enjoy it and thank you so so much to q (@three-headed-monster ) literally she helped so much with this fic (with the outline and with basically writing/hyping it up) i can't thank her enough.
Tumblr media
Brennan had to go. He was going to play for the Flint Firebirds in Michigan and he was leaving you here. Not to be overly dramatic but you had your whole life here. Your friends, your family, except you didn't have one thing and that was him. He had told you earlier in the week and after thinking quite a lot you had told him to come over so you two could talk.
He had come over and both of you sat on the couch, your knees pointing towards each other. Now you weren't really sure what you were going to say. You weren't really even sure where your opinion stood. You just hoped that he or you would say something and somehow your foggy thoughts would clear up, yet none of that seemed to happen as Brennan broke the silence.
“I want you to come with me. Come live in Michigan with me.” Your eyes widened at the sudden outburst of your boyfriend. Now you expected him to say something along the lines of we can make this work or we'll talk everyday but you never expected for him to suggest this.
“Brennan I just can’t move to another country with you, my whole life is here.” Otter’s heart broke at your response. Your whole life, how was it your whole life when he wasn't in it.
Now you knew Brennan didn't suggest this because he was selfish. He suggested it because he didn't want to leave you. But instead of your mind clearing up like the blue sky it filled with more foggy ideas. Ideas of how he was only thinking about himself and not your life. I mean if you did accept his offer you would know no one aside from him. 
Now when people say that they broke up in the heat of the moment or because the topic of conversation led to it you always shook your head. How was it that people could break up or think of breaking up over a simple conversation or an exchange of a few words. The only problem was that this wasn't a simple conversation, This was way more than that so the only words that could form in your mind were the seven words that most people dreaded. “I think we need to break up.”
"Wait what.” Now Brennan mistook your silence for actually thinking about moving to Michigan with him, he expected the seven words to be yes i'll move to michigan with you and not i think we need to break up.
“Wait, I don’t understand, I thought we were good.”
“Brennan you’re going to Michigan for god knows how long, do you just expect me to stay here and wait for you every minute of every day.” you exclaimed. You weren’t sure if this was your clouded thoughts talking or if it was what you actually wanted. 
Now you didn’t invite him over to break up but you seeing him here in front of you, knowing that he was going to be so many hours away you couldn’t handle it. You couldn’t handle knowing that he was somewhere far away and the only way you could communicate was by a six by four-screen. 
“Baby we can make this work, I know we can.” Did he though? He knew how you guys were. Hell I mean you guys spent every single minute of every single day touching each other one way or another. Your friends always making fun of you saying that your guys’ touch was like each other’s oxygen. 
You knew that this was for the best. The best for you. The best for him. You couldn’t hold him back when he was going to be experiencing something new. You weren’t going to be that person. Or at least you didn’t want to be that person, yet somehow you became the person who instead was slowly but surely breaking his heart.
Brennan sat and stared. Not particularly at you, more so into space. Thinking. Ways or words that he could say that would trigger something in your mind to make you realize that this was a huge mistake you were making.
But you stuck to your words. Didn't say anything else and even though Brennan could have said more he didn't know what else to say when your mind seemed to be made up. Instead he left the pieces of his broken heart with you, the last person he expected to do exactly what he was afraid of.
The hardest part of breaking up probably had to be not communicating with the person who you used to talk to twenty four hours a day.
Brennan took it the hardest. He used to call you after every game, before going to bed, and literally whenever he was at a friend's house or running an errand. You were his lifeline. Wanting to have you near 24/7.
So when he was off in Michigan he used to grab his phone and dial your number from memory. But as his finger hovered over the call button he remembered, remembered that you weren't longer his and he couldn't call you to tell you how much he missed you and how he couldn't wait to come home and kiss you.
Or when he walked the streets of Flint. He would see something through the window and instantly think of you. Think of you and how good that would look on you or how much you would like it. Maybe that was one good thing to come out of this, he wasn't wasting his money on unnecessary things you didn't need because you weren't his to spoil anymore. He smiled at the memory of him coming home with gifts for you and how you would get "mad" at him for spending all his money on you but you couldn't help but have a faint smile on your lips as you ran your fingers over the soft fabric of whatever he had gotten you.
Brennan had a tradition. It had started at the beginning of your relationship. Whenever he was on a road trip he'd buy a sweater and wear it and then send it to you through the mail or he'd send you the sweater that he brought with him. It was like he was there with you since the sweater smelled like him. When you had broken up the first couple of weeks he still did it. Not on purpose but because traditions were hard to break.
At the beginning of the breakup he would leave voicemails. Not desperate ones begging you to take him back but small thirty seconds to one minute voicemails of how he would see something that reminded him of you or how when he was out with friends and teammates and suddenly couldn't stop thinking about you or remembered a fond memory of you two. He always picked up his phone with a small smile on his face ready to call you until he remembered he couldn't. 
You never listened to them or picked up. Having the number ingrained in the back of your mind as soon as the number displayed across your screen. You knew that if you did listen to it you would just remember how much you missed him, how much you missed his voice, whispering sweet nothings in your ear. You thought that long distance would have caused you pain but you knew that how you felt right now was worse than trying to make it work since he would still have been yours.
You were both miserable. Anyone around you could see that. But he knew that he couldn't just show up at your door and beg you to take him back after so much time and maybe you already mended your broken heart as he tried doing so. I mean he basically wanted you to give up your whole life for him. Some eighteen year old boy that for some reason you saw something special in.
But he wasn't just that. He was so much more to you. So much more than some dude that you just kept around. He was everything you wanted. He was your otter. Yet for some dumb reason you let him go.
Your friend had invited you to Michigan. Apparently she had gotten into school there and she wanted to visit the campus before school actually started. You thought about it. Michigan was a pretty populated state. What would be the chances of you bumping into the person whose heart you broke. Slim to none. But you weren't going to take any chances. You couldn't face him. Not yet at least. You saw his Instagram posts. He looked happy. He looked like he was having a good time. You didn't want to ruin that.
Yet he wasn't. He was doing exactly the opposite of that. He wanted you back in his life. To hold and to kiss you and to call you his again.
Otter had come home a few days earlier, their season having a small break. He sat in his room, none of his friends knowing he was back or not even you for that matter. He had been racking his mind for ways to face you or words to tell you. But before he could come up with a reasonable reason or words to say he showed up at your front door. Placing three small knocks on your door past 11pm. Rocking on his heels preparing to turn right back around before his heart burst out of his chest. Before he could walk away you opened the door, wearing your pjs already. Brennan taking in your appearance. You looked as beautiful as ever. 
"Otter… Brennan, what are you doing here?" You asked confusedly why he was back home and why he was at your doorstep at 11pm.
"Y/N baby. I miss you so goddamn much. I'm miserable without you. Baby i know long distance wasn't part of the plan but please i love you and i don't know what i'm doing or have been doing without you." He stood on your porch. Him biting the inside of his cheek waiting for you to reply.
The boy whose heart you broke was here on your steps waiting for you to reply. You loved him. You loved him more than life. Hell he was your life. "I love you Brennan Othmann" you said as you placed a soft kiss full of passion and bliss and all the lost time you guys had missed on his lips.
Tumblr media
taglist: ​( send in ask if you want to be added) ​@hartsyhart @nhlpetey @mitch-slap @frostythegoalman @sorokns  @aria253264  @josty @kaitieskidmore1 ​ @stfubarzy @laurenairay ​ @mitchsmullet ​ ​ @alxvlasic @hockeyallthetime @barzy-baby ​ @sophiesreadinglist @martynecass @joshsandersons  @connormcdavo @maattamatthews ​ @matbarzls @selenophileangel ​ @boqvistsbabe @ana-maa @stars-canucks @bowberrybyram @tysonsjosty @2manytabsopen @wildflowermarns @owenspowerr
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rocketrhap3000 · 2 days ago
news to us
requested: Hello!! :) could I maybe request something where reader and Chris are both celebs and they’re married and a gossip magazine comes out saying they’re getting divorced and they post a vid on Instagram or something poking fun at the magazine like “omg we’re getting a divorce?! No one told us!”. Lol this is based off a video mila kunis and Ashton Kutcher posted doing the same thing when a tabloid was spreading rumors. It was so cute. If you want, you can probably find the vid for my ask to make more sense😂. Thank you!
a/n: omg i love this! and why do i feel like this is totally something chris would do haha, especially considering his and lizzie olsen’s reaction to all the dating rumors way back when. i did find the video of mila and ashton and it is so adorable! also, i just realized you said reader was a celeb too but i forgot to directly include that, sorry!!!
warnings: i think none? mentions of celebrity gossip? a few swears? 
no beta/loosely proofread so please excuse errors!
my main masterlist
“Chris,” you call, staring down at your phone, reading the latest media gossip article headlined, Chris and (Y/n) Evans: Another Failed Marriage in Hollywood?
“Yeah, Honey?” he answers. His voice is chipper and he greets you with a sweet smile as you enter the living room and sit down on the couch next to him. 
“We’re getting a divorce,” you state rather bluntly, still looking down at your phone. 
“I… uh, we’re what now?” he asks in a panic. 
“Oh god,” you laugh, looking up at the fear on his face. “No, I didn’t mean actually.”
“Please… clarify,” he laughs nervously. 
You hand him your phone so he can look at the article. 
Chris Evans fans, unite! Is the former Marvel star single again? Chris Evans and seemingly estranged wife (Y/n) were seen getting into separate cars after the red carpet premiere of the actor’s latest film. Inside sources, who wish to remain anonymous, say there was also tension between the pair the whole night. In some photos, Chris is even seen without his wedding ring. Is this too-good-to-be-true, picture-perfect marriage falling apart? 
“Oh my god. This shit is ridiculous!” Chris exclaims, “These media gossip sites will do anything for a headline.”
“Yeah, I thought it was pretty funny,”
“They take simple happenings and blow them way out of proportion,”
“Babe, it’s alright,” you giggle, placing your two hands on his shoulders.
“Well, something is obviously not alright if people think we’re getting a divorce,” he scoffs. “I mean, estranged wife? Who the hell do they think they are?”
“Then I think we should mess with them. Show them just how stupid they are,” you smirk. 
“Oh yeah? What do you have in mind?”
“Just play along a little. Post on instagram or something,”
“You little trickster,” he teases. “Let’s do it.”
So the two of you conjure up a plan. You decide on posting a video playing along with the tabloids. After deciding what you’re going to say, Chris opens up his phone camera and starts recording. 
“Hey, Honey, what’s wrong?” he asks you. 
“Our marriage is failing,” you state plainly, showing your phone, with the article pulled up, to Chris’ camera.
“What?” he gasps, playfully shocked. 
“Yeah, we’re getting a divorce,” you say with a pout.
“We’re getting a divorce?” he repeats.
“Yeah, I guess so,” you confirm.
“Oh my god, what are we gonna do?” 
“I don’t know. This is the first I’m hearing of it,”
“Yeah me too. Huh. Wait, why are we getting a divorce?” he then asks, feigning confusion.
“It’s just too complicated. I just couldn’t keep up with your demanding celebrity lifestyle,” you say, making it obvious that you’re reading from your phone. 
“Aw man, I’m sorry,”
“Yeah, and you took Dodger. So I guess I don’t even get to see Dodger anymore.” 
“Damn. Well this divorce is news to us,” he teases, and with his laugh, the two of you finally break “character”. 
He stops the video and gives you a high five, and both of you are unable to control your giggles. You rewatch it and decide it’s good to go. Then, he starts another video. 
“So these headlines are obviously fake, guys,” Chris says.
“Yes. We’re still happily married,” you add on as he wraps an arm around you and kisses your temple. 
“Yeah. Anything you see online has been taken way out of context. There’s a logical explanation for everything in this article that they think is “evidence”. Not that we need to explain ourselves... but the only reason there were pictures of me at the premiere without my ring was because I was fidgeting with it too much. My hands were just so sweaty, because I was so nervous, and it slid right off. I made (Y/n) carry it in her bag so I wouldn’t lose it,” he explains, then holds his hand up to the camera to show his ring. “See? Back where it belongs.”
“Also, we got into separate cars afterwards because he had to leave to start filming a new project right after the premiere. But no spoilers,” you say with a playful smile.
“Yeah, (Y/n) had to go straight home to take care of Dodger like the amazing dog-mom she is.”
“And Dodger, by the way, is right here at our feet,” you chuckle, and Chris tilts the camera to show the dog laying happily on his parents’ toes.
“So, all is well in the Evans household. Never believe the internet, people!” Chris exclaims, kissing you again, this time on your cheek, before ending the video. 
“I think we nailed it!” you boast after rewatching the second video. 
“I agree. Let’s give these idiots some actual content,” he scoffs again, selecting the two videos and typing the caption, “life update with @y/nevans” before clicking the blue Post button.
“I bet we just made some media journalists very very mad,” you giggle, falling into Chris’ lap as he tucks his phone away.
“I really couldn’t care less, Sweetheart,” he says, connecting his lips to yours, pulling his own body on top of yours, and proving to you just how much less he couldn’t care.
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angrythingstarlight · 2 days ago
The way I want Ari to lay on me and just smother me into the mattress 🤤🤤🤤
Tumblr media
I'm seriously going to have to write a short Ari fic because y'all are making me thirsty for this man.
Let's imagine.
You woke up before him and decided to let him sleep in. He looks so peaceful when he's sleeping, his face soft and relaxed. Slipping out of your warm bed, you go to the kitchen to start an early breakfast.
As soon as the bedroom door shuts, Ari's eyes open. He reaches out for you, his hand sweeping across the still warm sheets. He sighs, scrubbing his hand down his face. Ari knows he might be a little selfish but he can't help it. He wants you by his side when he wakes up.
Sitting up, he swings his legs around the side of the bed and stretches. He hears you singing softly and follows the sound of your voice.
"Morning, darlin'." He greets you, his voice thick and gruff.
Ari wraps his arm around your belly and takes the bowl out of your hand, placing it on the counter. "This can wait."
"What are you doing?" You laugh when he picks you. God you'll never get used to how he makes you feel so weightless and small.
"We're going back to bed, I'm going to eat you out, make you come a few times and then I'll make you breakfast." He states with a slap on your ass.
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angrythingstarlight · 2 days ago
you are killing me with the soft!ari, like imagine that hunk of a man lying HIS ENTIRE BODY ON YOU ??? like i would die of softness
ari is a soft!dom … you cannot change my mind during the entire movie i couldn’t think about any else but « IM GONNA BE HONEST, IM ONLY LOOKING AT YOUR TITTIES RIGHT NOW »
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ari x Reader
A/n: please don't copy, rewrite, translate, or repost my drabbles.
Ari's kinks includes praise, dirty talk, orgasm control, spanking, choking and exhibitionism.
You can't change my mind.
He is a brat tamer. He doesn't raise his voice because he doesn't have to. If anything his voice gets deeper and lower and he will dare you to disobey him.
He'll use his size to dominate you-from casually touching your throat in public to hoisting you over his shoulder and pinning you between his body and the nearest wall.
He's the type to sleep closest to the door in case there's an intruder, he walks on the side closest to the street. He checks your car weekly and you don't even know. He tracks your cycle and has tampons and pads stocked up along with your favorite foods.
Everything is taken care of in a way that you don't even realize he's doing it until one day you pass by a gas station and wonder when was the last time you filled up your tank. Or had to go grocery shopping.
He shrugs and gives you a pat on the ass when you question him. "I'm your man, honey what did you expect?"
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honeyloverogers · 3 days ago
i just know bestfriendsdad!ari will comfort you after being stood up by a stupid guy (even though ari played a part in that, making sure he didn’t show up) and shows you how you deserve to be treated *CUES SMUT SCENE* 😌
oh my god the juiciness??? ari you devil
𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐚 𝐠𝐢𝐫𝐥 𝐰𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐬
𝐛𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐬𝐝𝐚𝐝!𝐚𝐫𝐢 𝐥𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐨𝐧 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 || 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐠𝐞𝐭 𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐨𝐝 𝐮𝐩 𝐨𝐧 𝐚 𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐞. 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐛𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝'𝐬 𝐝𝐚𝐝 𝐮𝐬𝐞𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐚𝐬 𝐚𝐧 𝐨𝐩𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐮𝐧𝐢𝐭𝐲 𝐭𝐨 𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐚 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐥 𝐦𝐚𝐧 𝐜𝐚𝐧 𝐨𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐫 𝐲𝐨𝐮.
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 || 𝟏𝟖+ 𝐎𝐍𝐋𝐘 𝐌𝐈𝐍𝐎𝐑𝐒 𝐃𝐍𝐈. 𝐚𝐠𝐞 𝐠𝐚𝐩 𝐫𝐞𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐩𝐬 (𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 𝐢𝐬 𝐢𝐧 𝐡𝐞𝐫 𝟐𝟎'𝐬).
Tumblr media
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
Wasted effort. That's what this whole night consisted of for you.
The hours you spent pampering yourself and money spent on a fresh manicure and new dress were nothing but a slap in the face to you as you stared blankly at the empty seat in front of you. The seat that had been empty for exactly an hour now. Sighing, you signalled over your waitress, who had been nothing but accomodating and sympathetic, for one last glass of wine and the check. Your phone buzzed in your lap.
Ari Levinson: Hey, sweetheart. Everything going okay? He making you uncomfortable?
You: Fortunately, he didn't make me uncomfortable. Unfortunately, that's only because he didn't show up.
You huffed in frustration and embarrassment after hitting send. The experience itself was humiliating enough. Admitting it to people was twice as humiliating. Your phone buzzed in your hand again. Tossing back your wine glass, you gulped down the remnants of your liquid courage.
Ari Levinson: You've got to be fucking kidding me. I'm sorry, honey :( I'll come and get you if you want? I'll have Maya drop your car off, but I really don't want you driving in this emotional state.
There was nothing more you could do besides agree. You were too emotionally drained to do anything else and your best friend's dad, a safety figure for you, was offering you a lifeline. Soon you found yourself sitting in the passenger seat of Mr. Levinson's pickup truck. As he angrily spewed obscenity after obscenity.
"I can't believe these punk ass boys. Who raised them?"
"Do they have any idea how to treat women?"
"This younger generation is something else."
And so forth until you were pulling up to the Levinson residence.
"Thank you for picking me up," You spoke softly, the sadness hitting you as the initial feelings of indignity faded.
Ari eyed you with warm, empathetic eyes as you blinked your tears away.
"Come here, sweetheart."
Without any hesitation, you ran into his arms and wrapped yourself in his embrace as you let it all out.
"It's okay, honey. You're okay now." He soothed.
"I've never been so embarrassed." You sniffled. "That's never happened to me ever. Do you think I did something wrong? Maybe-"
"Hey," He interjected softly, cupping your face in his hands and redirecting your attention.
"Listen to me, okay. You did nothing wrong. Nothing is wrong with you. Everything is wrong with him. You never let a boy make you feel like that. Do you understand me?"
You nodded, hastily wiping away your tears. The pads of his thumbs rubbed your cheeks affectionately. Little by little, inch by inch, his face drew closer to yours until your noses were touching.
"No man will treat you like that." Ari ululated. "You see, us real men cherish what we have when it's right in front of us. We don't wait until it's too late. We don't lose sight of what we want."
One of his hands lowered from you face and curled possessively around your waist, pulling you closer to him.
"You just haven't experienced that have you?" He asked pitifully.
You shook your head, overwhelmed by the lust clouding your senses in the best way possible.
Ari hummed in disapproval. "That's a shame isn't it, baby? But I can show you. I can give you everything you have ever wanted. Everything you will ever want."
"Mr. Levinson," You gasped as he scooped you into his arms and proceeded down the hall into his bedroom. "Maya's—“
"Taking your car to see her secret boyfriend she thinks I don't know about."
A squeal escaped your mouth as he tossed you on his bed, but was quickly cut off by his lips against yours.
“If she can have her secrets, then certainly we can have one of our own. Can’t we, sweet girl?”
Your head lulled to the side as he ravaged your neck, your fist clutching the fabric of his shirt tightly before ultimately deciding to pull it off. Pulling away from you, he admired you splayed out beneath him.
“What a fool.” He lamented. “Didn’t even get to see you all dolled up.”
With that, Ari flipped you over on to your stomach roughly, dragging down the zipper of your dress before peeling it off you body. Wrapping an arm around your torso and another across your chest, he pulled you flush against him.
“So fucking pretty. You’re too good to be true.”
You whined at the feeling of his erect cock nuzzled against your backside.
“Now, let me show you how a real man does it.”
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dreamlessinparis · 3 days ago
Lessons in Temptation
Andy Barber x Fem!Reader x Ari Levinson
Word Count: 5133
Summary: Your mob boss husband Andy discovers your affair with your bodyguard Ari and he’s not too happy about it.
Warnings: explicit language, really bad dirty talk, first time writing smut, 18+, explicit sexual content, very slight spin kink, edging, exhibitionism,  voyeurism, praise kink, threesome, implied cheating, beard kink, fluff, pure smut very little plot, hopefully I didn’t miss any!
A/N: This is my entry for Siri’s 5k Soft Dark Challenge. Congratulations to the queen of smut herself @stargazingfangirl18 on 5k! Siri, thank you for encouraging me to write this and I hope you enjoy it! Quote prompts are in bold. 
if you’re a minor, please DNI!
Please do not repost, publish or translate my work. Reblogs and comments are appreciated! Thank you for reading :)
The sun was beaming down on you as you laid face down on a lounge chair. Light glistened along the water, making it so inviting but you were trying to get your tan set before Andy took you to the French Riviera in a couple weeks. Your bikini top was laying underneath you and you were cautious of your movements, refusing to flash the guards scattered around the yard. Your dark sunglasses made it easier for you to ogle the two guards closest to you.
 Ari stood facing you, his scrutinizing eyes always returning to your bare back, and the swell of your ass, barely covered in your bottoms. The other guard, a rather handsome yet twitchy fellow named Mitchell or Mike or something, was facing away from you surveying the surroundings. 
You were used to having Ari around, he was your personal guard, but recently due to your husband’s work activities he was more worried about your safety and you always had two guards or more around. Leaving little time for you and Ari to be alone. 
A little smirk formed on your lips as you recalled how Ari joined you in the shower this morning, claiming the closer he was, the better he could guard you. Pressed against the glass, he took you from behind, whispering about how he was doing his job so well right now. You still felt his touch ghosting along your skin and you shivered at the feeling. You see Ari’s quirked an eyebrow at you but you ignored him, returning to the article you were reading on your phone. 
You were fully distracted that you almost missed another one of the guards whispering something in Ari’s ear, followed by him going inside. An uneasy feeling settled in your stomach in his absence and you tried to focus back on your phone to no avail. A few minutes passed before the same guard returned, coming to let you know that your husband wanted you dressed and in his office as soon as possible. 
Andy had summoned you to his office and you knew there was no room to argue. Your husband didn’t take no for an answer. Honestly this was a normal occurrence for the two of you. Sometimes he just wanted to fuck you during his conference calls, said it made him feel more powerful, yelling at people while he was balls deep in you. Other times he missed you and needed you to sit on his cock while he worked. Just so he could be close to you. But a majority of the time he yelled at you for something you had done wrong. Well it wasn’t your fault that the man had too many rules. Plus you were a glutton for punishment.
Clad in one of his favorite dresses you headed to meet him. Your knuckle rapped on the door of his office and after hearing his gruff “come in”, you entered. You were surprised, to say the least, to find he wasn’t alone. Ari, your bodyguard, was leaning against one of the bookshelves, his huge muscular body tense. His arms were crossed and practically straining against the fabric of his uniform. He didn’t even glance at you when you walked in, just stared stoically at the space in front of him. Something was definitely wrong, it hadn’t crossed your mind that your husband was the one who called Ari inside.
“My wife, there she is,” Andy proclaimed, gesturing for you to shut the door. He reached up to undo the top button of his collar as his predatory eyes watched me. “Come here, my love”. 
You followed his order and walked over to stand next to his leather chair. He scooted the chair back and stood. 
Taking your hand, he pulled you to stand before him and wrapped his arms around you. Your head tilted back to look at him, his beautiful blue eyes were angry but the bright smile on his face contradicted that. You were suddenly nervous. You were right to be, Andy was downright pissed.
He kissed you tenderly, pressing you back against the desk. The edge was digging into your back but none of that mattered as his hands began to descend down your body. Andy knew your body so well and as his hands traced their way down your curves, he knew you were putty in his hands. His hand slipped up the hem of your dress, and ran down the front of your panties. He smirked, enjoying the feel of your juices soaking the fabric.
You broke the kiss, head falling backwards as you savored the feeling. Your eyes fluttered shut when he pushed your panties aside, running his thick finger through your folds.
“Already so wet for Daddy, aren’t you, you little slut?” You gasped at his words, head snapping up to look at him but you couldn’t help the gush of arousal that the words caused. You blushed, feeling embarrassed for liking it. Him calling you a slut was new, usually it was sweeter things like baby, love, princess, never anything like this. 
Andy hummed against your throat, as he felt the effect of his words “You like that baby? You like being called a slut? My bad little wife,” He kissed your throat a few more times before biting down on your pulse point. Your head fell back again, a loud moan escaping your lips.
He took this moment to plunge two fingers into your tight hole, and one moan morphed into several. Your thoughts a jumbled mess as Andy found a steady rhythm, his thumb circling your clit. His teeth and mouth leave artwork along your throat and collarbones. You keen loudly as he grounds his palm against your clit, sensations arising in the pit of your stomach. You knew you were close, cord ready to snap. 
“Oh Andy - fuck,” You whimpered, your eyes opening catching a glimpse of Ari staring at you, his eyes dark with lust. You had forgotten he was even in the room, Andy truly had that ability to make your brain stop working. His eyes locked with yours, as Andy worked you up that incline.
Strong hands gripped your jaw and brought your face back to Andy’s. “Don’t look at him, he’s not the one, knuckles deep in your pussy,” He growled against your lips, capturing them in a hard kiss. You gasped against him, when his fingers found that sweet spot, hitting it repeatedly, and he deepened the kiss, hand holding the back of your head.
Just on the verge of your climax, he stopped, hands and mouth detached from you and you almost fell forward. Andy’s hands gripped your shoulders keeping you upright and you tried to catch your breath, eyes searching his face for an answer. His eyes had darkened exponentially and his face was hard.
“Sluts don’t get to orgasm,” He purred, “At least not until I’m not done completely wrecking them.”
Despite his harsh words, you found yourself clenching your thighs attempting to create some sort of friction. 
“Get on the desk and spread your legs,” He ordered, walking around his desk to Ari. You stared with shocked eyes as he held up his wet fingers to Ari’s lips. “You wanna taste her Levinson? I promise she’s the sweetest thing you’ll ever taste. Come on, just a little taste.” His fingers pressed against Ari’s lips but Ari didn’t budge, his eyes back to staring straight ahead. 
“I said “TASTE HER!” Andy commanded, his voice booming through the office. 
Ari’s eyes slowly dragged to the man in front of him, the same height, slightly smaller frame yet he radiated so much power. His lips fell open reluctantly and Andy’s fingers slid in. Ari unintentionally groaned as he sucked your juices from Andy’s fingers. Your mouth hung open at the sight before you. This was the hottest thing you had ever seen and you whimpered desperately. 
Andy’s voice quickly popped your bubble, “Princess, you better be on that desk by the time I turn around.” 
And you scrambled to get your ass on the desk, laying back with your legs spread open, panties discarded on the ground. You watched with cautious eyes as Andy came back to you, plopping down in his chair. He was now eye level with your pussy and that alone made you wetter. You looked down at him leaning back on your elbow to find Andy was smiling back up at you like a Cheshire cat. 
He nuzzled his face in your curls, inhaling your scent. The guttural sounds that ripped through his chest could be described as nothing short of primal. His arms wrapped around your thighs, as he dove in. Your back bowed sharply, as you screamed out. His large hand came to rest on your stomach pushing you down as his lips wrapped around your bundle of nerves, sucking hard. Your fingers tugged on his hair as broken moans and breathy pants left your lips. Just as you were about to go over the edge, he stopped, thighs shaking at the denial of your release. You whined loudly, earning you a hard slap on your thigh. 
“Oh baby, I haven’t even begun to wreck you yet,” Andy threatened, hand gliding up your body, squeezing one of your clothed breasts before settling at your throat. 
He could kill you with that hand, you had seen him do it to others, but when his fingers closed around your throat, all you wanted was for him to squeeze tighter. Sensing your want, he complied, adding a little more pressure.
Time felt like it was going in slow motion, minutes felt like hours, and you had lost all cognitive thought, your thighs vibrating violently from the need to orgasm. Andy wasn’t gonna let you cum and you were about to lose it. Your nails dug into his scalp, trying to push him away or hold him closer, you weren’t exactly sure at this point. 
The wet quenching sounds your pussy made as his fingers plunged in and out of you, made his dick press harder against his zipper. But Andy wasn’t nearly close to being done with you. The sounds coming out of your mouth were so desperate and needy, Andy almost felt bad as he pulled back for the umpteenth time. His beard glistened with your arousal, and he licked his lips at the sight of your distraught face, looking down at him with hooded eyes. 
“Look at you, stretched out and trembling.” He mused, standing up. Your pleas fell on deaf ears and you collapsed back on the desk, trying to steady your heartbeat. From the corner of your eye, you saw that Ari was still standing there, solid as a rock, the only change in him was the straining bulge in his pants. Your mouth watered at the sight, temporarily distracted from the ache between your legs. 
Andy watched as your eyes roamed the beefy bodyguard and the sight made him angry yet aroused. Wanting your attention again, he ran his finger down your folds, pushing the tip into your hole before quickly pulling out, reveling in the sight of you clenching around nothing. He knew your need was so strong, it wouldn’t take much to make you cum now. But he had other plans on his mind. 
Andy planted a kiss on your forehead “Daddy’ll be right back sweetheart, I need to go get something.” You nodded weakly in response. “Ari is gonna take care of you in the meantime and when I return, I’m gonna fuck you til you can’t walk for a week,” Andy promised, some of inital his anger gone, but some still lingering. 
Andy’s words shocked you, worried he was testing you for a reaction, but Andy kissed you lovingly on the lips before turning to Ari.
“Levinson, if you don’t make her cum by the time I get back, I won’t let you have any fun,” Andy stated sharply.
“Yes sir,” Ari agreed tensely.
Ari moved at lightning speed at the click of the door. He gathered you in his arms, kissing you animalistically. “Ari,” You breathed out his name in desire. Your fingers combed through his soft long honey locks, legs wrapping around his waist. Your hips rocked up against his erection, attempting to ease the ache.
“Fuck beautiful, I missed you. I honestly thought he’d never leave,” He caught your next moan with his lips, hands unzipping your dress. Detaching momentarily, he tore the dress off of you, leaving you bare in front of him. He gripped your hips almost painfully and grind harder against you. 
His name fell from your lips like a prayer as you clung onto his broad shoulders. Ari’s hands scorched a path along your curves, resting just under your breasts as his lips kissed down your decolletage. His beard scratched your skin deliciously as he kissed the valley in between your soft peaks.
Lips never leaving your skin, he nibbled and licked the soft skin of your right breast, following a path to your nipple. Soft lips locked around your nipple, biting down softly and giving it a pull. Your eyes rolled back in your head, and you let out a soft whimper. His baby blue eyes never left your face, storing your expressions into memory just in case. His hand came up to stroke your face gently and you leaned into it. 
Letting go of your nipple with a pop, he brought himself back up to kiss you. This kiss was nothing like others you had shared, this was desperate and urgent, like it was the last one you would ever share. 
Ari gave you one more kiss, before sliding down your body and falling down to his knees. His calloused hands ran up and down your thighs, never reaching where you needed them most. Licking his lips, he took in the glorious view before him, looking like a man ready to worship at the altar. He started his journey on your left inner thigh, sucking and marking you before switching to the right side.
“Ari - please,” You begged, lifting your hips to persuade his attention there. You were so sensitive from your denied orgasms and you needed him so badly. Ari chuckled into your skin, but continued his teasing. 
“Shhh baby, he’s gonna be back soon, and I have to taste as much of you as I can. Let me dote on you for a little bit longer. My pretty pretty girl,” Ari pleaded, his words heating up your body. Your fingers reached out to stroke his hair, this big adoring man who treated you like a delicate flower. He smiled up at you, and your heart shuttered for a moment, before picking up pace. He settled comfortably in the apex of your thighs, carefully placing a leg over each of his broad shoulders. He licked a heavy stripe from your sopping hole to your clit. 
An inhuman sound slipped your lips and your hips lifted for more. Planting wet kisses on your clit before he suckled on it, swirling his tongue in circles. Your hands reached out in search of something to grab on to and his hand found yours, squeezing reassuringly. One hand in his, and the other gripping the desk above, you gyrated your hips against his face, the burn of his beard against your sensitive lips adding to the buildup in your core. 
His tongue continued to caress your folds, drawing sweet sounds out of you and making him double down on his assault. He licked all the way down to your second hole, tongue fucking it briefly before making his way back up to your clit. His fingers pressed against your entrance, one thick finger, followed shortly by a second. Your head whipped from side to side, pleasure overloading your body. Your orgasm knocked into you like a wave, and your body came off the surface as you screamed. Ari lapped up everything you were giving him, moaning as you took over his taste buds.
“You have one more for me, beautiful?” He asked unbuckling his pants as he stood back up. Your limbs felt like jello, legs still shaking from the aftershocks of your orgasm, chest heaving but hell if you were going to turn him down. 
“Yes sir.” Ari swore his cock twitched from the raspiness of your voice and he sped up his actions, pulling his boxers down. His hard cock slapped against his abs, and you found the strength to sit up and take a hold of it, twisting your wrist as you gave him a gentle tug. His hips jerked at your touch and let you guide him to your still clenching hole.  
Ari pushed in inch by inch, letting you accommodate his girth, until he bottomed out. He leaned forward to kiss you and you wrapped your arms around his neck holding him there. He deepened the kiss, tongue tangling with yours as he drew himself out until only his tip sat in you before driving back into you. He grinded his hips against yours with each slow hard thrust, the thick veins of his cock caressing your inner walls. His lips never left yours as he made love to you. 
Slowly the coil tightened again in your belly, and you clenched harder around him. Your heels dug into his ass as you tried to urge him to move faster. Reading your body language, he picked up his pace, making you shudder beneath him.
“Come on baby, cum for me,”Ari purred in your ear. His gruff voice pushed you over the edge as the coil snapped and you dug your nails into his back, mewling loudly. Ari’s throaty groan filled your ears, and he rutted into you harder at the feel of your cunt fluttering around him. “Fuck beautiful, I’m all yours. You were made for my cock and I’m gonna fill you up so nicely,” With that promise and a few snaps of his hips, Ari flooded you with his warm cum, your first orgasm blending into a second one.
Andy had come back to the room, around the time you were making inhuman noises, silently watching as another man took apart his wife. You cared about Ari, Andy knew that, but he also knew he wasn’t willing to lose you to him. He loved you so deeply, and knew if he hurt Ari, you would never forgive him. So he made a choice to let it happen on his own terms. 
He cleared his throat making his presence known, and you sat up immediately, turning to face him. You didn’t know why you felt the need to cover the marks Ari left on your breasts, but your hands crossed over your chest anyways. Your eyes fell to the object in your husband’s hands, a simple silk scarf, the one you two normally used when he tied you up. You could hear Ari buckling up his pants behind you but your eyes were glued to Andy who was coming towards you. You craved his approval and his love, almost as much as you craved Ari’s touch.
Andy cupped your face, gazing into your eyes before he kissed you softly and full of desire. His hands slid down your neck, your shoulders, your arms until he pried your arms away from your chest, your breasts dropping with a bounce. 
“Never hide from me, my love. Levinson left some pretty marks on you, no need to be ashamed. You’re my dirty little whore and you should wear them with pride,” He whispered against your lips. 
“Good work Levinson, I see you managed to make her cum.” He said over your shoulder, alluding to wetness clinging to Ari’s beard and your thighs. Andy’s tone implied that he didn’t think Ari’s performance was quite up to snuff. Ari chuckled darkly, shaking his head. 
Ignoring Ari’s reaction, he turned his attention back to you, his ocean blue eyes scanning your face before lingering downward to your chest. He wet his lips and held a breast in his hand, enjoying the weight of it in his palm. Thumb swiped over the hardened pebble. Keeping eye contact, he bent down and took the other one in his mouth, his fingers pinching and pulling on the first. 
Soft gasps escaped you and you held his head against your chest, arching up for him. Andy switched over to the other one, repeating his tactics until you were a moaning mess. You chanted Andy’s name like a broken record, your breasts sensitive enough to send you back over the edge from his attention. 
Letting you come down your high, he gently guides you off the desk and onto the leather couch. “How do you want me, Daddy? You asked sweetly, looking up at him through your eyelashes, your need to please him surfacing. “Oh my dirty girl wants to play innocent,” Andy praised, fingers sinking into your hair and yanking your head backwards. . 
“Okay baby, since you asked so sweetly, open up your pretty mouth.” Your jaw popped open immediately, tongue out, as you started to drop to your knees. Andy yanked your hair again, stopping your descent. “Nope, not that,” He tsked, and you complied. 
“Levinson, come spit in her mouth,” You hadn’t even noticed Ari’s approach until he was standing next to Andy, both men towering over you. Gripping your chin, he leaned over and spit in your mouth. Andy was pushing all new boundaries tonight and you were kinda enjoying your husband’s adventurous side. Holding Ari’s wrist, Andy guided your face towards him and he did the same thing. 
“Fuckkk-!” Andy groaned, palming his erection needily. “Now swallow baby and bend yourself over the arm of the couch, knees on the cushion.”
Swallowing obediently, you grinned widely at your two men before doing as you were told. Ass up the air, you bent yourself over the armrest, and looked over your shoulder. Both men groaned at the sight of you, for once in agreement. Andy began to remove his clothes, Ari following his lead as you watched them lustfully from the couch. Ari was built like a god, rugged around the edges with muscles so defined they could cut glass, chestnut hair dusting over them perfectly. A plethora of tattoos covered his gorgeous body making him that much more irresistible.
“How are we doing this, Mr. Barber?” Ari questioned, eyes never leaving yours.
“Levinson, I want her to choke on your cock. She’s a bit of a cumslut it seems and tonight she’s gonna get everything that’s coming to her,” Andy instructed, coming to kneel behind you. His cock pressed in between your ass cheeks, as he ran his hands up and down your back. 
Your husband was leaner than Ari, but just as defined, his sinewy muscles were graceful and strong. His powerful, well built body was littered with scars that you loved to take your time kissing at night.  He took both of your wrists and pulled them behind you, causing your body to lean further over the ledge. Expertly securing the silk scarf around them, he rested your arms on your back.
 Placing his hands on your hips, his finger traced the A.B that was tattooed at the top of your left ass cheek. Knowing his preference for taking you from behind, you chose that particular spot for his initials and he loved it. He ran his cock through your dripping folds, a mixture of you and Ari, getting himself ready to dive into your warm cunt. 
Collecting some of that moisture on his thumb, he ran it over your puckered hole and admired as you ached towards him, when he pushed his thumb in and then back out. That would have to wait, tonight he wanted to fuck you so hard you couldn’t remember who you were.
Meanwhile, as Andy appreciated your backside, Ari stepped in front of you. Glee filled you as you came face to face with his erection again, the head red and weeping. Sticking your tongue out, you kitten lick his slit, and his salty taste made you mewl. Ari, holding onto the base of his cock, allowing you to suck on his tip, before directing it further in. His hand went to the back of your head, as he slowly began to fuck your mouth. His cock hits the back of your throat and you swallow in effort to take in more of him. 
A sharp snap of Andy’s hips caused you to choke further on Ari. You relished in the slight burn as your silky walls were stretched around by Andy’s thick cock, gripping him so tightly that low groan rumbled out of him. You felt so full, it was almost unfathomable. Breathing through your nose, you managed to keep Ari down for a few seconds longer, before he pulled back out, finding a comfortable rhythm for the two of you.
Andy smacked your ass, watching it jiggle lusciously before doing it again, each time harder than the last. A red handprint blossomed on your ass cheek with each slap and he growled at the sight. He could hear you moaning around Ari’s cock, as you tried to keep the damn thing in your mouth. With tears streaming down your pretty face, you were a sight to behold.
 “You like being stuffed from both ends, don’t you baby? Such a good little slut, taking both of us flawlessly.” Andy grunted, feeling you clench around him harder at his words. His hand dug into your ass while his other hand gripped your bound wrists using it as leverage to drive in at a more brutal pace. His balls hitting your clit with each rut of his hips, the obscene sounds of skin on skin resounding through the room. 
You were in a state of euphoria like you’d never experienced before and your body was intensely careening closer to the edge. Andy’s cock stroked your velvety walls, hitting all the right spots while Ari fucked your face, his cock heavy on your tongue, leaving you full and wanted.The hoarse groans and pants leaving both of their lips, filled you with a sense of pride. 
You were driving Ari mad, your mouth felt like heaven to him and the sounds you were making around his cock caused Ari to tighten his grip on your hair. He felt a tightness in his abs and balls and knew he was close.
 “Oh fuck babygirl, I’m gonna- ,”Ari gasped, hips jolting forward sharply before spilling his thick ropes of cum down your throat. Holding you flush against the base of his cock until he was certain you hadn’t missed a drop, he slowly began to pull out. Your jaw ached and your chin was covered in a mixture of drool and cum but you were oh so content. Ari leaned down to capture your lips in a sweet kiss, his hair falling around your face. “My beautiful girl,”He mumbled.
Andy observed the exchange and was surprised to find he wasn’t as jealous as he originally was. You were his wife and that would never change but maybe he could learn to share you with Ari. Anybody else would die instantly, but Ari, he could live with it, for you. He doubled down on his thrusts, eating up the beautiful whimpers you were making against Ari’s mouth. 
“Baby, you feel amazing around me. Your perfect pussy is milking my cock so hard” Andy groaned, hands tightening on your hips as he sped up to an almost painful speed. You pulled away from Ari’s lips, forehead resting against his, as Andy rammed into you. His hand came around to grip your throat and arch you back so your back was pressed against his chest. The angle caused Andy to go deeper, tip kissing your cervix with each thrust. Ari’s fingers found your tender, throbbing clit, rubbing small circles, and sent you wailing in pleasure as the coil snapped a fourth time, pushing you into the throes of pleasure. 
The orgasm that wracked your body is so intense, your whole body tenses, toes curling as your head falls back on Andy’s chest, mouth parting in a wordless cry. It felt like your soul was like leaving your body.
Andy heeded shortly after, the feeling of your satiny insides pulsating around him took him over the edge after you, a couple short thrusts before he painted your walls completely. Breathlessly you fell forward together and he breathed heavily against your shoulder blade. 
Slowly collecting himself, Andy pulled out, feeling possessive as his cum dribbled out of you. You whimpered at the slight pain and loss of him as he untied your hands. Sitting back on the couch, he gently yanked you on his lap, resting your head on his chest. You clung to him breathing heavily, his masculine scent filling your nostrils. 
Andy gestured to Ari to have a seat next to you. Ari instead sprawled along the rest of the couch as much as his size would allow and laid his head on your chest, nuzzling into your breasts. Andy scoffed at his childish counterpart, feeling his heart swell as you giggled at Ari. He kissed your temple and you looked up at him, hands playing with Ari’s hair.
“I love you Andy,” You said softly, wondering what was going to happen next. Andy kissed the tip of your nose. 
“I love you too baby. This wasn’t my intention when I called you here, but I forgive you.”
Your eyes widened, you had figured out that he knew but hearing him say he forgave you was unexpected. Ari sleepily watched the two of you, hand stroking your leg in comfort.
“You what?” You asked in disbelief. 
“I forgive you,” He repeated, lacing his fingers through yours and kissing your hand. “You obviously care about him and I can’t lose you or hurt you so I will learn to live with it. You and Ari can continue to see each other but only when I’m involved, but in public he’s your bodyguard and nothing else,” Andy continued. “Because you’re MY wife and that will never change.”
“Of course not, I love being your wife,” You responded, giving him a loving kiss, and resting your head back on his chest. Andy hummed his approval.  
 “However, break my rules and next time I won’t let either of you cum,” Andy muttered, burying his nose in your hair.
You snuggled tiredly into him, feeling too blissed out to respond.
“So, since there will be a next time, does this mean she can get an A.L tattooed on her other asscheek?” Ari mumbled into your skin. 
Andy’s hand shot up to smack him upside the head. “Ow, sorry boss,” He responded, cuddling further into you.
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angrythingstarlight · 3 days ago
Would you rather go camping with Chris Beck, or on a beach vacation with Ari?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Camping sounds nice but a beach vacation!
Ari waking me up with his head between my thighs, mornings spent in bed. He never wears more than a pair of shorts outside so I get to touch him all I want.
Walks along the beach, fun times in the ocean, scuba diving and drinks at the floating bar in the hotel pool.
Sitting between his large thighs with his arms around me, my head on his chest as the sun goes down, his voice in my ear as the sky turns shades of pinks and oranges.
It's what I want 😌
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jannqt · 3 days ago
Woke up today thinking about Ari, would like to pull on his locks while he gives me head
im always thinking about ari😚✌️
Tumblr media
ari’s absolute favourite thing to do is wake you up in the morning by licking you dry, he gets his pre workout and you get your first orgasm of the day, win win
he loves the way you look, half mast and the luminous summer sun radiating and highlighting your features
he sincerely could never understand how he got so lucky, so it’s only right that he wakes you up each morning with head
he takes a few moments to admire your face, tracing his knuckles over the highpoint of your cheek before making his way down the sheets where you whimper at the loss of his warmth but quickly fall into a hazy slumber again
your pussy is already glistening, he blows some cool air and pulls the hood of your clit back and watches as your hole contracts making his cock twitch
he cant help himself as he licks up and down your cunt, savouring your essence
you begin to stir a little bit, unconsciously mewling a bit and your hands find purchase in his auburn locks
he groans as you tug on them and begin to stir awake, spurring him on and he finally attaches his lips to your swollen clit, sucking hard and making you awaken with a moan
he chuckles as you look dazed, “good morning princess, don’t mind me just getting my favourite meal of the day in.” and with that he goes back to work at your sopping cunt, making a shiver run up your spine as you cant deny him
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buckysbrattybug · 3 days ago
here i am again lovey!!🧚‍♀️
okay so here’s the concept: cockwarming ari while trimming his beard, and suddenly reader cums which makes ari angry, and smacks her pussy, like, a lot😫
hnnng this makes me FERAL
Tumblr media
^^ just imagining him looking at you like that when you cum. just so fucking angry😫😻
warnings: smut, cockwarming, pussy spanking, squirting, daddy kink, minors dni
it starts off fairly innocently; you just want to be as close as possible to ari. so he seats you on his cock, cuddled in his lap whilst you trim his beard.
as time goes on, you grow more and more agitated, shifting slightly to create some sort of friction and relief to the burning ache between your legs.
“princess...” ari growls as you subtly grind on him, desperate for some sort of release.
“sorry, daddy.” you mumble, continuing to trim his chestnut beard; you can’t help but admire him, his gorgeous brunet locks and beard, a hint of auburn shining through. and his perfect arms and body, all rippling muscles and smooth skin. and his perfect cock, nestled inside of you so gloriously, pushing against every sensitive spot inside of you without even moving.
your thoughts alone have you clenching around him, pussy pulsating as you gasp and whine, a sudden release sweeping over you as you clutch ari’s arms desperately.
“did you just cum?” ari seethes, jaw set and eyes dark.
“i-i didn’t mean to, daddy.”
he pulls you off of his cock harshly, laying you on the cold bathroom floor. he doesn’t even wait for you to get situated before he’s landing harsh spanks to your pussy, one by one, in immediate succession and not giving you a second to recover. your already sensitive clit throbs from the previous release.
“ah, daddy, stop!” you wail, twisting your body away from him, but he holds you tight, an arm pressed against your tummy, preventing you from moving even an inch.
“did i tell you that you could cum? did you even ask? god, you little slut!”
“d-daddy!” you scream as he lands smack after smack to your poor, abused cunt. “hurts!”
“good. you want to act like a slut, i’ll treat you like one, angel face.” he groans as he watches your pussy clench around nothing, weeping desperately. “oh, you like that, sweetheart? you a little pain slut, hm? jus’ my dumb, brainless little fucktoy.”
you sob, kicking your legs at him as he continues his ruthless assault.
“please. pl-please.” you don’t know if you’re begging for him to stop or keep going at this point, but he seems to know what you want before you even know it yourself.
“you gonna cum again, just from this? can’t think of anything but me fucking you, hm? ‘s all that’s in that dumb baby brain ‘a yours.”
“g-gunna cum, daddy. stop!”
“do it. go on. make a mess all over me and see what happens.”
you have no choice but to let go, squirting all over ari’s shirt and the floor, thighs quivering in pleasure. but still, ari’s ruthless assault on you doesn’t slow.
“no! stop it!” you howl and he laughs in your face. he laughs.
“oh baby, we’ve barely even started.”
(oh i need to write more daddy!ari, he’s becoming one of my all time favs <33)
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redhoodparker · 4 days ago
masterpost of arielle asks
here's some asks i've sent to ari's blog @blanknamed! they're all various headcanons /drabbles for hp au or streetracer au for the dsmp! they are in chronological order, not sorted by character
slytherin!punz and a spell gone wrong alt. vers. slytherin!punz and a spell gone wrong sapnap tries helping punz flirt (hp au) sapnap tries helping punz flirt pt. 2 (hp au) on a walk with punz through the forbidden forest (hp au) seeker!punz muggleborn!reader and slytherin!dream slytherin!wilbur in potions class streetracer!dream hc
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𝒃𝒓𝒂𝒕𝒕𝒚 𝒔𝒂𝒕𝒖𝒓𝒅𝒂𝒚
cockwarming and pussy spanking with ari
little!reader has a nightmare and goes to daddy!steve for comfort
little!reader wetting the bed and daddy!stucky making fun of her
daddy!mickey punishes you for being a brat and then comfort ensues
how charles blackwood would be as a daddy
throwing food at daddy!lee
pushing daddy!lee’s buttons (continuation of throwing food at him)
daddy!stucky are away on a mission for much longer than expected
daddy!bucky gets jealous when you talk to steve
little!reader gets jealous when steve gets close with nat
little!steve and bucky have a meltdown when you have to leave for a mission
you see bucky and sam on the news and get scared that they won’t come home
daddy!sam introduces you to bucky and steve and they give you a gift
little!bucky has a nightmare and you and steve try to cheer him up
daddy!bucky punishes you with tickling
karli threatens you and bucky sees red
little!stucky are needy and use you to get themselves off
daddy!lee bottle feeds you when you’re fussy
you get an owie and daddy!bucky worries
being needy for zemo
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A Very Happy Birthday
Pairing: Mob!Ari Levinson x Female!Reader
Summary: When Ari asked you what you wanted for you birthday, you knew exactly what to request.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content. Explicit language. Unprotected sex. Implied edging. Slight dom/sub undertones. 18+ only!
A/N: Here you go, you thirsty hoes! Enjoy! 😘
Tumblr media
“Sweetheart, please.”
The slow, sensual grind of your hips instantly stopped as Ari’s hands cupped your waist. You ignored the delicious stretch of his cock deep inside you—and the fade of the pleasure that had been slowly building in your core—as you straddled his hips.
Ari’s brows furrowed in frustration as you went still. You arched your own brow at him as you dropped your hands to his.
“You’re not very good at listening, Mr. Levinson,” you tsked, peeling his hands from your waist.
Ari groaned as the stretch of your body over his had you shifting against him, clenching around him but not much else, as you pinned his hands to the mattress at either side of his head.
“Come on, honey, you’re driving me crazy,” he bemoaned quietly, his hair a wild disarray and his handsome face flushed red and shining with sweat after hours of playful torture in the bedroom. “Please—“
You pressed a finger to his lips, smirking as he went quiet. Ducking close, you replaced your finger with your lips, keeping your kiss chaste and teasing, and enjoying the choked noise of distress Ari couldn’t quite suppress as you pulled away.
“You asked me what I wanted for my birthday, this is it,” you reminded him, sitting up straight and dragging your nails down his stomach and watching his muscles jump in response. “No touching unless I say so.”
You lifted up on your knees, until just the tip of Ari’s cock was breaching your cunt, and then you slowly sank down on him, finding more pleasure in the wrecked moan he didn’t bother to stifle as you circled your hips until he was bottoming out than the actual feeling of him filling you up so perfectly.
Then you were back to your slow, sensual grinding, fingers dropping to you clit and strumming as you dropped your head back with a sigh and let the sensations consume you.
A sharp rut of Ari’s hips had you crying out in surprise—and carnal delight—even as your eyes snapped opened and narrowed at him.
“I’m sorry,” he breathed, looking abashed as he curled his fingers into the sheets beside him in lieu of touching you. “Fuck, sweetheart, please, you’re killing me.”
“So desperate for me to bounce on this pretty cock of yours, huh?”
“Fuck yes, wanna feel you riding me hard, squeezing me tight then milking me dry.”
You grinned at the desperate desire shining from Ari’s gaze, the tension in his big, beautiful body, and the way the tendons were popping on his thick neck as his fingers twitched beside your knees, so close but still not touching.
“I know how much you love to fill me up with your cum,” you murmured, slowly stretching out over him again, making sure to drag your breasts against his chest and smirking as his breath hitched.
“How much you love pounding into me like an animal, until I’m cock drunk and crying and begging you to pump me full of that hot, sticky cream of yours,” you whispered. “Begging you to make me yours.”
Ari grunted a quiet “fuck” as his cock twitched inside of you.
You smiled as you gently brushed his sweaty hair from his forehead, scratching your nails along his scalp and nearly laughing at the way he shuddered in response.
You’d never seen him so sensitive, and you were reveling in every fucking second of it.
It was a nice change from how gifted—and meticulous—he was in wrecking you on the daily.
“Are you close to begging yet?” You hummed, bouncing on his cock for a few seconds until he was choking on your name and screwing his eyes shut, still struggling to keep his hands off you.
“Yeah, please, anything you want, sweetheart. Please, just wanna feel you, please.”
Touching your knuckles to Ari’s cheek, you pressed a sweet kiss to his lips, your gaze meeting his as he stared up at you in a lustful, needy haze.
“Ruin looks good on you, Mr. Levinson,” you pressed another soft peck to his lips. “Happy birthday to me.”
Ari’s shoulders slumped, his body sagging back against the mattress in defeat as he closed his eyes and took a slow, shaky breath.
And only then did you finally feel a tiny modicum of pity for him.
You rocked your hips against him in the way you knew he liked, lips twitching as Ari’s eyes shot open, a hopeful gleam aimed your way as he watched you.
His hands twitched, reaching for you then dropping and falling away.
You grinned. “Go ahead.”
Ari’s face twisted, wary and distrustful, and you laughed, reaching for his big hands and guiding them to your hips.
The quiet hum of relief he made as his fingers kneaded your flesh made your cunt clench, and you picked up your pace, riding him faster as that desperate bloom sparked low in your belly.
“God, so good,” Ari breathed, hand sliding up your stomach, then your torso before cupping your breast. “You always feel so good.”
You moaned as his fingers plucked at your nipple, twisting and pinching and making your toes curl.
“Wanna taste you,” Ari begged softly, his hand gently circling your throat, moving higher, until his thumb was pressing against your bottom lip.
He groaned as you sucked it between your lips, tongue twirling as you leaned over him, planting your hand against the mattress as your hips rose and fell more quickly now.
The sound of skin slapping rose up around you as your head ducked low and you kissed Ari slowly.
He touched your face gently, like he still didn’t trust he could, and then he was gripping you tighter, pressing up and kissing you eagerly—urgently—moaning into your mouth as his tongue touched yours and he hurtled closer to release.
“Fuck, I’m gonna cum,” he panted, pulling away to meet your gaze. “Wanna feel you first—“
“No,” You cut him off. “You first.” You nipped at his bottom lip before pulling away. “Fill me up.” Your hand slid against his cheek, fingers getting lost in his hair and you rode him harder. “Make me yours.”
“Ah, fuck,” Ari hissed, hands framing your hips as he fucked up into you desperately.
It wasn’t long at all before he was cumming. Hard. A strangled shout falling from his lips, head thrown back and eyes screwed shut as he jerked his hips against you frantically.
You moaned at the hot rush of Ari’s spend blooming inside you, his hips still pumping into you wildly as his release drew on longer than you’d ever seen.
“Fuck,” you whined at the beautifully erotic picture he painted, rubbing hard circles on your clit as you watched Ari sag back against the bed, chest heaving and eyes fluttering as he shuddered, completely spent.
Your orgasm rocked through you, making your body go taut as your pleasure peaked. Keening softly, you watched Ari jerk at the feel of your cunt clenching and pulsing around his overstimulated cock. You shivered as visceral delight sang through your veins, lighting your body up one nerve ending at a time.
Sagging against him, you didn’t complain as Ari held you close. He tucked his face beside yours, quiet and still trembling with aftershocks as you carded your fingers through his hair.
“Happy birthday,” Ari’s voice was a quiet, sleepy murmur against your ear.
You pulled away so you could meet his gaze, grinning as you replied, “I think we just upgraded it to a very happy birthday, Mr. Levinson.”
And then you were both giggling like idiots as Ari smoothed a hand along your cheek.
Your laughter slowly faded as you stared at each other, and you felt something wild and jubilant bloom to life in your chest at the soft adoration you found waiting for you in Ari’s gaze.
Something in his face softened as he watched you and brushed his thumb over your cheek as he lured you closer with his reverent touch. Until Ari was gently cradling your face close and pulling you in for a round of slow, drugging kisses, which you eagerly, happily, returned.
I love themmmmm. 🥺😭 Helppp 🆘
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White slapped by s/o because he is at a whole new level of stupidity? ......Yeah this idea is somehow due to the new
Oh my gosh I love this idea.
My brain didn't want to cooperate at all with this.
Tumblr media
Warnings: Just curse words and violence towards White
Word Count: 393
There were no definitive words to describe White. His sword skills were something he wanted to show off often. But his attitude and ego were enough to discourage most people, including you.
If White wanted something, he would get it by force if he needed to. But he was like a toddler throwing a tantrum when he never did.
It was infuriating to watch and listen to him complain.
What made this instance annoying was the fact that he wanted to train with you. And you had no intention of doing anything like that.
White could be unsettling. Maybe creepy or off-putting would better suit him. His face in battle sometimes scared you. You wanted to keep out of his way.
"Why does it have to be me?" You ask in annoyance. "Why don't you ask one of the others?"
"I don't know where they are, and you're here right now. Let's train, now, please," White answers. You never did like how persistent White was.
You could easily be enraged by him and his neediness. It wasn't the time or the place for something like this.
"Sorry, not interested,"
"No, I'm not taking that for an answer,"
"Get it through your head. I'm not interested,"
White wasn't angry, but he was getting annoyed. So were you. Why couldn't he leave you alone?
White reached for your hand, trying to yank you out the door.
"Back off, asshole," you yell, "I said I'm not interested,"
He exhales loudly, his feet tapping on the floor. White was getting impatient.
His hand reaches for your wrist again, but you smack his hand away.
"Try it again, see what happens," not like any threat made towards White was enough to scare him. You didn't even know if he could feel fear.
Yet again, despite your warning, he tries to reach for your wrist.
This time your annoyance kicked in. Your hand swings up towards White's face, hitting him and leaving a red mark on his face.
"I told you not to. I'm not the right person to train with you. I will do it again if you keep pressuring me like that,"
His eyes widened as they looked down at you. It caught him off guard.
Who knew you had the guts to hit someone like White? Maybe next time, he might try to consider your feelings.
Tumblr media
taglist - feel free to ask to be included❤️️
@unexceptional-h @jaundrew @koi-chairowo @rizonacigaravenue @aoi-turtle
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Here’s an up to date post for all of my one shots, drabbles, series, etc. 
(posts highlighted in red contain smut)
All of my work is 18+, please respect the warnings.
- Jo 🪐
Chris Evans (and his characters)
Family Values - Ransom Drysdale x (adopted) Cousin!Reader
Happy Birthday, Mr. Evans - Chris Evans x Reader
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Here's your monthly reminder to NOT tag your fic as ["Character A] x reader" if it's actually "[Character B] x reader"!
This goes extra for if the fic is RPF (real person fiction)!
With tumblr's followed tag system, people are occasionally presented a "followed tag" post on their dash. Now if I follow the Peter Parker x reader tag, I don't want my one followed tag post in a blue moon to pop up with Tom Holland x reader!
Just stop it! It alienates and frustrates readers, especially in the case of RPF, since many find it creepy and are uncomfortable with it.
If you're a new writer on Tumblr, the best advice is to only tag the character your fic is for. That's it, other than maybe simply tagging all iterations of their name. You'll attract the fans of that character specifically and you won't alienate fans of other characters by cross tagging.
And if you're purposefully cross tagging with the intent to get more viewership, stop that! It's rude!
This turned out longer than the one-sentence "don't cross tag" post I was planning. Seems I got carried away. Anyways, just please don't cross tag, out of respect for readers.
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WIP Wednesday: future series
No idea when this is coming (if y’all bug me enough about it, maybe sooner than I intended?) but the gist of it is somewhat of a reverse harem where you’re Steve’s, Ari’s, Andy’s, Frank’s and Ransom’s omega.
Each chapter centers around a different kink (or a few), more or less. 
Yes, I can also be bribed to share what said kinks are. It’ll truly depend on y’alls interest.
And as always, you can go follow @sweetkingdomstarlight-blog​ and bother her about it because not only does she know the outline of the entire series, she has already read what it’s written of it so far (three chapters)
Tumblr media
“Tell me, Y/N,” he asked, hands still cradling my face when he tilted his to take me in. “Are you an angel?” I couldn’t help the giggle that escaped me as I realized he had thought the same as I had when my eyes set on him.
“No, sir,” I confessed, to which he inhaled deeply. It was only later that I realized he was breathing me in, taking in my scent. And it was after I realized that he was trembling, exercising an enormous effort to hold himself back from doing something that I processed it.
“That makes me feel better about what I’m gonna do.”
He took me right there, in the middle of nowhere, my dress torn to shreds with a flick of his wrist when he pounced on me until we were both rolling on the dirt. He ended up on top but I ended up on my stomach and so I never got to see him taking off his clothes - I just assumed he did because the next thing I felt was his member stretching me out, forcing me to take every inch of him in my tight channel.
Perhaps I should have screamed to beg for help or for him to stop, but all I could think was that it felt too fucking good. His hand on my skin felt too fucking good and when he ran his own hands over my body, I just wanted him to keep me in his arms and never let me go.
My cries were lost to the woods, swallowed by the trees, taken as offerings by the forest. Not because of the pain of being split open like this, by something as long and thick as his member, but because of the overwhelming pleasure each snap of his hips gave me, a pleasure I had never once known before.
With each thrust, I felt something changing within me, like I was becoming more his than my own. The thought thrilled me to no end. I closed my eyes when the bliss engulfed me, welcoming me into its warm embrace and warning me of a life where I’d never feel sated without it again. My hands scratched the ground, collecting some dirt in my closed fist when I tensed, and behind me, I heard his groans before I felt a thickness at the base of his member, where we were connected, penetrate me with a pop.
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─◌✰್ 𝐉𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐨𝐮𝐬𝐲 𝐈𝐬 𝐀 𝐃𝐢𝐬𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐘𝐨𝐮 𝐋𝐢𝐤𝐞
𝐓𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐈𝐧𝐟𝐨: In which you like it when Ransom gets jealous (ft Ransom Drysdale and Ari Levinson, there’s literally one sentence about him but he’s the cause of this nasty wall sex hehe)
𝐄𝐱𝐩𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐢𝐭 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭: Involves unprotected sex, fingerfuck, creampie and against the wall sex. This is absolutely filthy and I’m probably going hell for it but enjoyyy :P MINORS DNI & DONT PLAGIARISE
Tumblr media
────────── 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ ──────────
You would be lying if you said you didn’t like it when Ransom got jealous. Something about seeing his eyes darken and his jaw clench always had you going and whenever he did end up getting jealous, which was now less frequent than ever but nonetheless still happened, you knew it would lead to some passionate fucking on the floor of your bedroom or some wall sex where Ransom claimed you as his and his only. He marked you, planting his seed deep within you and making sure you felt that pain in your legs day after the whole interaction.
So sometimes you couldn’t help but wear a dress that was a little bit too tight, showcasing your cleavage a little bit too much to one of the many parties Ransom held. As soon as you had walked in, his eyes were on you, dragging up and down your body with an intensity that had you shivering with rapt anticipation.
Throughout the whole of the night, Ransom was by your siding, arm tight around your hip and fingers pressing into your ass, pulling you flush against him. It was a telltale sign that you had caught someone else’s attention and he was trying to show that you were his. He further amplified this by pulling you in for a nasty passionate kiss where his tongue explored the inside of your mouth as his hand came down to spank your ass, “you’re driving me crazy, you know that?” He growled against your lips making you giggle lightly. “It’s my plan”
“Being a naught girl aren’t you? Let’s go home” he spoke, voice deep as he pulled away from your lips and grabbed your hand, guiding you out of the packed club you two were at. He didn’t even care he was the host, he just needed to get out and claim you as his.
During the car ride, Ransom kept one hand on the wheel whilst the other slid up and down your thighs, disappearing underneath your dress and pushing your panties to the side so he could have a feel of how much you truly needed him. “That bastard, Ari couldn’t keep his eyes off you. Lucky I didn’t bust his face in” he groaned, remembering the way the man was eyeing your cleavage pretty much eye fucking you right infront of him. He got pretty distracted by your lips to even say anything in that moment at the club which was a miracle because normally Ransom isn’t one to hold back from a fight especially if it involves with something to do with his girl.
You could feel the way Ransoms thick fingers were spreading your lips apart before he slowly but surely dipped them inside of you, he had the tips of two of his fingers inside of you and you were already squirming on the passenger seat. Your hand goes to hold his wrist whilst he started to move his fingers in and out of you, bottoming out each time and curling them just right so that he hit your g-spot every time. His eyes were still on the road as you fell apart right besides him, your body shaking from the overwhelming pleasure and your pussy clenching and unclenching around his thick fingers.
He was quick to pull them out of you, a smirk visible on his face as he sucked your juices off them and drove you the rest of the way home but not before making a quick remark about how he was going to “absolutely wreck” you once you get there.
It was only a 10 minute ride and before you knew it, Ransom was parking up into your drive. You quickly stumble out of the car, your knees still weak from your previous activities and Ransom chuckles before opening up the door and guiding you in.
You’re barely through the door when he’s pushing you up against the wall, his lips on yours as you lift up to wrap your legs around his waist, your hands going to tangle into his hair. Ransoms mouth latches onto your neck, sucking a bruise under your jaw and biting at the junction between your collarbone and shoulder, something that has your eyes rolling back as he has found your sweet spot just like that.
“Mine” he growls against you as he quickly goes to fumble with his belt, you doing your best to pull off your dress all whilst being squashed inbetween the wall and ransoms sturdy chest. Once your clothes are off, ransom pulls off your bra with one hand and pushes your panties to the side, guiding his hard cock towards your dripping entrance. He had decided that the fingerfuck in the car was enough foreplay for the night.
A raspy moan erupted from your mouth when his cock made its way into you, stretching you out just how you liked it. You could feel every ridge and vein against your velvety walls and the feeling had you pulling at Ransoms hair in pleasure, it somewhat grounded you and he also loved having his hair pulled so it was a win win situation.
One of his hands where grasping the beneath of your thigh as he hoisted you up against the wall, repeatedly grinding his erection into you whilst the other made its way down your body, leaving a trail of goosebumps behind, and landed at your tiny bundle of nerves. His fingers pressed against your clit and the feeling had your eyes fluttering and your walls clenching.
Ransoms mouth found your jaw again and he began sucking love bites there to remind you that you were his, “all mine” he moaned, eyes closed and enjoying the feeling of you wrapped around his body; you arms around his shoulders and your legs around his waist as your walls suffocated his cock just the way he liked it.
“Yours” you manage to let out as his mouth now connected with your shoulder, his pace had increased, thrusting into you messily causing the pleasure in your abdomen to build signalling to Ransom that you were close. He could tell by the way you clung to him and the way your nails dug into his back making him bury himself as deep as he could inside of you, sending you over the edge. Your legs tighten around Ransoms waist and your eyes shut tight as you let your body take over.
Ransom kept a close eye on you whilst he started thrusting into you again, watching the way your high left you a withering and sensitive mess and not before long he was stilling his hips, pressing his dick directly against your g-spot as his balls tightened and he let go. His seed shooting deep within you. He was panting and groaning at the feeling of his cock twitching and emptying inside of you. “Fuck, you’re all mine. No one can take you away” he panted against your lips before connecting his lips with yours in a passionate and needy kiss.
He was still nestled deep within you and you smile against him. “All yours, I promise”
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