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#ari fournier x cole sprouse
babysprouseisart · 7 days ago
Cole, Ari, Nic, Dylan, Cami, Charles and some other people during a night out on the 4th of June.
Credit: Just Jared
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
And here are some of my notices:
1) You can barely see Cole and Ari, but they are here, near the woman in white (idk, who is that).
If anybody has difficulty in seeing them, I can help you, just send me a message.
2) The photos posted by JJ are mostly centered on Cami and Charles and their (???) probably new coming out as a couple/resumed romance, so another confirmation that Cole and Ari are not doing anything specifically on camera, but simply feel safe and comfortable to behave openly as a couple.
3) At first I was confused who is kissing who on the last photo, because in connection with a certain perspective, selected by the paparazzi, that 'woman in white' is seemingly standing too close to Cole and Ari and it seems like she is kissing Ari. However, then, I figured out these are Cole and Ari kissing, and that's freaking cute, I am in awe.
4) Finally, you can see clearly Dylan (who has a girlfriend, as we know) and that 'woman in white' (I am so sorry, please can somebody tell me who is that) hugging, and there's nothing wrong there. However, if it was Cole, people would be freaking out and calling him the 'cheater'. Double standards, right?
That's all.
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babysprouseisart · 12 days ago
A little something that is bugging me.
It's no secret, and I've personally witnessed several times recently how some crazy fools, in particular Lili's fans, humiliate Cole or allegedly become disappointed with him (???) after some paparazzi photos of him and his new girlfriend, Ari, appear. It happened both in one of the first times when they were photographed walking on the street and after a while, quite recently-just yesterday (in my time zone). I do not know how stupid or young, inexperienced, without a sense of sobriety and common sense, are these people who publish terrible texts and exclamation statements, but it is really unbearably stupid, meaningless and terrible. Thank God, there are people who have common sense and have already said a lot of positive things. I just want to summarize everything.
It is worth starting with the fact that Cole is far from a stupid, is educated, an adult person and knows better how to act, how to behave, since he has long been a media person and knows what is dangerous and what is safe. It's just his business. Also, people are destined to change their views, beliefs, behavior, and so on.
People are very flexible creatures, they tend to change, because sometimes the monotony, the attempt to adhere to the same behavior for many years is very tiring. Especially if you want to do something, to behave a certain way, but are compelled to behave the other way because of your position and the conditions, that do not allow you to do it. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to constantly restrain yourself, to hide something, to try not to do anything superfluous, because you are popular and you are watched by millions of people who can condemn you or accuse you of something, or just constantly attack you with their desire, attention, brazenly intruding into your life, because you have made it a little open?
We can't know it, but it's obviously very difficult, and not everyone can handle it. I don't know how Cole felt, but I'm sure it was hard for him and he wanted the best for him and Lili, for their relationship.
Further, it is worth mentioning that it was even harder for him than for other popular people dating different people, because he and his ex are both from the same sphere, they are both popular (have millions of followers/fans), to varying degrees of course, and they also both played and still play in one fairly well-promoted show, with a large fan base, all around the world, thus he and Lili were hit with a doubly or even triple more insane wave of attention. Crazy? Yes, more than that. That is why, even if it was difficult for them, they, at first, tried to hide their relationship very carefully in order to save each other, to provide their safety from such a crazy hype in relation to them. It is worth noting that later (though even sometimes there were little glimpses from the beginning), they opened more and more, when everything calmed down a little, when everything became stable, when people had already calmed down a little. Trust me, there was bunch of ther intimate public moments, just a bit later.
Of course, the interest in Cole, regardless of who he will be with, will be present and people will be talking about him, because he is popular, but, at least, it will not be such an overwhelming attention to him and his relationship if his partner is not in the same sphere with him, not super connected to the media, not popular at least like Lili, does not play with him in a popular movie or a sensational TV series (as in the case of Ari). Accordingly, given his past experience, how difficult and annoying it was to restrain himself, constantly limit himself and ask the partner the same, to hide a lot (even if sometimes it wasn't successful) and face the disgruntled thirsty fans, the fact that there is no popular girl next to him, but there is an ordinary, simple, not connected with him by some popular project or something else that can fuel interest, that time has passed and he could have changed his attitude to secrecy, we can fairly assume that in this case and under these conditions, he, feeling more secure, confident for himself and his beloved, has every right to greater openness than before. However, there's nothing wrong with it, cause he and Ari don't do anything on purpose, they don't publish anything about each other, don't say anything, it comes out naturally, how they feel. The photos that we see now are not made by their decision in any case, they still try to maintain secrecy in the social media as well as he and Lili did.
This is the main difference between time periods and relationships, which are not worth comparing, because they are completely different. The relationship between two popular people from the same sphere, from one popular TV series with a huge fan base, who also play in it a loving couple, adored by the audience, and let's be honest for the most part perceived as a couple, a single whole (SH), VERSUS the relationship between two people from different ырspheres, among whom one is very popular, and the other is not, and is a simple girl, a model of average brands, and who are not connected in any way by a common popular cause, perceived as different and unique individuals.
See the pattern and the change of conditions?
So, please do not put any cliches on people, their relationships and their supposedly correct behavior in your opinion, just because it happened in the past. What happened in the past happened in a certain way under the certain conditions imposed at that time, what is happening now happens in a different way under the conditions that exist now.
And remember that you have no right to be offended by how people act, how their relationships develop, because you are not a part of it, you can not control it and should not. None of the relationships - with Lili or with Ari - deserve and should not be subjected to any kind of condemnation just because they are different, because in both cases there were/are feelings, both of them were/are not fully open in public, and in both of them there were moments when we were eyewitnesses of the couple's public moments, just a little at different times, a period in connection with the circumstances.
In the end, I am perfectly aware and absolutely sure that my words will neither help Cole, because he does not need it and is able to stand up for himself if anything, nor will they be able to change the minds of many people, but I hope now many people will understand and at least a little stop meddling in someone else's intimate, personal life of other people outside of social networks, outside of publicity, a life that does not depend on our desire in any way and that does not affect us in a negative way, as well as that is not a contradiction of some moral side or a shameful phenomenon that destroys society.
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babysprouseisart · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lmao, look at this giddy and naughty man... Can tell he was very glad to see her!
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