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#appreciate the help
ladbug · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hi this is my first comic!! I am planning a part 2, I hope you like it :)
The lucky charms Marinette & Adrien gave each other seem increasingly relevant, and in the original French theme, a main part of the chorus just says “porte-bonheur,” meaning “lucky charm.” I think if it was referring just to her power, it would use English “lucky charm,” like how her power is called. We’ve also seen how sometimes her lucky charm is a sign to visit someone, like Master Fu. So, I suspect at some point an identity reveal or something similar will become necessary, and the lucky charm will be their actual lucky charms!
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b0neless-gh0st · 2 days ago
O do u have any medicated mouthwash?
Listerine? i think? idk if thats medicated tho
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pelicanairways · 2 days ago
I’m like totally over analyzing this scene, but I’d like to address a few things that honestly just tickle me:
Not only does Nigel come up to Gerald who is choking half to death and utter the phrase “Fish got your tongue?” in the most “Ah, here we go again...” tone, implying that this happens to Gerald at least every now and then if not on a regular basis.
Which is already concerning.
But then, on top of that, Nigel is genuinely shocked when Gerald opens up his beak and fish, in fact, have got his tongue. But pelicans eat fish and Nigel of course knows that so it’s not like that’s weird. So that makes me think that, no, Nigel’s not shocked that it’s fish, he’s shocked that it’s live fish.
Which then implies that Gerald somehow has a habit of choking on dead fish. Which... can someone help him? I feel like his pod should be a little more concerned that he hasn’t managed to figure out eating without choking by this point. But they’re just like, “Ah, there goes Gerald being Gerald again...”
Even after Nigel gives them the verbal nudge of “Somebody ought to help the poor guy”, but they just do not care.
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swertybelty · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
ssooooooooooooo...... I started playing like 2 weeks ago.... i don’t know anyone irl who plays..... i’m fairly bad at this game/still trying to understand the mechanics...... i don’t own any 5 star character or weapons................ would you be my friend?
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sparkeling-spectres · 2 days ago
I'm only 7 hours through my 12 hour shift n I already feel like
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(From this vid btw which has been living in my head rent free for over a month)
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killedgirl · 2 days ago
i read all your tags, they intrigue me so much. like that one about the meme. where does it come from. now im curious, ive never even seen it before
the one of the girl in bed crying? i run into this issue a lot when sourcing; i use tineye to reverse image search, but it (along with other image search engines) isn't able to collect data from private sites. so if that image has ever been uploaded with a source, it was somewhere private and there's no way for me to access it.
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lavenderbexlatte · 3 days ago
besties yall are not gonna believe what happened to me today 💀🤡🤪 i guess 3racha is my brand for a reason huh- 
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sem-rielle · 3 days ago
You need to confront them!! Report them for stealing art. It’s super wrong to steal someone’s art
already did! i believe the person who traced said animatic is young based from their previous uploads and someone told me on twt that the tracing bit is some sort of like looking up to me. i see how it is bc i too used to traced pokemon stuff lol
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clingylilkoala · 3 days ago
hi! (im sorry for the anon bs going on) i'm the anon who asked you about subdrop from being pulled in and out of littlespace. i'm doing much better now! i appreciate you a lot for responding to that ask and helping me. i didnt really have anywhere else to turn to without feeling Bad about it. i appreciate you for having this safe space for me here. (i'm an ftm trans person who is also in ED recovery) i always feel safe and welcome here <3 i hope you have a good night!!
I’m super glad I could help!!💕 n I know how sucky that situation can be so I’m v happy you’re doing better now! I really appreciate this anon tons n hope your night is wonderful too💕💕
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starfirexl · 3 days ago
a Concept™ ~
Tim and baby!Damian, lost on the streets of Gotham -
Tim, a Tired™ older brother: Dami,,,, please,,,, if i use google maps we’ll be home in like 10 minutes,,,
Damian, with a crayon-colored map on the back of a McDonald’s kids’ menu: no >:(
Tim: *deep inhale* Dami, c’mon—
Damian: NO!!! i can fin’ it myself!!!!
also Damian: *points at a really fucking shady-looking alleyway* ’s dat way!! :)
Tim: yeah,,,, fuck that
Damian: *makes a run for it anyway with his wittle chubby toddler legs*
Tim: *lunges and scoops him up* no, Damian
Damian: NO, TIM!!!
Tim: *scowling* you can’t just say ‘no’ and expect me to actually listen (fucking hypocrite istg 😂)
Damian: *starts wriggling like the little hellion he is* NO TIM TIM NO NO TIM NO TIM NO!!!!
Tim: *puts him down before he fucking drops him* OKAY. okay, jesus, fine! when we get murdered you’re the one who's gonna havta explain this to B
Damian: *sniffles*
Damian: *toddles straight into the alleyway* dis way!! :)
miraculously, they make it to the other side of the alleyway in one piece, but that’s where their luck runs out :( bc right in front of them is this big, muscle-y biker dude with tattoos, piercings, a leather jacket, the whole punk rock shebang. societal constructs have trained tim for this moment, and the mere sight of the person sends off all the alarm bells in tim’s head.
and damian, who’s face is completely buried in his very elaborate crayon map, doesn’t see this person in front of them and before tim can pull him backwards he slams right into this guy’s legs
well, tim thinks, at least it can’t get any worse
and damian, with his seemingly telepathic abilities, immediately proves him wrong by letting out an angry little squawk and fucking kicking the guy who could probably squish him with a single finger.
Damian: >:(
Biker: *leans down to Damian*
Tim: *internally* oh fuck he’s gonna eat him
Biker, kindly: excuse me, sir, are you lost?
#batfam#bonus: the biker is kon#leather jacket piercings tattoos sweet ride punk rock who the fuck else could it be#bruh this should be a fic. i should write a fic for this.#can you imagine tim having gay panic in the middle of a smelly gotham alleyway for a biker dude he legit just met#n thought was gonna eat his baby brother 2.5 seconds ago?#kon *in that squishy baby voice*: excuse me sir are you lost?#tim: yeah in your eyes#kon: what#tim: what#damian: nuh-uh we’re not wost!!! >:(#damian: *proudly displays his mcdonald’s crayon map* see!! we hav dis!!!#tim: *embarrassed as fuck* please don’t mind him he’s like 2 he shouldn’t have kicked you and we’ll stop bothering you now—#kon: *whistles* wow kid that’s a really good map!! did you make it all by yourself?#damian: YEAH!! I DID!!! but timmy said ‘s no good doe :( n we havta use gooble maps ta get home :(((#tim: it’s google maps—#kon: aw that’s no fun :( gooble maps sucks i’ve gotten so lost using that. but hey y’know maybe i can help you! im real good w directions!#cue damian about to refuse outright but before he can say anything tim’s gay ass is like “sUrE tHiNg wE’D rEaLlY aPpReCiAtE iT”#srsly tim he coulda been a serial killer for all you know#dami’s about to have a fit but then krypto comes out of nowhere#turns out this nice biker man was hanging out in a shady alleyway bc his pupper went running after a really nice looking stick#so now tim’s thought process is: pretty eyes + leather jacket + good with kids + fluffy dog = boyfriend material#they all ride back to wayne manor on kon’s bike#how do two n 1/4 humans and one big pupper fit on a motorcycle? i’ll leave that up to your imagination#damian wayne#tim drake#big brother!tim#baby!damian#dc#dcu
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strawberrymilkyumyum · 3 days ago
me: my doctor thinks i should see a psychiatrist because i'm having a lot of trouble with focusing and motivating, i find it hard to follow directions that are more than a couple steps, and my ocd is still an issue
my mother: well you don't have to medicate everything you have to fake it till you make it
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tpwknurin · 3 days ago
UGH does anybody know html code css or idk what's it called but anyway, my background colour for my about page REFUSES to change and it's pissing me off
i just want it PINK is that too much to ask for 😔
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hollypies · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
I did a redraw!!! The first one was like from November I think :)
Gonna get started on TommySwap today or tomorrow! Yay!!
I redrew this picture because I HATED the old one I messed up on just everything ewwwwwndndndndnnd
I normally do lkke all my art but that one in particular can die. This one is muhc better!!
Tumblr media
This was the old one >:(
The improvement is nice to look at though :)
Also with the old version it looks like Benrey is leaning against like. Nothing. Look at the perspective. Its horrible. What was I thinking. Thank God I fixed it :)
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raccooninthedaytime · 4 days ago
ok so is there a word for like. not feeling like your body is yours? it's not a gender thing or like a self hate thing or something, but sometimes i'll see parts of my physical body and i'll be like. what. huh. who's is that. whats going on. Like i feel like myself, but only in my thoughts and stuff. like mentally i am me, and conceptually i am me, but physically? idk it feels weird and disconnected, like im borrowing a book from someone. also it's not a bad thing either! like i dont particularly feel negative about my body! I just feel so neutral about it. it's just there and idk what to do with it most of the time.
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yourultraarchive · 5 days ago
How would you create a design for your MHA oc? I was in the process of creating my Oc since November, and still can't get her design 😅 (I got her quirk and still in the process of her last name). I know the whole process when you create a MHA character.They're design has something to do with their Quirk and personality, but I can't figure out how to make it. I already imagined how it would look but when I illustrated it, it looked kinda bland especially the colors. I already researched on character design and what makes it good and fitting and got nothing 😅.
Hmm, that’s a bit of a situation isn’t it?
It sounds like you have a starting point--name, quirk, and personality. When you say “bland”, do you mean the personality doesn’t show through, or that the costume/hair/etc. are too plain? If the former is an issue, I think the thing with most character creators is that they do make up a story/backstory for characters to see how they fit in the world first, and doing that helps bring the character to life enough to give them a physical appearance. It’s kinda like reading a book or listening to a podcast, and becoming so invested in a character you can imagine what they look like and you really gotta draw fanart for it, y’know? In this case, it’s like becoming a fan of your own character--what moments in their story can you imagine that you really wanna bring to life with a drawing? For instance, they have a dramatic entrance: can you clearly imagine what their first appearance is when they’re first stepping into the classroom at UA, or the epic save they just pulled to help someone else out? Or is there a soft intimate moment between your character and their best friend that might showcase the expression and range you think they may have?
If your problem is more like, figuring out their hairdo or eye shape or hero costume or something? I mean, if something’s not working, just change it. Or give them multiple looks--anime characters may wear the same hairdo everyday but that’s a limitation of the media they’re in. In real life if someone doesn’t like their long hair, they cut it, or they could change from pigtails to ponytails every other day if they feel like it. Similar can be said of characters--if you don’t like how they look, maybe start fresh. If you’re dead set on a certain feature (like say, they definitely have pointy ears, or blue hair), you can probably build your character around that rather than trying to build a character and fitting those features in. (It sounds like a similar process, I know, but it’s the difference between “I want this character to have square glasses, but I think this boxy-looking man’s face shape doesn’t fit it quite right, so maybe this character might look better as a girl” and “I’ve designed this character and, oh right, I wanted him to have glasses, I guess I’ll just put those on even though they don’t go with the design I initially made”. I think anyway?)
The problem with colors can probably easily be fixed by playing around with palettes, though if you’re lacking inspiration I suggest maybe looking at posts or art guides with color palettes? You know, like those posts that are like “here’s 20 different sets of 5 colors, draw a picture using only 1 set”--you don’t have to do those challenges of course, but using the color palettes themselves might prove to be interesting since they’re kinda made to look good together, blending or contrasting or complimenting or whathaveyou.
I don’t know what else you might need help on?? But hopefully that helped.
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