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gibbybestboy · 12 minutes ago
ha ha i’m stupid and accidentally pushed someone away :)
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hazardlevei · 25 minutes ago
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all i want for pride month is for respawn to confirm what we all know ....
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voidedlie · 29 minutes ago
Slowly slides a bowl of soup over
random / plotted asks | always accepting!
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Simon blinked.
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"Uh, thanks? I guess?" He really wasn't sure he trusted that, but okay.
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3amsoda · an hour ago
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give her ur blood
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imbadatapex · an hour ago
The epic conclusion! (My partner almost got me killed when they typed on text to speech 😩)
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imbadatapex · 2 hours ago
From the game where I almost hit 4K with wattson! Part 1 😱
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bonsai-plaza · 2 hours ago
LMFAOOO REVENANT’S IS SO ACCURATE.. also fuck horizons creds to ttv_m3noob9ooo on tiktok!
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tenacioustave · 2 hours ago
Is there further meaning behind why wraith and Watson are the main relation you post? Not saying I don’t love it, it’s very cute, it’s my favorite ship in apex, but I’d like to just ask.
I honestly just love their dynamic, and differences. Drawing them together brings me the most joy in apex ships. I really dig it, and I'm glad others do too.
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incorrect-apex-quotes · 3 hours ago
Bangalore: Blisk's coming, everyone look like they're gardening. Bloodhound, grab that little hoe!
Bloodhound: -picks up Octane-
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resident-ghost · 5 hours ago
I have somehow been able to get two wins in Apex today. I am very fricking happy.
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thunderscape · 5 hours ago
can people stop arguing with transphobes who misgender bloodhound. they know that in canon bloodhound is nonbinary. these people just want to get a rise out of and upset people who care abt representation. please dont feed into it, no shitty transphobe's opinion and desire to get a rise out of people is going to change the fact that bloodhound is, always has been, and always will be nonbinary.
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tui-types · 5 hours ago
welp just had a random on apex tell me to kill myself
now i remember why i keep coms muted
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