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#anyways this is my big boy pokemon appreciation
Tumblr media
A Thoroughly Modern Mystery, by @harrypotterhogwartsshitpost
Overview: A modern day twist on a hogwarts mystery story.
Episode eighteen: Friends of Friends.
(18+ mentions of sexual activity)
Victoria has just finished Quidditch practice and is waiting for Charlie to finish talking to the Gryffindor team.
Skye: Hey Vic!
Victoria jumps a little.
Victoria: Jesus Christ Skye.
Skye: So, what are you doing?
Victoria: Waiting on Charlie to finish meeting with his team so we can walk to the castle together like always.
Skye: That’s interesting...
Victoria: Why? What do you want?
Skye: Oh... It’s nothing...
Victoria: You want an excuse to talk to Charlie don’t you?
Skye: No!...
Skye: ...Okay maybe...
Victoria: Well now may not be the best time... We have to get to the castle in time for my detention, and then he only has a few minutes to grab something to eat before work.
Skye: Charlie has a job?
Victoria: Yeah, he’s a server at The Three Broomsticks.
Skye: Oh, cool.
Skye: Oh shit he’s walking over here he’s walking over here!
Victoria: No he’s not, he’s putting the snitch back in the ball box.
Skye: Oh! Close call!
Victoria: Is everything okay Skye? I’ve never seen you act like this before.
Skye: ...Because... I’ve never liked a boy before.
Victoria: What!?
Skye: Yeah... I’ve never liked a boy before, my brothers and father drove me away from all boys!
Victoria: So like, Charlie’s the first boy you’ve ever liked?
Skye: ...Yeah...
Skye: And now I don’t know what to do. How do I talk to him? What do I talk about?
Victoria: Skye calm down. Boys aren’t that complicated... they’re actually pretty easy. I have his older brother wrapped around my finger. He’ll do anything for me.
Skye: I want that. How do I get that?
Victoria: You should become part of our group.
Skye: What?
Victoria: Our group of friends.
Skye gives Victoria a look.
Skye: I thought we were friends...
Victoria: We are, you’re part of my quidditch group, but Charlie’s also part of my curse breaker group, and if you hang out with the curse breakers then you’ll get to spend more time with Charlie and you’ll get to become friends with some of his friends and talking to him and finding things in common won’t be so hard.
Skye: That’s a great idea! When do we hang?
‘Hey guys!’
Victoria and Skye are both startled and Charlie catches them off guard…
Victoria: Oh! Hey!
Charlie: What are you guys talking about?
Victoria: I was telling Skye I can’t hang out with her tonight because I have detention and then cursebreaking with Rakepick and the others.
Charlie: Speaking of detention, we better get leaving before you’re late.
Charlie: Do you want to walk back to the castle with us Skye? After I walk Victoria to detention I’m running up to grab dinner before I have to go to work.
Skye: Oh- Umm-
Skye’s face gets red and she’s unable to speak.
Victoria: Skye wanted to stay and work some quidditch moves out. Her broom’s been acting funny so she was gonna see if she can fix it.
Charlie: Oh that’s tough. I hope you can fix your broom Skye.
Victoria: Well- we’ve better be going, Pitts’ll have my head if I’m late again, plus Jae’s probably wondering where I am.
Victoria: Bye Skye, I’ll send you an owl later.
Charlie: See ya Skye!
Charlie and Victoria run off towards the castle.
Victoria and Charlie walk into detention, slightly out of breath.
Charlie: Aight, I gotta get to work, but I’ll see you tonight.
Victoria looks down.
Victoria: About that... I was actually gonna sleep in Bill’s dorm tonight... things are getting kinda serious.
Charlie: I thought you didn’t want to date Bill?
Victoria: It’s not that. I mean I do, I really do but…
Victoria: Look, I’m sorry but I have my reasons, and I don’t want to talk about this right now. But I promise your brother means a lot to me, and I have no intentions of hurting him…
Pitts: Why is Weasley in the kitchens? He doesn’t have detention... yet.
Charlie: Don’t worry Pitts, I was just dropping off Victoria. I’ll be on my way.
Charlie: I’ll see you later Vic.
Victoria: Hey, before I go I need to tell you something, but it stays between us, okay?
Charlie: Of course.
Victoria: Skye really likes you, okay? I’ve been trying to get her to hang out with us more. And I know how you get sometimes- you can be a little out of pocket. So just try and make her feel welcomed whenever she’s around. You don’t have to like flirt with her or anything, just don’t be an ass.
Charlie: Wait- Skye likes me?
Victoria: Yeah.
Charlie: That’s great. Skye is Ethan Parkin’s daughter. Their family founded the Wigtown Wanderers.
Victoria: Yeah, what about that?
Charlie: Victoria I could be a Parkin. I could marry into a famous quidditch family.
Victoria: Charlie, don’t mess around with Skye unless you really fancy her, okay?
Charlie: Yeah yeah, sure.
Charlie: Now I gotta get to work, and you gotta get to detention. I’ll see you later Victoria.
Victoria kisses him on the cheek before he leaves.
Jae: Hey Vic!
Vic: Hey!
Jae: You’re late again.
Victoria laughs a little.
Victoria: Since when did you care?
Jae: I don’t. Just an observation.
Victoria: It’s a tight squeeze getting from quidditch practice to here on time, that’s why I’m always out of breath. Not to mention Rakepick is having to hold out our cursebreaker training until after detention.
Jae: Sounds like a lot of work.
Victoria: Tis.
Jae: So, what have you been up to outside of... all of that.
Victoria: Nothing much. Just hooking up with Bill some, try-
Jae: Wait. Like, actually?
Victoria: Well, kinda.
Jae: Have you actually- you know...?
Victoria: Oh, no we haven’t had sex yet. But I gave him head the other day-
Jae: Wait... So you do have them both-
Victoria: Yeah I mean-
Victoria: No- I mean no I don’t ‘have them both’. They aren’t Pokemon, I’m not trying to catch ‘em all.
Jae: So then if things are getting more serious with Bill, are you gonna end your little thing with Charlie?
Victoria: I don’t have a ‘thing’ with Charlie. We’re just best friends
Jae: Sure, but I’m sure Bill’s not going to appreciate you making out with Charlie and sucking his dick and all that if things get serious with him.
Victoria: I-
She hadn’t considered that.
Victoria: ...Yeah I’ll stop making out with him and giving him head, but I’m not gonna just stop being friends with him.
Jae: That’s a start.
Victoria: I mean I highly doubt Bill’s gonna ask me to just stop associating with Charlie completely, but it’s understandable that he would be uncomfortable with how... physical... our friendship is.
Jae: no, yeah, I get it.
Victoria: So where was I?
Jae: I believe you were giving Bill head-
Victoria: Oh yeah! So I was giving him head, and it was pretty good, I was enjoying it, he seemed to be enjoying it, and then after he finished he pulled me up by my neck and kissed me-
Jae: And that’s supposed to be a good thing?
Victoria: Yes very, it was amazing.
Victoria: Anyways, even better than that, after he finished kissing me he laid down and then held me in his arms and cuddled me and played with my hair. It was really sweet. Bill really loves me.
Victoria smiles.
Victoria: I know he does.
Jae: Then why can’t you date him.
Victoria: Because... It’s complicated Jae. I’m sorry. It’s a family thing and I-... I really want to but I can't. It's too risky.
Jae: How is it risky?
Victoria: I just- It just is okay. My- I- It just is...
Jae: Okay, I understand this is difficult for you. I won’t bring it up again.
Victoria: Thank you Jae.
Jae: So what else has been going on?
Victoria: Not much- I’ve just been trying to set Charlie and Skye up…
Jae: Seriously?
Victoria: Yeah!
Jae: I thought-
Victoria: I know, I know. Charlie preaches he isn’t interested in dating anyone, and he’s only interested in Skye because she’s from a big quidditch family-
Jae: I didn't know that, but I'm not surprised.
Victoria: Yeah, Charlie's my best friend, but he's kinda an ass.
Jae: I picked up on that.
Victoria: But they actually have a lot in common, and I think if they spend enough time together they might actually ya know, have something.
Jae: And how do you plan on going about that?
Victoria: I asked Skye to join the curse breakers. I mean obviously she won’t be breaking any curses or investigating anything because she’s way too reckless, I mean we already have Tulip and Tonks, but she will be hanging out with us. Because if Skye hangs out with us and spends more time with Charlie casually and becomes friends with his friends she’ll have an easier time talking to him.
Jae: Makes sense. But how are you gonna make Charlie actually like Skye?
Victoria: That’ll come with time, the more they hang out and see what all they have in common.
Jae: That sounds- I’m interested in seeing how that goes.
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surveys-at-your-service · 3 months ago
Survey #326
“life by life  /  waste to waste  /  i'm the harbinger: the master of decay”
When you get married what do you think you’ll put most of your focus and money into? Do you mean like, for the wedding? Probably the venue. Or possibly the photographer. Have you ever had a teacher that also taught your parents? No. What’s something you complain about frequently? My legs. Are you afraid of falling in love? Very. Are you close to any of your aunts/uncles? Not very. Do you hate it when people smoke around you? Very much so. Do you own anything that is special edition? Yeah, things like DVDs. Do you have any funky bookmarks? I have this one meerkat bookmark where the image moves when you tilt it. Did you ever watch Pokemon? Hell yeah I did. Are there more females or males in your family? Females. Does anyone in your family snore loudly? My mom does due to having gerd. Dad did too when I actually lived with him. I wouldn't know nowadays. Do you own a camera tripod? Yes. Did you ever believe in mermaids? No. Have you ever purchased alcohol? Yes. Any essential quirks/interests/other you look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend/partner? Similar interests, like being a metal fan and gamer especially, as well as a serious animal lover for sure. Any romantic gestures you really like? Okay if someone did that little bow thing while reaching out for my hand to dance, I'd melt, lol. I also appreciate love interests holding open doors, SHOWING INTEREST IN HOW I FCKN FEEL, asking permission before doing anything in sexual exploration, stuff like that. Any sexual fantasies? Are you daring enough to share one? Yep, not sharing those lmfao. Have you ever been in love? Twice. What is your favorite/least favorite word? My favorite is "serendipity/serendipitous," and my least favorite is "retarded." Have you ever been skinny dipping? No. If I actually had a body I was confident in, I probably would in privacy tho at night lmao. Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? Oh yeah. What is your favorite thing to do? Probably RPing with my favorite OCs when I'm in a really creative mood and during a great scene. Did you go to your senior prom? Yeah, I did. Prom's honestly pretty damn overrated, but I did it and his senior prom anyway. It's the picking out a beautiful dress and taking pictures that I loved. What did you do after graduation? I don't remember. We probably went out to eat or something. Favorite home cooked meal growing up? Spaghetti. What item most embarrasses you to purchase? Nothing, really. Do you give cards to people for holidays or events? No. Name the coolest thing about one of your grandparents. Uhhhhh idk. Name two things you put whipped cream on? I hate the texture of whipped cream. Do you ever eat peanut butter straight from the jar? Sometimes if I want a snack but am trying to be healthy-ish, I'll eat just a scoop. What was the last pill you took for? Pain. Do you prefer your clothes loose or close fitting? Loose, 100%. Favorite thing you’ve ever painted? Meerkats grooming. I did it in high school on a large piece of burlap. Are there any songs that remind you of your mother? "Take It Like a Woman" by Alice Cooper, for one. How did your elementary school teachers describe you? Very smart, sweet, friendly, and nice. Game you were best at in PE/gym? Pf, none. Obsession from childhood? Dinosaurs and Pokemon. Best way for someone to bond with you? Let's talk about deep stuff regarding the world or about how awesome animals are. Top 5 favorite Vines? Oh boy. There are just way too many. I'll try to name a few: 1.) the "I can't find my berries" saga guy; 2.) *in drive-thru, asked what he would like to order* "I wanna FUCKIN DIE"; 2.) "i cOUldA DROPpeD my CroISSAnt"; 3.) "it's Wednesday, m'dudes"; 4.) "a d a m"; 5.) "I WON'T HESITATE, BITCH." God, I miss Vine. What is the first meme you remember seeing? Holy cow, I have no idea. Sci-fi, fantasy, or superheroes? Fantasy. Favorite tradition? Dressing up for Halloween, even though I don't do it anymore... Talent you’re proud of having? Writing. Favorite website from your childhood? Webkinz was unbeatable. I was obsessed. Any good luck charms? I don't believe in those. Favorite potato food? French fries. Tell me the color of your eyes, without using the name of a color: Uhhhh a cloudy sky right before rain? Ever been through a goth phase? Goth is my fucking AESTHETIC. I wish I could afford a truly gothic wardrobe, because you bet your sweet ass it's all I'd wear out. Can you remember your first phone? If so, what kind was it? I think so? It was a Blueberry, I believe. Who is your favourite character from Alice in Wonderland? Obviously the Cheshire cat. What is your favorite type of YouTube video to watch? Lately, it's been tarantula and snake channels/pet YouTubers. I still think my overall favorites are let's plays, but right now it's just stepping back a bit. What’s the next project you are excited to start? I have this pretty cool drawing I wanna do of a morbid meerkat doing a big toothy smile, doing a peace sign (but his fingers are syringes) with a crown blinking over his head. Inspired by the "Professional Griefers" lyric of "lab rat king." I just really wanna make it perfect and am procrastinating in fear of failing... Have you ever experienced a miracle? I don't think I believe in miracles. What are your top three names you like for a daughter? Alessandra, Justine, and Chloe, to name a few. Which did you like better: high school or college? High school, at least in most ways. What is the theme of your bedroom? It doesn't have a theme. My interests just kinda threw up everywhere, haha. Have you ever lived in a dorm? No. Were you raised religious? Yes. Do you do your own taxes, or do you hire a professional? I don't have to do taxes yet. What was the very first thing you ever saved up to buy with your own money? Venus was the first big thing, I think. Describe your favorite Christmas ornament: I don't know what that would be, honestly. We have so very many. What jobs did your parents have when you were growing up? Dad's always been a mailman, and he also had a second job as a carpenter for a while. Mom worked with special needs children at my elementary school as a teacher assistant. She also worked at the hospital at one point, doing some computer work. I don't remember her actual position. Are you taller than your mom? We're the same height. Would you marry someone if they were unable to have sex? Sure, that's not a big deal to me. Last reason you went to the ER? For myself, a suicide attempt/overdose. What was the last word document you typed? This survey, actually, so I could save progress as I combine them. What’s something you don’t think people take seriously enough? Global warming. Have you ever dated someone who had a child from a previous relationship? No. Is there any drama currently going on with your family? No. What was the last fruit or vegetable you chopped/sliced up? An apple. I wanted apple slices with peanut butter. What is your favorite Hostess/Little Debbie snack? Holy SHIT that is impossible. Maybe the devil cakes, but I really don't know. I love most of them. Do you/your family buy loaf from the bakery or bagged on the shelf? Bagged. White, wheat or other? Mom buys white bread, but my favorite is pumpernickel. What was the last non-fiction book you’ve read? (Not a school textbook!): I ain't got a clue. I don't really read non-fiction. What color are your headphones/earbuds? These are blue. Would you be embarrassed to find out you snored loudly in public? Yep. Thankfully, I don't snore. Do you feel guilty about killing bugs? Yep. How do you feel about coconut? Not a fan. ^ Ever cracked one open? Ha, I've always wanted to. Who did you last worry about and why? My mom. She's getting a CT scan ASAP due to chronic headaches and stomach pain, so I'm worried her cancer might be re-emerging. When was the last time you ate/drank something gross just to be polite? I don't know; I struggle to do this. If I don't like something, my face shows it. I can't help it. When did you last make up a baby’s bottle? Never. Do you have any framed black & white photos in your home? Who are they of? No. What’s the most expensive thing your car needed to get done? N/A If you had a thousand dollars to spend on a pricey brand you like but can’t really afford (until now of course), which ONE brand would you chose? I don't know. Real talk, I find most luxury brands to sell pretty ugly stuff... Do you like candy canes? Yeah. Do you still talk to any of your old teachers? Yes; one is my landlord. What color was the dress you wore to your senior prom? It was black. Ever go to another school’s prom? No. Do you like burning candles or incense? I love incense. Do you ever venture into the woods? What do you normally do in there? When I used to live in the woods, I did every now and then to take pictures. Does your significant other ever make you mix CDs? Single, but that would be so romantic. /swoons How did you dress your freshman year of high school? I was this emo/metalhead/goth creature. What is the best present you have ever received? My dog Teddy. <3 What is the best present you have ever given? I put the most effort into a scrapbook thing of well over a hundred reasons I loved my then-boyfriend Jason. Even though we're done, I honestly hope he still has it, just to remember. What is the best surprise you have ever had? Sara's parents paying for a flight up there to be with Sara for her birthday. Have you ever been robbed? No, thankfully. Ever kiss someone on the first date? No. Ever sleep with someone on the first date? Definitely a nope. Ever give someone a wrong phone number on purpose? No. What’s the strangest thing you have ever witnessed firsthand? I have no idea. It's... very morbid, but possibly dogs twitching after being euthanized. Seeing Teddy do it was such a strange, painful experience. Like there was still life in there... even though I know it was just his nerves doing their final hoorah and he was already dead. Ever seen a psychiatric ward? I've been in a mental hospital five or six times, so I'm uncomfortably familiar with them. What is the last thing you did that you didn’t want to do? Group therapy. I'm really burning out on it. Thankfully, I don't have it on the weekends. What is the last thing you convinced someone else to do? I dunno. If you could live in a different time, would you? When? Nah. Do you prefer to sleep alone or with someone else? Sleeping alone is more comfortably physically, but I usually prefer sleeping with a partner because there's this amazing feeling of safety, love, and companionship. How many pillows do you sleep with? Two. Do you prefer cold air and blankets, or warm air and no blankets? Cold air and blankets by ten miles. I can't sleep if I'm even remotely hot. How often do you dust? Sigh, not as much as I need to. What is the most "extreme" activity you have ever done? I haven't done very much that fits that description... so idk. Dr. Pepper or root beer? Dr. Pepper. I hate root beer. Last room you cleaned? Mine. Last thing you did that made you feel like an adult? Checked into the doctor's office by myself, haha... Talk about sad. What’s your favorite picture of your mom? Dad? It's not my business to actually share those pictures, but I can describe them. I fucking ADORE this candid photograph I took of my mom laughing; I will forever cherish it. It's morbid to think about, but it's absolutely a picture I'll frame of her once she's passed away. I don't have many pictures of Dad, but I do really like this picture we took together at Red Lobster once. Are you subscribed to anything (Magazines, monthly boxes, streaming sites, etc.)? Mom pays an Adobe Creative Cloud photography bundle subscription for me, but that's it. Last TV show series you finished? Fullmetal Alchemist with Sara. It was a rewatch for me, but she'd never seen it. What’s something exciting that’s happened to one of your friends recently? A childhood friend got engaged a few days back. Do you have any board games? If so, where do you keep them? We have a few somewhere. What were the last things you glued together? I don’t recall. What are your friends’ pets’ names? I'll just use Sara here since she's my best friend. She has two family dogs, Buster and Beesly, a cat named Winter, four ball pythons named Martha, Crowley, Little Dot, and Jane Marie, and Doris, a bearded dragon that I personally adore most. :') What all did you do today? I played World of Warcraft early this morning, but not for very long. I've been in a phase of being very uninterested in it lately. I've mostly just done surveys... lots of surveys. I'm just in the mood to. I've also been listening to music and watching John Wolfe play Amnesia: Rebirth periodically. If you live in a house, how many floors does it have? If you live in an apartment building, how many units does it have? It's just one floor. Would you like to live in a world with mythical creatures, even if they turned out to be evil or dangerous? Honestly... I probably would, haha. Are you scared of heights? Yes. When was the last time you lost something of great sentimental value? Did you ever end up finding it again? Never, I think and hope. What food do you find to be the most filling? Is this something you eat a lot of? Eggs or oatmeal. Not really. What do you think of people who purposefully train their dogs to fight or to be aggressive? They're fucking garbage human beings. If you suffer/have suffered with acne, do you squeeze your spots or do your best to just leave them be? Ugh, I was so bad (and still am if something pops up) about picking at it. Does your father have any hobbies? What are they? Sure. He loves sports, fishing, idk if he still plays video games, fantasy football... and I can't forget playing with his grandkids. It's hard for me to know all of them when I don't live with him and see him rarely. What did the last face mask you wore look like? It was just a white cotton one. Is there a specific song that you always request at parties? What is it? I don't go to parties. Would you rather read poetry or write poetry? Write it. Have you ever had any really infected injuries? I've had infected piercings as well as a badly infected pilonidal cyst. Is there any band out there that you like every song by them? No. Are you popular on any websites? No. What was the last song you listened to? Aaaaand now I'm hooked on "NIHIL" by 3TEETH. Are you currently texting anyone right now? No. When was the last time you played jump rope? Yikes, probably not since I was a kid. I used to love it. Who was the last person you offended? I dunno. What’s the earliest you’ve ever had to wake up for work? Not early. Do you know anyone who has changed their first name? I know trans people who have, yes. Do you know anyone who has been on life support and survived? No. At least, I don't believe so. Do your parents have a strong relationship together? They're divorced, and Mom at least can't stand him. Dad doesn't really care. Do you ever feel like you’re sharing too much about yourself online? Oh, I absolutely used to. I still might, idk. I've tried to reel it back some. How many windows are in the room you’re in? Eight, but they're just small, vertical rectangles stacked together, so it's not as revealing as it sounds. What was the last necklace you wore? My spiked choker, I think, for pictures. Or maybe the one I have with a bunch of big silver skulls. Do you think there are more dimensions than what we’re able to perceive? I don't think so, no. Does anyone in your family have schizophrenia? My half-sister on Dad's side that I've never met. Have you ever been in an abandoned house? A shack, yeah. Do you like art? I positively adore it. I could NOT imagine life without it. How about theatre? I don't care for it. Have you ever made breakfast for someone? Yes, for Sara. Do you talk to your crush? If you have one. Yeah, she's my best fren. If yes, what do you usually talk about? Nowadays I ask her almost daily how she's doing in regards to her progress of recovering from both serious physical and mental stressors. I try to always be an available ear if she ever wants to vent. Would you rather read or watch a video about something? Watch a video. In what ways have you fulfilled some of the hopes and dreams you had as a teenager? I've fulfilled none of those. What’s one stressful thing you’ve been trying to deal with lately? How have you been dealing with it? Inexplicable, chronic boredom/serious anhedonia. I've just... put up with it. I get pleasure out of essentially nothing most days, and it sucks big time. I just try to distract myself and force myself to do things I usually love, though I've been bad about actually succeeding in making me do said stuff... Is there a regional chain of store/restaurant/etc. in your area that you feel very loyal to? MOTHERFUCKIN BOJANGLE'S, BITCH. You think YOU have good fries somewhere? Oh hunny, sit down. Oftentimes, people warn us against getting tattoos or body modifications or dying our hair unnatural colors because we could be judged poorly for them. But has a more “alternative” look ever worked out in your favor? Well, I like myself better with my piercings and tattoos, and that's all that really matters to me. Do you have any daily routine/habit of that you’re really proud of keeping up? No. .-. Pick one of the following activities to do in a forest (assume you would be equally good at each one of these): Foraging for mushrooms, identifying trees, searching for specific types of bugs, trying to build something out of fallen branches and logs. Searching for bugs w/ my camera!!! But that all sounds fun. What’s the hardest class you’ve ever taken? My most recent math course that I failed horribly.
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matchamabs · 3 months ago
get ready for some heinous opinions! so im ranking the guys in botw by how hot they are and im taking No criticism. idk if i forgot anyone but i tried
check it out under the cut 
Tumblr media
sorry but this twink is just. average. like Painfully average. hes like white bread. therefore he gets an average score. i can appreciate hes a cute lookin guy? but like. thats it. if u fancy link u probably like mayonnaise. he looks like mayonnaise. grow a fuckin tache or smth dude for the love of god. 5/10 very normal.
Tumblr media
ok im a diehard bird simp but like... this boy is fuckin ugly lmao. hes pretty at the same time tho? nice smile, nice eyes, nice voice but yellow eyebrows? green eyes? red makeup? clown. he’s a bird clown. tho i guess some ppl find clowns hot so this one’s for the pennywise crowd. 5/10. he’s a 10/10 in my heart tho.
Tumblr media
now this is a MAN. u got the good smile, the strong arms, the r i p p l i n g  m u s c l e s. he is a man u can trust. his arm hair is a bit wild but if u dont like his incredible facial hair, then.... idc. 7/10. they made a rock handsome. thats impressive. 3 points off for the forehead vagina tho. dont like that.
Tumblr media
hot fucking damn. this is what we in the biz call a raging dilf. he looks like the kind of dad that never grew out of his punk rock phase. idk how i feel abt the broken traffic light look but its fine. just look into his gorgeous eyes and listen 2 his deep gravelly voice as he tells u to fuck off and leave him alone. perfection. the voice already makes him like 20/10 but the mullet is fucking awful and he should be penalised for that. 8/10. grow a fringe like the rest of us.
Tumblr media
ah the shape of water... ok yeah the fish is fuckable ill grant u that. hes All fuckin torso tho and his eyes r constantly pointing in different directions which is not the Most Flattering Look and he Will hit u with his head handlebars and it will hurt. the 24-pack aint half bad either but i always get this feeling that he looks like he skips... some kind of day. not arm day, not leg day, but... some kind of day. maybe brain day.  8/10. sharp teeth are always sexy.
Tumblr media
10/10. i dont fuckin care if u hate his hair- this man probably invented the most effective hairspray in existence just to make that happen. respect him. u cannot deny hes hot tho like theres just Something about him. the confidence... the attitude... i worry about revealing his eyes tho. theres a 50% chance it will not work in ur favour and he’ll just look heinous. full 10/10 tho. old robbie is also not bad 2 look at if ur not a coward but he Might leave u for an easy bake oven so like. watch out for that.
Tumblr media
well the queen saw something in him??? i genuinely fear the idea of ever getting to see his chin from under that magnificent beard tho. he’s probably got the jawline of a russian power lifter. anyway for an old guy hes not lookin that bad so long as u dont mind a receding hairline. ill b nice. 5/10. for a king u could do worse. ill be taking complaints about this take in my dms. bring a bat. 
Tumblr media
where do i begin. i love beedle. i rlly do but theres.... so much going on. personality is a 10/10, business skills are 10/10/ haircut is -50/10 and the crop top....? well ill give him 10/10 for confidence. 4/10 im sorry he is just a Lot to look at. he looks like rock lee tried to become a slutty pirate king. shonen jump will have a lot to answer for.
Tumblr media
the colour scheme is... better than revali, tho i didnt realise how obnoxious it was until i actually got a good look at him. ive never seen a bird look so top heavy before but this mans got 5 kids so i have nothing but respect for my king. kass is for the dilf crowd that like the dad bods. 8/10 he is quite nice to look at ngl. he’s like revali but light mode.
Tumblr media
ok yunobo is very cute i wont lie but the hair is just massively disarming. idk its all i can think about. is this a goron emo phase?? is that what that is?? ive been staring at it for like 5 minutes and i still cant work out if i like it or not. 5/10 he is a humble lad. 
Tumblr media
under all that gear kohga could look like willem dafoe x50 and id still find him attractive. he cant be hot tho. he just cant be. like looks wise he has to be 1/10 under that there is no way this man could feasibly be conventionally attractive and tbh i like it that way. banana boy gets 6/10. hotter than revali. revali looks like a clown but kohga looks like the entire fucking circus
Tumblr media
there is nothing unattractive about bolson. 10/10. sha-ding
Tumblr media
i hate the hair i hate the hair i hate the hair i hate the hair SO fucking much but the voice. he has to be hot under that gear with a voice like that. if hes not well. just close ur eyes. the voice will take care of the rest. 8/10 the crack in his mask actually makes him look sexier and i dont understand how that can happen
Tumblr media
????????????????????????? he looks. like an old man? i swear those big wingy bits are his eyebrows but i cant Quite be sure. why would a tree need eyebrows. ??/10 keep ur questionable gifts to urself
Tumblr media
-100000/10 who the fuck let this budget pokemon npc in here. he looks like he should b leading team ganon across the kanto region. he probably draws those lines on his face to make himself look older and listens to mother mother. im gonna punch his third eye. no this is not a biased opinion 
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sugarandspice-games · 6 months ago
Spicy take time (costarring Sugar): The Bros rated by how well I think their arcs/character development/relationship with MC was written and how much it makes sense. (Disclaimer: Our affection for these characters and how interesting, compelling, and lovable we find them has ZERO bearing on this list. ALSO, beware, here there be salt, IE, this is critical of the writing. It’s also long as fuck, so if you just wanna skim and read the bold parts, that’s okay too. You are also free to disagree with us as this is just an opinion, and keep in mind that we have only read to chapter 24 so if there are elements of the story we are unaware of... please be understanding of that and don’t spoil it.) Let’s get started, shall we?
1) Starting at the top is BEST BOI IMO: Beelzebub. So, yeah, in terms of character development and growth, he really doesn’t change all that much, aside from starting off not trusting MC to slowly opening up to them about his trauma. But putting that to the side, his relationship with them makes the most sense. After sharing a bedroom and helping him open up, as well as having the mutual goal of protecting Luke, and then even later going on to save his beloved little brother, it follows that he absolutely adores you afterward. Also, he doesn’t start off disliking you like some of the others. So, all around, he makes the most sense. He’s also one of the deeper characters with his backstory, even if I wish they’d give him other flaws than just being hongry (and playing his unhealthy eating habits/coping mechanism as a joke. Disordered eating should be taken more seriously, especially binge eating but that’s a can of worms for another day)
2) Second best is probably going to shock you, but Satan takes this spot. Why? Well, strictly in terms of arc progression, his relationship with MC starting out as one of manipulation and growing into something more genuine when they go on a heartwarming and wacky adventure together with his hated older brother which causes him to open up makes a lot of sense, at least more so than some of the others. While I wish they gave him more meat characterization wise, I think his arc was pretty well done in terms of story structure.
Okay, so, Sugar here. While I agree with Spice that Satan could use some more meat (and that we should be able to have some more information on Baby Satan because we all need that in our lives), I think that the progression of him and LUCI’S bond (not MC’s) could have done with more subtlety. While I appreciate him softening up, and see that progress, we don’t really get to see the tension of the newfound change and how he settles into letting things go/mellow out and I get it-- it’s a dating sim and the secondary relationships are well, secondary, but it would be interesting to see him and MC bond more through time.
3) Third place probably won’t be all that shocking, because this is where I’m placing Lucifer. He’s arguably one of the characters in the series who’s gotten the most love from the writers, having the most screentime, the most affectionate scenes with MC, and the most fleshed out backstory and characterization as well as fleshed out relationships with each of the characters. His relationship progression with MC also takes a nice, even pace, with him slowly learning to trust them and respect them, culminating in an almost-confession (I THINK. Unless I’m reading that part wrong) and then being shattered at MC’s betrayal, and then earned back in true Pixar-movie fashion by them teaming up for a common goal. HOWEVER. And this is a big however. I would love to see his unhealthy tendencies addressed and NOT fetishized. (Don’t come at me with that “BUT THEY’RE DEMONS THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO BE EVILLLLL” dude. If a demon being in a healthy relationship is where you draw the line in terms of believability, then why are you playing a fantasy demon dating sim anyway?) I love him, I stan him, I simp for him, but I wish he had at least apologized for his not-subtle threats of physical violence toward MC rather than jumping straight into the ALSO kinda violent “You’re mine and nobody else’s” gimmick.
Unlike some men (SPICE), I am actually not a Luci stan and while I do have a soft spot, and understanding of his place as an eldest sibling... I would also like to see the writer’s unravel the unhealthiness/coping Lucifer has in place and why/how it came to be. I feel like we get a sense that Luci has thawed since coming to the Devildom but we don’t really see how Lucifer in the Celestial Realm (and how his friendship with Simeon) has progressed. Luci has a lot of love from the writers but from a story stand-point, he is never really allowed to be weak and own up to his own flaws and how that has impacted/hurt MC.
4) Sharing fourth place is Leviathan and Mammon! I’m putting them in the same spot because the issues I have with them are the same, though I plan on addressing their good points individually. But since my beef is simpler, I’m going to start off with the bad. IMO, a good rivals to friends to lovers romance happens in STEPS. You start off from not getting along, to then finding some things in common, and gradually coming to respect each other, and then like each other, and finally love each other. This... doesn’t really happen with these two, and while we see the change from both tsundere boys starting off disliking you and eventually coming to love you, we don’t really get that inbetween that makes the payoff so much worth it. And if those inbetweens are there, the story doesn’t really tell us that, and it doesn’t show us their thought processes. Like, how much would it suck if in pokemon, your charmander evolved immediately into Charizard upon beating your first few gyms? It’s like that.
But as for the good, Levi’s arc makes sense because you’re the first person to really let him be himself and not shame him for the things he loves. You let him ramble about his interests and show interest in them yourself (AT LEAST IF YOU’RE NOT A FUCKING MONSTER. I’ll let Sugar talk more on him, that’s their boy.)
Whoo, boy. Here we go! For whatever reason, the otaku became my favorite and I love him, but as far as arcs go... He could have gotten a bit more screentime and progress. It makes sense that he would become attached to MC as his brothers are very, very... critical and patronizing about his interests. He is also by far the most skittish and introverted of the bunch, coupled with his sin and seeing all the ways he falls short (in his eyes) is a recipe for loneliness and desire for companionship/friendship. While I am not happy with the progression, for me, it makes sense and I would also have loved to see some breaking/softening of how much his Sin influences him when it comes to MC. I’m not saying erase it because demons are meant to give in to temptation but some reassurance and acceptance of that would be good.
(I also know that there is some disk horse about him guilt-tripping you about spending time with his brothers and while I agree it can be hard... It definitely isn’t on a painful level. Like, say... Ray’s in Jihyun’s route in Mystic Messenger. This also is a difference for players who are interested in one love route versus the many route and different strokes, but I digress.)
As far as Mammon goes, well, you’re his first. And he’s not only glad that there’s someone who’s kind to him instead of making fun of him, but also takes pride in having someone to protect. His puppy crush going to full blown love is adorable.
This blog is all about spicy takes, yeah? Well, here’s mine (Sugar): Mammon is lovable but not as lovable as he could be and before all the Mammon stans, come for me- let it be known I like Mammon but his introduction and how he comes to be soft is NOT an easy, or believable transition. There are ways to write a good tsundere and the writers just missed the mark by having Mammon be too callous and then slipping to lovable without that sweet slide into the other end. I will not deny he is very cute, and a good character, and a good brother (and also the most human, according to Satan’s home screen interaction) but... The progression and endearment factor is lacking because of the structure of the narrative.
5) Is another unsurprising one, but this spot is Belphegor’s. Solmare. My dude. Why did you do this. We could have had it ALL. It could have been great. But you screwed the pooch. You took anything good about this relationship out behind the shed and shot it like a lame horse. Let it be known that I LIKED Belphie and MC’s alliance to get him out of gay baby jail, and I adored that love he still holds for Beel... I thought he was going to be a fav of mine, in fact. But how they handled the... uhm... murder ruined it for me. I’m sorry, I just cannot believe that I’m supposed to suddenly be besties with the man who manipulated me and crushed me to death like, a week after it happened. What if I have PTSD from that??? Also... he claims that he loves MC for who they are and not because of Lilith, but that’s not believable when his whole turning point is finding out that they’re Lilith’s descendant. The change needed to be more gradual, and having a subtle, gradual forgiveness arc would have been AWESOME but we were robbed. ROBBED I TELL YOU!!!!!
Annnd... Belphie is actually one of my favorites FOR SOME REASON. I DON’T KNOW MAN. I agree that we could have had it and I’m like (Insert Hades red flaming hair gif here). The decision to not have a redemption arc ruined it for me and while I love Belphie and his softness/brattiness mixture with handling MC... It is underscored by a lack of believable affection and the payoff of struggle on both Belphie’s part and MC’s. Also, there is a lot of ‘You are not who I want you to be, but it’s good enough’ with MC regarding their lineage and connections to the brothers and how that plays out/color the relationships with maybe the exception of Satan and surprisingly, Mammon that irks me but again, another thought for another time.
6) Aaaaand last and also the least... Asmodeus. “YOU GET NOTHING!!! YOU LOSE! GOOD DAY SIR.” --Solmare to Asmo. The writers neglected him SO much, I like him but what the hell are they doing? There’s so much that could be explored here, and with anything involving Asmo they’re like “I do not see it”. His love for MC also isn’t really that believable when his turning point is realizing that they’re powerful. It doesn’t even fit with any of his potential conflicts. The Diavolo’s castle arc set us up to think that Asmo would have some deep seated insecurities with not being able to be loved or desired by everyone, or maybe some insecurities about not being an angel anymore, or some vulnerability issues or something, and they were just like NOPE. It doesn’t make any gotdamn sense! I just... Grrr. Asmo, I’m so sorry, sweetie. You deserve better.
Asmodeus definitely deserves better and I will stand by that until the day I stop playing this damn game. While I, personally, think that his intrigue with MC makes sense (because he is lusty-- probably not just for sex but in general), it makes sense he would want someone with power but while the set up is there, his character falls flat because there is no bonding moment, or turning point for him at all. His affection for MC is still that playful, carefree, flirty persona he carries and I would love to see it dropped and how his fall from the Celestial Realm really weighs on him and an arc where he and MC talk about vulnerability and the power behind being seen as someone attractive and the way it dehumanizes you at the same time. It could be good-- hell, it could be great-- but it was killed before it started and I will never not think that Asmo could have had some KILLER growth. As it stands, he has more connection/romantic potential with Solomon than MC.
Anyway, that’s all for now folks! Feel free to yell at us in the replies, you know you want to. If this post blows up enough, maybe we can rate the undatables (though they don’t have any story arcs so... that would be a challenge.)
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croissantbaby · 8 months ago
fuck it im doing a promo because i started fresh and im still at a pathetic follower count. beef me up boys
info under the read more because im too lazy to make a carrd even though i really should
Tumblr media
so hey! im Stephanie, but i change my name a lot so this might change soon lmao✌️
im trans (she/her pls) and bi+ace. tripple cheeseburger. me being trans is a big part of who i am, so trans positive posts will show up a lot. and i will constantly headcanon characters as trans and talk about it. as far as im concerned every character is trans.
anyway im 22 years old, but i hate fandom mom culture more than anything so don't worry about me being a fucking weird ass, especially towards kids. like seriously i hate those kinds of people more than anything. totally understand if age makes you uncomfortable though, feel free to block me or let me know if i follow back and you want me to unfollow.
i dont really consider myself in any fandoms and i post random shit more than anything but i still like things! so heres a list of stuff im into
- aggretsuko
-bnha (but in a "i watch it for a handful of background characters and thats it" way. erasermic and dabihawks centric really. i dont think ill ever post about other characters lmaoooo)
-one punch man
-final fantasy (cloud is the love of my life)
- dragon age (mostly da 2. i really love fenris 🥰)
- legend of zelda
i dont post explicit/not safe for work content but i reblog implied/suggestive text posts sometimes. i usually tag anything like that as "nsfw text". theyre rare but theyre there.
i dont really tag stuff bc im lazy but if you ever need something tagged i will absolutely do so. send me any kind of message and ill get to it (。•̀ᴗ-)👍
i myself dont really need anything tagged, i use tumblr mobile practically exclusively and you cant block tags there rip. tagged trans misogynistic posts would be appreciated though :P
i dont really follow for follow but who knows! and again, im 22, and if age bothers you feel free to block me or let me know! i dont want anyone underaged being uncomfortable that a 22 year old is following them, I've been in the same position in the past, i get it, i wont be offended.
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0poole · 9 months ago
I LOVE No Straight Roads
Honestly it’s hard to keep me away from a game with great visuals and even greater character design. I knew from the INSTANT I saw these characters that I was going to love it. I just finished it because it’s (unfortunately) pretty short, and even though I cheesed the final boss through it’s very lenient death mechanics (Instant respawn at the cost of a good rank) I actually appreciated that it wasn’t a pure cake walk. I’ve yet to rematch all of the bosses, but since I had genuine trouble with the later ones I’ll hold off on that.
But who cares about gameplay, am I right? I sure as hell don’t. I would’ve bought the game no matter what the hell it was. I wanted the characters (and the music, although I realized that second) and that was it. 
First of all, I love any world that is super fantastical but cheesy in its concept, ala a city powered by music, and battles between artists using music. Ideas like this only spawn from a mind that wants to create a fun atmosphere, if nothing else, and it was sure as hell fun. I genuinely love when someone goes so far into a crazy idea and doesn’t waste your time explaining it with real world logic. Wanna know how a city can be powered by music? Shut up and look at the cute virtual mermaid. Lord knows I did. Every once in a while, it does you good to just let the player/reader/viewer just revel in the idea without having to go out of your way to make things seem realistic. It’s not about “turning your brain off” or whatever, it’s picking your battles.
Also, I can seriously love a world with great background characters to it. Any game with the right situation to insert the random nobodies you find onto the streets into the art in the credits really played into the greatness of the world’s less important characters, and that’s always a good thing. It’s technically world building. But, since I always love to pick favorites, I’d have to say my favorite background character is easily Mia, the NSR infodesk assistant. It’s funny, because you can literally search “nsr characters” into Google and she’s the third image result. I love how jumpy she is when you first interact with her, since NSR probably spread the word about B2J suggesting they’re rock thugs who’d beat up anyone, so for all she knows she could die right then and there with a guitar lodged in her skull. She’s probably just some intern trying to pay for college. She don’t want trouble.
Also, I just realized that 90% of the characters in this game have the same body structure that I always love, that being having arms/legs that sort of fan out in width into relatively large hands/feet. It’s a kind of limb structure I fall into so much because it just really hits me right for some reason. I really can’t explain why.
Anyways, I gotta talk about the big boys individually:
Mayday and Zuke are an amazing duo. I’m always a sucker for a cute and crazy girl, but honestly Zuke hit so many of the right notes too. I will say it’s weird to pair the martian Zuke with the humanly-skinned Mayday, but honestly it doesn’t even matter because he looks so cool on his own. I love his weird blocky blue dreadlocks, and his weirdly shaped shirt which bares his chest in the weirdest way... And, oh my god, Mayday’s weird Spongebob background flower eyes? It’s little tidbits like that that really make me jealous. How could I have ever thought of that? It looks so perfect, and I don’t know why. And her little booty jig she does in her idle animation? Adorable. I played as her as much as was reasonable not only because I’m a filthy button masher with little strategy but also because she’s so damn cute. I can also appreciate how she has a tough-as-nails persona while still keeping a semi-girly attitude, like with her falling for 1010 and Sayu. Characters are so much better when they’re a perfect blend of characteristics, instead of being all one-note, like how Zuke is the quiet one but gets heated against DK West, and all. 
Honestly the voice acting for every character is great, but I love when Mayday’s VA’s accent shows through. It’s a perfect twang to accent (consider this the only acknowledgement of a pun in this post) her snarkiness. 
DJ Subatomic Supernova was going to be an easy favorite since he’s all space-themed. Also, I don’t know why I always end up liking the egotistic characters. Not in the sense that I like their egotistic-ness, but in the sense that I like everything else about them and they just so happen to also be egotistic. The same applied with Empoleon (maybe like my 2nd favorite Pokemon) and Rarity from MLP, probably among others. Either way, I’ll never not love space themes. Not to mention he’s got a funky disco theme, and I’m slowly starting to realize that I am in extreme love with techno-funk styles of music. The instant I heard his music he cemented his place into my playlists. 
As for design, I still have no idea what the fuck he is. Clearly AI is at human levels in this world, but if he’s a robot why does he still have hairy legs? But, if he’s a human, is that weird orb his head? Is it just some sort of puppet which he controls from inside his giant jacket? I know I dissed explaining things realistically but I actually want to know with this guy. Even the wiki doesn’t say. Either way, he’s clearly the logical extreme of “being at the center of your own universe.” Even his jacket depicts a solar system, with his hood being the sun. Didn’t see that until I tried to draw him. I really wish this guy wasn’t so tied to his DJ stand so I could reasonably draw him without it. I don’t want to draw his hairy ass legs. It is a great touch for his design though (although I prefer his beta look with pants and long boots, another design trait I tend to gravitate to) since DJs could reasonably not wear pants, since they’re always behind a table.
Sayu is my favorite. It’s so plainly obvious. It’s weird to say that sometimes, because some characters like Sayu are so clearly engineered to be as adorable as possible, to the point where they’re basically a parody of whatever they’re supposed to be emulating, but then they do that so well that they are still likable for what they’re trying to parody. Also, even though I’ve never looked into any vocaloid superstars myself, the fact that they exist and are loved in real life is absolutely perfect to be used as a character design in a world like this. It’s so weird conceptually, but we all know it’s normal and realistic. But yeah, she’s a giga-cutie whom I’ve already drawn and I’ve listened to her theme on loop on many different occasions. Favorite character, favorite track, favorite weapon of choice (What did I say about Empoleon?), which, and I wouldn’t have noticed this myself, looks like the USB symbol you see above USB ports on computers. How crazy perfect is that?
Even apart from my unbridled love for cute monster robot(?) girls, her boss fight is probably the 2nd greatest of them all, at least conceptually. She’s just a hologram, so you can’t touch her, but you CAN disconnect the artists which control her in order to defeat her. It’s the kind of concept for a boss fight that could only work for this type of character. I’m a sucker for the cute girl that provides her voice, but I love how the animator (video editor? the yellow one) actually attacks you with a mouse and lowers the brightness of the setting once he appears. Also, the mocap guy being the deeply-voiced type but still providing the adorable movements of her body. It’s such a great combo of characters, and their little extra art in the credits makes me like them even more. I just wish we could interact with them individually.
DK West was probably one of the most interesting characters visually, especially since I knew of every other NSR member long before the game came out, but I only just heard of him closer to the release. I wasn’t sure where he was placed, but I definitely assumed his gig was the weird shadow demon we saw in the trailers. When I finally saw him in game, I was shocked to hear him speak an entirely different language most of the time, which was really cool. Also, finding out he was tied to Zuke and wasn’t strictly an NSR artist really made him more interesting. You know, if his fucking shadow clone magic didn’t make him crazy cool enough. Even though I suck at his game and am not especially fond of his raps, the visual of him rapping with this giant monster behind him and dozens of weird shadow wingmen by his side hyping him up was probably one of the coolest in the entire game. The dark way they were hyping him up too gave such a bizarre atmosphere, especially since it parallels his seemingly chill and smiley demeanor. 
I definitely hope they’ll introduce new bosses as DLC in the future, and make them sort of in the same vein as DK West, where they aren’t the biggest artists ever, but they want to pick a fight with B2J. I’d kill for any extra content this game can provide.
Yinu is obviously special since she was the subject of the demo they put out for the game. Even though I knew all her bells and whistles, she and her mom still beat me a few times in the full game. Considering she’s semi-tied to story-ish spoilers I kinda want to go more into her in a separate section. It is worth considering playing the game first since it’s not hard (with the easy going deaths) and it’s short length.
1010 seriously grew on me as I learned more about them and interacted with them. I got their shtick when I first looked at them, but after seeing that animation of them touring the city on Youtube I was kinda falling for them. Then, I learned that they’re apparently repurposed navy war robots? I mean, maybe not them specifically, but it seems to heavily point in that direction, with the warship cars and “attention!”s and all. It took me a bit to get into their music too, but once I actually fought them and put their actions to the music I fell in love with it. I swear, Neon J’s weird dancing can has some of the smoothest moves in all of gaming. I don’t know whether they mocapped out those movements or got one of the greatest animators ever, but it looks so impossibly clean his part of the song gets me like 30x more hype than it would normally. 
Also, their little art piece of them looking at fan mail in the credits is probably one of the most adorable things ever. Even if they’re just Neon J’s puppets, that piece of art really makes it seem like they love every one of their fans. I’m not gonna lie, I might swoon a bit too if they picked me out and gave me some special attention.
Oh yeah, and the fact that Mayday was super sad in her showstopper against them was adorable and hilarious at the same time. The little tweaks they made to the showstopper for each fight were great.
Eve just has to be Lady Gaga, right? Like, an even crazier Lady Gaga. DJSS is Daft Punk (or any artist with a helmet persona, you know what I’m talking about), Sayu is Hatsune Miku, DK West is Kanye West, Yinu is a generic child protege, 1010 is a KPop boyband (just pick one) and Eve is Lady Gaga. That’s just how things are. But, again, this is the kind of boss fight that only this type of character could provide. It’s not just surreal imagery, it’s ARTISTIC surreal imagery. The fight is so mesmerizing in every way, especially by how it starts off so slow and calm and progresses to insanity, as well as the increased emotional investment in the fight making you feel so much more into it than just “That’s the boy band. Let’s fight.” Not only does it get you more invested, but it makes her artistic persona go deeper than just “she looks weird.” She is genuinely conflicted about her relationship with Zuke, and naturally that leads her to literally split him and Mayday apart. That mechanic specifically was the coolest, although I do wish they made it more obvious when you needed to switch over to a different side. I was getting pulverized by her fight too, since there were so many things to pay attention to. Her fight was definitely the best one. 
Tatiana and Spoilers:
Let’s be real with ourselves, the twist was so obvious. I do also think, though, that obvious twists aren’t bad if they’re just good reveals. At some point, a person just has experienced so many stories that “only pretty good” twists are easy to spot. It doesn’t mean that the twists are bad, it just means you yourself experienced.
I feel like her transition from rock to EDM was pretty understandable, even as a non-musician. She was so caught up in what she assumed was popular that it basically consumed her. It’s easy as an artist to want to forgo what you truly want to make in favor of what makes you popular, and clearly since her transition to EDM made her the CEO of the biggest company in the city (world?) that probably made her think she truly needed to change her outlook. Then, when she saw B2J try to bring it back, she sort of coined them as being as misguided as she was and knocked them down a peg. Plus, they were kinda being jerks about it.
It’s kinda like the Trolls sequel, where everyone pegs rock music fanatics as being too stuck up in their own heads to appreciate other types of music, which honestly seems more like the case than the alternative. When I first heard of the story of the game, I was seriously hoping they did put an asterisk on B2J’s ambitions because they were a bit sketchy from the start. 
That’s kinda where I want to talk about Yinu, because she was the true turning point in what they were doing. She’s literally 9 and yet she’s getting dragged into all this BS. When she said “I hate you all” at the end of her fight, and played a somber tune on her broken piano after the fight destroyed it, you kinda got a kick in the face to realize you’re kinda being an asshole to some of them. Sure, they fight back, but they wouldn’t fight in the first place if they didn’t have to. They are just people who play music under a joint name that B2J just so happened to get in hot water with. 
Then, of course, there’s Kliff, who also reeked of surprise villain, and who’s basically the embodiment of the bad side of B2J, where he just wanted to destroy for his own sake and not for the actual greater good. Once B2J realized their mistake, they backed off, but Kliff was so hard pressed to do what he planned on in the first place he wouldn’t stop. I kinda wish he got a bigger fight to his own since he’s clearly a big enough tech genius to divert a whole satellite into one specific building. Maybe the Elliecopter chase bit was his thing, but I do kind of wish he was there to fight against them too.
Even though Tatiana did kind of reform a bit quick, It’s still not too crazy to assume she could see that B2J was just misguided and the fact that they worked to revert their wrongdoings for her sake would make a pretty strong impressions. They clearly can hold their own, so it’s not like she wouldn’t want them to join NSR too. 
Oh yeah, and her boss fight was clock/time themed. If there’s a theme under space that I love, it’s clocks/time. 
And If I am to be respected by the internet, I must provide a negative opinion to balance out my positive one. I will say that the character model physics (like Mayday’s braids, DK West’s vest thing, Neon J’s fluffy neck thing, etc) got kinda funky at times. Especially DK West’s vest, which was completely messed up for every scene he was in... Also, even though the voices are mostly great, some lines felt a bit off. Just a bit. That good enough? Good.
But yeah anyway that’s another favorite game to add to the pile. Eventually I’m gonna have to compile a true list of my all-time favorite games/movies because I do kind of want to have a solid idea of what my all-time favorites are.
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of-tarnished-metal · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
MOM [TEXT:] Hi honey, can I see you in my office? We need to have a little talk. 
A little talk.-- But that can mean so many things! The redhead’s fingers clenched tighter around his Pokegear as he straight up panicked over those words.
Oh crap, oh no... Silver’s eyes were darting wildly as if the walls were closing in on him. A hard lump jumped from the pits of his stomach, to the middle of his throat, proving it hard to feel the sense of breathing well at all. This was it for him, he was gonna get swallowed up whole by a monster and drop dead there on the floor. 
In reality though he was just sitting on his bed, dumbfounded, guilty, nervous-- all the things the redhead would scowl at anyone over if they saw it for themselves in person. But not here--
It really was the uncanny powers of Mom that could strike the fear into Silver’s very soul, wasn’t it? He hates this. 
But at the same time, every minute spent staring at his phone was a second too long for Ariana. 
By now she had already groomed the office back into place after her dealings with Fred. The lady taps her nails a bit on the desk as she waits impatiently for her son to walk in through the doors. 
The monitor no longer displayed the horrific scenes of her son being pinned to the floor by that foolish Agent. Cherry red lips snarled a bit to herself at the thought, how dare someone put their hands on the boy like that! Moron, if he doesn’t make it out of the basement alive, he got what was coming to him in the end.--  
Now her gaze diverted over to the picture frame beside the screen instead, and just like magic her features began to soften. They were pictures of Silver in a few different stages of his life by a certain order. One of when he was a little baby, another when he was a small child, and now an older boy who is much grumpier looking than the last two...But still cute, in his mother’s eyes.~
With her mind drifting off fondly to the days of yesteryear, the sudden vibration by her elbow caused the Executive to jerk her chin off her resting hand. Ah, good... the phone is put back down as she waits. 
Eventually it’s the footsteps that tip her off to his approach first before the door is lightly knocked on. Silver has a very specific sound to Ariana’s ears that’s been well recognized since he first learned to walk. 
“Yes baby, come in,” already the teen feels his skin crawl as he takes cautious and deliberate movements to curl his fingers around the edge of the door, peeking in first. 
“Come in.” 
Silver wanted to wince, hard, but kept himself in check the best he could as the door was left to swing open-- slooowly. The creaks and whines it made only highlighted his own sense of dread within.
It was that...thing that struck fear in the hearts of all who heard the lady open with her greetings sometimes. The Tone. 
The back of Ariana’s chair was bumped into quite hard from Arbok, her snake had long since coiled back up for a few hours after being denied a little blonde snack. Its tongue flicked rapidly as Silver shuffled in an akward gait to sit in the chair in front of the Executive’s desk. 
Same spot, same spot where that other human sat before. The Cobra Pokemon unwound itself, slinking his way over to meet the redhead in the hotseat. 
Silver turned his head sharply away when he could feel the breath of the large snake’s huffing against a cheek. Ugh...this Pokemon wasn’t always the boy’s favorite that Mom owned, but he’d put up with it anyway. Soon his face was brushed by the very tips of the serpent’s tongue. The boy. This is just the boy. 
Maybe it’s a sign of affection for all he knew, he never will, but Silver wasn’t appreciative of Arbok trying to rest his chin on the top of his head at all. 
“Alright, alright....” Ariana waved her hand at the Pokemon to ‘shoo’ over the muffled sounds of her protesting son, this wasn’t the time and place for that right now. 
He wished he could feel the weight and pressure lift off of him once Arbok moved away, but no. Nervously his eyes flitted up to meet Ariana’s now, his suspicions confirmed of something even worse than The Tone-- The Look. 
“So, baby...” she started with a quicker moves than Silver could open his mouth. “It’s been brought to my attention a few different things in the past few days.--”  The teen almost shifted forward in his seat in a tense way, suddenly urged to speak his piece, but--
“Ah-ah, don’t.” 
...He slowly resigns to presssing his back into the chair. 
“I’m not happy,” well that was very obvious to him by now, and Silver felt compelled to avert his gaze while she just ampilfies her own. Whatever she had to say would be more than enough, please for the love of Arceus don’t look her in the eyes when she’s angry.
“Because first of all, it would have been very helpful to know there was someone tearing holes in the fabric of space and visiting your room, yes?” 
“......Yes.”, the boy shifts a bit nervously in his seat.
“So, why didn’t you?”  “Didn’t think it was a big deal, that’s all...” he mumbles like there’s marbles in his mouth, soured, unwilling to admit his shortcomings just above anything of a whisper. 
“Not a big deal, or...?” “--I didn’t think anyone would believe me.” 
There we go. “Yes...I can understand where it would be hard for the others to believe.” Ariana’s eyes narrow more. “But you should have told me, your mother.”
“.......” Another shift in the chair as he can just hear the growl in her voice. 
“We didn’t need to go through that fiasco with the lockdown the other day if you had just told someone beforehand! And don’t tell me this isn’t the first time you’ve ever met this boy, the footage clearly tells a different story.” 
Almost it was like something primal clicked in the redheads brain, his mother’s rising anger only starts to fuel Silver’s own. “But I did tell people! I told them in the chatroom--!” 
“The chatroom, yes, you did. In a not-so-well mannered way, in fact.” 
Impatiently she taps a nail on the surface of the desk even more, for as much as she loves her boy no matter what-- she’s tired. The Executive is not willing to bend and play the runaround, even with him after all she’s had to do today, her aim is for the scruff. Quickly.
“Those same comments warranted Fred to come after you.”
Silvers hands clenched tighter around the arms of the chair, oh shit she knows!?
Maybe the startled look he has gives Ariana just the slightest bit of amusement, trapped.~ But as quickly as it comes, it goes, and falls away into a much darker mood. “Though believe me when I say I wasn’t happy with him either...” 
A small hum. “But that’s alright, I took care of that too already.” 
There’s a sudden flash of horror in the boys grey eyes then while staring squarely, but almost pitifully helpless into her red ones. Took care of...?
“Wh-what happened to Fred?” 
Mom doesn’t answer, which in a lot of ways makes it so much worse. He’s very aware of what that means, she....she doesn’t need to explain it. Though that’s when a very strange and dissociative feeling crept up into his very soul.
Sure Fred was annoying, but...he didn’t wanna think the guy went out like that because of-- him.
“Which is why I think I have to punish you for your behavior as well.” 
A cold chill crept down the boys arms and into his fingertips, but as tense as he was, it didn’t stop Silver from feeling his shoulders start to drop in a limp and defeated way. There was no getting out of this, and he didn’t need a snake to coil him up in that very same spot where the Agent was before to know that. 
“You’re grounded.”
The boy blinked rapidly a few times in his seat as he felt like a puddle that was oozing to the floor. The verdict was like a cold slap to the face which shocked him out the stupor. And, maybe in some dumb and selfish way that felt like a fate worse than death itself.
“Which means no internet, no video games, no phone, when I get up in the morning, you get up in the morning, when I go to work, you’re coming with me.” 
“But when you’re in here your idle hands will be doing work that I give you. Not handhelds, not guitar. Just books and homework until further notice. Do you understand Silver?” 
The Executive leans back in her own chair. Still annoyed, but at least growing more satisfied with his complacency. “Your punishment starts tomorrow. “
“Okay....” Silver’s voice was very soft now, fallen low much in the level of shock Ariana expected him to be. 
“You can go back to your room now, I’ll see you by dinnertime.” 
Numbly, the redhead pushes himself out of the chair after Mom dismisses him, dumbfounded, guilty-- confused. He barely feels the metallic touch of the doorhandle once he turns it and quietly leaves. 
...Ariana let out a soft and troubled sigh once her son closes the door behind him. She hated to be the bad guy sometimes, but if that’s the only way to get headstrong boys to learn the lessons.-- Then so be it. 
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echotovalley · a year ago
so because I’m taking a writing break but still super needy
I figured I would post this outline for a pokemon au that I’m never going to write. it’s basically notes from a conversation I had back in early 2018? Imagine my surprise going back now and realizing this might read much like Detective Pikachu - cubone is just my favorite pokemon
***before we get into anything please know that while I play pgo and I’ve learned LOTS of new pokemon, I’m still the most familiar and attached to the og 150 + 1. I also probably get a lot of canon pokemon rules and history wrong but my heart is in the right place
reblogs appreciated! | come talk at me about your thoughts or literally anything
premise: keith might not be a pokemon person
but pokemon are definitely a keith person
- for unknown reasons keith docks in cuba, he's kind of just been getting work and moving moving always moving because one place never works out for long. pokemon are everywhere but it's not his thing.
it never happened for him besides why would he make an animal be saddled with him? there's no stability there. and again, he's always moving. through so many different regions.
he doesn't have the heart to yank a sandshrew onto a barge across the atlantic or a charmander up the northeast coast of the US. he can barely take care of himself. and it's weird by now. to not have a pokemon by now. they were everywhere and so normalized.
they were part of everyday school curriculum and even in hospitals and rescue stations. which is another reason why he never stayed in one place very long because not having a pokemon didn't incite people to trust you.
bc even team rocket (team rocket still sounds so much better than team galra but team rocket is the galra) had pokemon that bonded and trusted them.
he gets a room and some horrible job on the coast and basically just gets by. tries not to cause trouble or get caught or encourage rattatas or a caterpie to follow him home because they could still smell half the lunch he didn't eat tucked in his bag
- i'm plotting by the seat of my pants but what really kick-started all of this was the thought of Keith finding a wounded cubone in the middle of the night.
it's too dark and raining to tell what animal or pokemon attacked it or if it was a person that fractured the skull he wore enough for a piece to break off along the jaw
the cubone sustained a mean looking scrape to its face and this is not what keith needs right now but he can tell the cubone's crying and kind of just accepted what's happened and it keeps pawing at the missing piece in the skull and keith may not actively interact with pokemon but he doesn't hate them and he still has a heart.
he's docked in cuba and his spanish just gets him by to get food and money and not anger anyone
he didn't think the barge's docking region through all of the way so he's got a cubone to help with rudimentary spanish that sucks on the best day but he's going to try and get the cubone help
he starts rushing through streets and people's yards because he could have swore the town had a gym he passed but in the dark and rain it takes him a full hour to find the gym.
- duh it's closed but he's at least going to bang on the doors and hopefully it's going to set off an alarm or something
the police will show up or someone will be able to take the cubone where it needs to go. his hand is numb from knocking as hard as he could before the door is whooshed open and someone is spitting rapid fire spanish like venom and he thinks he manages to get out that he can really only speak english and shoves the cunbone into their hands.
before he knows it, he's being yanked by his collar into the gym and down hallways and finally into the blinding lights of the pokemon center on sight.
there's more spanish and faces that look so similar that its clear it's a family that runs the gym.
- beep beep guess who's family owns and runs the gym
the pokecenter is actually a rehabilitation center founded and run by the McClain family for several generations
he gets questioned after the cubone is taken back behind the doors and it takes someone repeatedly snapping their fingers in front of his face to get him to come back to the conversation.
his name's keith, he's from the US, he just found the cubone - no he doesn't know if it has an owner, doesn't even know if it’s wild or if it has a nearby pack or how it got hurt or how long it’s been hurt.
but keith,
keith is his name and he can at least answer that.
he stays there over night and finds out that Marco is the one that answered the door. Veronica is the one to actually examine him because he looks like he's about to pass out.
their mother is the one to assure him the cubone would be fine - her daughter Rachel attends to injured pokemon and gets another son Luis to show Keith to a room in their house and keith passes out the second he stumbles to a bed.
- in the morning, when he goes to the bathroom and is in the middle of washing his hands, another son is banging on the door for Marco to get out of the bathroom and that's the first time he meets lance
when Keith yanks the door open he tells him to freaking stop because he's clearly not marco.
an older man, probably come to break up a fight, stops and blinks at keith before shouting over his shoulder about not remembering having or getting another kid (arthur "and who are you???" weasley style)
(our boy Lance has a minor panic about the cute random guy is his bathroom at 8 a.m.)
Keith gets shoved down at a table covered in food for breakfast and can't keep up he definitely has a headache and is ready to throw himself through a window when he's asked about his pokemon and if they need help too
he doesn't have pokeman and never has had one and isn't really interested and this family has centered their entire lives around it
- he sees the cubone again, in recovery and it paws a little at his hands in thanks
over the next few days, he stays with them and somehow gets roped into doing chores around the facility and given an assigned seat at their table for meals and he's just T H R O W N
they literally have an arbok taking a nap in a hammock in their backyard and a pod of seadras in an olympic pool in the gym just hanging out (doing little races between each other or chasing each other)
a vulpix he learns belongs to one of the McClain siblings (Rachel) sunbathes and sniffs at his feet while he’s working in the yard
and there's a persian destroying blinds in the living room window and a charizard in the kitchen
and some random small children he learns are marco's are throwing or shooting across the floor fridge magnets as a game with a magnemite
- begrudgingly on McClain’s part, keith’s assigned to Lance for being shown around the rehab center
lance takes him to the beach and out into the middle of the ocean on a boat
Keith: "this is where you feed me to a gryados"
Lance: "close"
and a freaking L A P RA S pops up out of the water and clicks at lance and makes little waves in his direction and they do a damn forehead touch he's crazy this is crazy
Keith: "YOU HAVE A LAPRAS???!!!!" - because even keith who doesn’t do pokemon knows what the heck a lapras is
Lance "I don't have a lapras. Nobody owns her. We just give her her room and protect or heal her when she needs it"
- the next few weeks see lance having to admit keith isn’t so bad and that just because he doesn’t have a pokemon, it doesn’t mean he actively dislikes them
the cubone is attached to keith - despite his bad attitude, lance says
this is the initial thought that kicked this off: keith asks if they have a 3D printer and once the cubone's injury is fully healed, he makes a mold for the missing piece and fits it in place
lance denies crying
"you've done one (1) good thing, kogane"
- then the real plot kicks in when the lapras is captured and taken from the beach by team rocket
lance blames keith because of the timing, because of keith's vague answers on where he's from, why he has no friends or family, no pokemon
insert painful, raw, yelled, "I TRUSTED YOU"
keith convinces him he's not part of team rocket and the main story starts where lance and keith leave to go after the lapras and return her to cuba.
- before they leave, rachel throws a pokeball at keith "i think your cubone might like this one"
and lance's eyes get huge because he knows what it is and then a pokemon is coming out of the pokeball
and it's a marowak
the cubone very carefully and slowly approaches her and the marowak just watches and waits. the cubone brushes its bone across the marowak's foot and then approaches and okay keith's eyes definitely water as he watches this marowak kind of take in the cubone.
(THE CRITICAL HIT COMES WHEN THE CUBONE EVENTUALLY EVOLVES. I like to think maybe through poke-magic the skull fixes itself when he evolves and the cubone hands the 3d mold back to keith and gets keith to put it on a chain safe for his skin to wear the 3d mold piece still)
- obv they get the lapras back,
they find out keith's mom was a double agent ofc for the team rocket faction that took the lapras
they meet hunk and pidge and allura and coran and romelle and others along the way to take down team rocket because what’s a pokemon au without the power of friendship
- keith and lance wait at the airport in cuba
it's for shiro, he had let keith travel because he saw that keith needed to find room to grow and find who he was
obviously keith is not 10. he and lance are 17.
anyways he rushes keith and pulls him into a big hug and tells keith how proud of him he is
the first thing lance tells shiro is about the time keith almost stepped on an exeggcute and how they chased him
or the time he almost sustained a skull fracture from a taurus and the time a seel thought keith was its mom
there was also that time with a magby-
keith being mildly terrified of the pokemon hanging around the McClain properties
Lance: "if you want to lay in the hammock just move him"
Keith: "just move him?! it's an arbok not a lap dog"
a nest of torchicks gets laid in the backyard and follows keith for two days after they hatch and lance laughs so hard he cries because keith can't shake them and he winds up tripping and they all jump on top of him
keith might not have been a pokemon person
but pokemon are definitely a keith person
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winterfang53 · a year ago
Gajevy Week 2020 - Letters
Super late but here you go!
Gajevy Week 202 day 1: Letters! I hope you enjoy!
Levy was running the moment she got off the bus; her red backpack bouncing on her back while her lunchbox threatened to fly out of her hand. The 12-year-old raced down the block towards her house, only stopping at the mailbox at the end of the driveway.
Excitement gleamed in her eyes as she eagerly opened the wooden frame only to deflate at the emptiness within.
“Not today I guess,” Levy sign, pouting as she trudged towards the front door, lacking the energy she had only a moment before. “I hope it comes tomorrow then,” Levy said quietly.
Levy made her way into her house, almost tripping over her older brother’s shoes at the doorway. “Stupid Jellal,” she grumbled loudly, catching the attention of someone in the kitchen.
“Levy is that you dear?” her mother called, poking her head around the corner, “how was school, Honey?”
“It was fine,” Levy said hesitantly, “Mom, did you get the mail by any chance?”
Levy’s mother smiled brightly, “Your letter’s on the table, Sweetie.”
Joy brightened Levy’s eyes, making her throw her shoes off in hast to bounce her way into the kitchen. There, sitting the on the light wooden table was a plain white letter with her name scribbled in bad handwriting. Levy squealed as she leaped towards the letter only for it to be ripped from her hand.
“What’s this?” Levy’s older brother Jellal asked, holding the letter above her short stature, “a letter from your boyfriend?” he teased.
“Jellal!” Levy screeched, her cheeks flushing with anger and embarrassment, “he’s not my boyfriend and gives me it back!” 
“Oh, I’m sorry,” Jellal laughed, “your penpal, who you wait with bated breath for every letter he sends you. It’s kind of sad Lev.”
Before Levy could defend herself, a show flew through the air to smack her brother in the face. Looks like her mom was here to defend her instead. “Jellal stop teasing your sister and put your shoes away!”
Levy snatched her letter and bolted up the stairs to her room, locking the door so her brother couldn’t chase her.
Downstairs, Levy’s mom chastised her son: “Why do you have to tease her like that? You know how hard it is for Levy to make friends -- those letters brighten her day!”
“Sorry Mom,” Jellal grumbled, “I didn’t mean anything by it, it’s just she really needs to make more friends than the one boy who’s her penpal from last year.”
Their Mother’s eyes soften, “I know Honey, but you know how shy she is, she has a hard time connecting to the other kids. Let her appreciate the friend she has now.”
“I just hope he doesn’t stop writing her letters,” Jellal signed as he gazed up the stairs, “it would break her heart.”
Upstairs behind Levy’s locked door, sat Levy on her bed gazing at the letter in hand. It was a plain white envelope -- like always -- with her name scribbled in a handwritten that she could recognize anywhere as her penpal Gajeel Redfox. Last year, before the summer started, Levy’s school started a penpal program between her school and a school on the other side of the state. It was mandatory for all 5th graders in her school to participate, making shy little Levy write a letter to a complete stranger. 
Levy can still remember how nervous she was writing her first letter -- an introduction letter about herself -- and how her tummy hurt for 2 whole weeks while she waited for a response, only for her to bristle in fury at the response her got:
You sound short.
 Gajeel Redfox, as Levy came to discover, was a boy of every few words and took much joy in teasing her even though letters. Levy had been so mad that she wrote a very rude letter back. For the rest of the summer, Levy and Gajeel sent “hate mail” to each other, calling each other every name in the book until the first week of school when it dawned on her that the program was over. 
Levy had come to look forward to each letter; the excitement of interacting with someone her own age wasn’t something Levy got to experience often -- given her lack of friends. During the second week of 6th grade, Levy sent a letter to Gajeel asking him if he still wanted to send letters and for 2 whole weeks, Levy sat again with her tummy hurting. When that letter came, Levy almost cried happily at what was written:
You’re funny Shrimp, why on earth would I stop now?
Now, in April and almost a whole year of writing letters, Levy and Gajeel still exchanged letters almost every week -- just with less teasing.
Levy gently opened the letter, so as not to rip the letter, and pulled out the plain white notebook paper that Gajeel always wrote on:
My Ma says I need to start my letters by asking how you are so here: How are you? I don’t really know why I need to do that, you would tell me if you’re ok or no but whatever. Has your school started ‘preparing’ you guys for middle school? Mine has and it stinks. What’s the big deal with middle school anyways? The only difference is that you have more than one classroom now, big deal. My Ma says it’s a bigger deal than that but I think she’s exaggerating. See? I used a big word -- I AM using that stupid dictionary you gave me for Christmas so now you can’t say I’m not!  Yes, I know there were Pokemon cards in the dictionary but you still gave me a dictionary for Christmas. That’s worst than socks Shrimp! 
Anyways that not the real thing I want to talk about. My folks are dragging me and Wendy to go see my grandparents out of state this summer, we’re gonna be there for a whole month while dad has to go overseas for work! I put their address at the end of this letter so you know where to send your letters to me. I’ll be there from June 23 to July 25 so don’t forget!
P.S. I hate making friends too, most of my friends are my cousins, well and you. Don’t let the other kids bully you ok? I’m not there to beat them up.
Levy smiled as she read her letter, blushing slightly at Gajeel’s hidden concern for her. Even if he was mean most of the time, Levy knew that he cared for her in his own weird way. His letters were the highlight of her day -- save for reading. Levy hoped from her bed and pulled out a large box from underneath. There, Levy had every letter Gajeel ever sent her. Kissing the letter, Levy placed it in the box before hopping over to her desk to write her reply. 
Levy and Gajeel continued being penpals for years to come, surprising everyone even themselves on their commitment. It wasn’t until high school when both Gajeel and Levy got cellphones did the letters slow down a bit and were partially replaced by texts. Letters, texts, and later calls allowed for Gajeel and Levy’s relationship to flourish until one fateful day during the first week of college did Levy and Gajeel finally meets -- 7 years after the first letter.
“Welcome to Art History 100 everyone!” the professor called out at the front of the class, “why don’t we start by introducing ourselves: Everyone, going in order, please stand up, give your name, and give a strange fact about your self!” Levy sat in the middle of class, her hair pulled back in her favorite headband -- a gift from Gajeel -- as she nervously waited for her turn. Finally, after what felt like forever, it was her turn.
“Um, Hello I’m Levy McGarden and my strange fact is that I’ve had a penpal since 5th grade that still actively talk to,” Levy said shyly before sitting down.
“Wow, that’s pretty cool,” the blond girl next to her said, her brown eyes showing her honesty, “I didn’t think penpals were still a thing!” 
Levy beamed at the girl -- Lucy if she remembered correctly. “Yeah, we were pretty unusual. I’m Levy by the way.”
“Lucy,” the blond said nodding her head with a smile, “did you two ever meet up or anything?”
Levy shook her head, “no, he lived on the other side of the state so we never got the chance.”
“What about now?” Lucy asked quietly since there were still people introducing themselves, “where does he go to school.”
Levy frowned at this, “I don’t know, to be honest, he told me it was a secret. Knowing him, he probably did it to piss me-” she was cut off then by a familiar voice that she had never heard in person before.
“My name is Gajeel Redfox and my strange fact is that I’m Levy McGraden’s penpal, Gihi!” 
Levy could only gab at the towering male with thick black hair, silver piercings, and a fanged grin smiling over at her from the back of the room. There, in the flesh, was her crush since grade school, her penpal, Gajeel Redfox. 
“You asshole,” Levy said softly, unable to stop the smile that was spreading across her lips as Lucy cooed on how cute this was. Throughout the rest of the class, Levy couldn’t help herself from looking back at that man who pissed her off and make her smile all with the same breath. Meeting the red eyes that teased her from the back while Lucy giggled at her the whole time.
“You have some explaining to do you jerk!” Levy growled playfully as she whacked him after class.
“Gihi! What? You didn’t like the surprise?” Gajeel laughed, dodging her little fists, “damn, I must say Shrimp, you’re living up to your name!”
4 years later, at their wedding reception, while Lucy was recounting the story, Levy slip over a folded paper to her new husband.
“What’s this?” Gajeel whispered, his brow raised in question.
“The first letter of our marriage,” Levy said smiling, “read it.”
Gajeel eyed her in question before unfolding the paper only to choke on his own tongue;
“We’re pregnant?!”
I hope everyone enjoyed this! 
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moonlightreal · a year ago
Winx Club season 8/19
And we’re back!  Thanks to Evergleam!
In which we see the last of Diaspro.
19 Tower beyond the Clouds
Monocerous is the ‘home star’ of the winged unicorns.  Does this place even have a star core?  I don’t think we saw one.  Maybe Peg moved here after Magical adventure, he found his own people.  i like that idea.. of course I also like the idea that Peg still lives on Domino playing with all the local kids, and someday he’ll belong to bloom’s daughter.
Flying!  More flying!  I assume there are girl-and-unicorn toys.  Stella tries to make friends with her unicorn but accidentally insults him by calling him a ‘horse cousin.’  Well, to quote Sir Pterry, “a unicorn is just a horse that comes to a point!”
They hear a scream for help from a floating island and ride to the rescue!
It’s Diaspro, the scream queen.  She and Bloom are not thrilled to see each other. Then Bloom sees Sky being chased by the black unicorn.  When I watched this in italian I thought Diaspro had told them sky was in trouble, but in English at least, nope!  In english Bloom just asks what she’s doing here and she says, ‘Oh, just passing through.” nice, Diaspro.  -_-  
The black unicorn is chasing Sky, blasting him with fire from its horn.  Bloom’s unicorn does not want to dive to the rescue!  All the Winx unicorns are scared of him.  
Aisha: “We’ll just use ranged attacks!  let’s transform!”  I love that she said ‘ranged attacks’ it’s so video game.  Or Nanoha.  ‘shooting arts’ and ‘strike arts’… anyway.  I haven’t been able to reference Lyrical Nanoha yet this season.
Flora asks the trees and they say the black unicorn isn’t evil.  But I guess the plants didn’t explain why he’s acting evil!
Bloom suggests they trust their unicorns.  The unicorns do this cool pattern flying that makes rainbows in the sky.  One of the girls calls it a magical air show.  Magic sparkles fall from the unicorns’ colored manes and the girls realize this is cool and lend the unicorns their magic. Together they make a rainbow of light that falls down on the black unicorn, making him shimmer with iridescence before he returns to his normal color.  The black unicorn is saved!  His horn doesn’t grow back though, which I would’ve expected.
The girls land, and Bloom runs to Sky.  Tecna fixes Sky’s flying suit, which is cool.  Sky says he’s lucky to be friends with a Fairy of Technology.
Aisha tries to approach the black unicorn,. But he’s still not real friendly. Some unilumens arrive and explain the the black unicorn is named Aryo and he’s not evil, he just doesn’t trust anyone because the last person he did trust broke his horn.  Bloom says, ‘I hope you’ll find someone to bond with.”
Diaspro decides this is a good time to step in with, ‘I’m sorry to interrupt such a touching moment, but can we just go home now, Sky?”
The Winx criiiiiinge.  Flora holds her hat over her face in horror at the relationship drama that’s about to be unleashed upon us.  Hehe!
Bloom works out that the two of them were on a mission together.  Diaspro is gonna make Sky confirm it but before he can do anything but stutter, Aryo advances on Diaspro.  She backs off in terror—and Sky looks like he’s about to leap to her defense, actually, when the unicorn licks her face.
“Looks like Aryo found someone to trust.”  says a unilumen in the most skeptical voice a lumen could muster.
Aryo kneels so Diaspro can mount.  She says she doesn’t want to ride a ‘winged animal’ but then realizes this isn’t a bad idea after all.  “I’m leaving, nobody appreciates me here!  Quick, take me back to Eraklyon!”  They fly off, with Diaspro calling back, “Bye bye sky, I’ll be waiting for our next mission together!”  Darn, I was kind of hoping Diaspro had seen the light and was going to spend time with people who wanted to be with her, get her life together, enjoy her new unicorn friend… but probably not.  Hmm, now that she has a evil looking unicorn could Diaspro be poised to step up as a major villain in later seasons?
Stella: “Truly, unicorns are really strange creatures.”  her unicorn bucks a little and she clarifies that she only means some unicorns.  heh.
Sky thanks the girls for the rescue and Musa points out he’s not out of danger yet.  Sky turns to see Bloom glaring at him.
The unicorns graze peacefully.  Flora invites the girls to go check out some floating rocks so bloom and Sky can fight in peace.
“I can’t believe you’ve been on a mission with Diaspro all this time!’
“I’ve already told you, Diaspro tricked me, I was convinced we were on a mission for my father.’
‘Then you could have told me, unless… you had something to hide.”
“I tried to answer your calls but every time I did Diaspro got into trouble again.  You have to trust me, I couldn’t wait to see you again.”
Sky wants to join the mission for the prime star, but Bloom’s still pissed he didn’t tell her about Diaspro and sky says again that Bloom doesn’t trust him.
The Trix apparently watched this whole thing.  Stormy’s still boasting about how she got a prime star.  Icy shuts her sisters up and they fly after the Winx.
Bloom and Sky are still pouting.  Sky says he always trusts Bloom when she’s off saving the magic universe.
Happily, the gate appears then.  The unicorns magic it open and everyone flies through. Including the Trix.
The gate takes them to somewhere else on Monocerous, there’s a floating island with a tower that looks like a unicorn horn.  Purple light glows from the top of the tower.
But the unicorns land the girls at the bottom, because we can’t do it the easy way! Then they fly off.  
But all of a sudden, purple clouds and lightning!  Flora says it’s unnatural. The first guess is that the prime star is defending itself but no, it’s the Trix!  Who have lost the element of surprise because Stormy had to show off.
Cosmix time!
Aisha makes a BIG morphix bubble around the Winx, but Darcy takes her out pretty quick so I guess she overreached herself.  Tecna mentions that morphix doesn’t conduct electricity.
Battle battle fighting fighting, we’ll get the prime star first…
Icy does the smart thing and flies towards the top of the tower.  Sky confronts her and Icy… slaps him with a giant ice cube!  Ahahaha!
Bloom sees her sweetie flying through the air stuck to a giant ice cube… but Sky uses his suit and unsticks himself.  He and Icy grab for the prime star!  They’ve both grabbed it!  Purple light explodes out of the tower!
Bloom’s flying up to help when she gets whooshed into the purple and the she’s in this… rainbowy iridescent space?  The background looks like the glittery cosplay fabric I buy for twenty bucks a yard, but only if I have a really good coupon.
In this magic-space Sky is flying, dodging spears of ice.  Icy has some good minimal magic gestures too, she’s summoning big ice stalagmites she calls ice blades with just a flick of her finger.  I guess the animators haven’t seen Frozen.  Sky is trapped.  Bloom is upset!
Oh no, Bloom can either help Sky or go after the prime star, which will she choose? She looks back and forth.  Sky, to his credit, is trying to escape for himself.  He tells Bloom to go after the prime star, to trust him to handle himself.
Cool epic fight music!  Bloom summons her fire dragon, we see it grow out of her hand.  She sends the dragon after Icy while she grabs the prime star. Sky does something with his suit and he lights up and busts out of the ice prison.  Hooray!  Sky and Bloom have a moment.
The star case appears and says some poetry about trust, and Bloom puts the prime star in.  Bloom apologizes for freaking out and Sky apologies for not telling her about Diaspro.
Icy comes back for more and tries to freeze them.  Bloom; ‘I’m sorry, but I prefer the warmth of friendship and true affection.”  Boy was that a stilted line!
Flora blows away all three Trix with a petal storm.  We’re blasting off again!
The girls congratulate themselves.
Their unicorns and the unilumens fly by overhead, and Twinkle flies down to join them.
Now would be a good time for… a concert!  With only Sky as the audience.  Twinkle briefly sits on Sky’s head, which is adorable, then she sits in his arms.  I love that, I always felt there wasn’t enough sitting on each other when the girls had their pixies, you know?  It seems like the kind of bond that would lead to snuggling.
The girls sing, the unicorns fly overhead, Sky nods in time to the music, then he and Bloom have a romantic moment.
I know we won’t see the Winx’s unicorns again, but I hope Diaspro will still have her unicorn later.  Diaspro needs a weird pet!  And that’s all we see of Diaspro in this season.  She tricked sky into going on a mission with her, seemed not to notice it wasn’t making him like her any better, and got a unicorn. So that’s… something.  I guess.
Next time: Winxboards!  Mielle!  A giant… pokemon?
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tamiddyinyourcity · a year ago
Good morning to those of you who are just waking up right now.
Monday, April 6th of 2020.
Feeling a little off tonight.
I guess just reflecting on things with my ex earlier had me feeling a certain way.
Just remembered that time we listened to Shes a Big Boy in his livingroom, with him laying ontop of me on his couch.
I think this was the song I listened to a lot when we first broke up, too. It was a nice ambiance, with the rainstorms that winter and everything.
It's grooving, sexy, and also a little somber as well.
A nice, slow vibe for a nice easygoing night, relaxing, letting go of some inhibitions with some wine or something nice, like.... chili cheese fries. God, I miss those. Those were delicious.
Thinking about the baby photos of him in his livingroom too.
He was a weird looking preteen. Its odd, seeing the photos of him with a bowl cut.... I don't know how to describe the creepy expression he makes in his youth photos, but..... its just creepy.
He and his brother turned out attractive as hell, so whatever. Its just kinda funny, knowing that Patrick had a bit of an ugly duckling phase. His isn't as bad as my puberty was, but compared to the photo of him taken at 19.... All I could do was wonder, "How the fuck did you go from this to this?"
He really grew into his jawline and found flattering angles for him, I guess, but its a shocker. (His brother also was funny looking with a teeth gap, bowl cut, and very beady far apart eyes..... then he still turned out hot. They sure the fuck know how to turn lemons into lemonade, dont they?)
This isn't relevant to the thoughts I've been having tonight, but, its still worth mentioning. Wanted to get both of those facts off my chest for awhile now. (That Patrick was a funny looking child, the type that would get pushed into swimming pools, or one would steal pokemon cards from; and that his brother was hot as hell. Not like I'd hit on his brother, just saying....)
Also, I should unfollow his brother..... someday?
And his baby pictures, he was an oddly adorable child. I don't know, something kinda adorable about seeing the pale, big forehead, squinty eyed man you've come to adore, in his squinty eyed, plush cheeked baby phase.
It's trippy. It's always weird, seeing how someone looked as a baby, and grew up... Patrick looks the same, just like, adult mode. He went from cute lil baby taking adorable photos with his mom with an adorable grin, to a goddamned hippie that has an adorable grin and super stupid fucking lack of skills in the relationship department--
Cute baby.
And, idk, seeing baby photos of the guy I like does make my thoughts race a little. (A LITTLE, as in as slow as a car being pushed by three toddlers on low fucking gas.)
Like, "Oh, so thats how he looked as a baby.... I was a cute baby too.... If we collabed on a kid, then, what would it look like?"
It's not me actually considering a baby at 19, just a childish daydream. But, its not out of the question either, to wonder what a situation would be like in the instance that a guy you're monogamously seeing might one day have a slip with a condom, or might not pull out fast enough, you know? (Thank god he only wore condoms, he already nutted too damn fast with those...)
Even with Other Patrick, it came up the first time we had sex. There was a small incident, and so to resolve the small incident, a very small morning after pill had to be taken. He was more emotional about it than me, but he was very mature and considerate about it as well, to make sure I wasn't going to feel any guilt over it.
And we talked about it. If the hypothetical did happen. He mentioned leaning towards an abortion, and when I said "Oh hell yeah, most definitely", (since I wasn't gonna throw away my career and hourglass figure away for nothing,) he snugly sidled up against me and said "Yeaaaaaah, cause yknow, I ain't tryna have no kids anytime soon. I'm not quite ready to be a dad yet, hehe."
Then he was pretty taken aback to hear me say that if I was going to raise a child, I'd probably prefer to be a single mother than to have a guy around.
(I've grown out of this mindset, but hey, pick your jaw up off of the floor and listen.)
He sat up and asked why, clearly never hearing a girl say she'd want to raise a child on her own BY CHOICE. I basically said that I'd be too annoyed at the idea of any excess bullshit from a man I'm not married to, (baby mama drama, side chicks, abandonment, abuse, a lack of financial stability, a potential stepmother that could hurt my damn child,) and more... and that I'd much rather be the one to raise me and my kid to a level of safety and security in the world, since I'd trust myself most than any random guy I'd hook up with.
He was kinda accepting of it, but still let me know, "Well, if I ever did have a kid with a woman, then.... *nothing* could ever physically stop me from being with my child", putting his head against my neck and his arms around my waist in the bed.
Sweet guy.
Patrick #2 had a similar opinion. That even if I was pregnant, then I should at least give the man room to support the kid, especially financially, since it's the man's duty to take care of his kid. (I appreciate both of their maturity about it.)
Child support is fine, but if the father of my kid is dangerous, or would make my kid vulnerable, no way in hell would they be around them. (But otherwise, yeah, ideally I'd wanna be married first.... or not have kids for a very very very very long time.)
Patrick #1, I recall, was always a bit on edge. I don't know what he was so nervous for; I'm much too.... *not of fully sound mind* to have a child, and barely ate enough back then as is. He was BOLD to assume I'd want his children. (That soon, at least...)
I literally remember his mom showing me his baby photos, (seeing a 6 ft tall athletic ass man with abs of steel and biceps that could crush melons, back when he had chubby cheeks and plump little hands, is.... adorable,) and when I aaaawwwwed, and commented on how cute his baby photos were... Nigga must've had a Thats So Raven style flashback, since he just paused and said, "Can we focus on something else please?"
And a few other moments of asking his mom pregnancy related questions. (NOT FOR ME! WE WERE TALKING ABOUT HER FAMILY!)
I naively asked, "What would you say was the most challenging thing about childbirth for you?", when she brought up raising her sons as young boys and the surgery and all that.
And he gave me such a look across the kitchen, incredulously....
It was either:
1) why the fuck you wanna know?
2) tamia, did you forget that my mom had a miscarriage before?
It was both, but his mom was completely calm about it... I apologized profusely for even asking something like that and forgetting her past, and she accepted it.
Theeeeen when she eventually finished the breakfast gossiping and left to her room, Patrick got on my case, all paranoid I was gonna want to bear his kids??????? "What a straaaaange question you asked my MOM about there.... not like you'd be needing to know any questions for that now, though, hmmm?"
Moral of the story: don't have raw sex with girls who aren't on birth control, if you're gonna be paranoid every time she says a baby photo is cute, or talks to your mom about your childhood.....
But... I do wonder sometimes.
I'm pretty good at picking guys. I pick the smart and empathetic ones, or at least the logical ones who have a little bit of soul inside of them. I pick the type of guys to pay for a Plan B and that would discuss a gameplan for a pregnancy, not the types that would disrespect me, then dip if I ever had gotten pregnant. (Even if a nigga tried, the courts would GET HIS ASS, ASAP.)
I guess its just... yknow, one never knows where relationships lead. My most serious relationships came from guys I thought weren't gonna last. The relationships that started with high hopes ended with low notes. One cant predict things.
I've read so many stories about how one fling or text or accident lead to them meeting "the love of their life", or them being friends, and then a short fling, before suddenly the fling goes on longer than one would have thought.....
Then next thing you know, they simply continue.
And then oh look, the guy you meet at an ice cream shop ends up becoming your millionaire hunk husband that you raise five kids thirteen dogs and two kids with and live on your luxury yacht, traveling all of Europe.
(Once again, a daydream.)
Or how short term relationships resulted in marriages, or co-parenting, or super cute kids that turn out to be pyromaniacs and torment everyone in your local housing community. (Awww, imagine if they had MY eyes! Awww, beautiful!)
Just kinda sad, yet wholesome too.
Having a crush and doing the typical "what if we... ended up serious... and we had kids... and had a life together years from now? haha just kidding haha...... unless? ;)" thought process to myself is nice.
And it only gets sad post breakup, when you have to mentally rip up any embarrassing daydream about a fuckboyish asshole being the hypothetical "someone" you'd spend the rest of your life with, some day.
So alas, sadly, I will not be having my ideal future with the last nigga I dated. As cute as a daydream as it was, it just couldn't be a reality due to the way things had gone down with him.
And alas, Patrick #1 isn't gonna be the hot husband with a 7/8 inch schlong to pipe me down on the beaches of Hawaii and Italy someday. (Does Italy even have beaches, though?)
Its a little sad knowing how many times I've had the highest of hopes and fantasies with someone, just for things to end at the mildest inconvenience due to them not seeing any of the same potential or actual respect inside of the relationship as me....
But whatever.
1:13am. I'll have my ideal suburban or beautiful Parasite style life with a daughter of my own someday, in a beautiful environment.
Whether or not the guy I crush on and idealize that fantasy with is around or not.... even if he leaves, my ideal family and life stays.
So, I see why I wanted to be a single mother.
I'd rather work for a comfortable and beautiful life with a girl of my own to raise to her full potentiall, (or boy/nonbinary, if that happens, lol,) than to think anyone else could get that for me.
I can always just get a sperm donor.
Plus, if I did have a kid or get married, you think I'd need their toxic ass around, near me and my child, ruining my life with them?
Hell the fuck naw.
Manifesting a beautiful life for myself as we currently speak.
Gonna go to sleep. Peace out.
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only-wonder · a year ago
Poke, nest, dream and heal balls ♡
Pokeball - who is your favorite pokemon character?
Used to be N Harmonia, but now it's a tie between Piers and Raihan bc I'm big gay for both of them
Nest ball - what is your idea of a perfect home
Within walking distance of important places, like the grocery store and the library. Doesnt have to be big, so long as theres enough room for everyone living there. Quiet.
Dream ball - what is your biggest dream
I used to answer this with 'I want to be a voice actor' but currently my dream is to be able to transition. I want top surgery. I want to go on T. I want to be seen as a boy, even when I wear dresses. I dont want people to assume that when I say 'I'm nonbinary' that I'm feminine leaning just because of how I look.
And I fear that that might obliterate my dream of being a voice actor. Lol
Heal ball - have you made a friend who started as an enemy?
No, but I've had many friends turn into enemies. If someone makes me uncomfortable in anyway I dont really give them a chance. I just avoid them or make it very clear I want nothing to do with them. I've dealt with plenty of shit in my life and dont want to give the time of day to anyone who won't actually appreciate it.
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