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#anyway yea
cornsobsessions · 6 hours ago
today’s gender: looking in the mirror at the gym, sweaty af, face like a tomato, feeling pretty
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hvnlydmn · 11 hours ago
it’s so rainy and cosy today, i’m burning a candle and hidden under like four blankets pls i love this
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lettheladylead · 16 hours ago
i just woke up with the realization that based on the messed up timeline that is scrooges life, ma beagle has to be over 100 years old
I mean it's not unreasonable to think that the Beagle Family has collected some magical youth artifacts in their junkyard but I just hate that this only hit me right now
(her pappy also wouldve been 100+ when he appeared at the christmas party but he looked hella old then so whatever)
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thebuttsmcgee · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
#slepy#the butts chronicles#verya sleepy#but not in an entirely bad way. I just found the perfect asmr thats not asmr#its a classic for a life long fav subject and the fact someone made it an hour could help with sleep#so Im p sleepy rn. yawns like a freak.#uhhh. today was ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.#yall I actually had like a pain or something in my chest that mighta been near my heart so I might die! 🤞#I dunno what it was but eh. eh. uhh. ate some chicken. ate watermelon. drank wahter. and yea. hm. day. eh.#Ive been reeling in my head about my webcomic tho and Ive been going nuts both in good and bad ways.#cause this whole time Ive been thinking 'what if Im too self-indulgent? what if Im too arrogant for this? what if Im not even okay enough to#do what I want for this?' then I read something last night that was just. not good. JDHAVS. it was soooo. ah ya know what fuck it#I'll say it was bad and while I would usually feel bad this story was actually ableist so fuck that author.#like usually if fics are self-indulgent then Im ok since its a fic made by someone else entirely yet they published it for the world to see#hell go self-ship or whatever as long as ya have fun. but this fic last night.....ugh. ableist and a power fantasy.#also shitting on literally every character other than 1 or 2. AND LIKE. THEY SHIT ON THE MC FOR STUPID SHIT. H. H.#ugh. bleghhhhhhh. what a shet. anyways. uhh. yea. today has apparently been day. congrats on escapin expulsion for being released also#big win for gay. huge win. fucka d*sney.#gosh Im sleepy. hopefully yall had an okay day tho!
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trash--god--emo · a day ago
is it bad that i hope someone crashes?
like, that's the interesting part of it
and there are measures in place to make sure injuries are prevented or minimised when a crash happens
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tturing · a day ago
earlier this week i heard my dad listening to mcr. today i walked in on him watching brokeback
Tumblr media
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thebuttsmcgee · a day ago
Glad that escaping expulsion is finally out so I can now safely ask, was anyone else expecting gus' voice to drop that low like holy shit. Had time really moved that fast between recording S1 and S2???
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shade-of-stars · a day ago
hey, just in general, don’t go around telling people that they’re a monster/going to become a killer. you’re being cruel, and that will hurt the person you’re telling that to. that person might be aggressive, but honestly maybe consider that you could be the cause of it/they may not be able to find a healthy way of coping.
i don’t care if it’s a joke, it’s not a joke if the other doesn’t consider it funny.
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meadowheartss · a day ago
Tumblr media
new oc! her name is cloudsong, she's deaf, adnd also she says trans rights BSDBHNFDJKDNFKD
her parents are amberheart and snake (he doesnt have a. full name yet. so his name is just snake for now bJNDJKDJSKE). she has two sisters (who are unfortunately deceased :[), ashkit and dapplekit
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alx-albon · a day ago
I’m confused and a bit sad about the DTM quali? Liam and Alex were so fast or the others were just sandbagging idk. Am I salty for being upset that Liam is ahead of Alex (maybe I am. Oh well. 🤷‍♀️). Anyway I wish Liam and Alex a very overtake as many cars as they can. They got this 🌱
This was only the first quali session I’m sure it will be better !! 😍😍 I’m more disappointed or annoyed at the way it was broadcasted cause they were just showing cars without the times how am I supposed to know how fast they are or how close to the leader 🤷🏻‍♀️
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