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amina-asceric · an hour ago
Big News!!!! Amina is Nervous af. #new beginnings New Chapter in my life cringe
Hi folks, today was my last day on the course that I have been on for 3 years. The trainers organized a farewell party for me. I didn't say anything special. I'm not really good at words. (Says the person writing a book.) Anyway ... I cried in the bathroom today. It was pretty embarrassing. I will start my apprenticeship as a florist on May 17th, 2021. I will study there for 2 years. And then I can work as a normal florist in a shop.
Bye Tokkis 🐰🐇
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depressionshitposts · an hour ago
Me: good morning world, so happy to finally have a day off to enjoy for myself and do some much needed self care
My cursed brain:
Ņ̵̪͉̠̹͉̱̜͈͍͇̜̬̣͉̽̋̉̃̃͛͐̈̀̔͗̔͜͠͠O̴̘̞͖̜̲̖̦̝͚͚͈̝͇͉͙̱̔͊͒̀͆̿̌̇͒̆̀̎́͜͝Ņ̸̢̩̖̮̗͈̮̄͐̈̊̊͜-̶̼͚̈́̂̅͗͗̀́̇̎̿͋̈́͂̇̄̋̓̀̕̚S̶̡͚͖̓̋̄̿͒͌̐͛̃͛̑̆́̑͑̊̈́͝P̸̧̨̨̛̗͖̻͍̤̤͕̗̳͇͓̩͈͈̬̑̿̈́͘͜Ë̵̛͙̼͕̜́͊̀̿C̴̢̪̺̻̮̞̮͔̤͔̩̱̞̺̃̇̄̃̓̊̕I̸̢̠̬̹̒̋̎͛̇͒̅̏͗̌̓̅̈̋̅̕̕͠F̶̧̛̩̘͌̈̓͛͌̈̿́͘ͅȊ̶͇̤͈̦̗̙̗̤͍̼͐̿͑͛͛͌́̊̒͝͝C̴̛̳̺̰͈̳͍̗̰͌́̍͐̉̈́̅̔̔̃̈͌̽̾̇̉͌̂̅̿͗͜ ̶̦̗͓̰̯̱͍͖͎̓̅͋͊͊̑́̿̀̓̍̆̈́ͅD̴̲̬̿̔̓͘R̴̡̨̛̛̛͕̰̠̖͇̝͈̲̭̙͓͈̗͐̂͌̔̈́̆̊̄̈́̀̈́̊͋͘̚͠͝Ē̷̛̫̿̅͌̔̈̾̏͆͗́̒̈͑̇̐̉͝ͅA̸̡̛̦͍̝̰͉̭̱̲̟͔̝̎͋̎͛͊̆͜͠D̸̡̨̮̰͖̦̘͇̫̮̪͍́͊̅̍̒̇͝ͅ
Me: or yeah that’s cool too, that’s fine
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Tumblr media
“until eventually you realize that you’re not actually in a prison cell. You are the prison cell.”
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aliensoulxftm · 2 hours ago
let's go to the beach watch the sunset as we sit on the sand and you hold me as i cry because i don't know what the fuck is going on
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wr-nix · 2 hours ago
Posted my first flash fiction to for a weeklywritingchallenege.
I have anxiety to go see who won. Havent logged since I submitted it.
Anguish ensues.
Do other writers have this feeling specifically for submitting work?
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mountev · 4 hours ago
my family: wooowwww ev come out of your room for once aha
me: comes out of my room
my family: wow look who finally came out of their room,,,, wow,,, holy shit i havent seen you in years,,,,,,,, wow,,,,,,,,,,,,, look at this goblin disgusting creechur,,,, what they fuck
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fims999 · 7 hours ago
p a n i c a t t a c k
i was doing so good; until i wasnt.
it started with what felt like butterflies in my stomach
a pounding in my chest
my lips quivering
my heartbeat racing
nervous and shaky breathing
i started to lose control of everything I knew
I hate when the weight of the world feels like it’s on my shoulders, seconds from collapsing on me.
or when, I have something to say, but my tears won’t allow me to, or the awful sensation in my throat.
i dont recognize myself, or the thoughts that keep repeating over & over again. telling me something “terrible is gonna happen, or I’m seconds away from losing everyone I love, or how much everyone hates me”
i cry, i beg, i plead for mercy to make it go away, to make it all stop.
until eventually, it s t o p s.
when it stops, i go completely numb. i feel nothing, there isnt an absolute thought in my head. no sensation, just an emotionless corpse.
& when it does stop, i often find the panic attack more comforting because the numbness in me is absolutely haunting and dark.
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toodles-oodles · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Spotify @'d me. Fuck your discover weekly, I'm not that obviously depressed and socially isolated FBI.
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I think.. Through all these years of endless hurt and pain, every year adding new scars.. I've subconsciously created a 'protector' version of myself. An outer shell of myself that is simply numb to it, and hides the inner 'self' full of emotions. The outer me skates through life with a straight face, just doing whatever I need to make it through. To simply live. Of course I've learned how to talk to people and socialize, I've observed long enough to know how to appear 'normal'.
But those rare chances when the inner me, the real me escapes.. And I feel, I finally feel.. I cherish that time of emotion and pain. Because soon enough the outer shell comes back out, puts on a straight face, blanks out my mind, looks in the mirror and wipes off the tears.
I created her to protect me. I created her to save me, to keep me alive and going. I created her so I could have a normal life.
But I feel anything but normal. I've grown to hate her now.. I just want myself back.
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jesibowen · 15 hours ago
Has anyone ever thought when they were driving to just miss their curve and just swerve off the side of the road and hit a tree the it will be over all the pain all the suffering nobody would miss you anyway anyone ever been down that upset i have been so depressed for so long here lately I don't know where to go who to turn to I don't have any support Most day's and im crying for help but nobody hears it
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fadingfromyou · 18 hours ago
my heart is hurting, she keeps you trapped but you still sneak over; she pulls your further and further down in life to where you hated everything, but us.
You had loved me so much, and supported me the whole way, but she took you from us, she didn’t even let you choose... she betrayed me and everyone here.
Yet you still come to see how I’ve grown, to say how proud you are to me and how much you miss me. How he misses us so much and he loves us and he’s scared we don’t think that, but it’s not his fault.
To my uncle who isn’t blood, you still choose me first, because I am blood to you. It’s been 4 years since I’ve last seen you and today was the first in so long. I’m breaking, I’m hurting, I’m a mess for someone I wish I could have back in my life if my aunt wasn’t holding him strapped down... I miss you so much
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lunastarpoetry · 19 hours ago
One Last Favor-
Do me a kindness, a simple request if you will
Grant me this wish, to get over this hill
We all have choices, paths to choose
I wont try to stop you, this isnt a ruse
If there is a choice between myself & another
Please for the love of god choose the other
Go your own way, leave me alone
Let me be to write out my poems
I dont want to be a pawn when youre bored
I wont be a reservoir as an option stored
Im begging the gods to cut this red string
So i can be free from past tragedies sting
I just want to be left alone in my own vibe
Im not looking for anyone not even my tribe
Id rather be nonexsistant to zeus's rhelm
I refuse to be hera wont be queen of that helm
So if you could grant me one final act of goodwill
Please dont come back with all your bullshit your looking to spill.
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kimmibers · 20 hours ago
Text this is a real life ask, so pls do not hate on this post. This is a genuine ask and as much as I want honesty, I would appreciate no hate.
So with that over and done with here's my ask...I'm a single mum of an 8 year old little girl and I can't tell if I'm overly worried/anxious or just being a parent. Basically I feel like I need to be in ear shot of her when I can't hear her, and this isn't all the time! of course she can go and play outside, go down the street to her friends and I think nothing of it. The issue is when I'm in the shower, it's like my mind plays tricks on me and I can hear crying, like proper crying! Not oh I hurt my knee and 2 seconds later she's fine, like hysterical crying! And of course I pit my head out and nothing!! She's perfectly fine playing!!
So am I a normal parent? or am I anxious??
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a-soon-to-be-skinny-girl · 20 hours ago
I want people to use me as thinspo
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pissedplunger · 21 hours ago
Anxiety looks like the number 12 & cheap party decorations
Anxiety looks like furrowed eyebrows & puke
Anxiety looks like a broken shoulder blade
Anxiety looks like a handprint on my body
Anxiety looks like blood dripping from my face & sholder
Anxiety looks like cop cars pulling up
Anxiety looks like looks like people starring as I get in the ambulance
Anxiety looks like
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jesibowen · 21 hours ago
why am I never good enough for people I feel trapped in my own mind and no one seems to care they tell me I'm not trying hard enough or that u don't care about them but what they don't realize is that I am suffering and that I'm dying on the inside but I choose not to talk about it with them because they don't deserve to carry the burden of what goes on in my head
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kaptain-allie · 22 hours ago
Today, I just want to curl up at the base of a magnolia tree with a good book. I want to watch the petals dance in the wind. Then, I want to transport my mind to the far off place that is described in the withered pages of the book and be free.
Tumblr media
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jesibowen · a day ago
I'm still not good enough at least now I know I have to suffer in silence just to not upset them because any time I bring it up it passes them off then they yall at me so I have to stay silent just to not make them angry all I can say is I'm sorry I wish I never brought it up no I feel like shit and I can't even cause myself pain by hurting myself like I deserve or he will have me locked up I have no outlett I don't know what to do other than to give up and give them release
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