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#anti tros
dalekofchaos · a day ago
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What Rey’s Saberstaff could’ve looked like if JJ wasn’t a coward
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fluffycakesistainted · 9 days ago
We have covered the ways that the film undid 'The Last Jedi, but it bears repeating (in brief) again: they reversed course on Rey’s parentage; discarded Kelly Marie Tran’s Rose Tico; made Snoke a weird clone; rebuilt Kylo Ren’s helmet for no discernable reason; and mocked Holdo’s suicide run, amongst other things. For some, Johnson’s film felt like a radical departure from 'The Force Awakens'. That simply isn’t the case. It took the characters, ideas and themes and did something staggeringly original with them. There wasn’t a deliberate move to undermine any of the work that Abrams had done with the first film, instead expanding on what the new trilogy (and Star Wars in general) could fundamentally be.
Drew Taylor, ‘One Year Later, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Still Sucks’ (Collider)
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TRoS was the equivalent of 100 dementors sucking out every happy SW related childhood memory I've ever had while vomiting pure unfiltered shit back into my mouth.
The Sequels were so bad, they destroyed the whole saga. They killed every single Skywalker for no reason at all and they somehow expected us to like that?
The war isn't over, there was no lesson to be learned, there was no fulfilling ending.
The whole thing felt like repeated punches in the gut and in the end they spat in our faces and tried to convince us to be happy because at least they didn't punch us in the gut again.
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mrs-lerman-payne · 12 days ago
Nah I haven’t been this disappointed since Rise of Skywalker
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deafblindshorty · 19 days ago
Anyone listen to the TROS audiobook?
Marc Thompson's voice for Kaz (and yes, I know it was only one line) has got to be the worst. I know Kaz is a goofy character with a high pitchy voice, but Thompson made him sound like the goofy janitors from Monster's Inc! It's insulting! Kaz does not sound like that at all, and even if he does, he still sounds serious and normal during serious or high-stress situations! And considering what happens right before Lando's fleet arrives and what happens after, it's really out of place!
And even goofy characters from the 90s to early 2000s sound serious/normal in serious or high stress situations!
Is that really how people see Kaz? I mean, I'll admit he's annoying, but...come on.
I just feel like it could turn people off even more from Star Wars Resistance and any comic or book related to the show (if there ever are any).
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fluffycakesistainted · 27 days ago
The Force Awakens did a perfect job throwing us into the joyful kineticism of familiar Star Wars vibes with a bright and bold new cast of characters. The Last Jedi did a perfect job of taking these new characters through bright and bold new arcs and ideas. And in just one line of an exposition-heavy crawl, The Rise of Skywalker staked its desires to throw away all of what was previously built in order to dovetail previous legacies and mythologies in a rushed bit of fan-service and unnecessary course correction. “The dead speak,” three one-syllable words that convey a ton of wildly new (old?) information before rushing onto the new thing, sums up the various flaws with Rise of Skywalker quite cannily.
Gregory Lawrence, ‘Why Spaceballs Is a Better Star Wars Sequel Than The Rise of Skywalker’ (Collider)
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justice-for-rose-tico · 27 days ago
“It’ll have a satisfying conclusion.”
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novakspector · a month ago
nobody wants a 4-hour cut of The Rise of Skywalker, in fact delete the 2 hour one it was bad enough
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commanderstardust · a month ago
i swear to god, some sequel haters are just so immature and so annoying. like they hate the sequels so much that they will bully anyone who enjoys them. they’re the reason that this fanbase in a hell-hole.
like seriously if y’all hate it that much, use your brains and ignore it instead of having to ruin the fun for those who like the sequels.
like the prequels are my least favourite trilogy but i don’t go around relentlessly hating on them and the people who like them.
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daenerys-targaryen · a month ago
the rise of skywalker is like. really so bad.
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novakspector · a month ago
It seems like every month something is new “revealed” about the Star Wars sequels. Either behind the scenes details about how rushed the making of the Rise of Skywalker was, or that they didn’t know what Rey’s parentage (and thus her whole backstory) was going to be until the middle of filming the last movie, or it’s something from a book or comic book “explaining” a plot hole in the story. Everything they do to try to explain these movies ends up making it worse. Rey didn’t have enough unexplained Force powers, now Rey has the power of Force Psychiatry to cure Kylo’s mental illness. Enough already. 🙄🙄🙄
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rsybby · a month ago
why would the skywalker saga end with a palpatine
my main problem with disney’s sequel trilogy, which i haven’t seen other people talk about, is that it didn’t follow the skywalker family. it’s called the skywalker saga for a reason. other than the theme of democracy, star wars has been about family. it’s literally been about family ever since the biggest plot twist of all time that is “i am your father”. of course, the main antagonist was ben solo...but that’s it? i genuinely think the main reason he has so many followers is that he’s the son of leia. he’s a skywalker. people wanted him to have redemption because of where he came from--i honestly believe if he wasn’t related to anyone, he wouldn’t have such an enormous following because whether you like it or not, he was an awful person. he was. i’m not writing this to say the st should have followed ben solo, i’m saying the st should have followed the rest of the skywalker family. anakin’s lightsaber had no business calling out to a mf palpatine. i said what i said. ultimately, if the main protagonist isn’t a skywalker, why should i give a fuck? rey was boring as hell and i know so because they literally gave her everything and she was still boring. and for those saying she’s a symbol that you don’t have to be related to someone important to be a hero...first of all, that’s what a supporting character is for (obi-wan, yoda, mace, i could literally go on for pages). second of all, disney never even cared about rey because they were literally going back and forth between her being a palpatine or kenobi while F I L M I N G the rise of skywalker. why would you make the main protagonist of the st someone random who has nothing to do with the skywalker family and have people question their lineage the entire time. it's supposed to be about the skywalkers. i guess the skywalker family just couldn't handle their own shit so here's some random girl named rey who fixed everything :D the end! it's fucking gross. disney honestly should have had rey as luke’s daughter off the bat, which would explain why she was so powerful *cough with no training cough*, and finn as a stormtrooper who went rogue then learned the ways of the force to become a jedi as the co-protagonists. that would have worked. i haven’t even read any of the eu/legends novels but from what i’ve heard, they sound way better than that dumpster fire of tros where a palpatine buried anakin's lightsaber in sand and stole his name.
but that's just my opinion.
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kylo-ren-is-alive · a month ago
Screw C.Terri0, man. He's sure has a lot of balls to say this after what he did to tros.
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abandoned-as-mustard · a month ago
there were a lot of things wrong, but every now and then i remember the most laughable one of all:
retconning “your parents were nobodies” from tlj to mean “they became nobodies” in tros.
ah yes. they sold you off to fend for yourself because they loved you. 
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krawalito · a month ago
I still am amused in how TROS tried to copy the Originals (so did tfa but that didn’t bother me much)
They tried to copy the moment when Darth Vader revealed that he was Luke’s father. In Tros it was Kylo (wannabe Darth) who revealed to Rey (wannabe Luke) that she is a palpatine. The revelation in the original was emotional, shocking and a huge surprise no one saw coming. In TROS on the other hand it was just flat. JJ really had no other ideas, did he? What a fanboy...
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tobermoriansass · a month ago
tbt that time someone in sw fandom unironically typed out the words “i’m a weirdo westerner in that i’m a monarchist” and basically no one pushed back on this except for one person, very gently, when this was basically as naked a neoreactionary confession as anyone gets on the internet today short of like. actual racist slurs. 
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