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#anti steve's ending
fandomqueen4ever · 11 days ago
So the timekeepers were okay with Steve ruining Peggy and Daniel's life and the timeline by going back in time, but Loki messes with it unintentionally and they're like 'how dare you'.
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annebaneriddle · 13 days ago
So, lemme see if I got this straight: TVA is aresting Loki for messing with the timeline, they resseted the 2012 timeline, but they didn't do shit about Steve creating a wholeass new timeline only to get what he thought to be his "happy ever after with peace and blablabla", basicaly playing god????
Marvel, just admit you messed up and keep doing your movies, ok? You're only hurting yourself with confusion.
(And steggy shippers can stay away from this post, ok? Don't even try to convince me it was everything Steve wanted. He had moved on and so did Peggy. He was on the future for 11 fucking years and going back in time only made him a man out of time all over again)
Stevie, baby, I'm so sorry they did you that dirty. You deserved so much more.
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uhthor · 20 days ago
very homophobic of endgame steve to say “don’t do anything stupid til i get back” knowing he wasn’t coming back. very homophobic indeed
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uhthor · 21 days ago
it’s june! happy anti steve’s ending in endgame month!
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casenergies · 23 days ago
it says something (i don't know what exactly.. but nothing good) that i'm still mad about the spn finale (the whole crappy final season really) six months later. and i haven't re-watched a single second of it. (and won't.) the fanfic (fandom) version of spn is genius. an absolute delight. the real thing is a big pile of shit. season 15 just underscored that.
god, yeah. i mean, having gone back to watching spn, i was shocked at how bad it was. because the art and content the spn fandom produces is absolutely incredible, it’s easy to forget that a large part of the source material is a steaming pile of garbage. i feel like s15 is its own beast though. 
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enemy-of-wonkru · a month ago
yes, it's been over two years since endgame came out. 
yes, we’ve gotten post-endgame mcu content.
no, i’m not over how they massacred steve’s entire character.
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taylorsrockalbum · a month ago
i know people wanna make things better however they can re: endgame but whenever people are like “well there’s the multiverse so there are countless universes where steve and bucky are together!” like i don’t care about that like i love fanfiction i love seeing them together in all these different universes but i specifically care about the version of them in THIS universe, i fell in love with mcu stucky, i want those two together, like i’m not just gonna accept endgame canon bc i can believe “well in another life” like i can do that with any other series regardless of the multiverse not being a thing in those stories makes no difference to me here
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thisisjustmefangirling · a month ago
Hello Marvel fans. Before I go to sleep I’d like to ask you a few questions. Hopefully, with the beauty of timezones, when I wake up some of you will have answered/discussed this <3 
So, given my rants, some of you may already know I’m working on a Stucky fanfic. It’s a big project.
One of the themes I’d like to tackle is how Bucky and Steve come to terms with their feelings for each other, and with their own sexuality. My story will start pre WW2 and end post Endgame. I’d like to explore how both of them are going to feel about being bi, loving men, coming from a time when it was not acceptable. 
How much do you think they are going to suffer from internalised homophobia ? And heteronormativity ? How will it affect their behaviour with each other, their relationship, their self-esteem ? Etc.
I am especially looking for the opinion of queer people. I'm a wlw myself, I struggled with internalised homophobia a bit but not a lot. Living in France nowadays, it's much easier to not be straight than it would have been for Steve and Bucky in the 30's and 40's in New-York; and maybe even for Steve when he woke up, and for Bucky when he started regaining his memories and after that. I am aiming for historical accuracy here. I am doing research but I generally find information about queer people in the UK, especially London. How they were watched by the police, even through windows.
If you don’t have informations, please reblog so this post can reach people who do.
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taylorsrockalbum · a month ago
one of the weirdest things to me is how people insist steve is a man out of time and bucky just......isn’t?
like people love to say steve never adjusted to the future which is completely untrue, but even so, bucky’s had even less time to get used to the 21st century than steve? he had four years after breaking his brainwashing before the snap happened whereas if you take endgame into account, steve had TWELVE years. like, sure, bucky would’ve been out of cryo at various times throughout those seventy years, but how much of that would he even remember? and even if he does’s not like he was actually living life during those times, so not only did he miss decades, but then he lost another five years after the snap
or even look at agents of shield (admittedly, i reject what season 7 did like i do endgame bc daniel and peggy are MARRIED, i have no interest in the rushed weird endings marvel gave both of them the last two years), having daniel sousa pulled from his life and taken through the decades and actively choosing to stay in the future
like, there is NO reason to say steve would be less comfortable in the 21st century than bucky, to say he had reason to go back but bucky wouldn’t, like hello, bucky had - as far as i know - his whole family??? people he loved deeply, which is worth a hell of a lot more than steve’s almost-relationship
bucky had only really started living his life in the present, especially post cacw, with the triggers out of his head and safely in wakanda, whereas steve had all this time, building a life, building relationships with his team, most notably sam, nat and wanda, getting bucky back and rebuilding THEIR relationship. steve had more reason to stay and less reason to go back than bucky might have, and even so, no reason for wanting to go back, would ever have been enough to make steve willingly abandon anyone who needs him, because that’s who his character IS. that’s why there’s no making sense of his ending, regardless of if you think he still wasn’t comfortable in this century
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artist-issues · a month ago
I don’t care if you’re a fan, an actor, or an author:
If you don’t like Steve Rogers leaving Bucky in the present to be with Peggy Carter in the past then you don’t understand Steve Rogers.
Yes I take criticism, and YES I CAN PROVE IT. 
Tumblr media
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worstloki · a month ago
seeing you rb imposterogers is so bizarre. you're the two blogs i got tumblr to follow, and i've followed you both for years. i've seen them go through three urls. but i have always somehow imagined you two as polar opposites. very different opinions on almost everything. two magnetic points, never to meet. but apparently you're not and it's very strange, you've shaken my worldview
people can have different opinions and still vibe. interesting metaphor, and I can assure you that successfully shaking your worldview was exactly what my calendar said was scheduled for today. 
#I don't agree with some of their stuff and that's fine but I do agree with other stuff ya know?#pretty sure i've seen them in the anti tag but if i have nothing to add i just move on as one does#everyone is allowed to enjoy their little characters and ships however they want#plus Endgame may have actually managed to do everyone dirty so there's that at least#steve and bucky 🤝 being done dirty in endgame 🤝 loki and thor#also! scottluis my dude!#i don't ship much but rhodeytony and scottluis are underrated and i like to support them too#also wowki is funny#where else am i going to get my updates on the skrull steve theory?#it's right next to my beloved AU where the Steve that took the stones was Loki and the person on the bench ends up being regular Steve late#that way the show would cover Loki returning the stones and the TVA trying to get him to help get back the rogue 2012 Loki or something#and it means Steve doesn't ditch Bucky in the future for Peggy who literally told him to move on and live his life too :)#also! if they *know* someone is messing with the multiverse then that sets up Strange for MoM too! and Wanda gets to be a bonus in there!!#anyway#im just vibing#i don't need people to agree with my takes on loki I just don't go around trashing on those of others unless they're claiming they're right#and they're ignoring canon while doing so#as long as someone doesn't have a problem with me specifically I don't mind having conflicting opinions that's all cool im just having fun#a balanced diet of magic knife boy content is important 😤#they're also not completely devoid of humour 👉👈#NoLokiOnlyAnon#NLOA#didn't realize this was something noteworthy but here we are XD#i assure you this is no grand momentous occasion
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anitalianfrie · 2 months ago
Endgame!Steve and why he doesn’t make sense
I saw Endgame two weeks ago (yeah, I know, a bit late but at least I did it) and from the start I felt like something was of about Steve. The fun fact is that if you hadn’t saw all the Cap’s film in like a week as I did and it’s been like three years since you saw one, all his choices are perfectly believable. And that’s what I hate about it.
One of the first scenes we see Steve in is when they go where Thanos is after the snap. While they are in the spacecraft, Steve looks sadly at his compass whit Peggy’s photo in. It makes a sort of parallel with CA:TWS, where Steve does the same exact thing at the museum. But in CA:TWS Steve hadn’t a life. He was still in the past in his mind. He hadn’t any friend, he overworked himself and it’s pretty clear his mental healt wasn’t exacly okay. The first step for starting his new life is his chat with Peggy, where se basically says “live your life now that you can big idiot”.
In Endgame his two bestfriends (Bucky and Sam) died like two days before and he was staring at Peggy’s photo, who died TWO YEARS BEFORE and he knew he couldn’t have her back since 2011 (seven years before). He even moved on with Sharon (even thought I don’t like their relationship, it is there so show that Steve is MOVING ON, so please, don’t ignore it). 
Beside that, your telling me that Steven Grant Rogers, the man who became an actual soldier because he wanted to save Bucky, who decided to burn down HYDRA after his death and who fucked up his entire relationship whit half of the Avengers and with Tony for him, didn’t even cry a tear? Yeah, very belivable.
And Sam? The man fucked his entire life for him, from helping him destroing HYDRA, to following him for two years all around the word to find Bucky, to helping him in the Civil War even thought he hates Bucky just because he is important fo STEVe, and you are telling me that Steve was staring at his fucking compass with PEGGY inside? PEGGY? At least Tony was watching a picture with him and Peter!
Five years after the snap, Steve is in a support group for people who lost someone in the snap. Who is he talking about? Bucky? Sam? The life he was sarting to have in the modern time? Obviously not, we are in a superheroes film and men are not allowed to have emotion unless they are for a love interest, so he is talking about Peggy. She hadn’t died in the Snap you big idiot! She was old and you KNEW soon or less her time would have come! Sharon doesn’t even exists anymore, RIP Sharon you could have been a good character if someone had bothered developing you.
Then there’s the time travel moment. Steve meets 2012!Steve and during the fight his brain finally decided to work. He’s fighting with himself, so wich way to win is better than cofusing the past version of himself with something he doesn’t know? So he uses his ace in the hole, that is, surprise suprise, Bucky. WoW, YoU wErE ReAlLy SaD AnD wOrRiEd ThE LaSt TiMe I ChEcKeD! You know, when he died in front of your eyes with you being unable to do something EXACLY LIKE THE FIRST TIME!
But don’t worry, because Endgame!Steve will soon return after found out that Peggy has a picture of skinny!Steve on her desk! But not one with her husband or her kids. If I were them I would have been extremely offended, like, I’m her kid/husband and she has the photo of that skinny bitch who died like thirty years ago and not mine.
Anyway at the end, after the funeral, the bitch (aka endgame!Steve) goes in the past to return all the gems and return as an old man. And Sam is there like “bitch, WTF?” because, you know, he hadn’t told anyone about his plan. Bucky knows, because he has the power (apparently because Steve told him, but I would like to, yanno, see it and not hear it in a line of TFATWS two years later) and... nothing else. That’s the end.
We don’t have a closure, whe don’t have anything more than a hug and a stupid line from CA:TFA, that was meant as a “see you later” and not as a “goodbye”. That doesn’t seem like a closure to me. Sam doesn’t even have that, he had a friend and now he has fucking shield and an old man who is probably going to die tomorrow.
All Steve’s development as a character was about moving on and learning that being a bit selfish wasn’t a bad thing, but for the sake of the first love that never dies (again, RIP Sharon) the writers threw away half of his development, giving us and ending that didn’t bring any closure, because Steve and Peggy had theirs in CA:TWS. 
In coclusion, they destroyed Steve’s development and characterization in the whole film to not make it feel like his ending was OOC, making Endgame!Steve in general OOC,
I really had to take this weight off my chest. Thanks for coming to my ted talk <3
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lachemisenoire · 2 months ago
i used to be a steve stan but not after endgame lmao" lmao i used to not hate Sharon Carter but not since her stans turned out ot be such evil fucks. You absolutely deserve the reduced role your fav has and I hope she turns out to be the powerbroker after all. It's what you and Sharon stans deserve.
lol I absolutely know who this is, you needn’t have bothered going anon because you’ve become notorious. and you need to stop casually throwing the word ‘evil’ around just because you disagree with ppl. enough gurl! go out and read a book or something. If I had to follow your thought process I would choose to dislike Steve simply because you’re such an obnoxious stan. 
btw, I should clarify that it’s not even Steve I dislike as a character really, it’s the writing for his ending. I personally did not like it, as did many others, and you need to deal with that. 
Let's be honest - the REAL reason you dislike Sharon is because, if it turns out to be true that Steve never tried to get in touch with her while on the run, that casts him in a VERY bad light. And you can't take that, as a Steve stan.
Luckily enough for you, the writers think along the same lines, meaning she's probably going to end up a villain to justify Steve's actions - or inactions - post-CW.
also, you don’t really care about female characters, your feminism is shallow and simply revolves around defending Steve, no matter what. 
ETA: I went back and checked just in case and lmaooo, I didn't even put the post you're talking about in the Steve tag cos I don't play like that. The mention of Steve stans at the end was just a playful dig at my followers.
Meaning reading THAT tag ALONE set you off?? Seriously, get a life, and stop going around calling people evil cos they didn't like your fave's ending. You need help. 90% of this fandom has hated my fave ever since she appeared and I've never invaded people's inboxes- anonymously- to call them evil.
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zarabithia · 2 months ago
ANYWAY  it sure is funny how fandom wants to ignore or excuse Tony’s canon casual murdering of POC in Iron Man 1, pretend he wasn’t cool with making weapons and it was all Obadiah and Howard.
Yet they go out of their way to pretend and manufacture Peggy Carter being involved with Isaiah’s torture when ... all evidence actually points to no way in hell.
Hmm, misogyny is a hell of a drug, especially when it’s based on bitterness that steve’s dick didn’t end up with your favorite. 
Isaiah’s story was amazing and powerful so maybe these dumb chucklefucks could stop derailing it so they can bitch about how evil Peggy was.
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gonnadosomethingwmylife · 2 months ago
TFATWS SPOILERS (just a rant tho)
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chaossmagic · 2 months ago
Iron Man 3 really was the perfect movie with the perfect ending and I just....why did Endgame have to go and shit on that huh? WHY?
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entitysimp · 2 months ago
thinking about how stupid it is that they made the flagsmashers girl blow up a building just to justify the others being against her. thats so lame, it wouldve been better if they hadnt had her do that. it wouldve made sams "i see something in her and she could be a good person if we give her a chance" thing a lot more real and justified, when right now she has literally intentionally killed people for no real reason that didnt even really help her cause. it also wouldve made fake steves argument that shes dangerous into "she COULD turn MORE dangerous, we need to stop her before she kills people" and so he could be even more of a metaphor for extreme and violent reactions to "prevent" crime vs sam being for "we need to prevent her from potentially doing more harm via safe and calm methods. we need to understand her and empathize with her" and that wouldve been a lot stronger of a narrative imo. but no this is military propaganda so the anti revolutionaries have to be strictly right and there cant be any nuance and she has to have terroristic tendencies to justify them going after her. i hate that a lot tbh
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