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#anonymous questions
milknhoneies · 47 minutes ago
I'd love to choke you until you pass out, then go to town marking your tits and using your holes. Let you wake up like you've gone rounds in the ring
Interesting, but who is the ref?
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dolorvulnero · 3 hours ago
Does your boyfriend know about Tumblr?
Yes. There’s nothing wrong with my tumblr, I don’t get why I would keep it a secret
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dolorvulnero · 3 hours ago
What are the first things you look at when checking a dude out?
Face. Then outfit
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valiantlydecadentsuit · 6 hours ago
I think you are a kind and lovely person! And that you tend to be a little hard on yourself sometimes.
Thank you.
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thedreadpirateneil · 7 hours ago
33 and 44 please
33: What words make me feel the best about myself
I really like being told I’m appreciated, but not like an empty “I appreciate you” I like to know what about me you appreciate/admire so I can take pride in it and grow that part of me.  Knowing that I provide value in someone’s life... that shit slaps.
44: A random fact about anything
The company “Eternal Reefs” will turn dead bodies into Coral Reef parts.  
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sanstropfremir · 7 hours ago
i really like reading your opinions about all of this! it’s a realllly interesting insight into how all this works and there are a lot of components that i have not consciously considered until you brought it up! i don’t work in the entertainment field (though i hope to one day) and only really watch kpop for what it is - entertainment. there’s very little pages on social media that talk about and explore the details and purpose of the work itself.
like the taemin conversation (move, want, his dancing overall)? my mind 🤯 it made me respect him even MORE as an artist and i didn’t think it was entirely possible. but here we are lol
but ya, there hasn’t been a lot of engaging conversation re the kingdom stages… whenever i look at the youtube comments it’s always (what i’m assuming) really young fans who only care for their biases and flood it with like omg oppa is the best. and that’s not at all helpful. especially because of your comment on skz and the lack of growth. this show could really be used to talk about kpop stages and the aspects that go into making a really fucking great performance. seriously thank you for your thoughts because it’s fun reading them!
awww anon youre so sweet!! i hope you do get to work in entertainment some day! its hard work but a lot of fun!
kpop is very interesting as an industry because a lot of it is antithetical to deep thematic analysis by its nature as a capitalistic factory product, but you can do deep aesthetic analysis. i stand on my soapbox and yell about spectacle as meaningful art because the people who design these aesthetics care very deeply about their jobs, and the choices made are deliberate ones. part of the reason there’s little to no designers talking about kpop is because we just don’t have time. we’re categorically overworked, underpaid, and under credited. and we’re a small group in the first place. the job is only a century old! i didnt even want to be a designer when i started theatre school, i was planning on being a stage manager. designers also usually aren’t really the type to put themselves out there on the internet to talk about design in their free time. IF you have free time at all. if we were in the before times i wouldnt be talking about this at all because id be way too tired. its only because i have all this free time and im in school in a different field (im getting a masters in contemporary art), and because i miss performance so much that im writing these at all. i have to fill the void somehow. writing these reviews is a good critical exercise for me because its keeping my observation skills sharp. i do agree with you, i think kingdom could have been a really good platform to talk more about all the aspects that go into making strong performances, but the fandom culture of kpop prevents any kind of meaningful criticism in the public arena. obviously these conversations are happening outside the eye of the camera, and im sure kingdom has prompted these groups/companies to think more seriously about each element of performance, we’re just unlikely to ever see those conversations.
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nerdexpress · 7 hours ago
It was the Croatoan episode I think
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asktheheirofslytherin · 8 hours ago
She raised an eyebrow at him when he asked the ten question.
"Oh God... If my brother ever attended Hogwarts, you would've screamed bloody murder back then and tore all your hair out by now. Moreso than the twins' pranks." She laughed at the scenario. "But no, he did not. Though he has been begging me to." She told him.
"Oh and before you ask, he is not my biological brother. It would've said on my file that I'm not an only child. You would say he is more of a big brother figure."
"Er... Walk with me, professor." Thirteen suggested as they start to walk deep in the forest. She is secretly leading him back to the cottage since it is going to start raining soon.
“Apologies - it was an insensitive question,” Tom said quickly at the raised eyebrow. 
“Adopted brother, then. I have found the best allies can be those not related by blood,” Tom mused. “Where - where are we going?” 
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valiantlydecadentsuit · 8 hours ago
I think you're an amazing human being who has been through crap and this has made it hard to realize how much effort you are putting into life and the strides you really are actually making.
I haven’t always been a good human being, either. Still, thank you.
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sanstropfremir · 9 hours ago
im the anon who talked abou judges and dont worry about your rhetorical questions they actually helped me get a grip and realize how petty i was by getting annoyed at rookies judging seniors (that was mostly what i was annoyed at. I agree with you that while s*ju is trash they do have a ground to stand on where it comes to being an idol) so thank you for that wake up call :) also i got so excited over nothing when you mentiones changmin judging (or not doing so) because that would have been amazing getting to see his reactions and overrall more of his face through out the show lmao ignore me.
hello again!! i’m very glad!! i’m not trying to sound up my own ass about it but i do really like when people read my posts and are able to see a different point of view! i just posted a response to another ask that has some more clarity on my reasoning why it’s good to have rookies as judges, so i hope you get a chance to read that too if youre interested. 
i’m sorry i got your hopes up, tbh we were all hoping that changmin was going to be a judge but alas......disappointment. there were rumours floating around that there was supposed to be some tvxq mentoring segments but they never materialized. it’s doubly tragic that we don’t even get to see his reaction shots, but the man has an aversion to working and i guess he’s valid for it
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sanstropfremir · 9 hours ago
also to add to the expert panel conversation, i don't think people expected rookies to join mostly because of the seniority in the kpop industry. i think it begs the question, are they able to judge their seniors?
like it makes sense that suju is part of the panel considering that they are one of the longest running boy groups in the industry (i don't like them but ya, you can't deny their influence and how they're still very prominent in the korean entertainment industry through variety shows). the other experts (lia kim, music critics, producers) also are valid based on their title and experience. but i don't think rookies should be entirely invalidated because they are rookies... sure, there are some components that they might not be entirely familiar with because they lack overall experience but that's why there are other experts on the panel to make it more balanced.
and also like because they are actually revealing the faces of the experts, it is most likely that mnet didn't include people that are directly tied to the participating groups. i don't know if these experts are the same ones who have been participating since the beginning or if they are changed each round. i'm assuming that they are different since mnet wanted to keep anonymity in the beginning. and it'll be hard not to, considering how the korean industry itself is relatively smaller. if that makes sense. like i have a feeling if you know one person, you know many other people based on mutuals. and also, like skz is from jyp, ikon from yg, cj enm is an investor of kq ent/ateez, tbz is from kakao m (home to iu and is just a big company overall), btob from cube, and sf9 being a subsidiary of sm. i really think because they revealed the experts, they chose people they could find that were the least involved with the groups.
i think its very reasonable for juniors to judge their seniors. i think a thing that people who dont work in the arts dont understand is that your audience is not your peers. you make work for the general public, not for your seniors. and the general public are not experts in kpop dance. or rap. or vocals. they like what they like and theyre gonna be weird and opinionated about it. the feedback of the layperson is extremely important to your growth as an artist. and the thing is, these rookies are not laypeople! anon you are absolutely correct in saying that the panel is balanced; there are actual experts there to provide feedback. but what lands with an expert is different than what lands with layperson, and both are extremely valuable critiques. can you tell in grad school because im 100% in grad school.
i dont think we’ll ever know, but i would hazard a pretty confident guess that these are not the same experts that were doing the judging before. if they are i would also agree with you in that they probably chose to reveal the ones that were the least connected to the groups. i mentioned this in another ask somewhere but i am too lazy to find it, but it would be crazy difficult to not find an expert with some connection to the groups specifically because the industry is so small. hell, i’m under six degrees of separation from pretty much the entire korean entertainment industry because i have a friend who was a trainee and ive worked on projects with active producers. 
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sanstropfremir · 9 hours ago
a lot of the outrage that i’ve seen about the rookie idols being judges is because the ikon/sf9/tbz rap team lost. its the constant comparison that bobby had won smtm and he is respected by the k hip hop community in general that it didn’t sit well with a lot of people. again, i personally do not care at all because this doesn’t affect me in any real way. this is just entertainment lol
BUT, if anything, the fan votes percentage should’ve been more of an outrage. i know you talked about it before but im re-hashing it for this conversation because i think it fits. like you mentioned, these idol rookies went through years of training and critique. they’re not dumb or removed from the industry; they can definitely provide new perspectives (i haven’t watched the episode yet so i don’t know if they made any commentary) so i think having them be a part of the judging panel is valid. fan votes, on the other hand, is so biased and the entire reason skz is holding their position as number one overall. like the way entire ranks completely change because of them says that the performances do not truly matter given the context of this so called ‘competition’. if fans really wanted valid criticism and a more fair judging criteria, the fan votes would not have been 50%. like didn’t sf9 get ranked first for their most recent group stage based on the expert panel votes (and something else, i forget)? and then they moved to the bottom after fan votes were included. like that says A LOT but there wasn’t outrage there…
thank you anon!!!! i WILL rehash my old arguments if they serve the purpose and you are absolutely correct, the fan voting is wildly biased and a much bigger problem. oh so now that there’s actual industry workers determining the rankings and not fans you kick up a fuss?? 
also, why are people hardlining so much for bobby when he clearly doesn’t care about the outcome? he phoned in this performance to give his juniors more spotlight, which is totally valid, but they still didn’t carry that stage. if he had gone all out, they would have won, but he made the choice not to do that. are we supposed to validate performers who put on a bad show if we know they’ve done better before? that’s the opposite of obective. this isn’t smtm, bobby isn’t here to impress anyone, he isn’t trying to win, he’s just there to fuck around on stage and have fun. you can be respected by a community but still put on a sub(personal)standard performance.
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mrwilliameames · 10 hours ago
Have you seen the joggers and leggings with the mesh or lace cutouts on the thigh? You should get Arthur something like that.
I...have not. I need to look these up IMMEDIATELY.
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mrwilliameames · 10 hours ago
Bet your bunny leaves a beautiful ass print against the glass.
He does. They’re wonderful. He gets embarrassed about them after a while though and cleans them off, so I just have to have to do it again.
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redandwhiteroses · 11 hours ago
Terrifying but in a sexy, affectionate way
Yes I am thank you for noticing
You literally just said “Terrifying (affectionate, sexy)” in non-meme form
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quippecker · 11 hours ago
Site is apparently down for a few hours because some hardware shit the bed, I'm surprised there's nothing in the tag
thanks for the info! i’m VERY surprised, mostly that there aren’t others in the tag as confused as me lmao it’s been down for at least an hour or two, i think?
less surprised that there’s no word in the tag from the official site tumblr but i WISH there was! boy do i wish there was
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whitesharksk · 13 hours ago
Would you consider dating a 56 year old?
Idk, i don't think so, but everything is possible
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max--phillips · 14 hours ago
Was thinking, some Max Phillips writers headcanon him with an aloof family that resulted in him developing latent insecurities and a fair dose of being touch-starved and ya know my fluffy self is picturing this vampiric douchebag finding a partner who would dom the hell outta him while also being so soft and gentle and cuddly. And Max fucking balling his undead eyes out as his undead heart grows three sizes at that display of affection for a monster like him.
Ok, see ya.
I, like many others, sort of hc him as having had a rough relationship with his family in the first place which ultimately resulted in him getting completely disowned when he went to Romania and came back a vampire, though honestly I haven’t decided if it’s because of the vampire thing or because of the getting kicked out of the first school?? Either way he has a LOT of family issues and he is INCREDIBLY touch starved and he has a lot of self-doubts and insecurities so having a partner who can 1) see through the facade he’s put up to hide those things and 2) love him anyway? OH NO FEELINGS!!!!!! Add in a healthy dose of “Just let go, Max, and let me make all the decisions for you. Just be a good boy and do as I say, okay?” and he’s like. proposing to you on the spot tbqh
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