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plushey · 34 minutes ago
hey everyone! i’m working on a request and i was hoping i’d be able to get it out today, but i just didn’t finish it eheh (*´∀`*)
however, it will definitely be posted some time tomorrow; i guarantee it!!! fellow shuichi-enjoyers, keep your eyes peeled👀
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gxlds-doodles · an hour ago
HELLO I swear I'm working on some art/I'll have some stuff up soon, but I just realized that I?? Never made a post about this??? Oops JSDAID So basically last month I got accepted as a mod for @ponydoodles !!!! I'm Mod DeLorean on there!! I'll still be doing mlp art on this blog ofc, but if you want to see more of my mlp art, along with art from all the other SUPER talented mods, then feel free to check it out!! :D
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hyphypmic · an hour ago
Alright guys, I’m losing my mind here in the Philippines. So I’m opening requests till Sunday and will be closing them at whatever time I wake up on Monday! (i also want to practice writing some NSFW so let’s get those dirty desires out here!) In the event they’re a lot, I’ll be doing them over a long, long period of time and of course, since they’re requests, i won’t be doing any I am uncomfortable with writing or that I do not want to write. Thanks!
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jadegreenimmortality · 2 hours ago
Hey hi hello guys,
wow, you lot sure love match-ups, this is unexpected! Thank you to every single one that requested (do not worry, you can never write too much for a match-up, hahaha).
I'll be closing my requests for now! The amount of requests isn't huge, but I feel that ppl requesting now would have too long of a waiting time.
Thank you again! 💖💖💖
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lacunaanonymoused · 2 hours ago
I might make Follower goals for when I get a certain amount of follows I reward [?] you guys.
If guys have any ideas on what you want those goals to be and how many follows it should cost [?] feel free to DM me them or send them in my asks!
I hope everyone has an amazing day/night!
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jadegreenimmortality · 2 hours ago
Hey guys!!!
This is very spontaneous, but I just really feel the need to tell all of you that requested two things:
1) You have such creative minds and funny ideas! I've been looking forward to most of the requests since the moment I got them.
2) You're all so sweet! Thank you for being polite, kind and for giving such unexpected and lovely compliments. 🤧💓
I wish I could spare more time from my irl to invest in this blog. I'm sure you've already noticed that I post slowly and my blog navigation is ✨non existent✨. I will do my best with every request I got and try to bring some order to this chaos soon though, thank you for your patience!!
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uptothestarsxx · 3 hours ago
today’s the last day that requests are open, so if you have anything that youd like to request, please do it right now, ill get working right away.
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gsptucson · 3 hours ago
Bulletin Announcements for May 16, 2021
Download GSP Parish Life (the Bulletin Announcements) (503KB PDF)
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carpe-shovel-em · 3 hours ago
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[image ID: pencil drawing of cubfan, posed as if he is mid-jump. he is wearing his pharaoh headdress & neckpiece with a cropped shirt & sweatpants. the block letters “MCC” are in the background behind him. /end ID]
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louyd · 4 hours ago
i am making curly fries :)
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go-n-ef · 4 hours ago
Announcement: story updates, prompts, new story ideas, events, commissions?
Guys I'm not feeling to well so I apologize for not answering prompts today however I do want to make an announcement on what's gonna be happening in the next few weeks.
Let's start off with prompts yes I am still taking Striker x Blitz prompts and I'll continue to take them until I feel like I no longer want to so far I don't see myself stopping any time soon ^^
I am currently working on one {maybe two still trying to decide} prompt to turn into a five chapter book that'll be posted on AO3 and have it linked here as well so be ready for that ^^
Next order of business is updates I've been neglecting my other stories and so I definitely wanna update them as soon as possible, I already have three that I wanna update along with a new one. Below is the schedule and what stories will be updated.
Thursday May 20th- Your sins will always find you, Freedom's greatest lie, Wasn't looking for Love till I found you
Friday May 21st- TBA {it's a secret so shh}
Saturday May 22nd- Dusk till Dawn, Battle for the Oceans hearts to the moon and back
Along the way I'll be updating a few prompts especially if they keep coming in ^^ I might move all my my prompts to AO3 just for safe keeping but we shall see
New story ideas
This is self explanatory but I am working on a new story and hoping to have it update on the 21st of this month especially the prompts that i wanna update. Hopefully that can work.
I know it's to soon but I kinda wanna host a Striker x Blitz week so let me know what you guys think on that idea ^^
Will anyone be interested in writing commissions let me know if you are ^^
Anywhore that's all I have for now have a good night day afternoon and I'll see y'all tomorrow ^^ bye ^^
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hlvrai-beta · 4 hours ago
[ session in 20 minutes! ]
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each time bandori announces a drummer by shortening it by dr. i ALWAYS think ‘omg doctor good for her’ without exception
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explosion-queen · 5 hours ago
T_T i feel so bad cause i'm midway through the kunikida request but i got comfort request yesterday and i'm only know seeing them---
so i'm headed to start on those
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idrellegames · 7 hours ago
May 17th is coming up!
This has unintentionally become a special day for me. There are a lot of stages to game development and a lot of different points to celebrate. May 17, 2019 was the day I released my first game demo (what was then a very early version of what has become Wayfarer). The project has come a really long way since then!
Last year we did a live read of in-development Wayfarer material. Because I'm hard at work finishing Chapter 1, this year will be a little more low key. I'll be releasing something from my Patreon for public access.
Keep an eye out for it next Monday. ❤️
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perriwinkle45 · 7 hours ago
Niki and Vik having to babysit Tommy and Tubbo whilst Tommy fan girls over Vik all while they all try to win games is a beautiful recipe for entertainment.
The Captain having to deal with arguments over discord kittens, competitiveness, flanter (flirty banter) and no doubt being offered a position as a discord kitten himself whilst trying to win games is also a beautiful recipe for entertainment.
I unfortunately do not know much about the other teams announced so far, but considering the absolute beautiful arrangement Scott has done for the two teams I do know,
They are going to be magnificent to watch too.
I really hope people do highlight reels on their channels so I can catch the best moments from everyone.
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