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#anna writes
babycap · 4 hours ago
the fact that my boyfriend is super into anna kendrick and I look nothing like anna kendrick and in fact we have opposite body types and even like opposite teeth types………….
doesn’t sit right w me 🤨
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vampyrekatwrites · 5 hours ago
Because @pureanonofficial​ dug up some information on the family crests and we realized that Sitron has wheat embroidered on his breastplate.
     “Oh, wow!” Anna’s fingers traced over the wheat embroidered on the leather. “This is beautiful work -- it’s practically good enough to eat.” She winced. “I mean, not to eat, people don’t eat wheat - not without making flour, I guess.”
     Hans was grinning, and she rolled her eyes.
     “I’ll let the craftsman know the Crown Princess of Arendelle approves of his work.”
     “Oh, yes, please and thank you.” She handed the leather strap back to Hans, who hung it beside the rest of Sitron’s tack. “So is your family crest wheat, then?” She winced again. “I mean, partially wheat -- I doubt it’s just a wheat field. Though if it was that’d be good too!” A proper princess would know the crests of the royal families in neighboring kingdoms, but Anna had never been proper. She leaned halfway over the stall door to stroke the nose of the horse in question, who blew against her hand gently. In the next stall, Kjekk let out a snort of jealousy. “I still love you, Kjekk!”
     The answering grumble was nearly audible. Hans laughed and leaned against the stall door beside her, letting Kjekk nose at his fingers. “Kjekk?”
     “Well, he is.” Anna stuck her tongue out and resisted the urge to cross her arms petulantly. “He’s the handsomest horse in Arendelle.”
     “Oh, no doubt,” Hans cooed, more to the horse than Anna, and scratched the spot on Kjekk’s neck that made him melt. “Though he’s got competition now.” He grinned at Sitron, and Anna gasped in mock-affront, ready to defend her horse’s honor, before Hans cut across, “To answer your question -- no, my family crest is not wheat. But yours is.”
     Anna narrowed her eyes. “Very smooth, Mister of-the-Southern-Isles, but you only just met me and you did not commission this this afternoon.”
     “You’re right,” he admitted, as Kjekk nosed hopefully at his pockets for treats. Hans managed to dodge and keep the horse’s nose from the pristine white fabric of his suit. “Et tu, Kjekk? -- I was coming to the coronation of the Queen of Arendelle. It seemed appropriate to make the situation about Arendelle, not the Southern Isles.”
     It made, Anna had to admit, a good amount of sense. Sitron huffed thoughtfully beside her until she resumed scratching behind his ear.
     “Maybe when my brother is crowned, you can bring Kjekk,” Hans suggested, his voice faux-casual but his focus entirely on Anna, “and wear my family crest.”
     Anna tried to hide her blush behind Sitron, who helpfully nosed at her shoulder.
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unbridgeabledistances · 7 hours ago
i didn't even know that today is fathers day (at least in the US, i think) and i do appreciate your tiny sentence above your newest fic. i'm not ready to read all this fathers day content, but maybe someday i will. sending you love, sweet rori! <3
sweet, kind, amazing anna!!<3
i love u the most, and i am so glad that u are taking care of urself today— know that i am sending u a million smooches from this weird country of mine!!!
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solace-seekers · 20 hours ago
the fool on the hill
Summary: When Connor Stoll showed up on the Apollo cabin doorstep at midnight holding a small child, Will strongly refuses the urge to slam the door in his (and Will’s presumably new sibling’s) face.
for @solangeloweek prompt Curses
the "oh no my boyfriend turned into a baby!" but with a twist because will is a himbo
wc: 2.2k
read on ao3
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solace-seekers · 21 hours ago
this fic is really just me saying himbo will rights
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themarshmallowattack · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Me inserting banter as a motivator to finish writing The Next Unknown chapter... 18? 19? 19. Almost... there...!
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vanya--hargreeves · a day ago
so i turn on the tv and the german are winning...because of us...we gave them not one but *TWO* AUTO GOALS THIS IS PORTUGUESE CULTURE AT ITS PEAK BEING A DUMBASS IS PORTUGUESE CULTURE
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freyasnotebook · a day ago
What if...
Hello people! I haven't written for a long time, the epidemiological situation in my country (I am a health care worker), and more specifically in my city, has made it impossible for me to find some time to continue with my fics or start working on new ideas.
But things are starting to calm down recently and this idea fell into my head suddlenly, so I wrote it down...
Tell me if you find it somewhat interesting and if I should continue it...
Fic Idea: What would this story be like if Anna and Elsa weren't sisters? Re-writing Frozen 1
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annibunnysworld · 2 days ago
Is anyone else physically incapable of writing smut? I can read it but for some reason the thought of wiriting and posting it scares me so much lol
Tumblr media
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alonlyfangirl · 3 days ago
CONGRATS!!!! idk u very well, but i really love your blog!! in honour of your profile pic, could you write your favourite kaz quote? congrats again, i’m stefi <3
I think this is a basic qoute to have as your favorite but
Tumblr media
I hope its readable and please ignore any typos
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solace-seekers · 3 days ago
everytime we kiss, i swear i could fly
Summary: Nico’s childhood memories were sparse. One of the things that remained clear in his mind was the day his wings came in.
for @solangeloweek Free Day
what if all demigods had wings+solangelo? that's it, that's the fic
wc: 1.5k
read on ao3
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symphonyoflovenet · 4 days ago
I think … if so many men, so many minds, certainly so many hearts, so many kinds of love.
Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina
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solace-seekers · 4 days ago
there’s 104 days of summer vacation (wanna spend it in an RV?)
Summary: Somehow, Lou Ellen managed to convince Chiron to allow her, Cecil, Nico and Will to take a road trip over to Camp Jupiter in the summer. Someone was going to die.
for @solangeloweek prompt summer vacation
Will, Nico, Cecil and Lou Ellen take an Rv from Camp Half Blood to Camp Jupiter. What could possibly go wrong?
wc: 1.9k
read on ao3
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