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tjhyn · 12 minutes ago
Saturday, 13. June
greek yogurt, strawberry’s and peanut butter
Crispbread with cream cheese, a big tomatoe
A lot of Greek food
Yesterday my fam and I went to a greek restaurant. I ate a lot. Mostly vegetables and fish but still too much. I feel bad but it was so delicious. I don’t want to ruin my progress. So I’ll just have vegetable soup and some crispbread with tomatoes today.
My bf and I had a sleepover and I wanted to open the window at night. So I gave him my phone and the flashlight was on. But my phone wasn’t locked and tumblr was visible. My tl was visible. Thank goodness there was only a meme and he didn't even look, I noticed it early enough and took the phone away from him and locked it again. I said I wanted to see what time it is (3 am lmao).
This really scared me bc he knows that I am struggling with food and that I had a really bad time when I was younger but he doesn’t know about my blog and what tumblr means to me. I learned that I won’t open tumblr ever again when I am in company.
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zyprexa-zydis · 45 minutes ago
Food log day 13, June 13th 2021
1/2 mango ( 65 calories )
250g blueberry Joghurt ( 205 calories )
1/2 small apple ( 35 calories )
Dinner: (will update after dinner)
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recovery-ed-sh · an hour ago
oh here we go again......
i tell my self i’ll recover but then as soon as i put the weight back on i’m back here.
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zyprexa-zydis · 2 hours ago
I’m losing my only friend slowly, by her distancing herself… and it makes me want to just forever starve and die from it.
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awannabeana · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hii! Food log for today (06/12/21)
Sorry I’ve been inactive life’s been busy lately and I haven’t felt too good but I’m doing much better today! Plus I fasted for 16 hours!
For breakfast 🍳
I ate a cup of Honey Nut Cheerios (140 kcals)
Then half a cup of unsweetened almond milk (15 kcals)
Cheerios and almond milk are one of my safe foods!
155 for breakfast!
For lunch 🍱
I ate the same thing as breakfast lol
A cup of honey nut Cheerios (140 kcals)
Then half a cup of unsweetened almond milk (15 kcals)
155 for lunch!
Then for dinner I had the cooking bug!
Dinner 🍲
2.3 oz of lean pork chop (121 kcals)
I put lemon pepper, mustard and light butter on it, it was very good! (60 kcals)
1/4 cup of beans and corn (83 kcals)
264 kcals!
Then I tried out a Ana recipe for the first time!
I rebloged it a little bit ago!
It was 85 cinnamon rolls!
They were sooo good!
It turn out to been 87 kcals for one but still really low!
I ate one and a thirds (153 kcals)
For the whole day I ate
726 kcals! I’m also trying to do the baby girl diet I only went 26 kcals over so not too bad!
Anyways have a great night/day
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aspiring-corpse · 3 hours ago
Today I was gonna weight myself but I forgot and already started eating🤦‍♀️ I only ate a spoonful of oatmeal so I guess it's not a big difference. I stepped on the scale anyway. I'm lighter than cw from last week, hell I reached my lw again :DD
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shiro666sblog · 8 hours ago
Esa sensación que recibo al pasar la comida por mi cuerpo, esas ganas incontrolables de querer vomitar y negarlas por mi propio bienestar, son asesinas de emociones irremediables.
La sensación de vacío que experimento, no sé cuándo se volvió tan gratificante. Me hace sentir culpable al probar bocado.
¿Qué más puedo pedir en esta vida si no es belleza?
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not-smol-bunni · 8 hours ago
⚠️ Trigger Warning ⚠️
Thinking about recreating some of the OG SH and ED photos. I’d need to lose 20lbs so I can hit my UGW before I do the ED ones but, I can do the SH ones currently. Would anyone be interested in this?? Some of the photos I’d be willing to recreate below btw!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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grapem0nster-girl · 12 hours ago
god i love tiktok thinspo
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gh0stlbs · 12 hours ago
[Tim Hortons Safe Foods Master List]
so recently i’ve seen a lot of eating out safety food lists on here, and they’re super helpful! you can go thru my liked posts to see them, but i’ve noticed they’re all american companies (which is fine)! however, tim hortons is one of my favourite places to go to eat and drink with friends! so here’s my ultimate canadian master list for safe food at timmies!! enjoy!
pretty much all timmies donuts stay under 300 cals, but here are some of the lowest options!
sugar loop donut (180cal)
chocolate dipped donut (190cal)
honey dipped donut (190cal)
maple dipped donut (190cal)
strawberry filled donut (200cal)
hashbrown - regular (130cal)
oatmeal - mixed berry [regular] (210cal)
oatmeal - maple [regular] (220cal)
hearty vegetable soup - small (80cal)
chicken noodle soup - small (120cal)
turkey and wild rice soup - small (130cal)
broccoli cheddar soup - small (180cal)
clam chowder - small (190cal)
both buns (200 for wheat, 210 for white)
kettle cooked potato chips - small (220cal)
potato bacon cheddar soup - small (280cal)
brewed iced tea - unsweetened [small] (0cals)
cappuccino - small (70cals)
iced coffee - cream & sugar [small] (70cals)
latte - small (80cals)
brewed iced tea - sweetened [small] (100cals)
apple juice (130cals)
orange juice (140cals)
strawberry frozen lemonade - small (140cals)
frozen lemonade - original [small] (140cals)
café mocha - small (170cals)
strawberry banana fruit smoothie - small (170cals)
pineapple orange fruit smoothie - small (180cals)
flavoured latte supreme - small (190cals)
mocha latte - small (190cals)
and that’s it!! there are more that are a bit more, but i tried to keep everything here below 300 cals, but nothing on their menu goes over 600 and is super filling!! hope my fellow canadians enjoy this one and stay safe!!
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sweetie-babygirl · 14 hours ago
hey everyone i think my account got hacked???if you get ant weird messages or see any strange posts it’s definitely not me i only just realized this.
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prettysmol · 15 hours ago
Nooooo they deleted my account. I'm so upset it was my coping method and so comforting. I want to grow this account up instead so pls follow me.
Old account :( ⬇️
Tumblr media
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zyprexa-zydis · 16 hours ago
I’m not feeling okay rn and I have no one to talk to so I’ll just rant here.
Man I don’t know why I feel like that. 2 days ago I was fine. I had a trial shift in my dream kindergarten and was accepted by them, which means I can start an apprenticeship there in September to become a kindergarten teacher. I was so happy. But yesterday I felt very low, same as today. I don’t know why? I have no reason??? Or maybe I do, but I don’t know! I hate feeling like this. I just want to be normal and be glad I’m alive but I’m just not. The desire to unalive myself and be reborn as a skinny girl is so strong. Or a skinny boy, idk. Skinny and with a better family. I know I won’t try it, but I want it so much. And it saddens me that I have to cope through these thoughts by myself because the only friend I have is too busy with other IRL friends and I don’t want to be a bother to her. I’m crying as I’m typing this, so I’ll probably just go to sleep, even tho it’s only 8:45 pm…
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borboleta-miana · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
As vezes é preciso expressar o que sente,eu me expresso em forma de arte. De música, dança,livros, pinturas, fotografias...
E vocês? Como fazem?
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rottin-enby · 16 hours ago
Me: still eats under the healthy calorie limit of a non-ed
My ED: you fuckin fatty you fuckin bafoon, you ate 1,400cals?? what are you??? a goddamn whale?!?!?
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zyprexa-zydis · 17 hours ago
Looking for people for a ana group chat on Snapchat!
At least 17 or above
have an ED ( no matter what weight! Overweight “Rexies like me are so much welcome!!!!!!!
no bullying
Please send your Snapchat name per DM!
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