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#anime recommendation
grlwithashavedhead · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Decim’s eyes will forever amaze me but all I can ever think is 🧿—🧿
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anime-of-the-day · 8 hours ago
Anime of the day: Hataraku Saibou Black
Tumblr media
Alt Title: Cells at Work! CODE BLACK!
Released: 2021
This anime makes me feel bad. Like while watching this anime I kept apologizing to my body. I mean literally “I’m sorry Hakkekkyuu-san I know I shouldn't use the spoon I dropped on the floor but I did anyway.” This anime is about a new red blood cell. He is super optimistic; however, the owner of this body takes no care of his body at all! As I’ve stated, this show makes me feel guilty, but not too guilty. Like I don’t drink my body to oblivion. The show is organically funny. This anime is a spinoff of the original Cells at Work, but it is much more mature. Where the original was more kid friendly this one is less. I mean it explains intercourse and various other things. However, I really liked this anime. It was nice and funny and eye opening. The opening is "Hashire! with Seiya Yamasaki” and the ending is “上を向いて運ぼう with 赤血球・白血球” both are by Polysics.
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minoreviews · 13 hours ago
Jujutsu Kaisen
[ Anime / Fantasy Adventure ]
Where to Watch: HBO, Anime Websites
Rating: 10/10
Tumblr media
Wow! I watched this as the weekly episodes were being released. It’s been a while since I did that. Anyways, ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ is about a high schooler joining a secret organization to become a Jujutsu Sorcerer. He joins to learn how to defeat Curses with the main, strongest one being Sukuna (from actual Japanese mythology)! It was a great, riveting watch and was consistent all the way through.
Great pacing. Wasn’t too fast and wasn’t too slow. I think it was perfect and it was consistent!
Cool concept. The jujutsu sorcerers are a cool concept. It’s like magic + high school + action + traditional Japanese concept. It takes place in modern Japan but the fighting styles and even the jujutsu academy ties back to traditional Japanese culture. Great mix!
Cool characters. We don’t really get that much backstory, but everyone has their own charisma judging from what we know so far.
Some things to keep in mind nonetheless,
Not much backstory. I am a killer for backstory. I love a good sob, growing up moment, so you might be surprised to hear that this anime didn’t have much of that. I think because the anime pushes forward a lot, I didn’t think about the past. If you think about it, this might have been intentional to distract the audience from the so-called flaws. If it was intentional, good on the author. That’s clever and it worked well.
Tumblr media
‘Jujutsu Kaisen’ was an insanely well-paced anime and probably one of the best anime releases of 2020-2021. This is what I call a perfectly exciting action/adventure anime plot style. The episodes never got boring, and the concept was really cool to include real mythology. I liked how it was in modern Japan but mixed in fantasy and traditional Japanese aspects. I think I gravitate towards that kind of combination judging from my past anime interests (like ‘Madoka Magica’). If you need an anime to watch, I highly highly recommend this series. It’s not everyday I rate something 10/10.
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manhwa-anime-lover · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Y’all I started reading this new Yaoi manhwa and is amazing!!!!!!
I recommend you guys to read is really spicy 🌶
Jace, an Academic Honours student, once had a very bright future! However, his life has gone downhill ever since he punched a noble classmate... When he finally manages to gets a chance to work as a private tutor... The duke is so handsome that he cannot concentrate!
It’s called
Duck private tutor
Also join my discord so we can talk about yaoi manhwa
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gojosbby · a day ago
Okay but everyone needs to go watch LINK CLICK aka Shiguang Daili Ren right now.
It’s a donghua that highly exceeds expectations. It has a killer OP and ED, the art style and animations are gorgeous, and the story is extremely well done— and only getting better.
The first four episodes are out right now, so catch up before next week!! (It’s currently available on Funimation)
(OP below)
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doorbloggr · a day ago
Friday 14/5/21: Media Reccomendations #2
The time has come again for me to share the nerdy things that have been rotting my brain over the last week, and what I think other people would enjoy too. Media Reccomendations Friday! Let's get right into it.
Contents for those who wanna skip ahead:
Music: Mori Calliope
Anime: Food Wars
Music: Bill Wurtz
Music: Mori Calliope
Tumblr media
Mori Calliope is a Virtual Youtuber or Vtuber, who streams as part of the English side of virtual idol agency Hololive. I'll get deeper into my descent into the Vtuber rabbit hole another time, but what's important to know for this time, is that many Vtubers are visual or musical artists on top of their main streaming gig.
Calliope is a pop/rap artist and her music is very head-bang-y and high energy. Her Vtuber persona is that of a Yandere Grim Reaper who gained a following for a steady supply of souls, and she plays into this for her music. She is also fluent in Japanese and as a result she has a very unique sound.
To demonstrate an example, her debut single and still my fave song of hers, 失礼しますが、RIP♡ (Excuse My Rudeness, But Could You Please RIP?) is a song about Mori Calliope asking her followers to die for her. Since Mori sings in both Japanese and English for different parts of her music, she has gained a following from fans from both Japan and the West.
There is a wide range in her music too, the only uniting theme that they are all bops. There is deeper meaning to much of her music too, a lot of them being about the struggle of being an entertainer, and working on your confidence. Here's link to more you should check out:
Even if you don't follow Vtubers I can guarantee you'd enjoy her music. I myself don't even watch Mori Calliope's streams, but her music is on regular rotation in my Spotify. Please check her out.
Anime: Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Souma
Tumblr media
Probably my favourite anime I've watched this year, Food Wars is a shonen style cooking competition story. When I told friends I was watching this show, they replied "Oh you mean the food porn anime". And yeah that describes the premise perfectly.
Main character Soma works with his (unbeknownst to him at first) world renowned chef father in their local family restaurant and believes that if he works hard enough, he will break through the culinary skill ceiling holding him from his father's level. His father tries to break down Soma's ego by enrolling him in a world class Culinary School "Totsuki Saryo Culinary Institute", and giving him a reality on how cut-throat the world of professional food creation is.
Tumblr media
Food Wars is tastful fanservice incarnate. Both for carnal and culinary desires. The titular food wars, also known in-universe as Shokugeki, are battles of ego between chefs at the school, and this is where the anime shows its teeth. The action of the series is at its peak both during the food preparation and the taste testing. Shonen style action segments of cutting, dicing, mixing sauces, and roasting meats take the action of preparing food and turn it into a fight scene on the level of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
Tumblr media
You'll see a lot of people on the internet say that anime food always looks impossibly appealing, and Food Wars is pinnacle of Anime Food. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. And then there's the taste testing. When the judges are met with good food (which is very often) the animators represent this sensation as being physically engaged, embraced, or even violated by the food's flavours. Sometimes if the food is good enough, clothes may even be stripped from their bodies. You can tell they had fun bringing a more fanservice-y side to a show about making and eating food.
Tumblr media
Food Wars is a show of Food Porn. The food is porn and there's also very high amounts of body fanservice, guys and girls. I promise you its not a hentai, but it is definitely not safe for work. There's a few seasons too, so I reccomend jumping in ASAP, there's a lot of high quality meat on those bones.
Music: Bill Wurtz
Tumblr media
I wanna squeeze in one more brief reccomendation for this week because I feel like a lot of people know of Bill Wurtz but are not aware of his music. Bill is a singer/songwriter and Youtuber who is best known for his deadpan psychedelic nonsensical style of media. The video that put him on the map was History of Japan, a 9 min severely abridged explanation of major human events on the archipelago.
Tumblr media
This crazy psychedelic style extends into his music career, where he sings about absolute nonsense in a very funky colourful style that is just fun to move to.
His music can be found on his YouTube alongside his crazy videos. But also on Spotify. Go on and groove to Bill Wurtz sometime.
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anime-of-the-day · a day ago
Anime of the day: The Cat Returns
Tumblr media
Alt Title: Neko no Ongaeshi
Released: 2002
I’m just going to open myself to the firing squad. I’ve already mentioned this before but this is my favorite Ghibli. This was also my first Ghibli. It’s super special to me and I love watching it. It’s about Haru who accidentally saves a cat prince and then is kidnapped to become his bride. With the help of her friends Muta and Baron, Haru must escape the Cat Kingdom or she will stay a cat forever. The sound track for this anime is perfect. I have no negatives when it comes to this anime. Weirdly enough it’s one of the few anime I’ve ever watched and enjoyed in English. Plus everyone has a crush on Baron by the end of the movie. Its perfect. 
Plus the memes are priceless. 
Tumblr media
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recommend me some animes ( please )
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hereissomething · a day ago
make a vampire dies in no time masterpost/where to read, you have more tumblr clout than i do and link the trailer that has nothing to do with the manga. lol
Tumblr media
although Kyuuketsuki Sugu Shinu (The Vampire Dies in No Time) by Itaru Bonnoki has been in serialization since 2015 in a shōnen mag, it's yet to be officially localized and published abroad. So some hardworking freelance translators have been working on it and posting their pages online. Theres a few sites, but this one has proven to have the least intrusive ads and most frequent updates: mangakatana
The series is getting made into an anime which will be released later this year and the trailer looks GORGEOUS
this is a farce comedy series involving a skilled vampire hunter Ronaldo and an encounter with an immortal vampire named Count Draluc*... who ends up being the most fragile high-level (and most pogchamp gamer) vampire lord to ever exist. Much to Ronaldo's initial chagrine, Draluc latches on to the hunter, and they become a hunter/vampire team that regularly deals with bizarre (and creative) vampires of various kinds.
Oh, and Draluc has an armadillo familiar named John. John is the glue that keeps the whole family together.
Tumblr media
its honestly the most fun ive had reading a manga in a longass time, and i think its high time some more folks get to enjoy it too!!🦇💖
that being said we're desperate to get more chapters, raw or translated. the latest chapter is all the way up to 247, and the english translations have managed to reach ch. 31😩 I HAVE SEEN DRACULA AND HELSING FAN CONTENT OF THIS SERIES AND IM DYING TO BEHOLD THAT BEAUTY SOMEDAY SO IF U FIND IT HMU PLS🥵
*it is loudly hinted that Draluc's grandfather is the original Count Dracula, known simply as D-san...
Tumblr media
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okayto · a day ago
Mini-Review: Kakushigoto
Kakushi Goto is a weekly manga artist known for definitely-adult titles. Worried that will alienate or embarrass his daughter, he’s determined she’ll never find out and pretends to be a regular businessman in front of her. But as she grows up, this single dad struggles to keep his secret while giving Hime the best life possible.
Tumblr media
Thanks to @feychannel for recommending this to me! I wouldn’t have picked it up otherwise, because I assumed from the description that a lot of jokes would be sexual in nature.
But no, the joke of the series isn’t that Kakushi makes his living drawing dick jokes, the joke is that he’s a bundle of overthinking anxiety bouncing between “my daughter must never be embarrassed” and “my art is crap” and “if I don’t learn how to fry chicken my daughter will never enjoy life” and “my art will never meet my expectations.”
Tumblr media
(He’s very relatable if you’ve ever done any art whatsoever.)
There’s a definite wink-wink jokey feeling in the multiple bits that deal with the manga industry and artists: whether it’s attempting to use pencil sketches as the finished product because inking always takes something away, asserting that All Manga Artists are degenerates, explaining “it’s an editor’s job to make sure creators don’t get what they want” because creators given free reign will produce something with too-niche appeal, etc. Since the series was originally a manga, I’m assuming that the creator was having a great time spoofing his own job.
(Or, as a review on Anime News Network put it: “That's definitely the hook for the show. Come for the cute father-daughter bonding content, stay for [original creator] Kōji Kumeta roasting his own profession like he's tailgating.“)
Tumblr media
(Luckily for those of us not in the know abut manga-as-industry, helpful voiceover explanations are built-in to explain the jokes, but in an intentional way that just adds to the humor.)
Kakushi essentially has two lives, and the series follows both: first, his professional life as a manga artist, run out of an apartment studio where he and his 4 assistants work; second, his home life with daughter Hime, an adorable and kindhearted--though somewhat airheaded--little girl whose father, as far as she knows, is a generic businessman who leaves the house in a suit and tie every day. 
Tumblr media
Kakushi is determined she have the best life, and that with the presumed death of her mother at some point in the past (we don’t get details until the final episode, but it’s clear early on that the mother is out of the picture and has been for a while), he does his best to make sure Hime gets all the normal support and events expected, even though society is set up to assume a 2-parent heteronormative household, which sometimes throws a wrench in his plans--like when he’s not allowed to take a cooking class because too many men were signing up to hit on the instructors.
And yet, Hime continues to be a happy, healthy child, and Kakushi continues to draw manga while refraining from murdering his semi-useless editor.
Tumblr media
English dub? Yes, and the voice acting is excellent, particularly as needed to convey Kakushi’s wild games of connect-the-dots. My friend @feychannel​ watched the original Japanese, and said the English version did a great job matching the same tone.
Visuals: Pretty, clean lines
Worth watching? Heck yes. It’s a recent show (2020, with the dubbed episodes being completed only a few months ago) and complete (with a good, wrapped-up ending) at 12 episodes. It was extremely worth watching, very funny, with enjoyable characters. For all of Kakushi’s specific anxieties and jumping-to-conclusions about how something might affect Hime, he was a fun, smart, snarky character. Kakushi’s not alone--a lot of other characters similarly jumped to conclusions in very fun, comic ways.
There are a lot of jokes in the series, and hats off to the translation and writing team that had to make them make sense in English. The series does a good job explaining things when needed, and I never felt the need to look something up for more clarity. (At the same time, after finishing the series it was fun to read the Wikipedia page that explains how many character’s names are puns, something that just doesn’t work in English. 
For example, “Kakushi Goto” is a double pun first on a word for secret (”kakushigoto”) and working as an artist (”kakushi-goto”). His daughter Hime’s name is another word for secret (”himegoto”), assistant Ami Kakei is word for cross-hatching (”kakeiami”), etc. A subtitle does explain the Goto puns in the first episode, but I forgot about that until now. Not getting those puns did not in any way lessen my enjoyment, though, since I found the show hilarious without them.
Where to watch (USA, May 2021): Funimation (sub and dub), BR/DVD
Click my “reviews” tag below or search “mini review” on my blog to find more!
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logan110 · a day ago
Genshin impact is such an awesome game!
The graphics are amazing and everything is just really pretty and peaceful.
It's for PC and Laptop.
Mihoyo has also made a mobile game called honkai impact.
Both are free and have nice graphics.
If you have questions ask ahead.
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lotus-reviewer · a day ago
Tumblr media
Name: Kai Byoui Ramune
Rating: ⭐6/10⭐
Rate: PG-13
Genre: Supernatural, comedy, and psychological
Trigger Warning: Slight gore, kidnapping, and brief sexual harassment
The phenomenon of “mysterious diseases” is one that appears in those who suffer in one way or another. While not able to be treated with modern medicine, there is one doctor who has dedicated his practice to helping those overcome their ailments; Ramune! Like many anime’s of last season, this just kind of got placed in the “meh” pile. It wasn’t terrible but it also wasn’t all that great. The plot is pretty good in its own right but almost immediately I thought of an anime that has basically the same theme but did so much better, xxxHOLIC. The cases worked within this anime were also done in a pretty good way. They were very emotional and insightful because of the way they focused on how people felt and acted during certain circumstances. But all in all, it just didn’t really vibe with me. The main characters were kind of boring and didn’t really show any sort of underlying personality or character development throughout the series. I was also kind of disappointed in some of the routes this anime took plot-wise because there were definitely a few times where it could’ve ended up being so much better than it was. It also does a weird way of trying to show a healthy and trusting bond between the doctor and his younger apprentice but they are truly walking a thin line because sometimes the things they do or say are a bit suspicious, I’m just gonna say it. But another thing in its favor was the opening, which was one of the best of the season. All in all, not too bad but not too good. For any who ended up really enjoying this, I highly recommend xxxHOLIC. As always have a great day and feel free to leave your thoughts and feelings!
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mangazette · a day ago
Iz gonn’be a long one
GENRES : romance, comedy, school, shounen
> Animation : 6/10 – As much as it is top tier in character design and colours… The animation in itself is almost non-existent. The shots aren’t polished, the transitions are brutal, the body language is random and the movements barely there. All of that being hidden behind a pseudo artsy-aesthetic-shadow-game that doesn’t convey emotions.
> Soundtracks : 7/10 – In line with the overall feeling of the anime, the credits are very sweet. The OSTs are mainly musical and quite discrete, however, they don’t necessarily bring out the emotions that much. On another topic but still “sound-wise”, I found that sometimes the voice acting felt like it was cut off (?).  
> Storyline : Anime= 5/10, Manga= 9.5/10 –  While the anime almost only focuses on the romantic drama while rushing things and having pretty botched storyboards and questioning storytelling, the manga is gold! It is about friendship, healing and love, but it’s also a fundamentally hilarious comedy about a bunch of dorks having fun. The character development is nice: the kind where every character gets super endearing. Heads up to the extra chapters which are one of the best and wittiest out there.
> Overall : Anime= 6/10, Manga= 9.5/10 – As you can tell I am just as disappointed in the anime adaptation as I am fond of the manga, mainly because of how much things were skipped and rushed... But to end on a good note, Horimiya is a romantic comedy I would recommend reading without a second thought: it’s one of my favourites out there, the type I can read and read again but always smile and laugh with all my heart.
 FYI: CloverWorks®, the studio producing this anime, had three series in the making this season (The promised neverland, Wonder egg priority and Horimiya) so obviously it’s very hard to be consistent in all three … While not overworking your employees … Especially during covid. Not sure how they managed ! So Let’s be understanding (I’m mainly talking to myself here)
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