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#animation test
millenniumlesbian · 9 hours ago
I’m making fun of it for being a little silly and improbable but Shizuka rescuing Joey was absolutely an improvement over the manga and a really genuinely great writing choice. It gives her a cool moment of agency and competency and adds to their relationship instead of her just being a generic object who exists to motivate Jou, and it’s honestly not really more silly or improbable than Jou being able to nab the sinking key himself. Granted, Shizuka never really gets to be that cool or competent again, but they at least tried to make her more than a two-dimensional cute macguffin. 
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prince-subcon · 12 hours ago
guess WHAT gang my tablet can INDEED run mediband and flipaclip so i ordered a pen and it'll be here wednesday :DDD!!!
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oldpokemonscreenshots · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Taken from Episode 56: The Ultimate Test.
First aired in the United States on April 24th,1999.
Channel: Kids’ WB! (The WB)
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thesopranos6b · 19 hours ago
please describe the context of the sopranos caps
in this scene Tony is in the middle of a 30 minute long dream sequence which reflects his feeling of unpreparedness to kill his cousin who is also named Tony. prior to this exchange he is stalled mindlessly watching a program about WWII on the tv in the kitchen as Carmela tells him they're gonna be late for dinner. following this exchange Tony looks back at the tv and sees it's changed from a program about WWII to the back of his and carm's heads in their bathroom as Tony gets ready. we blink and are inside the scene which was previously inside the tv as Tony and carm exit the bathroom and then the house. this tv within the tv within the tv which you are watching Tony watch and become a part of recurs throughout the episode
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All 50-somethin year old mexican men who have glasses and a mustache do is watch top 10 fun fact videos about animals and ancient history and it's the only reason I haven't completely lost respect for them
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magnifyk-official · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
, watch my new on , I was the new on posted on Instagram -
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yumenosakiacademy · 4 days ago
as some1 who holds down a direction key the entire time she's fighting, I don't fucking understand animation cancelling. like, for me it just takes more time away instead of speeding shit up.
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illustrative-muse · 4 days ago
Pencil Test from December 2020 from my Intro to Animation I class.
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