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cutesy-whumper · 5 hours ago
thinking about,,, the process of a (biblically accurate) angel falling and becoming a demon
like, does it hurt to suddenly grow a whole body? to feel your own heart form and start beating with blood warmer than spinning wheels of fire ever were? to feel barely formed skin break when the horns grow in? wings decomposing entirely into big flaps of skin that will never be strong enough to carry you before you hit the ground?
i wonder how terrifying it would be, millions of eyes that see everything turning into a single pair that can only be fixed on the fast-approaching ground, i wonder if the first emotion a demon ever gets to feel is fear.
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el-draco-bizarro · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
An angelic owl drawn by me a while back... nothing special but I always kinda liked it. Ballpoint pen. Maybe someday I'll fully digitize and clean it up but for now, this is still good :)
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whatareusernames · 6 hours ago
Meet My 4 Main OCs!
In order: 
Monica/Moni Karina Ashton
Angelica/Angie Venus Ashton
Lucilia/Lucy (Human form)
Melanie/Mel Brent
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yes, I used the program. I’ve been making many things, because it’s fun :D
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ultrainfinitepit · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Back again with this throne angel
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christianprophecytoday · 7 hours ago
Important Commentary - The Warning (Illumination of Conscience) was postponed from December 2020 - Now what? Is there a New Possible Date for The Warning? - By a soul - MaryRefugeOfSouls
Important Commentary – The Warning (Illumination of Conscience) was postponed from December 2020 – Now what? Is there a New Possible Date for The Warning? – By a soul – MaryRefugeOfSouls
Click below for a free downloadable PDF, ODT, and WordDoc copy (10 pages) of this important commentary: IMPORTANT COMMENTARY – The Warning (Illumination of Conscience) was postponed December 2020 – Is there a NEW POSSIBLE DATE – By a soul – MaryRefugeOfSouls (PDF)Download IMPORTANT COMMENTARY – The Warning (Illumination of Conscience) was postponed December 2020 – Is there a NEW POSSIBLE DATE –…
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getoutmyfarm-blog · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
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looeefrog · 9 hours ago
angel numbers scare me but also just found out my guardian angels are close to me and are congratulating me on recent things that have been going on!
44 may be my new favorite number
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unicornscotty · 9 hours ago
Here we go ch.4 inwhich you find out what the king has been doing, and how the humans react to our defiant demon. The whump shall be coming very soon.
This is a collab with @milk-carton-whump
TW: insulted for physical capability (flying), knocked out, threat of torture, religious themes, nom-human whumpee (s)
Taglist: @jordanstrophe @whumpasaurus101 @froggywhumpy @cowboy-anon @justabitofwhump @that-bug-guy @tears-and-lilies @just-a-whumping-racoon-with-wifi
Abyss In The Prmosied Land
The King lowered his hand after watching the low Demon be summoned away unexpectedly, and he had a feeling he knew which measly humans had done it. He stormed over to his large door yanking it open and pointing at his second in command.
"You're in charge, I've got stuff to do. Don't let anyone in or out, except me, and that includes humans, and turn off summoning!" After a nod from the demon, The King walked back into his office and burst into a ball of red flames, he really didn't want to do this, to see… HER.
In the room with The Queen were a handful of her highest angels. Who all scampered behind her at the sight of the fire. She sighed, today had been going well now some Demon wanted her attention. She finally looked at the ball of flames and raised an eyebrow, judging by the size it was HIM. 
"Please excuse me my darlings." She said, delicately cupping the face of one of the Angels near her who beamed at the touch then they all took flight and left. With another sigh she snapped her fingers and the fire ceased to exist leaving a smoking and smouldering King.
"Took you long enough." He said curtly, slapping the fire off his black cloak.
"Good to see you too King."
"I'm not here for pleasantries. If you wanted that you shouldn't have banished me."
"I've tried to tell you that, that wasn't-"
"Yeah, yeah whatever Queenie!" The King gulped, nearly impossible to see.
"There's an issue. One of my Demons went on a field trip to Earth and discovered two humans who have captured and are planning to expose one of your Angels. He has since been summoned and captured by those same humans."
The Queen stared at The King in shock.
"Right, thanks for the warning. I'll sort it out. Bye." She said snapping out of her initial shock.
"Oh no you don't! They have one of my guys too. I'm not letting you push me away again." The king snapped, the sensation of being in The Promised Land with angels surrounding him and being this close to The Queen herself was nearly unbearable.
"Fine. Can we trust this Demon?"
"I don't know, today was the first time I had met him… and he's low down, lowest actually, and he wasn't much better here, only two wings."
"You have two wings."
"Doesn't matter, the fact is, he warned me risking the most severe of punishments in doing so, suggests he can be trusted."
"Fine, you can help, as long as you can keep up." The Queen then spread her many wings and took off, The King was on her heels but struggled to keep up, she ended up leaving him in the dust but he had a fair idea of where she was going.
He entered the hall a few minutes after her to see a large oval table and sitting around it were all of the most powerful angels. He had to hand it to The Queen, she got stuff prepared fast. Everyone in the room turned to look at him, all with disgust written plainly on their features. Wings twitching at his presence. As for him being in the room with so many angels, anxious angels at that, made him itch all over an itch that was under his skin and unable to get to. The Queen had had her back to him but now turned.
"There you are, finally, get in here."
"You used to slow down for me Queenie."
"You used to be a good ANGEL,  King."
He didn't respond to the insult, nor did he take notice of the smirks all the Angels gave instead he held his head up high and walked the length of the room, every eye in the room on him. He sat down at the other end of the table and steepled his fingers, folding his black wings, in a way so that the menacing claws at the tips were on full display, and smiled a big toothy smile, showing off his sharp teeth. 
"So, what is the plan?" He said in his husky voice.
"We have cancelled all summonings. I assume that you have done the same for The Abyss?"
"Of course."
"Well then. You said your guy was of the lowest ranking? Well mine is fairly high up. We can assume that the humans want the demon on their side and for him to aid them in controlling the Angel, Zurii. You said your demon will not do that?"
"No, I do believe my demon will go against his instincts and will not harm the Angel, thus helping to protect The Abyss… and of course The Promised Land."
"Good." The Queen said leaning back. "Anyone got something to add?"
Another Angel leant forward then turning to look at The King.
"What is the demon's name?"
"...Not entirely sure, like I said he is the lowest rank. I believe he is called Ravan….no wait, his name is Ravana I'm pretty sure… but goes by Raven with his peers. 
"I think you'll find, Ravana, that you will help us, one way or the other." The doctor said, staring down Ravana seemingly unphased by the fact he was a Demon.
"Yeah? How do you figure?"
"Or else, I will cause you the most unimaginable pain." The Doctor said with a cruel smile. Then quick as lighting Ravana shot his hand out, aiming for the doctor's throat, however a force stopped his hand mere inches from the human's vulnerable neck.
He dropped his hand annoyed, The Queen really didn't trust demons, so much so that she made it impossible for them to harm whoever summoned them. Dr. Issac laughed cruelly, then grabbed Ravana's singed and soaked jacket as the other man opened the door, the demon was thrown to the floor, head hitting the stone ground, then everything went black.
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mg549 · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
couldnt settle on what to do with the canvas i had so i decided to just divide it into sections and doodle w acrylic paint and sharpies
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coasttickets · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hello Everyone, Along with other countless small businesses across the nation, Coast Tickets has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our business operations were halted for approximately 13 months, but through determination and your continued support, we are slowly but surely picking up where we left off. In conjunction with the State of California health protocols as well as venue regulations, Coast Tickets is tirelessly working to overcome hurdles and are still committed to delivering premier event tickets to fans. Business associates from our local Chamber of Commerce have generously created a GoFundMe page to help keep Coast Tickets afloat. We are humbly asking for your support via donation to ensure that Coast Tickets can continue to serve the So Cal community for years to come. All courteous contributions will go towards Coast Tickets' rent, utilities, insurance, payroll and other financial obligations. Whether you are able to donate or not, Coast Tickets would also be grateful if you share our message to friends & families and continue to use our ticketing services. Any contribution will be impactful towards our goal and greatly appreciated! Click the link to support:
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