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#andy barber oneshot
fallinforevans · 16 hours ago
I want dbf!andy to fuck me in his office chair while having clients on the phone
ugh yes to this please <3
the thrill of knowing you can get caught at any second, “shh that’s it sweetheart. you sit here on daddy’s cock and be a good quiet girl for me, okay?” he smirks at you suppressing a moan.
one meeting lasting about 30 minutes which makes you more messier throughout that time because all you wanna do is ride him but you knew the risk. just having his cock buried deep inside you while he casually talks was more than enough to moan but you couldn’t or you’d be punished.
“please…daddy.” you whine as his call is coming to an end and he is discussing what he’ll be doing for the weekend. he glared at you and says goodbye to his client, “now sweetheart i said to be quiet didn’t i? and you didn’t listen to me so now daddy has to punish you.”
join dad’s best friend tuesday!
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fuckandfluff · a day ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Stepdad!Andy Barber x F!Reader
Word Count: 1.2k
Warnings: 18+, minors DNI. Literally this is just porn without a plot. One mention of a glass of wine, swearing, dumbification, praise kink, daddy kink, anal fingering, unprotected anal sex, power dynamics, age gap (reader is early 20s) SADDLE UP 🤠
A/N: The title is an nod to the retweet on Chris's twitter today! And the word just works for the general vibe of the fic! Thank you so much to my gorgeous and talented pal, @sableseb for being my beta reader. Please go check out her amazing work 💗✨
All of my other Stepdad!Andy fics can be found in my masterlist here! 💗
Gorgeous and vicious.
Those were the first two words that came to mind when you thought of your stepfather. Despite your months-long affair, Andy still made you painfully timid.
After he had confronted you earlier that day with his discovery of a discarded Plan B box, you knew a punishment was coming. You just had no idea what he had in store.
Andy slinked into your room shortly after midnight, interrupting your standing appointment with the Real Housewives of somewhere and an overpour of dry Pinot Grigio.  He was always a welcomed interruption, though.
“Haven’t came all week, my balls are fuckin’ about to burst, Y/N,” he huffs, approaching your cross-legged form.
“Can you just fuck off, Andy? I’ve had it with these late night hookups,” you lie through gritted teeth, “I - I wanna to be with someone my own age. Not my mom’s husband."
But the truth was, at this point in your relationship,  you had somehow convinced yourself it wasn’t cheating. You were his wife’s daughter, an extension of your mother. It made sense at the time and you found comfort in the twisted logic.
“I think you seem to forget that it’s not you calling the shots here sweetie,” he traces along your plump lower lip, his baby blue eyes boring into yours.
Andy slammed his lips onto yours, warm breath slipping in and out of your mouth: “D..Daddy-- fuck.” You’d never seen him kiss your mother like this. It was always little pecks on her lips or tiny smooches on her cheek. You had no idea what went on behind closed doors but you’d imagine it wasn’t anything too kinky because Andy migrated to your bed practically every night.
He’s now positioned himself behind you now, muscular arms cradled under your own, massaging over the silky material of your pajama bottoms.
“God, you’re such a pretty little thing..” Andy murmurs, his voice softer than usual.  You leaned back into his strong chest, his arms gripped around your waist.
“W-wait -” you stammer, trying to resist his expert touch.
Andy paused in his ministrations, strong hands dusting down the length of your torso: “I’ll be gentle, I promise.”
Whining low in your throat, you couldn’t spurn his advances any longer. The older man knew exactly what buttons to press.
“You’ve never been fucked in the ass have ya’, princess?”
“That obvious, huh?” you retort, trying to make it sound light and playful, a nervous laugh escaping you. His fingers thread through your pussy and the the thought of him fucking you there sent shocks of warmth through you.
Andy’s cock was growing hard against your back and you could feel it emerge from the waistband of his slate grey sweats.
“Gonna let your daddy pop this sweet little cherry, bet it’s so goddamn tight..” Reaching into the lacquered door of your nightstand, he paws the bottle of well-used lube, snapping the lid up and dousing his dick in the thick liquid. You had no idea how he knew that was there because you only ever used it when you needed a bit of help working your rabbit inside yourself. Had he been spying on you?
“Up, up, sweetheart - bend over,” he commands, guiding your ass off the pillowy duvet and pushing his hand onto the small of your back, a physical cue to get on all fours. You take the hint, back arched and eager for him. Your breath is heavy with anticipation, gripping the bedsheets tightly. All you know about anal sex is that it’s meant to hurt, so you pray that Andy shows you a semblance of mercy.
He slips your shorts down your thick hips, leaving you entirely exposed as the flimsy silk rests at your ankles. Two of his large, lubed up fingers encircle the tight ring of muscle, sliding in to provide you with a warm up to him.
“You ready, honey?” he purrs rhetorically, pressing his slicked-up length against your virgin hole. With a demure nod, he takes this as permission to proceed with puncturing into you.
With unusually gentle intention, Andy pushes in just a little bit past his tip, wiggling underneath him. You bit your lip, hard, at the stretch, his cock spearing into you while you held yourself up on wobbly legs.
“Ahh doin’ so good, look so pretty with my cock in your ass,” he praises enthusiastically and you relish in the encouragement, backing onto him and swallowing up an extra inch or two in an attempt to show how good of a girl you could really be.
“Daddy god, yes - yes, please—“ you whine under him, letting out an almost inhuman squeal, high pitched and desperate.
“Look at you, goin’ dumb for daddy…fuckin’ this sweet, tight ass,” he teases, swatting an open palm on your backside. The cold of his wedding ring burned against the heat of your bare flesh, a painful reminder that he didn’t belong to you.
He was much more soft than usual and though you trembled as his hips bucked up into you, it wasn’t the usually violent fuck he would gift you. Your breathy moans and the sight of you coming entirely undone must have sent him into a frenzy because he’s now singing unfiltered praise down into your ear.  
“D-Don’t stop,” you pathetically plead, head lolling back with a moan as he pulled out to the tip again and thrust back in with a slow, methodical rocking until his entire cock is inside you. Once you got used to his cock splitting you open, Andy didn’t hold back. His strokes were fast and quick, swearing a curse as your ass clenched around his cock.
“Fuck - daddy, I - I might come..” you trail off,  somewhere between a moan and a shout, and Andy pulls out to the tip again and it’s almost painful, that sheer loss of contact. But before you have a chance to mourn the loss, he’s jerked back into you with full force, bottoming out all at once, and your eyes roll back violently.  A sense of sheer confusion washes over you because you didn’t think it was possible for anal to feel this good.
“I.. I can’’s too much,” you weep, the feeling entirely foreign as your pussy throbs with no stimulation.
“You can and you will, honey. Stop bein' a brat,” he chides, smacking your ass and gawking at the ripple your plump skin produces.
He’s now picked up the pace, snapping into you with hard, feral thrusts, and you struggle to stay propped up on your elbows. You’re entirely swept up in the feeling of your stepfather pummelling into you, taking your anal virginity, keening and gasping and yelling of cries of “Yes, please make me come daddy, a-ah, just like that daddy!”  You sighed into it, tilting your head down as you worked through your own orgasm, half-lidded eyes glazed over as you feel yourself clench down onto him.
Andy’s now changed the angle, thrusting down hard and quick, feeling the familiar sensation building in his core. The tightness in his gut like a wave gathering before it crashed— the feeling of your ass tightening around him as he arrived at his own orgasm and the sound of his warbled cries through it all.
“Fuck, gonna fill you up so you know who this ass belongs to,” he groaned, spilling into you while holding himself upright and panting above you. He pulls out, sending what remained dripping across the pink flannel sheets. He loved watching as your asshole gaped, clenching pathetically around nothing while his load trickled out.
"You're my perfect little slut, arentcha', honey?" he mumbles, tucking himself back into his briefs. "Don't let anyone else touch that hole but daddy, you understand me?"
You nod obediently, falling flat onto your stomach with a defeated thud. A dull ache had already started thrumming in your lower back, a premature warning of the brutal pain tomorrow would surely bring.
The revelation slams into you - your stepfather just fucked your ass and though you should feel sick with regret, it feels so right.
Join my taglist here, if you want! xo
Stepdad Andy list:
@patzammit @musiclover1263 @what-is-your-wish
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buckyhoney · 3 days ago
so many thoughts about dadsbestfriend!andy here is one that's been eating at me all day: this 'bout a full fic bc i just-
pairing: dadsbestfriend!andy x reader
warnings: 18+, adultery, age gap (reader mid 20's), mentions of oral (f & m) & unprotected sex, not edited
finally home from university after completing your bachelor's degree, your mom hosts a family dinner with close friends and immediate family. the barbers walk through the front door- andy locks eyes with you instantly.
the vivid flashbacks from your last encounter- drunkenly fooling around while your parents were out of town for spring break. he came over to check the house, not knowing you were staying home.
what was supposed to only be a quick catch-up and a quick drink spiraled into a few bottles of wine and andy's mouth, sucking your clit on the staircase. then the next day later, finishing the job by sleeping with him in your childhood bedroom.
an overly confident smile appears across his face, shaking hands with you.
"it must've been forever since you've seen Y/N!" your mom exclaims,
the friendly encounter kept strictly between the two of you- but the images still flash your mind as his handshake lingers a little too long. blaming it on zoning out on the tv behind you, you pull your hand away. andy flashes a quick smirk before joining your dad in the kitchen to finish dinner.
as you set the table with your sister, you overhear the conversation between your mom and laurie.
"i don't know what's gotten into him, but he's just been- excited a lot. i think he's cheating, beth." you drop the rest of the plates on the table, causing a loud clang.
andy and your dad poke their head through the archway, asking if you're okay- you nod and pick up the broken pieces to the plate.
when taking the glass shards to the trash can outside, andy follows behind you.
"she knows." you mutter under your breath, pushing past him.
andy catches your arm, pulling you back behind the wall.
"who?" playing dumb, his hands wander underneath your shirt- making your body cover in goosebumps.
"your wife," he laughs, leaning down, kissing your neck and jaw before landing on your lips
"she accuses me of cheating every other month. i tell her no. rail her. then go back not touching each other till the next accusation." the thought of him touching her the way he touched you made your skin crawl and your blood boil.
"you jealous?" he chuckles, slipping his fingers inside your jeans.
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marvellovegalore · 6 days ago
A Touch Too Dramatic
Chris Evans
Requested: Yes
Synopsis: You have to undergo a major change in your look for a new acting role and you wonder what Chris will think.
Word Count: 1,106
Warning: Mentions of Sexual Content
Author's Note: Sorry to the anonymous requester for taking this long with such a simple request - working on through your requests slowly and if you have any requests for any Marvel person other than CE I'm accepting them. - Also this was barely edited so bear with me as I find errors at my own pace.
Tumblr media
Your fingers grip the sink, its curve smooth against the skin of your fingers. The reflection of your eyes is strange today, a mixture of sentiments are doing an unsynchronised swim in your irises.
You take a deep inhale. You rip your fingers away from the sink and with one more breath taken, you turn on the razor. You mow the haphazardly cut bob without thought. You will any regret or mental protest away, you pray the final result won’t will you to tears. You rapidly strike at your scalp with the electric razor, your hair billows onto the floor and the sink. Your breath comes into your body at a more laboured pace.
Turning off the razor leaves you in your bathroom in complete silence.
You sigh at the sight reflected back at you.
You are practically bold now.
And you’re okay with it. You are.
You smile at yourself in the mirror. It’s done, you are bold now. It’s okay. You look decent, you don’t mind going out into the world like this. Nevertheless, you won’t be like this forever; and you’re doing it for your new role.
Your thoughts quickly dart towards the possible opinion of your boyfriend. You’re sure that he has forgotten that you are shaving your head today. Although you did tell him that you were doing this, you reminded him every two weeks for the past four months. You accepted the role of a villain with a buzzcut in order to spice up your acting portfolio, you’ve never acted in TV ever since you got your big break into the Silver Screen. Television shows were becoming increasingly more popular and if you stuck to just acting in films, you would probably burn out within five years.
You figure it’s time to step out into your room and find your boyfriend. You take a deep breath and begin clearing away your mess, you step out into your room and find it empty. You quickly hear your boyfriend call out to his dog. You look out to the garden and see him jog out onto the grass, holding a dog toy. You gulp and glacially make your way downstairs. You give yourself another look in the mirror and nod.
The sun is out with strength today, the whole garden is coated in an abundance of sunlight.
Chris hasn’t noticed you yet, his back is turned to you as he play fights with his dog.
“Who’s your daddy?” He mockingly laughs as his dog fails to tackle him. The dog barks as he sees you and runs to you, he nuzzles your leg, and you lower yourself to caress his back.
“Do you like it?” You immediately ask, without giving Chris a beat as he turns in your direction.
He stands frozen, his eyes wide like two footballs. He bites his lip, and his face turns the colour of an almost ripe tomato. His shoulders contract quickly, and he fails to hold in his laughter. He doubles over in laughter, and you’re taken aback. His whole body shakes with vigorous yelps, his slaps his left breast and coughs out something unintelligible.
Your throat tightens up, you try desperately to ignore the deepening wound in your chest. You felt you looked idiotic.
You can’t suppress the sob that leaves your mouth.
His laughter down immediately, he looks at you in worry.
Your hand clutches at your lips and you turn swiftly to make your way into the house.
“Baby!” He calls out to you; his footsteps increase in speed, and he quickly approaches you. “Hey, hey,” he grabs your forearm gently, he captures you in a hug. His arms grip you tightly as you try to squirm away from his hug. “No, no, listen to me.” He rests his chin onto of your head. He hold back a giggle as your freshly shaved hair tickles his skin. “I wasn’t laughing maliciously.” He plants a kiss on your scalp when he finishes speaking.
You bury your head into his chest, “Yes you were.” Your fist delivers a solid punch to his thigh. He lets out a bark of laughter as your blow merely tickles him. “You think I look stupid. I knew accepting this role was a mistake.” You whimper childishly.
“No, you do not!” He chuckles and forces your head back gently; the look in his eyes is loving and gentle, they stroke your skin tenderly and you almost melt in his arms. “You’re so beautiful and you couldn’t possibly look ugly. It’s physically impossible for you to look ugly, okay?” His expectant look is profound, he’s desperate for you to feel good about yourself. He wouldn’t know what to do with himself if he made you self-conscious to the point where you actually made a career choice that was caused by his stupidity.
“Yeah, but do you remember how you just burst out laughing?” tears sneak up slyly onto the surface of your eyes. “That was true, unconcerned and unconstrained laughter, I look like a joke. How could I possibly portray a villain?” The pitch of your voice increases wildly, you’re annoyed and embarrassed by yourself.
“Stop being silly, you’re so gorgeous,” he plants a meaningful kiss on your lips, his hands lowering down to your bottom. “You’re so hot,” he plants another kiss on your lips, his hands circle your bum cheeks slowly; “You, are, the, woman, of, my, dreams.” He suddenly grabs both of your bum cheeks and hoists you up on his hips and abducts your lips with fervour and constrained breathing. Your arms circle his shoulders and he almost growls into your mouth as your crotches are pressed tightly together. You feel a bulge almost immediately in his shorts.
Your tongues collide, they whip at each other with no care, your skins meld together in the midst of your passion. Chris moans into your mouth, his finger trailing in between your legs from behind.
You break away from his kiss slowly, both your eyes refusing to open. Jumping down from his tight hold you approach the closest mirror; you stroke the top of your head and assess the damage. “You know, yeah, you’re right. I look gorgeous, you just laughed because I’m too hot for you to handle.” You smirk through the mirror at him. He rolls his eyes, and then gestures down to his boner.
You shake your head, “No, I need to go and study my script,” You start walking away as you hear him let out a playful scoff, “filming starts next week.” You close your office door to his pitiful threats about making you sleep on the sofa.
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flowerbouquet · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐂𝐄 𝐓𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐬 || 𝐅𝐥𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫 𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐩 𝐏𝐥𝐚𝐲𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 || 💌💌💌
— 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ —
♪ 𝐓𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐎𝐧𝐞: Desperate Measures - In which you turn to porn for your tuition money (ft Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes, a Stucky collab)
♪ 𝐓𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐓𝐰𝐨: Wedding Shenanigans - In which you and Chris have a sneaky fuck in the bathroom during your bestfriends wedding (Chris Evans x Reader)
— 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ —
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OneShots Masterlist
No permission is granted to repost, translate, or steal my work. Tumblr is the only place I post my writing. If you see it anywhere else please report it.
Please read the warnings on each fic and proceed with caution. This is an 18+ only blog. Ordered oldest to newest.
Tags closed. For chapter updates follow my side blog and turn on notifications: plaid-sav-armsfics. Only new chapters will be posted there.
If you like it, reblog it. Leave some feedback or an ask. I love hearing what you think.❤
Full Masterlist
Perfect - dark!Charles Blackwood x Reader x Sam Winchester
In which Charles and Sam are looking to settle down and you happen to walk into a brainwashed town.
Willing or Not - dark!Andy Barber x Reader
Paris, France. The Louvre. A handsome stranger saving you. It was worthy of a romance novel.
Willing or Not (Sequel) -  dark!Andy Barber x Reader
Andy didn't agree with your decision to go back to your life back home and leave him.
The Letter T - Bucky Barnes x Reader
You and Bucky decide to update him on modern sexual trends and make a game out of it, but things get out of hand.
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harrylovex · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
request: where reader is meeting chris’ parents in boston and he tries to get frisky when he thinks his family is asleep and eventually it leads to smut and then getting caught
warnings: smut smut smut, unprotected sex
a/n: this has taken me so long i’m so sorry i’m awful :)
you held chris’ hand tight as you stood on the front porch of his parents house.
you had been invited over for dinner and to stay the night, chris’ siblings were also coming over.
you and chris had been dating for a little over six months, and you had met his parents plenty of times, but it still made you nervous. you wanted to keep up your good reputation.
chris chuckled when he felt you squeeze his hand, pulling your hand up to his mouth to kiss your knuckles softly.
“relax sweetheart. you know they love you. are you gonna get nervous every damn time?”
you laughed. “um, yes.”
lisa opened the door after a few minutes, pulling you in straight away for a hug.
“y/n! i haven’t seen you in ages! wow you look gorgeous.” she grabbed your hand, ushering you inside.
“and hello to you too mum.” chris laughed, stepping in after you.
lisa shook her head, turning to her son for a hug.
you gave lisa a bottle of wine you had picked out for the dinner, chris heaving your bags into the lounge.
lisa thanked you for the wine, her smile disappearing a little before she spoke again.
“i’m so sorry guys but you’re going to have to sleep on the sofa bed tonight. scott claimed the spare room when he got here earlier.”
chris groaned, making you laugh.
“that’s no problem! thank you so much for letting us stay.”
“you’re both welcome anytime.” lisa smiled.
“so polite.” she mumbled to chris, gesturing to you. you smiled shyly, watching as she made her way outside.
he smiled, kissing your forehead.
“come on, the others are outside.”
you joined the rest of chris’ family out in the garden. everyone greeted you with a hug. scott went all out as always, spinning you around whilst crushing you with his bear hug.
you placed yourself next to chris on the garden sofa, sipping a glass of wine whilst chris drank beer.
conversation flowed easily, and soon you were in fits of laughter about some childhood adventure that scott was telling you about.
after a few hours of chatting, you decided to touch up your makeup, excusing yourself from the group.
chris noticed you leave, his eyes catching onto the way you body fit nicely into the summer dress you were wearing. he knew how much you loved to tease him.
you were applying your last coat of mascara when chris appeared at the door.
“you okay?”
“great actually. i was just touching up my makeup.”
chris removed his hat, his hair messy from being stuck under it all day.
you moved towards him, running your fingers through his hair.
he hummed quietly, hands moving down to your hips.
“you look sexy tonight.”
you laughed at the sudden comment. “oh really?”
he nodded, moving forward to kiss you softly.
you leaned into the kiss eagerly, letting his tongue roam freely.
once he began to get carried away, you pulled away, laughing when he frowned.
“come on, we should get back. they’ll be wondering where we are.”
“i don’t care.” chris moaned, grabbing at your butt.
“well i do.” you kissed his cheek, pulling him towards the garden.
he followed you out, but not before complaining under his breath.
scott gave him a look as he sat back down, his eyes trailing down to where yours and chris’ hands were entwined.
chris stuck his middle finger up discreetly, making you and scott laugh. scott would always tease you and chris about your pda.
dinner went well, you sat quietly beside chris, savouring the delicious dinner that lisa had made specially.
chris kept a hand on your thigh the entire time, and you kicked at his ankle when his hand slid underneath your dress, fingers dragging along the inside of your thighs.
he smirked, and managed to keep his hands to himself for the rest of the meal.
after dinner, everyone gathered in the lounge. scott forcing everyone to play a game of charades.
chris’ parents went to bed pretty soon after that, his dad mumbling something about how he had to work tomorrow.
scott refused to go to bed at such an early hour, challenging you and chris to a few rounds of mario kart.
you happily agreed, you had been waiting to beat chris’ ass at a racing game.
you sat on the sofa inbetween scott and chris, your game face on.
“scott that’s my steering wheel.” chris reached over to snatch it out of his brother’s hands.
“no it’s not. i always use this one.”
you rolled your eyes, listening to the two boys bicker like teenagers.
“scott! you’ve never used that one! come on babe back me up here.”
you laughed, crossing your arms as you leaned back into the sofa.
after a few minutes of squabbling, chris let scott have the wheel, but not before smacking him lightly round the back of the head.
“jesus, y/n, how do you put up with this, he’s so annoying”. scott massaged the back of his head.
you laughed. “i know, i deserve a medal.”
chris pouted, jokingly elbowing you in the side. you smiled sideways at him, your arm drapped over his thigh.
it was half an hour later, and you were huddled up against chris, your head resting on his chest.
you had promised yourself that you would beat those boys’ asses at the game, but after five rounds of speeding round the fictional roads, the wine got the best of you and you gave up, silently cursing yourself at your failure of staying awake.
you fidgeted when the boys laughed loudly, chris’ arm sneaking around you to pull you close.
you kept giggling as you rested your eyes, hearing chris and scott try to bicker in their whispery voices. from what you could hear, chris was winning.
you must have fallen asleep beside chris because the next time you opened your eyes, scott was kissing the top of your head, bidding you goodnight.
you sat up abruptly, feeling wide awake. you peered over the sofa at chris who was grabbing some water.
“hey baby.” he gave you a huge smile. “you fell asleep for a while.”
“what time is it?” you stood up, stretching.
“midnight, i think.” he scratched his beard.
he passed you some water, rubbing your back as you gulped it down.
“did you win at mario kart?” you asked him.
“of course i did! no one beats me.”
you rolled your eyes, making him laugh. “come on, let’s go get changed in the bathroom.”
you followed him, pyjamas clutched in your hand.
you changed silently while chris brushed his teeth, nearly falling over when you stepped out of your dress.
you washed up quickly, returning to the lounge to get under the covers., it was freezing.
chris was already getting comfortable, he looked cute in his grey t-shirt and plaid trousers. he opened up the duvet for you and you crawled in beside him, resting your head on his chest.
he yawned, leaning down to kiss your lips a few times.
“did you have fun tonight?” he whispered.
“yes…i love your family so much.” you mumbled, making chris smile.
you shut your eyes, snuggling into chris’ neck, but sleep didn’t seem to want to overcome you tonight.
after about 15 minutes, chris spoke.
“yes?” you giggled.
“i can’t sleep.”
“me neither.”
he fidgeted before speaking again. “to be honest, i can’t stop thinking about you in that dress earlier. and you didn’t even let me do anything about it.”
you sat up on your elbows, peering over at him.
“well, what would you have done about it?” you smirked.
it was chris turn to sit up now, his hands pulling your waist closer to him. he pulled at the back of your neck, eager to feel your lips against his.
you reciprocated the kiss, trying not to smile when you felt him sneak his tongue into your mouth.
his hands started to wander, pushing up his t-shirt that you were wearing, his fingers sliding towards the band of your panties.
“c-chris.” you pushed him away, laughing. “i wasn’t being serious, we can’t do this on the sofa bed at your parents house!”
he smirked, “who says we can”t? come on sweetheart, you can be quiet for me can’t you?” he pressed a sloppy kiss to your lips.
shit. he knew just what to say to you. your panties growing wetter by the second.
“chris.” you dragged out his name, laying flat on your back. chris sat up beside you, his fingers trailing circles on your lower stomach.
“sweetheart, it’ll tire us out. no one will hear us i promise.” he smiled, leaning down to your ear. “plus, i’ve been dying to feel your pretty little pussy around my cock since we got here.”
your breath hitched and you groaned. your body was betraying you, giving in by the second.
you exhaled loudly as chris waited eagerly for an answer.
“fine. but if we get caught i swear to god i’m not going anywhere near your cock ever again.”
he laughed, maneuvering himself until he was above you.
you kissed him deeply as he pulled your panties off, chuckling to himself when he felt how wet they were.
his fingers slid through you folds, dragging your wetness around. you gasped, your hands clutching at chris’ t-shirt as you tried to not make any noise.
“b-babe. i don’t think i can be quiet.”
chris laughed again, “maybe i can help with that.” his hand came up to cover your mouth, but not before he gave you another sloppy kiss, pulling your tongue into his mouth.
you breathed calmly through your nose, focusing on how chris had pulled himself out of his trousers, running the tip of his cock through your folds.
your legs squirmed by themselves as he pushed himself into you, going as deep as he could.
“shit, sweetheart, so tight for me. try and keep your legs still for me darling, i’ve only got two hands.”
you moaned into his hand, begging him silently to move.
he got the memo, beginning to thrust softly into you. he started off slowly, making sure you were comfortable.
your hands gripped his sides, your eyes squeezed shut as you were overcome by how good he felt.
seeing as you couldn’t speak, you clenched around him purposefully, telling him to go faster.
he groaned into your neck, “such a greedy baby” he smirked, picking up the pace.
your eyes rolled back into your head at the feeling of chris pushing into you over and over, his cock hitting all the right spots.
he tried to muffle his own groans by burying his face in your neck, biting at your skin softly.
“just like that sweetheart, i want you to cum for me pretty girl. you can do that, can’t you?”
you nodded, your eyes squeezed shut. chris’ thumb travelled down to your clit, pressing light circles into your bud to help you reach your climax.
you squirmed, clenching around his cock even more.
just as the knot in your stomach threatened to burst, a light flicked on in the kitchen.
you froze.
“what the fuck?”
it was scott.
“scott! what the fuck are you doing?” chris pulled the sheet over your bodies, covering you up as much as he could. his body covered your own.
“i was just getting some water! oh my god guys-“ he started laughing uncontrollably. “i can’t believe you’re fucking on the couch! jesus chris, can’t you keep your dick in your pants for one night?”
he clutched his stomach, doubling over.
chris chucked a pillow at him, looking down at you.
“are you okay sweetheart? i’m so sorry.” he looked worried, you on the other hand, were smiling, trying to control your laughter.
chris’ face softened when he saw that you weren’t mad.
“what the hell are you still doing here, creep!” chris shouted at scott, who was still laughing.
“alright i’m going! don’t stain the sofa!” he laughed at his own comment, scurrying out of the kitchen.
you hid your face in chris’ shoulder, embarrassment settling in.
“chris! what if that had been your mom?”
chris kissed you softly. “well, let’s just be grateful that it wasn’t. now…where were we?”
part two coming soon
tags: @slutforsebstan @chrisevansgirl34
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jane-doe6 · 18 days ago
So I recently watched Defending Jacob and... omg Andy Barber 🥵 can you do a smut with him and female reader with 78, 88 and 90? Basically, just lazy morning sex on a random sunday ☻ Btw, I'm the one who requested the steve fic you just posted and I LOVED IT 🤧
78: "Shh, don't worry, I'll take very good care of you."
88: "Mmm, good morning to you too."
90: "What's wrong? I thought you liked teasing."
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (unprotected vaginal sex, vaginal sex, vaginal fingering, dirty talk, light dom/sub vibes, lazy sex), woken up from sex, a bit of fluff?
18+!!!!! NO MINORS!!!!!! SMUT!!!!!!
Please Send More Smutty Prompts
Tumblr media
You woke up feeling Andy kissing and nipping on your neck and his hands gripping your hips. You opened your eyes and smiled and leaned into his touch. You ground your ass into his groin and little groans leaving his lips.
“Good morning, baby.” Andy groaned in your ear, as you teased his cock with your ass. “Stop, teasing.” He growled in low a voice, you smirked but it turned to a light moan as he sucked a hickey into your neck.
“Mmm, good morning to you too.” You smiled and moaned as he started rubbing circles on your clit through your panties. He pushed them to the side and thrusted a finger in your already soaking cunt. “Oh, god, Andy!” You moaned, and you felt him smirk against your skin
“Shh, don't worry, I'll take very good care of you.” He said as he curled his finger up as he thrusted it in and out of you. You cried out as his finger hit your g-spot. He thrusted another finger into you and curled them up. You arched your back and ground your cunt into his hand. He continued to bite and suck on your neck.
“Baby, I’m gonna cum!” You cried out, and he kept thrusting his fingers in and out of you. He ground the palm of his hand into your clit. His fingers brushed against your g-spot and you moaned his name, as you were sent over the edge. Your body tensed up as your walls fluttered around his fingers. He moved his fingers against your g-spot to help prolong your orgasm.
“That’s my good girl.” He whispered in your ear, as he pulled his fingers out of your pussy. He brought them up to your lips and you sucked them clean. He pulled your leg over his hip so he could slot himself between your thighs. He pulled your panties to the side and pulled his boxers down. He ran the head of his cock up and down your folds teasingly.
“Just fuck me, Andy.” You whined as he teased your entrance with his length.
“What's wrong? I thought you liked teasing.” He smirked against your skin, and you whimpered and tried to grind your cunt into his cock. “Beg for it.” He whispered.
“Please, please. Andy, please fuck me. Stretch me with your cock. Fill me up.” You pleaded, and ground your ass against him.
“Well, since you asked so nicely.” He shrugged and slammed his length into your weeping hole. You cried out in pleasure as he started thrusting in and out of you slow and hard. You moaned every time his cock brushed over your g-spot since you’re still sensitive from your first orgasm. He trailed a hand up your shirt to fondle one of your breasts.
“Oh, I’m gonna cum!” You whined and arched back into his touch.
“That’s it, baby. Go ahead and cum for me.” He grunted as he kept fucking into you. He rubbed tight circles on your clit and slammed his cock into your g-spot. You moaned as you came around him. Your walls throbbed and pulsed around him and he kept thrusting into your g-spot. You cried out his name as you started squirting all over him and the sheets. “Good girl.” He growled in your ear, as he reached his high. He filled you up with his hot cum and fucked it into you.
He thrusted into you until he bottomed out and stilled in you. He lightly kissed your neck and whispered praises in your ear. You really loved these wake-up calls.
@honeyel @greeneyedblondie44
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fuckandfluff · 21 days ago
Attitude Problems
Tumblr media
Pairing: Stepdad!Andy Barber x Reader
Summary: Your stepdad Andy is sick of your shit and decides to punish you while your mother is right next door.
Warnings: 18+, minors DNI. Reader is of age. Swearing, drinking, daddy kink, unprotected vaginal sex, age gap, cream pie, voyeurism (kinda? like she doesn't know what she's listening to but she's listening to it?) . Taboo topic of stepdad/stepdaughter
A/N: Thank you so much to @sableseb for always being my number one fan and helping me when I doubt myself! This fic is pure filth so I hope you like reading it as much as I liked writing it!
My taglist is being hot garbage so no tags unfortunately. I'm so sorry if I let anyone down who wanted to be tagged!
Part 1 & 2 can be found here & here 💓
Tipsy and tip-toeing through the Carrara marble hallway, you said a silent prayer that your mom and Andy were asleep. Curfew wasn’t a set time but your mom had expressed some valid concerns with you partying on the resort. She was worried about creeps making moves on you - little did she know, the man she slept with every night was the one she needed to fear most.
Just when you thought you were in the clear, Andy curtly opened his bedroom door, shooting you daggers. Behind him, you could see your mom propped up in bed, the blue glare of the TV ricocheting off her slender face. “It’s real late, Y/N. You know how your mother and I feel about that.” “And I love that journey for you, but you’re not my dad - hey mom!” you pushed past Andy and waved drunkenly to your mother. She smiled her cute little half-smile, shaking her head with a laugh: “Try to be a bit quieter next time, ‘kay? And Andy, come back to bed, you’re going to miss the best part!”
Andy leered at you through his brooding blue eyes and you couldn’t help but laugh. What was he going to do to you with your mom right there? “Cya, bitches!” you confidently cracked, heading into the adjoining room and slamming the heavy oak door shut behind you.
Just over a day had passed since Andy and you had.. gotten intimate over dinner. Since then, you made sure to ply yourself with whatever stiff drink you could get your hands on. If you stayed drunk, it meant you didn’t need to stew on what happened with your new stepdad.
As you peeled off your dress and pulled your dresser drawer open to grab an oversized Motley Crüe tee, you felt an arm brush past you, shutting the drawer firmly. How did he get in here? For a man that you always had your eyes on, he always seemed to find your blind spot.
“Uhmm hi.. can I help you?”
You were starting to sober up, chugging the half empty bottle of Evian next to your bed.
“You’ve got a real serious attitude problem, sweetheart. What are we going to do about it?”
“What are we gonna do about it,” you mockingly parroted back to him, “Can you just fuck off and leave me alone?”
Not the answer he was anticipating.
Andy wrapped his hands under the curve of your ass, squeezing your lightly sunburnt skin. It stung, your skin prickly hot when he pushed the pads of his fingers in deeper.
“Mommy’s right next door and I’m going to fuck you right against this wall,” he sadistically smirked, guiding you backwards until you hit the wall with a soft thud.
Wrenching your head to the side as he sucked the supple skin on your neck, you realize just how much you’ve missed having his hands on you.
“You’re gonna need to be real quiet okay?” he thinly hisses, his hand cupping your mouth.
You nod obediently as he swiftly hoists your left leg up, instinctively slinking it around his toned torso. He wraps his palm around your dainty wrist, dragging it up against the wall, pinning you in place.
With one quick tug, his cock had popped out of his grey sweatpants and was slotted against your throbbing pussy.
He dives between your legs, the dull ache growing as you crave his taboo touch. Wetness pools in your lace panties and he swirls his two fingers against your slick folds.
“Fuck, you’re such a good little slut for your daddy.. desperate for his cock, arentcha’?”
Andy twists your forearm and flips you onto your front, chest flush with the wall.
He makes use of the pre-cum droplets on his already stiff cock to push himself inside you. With one swift stroke, he ruts into you - back arching without a second thought. He silently gives you permission to adjust as your pulsing pussy stretches down onto his monstrous length. But his empathy doesn’t last long as he waits no more than 3 seconds before driving his pelvis up into your tight cunt.
Snapping your eyes shut, you see blurry stars behind your eyelids. In this very moment you couldn’t care less who was on the other side of that wall, you just wanted to have your stepdad stretch you the fuck out.
An amplified moan leaves your lips and you immediately clamp your palm over your mouth. But it’s too late. Shit.
“Andy, everything okay in there?” your mother inquires over the muffled sound of the TV.
“Yeah honey, just havin’.. a serious.. chat.. with Y/N about.. her.. attitude,” he pathetically pants, trying to string along a coherent sentence without skipping a fucking beat.
You know you’ve fucked up when he sloppily stuffs three fingers down your throat. Gargling for one clear breath, you know that he needs to keep you quiet if you both don’t want to get busted.
“What did I say, honey? Need to stay fuckin’ quiet!”
A hard spank meets your sunburnt ass, the cool metal of his wedding ring providing some instant relief to your stinging flesh.
Your chest smacks against the wall, palms splayed out on either side of your head as he grips your hips to gain some traction to drill into you. Andy drives it in so deep you could swear your spine might crack.
“That feel good, angel? Getting fucked by your daddy?” he purrs into your ear.
But you genuinely couldn’t focus on scraping together an answer as you felt yourself clench around his dick, little sparks of pleasure radiating from your abdomen. The more you tried to fight it, the closer you got. Your orgasm crashed over you like a tidal wave, your entire body smacking against the paper-thin wall.
He gathers your hair through his fingers, gently stroking the crown of your head as he uses his other hand to anchor your hip down. “Daddy needs to cum sweetie and we’ve been at this a while.. mommy’s gonna get suspicious. So tell me where you want me to cum, ‘mkay?”
You murmured, breath barely above a whisper: “Want daddy to cum in me..”
You were a mess of moans and mumbles, afraid that another more intense orgasm was en route. Andy’s cock fluttered inside you, filling your fucked-out hole with his cum. You have to stifle a gasp as you ride out your second orgasm, Andy still balls deep inside you.
“Be a good kitten and clean yourself up. No more late nights or I’m gonna have to come back and fuck a lesson into you again.”
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starlight-rogers · a month ago
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Word count: 3.3k+ words
Summary: Chris can't stop shivering after playing Frozen Blackjack with Jimmy Fallon. You might have the perfect idea to help warm him up again.
Warnings: smut, cockwarming, ice play (kinda), also kinda subby!Chris, fingering, handjob, wake up call, 18+ only
A/N: To my icy cockwarming nonnie, I really hope you like what I did with your request
Tumblr media
Chris should've known that playing this game was a bad idea.
You had told him time and time again in the days leading up to the taping of the show that he was going to regret playing a game where the loser has to pour ice-water down their pants. But although he listened as you voiced your concerns, he was determined to see the game through, being the competitive person that he is.
You just couldn't understand why he'd agreed to it in the first place. Ever since the two of you had started dating he had always been a person that was cold the second the weather dropped below a reasonable temperature. In the years you had known him he had used you like a human blanket more times than you could count, wrapping his arms around you and begging you not to move because you felt so warm and he was freezing. You couldn't imagine how cold he was going to be when the taping was over. And more importantly, you knew just how whiny he was going to be from the cold.
Chris hadn't thought that it would be a big deal. Sure the ice would be freezing at the time, but surely it was nothing that a warm bath and some cuddles couldn't fix. But as the sharp chill settled into his bones when he arrived in his dressing room after finishing the game, he knew it wouldn't go away quite so easily. Why the fuck did I agree to this? he thought to himself, silently cursing as he changed out of his damp clothes into some dry and warm ones.
The clothes were ones you had sent over to his assistant so that he had something warm to wear after the taping. It wasn't anything special, just some sweatpants and a thick sweater, but Chris was grateful for the warmth they provided as he did his best to walk out of the studio to the awaiting car with a straight face, trying not to focus on the fact that his dick felt so cold that it was practically numb and burning with icy pain all at the same time.
The ride to the hotel was torture, but it was worth it to know that he was going to see you when he arrived back at the hotel room the two of you were sharing while he was doing press. He had done what he thought was an impressive job at masking the amount of pain he was in - although his manager and assistant would tell him otherwise in the morning - but the second that he walked into the hotel room and saw you waiting for him on the bed, he let the facade drop as he let out a whimper of pain.
"Baby, what's wrong?" you immediately shoot up from your spot on the bed, walking over to him and pressing your palm to his cheek soothingly, watching as he leans into your embrace. His bottom lip trembles slightly as he shifts uncomfortably in his pants, the cold making it impossible to find a comfortable position to stand in.
"I feel like my dick is going to fall off." he whines dramatically, as you move your hand from his face to cover your mouth as you giggle at his statement, making him frown, "It's not funny!"
"I'm sorry baby, but you can't say stuff like that and expect me not to laugh." you're still giggling as you try to speak, trying not to laugh even harder at the sad puppy dog look in his eyes that plead you to help him. Taking a step closer to close the gap between the two of you, you press a soft kiss to his lips, feeling the way that his entire body is shaking from the cold, "Can I help you feel better, baby?"
"Need cuddles," he mumbles, walking both of you back towards the bed, only stopping when the backs of your knees hit the edge of the mattress. He climbs onto the bed first, reaching for you with grabby hands that make your heart swell as you join him.
He sighed with relief when you crawled into his lap, sitting facing him with your thighs parted at his waist and your arms under his to keep him close. He was still cold, his ice-cold skin sending shivers through your body as you made contact with him. But you couldn't help but notice the particular relief it brought to him when your clothed cores met. When you shifted a little, his hips followed yours, subconsciously desperate to keep his freezing cock as close to you as possible, and an idea blossoms in your mind.
"I want to try something. I think it might help you." you say soothingly, your hand moving up to stroke his hair as you lean back to look at him, "Do you trust me?"
"Y-yes." he stutters, still shivering uncontrollably from the cold as he watches your hand travel lower until you reach his sweatpants.
Carefully, being sure not to put too much pressure on his freezing cock right away, you allow your fingertips to graze his clothed cock. His breath hitches at the contact, his hips chasing the warmth of your hand as he grinds upwards into your palm, but he knows that nothing can come from your actions.
"I don't think I can get hard," he says with a dejected sigh, light shivers running through his body when you reach up with your spare hand to cup his cheek, running your thumb over the soft skin to soothe him.
"I know, baby." you soothe him as you continue your ministrations on his cock, "But it feels nice, doesn't it?"
You momentarily remove your hand from his crotch, not even giving him the chance to whine at the loss of heat and contact when you replace your hand with your own core, grinding down against him as he whimpers loudly. He can't even possibly answer your question right now, too overwhelmed to form a coherent sentence.
"Words, baby," you whisper gently against his cheek before pressing a soft kiss to the skin there, waiting for him to compose himself enough to respond.
"Feels so good." he moans out, hands reaching out to grip your hips to help you grind deliciously against his cock.
"Want me to make you feel good?" you practically purr into his ear, reveling in the low groan that escapes him at your words, "Get you feeling all nice and warm again?"
"Please." he begs, his skin shivering for different reasons when you playfully tease the waistband of his sweatpants, "Please warm me up."
You press a soft kiss to his lips as your fingers fully curl around the waistband of his pants, "Let's get these off, yeah?" you ask softly, waiting for him to lift his hips from the mattress before slowly peeling them down his legs. You can almost feel the cold that's radiating from his lower half, making a cold chill run through your own body. Noticing the way he shivers from now being exposed from the waist down, you slowly crawl up his body and place a kiss on his lips, "Lay down for me, okay?"
He nods, slowly maneuvering you both into a position where he's lying flat on the bed, head propped up on the soft pillows with you straddling his bare thighs. You're quick to rid him of his shirt before taking off your own clothes, throwing them somewhere in the room where you'll have to search for them later but as of right now you couldn't care less about where they'd gone.
"You still with me, baby?" you ask when you notice the way he's watching you with bated breath, waiting in anticipation for every little move you make. When he replies with a breathy "yes" you can't help but moan, your fingers trailing softly down his toned stomach and drawing ever closer to his neglected cock, "Okay, tell me if it's too much or you need to stop."
Chris jerks wildly when your hand finally meets his soft cock, the sensation of your warm skin against his cold appendage almost too much to handle.
"Shh, it's okay baby." you coo against the soft skin of his forehead, pressing a kiss there as you hold his shaft gently in your hand, "How does that feel?"
"Warm." he almost moans, sparks of pleasure flowing through him even though it's overpowered by the cold still. But when you start stroking him ever so slowly, he feels as though his soul might leave his body, heat radiating through him in soft ripples that leave his hips grinding upwards in search of more, "So warm."
You continue to stroke him for a moment, letting him get used to the warmth of your hand, although you were pretty sure all the heat had left your fingers just from the contact with his cold member. Once you were sure he had adjusted to the feel of your warm fingers against him, you reluctantly took your hand off his soft cock, quieting his whimper of despair with a soft kiss before moving your hand to your own core.
You could feel the slick that had pooled between your thighs without even being touched, moaning softly as you ran a finger through your folds. But your actions were quickly interrupted by Chris' hand around your wrist, pulling your fingers away from your core.
"Wanna touch you." he gasps, his words barely an audible whisper as his fingers find their home between your thighs.
You can't stop the soft moan that escapes you when he slides one finger into your warmth, pumping it a few times before carefully adding a second. Warmth spreads throughout your belly as he curls his fingers to brush against that spot that always leaves you gasping for him. He knows you're already more than ready for his cock, but seeing you fall apart so easily just for his fingers alone was a pleasure unlike anything he's ever experienced.
"Chris," you moan out, feeling the familiar tightening of your core as you rock your hips against his hand, your neglected clit throbbing desperately from the lack of attention, "Need you inside me, please."
You still whine at the loss of the fullness inside of you even when you had told him to stop. But the empty feeling doesn't last for long when you take his cock in your hands and rub the tip of him through your folds, covering him in your arousal before lining him up with your entrance and slowly sinking down on him.
The ice-cold sensation of his cock shoots through your body as you take him inside of you. You hadn't expected the cold to almost burn, and the feeling is so intense that you almost allow him to slip out of you to allow yourself a moment more to prepare for the feeling. But one look at the pleasure stricken look on Chris' face and you were more determined than ever to take him. Taking a deep breath, you sink down on the rest of his length, a small whimper escaping your lips from the chill that runs through your veins.
"Fuck, oh shit!" Chris curses, his eyes closing shut tightly from the overwhelming feeling of warmth enveloping his cock. It was a type of euphoria he couldn't possibly begin to describe, his body finally beginning to return to a reasonable temperature with the two of you connected. His was totally blissed out, only returning to the present when he felt your body shiver against his, "You okay baby girl?"
"Mmhmm." you replied, your eyes shut tight as you adjusted to the feeling that bordered on pain and pleasure, "Just a little cold."
It was a different feeling entirely to how he normally felt inside of you, the icy cold feeling of his cock so far removed from the feeling of his usually warm and thick cock, a new sensation that danced along the line of unpleasant but got warmer and less jarring with each passing moment. The freezing cold tip of his cock rests against your g-spot bringing you an odd sensation of pleasure that you had never quite imagined possible as the feelings started to tip more towards those of pleasure.
"You're doin' so good for me baby." Chris whispers praise against your ear, pressing soft kisses to any part of you can he reach with his lips, "If it's too much we can stop."
"No, I'm good, I promise." you reassure him, leaning down to press a soft kiss to his lips, "I like being this close to you."
Chris is quick to close the gap between the two of you again, connecting your lips in a sweet and loving kiss that leaves you chasing his lips when he pulls away to gasp for air.
"Can we stay like this tonight?" he asks shyly, the blush creeping up on his cheeks not going unnoticed by you as you reach up to caress his cheek with your fingers.
"Of course," you nod, a soft smile curling on your lips as press a soft kiss to the tip of his nose, "Whatever you need, baby."
"C'mere," Chris outstretches his arms, giving you plenty of space to cuddle into him, trying to ignore the jolt of pleasure you get when his cock shifts inside of you, the soft intake of breath from underneath you telling you that Chris felt it too, "I'm sorry if I get hard inside you during the night or in the morning."
"You say that like it would be a bad thing." you respond with a giggle to his adorable apology, watching as his eyes go wide with realization.
"You mean..."
"I mean you have my full permission to fuck me awake tomorrow morning," you swear you can feel his cock twitch inside of you at your words.
"Are you sure that's what you want?" his slight hesitance warms your heart
"I trust you, Chris," you reassure him, leaning down to kiss him one final time before resting your head on his chest.
"Get some sleep, sweetheart." he pretty whispers before pressing a kiss to your forehead and settling into his pillows, and you barely hear his final words before sleep claims the both of you, "You're gonna need it."
Tumblr media
When Chris wakes the next morning he's relieved to feel actual warmth flowing through his veins, the icy remnants of the stupid game he had played long forgotten by the nerves in his body. He feels so warm, almost cocooned by the feeling and that's when he remembers what you had said last night.
His eyes slowly open at the memory, and his heart warms at the sight of you asleep on top of him. You look so peaceful, completely fast asleep with your body wrapped around him like a koala. It's almost enough for him to convince himself to let you sleep a little longer. But then your hips shift as you move in your sleep. It's not a big movement, but it's enough to create friction with his hardening cock inside of you, causing you to whimper in your sleep and Chris to lose all thought of letting you sleep any longer.
He can feel your wetness coating him, letting him know that you're more than ready for him to start moving. It was different, feeling himself hardening inside of you. It wasn't something that he had experienced before, but feeling it now, feeling the way he grew to fill you so perfectly and stretch you so deliciously, was an indescribable pleasure that he knew he would be begging for again and again.
Ever so slowly, he raises his hips to meet yours, thrusting in until he's fully buried in your heat before withdrawing, only to fill you again. The whimper you make in your sleep as he hits your sweet spot drives him insane, and he slowly starts to pick up pace until he's rocking his hips into you at a steady rhythm. The position he has you in is nice. It feels so intimate, the feeling of you on top of him as he slowly buries himself inside you over and over again. He loved the feeling of taking you softly and sweetly like this, holding you close as you began to stir from your sleep and whispering praises into your ear.
"Mmmm." you whimper, your eyes fluttering open to meet his as you awake fully, the pleasure he's giving you almost too much to handle in this newly awake state, "Chris." you moan out, clenching down on him as he holds you tight to him.
"Mornin' baby." he moans out his words as he continues the gentle rock of his hips into you, "How'd you sleep?"
"G-good, oh fuck!" you bury your head in the crook of his neck
"That feel good?" he asks with a smirk, not even needing your response to know the answer, the clench of your core around his cock with each thrust proof of just how good he's making you feel, "you were so good to me last night, sweetheart, keepin' me warm inside your little pussy. Wanna make you feel good now, want you to cum all over my cock."
"Fuck!" you gasp, his words and the repeated brush of the tip of his cock over your most sensitive spots sending you hurtling towards the edge faster with every passing second, "I'm gonna- oh god."
"That's it sweetheart, cum for me." he encourages, curling his hips in just the right way and holding you tight to him as you fall over the edge into nirvana.
His hands run their way up and down the bare skin of your back, mapping and memorizing every part of your body that he loves so much. Chris continues to fuck you through your orgasm, not slowing down in the slightest as he chases his own release. The whimpers coming from you from the overstimulation only push him closer to the edge, and you know just how to tip him over.
"Cum inside me, baby." you purr in his ear before gently nipping his earlobe, smirking as his hips immediately stutter and you feel him fill you with warmth. After how cold he had felt inside you the night before, the warm feeling of his cum coating your insides, dripping out around his cock and down your thighs, was a welcome feeling. It felt nice to be wrapped in his warmth, to have his warmth inside of you as you came down from your highs together.
"How're you feeling this morning baby?" you ask softly when you've finally regained your breath, your fingers coming up to stroke through his hair soothingly as the two of you bask in the afterglow of your lovemaking.
"Warmer," he replies with a laugh, smiling up at you in a way that makes you feel like the only other person in the world, "I think that was the best I've ever slept."
"Mm, I liked it too." you admit, pressing a soft kiss to his lips and smiling into the kiss, "Having you inside me all night, feeling you so close. It was so comforting.""
"Maybe we can do it again sometime?" Chris' arms wrap tightly around you, pulling you tight into his embrace as you snuggle into him, his softened cock still resting deep inside of you.
"If it's going to end up like this every morning then we can do it every single night if you want." you kiss him again, enjoying the little corner of the world that had just been reserved for the two of you this morning.
A comfortable silence fills the room as the two of you lovingly caress the other. Chris' fingers dancing along your spine as you draw pictures with your fingertips on his chest and shoulders, just enjoying the feeling of being so close to him. So warm and cozy in the bed that you don't intend to leave for the rest of the day.
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jadegrey711 · a month ago
Soft dark!Andy Barber x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
A/N: Hello everyone! So recently I’ve become absolutely obsessed with both @navybrat817​ and @stargazingfangirl18​ who both write absolutely amazing stuff and I want to be them when I grow up. So when I found out Siri was doing a 5k writing challenge i figured i’d throw my hat in the ring and maybe get out of this depression writing slump. 
So I decided to make a vey very very! Soft!Dark Andy Barber x Fem!Reader. Seriously it’s like Dark Light lol. But I hope you all like it! I hope to do another one before the month is over but let’s see shall we? 
*NOT MY GIF. Credit in the TAGS*
Word Count:1484
If you like my stories you can check out my sideblog @jadegreywriting​​ to see all of them and my masterlist without filtering through my main blog.
I own all rights to this story and do not give permission for my stories to be published, translated or reposted anywhere else. The only places I have published my stories is here on Tumblr and on my AO3 account (LadyAuthor711) 
This story is for 18+ ONLY. It contains sexual themes that are not suited for younger audiences so if you’re under 18 my blog and this story is not for you. Please make sure to read at your own discretion and remember that you are solely responsible for your content intake. 
WARNINGS: Sexual Situations (18+ ONLY), Overstimulation, possessive Andy, deeply jealous Andy, Oral sex (F Receiving), Vaginal sex. 
Other warnings include very mediocre writing. 
Tumblr media
He watched you from a distance as he continued talking with his fellow associates, making sure to keep a watchful eye on you as you chatted with the wives. He smirked to himself knowing you must be bored out of your mind, but you did it for him and he loved you for it. 
Suddenly though, Andy watched as Neil Logiudice approached you from behind, putting a hand on your arm. You seemed startled for a minute and then smiled, putting your hand on top of his and Andy saw red. 
He barely registered what the others in his group were talking about. Because his gaze was focused solely on you and Neil and how cozy you were in each other’s company. How you and the other women laughed at some joke he made and about how in the three minutes he had been standing there he hadn’t been able to keep his fucking hands off of you. He felt like breaking each one of those fingers, making sure he let Neil know that he was never to touch you again. He could feel his whole body vibrate with violence as he continued watching, knowing you were none the wiser. 
Neil was nice enough and he was an associate of Andy’s so when he put his hand on your arm to get your attention you let it slide, putting your hand on top of his and gave it a friendly pat fighting the urge to swat it away immediately. You were at a party full of Andy’s work friends and associates so making a scene over something small would not be a good impression on either your part or Andy’s; so you let it slide and you let the other four times he touched you slide as well. Even as you were mentally flinching each time he did it. After the fourth time you looked around the room for Andy, looking for an escape of some kind and immediately found him; across the room and boring holes into the back of Neil’s head with that dark gaze. 
You took that as your cue to quickly excuse yourself, saying that it was getting rather late and you should go and find Andy. Everyone waved you off as you departed from the group and over to where Andy was. 
“Hi honey.” You smiled, grabbing his hand and lacing your fingers with his and while everyone else in the group was still talking you heard Andy sigh and grip your fingers back; turning his face towards your he gave you a small smile. 
“Do you want to get out of here?” He whispered in your ear.
“Definitely!” You whispered back. Before you plastered a smile on your face as Andy said goodbye to everyone and then put his hand on the small of your back and guided you out the exit. 
Later that night after you both had gotten home, gotten into bed and as Andy had your leg over his strong shoulder while he devoured your soul between your legs did he bring up Neil. 
You writhed on the bed, your fingers tangled in Andy’s hair as you felt your orgasm coming on fast with the pace he was eating you out at. When suddenly Andy surprised you. 
“You good friends with Neil now?” he asked nonchalantly against your folds, before he sucked harshly on your clit. Making you groan. 
“What?” you asked confused at what he was possibly asking you right now as he was sucking all rational thought out through your pussy. 
“Are you good friends with Neil?” He asked again, giving your clit another harsh suck. And you felt your legs convulse. 
“What the fuck Andy?” You asked but the sound of his name was more of a moan as he added two of his fingers and pumped your sweet pussy. 
Andy didn’t give for a minute as he continued to suck and lick at your folds until you finally came, but instead of gently working you through your orgrasm, his fingers kept their harsh pace as he looked up at you. 
“You seemed like real good friends when you let him put his fucking hands on you.” He growled as he placed an open mouth kiss on your pussy. His other hand pulling the hood of your clit back before placing another one of those kisses there and sucking it again. 
“Fuck! Andy! I’m gonna come again.” you cried out, feeling that the pleasure was starting to be too much for you. But the way that you started to pull on Andy’s hair to pull him off or the way your hips turned away from him his touches didn’t deter him one bit as he continued with his interrogation. 
He leaned up from you and watched his fingers stroke in and out of you before he added a third one, earning a low whine from you as you felt yourself building up to another orgasm.
“You didn’t answer my question sweetheart. Why did that fuck think he could put his hands on what is mine?” 
“Andy.” you moaned, trying to get away from his touch but he wasn’t having any of that as he placed his heavy bicep over your stomach, keeping you there at his mercy. 
You felt that sinful tongue run through your folds again, his thick beard scratching your thighs adding whatever sensations you were feeling to new heights. Then he pulled out his fingers so he could fuck you with his tongue now. Your third orgasm coming like a runaway freight train. You felt your toes curl as your third orgasm washed over you making you lift from the bed like Andy was performing an exorcism on you. 
You felt tears in your eyes as you tried again to pull away from Andy’s touches feeling your thighs tremble uncontrollably now but Andy wasn’t stopping not until he got what he wanted from you; not until he got an answer for why Neil thought he could put his hands on what didn’t belong to him. 
“Fuck Andy! Stop!” you sobbed. “He just came up to me. I didn’t want to make a scene about some guy putting his hand on my arm so I didn’t do anything  about it. I knew you were right there if I felt uncomfortable and I did; so I left.” you cried out, feeling the tears roll down your cheeks. “Please honey stop.” you sobbed. 
You watched in relief as Andy pulled his plump lips away from your aching pussy, and felt your pussy clench at the sight of his beard absolutely drenched in your juices. But your relief was short lived, as you saw the look in Andy’s eyes, the feral look they held in them. 
“He made you uncomfortable?” 
“Yes, but I came straight to you. Please Andy I can’t take it anymore baby please.” you whined. 
“I should break everyone of his fingers for laying a fucking hand on what’s mine.” He said softly, placing chaste kisses on your inner thighs and you let out a small cry. You watched in relief as he climbed up the length of your body, and ladened you with soft hungry kisses, letting you taste yourself on his tongue. 
“I love you.” he said softly, giving you another soft kiss. “I’m so glad that you felt that you could just come to me when you were feeling uncomfortable. I never want you to feel that way again so next time, you’ll just stay with me the whole time okay?” 
You quickly nodded and kissed Andy back. You both just stayed there like that for a minute, him hovering and stretched over your body, ladening you with soft kisses before he pulled away from you and gave you a wicked smile. 
“But I think you have one more in you baby.” he said and before you could even react. Andy grabbed the back of each of your legs, bringing you closer to him, before he swiftly impaled you with his achingly hard cock.
Andy set a brutal pace obviously trying to get you off one more time before he loses all control. You let out a high keen, and grabbed onto Andy, your nails raking down his back; a small revenge for him absolutely wrecking you tonight all because of some asshole touching you. 
“I’m gonna fill you up so nicely baby. No one will ever have any doubt that you are mine.” he let out a low grown. “And that I’m yours.” he growled leaning down to suck and place kisses on your neck. 
Without warning your orgasm crashed over you and you were sure that if Andy wasn’t there pressing down onto you, you would’ve snapped in half from the force of it. As Andy chased his own end, he kissed the tears that were flowing down your cheeks. 
“Nothing fucks with my baby.”
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steebsbabygirl · a month ago
Tastes Like Strawberries
pairing: andy barber x fem!reader
word count: 1.7k
summary: andy’s fixation on the way you’ve been eating strawberries has proven to be a heavy distraction that he attempts to solve in one way or another
warnings: 18+ ; minors DNI ; daddy kink, slight ddlg dynamics, oral fixation, praise, oral sex (f receiving), slight fingering (f receiving)
author’s note: first fic after a little over a month so yaaaay i hope you all enjoy!! likes and reblogs are always appreciated!! YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY PERMISSION TO RE-PUBLISH, TRANSLATE, OR TAKE ANY OF MY WORK.
Tumblr media
God. Andy never should’ve bought you those fucking strawberries.
How was he supposed to know what would’ve awakened in him from just seeing you eat them? What exactly was it about you eating strawberries that he found so irresistible? Maybe the way the red juices would coat your supple lips and paint them the same color. Maybe it was the way your tongue would come out to lick any residue left behind. Maybe it was the curiosity of how well the sweet taste of your lips could compare to the taste of your sweet, little cunt.
These were some of the thoughts that crossed Andy’s mind, and as he sat at his home office desk, work long forgotten, he couldn’t seem to settle the thoughts of every single way he could put that mouth of yours to use. Or maybe even how he could put his own to use. He ran his hands through his hair, frustration only growing with every thought he had about you because of those fucking strawberries.
Fuck. Water. Cold Water.
Andy decided for the time being that his work could be finished the moment he drank some cold water and the dirty thoughts that plagued his mind could stop for a few hours. That’s all he needed. A few hours to finish his work then, with absolutely no second thought, he could finally get his mouth on you.
Andy went into the kitchen, getting himself a tall glass of cold water and sat at the kitchen table trying to relax. He didn’t think that when the weekend finally arrived he’d end up getting so distracted, but here Andy was. Trying not to think of his cock fucking into your pretty mouth or how good you’d taste on hiss tongue. He sighed heavily and rolled his neck to find some sort of relief to the built up tension settling on his neck and shoulders. Andy then felt a weight rest on his shoulders and the smell of your perfume wrapped around him.
“Hi daddy,” your voice hummed out sweetly as you wrapped your arms around Andy’s neck from behind, “whatcha doing?”
Andy’s arms came to grab onto the ones you had rested against his neck and turned his head to press a gentle kiss to your lips. He could taste the remnants of the strawberries you had eaten earlier in the day and just wanted to pull you onto his lap and have his way with—taste just how sweet you could be, but your lips disconnected from his all too quickly.
You left Andy and made your way further into the kitchen, grabbing the container of strawberries from the fridge before hopping on the counter and flashing Andy a sickeningly sweet smile. Your lips were still stained to a gorgeous red and Andy licked his own lips just looking at you. Andy snapped himself out of his own head and lifted his eyes to meet yours.
“Hi baby girl. I’m just taking a small break from work,” Andy’s eyes flickered down to your lips quickly when he saw you take a bite from a strawberry, “Couldn’t focus.”
You stained lips pulled into a frown and you licked your lips before speaking, “Why’s that daddy? Usually you’re more focused on the weekends.”
Your tongue gave kitten licks to the fingers that had been holding the previously eaten strawberry. Andy almost rolled his eyes at the sight. You must have been joking. How could you not know what you were doing to him, you must know. But by the way your face was truly painted with concern and the pout of your lips had only been pushed out farther, it was obvious that you were completely oblivious.
Andy adjusted in his seat, trying to calm the growing tent in his pants and took a few more sips of water before he answered you. As he did that you grabbed another strawberry, one much bigger than the one before, and bit into it. Some of it’s juice rolled down your chin and dropped onto the bare skin of your thigh, but you simply paid no mind. But Andy sure did.
“I know baby, but the distractions are just getting harder and harder to ignore.” The tone of Andy’s voice had dropped an octave and the deep timber made you clench your legs and made your bites slow. You don’t know what exactly made the atmosphere in the kitchen shift, but you weren’t complaining.
“What distractions, daddy,” you asked hesitantly all while looking at Andy’s big blue eyes with yours wide and innocent. You finished your strawberry and went to give your finger kitten licks to clean the juices when suddenly Andy stood up and stalked towards you.
“You really don’t know, honey?” You shook your head and when Andy stood in front of you and leaned in close you held your breath.
Andy’s hands encased and ran across the bare skin of your thigh as he stepped between your legs. Andy’s “distraction” could only be solved by you, so he figured he’d solve it now.
“It’s you baby, and these fucking strawberries,” Andy cooed at you mockingly.
Andy’s hand went to grab the one you had been grabbing strawberries with and pressed soft kisses onto your fingers lips before one delved into his mouth that he sucked on softly while keeping eye contact with you. Your attempt to clench your legs made you squeeze them around Andy’s hips and a small whimper left your mouth.
“D-daddy—,” you were cut off when Andy pulled you in for a heated kiss. His tongue delved into your mouth exploring it and moaning at the taste. It didn’t take long for you to completely sink into his touch and fall into the kiss with him. Andy’s hips then rolled against yours letting you feel exactly how worked up you had gotten him in a matter of minutes. You moaned at the feeling and pulled Andy closer to you by his shirt collar chasing any part of him that you could. Andy’s lips left yours and his hands dove under your shirt to feel you. You gasped at the contrast of his warm hands roaming your body.
“And that taste, baby? Just as distracting. How was I supposed to focus on my work?” Andy threw you a faux pout before dropping to his knees before pressing kisses against your leg.
You weren’t sure what to say. You were frozen for the most part besides the gasps and whimpers that left your lips. The only statement that seemed to tumble out of you was a breathy “I’m sorry” that Andy seemed to ignore. How could you be sorry when Andy was so happy he could finally ravish you?
Andy’s lips ghosted the inside of your thighs where he nipped lightly and his tongue licked the portion of thighs where strawberry juice had fallen on. He pressed a kiss to that spot before looking up at you.
“So sweet, honey,” his fingers then ran across your clothed cunt lightly, “I wonder if you’re sweeter here. Should I see?”
Your head shook up and down eagerly. You squirmed at your place on the counter and ran your hands through Andy’s hair, tugging at it and whimpering from your place above him. “Please, daddy. Taste me, please.”
Andy smirked and pushed your shirt to rest above your hips and pulled your panties down your legs. His smile widened when he could see you wet and dripping all for him. He looked at your glistening folds and pressed a kiss to your wet cunt and trailed them around your inner thighs leaving your slick everywhere his lips connected. Your head lolled backwards and moved along the cabinet. Your hands in Andy’s hair tightened and he groaned against your clit making your body shiver.
He blew air onto your bundle of nerves and chuckled when you audibly gasped. He licked a strip up your folds then fully engulfed your clit, sucking and licking like his life depended on it. You gasped loudly and moaned at the feeling. To get better access to you Andy threw your legs over his shoulder and pulled you closer to the edge of the counter. His tongue collected your slick from every surface as he started to finger you till you were shaking above him.
You cried out when Andy’s tongue licked faster and his lips sucked harder. Your body was pulling away from the feeling, but you were also pushing Andy’s head harder into you. The feeling was too much yet too little all at the same time. You bucked your hips into Andy’s face and shivered when he moaned at the feeling. The moment he sucked harder on your clit and the pace of his fingers went at a brutal fast pace is when you could feel the heat in your belly rise.
“Daddy, I’m gonna cum,” you called out breathlessly. All you could think at that moment is how much you needed your orgasm and how grateful you were that Andy bought you those strawberries.
Andy smirked against your cunt and sucked even harder wanting you to have your release. When your orgasm finally washed over you your hands gripped firmly into Andy’s hair and your back arched against the cabinets. You cried out and continued to buck your hips against Andy’s face to ride out your orgasm.
He pressed one last kiss to your folds and slipped your legs off of your shoulder to stand up to give you a firm, wet kiss. You moaned when you could taste yourself on his tongue, wondering and hoping that to him the taste was sweeter than anything else. When his lips left yours a wide smile was on his face as the both of you were catching your breath.
“Hmm, you did so good, baby. What do you think? As sweet as strawberries? I’d say you taste sweeter.”
“Daddy,” you whined at the teasing tone that Andy spoke with and pulled him closer to bury your head into his neck.
“I’m not kidding, baby. I’ve been wanting to taste you all day and you are the sweetest.”
The smile in Andy’s voice was evident and you couldn’t help but look up at him to return the smile. He pressed one more soft kiss to your lips before wrapping your legs around his waist and arms around his shoulders. You didn’t protest, but you were definitely confused at what Andy was doing.
“Don’t you have to go back to work now, daddy,” you asked with your eyebrows etched in confusion.
Andy started to walk towards the bedroom and looked at you with a soft smile paired with mischievous eyes. “Not yet, baby. Still have a few more distractions to settle.”
taglist: @cloudystevie @donutloverxo @aquariuslavenderhoney @just-one-ordinary-fangirl @brattycherubwrites @kenzieam @animnerd @capsiclecevanss @honeychicana @la-cey @nony-bear @doozywoozy @aubreeskailynn @melchills-j @white-wolf1940 @patzammit
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lavendercitizen · a month ago
-ˋˏ 𝐀𝐧𝐝𝐲 𝐁𝐚𝐫𝐛𝐞𝐫 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 ˎˊ-
Tumblr media
Facade - coming soon
Summary: After he looses his wife and son, Andy pretends like he is absolutely fine when, really, he is not.
Warnings: hurt/comfort, alcohol, talk about death and mental health.
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fairytalebby · a month ago
I had to think on this because my brain's dead but Step!dad Andy watching you dance & clean in your bedroom (and since you're altina too you know that cleaning with music is fun lol) and finding it not only cute but sexy. I wanna see this play out por favor. I know he'd be watching from his bedroom window. Bonus; she's home alone and isn't wearing much 👀👀
Tumblr media
Summary: In which Andy finds it hard to control himself after seeing you dancing
Warning: Smut! (Lap dance, corruption kink, unprotected sex. Don’t be a fool and wrap your tool)
A/N: Omg this concept is just so hot to me!!! Thank you for sending it in. Wow I went all out for this ahhh, please reblog if you enjoyed, it means a lot to me. 18+ ONLY
Andy was stood by the door, his gaze following the way your hips moved to the beat of the music you were playing and a smirk prominent on his face.
He has always known you were flexible with your mother telling him all about the gymnastic classes you used to take when you were younger but seeing it in action made the sweatpants he was wearing begin to tighten and his forehead begin to sweat.
He wanted a piece of you, no he needed a piece of you. He wanted your body moving against his, your hips grinding against his erection and your hands touching him all over. But he knew it was wrong, so wrong.
But then again, you were so insatiable to him he couldn’t help himself when he stepped towards you, his large calloused hands landing at your hips giving them a tight squeeze, sending a shock to you.
“O-oh, I didn’t hear you come in” you speak timidly as you reach over to switch the music off your phone and to place the hoover you were carrying down. Truth be told, you’ve always found Andy intimidating, from the first day you met him right up until now you couldn’t get yourself to look in his direction.
You don’t know whether it was because of how big he was, how he practically towered over you or the fact that his voice sent thrills to your body. Hearing him speak was enough to have you feeling some type of way and many nights, it made you feel guilty and like a bad girl.
“It’s ok love” he spoke, his fingers going to push your hair back as he took in your appearance. You were in nothing but a shirt, your red panties showing slightly from where he was standing making him bite his lips in anticipation.
Andy knew what was coming, he knew you’d be surrendering yourself to him. And just the thought of it made him thrust his hips into your clothed body, making you feel his hard on. Upon the touch, you couldn’t help but push back against him giving him some sort of relief. “You’re so hard daddy” you whisper seductively.
“This happened because of you darling, driving me mental with the way you move your hips” Andy growled, keeping your hips pressed against his all whilst he moved back with your body so that he was seated on the bed. You situated on his lap.
“But how about m-”
“Don’t worry about her, no ones home. Just you and me baby. We’re alone” he was quick to cut you off, answering your question before you could even get it out making you nod and keep your ass pressed against his crotch.
“Move those hips for me baby, give daddy a lap dance” Andy requested as he reached over and put your music on again, his hands planted at your hips helping you move.
You flicked your arse on his clothed crotch, jumping up and down on his lap as you moved to the beat of the music. You could feel him hardening until he was as hard as he could be and you couldn’t help the smirk on your face.
“Made daddy so hard, I need to fuck you” he spoke, hurrying you off his lap as he pulled his sweats down. Andy pulled you back onto his lap, pushing your red panties to the side making you hiss at the feeling of the material snap against you.
“Daddy-” you whine, feeling him dragging his hard cock up and down your folds, touching your clit every now and then making you jump at the sensitive feeling you’re sure you’ve never felt before. This was all so new to you, these feelings already so euphoric.
“Don’t worry baby, daddy will take care of you” Andy grunted as he wrapped one arm around your waist, propping you up on his dick whilst his other hand went to finally guide himself into your awaiting puckering hole.
You could feel the stretch as his cock found it’s way inside of you, your walls pulsating and suffocating him pulling a guttural moan from deep within his throat.
“Naughty little slut, sitting on her daddy’s cock. Taking me so well” Andy growled, starting to thrust into you faster. He helped you ride him, hands moving to plant on your hips again. His calloused fingers were gripping at your skin and you were sure there was going to be some marks left there for you to see and feel.
“Daddy, it feels so good” you whine, eyes shutting close as your heads being thrown back to rest on Andys shoulder. He could see the sweat gathered at your hairline and that only motivated him to go faster and harder, thrusting into you repeatedly over and over again.
“I’m going to cum so hard. Make sure to leave you full, is that what you want?” Andy pants, thrusting up into you as you moan and nod desperately, wanting nothing more than to be full of his cum. You wanted to feel his seed dripping out of your bow wrecked hole and you most definitely wanted him to fuck it back into you.
“Yes please, yes daddy. Yes” you beg, feeling your own high approaching.
“I’m cumming, fuck take it baby. Be a good girl” Andy gasped as he grabbed at your hips and kept you flat against him. His hips stilled and you could feel his cock twitch inside of you before he painted your walls with his cum, your own orgasm following close behind. Sending waves of pleasure to course through your body.
“My good girl” he said, planting a kiss to your sweaty forehead as you laid limp ontop of him. “This is our little secret, understood baby?”
“Our little secret daddy” you nod. And since that day, you’ve never been the same.
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harrylovex · a month ago
Tumblr media
summary: chris is shy around you until he gets drunk...
warnings: fluff, kissing, alcohol usage, chris being handsy ;)
a/n: playing spin the bottle with chris would just be a dream 😩😩😩 especially if there is sexual tension between the two of you, gaaaawwwdd this is what i’m dreaming about tonight
it was your friend emily’s 35th birthday and she was having a huge party at her house.
everyone you knew was going, including your favourite person in the whole world, chris evans.
you two had been introduced to eachother at a summer barbecue a few years back by emily, and you had been pining after him pretty much since then.
you and him had hung out with eachother a few times at other gatherings and you got on really well, but chris was shy around you.
he was reserved around everyone really, it had nothing to do with you. it was his nature.
but, when he would get drunk, it would be like something in him switched. his shyness would completely disappear and he became the life of the party.
you knew that chris secretly did like you, he would never admit it sober though. on the occasions when he would get drunk, which was pretty much every party, he would get really handsy with you.
he would keep you with him all the time, holding your hand and squeezing your hips, pulling you onto his lap whenever he sat down. he liked to be protective over you, and you cherised every minute of it. it was the only time when you could be close to him.
a few times, chris had kissed you, taking you by surprise. it would usually happen when you had to leave, a long goodbye kiss, his hands grabbing at your waist as he moaned into your mouth.
both of you remembered everything that happened when you were drunk, but it was never brought up.
you had never met anyone nicer than chris. he was incredibly charming and down to earth, always thinking of other people before himself, not to mention unbearably handsome and sexy.
emily knew how much you liked chris, she had spoken to him about it before, asking him questions about you, but he was never one to talk about his feelings. he liked to keep it private.
you turned up to emily’s and her husband opened the door, greeting you.
you stepped inside, eyes landing on emily in the kitchen. you made your way over to her.
“happy birthday!” you embraced her in a hug, shoving her present into her hands.
“y/n thank you so much! let me get you a drink.”
she led you over to the drinks table, pointing to an array of wines. as she prepared you a glass, your eyes scanned the room.
“no point in looking for chris. he’s not here yet.”
you blushed, embarrassed at being caught. emily just laughed, handing you the glass.
“i’m making us all play some fun college games tonight. it’s time you and chris got together.”
you laughed, wondering what she was planning.
you spoke to a few of your friends, catching up on what had been going on in their lives.
“chris! hey you look great!”
you had your back turned to the door, but you knew by the sound of chris’ voice that he had just arrived. your palms started to turn a little sweaty.
pull yoursef together y/n, you thought to yourself.
you quickly finished your conversation, turning to find chris.
he was by the bar cart, grabbing a beer. he was wearing a white long sleeved t-shirt and some blue jeans. the t-shirt was insanely tight and left little to the imagination.
you inhaled deeply before walking towards him. he caught your eye before stepping towards you.
“y/n hey! long time no see!” his eyes lit up, embracing you in a huge hug.
you smiled, wrapping your arms around his neck. you shut your eyes for a moment, taking in the feeling of his body pressed against yours, his hands squeezing your hips slightly.
“how have you been?” you asked, leaning beside him on the counter.
“busy with work, i’ve been looking forward to this party for ages.”
your conversation flowed easily as he sipped his beer. he asked about your work and your family until a few other guests arrived.
throughout the rest of the evening, you mingled with your friends, sipping through a few glasses of wine.
the lounge was crowded with people, all chatting happily. you peeked at chris a few times, seeing him laugh at a joke emily’s husband was telling.
he caught your eye sometimes, smiling cheekily at you as he raised his sixth beer bottle of the night, poking his tongue out before swallowing the liquid.
you realised that the alcohol had reached his system around an hour later when you felt a pair of hands slide over your hips, soft lips kissing your ear. you were leaning elbow-first against the island in the kitchen, your back to everyone else.
you smiled to yourself before turning around, knowing that you would find yourself face to face with chris.
the feeling of his lips against your ear tickled, making you laugh. you spun yourself around, holding onto his biceps as his hands rested on the counter on each side of you.
“chris you are so drunk!”
he smirked, licking his lips. his eyes were incredibly dilated, his cheeks rosy.
“so...? i’m having fun.”
“i can tell...why have you taken a sudden interest in me then? had enough of everyone else?”
“well, everyone is super boring, and i haven’t spoken to you in a few hours. plus, i like talking to pretty girls like you.”
you laughed, moving your hands from his biceps to his chest.
“you have no filter when you’re drunk.”
he smiled, grabbing your hand in his.
“i need to go for a piss, come with me?”
“ugh chris, you sure do know how to impress a girl with that language.”
“so is that a no?” he pouted.
“i never said that.” you mumbled, making him smirk.
he grasped your hand tighter, pulling you upstairs towards the bathroom.
you fixed your hair in the mirror while chris relieved himself, laughing at him when he nearly fell over.
you stood to the side as he washed his hands, staring at him through the mirror.
once he had finished, he pulled you towards him, burying his face in your neck as he gripped your hips.
“god you smell so delicious.” he mumbled.
“so do you.” you smiled, running your hands through his hair.
“and you look gorgeous in that dress, it’s making me go crazy.”
you laughed, pulling chris’ face up so you could see his eyes.
“chris you would never say or do any of this if you were sober.”
“haven’t you ever heard of that saying? sober thoughts are drunk words. i can never bring myself to do this stuff when i’m sober, i get shy easily.” his eyes darted from yours for a second.
“well there’s no need for that, you must know by now that this thing we’ve got going on is mutual right?”
he laughed, nodding.
“i guess yeah, the things we do drunk you never mentioned afterwards so i just sort of put it to the back of my mind.”
“i never mentioned it because i know how shy you are when you’re sober.”
“okay well, we’ll talk about this later yeah? work something out.”
you smiled, pulling at his ears. “fine.”
he entwined his hand with yours again, pulling you out of the bathroom.
just as you walked out, emily came rushing up the stairs.
“guys! we’ve been looking everywhere for you...” she paused, looking at your hands suspiciously. “did you just have sex in my bathroom?” she smirked.
“no!” you said defensively.
chris just smirked.
“whatever...come down to the lounge, the foods here.”
you walked behind emily, swatting at chris’ hands when he tried to pinch your butt everytime you took a step down.
you grabbed yourself another glass of wine, silently watching as chris got himself another beer, he was going to have such a hangover tomorrow.
you went to sit yourself down at the table, but not before chris grabbed your waist, pulling you up.
“what are you doing?”
“i want you to sit with me.” he pouted.
“you’re such a simp.”
he laughed, not seeming bothered by your comment.
you sat next to him throughout dinner, using a single fork to feed yourself as chris had occupied himself with holding your left hand in his lap.
you smiled as you ate, hoping that tonight could be the night when he got over his fear of being embarrassed to show affection when sober.
everyone chatted through dinner, not bothered by you and chris being affectionate. they were used to it by now.
afterwards, emily ordered everyone to sit in a circle in the lounge. no one protested because they were all pretty much drunk, going along with the game.
chris pulled you into his lap, kissing your temple.
“you two, no sitting-in-laps allowed. not for this game anyway.”
you laughed, moving to sit next to chris. he wasn’t happy about the seating change, pulling you as close to him as he could.
“okay i’ve been reminiscing about the good old college days, so tonight we’re gonna play spin the bottle.”
some of the guests groaned, rolling their eyes.
you looked at chris, but he just winked at you.
emily placed one of the empty beer bottles in the middle of the circle, spinning it quickly.
you watched as it spun round, everyone silently waiting.
it landed on john, who was sitting across from you. the guests um’ed and ah’ed as john crawled into the middle of the circle, leaning over to give emily a quick peck.
emily laughed, clapping her hands. “okay! who’s next?”
it went on like that for a while, boys kissing girls, boys kissing boys and girls kissing girls.
when it got to your turn, it landed on brad, who was sitting near chris. you heard chris inhale deeply, making you smirk.
you reached over, giving brad a small peck whilst he smiled greedily at you. chris never let go of your hand, his grip tightening.
you sat back laughing a little at chris who looked like he was about to lose his shit in the next three seconds.
“chris, relax.” you kissed his cheek, shuffling closer to him.
“i fucking hate this game.” he mumbled in your ear, wrapping his arm around your waist.
“chris! stop being a dick and spin! it’s your turn.”
you laughed at the comment made by john. chris kept a straight face as he spun the bottle, his fingers tapping on your knee.
it landed on you. you felt everyone’s eyes on you as you looked up at chris, who was now smiling like an idiot.
your hand went to his cheek as he leaned in to capture your lips with his.
after the peck, you went to pull away but chris held the back of your neck firmly, kissing you harder.
you laughed in your head, kissing him back enthusiastically.
“okay guys...guys! get a room for god’s sake.”
you felt a pair of hands pull at your shoulders, pulling you and chris apart.
everyone was staring at you two, laughing hard. a rush of embarrassment washed over you and you blushed, looking over to chris.
he was still smiling, enjoying himself.
you tried to keep a straight face as you slapped chris’ chest softly, but he grabbed your hand and made you laugh.
“what? i saw an opportunity and took it.” he kissed your knuckles as you smiled.
a few more rounds were played, but you could see that chris was getting bored. to be honest, so were you, you wanted to get chris alone.
finally, a few people got up to leave as it was getting late. emily ordered a few taxis while pulling you to the side.
“you and chris can sleep here tonight if you want. i prepared the spare bedroom just in case. a few of us are hanging out in the lounge but the garden is free if you want some space.” she winked.
you laughed, thanking her for being so understanding.
“oh and by the way, i’m not letting you two back in the house until you sort yourselves out.”
you rolled your eyes, walking back over to chris who was waiting by the sofa.
he was still drunk, but less so. his eyes were bloodshot and he looked tired.
he stayed silent, pulling you in for a hug as you waved goodbye to the guests.
“emily said that we can sleep here tonight if you want? she prepared the spare bedroom.”
“that sounds like a great idea. i don’t think i’m sober enough to go home anyway.”
you laughed. “can we go and sit outside by the fire?”
chris nodded, pulling you towards the back doors.
the fireplace was already running, chris dragged a chair as close to it as possible, plumping up the pillows before lifting you effortlessly onto his lap.
you draped your legs over his thighs, resting your head on his chest.
“you’re quiet. what are you thinking about?” you questioned him, your fingers tapping his collarbone.
he laughed under his breath, sitting up straighter.
“i was just thinking about earlier. how you said that you feel the same. is that true?”
“chris, of course it’s true. do you really not see it?”
“well most of the time i just think that it’s because we’re drunk.”
“it’s not, i promise. the reason i only show affection at parties is because i know how difficult it is for you sober.”
he smiled, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.
you turned your head to look at him. “emily’s been trying to get us together ever since we met.”
you laughed, running your hand along his abs, over his t-shirt.
“yeah, she’s obsessed with us.”
chris laughed, kissing the top of your head. the two of you fell silent for a few minutes.
you were relishing in the feeling of chris’ cheek pressed against the top of your head when he spoke again.
“so...what do you say we give it a try then? you know...“ he paused. “this whole relationship thing.”
you looked up at him, smiling. “mr evans...are you asking me to be your girlfriend?”
he smirked. “maybe i you accept?”
“yeah...yes i do. i would love to be your girlfriend.”
he started smiling widely, pulling you closer to him so he could reach your lips.
he pressed his lips against yours, his hand running up and down your back.
you smiled into the kiss, parting your lips a little to give him access.
he saw the opportunity and took it, pushing his tongue into your mouth to meet yours.
you pulled back after a while, breathing heavily.
“if i knew you could kiss like that i would’ve asked you out ages ago.”
you laughed, snuggling back down into his chest. you inhaled deeply, smiling to yourself as you eyes started to close.
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fairytalebby · a month ago
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: Andy shows you just how much stamina he has after you tease him.
WARNINGS: Smut! [Unprotected sex. Wrap it before you tap it!] You do not have permission to steal/copy/repost my work. 18+ blog, minors dni
PAIRING: Andy Barber x Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Your spent body was draped over Andys sweaty one, your boobs flat against his chest as he slowly ran his hands through your hair, massaging your scalp and smiling to himself every time he saw your eyes fluttering shut at the feeling; enjoying the blissful post sex cuddle session you two were currently having.
“Think we should get ready for the day” you mumbled against him, lifting your head up so you could see him properly. Andys eyes were focused on you, taking your post sex body in.
“Well I was hoping we’d get another round in before we head downstairs” he’s still slightly panting from your previous activities and it makes you giggle, trapping his lips with yours for a passionate kiss.
“You’re acting as if you’ve got stamina” you tease once pulling back, your hand comes up to cup his face, combing through his beard and he pouts.
“I do, I just go easy on you most days” he argues back, furrowing his eyebrows jokingly.
“Ok then, I want you to show me how much stamina you’ve got”
“Are you challenging me?”
“Something like tha-“ before you could even finish, Andy was flipping you over, trapping your body underneath his and attacking your neck with kisses. He continued littering you with kisses as he slowly moved down your body. “You’re so fucking beautiful baby” he mumbled as he moved to open your legs, seeing the previous mess he made there had him smirking before reaching down, pressing his tongue against you.
Andys hand was tightly gripping your thigh to keep your spread for him as the other was playing with your nipple, pinching at it pulling soft gasps from you.
His eyes were closed as he moaned at the taste of you on his tongue making you cover your mouth to try and muffle your moans whilst he continued licking and sucking at your already wrecked pussy.
“Want to hear you baby” he growled, pulling back, a line of wetness connecting his mouth with your core as he reached up to pull at your arm.
“Fuck, feels so good” was all you could get out as you rut your hips up into Andys mouth, the hand he pulled away from you going to tangle into his hair, pulling at it tightly.
“Such a pretty pussy, all mine” Andy looked up towards you, his eyes focused on yours as he sucked gently on your clit.
“A-Andy…” your eyes roll back as the grip you had on his hair tightens, his hand played with your boob, pinching your sensitive nipples repeatedly making you throw your head back in pleasure. Andy moaned against you, causing a sweet vibration between your legs.
He pulled back and licked his lips, tasting your mixed juices, “I’m going to fuck you so hard, you’ll forget you ever questioned my stamina baby” he spoke, looking at you as he moved to hover over you.
His lips were onto yours in a deep kiss, knocking the breath out of you as your hands found their way to the back of his head, scratching at his scalp. You could taste yourself and some of him in the kiss and that only made you wetter, his hand moving between you both to thrust his fingers inside of you, his thumb teasing your clit.
You mewled against his lips as he deepened the kiss, your moans being muffled.“p-please…Andy…” you whimpered, a desperate tone in your voice.
“You need me to fuck you baby? hmm?” he asked as his fingers thrust in and out of you faster. “Need me in your sweet pussy”
You nodded your head before he slowly pulled his fingers from between your legs. Andy brought his fingers to your lips, making you greedily suck on them. His eyes locking with yours as your tongue worked against his fingers.
“Fucking hell.” he cursed, before moving to bring your leg against his chest and over his shoulder. Andy rubbed his cock against your pussy and then entered you in one quick thrust, bottoming out in you easily.
You moan out loudly at the feeling of his thick cock stretching your pussy out, feeling each ridge and vein of him against your warm and wet walls.
His length was sinking deep inside of you, reaching spots no one else has ever reached before making you cling onto his back, nails now scratching there to keep you somewhat grounded.
Andys hand was planted on the pillow beneath your head, gripping the material tightly everytime he pulled his hip back to fuck into you. His eyes were focused on your tight pussy swallowing his cock repeatedly and he closed his eyes shut in pleasure.
“Holy fuck” he moaned, hips snapping into yours at a faster pace, his fingers coming down to play with your clit and you couldn’t help but let out a scream at the euphoric feeling Andy was giving you.
He growled once he felt you clench around his cock, walls fluttering a telltale sign that you were close making him only pick up his pace; hips snapping into yours faster and tougher. You pulled him closer to him, your legs moving from his shoulder to around his waist, pulling him in deeper. “Feels so good” you cry out and he moans against your lips, dragging his cock in and out of you making you feel every single inch of him.
“I’m going to cum” you squeak out, hands scratching at his back whilst your head was thrown back, lips still caught in his.
“Cum for me baby” once you got the permission you let go, legs shaking and eyes watering as the feeling struck through your whole body making you limp against Andys.
He kissed you deeply before stilling his hips tightly against yours, feeling his balls begin to clench and not before long he was cumming deep inside of you. Painting you wet and destroyed walls with his cum.
“Look at you taking my cum like a good baby.” he whimpered, feeling you milk his cock, he continued to thrust in and out of you, helping you ride out your orgasm and also to fuck his cum deeper inside of you.
“holy fuck.” Andy spoke once he pulled out and fell into the space next to you, his body also limp as his hand was rested over his chest, trying his hardest to regain his own breathing, you doing the same.
You couldn’t even speak, your mind went for a moment, only responding in soft moans and whimpers as manoeuvred over to kiss your temple.
“Did so good for me” he mumbled against your sweaty neck, his hot breath sending chills down your spine.
“Fuck me, that was good” you finally manage to say in pants, giggling once you look over to Andy.
“Told you I’ve got stamina” he chuckled, pulling you in close to him, wrapping a protective arm around your body making you roll your eyes.
“You gave yourself a head start with eating me out. Wouldn’t exactly call that stamina” you tease back, hand going to rest on his chest.
“You’re really asking for it today, aren’t you?”
“Well you’re going to get it and by the end you’re going to be calling me Mr.Stamina. Turn around for me baby” he ordered and that’s how the third round of the morning started, it’s also the reason you both didn’t get anything productive done for the rest of the day.
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fairytalebby · a month ago
Tumblr media
↳ Key: [F] fluff ✧ [A] angst ✧ [S] smut
↳ Includes Chris, Steve, Ransom and Andy
Do not plagiarise, copy or post my fics on any other platform, even if you give credit!!!
𝐌𝐚𝐢𝐧 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 || 𝐓𝐚𝐥𝐤 𝐭𝐨 𝐦𝐞
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i. Things I’m convinced Chris does during sex [S]
It’s pretty self explanatory, I list 30 things I think Chris does during sex [Chris Evans x Reader]
ii. A squirming mess [S]
Chris asks your fans for your punishment after he catches you touching yourself without his permission. [Camboy!Chris x reader]
iii. Mr Stamina [S]
Andy shows you just how much stamina he has after you tease him [Andy Barber x Reader]
iv. By my side [A/F]
You and Chris had some difficulties conceiving but that all changes after a phone call from your doctor, early in the morning [Chris Evans x Reader]
v. Granola bars and lots of love [S]
With the kids away, you and Chris have more than enough time to practice some aftercare. [Chris Evans x Reader]
Tumblr media
Part i. Hand in Hand [S]
You and Chris have sex for the first time in his cozy cottage
Cottagecore Concepts
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fairytalebby · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↳ Please do not plagiarise, copy or post my fics on any other platform, even if you give credit. They are only for my blog, thank you! MINORS DNI <3
↳ The people I write for are just face claims, I am by no means dictating how they actually behave like in real life. This is all just fiction. Enjoy x
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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euphoricevans · a month ago
Rough Day. (Andy Barber)
I never know what to put here so. More Andy, wooo! lol
Tumblr media
Waking up to the sound of the shower running in the room next door, I rolled over onto my side, pulling the covers over my head to try and drown out the noise. I huffed and closed my eyes again. Soon enough, the water turned off and I heard the door that was connected to the bathroom open. Sounds of drawers opening and closing and hangers scraping against the metal rod in the closet. I groaned at the awful sound.
“Hey, hey. I’m sorry sweetie, did I wake you?” Andy turned and walked over to where I lay in bed. He sits down besides me and pulls down the covers. Pushing some hair out of my face, he chuckles as I blink rapidly to see him. His hair was wet, little droplets came off the ends still, a towel wrapped around his waist, showing off his fantastic abs for an almost 40 year old and his pendant dangling down on his chest. He smiled softly as he noticed me staring at him.
“Good morning, peanut.” He whispered, leaning down to kiss my forehead.
“Do you have to go to work today?” I grumbled, sighing and closing my eyes.
“Yes baby, I do have to go to work. That job pays for this house, so that I can keep my beautiful girl safe.” He said smirking. “And if I remember correctly, you have to go to school.” He finished and then turned to get up and finish getting dressed.
“Yeah but I have another hour until I have to get up so I am going back to sleep.” I say, flipping back over facing the middle of the bed. I heard Andy finish dressing, hearing the zipper of his dress pants. He runs into the bathroom to dry and style his hair. He comes back out and slips on his watch and his phone in his pocket. He comes back around to my side and leans over.
“Goodbye pumpkin. I love you so so so so much, I hope you have a great day, I’m so sorry I have to leave.” He kisses my cheek in between sentences.
“I love you, Andy. Bye baby, I hope you have a good day.” I say, turning to him and kissing him on the lips. He smiles afterwards and leaves the room, heading down the stairs and off to work.
Tumblr media
After another hour of sleep, I woke up and started getting ready for my day. I had a slight headache when I woke up so I tried to pick out a comfortable but stylish outfit and decided to let my hair air dry and decided to skip the make up today. I stopped at the coffee shop on campus before my first class and downed some ibuprofen with it. After an hour and a half in that class, my head still hurt. Got another coffee. An hour in my second class. Another coffee, a continuing headache. After my third class, it was 1pm and I still had one class left but my head was still killing me and I had been given homework in all of my classes. I decided to ditch it and went to my car.
I sat inside it without turning it on or moving for 10 minutes. I didn’t want to go home and be alone and I was already in town. I finally pulled out of my spot and headed out onto the street. After 20 minutes, I pulled into the parking structure of the huge building. I already felt better walking up the stairs to the front doors. I opened the door and checked in at the front desk, heading to the elevators. I got off at the 5th floor and hurried off, walking just a couple doors down and found the one I was looking for. I knocked lightly and waited to hear ‘come in!’
I opened it slightly, leaning against the door and pearing in. I smiled. Andy was sitting at his chair, legs crossed, a case folder in one hand, his fingers of his other grazing his lips, his head tilted down as his eyes scanned and pondered what he was looking at. His eyes flickered up after a few seconds to see who it was and the minute they landed on me, his face lit up. He moved from his position and put the folder down on his desk.
“Hey baby! Come in, sweetie.” He says happily, getting up and walking towards me. I slip into the office and shut the door, Andy walking up to me and kissing me on the lips, reaching behind me and locking the door. “What are you doing here, my love?” He asks, pulling me to sit down with him on the couch, one of his hands rubbing my shoulder and the other caressing my thigh.
“I just.. I’ve had a rough day.” I said quietly. “I woke up with a headache and I downed ibuprofen and it didn’t help and I have homework in all my classes, I didn’t even go to my last one, I just-” I stopped and put my head in my hands and just broke down, crying.
“Love bug…. Baby, if you had a headache, you could have stayed home. Missing one day wouldn’t hurt, not when it comes to your health.” Andy says, engulfing me in a hug. I leaned my head into his shoulder and sobbed into his very expensive work suit. He rubbed my back for a few more seconds before he stood up and pulled me with him.
“I-i’m sorry, Andy. I knew you were working and I shouldn’t have come here and bothered you, I-i didn’t want to go home and… and be alone.” I sobbed. “I’ll leave so you can do your work.” I said, starting to pull away. He pulled me back to him, grabbing my face in his hands and whipping my tears away with his thumbs. “Sweet girl, don’t say that. I’m so happy you came here, I love seeing you! I was just so worried. I think about you all the time.” He whispered before planting a kiss on my lips. I smiled through the stain from my tears and hugged Andy as hard as I possibly could.
“Listen. I have to get back to work but I don’t want you to leave me, so will you be a good girl and sit on my lap while I work?” I shake my head vigorously. He smiles and gives me another peck. He walks over to his desk and he picks up his phone to call the reception desk.  “Randy, my door is locked and i’m in the middle of an important case, let everyone know if they need anything from me, call first.” When he hangs up the phone, he looks over at me and I give him puppy dog eyes and within seconds he knew what I wanted.
He pulls a blanket out from the bottom of his desk that he keeps here just in case. I smile and pull off my shoes and shed my layers, my sweatshirt, my shirt and my bra. Andy smirks at me before bringing everything he needs and puts in on the coffee table and the blanket on the couch. He pulls off his jacket and his tie and then unbuttons his shirt. He sits down and pulls me into his lap and wraps the blanket around my back as I leaned into his chest, feeling all my stress leave my body and immediately calming down. I nuzzled my head into his neck and smelled his cologne and let out a deep breath. Andy rubbed his hand all around my back as his other one reopened the file to begin working again. He gave my kisses on my forehead every once and a while and I listened to the soft music playing in the background. We sat in silence for about 45 minutes before I started to drift off, speaking before I fully succumbed to sleep.
“Thank you. For taking care of me.” I whisper. He looks down at me. “Anytime, baby. I love when you just want skin to skin with daddy. I know it calms you down.” He says, giving me one last kiss before my eyelids become heavy and the surrounding noises fade out.
I woke up to the sound of Andy writing notes on his laptop and drool coming from the side of my mouth. I start to move and Andy stops what he’s doing.
“Hi cutie.” He whispers. “Sleep good? Feel better?” He says, putting his laptop away and wrapping me up in his arms. “Really good. Headache is gone. Thank you so much Andy.”
“Baby you don’t have to keep thanking me. I’m your boyfriend, I love taking care of you.” He smiles. I giggle and give him a kiss. “I guess I should head home now, I still have so much to do still.” I sigh, pulling away from his chest and looking for my clothes. He sits there with both his hands on his thighs, looking like a fucking model.
“Okay, you know you’re welcome to stay.” “I know, and I appreciate it.” I situate my clothes after they’ve returned to my body. “What do you want for dinner, baby?” I ask. “I don't want you to cook tonight, beautiful. Just tell me what you want before you leave and i’ll order it later so it gets to the house right when I get home, okay?” I nodded and gave him one last loving before making my way out the door and back down to my car.
Tumblr media
At 6:30 pm, Andy walks in the door, just a few minutes after our food was dropped off. He dropped his briefcase on the dining room table, throwing his jacket on the hanger and pulled his shoes off. I was pulling our food out of the bag and he walked over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. “How was the rest of your day, my love?” He whispered in my ear and started leaving light kisses down my neck.
“It was good.” I giggled, leaning back into him and giving him a kiss on his hairy cheek. “I uh actually, got an email from my dean today.” I started, turning around and facing him, putting my hands on his shoulders. “Oh? What did it say?”
“It said that he saw my father today, when he came in and told him that there was an emergency in the family and I would be gone for the rest of the week. So he said that I could work on studies from home this week, homework free and could turn in my already assigned work next week.” I looked at him. “Would you have...anything to do with that?”
Andy smirked at me. “I’m sorry. Just, after I saw the way you were today, I knew you needed a break. And it’s not like you're not going to be doing school work, just on a lighter level.” He said. “Are you mad?”
“Well, I was… irritated at first but. Then I realized I was so lucky to have someone as special as you looking out for me.” I said, my eyes starting to water for the second time today. “I love you so much, Andy. I’m so happy you’re mine.”
He smiled. “And you mine, baby girl. I love you more than anything.” He said before kissing me passionately before I could burst out in tears again.
Oh was I ever so lucky for my Andy.
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