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#and I'm like.... what
clumsyclifford · 4 minutes ago
3, 6, 10 and 23 for the 5sos asks? love u <3
okay! good morning !! love you too let’s do this
3. who’s your favorite member and why? my favorite member! is! none of them! all of them! i don’t know dude. it changes. i don’t see a point in having a favorite member. i know that’s a very annoying and standard-issue Bella Answer but that’s my real answer. at the moment i genuinely cannot think of who would be my favorite since i just have not meaningfully interacted with anything current 5sos is up to. maybe ashton he’s being pretty funny
6. favorite bromance? shockingly enough this ALSO changes a lot :) but i will try and give a real answer. (even though the REAL answer is they’re really all my favorite for different reasons in different ways.) right now i am particularly fond of cashton and lashton in whatever form they manifest. in general i think in my life i have vastly underappreciated cashton, who are honestly so very powerful and clearly very close, and i reread a fic the other day that reminded me how much i love lashton, so. there you go. ask me in a week and get a different answer free !
10. which songs means the most to you? ooh. hm. hmm. that’s a question. my very first instinct was beside you, which i think i’ve mentioned before but was extremely close to my heart when i was in middle school Living Overseas and Missing My Friends. and lie to me means quite a bit to me, but it doesn’t have those roots in my soul the way beside you does. long way home is another one like this, not quite as profound as beside you but it definitely holds a lot of my heart. 
on the flip side though i am also gonna say english love affair because no joke that song alone has reminded me how much i can fucking love 5sos. i think it’s currently one of my favorite songs. banger banger banger
23. fav moment(s) from the hdweuh dvd? HAHAADFJHSKSJ well if you ask megs you’ll know that about 80% of my experience with hdweuh was just having a serious crisis over luke hemmings. BUUUUUUUT i would be so remiss if i didn’t say that my favorite moment was when they interviewed alex gaskarth <3 also i liked when everyone was talking about their bandmates. if that makes sense. that was cute
5sos asks :)
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moonchildcomplex · 9 minutes ago
Just spent several hours chatting with a few funny lads on discord while we all played different video games lol it was so much fun, I forgot how cool it is to just talk shit with people
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hell-yeah-destiny · 23 minutes ago
So. Sun's out huh. Time to overthink this.
Had a conversation with my dad, an astrophysicist and lots of thoughts on my own.
First of all, if the sun was gone just like that everything that was circling it would just continue on it's path so our solar system pretty much would go nyoom in every direction. Fun.
That obvs didn't happen so it's gravity is still there... sort of? Imagine sun's out but it's mass is still there. Some effects that cime to mind?
Yeah so it would be dark. BUT unlike we see in the game the moon wouldn't shine anymore. Unless the hive's green light is bright enough. Creepy.
Temperature drops. Like it does in the night but there's no point at which it would warm up again because guess what, no days. (Oh boy, my sleep rythm would be even more broke than it already is). So it would get ever colder - how fast though? Depends on how cloudy it is because clouds keep the warmth in. This is why cloudy nights are usually warmer than starry nights. So let's assume that temperature drops an average if 10°C during one night, that would make 20°C per day although I doubt that it would be linear, just to have some numbers to play with though. That would go on for a few days, maybe 3 - 4 when it comes closer to the lowest it would get. Remember earths core is very hot? Yeah that would balance it out at some point. Also it will take a while for all that water to cool down and there will be some clouds which brings me to the next point:
Clouds. Yes at first but when it get's cold enough all that will come down and no water will be left in the air. No more clouds when it's too cold. And that means it will cool down faster. Great, you better have a solar light wielding friend or electricity bills are going to look funny. Even more so than they already will.
More electricity needed. Y'know. It's dark all the time now and people need light although we'd get used to it beeing dark in general like we do in the night anyway. That means max. pupil extension plus heightened production for the cones in our eyes that let us see in darker environments. Your awoken or exo friend's eyes are gonna be blinding.
No wind! Wind exists because our atmosphere get's warmed up and cools down. Without sun there's only cooling down. No circulation.
Atmosphere collapses. Yeay. The stuff we breathe is more than just oxygen (that would kill us) and all those different types of gas freeze at different temperatures. So it would separate the gasses during the cooling process and at some point the mixture would not be good for people to breathe. And that is ignoring the fact that breathing super cold air is generally not good for you.
Which brings me to another fun point. So. Stuff get's cold = it get's smaller. Most extreme would be gas. Remember that there's a hecking lot of gas on Jupiter and Saturn? Yeah they'd shrink to a size comparable to earth. Jupiter. Earth. That's... a lot. Mass would be the same though so it shouldn't affect Jupiters moons to a messurable degree.
With the only light source beeing our Milky way and stars I wondered whether Europa would be a bit brighter due to bright surfaces reflecting more light. It wouldn't do much though because there's not that much to reflect. There is no atmospheric shimmer (except if it now has an atmopshere due to the traveler but that would do funny things due to it beeing really damn cold already) and no zodiacal light in general (interplanetary dust that the sun shines at. Would there be a sun that shone at it.) so it really is just the night sky reflecting off of snow and ice so if someone wants to calculate that, please go ahead and let me know.
I'm not even going to start on the effect on plant life and the general biological effects. Like humans need sunlight to produce stuff like Vitamin D. Plants need light. That kinda stuff.
I did not take the traveler into account for this. Does it keep the temperature at level? The plants growing? Humans healthy? Only in the city or in general? Does it change energy levels of it's surroundings or how exactly does it terraform planets? Does it do nothing?
So these are my thoughts on that. Where was I going with this? Nowhere, it is what it started out as; a journey into my insanity.
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wanderingchocolateeclair · 24 minutes ago
Edgeshot would be doing a stealth mission in a glitterly long black dress with that cut in the dress (I'll find a reference later) because Ryukyu blackmailed him into doing it or another thing before it and he didn't have time to change.
YES! Camila!! Definitely!!!
I have SO MANY headcanons and imagery for disguise missions and stealth missions and I have whole entire scenarios with specific pros as well!!!!
And aaaaaaaaaaaahhh I wanna ramble about them ohhhhh I really do- stealth and disguise mission headcanons yes yes.
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spookbot · 38 minutes ago
there is a direct line from me discovering and subsequently forcing my two best friends to listen to “start wearing purple” by gogol bordello in 2005 and me listening to self-ish by will wood and the tapeworms 3984938 times in 2020
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philcoulsonismyhero · 48 minutes ago
I just found out that Ironwood may have actually died at the end of Vol8, so you’re all just going to have to deal with Ironwood posting for the rest of today because Fuck That. 
Like??? I could have dealt with him dying (mostly. there would have been crying), but a rather unceremonious offscreen death that didn’t even look like a confirmed death and needed Word of God confirmation months later? That’s just bullshit, especially for such a well-established and narratively significant character. Ugh.
Anyway, I seem to remember we were supposed to think that Cinder died after Vol5 and that was a fakeout, so show me a corpse or I won’t believe it.
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that-was-anticlimactic · 53 minutes ago
my sister and I have this love language where, since the wall my bed is on connects to the bathroom, whenever i hear her in there, i knock on the wall and she knocks back even harder than i knock (i basically tap)
anyways Sokka and Katara. Katara knocks like my sister.
Sokka: *gently taps the wall*
Katara: *slams palm against wall*
Sokka: *furrows eyebrows* *slams side of fist against wall*
Katara: *knocks on the wall harder*
Sokka: *knocks on the wall louder*
Katara: *punches the wall and screams:* WHAT
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adastrae · an hour ago
Tumblr media
I can’t read the tone in this ask at all, also you seem to have sent it twice? I sense some bitterness so 1. why and 2. who are you? You an EH airhead? because I certainly did see some alarming responses to my recent posts from EH/anti EM blogs! if you’re one of em just... keep to yourself. That’s me begging on my knees, I have no interest in your gloating because I literally do not care.
Plus, I’ve moved on to other (better) muses: video games were always my first and only love, anime is a passing fancy
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