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#and where he’s at
thegodswife · 16 minutes ago
oh hey, all my self-professed allies, why so silent now that anthony mackie is being piled on yet again? or do black lives only matter when they’ve been ended?
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hottopicmonk · 22 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[id: three pieces of text from the old guard screenplay and three drawings of nile. text 1: nile - yo, is this a rodin? this is an honest-to-god rodin! andy - yeah. image 1: a positively giddy nile is standing next to a dark bronze rodin sculpture called iris, messenger of the gods in the musée rodin in paris, she is grinning wildly and lightly grazing the sculpture with a raised and outstretched hand. text 2: booker - you're into art? nile - yeah, i'm thinking of getting an art history degree once i'm out of the corps... (realizing) i was thinking about it, i mean. image 2: jay, nile, and dizzy pose exuberantly in brightly colored flouncy clothes on top of a flight of stairs in the louvre. behind them is the large hellenistic marble sculpture known as the nike of samothrace. nile is pulling the tulle of her skirt out like wings, mimicking the outspread wings of the sculpture. text 3: nile scrolls through the pictures with andy -- playful family poses, pics of fellow marines, shots of women and children from her postings, a portrait of a negress from the louvre. andy seems genuinely, if quietly, interested. nile ends on another photo of her father. this one makes her melancholy. image 3: nile stands in front of the portrait of madeline by marie-guillemine benoist, 1800 (until recently known as a portrait of a negress) in the louvre. she looks directly at the viewer, standing in a pose reminiscent of madeline's. madeline wears a white head wrap, small hoop earrings, and a white dress. her shoulders and breast are exposed. as in all the pictures, nile wears a turquoise head wrap, dusky rose off-the-shoulder cropped ruffle top, a long turquoise tulle skirt, large gold hoop earrings, and her small golden cross. there is a pencil tucked behind her ear and she is clutching a small sketchbook in her hands. end id]
#the first pic is absolutely a pic taken five mins before disaster. they were kicked out for touching the art#nile had always wanted to touch the rodins at the art institute back home - all of the art but especially the rodins -#but never would have dared the indignity of getting kicked out or the risk of being banned from the museum altogether#but now she'd done it. she'd touched an honest-to-god rodin#as jay nile and dizzy were posing below the nike a ''security guard'' named lupin asked them if they wanted help taking their beyoncé pic#when nile responded in french he was delighted to hear her mother's accent on her tongue. the pic became a photoshoot#nile had dizzy take the pic of her with madeline to send to her mom so she could see her baby in the louvre#madeline was still unnamed when nile visited her. when she questioned the practicality of an art history degree#that unnamed portrait was one of the pieces she thought of. all the untold histories waiting to be unearthed & brought into the light of da#always having a lot of feelings about nile and art and art history over here#nile freeman appreciation hours#nile freeman#art!nile#tog art history#rodin#nilecore#the old guard#tog art#tog screenplay#*beyoncé pic = that's where beyoncé goes apeshit in the apeshit video#just thinking thoughts about nile jay and dizzy swanning around the tuilleries in their civilian finest after a morning in the louvre#before strolling over to the rodin museum#also: file 'iris - messenger of the gods' under 'rodin ate pussy'#(you know that tag is for you dirah <3)#if you get a princess ariel vibe from nile's outfit - congratulations. you perceive the truth
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weavingroses · 28 minutes ago
I'm at my dad's new house and I still haven't kicked the habit of washing the dishes straight after tea, which I would do at my nanna's
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trashynishiki · an hour ago
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Me, bribing Tim to see just what he can do: Tim speak!
Tim,in a British accent: Fuck you!
Me: 😤😑
Allen: 🤯😵
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phantombmoll · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
#The fic that didn't have a name has a name now! Also Is it dark? Yeah Is it hella dark? Maybe I don't think I'll have to put trigger warnings on this because it's more about Peggy and Ted, the investigation is just the thing that brings them together in the first place annnnnnddddddd I think this fic should average at about ten chapters or so when finished, maybe more though. I'm just kind of letting the words and characters carry me along at this point. Reignite - available on AO3 -
#Ted Hastings x OC - Part Two
“You moved in here?” Ted asked, looking around as Peggy fiddled about in her handbag. She brought out a key chain that seemed stuffed. It jangled as she searched for the right one and a smile twitched at the corners of Ted’s mouth. Hardly inconspicuous.
“No, no it’s just-” Peggy paused sliding the key into the lock. “If someone’s watching the house I’d rather them watch this one.” She admitted, stepping over the threshold. A lamp was already on and Ted suspected timers to make it appear someone was still here. Ted wasn’t sure what he’d expected to find, maybe more clutter, something like hoarders. Newspapers taped to walls. The hallway was clear though. A stretching corridor that ran past the stairs and to the back of the house where Ted could see the kitchen.
His timer theory was confirmed as Peggy turned right and he spotted the plug in the wall.
The house was just big enough for its purpose. A living/dining area with a long polished table to the right. The corridor and stairs took the middle of the house and to the left was Peggy’s fathers office and then the kitchen.
On stepping in the open living/dining space looked, for a better word normal. Bookshelves, a wide telly that Ted imagined the footie looked great on. Nik nacks and pictures littered the walls. A glass bookcase contained memorabilia. As Ted turned back towards the wall the door he’d come through was on, a mosaic of paperwork blossomed. Peggy turned over a few paintings and then to Ted’s surprise pushed a bookcase on wheels out of the way revealing more.
“Jesus, Mary and Joseph you weren’t wrong about there being a lot here.” Ted breathed. His eyes didn’t know where to land first.
“I’ll get you a drink.” Peggy said her heels clipping along the polished wooden floor until she must have removed them.
Ted moved towards the wall starting to glance over the patchwork of paperwork in front of him. There were, he noted, albeit hidden, gruesome crime scene pictures. Markers on them indicated they were copies, probably from Peggy’s fathers legal practice.
There were symbols circled in red pen, missing persons posters, autopsies, grainy cctv print outs, newspaper clippings. Things were highlighted and connected but for now Ted had no real idea what he was looking at. There was a face he recognised though. Tommy Hunter. A red thread made its way from an outer circle of photographs to another man Ted didn’t recognise.
“Here.” Peggy returned, handing him a whisky in a glass tumbler.
“You remember how I like it.” Ted said, glancing down.
“And what you like.” Peggy nodded towards the glass, encouraging him to take a sip. In her hand she had what Ted suspected was cider.
“Is that your mother?” Ted asked, leaning in towards a picture on the board.
“She’s what got this whole thing started. Well Richard was.”
“Yeah well your da never took that divorce very well.”
“Yeah but that’s not why this started. Richard was creepy, as were his sons.” Peggy rubbed the back of her neck uncomfortably and Ted watched her for a minute. “She’s in the Bahamas now I think, mum, some business tycoon called Henry or something.”
“How many times has she been married now?” Ted asked with a brow raised.
“If she marries this one it’ll be six and honestly I’m surprised the police haven’t been onto her yet because it gets a bit black widowy after the third.” Peggy chuckled.
“God that’s not what all this is is it?” Ted asked, gesturing to the wall. Peggy laughed and shook her head but when she looked up at the wall her face fell a little. Something went out behind her eyes and Ted felt it down in his gut. He knew that look. It was the look of someone who knew about evils, knew people were still being hurt but was having to play a waiting game. He knew that look because he’d worn that look himself.
“My dad heard a rumour before he retired. A rumour about Richard Bank’s grandson. A party that got out of hand, all the gossip said it was drugs and violence and it just needed to be hushed up and it was. Dad found out later they paid off journalists, doctors, a few nurses. Which is nothing major in the grand scheme of things. Rich kids causing trouble then parents throwing money at it, is nothing new. Then just after retirement he overheard at an event that Banks' son, Andrew, was in trouble again. Something to do with a party.”
“Anyway dad, put it down to rumour mongering but things kept coming up and he ended up doing a little digging. He was just curious. Cut to a few years later. Must have been about 8 years ago now. Dad was doing some pro-bono work, an old lawyer that Dad had grown up knowing. The guy starts babbling incoherently, asking if Lucy’s okay, if she’s alright, that he didn’t mean to hurt her. Before dad can get his phone out the nurses come in, say something about watching Dracula and my dad is shuffled out. Dad said he couldn’t get it out of his head though. He couldn’t get out of his head how distressed his old friend had looked. So he started pulling on a thread and this is what he wound up with.” Peggy gestured to the papers around them. “It’s like a club Ted, and they hold ‘pleasure’ parties and gatherings and god knows what else.”
Peggy inhaled, then took a drink. How many times must she have gone over this and still the thought made her sick. It was then Ted knew something much worse than just drugs and gangsters was coming.
“It’s not about power, well, I suppose it is but not in the sense of what I’ve seen before. It’s not about money or blackmail or drugs. It’s about blood and pain and leaving humanity at the door.” Peggy paused for a minute and closed her eyes, holding her drink to her like it might save her from whatever was running through her head.
“From what we can gather it’s an anything goes situation. Whatever you want, they’ll get it. Whatever you want to do or try or indulge in, they will give it to you. You give them a fee and you walk into a room where anything goes and you can call yourself a god.”
“And I know what you’re thinking. People like Tommy Hunter and his friends have parties like that all the time. You hear about it from the poor victims but this isn’t some side operation this is the whole operation Ted. All they do is specialise in these parties. Doctors that stitch people up, doctors that forge death certificates, nurses that get medical grade drugs, policemen who falsify documents, lawyers that help keep things in check, funeral homes that burn bodies. It’s a business. A unique one of a kind business with enough people pulling strings and taping mouths shut that the wider world still hasn’t found out about it.”
“Your da thought someone at the firm was involved?” Ted stated more than asked.
“And he started pulling files.”
“And fell down the rabbit hole.” Ted said the skepticism he’d felt in the bar seeming to leach out of him. “I’m going to need another drink.” He said slowly before finishing the whiskey in his glass.
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fightaers · an hour ago
*  headcanon  +   junpei’s interpretation.    i’ll be writing this much properly later,  but a head’s up that junpei is,  though not professionally evaluated,  depressed.   while he’s always exhibited a despondent attitude and a high dislike towards his bullies and the school environment he was in,  his depression was majorly caused by the loss of his mother  +  manipulation from mahito  +  and how that may have effected his new feelings towards the environment once he’s arrived at jujutsu tech.
there’s a lot more that i wanted to say,  but my biggest take that i wanted any writers who will be writing with me - especially this character, junpei - to know is that there will be a lot of negative and damaging descriptions as result to this regarding his self-esteem, his guilt, the isolation he feels etc which can be harmful but also pertinent to his character,  especially so soon after losing his mother.  be warned, and be careful.
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ink-ghoul · an hour ago
I just imagined grian becoming a elderich being (calling it watcher's true form) and everyone is just like "dude what the hell" and grian, towering over the hermits is like "it happens, dont worry"-
I dont know how my mind comes up with this stuff but i have bearly anyone else to talk to about it :)
Tumblr media
I imagine the hermits being like: "Yeah, that's just him, he has extra eyes sometimes but we like him like that"
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kyumil · an hour ago
society if pledis knew how to style jeonghan's long hair
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