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#and what's worse
bondsmagii · 21 minutes ago
I am deeply sorry for asking but have you made any progress with Gazing Upon the Wretched Thing?
I've been putting it off because I now have an actual, physical copy of the book and to be honest I'm terrified to gaze upon it in physical form in case it has unknown supernatural side effects.
I also have a pack of highlighters and florescent sticky notes for Proper Academic Analysis, because my hatred of this book has exceeded what I can fit into a Goodreads review and now I'm actually writing an entire paper on why it's fucked up and absolutely NOT a damning deconstruction of capitalism like everyone is apparently saying. in fact it's a deeply flawed piece of perhaps even intentional propaganda with large traces of racism, complete with what might actually be honest to god kinkshaming via metaphors which then in turn plays into strains of homophobia, and honestly trying to unravel everything that's wrong with this book makes me feel lost in a maze of increasingly incomprehensible proportions and this essay is hopefully going to be my map out.
that being said, progress will resume shortly. despite everything I still need to know how bad it's actually going to get.
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punksai · 6 hours ago
do you eat the popcorn of your ceiling? Do you want to see the scooby doo and courage crossover? I will kill you either way.
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snorlax891 · 7 hours ago
Alien Lowlife: Hey you wanna buy some death sticks? Raya: You don’t want to sell me death sticks.  Alien Lowlife: I don’t want to sell you death sticks.  Raya: You want to buy some of my jerky instead! :) Alien Lowlife: I want to buy some of your jerky instead. Namaari: Raya no! Raya: Raya yes! :D
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fandoesfictionwriting · 8 hours ago
Hello everyone! I just wanted to say thank you for all the support with the self-ship fics, I have never had this many requests before! I will still be writing them but it is currently late at night and I have three more to go. So I will take a break from posting for tonight and pick it up tomorrow.
Thank you again for sending them in and remember that I do see and appreciate all of your requests!
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annie--odair · 10 hours ago
so I live with my siblings, yes? And while my sister in law is very good about checking that packages are for her and not other people, my brother absentmindedly allowed his 3 year old to open a package intended for me containing items of a personal nature.
I'm torn between mortification and deep amusement at his obvious discomfort -- I mean, he absolutely deserves to be embarrassed. I hope he learnt his lesson and that he's not such an oblivious idiot about the fact that other adults live with him and receive mail.
It really is funny, in the broader scheme of things? But I'm also extremely irritated because now I have a box of sex toys I don't know if I'll be able to use because I'll always be aware that my nephew has been handling them.
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