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naboosunset6 minutes ago
I am entertaining thots鈩笍 about Commander Fox 馃ゴ like...him coming over to my apartment in the mid-levels of Coruscant after having a long day at the Senate, him just...being able to relax in my clean and homey little place 馃ズ shedding his armor at the door, collapsing on my couch, leaning his head back so I can kiss him 馃挅 then making him a nice dinner, cuddling up to him, and then uh...well...馃サ馃対
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innie-files13 minutes ago
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capslockawsten17 minutes ago
i鈥檓 trying to do the concept merch line for greatest hits to include in my curated portfolio to send to mddn but like
i cannot figure out what the vibe is for it?? i cannot tap into the aesthetic?? bc what already exists is ugly but i can work with the 3 colours but like. i can鈥檛 pinpoint what i wanna do bc it鈥檚 just all a mess? there鈥檚 nothing to narrow down on?
the singles are easy. numb is red and black and edgy with bold type. lowkey is yellow and sunflowers and handwritten type that鈥檚 all flowy and light. snow globe is blue black and white and icy and kinda similar in type style to numb but more jagged like ice shards and playing with opacity levels. paranoid is .. i am uncertain. eyes and messy handwriting and hand drawn scribbles over pictures w heavy filters. just kidding is. ????
but the album as a whole? no idea ????? i cannot narrow down anytjing for a concept ???
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jokethur40 minutes ago
#( don't mind me signing into literally all my personal shit on my work laptop because my faulty new macbook is with the evil )#( apple said it'd ship to the repair center yesterday and i'd have it back by monday )#( bullllllshittttttttttttt )#( on monday im gonna have to karen the apple store like uh i need my laptop u promised me i'd have it bACK today )#( and it still hasnt shipped ??? what are u doing ??? )#( like this is my work laptop i hate looking at all my work shit AND putting my personal things on my work laptop )#( my brother in law's like oh your sister crossed that bridge a long time ago lololol )#( admittedly i've online shopped and stuff on this thing but like i dont want to pay my bills on here and shit )#( looks like that's what i'm doing until i beat the holy shit out of apple )#( it's a pink macbook air under 2 years old and covered by applecare )#( the display stopped working )#( so they said oh it's prob a faulty thing u should have it back by mon _#( liiiies )#( i have none of my icons on this thing but i did do a reply successfully last night lol )#( and i have a feeling when i get it back it'll be with a new hard drive )#( sooooooo )#( all new shit ig )#( ugh )#( fuck me )#( w/e i'm being a bad girl i have netflix hbo max this hellhole spotify and bank of america all open lmao )#( i didnt want to do this )#( i was gonna rb a meme too but until my macbook's back i dont wanna go too crazy )#( bc i fucking hate windows )#( sdkfdskfs )#( this is such an obnoxious inconvenience )#( staring work in the face 24/7 is something i already do but i like )#( dont want outlook poppin up here and there every 2 seconds )#( and i have to be careful not to accidentally copy and paste shit into microsoft teams lmaoo )#( fuck me i want my macbook back )
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ronseysan hour ago
pictures of super rich ppl鈥檚 houses and rooms and kitchens and stuff make me feel nauseous,,,it鈥檚 like the furniture equivalent of dead behind the eyes or something
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death-of-a-savior-ifan hour ago
do you have a favourite mythology? and who's your favourite deity out of the various pantheons? (if you have one)
Ooh I cant choose just one! I love all kinds! Greek mythology is the one that got me interested. Then Celtic mythology was my next phase after that. I've studied Germanic Japanese, Norse, and Roman! I'm currently looking into Egyptian Mythology. I'm thinking of looking into Slavic mythology next!
My favorite deity? I think my all time favorite would have to be Morrigan from Celtic Mythology! There's a lot to say about her so I'll try to keep it brief, but if y'all haven't heard about her, I recommend reading about her! Morrigan was capable of shapeshifting, and foretelling doom. She's associated with war and fate and could send men into a war frenzy. She was also acted as the Goddess of sovereignty; a symbolic guardian of land and it's people.
There's way more to her and I would love to get into it, but I don't want this post to go on for forever, haha.
Thank you!!
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mostlygleethoughtsan hour ago
29 & 24
thank you 馃グ
29. favourite film(s)
oh i just remembered one! Hot Fuzz. a classic
24. height
5鈥1 :/ (everyone ignore that you saw this piece of information)
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gulunaan hour ago
Yorkshire puddings are top tier food
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mack-and-cheesean hour ago
Ok this day has sucked so I'm gonna rant
First was school. I had math first where we did Kahoot bc we have our final on monday. I ended up in 1st bc I'm p good at math. But the entire time my class was booing me bc they wanted someone else to get 1st.
Next was science, which was fine. It was judt boring and I generally just dont like that class.
My ELA teacher assigned a test but took 20 minutes off our time because he over explains everything. Like seriously he just doesnt stop talking.
Then, I had Civics, where we had a guest come in. I wanted to talk to him, bc we were doing a q&a, plus, y'know, participation grade. But I didnt want to come out to this random guy, or have him deadname me, so I didnt participate.
After school, I had girl scouts. As a trans person, already not the best experience. But I was leading the activity today, where I was teaching them to bake my fav. food -baked mac and cheese with apple. But half the kids were going off on their own doing whatever which ended up with them not doing it right, and the other half just taking their sweet time and constantly getting distracted. Plus my mom was there and she kept trying to out me. I can't prove she was doing it on purpose but she kept "forgetting to mute" and saying my name, and then saying "oops I didnt mean to, you should tell them now tho or they'll be confused." And she always pressures me to come out to them but today was the worst. I dont want to come out to them, it's my fucking business.
After girl scouts I was sitting on the couch watching tv with my twin. We finished the 5 minutes we had left of the previous episode, and then watched one more. That totaled to about 25 minutes. My mom tells us to give the remote to my older sister, so she can watch something, because "all we do is sit and watch tv." I rarely watch TV so I know this is wrong, but that doesnt mean I appreciated it. I tell my mom that we wanted to watch one more, as they were short episodes and we only watched one and the end of another, being 25 minutes. She got PISSED and stormed off bc I corrected her saying we'd watched hours of tv to 25 minutes. As shes storming off, my dad, who's in the next room over, says "wow you're really getting good at making your mother storm off." Like fuck off. Istg everything I do pissed my parents off.
I'm also super sore from smth that happened yesterday, so I dont want to get up and do something, but my dad is glaring daggers at me when I think I'm not looking, and the silence in here is suffocating.
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thevirgodollan hour ago
Am I the only one who think Megan switched sides like crazy? I mean she was up there shading cardi and then she went and did a whole music with her. Same thing with the City girls who shaded nicki, Megan went and became friends with her. She kinda got it coming.
Megan is a people pleaser all the way, at some point that鈥檚 going to turn into a sour situation.
I do think Meg is very friendly but that鈥檚 just her personality. I鈥檝e always said that sometimes she befriends the wrong people when it came to her circle but that was about a different subject.
However, I am not sure about what you said because I don鈥檛 think Meg cares enough. If she was going to be that strategic she would address it.
While I do analyze the music industry, I don鈥檛 really take notice of everything because I鈥檓 not in stan twitter. So I could be wrong and could鈥檝e missed something.
I don鈥檛 remember Meg disliking the City Girls. I don鈥檛 remember her disliking Cardi either. Not as much as other rappers or fans. I noticed all the collaborations but honestly, I thought it was just a business move and just for something different.
I don鈥檛 think she favors anyone or cares to be on a 鈥渟ide鈥 when it comes to Nicki, considering she really said she looked up to her. I know that was an important collab for her, I could see it on her face.
Either way, Meg has a lot going on right now. Her degree, upcoming performances, that new relationship, dealing with grief, so sometimes I feel like things are read into too much. She really doesn鈥檛 even have time to entertain the drama that people want her to.
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ioannemosan hour ago
i鈥檝e complained about this in the past but a new fandom i鈥檓 low-key in is pulling this bs now too so let me just say: if you are representing the devil and/or demons as they appear in most Christian beliefs as anything other than bad you are fundamentally misunderstanding both the subject matter and the nature of evil, and by continuing to promote this idea you are lying to your audience and a bad artist
鈥淭his is the treason of the artist; a refusal to admit the banality of evil and the terrible boredom of pain.鈥 Ursula K. LeGuin
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I was thinking about how I started watching Digimon as a child, and while I don鈥檛 recall exactly when, I know I used to watch the English dub of Adventure 01 in the mornings before school. (This was before it was pushed to Saturday mornings - when I would wake up, crawl downstairs, nestle in my turquoise bean bag, and turn the TV on a low volume at 7am to tune in without waking up my family.)
However, one memory remains clear as day to me, and it stars my wonderful mother, who watched Digimon and Pokemon with me all the time, and it never fails to make me laugh. After the morning's episode ended, I went upstairs to get dressed for school, and while my mom was brushing my hair (keep in mind, I鈥檓 around 6-7 years old), I asked her, 鈥淚sn鈥檛 the name Tai kind of unusual?鈥 because I was thinking about ties for some reason (child logic??) And she said, 鈥淣ot at all. Ty is a common nickname for Tyler.鈥 (Guess I just forgot it was spelled TAI and not TY or TIE.) So for many, many years, I was under the assumption that our courageous, goggle-headed leader was Tyler Kamiya. #imsosorrytaichi
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