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#and thought that fire-types were weak against them
danni-dollarsign · 3 days ago
For years I never understood the concept of dark-types in pokemon. But they make a WHOLE lot more sense when u realize that they’re termed as “aku” - or “evil” - in Japanese.
I feel both dumb and embarrassed because (1), I never knew that in like all the 15+ years I’ve been playing Pokemon, and (2), because the only reason I took the time to research this was because I was doing yet ANOTHER piers bulbapedia deep-dive
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tyranno-creative · 4 days ago
Character Bio: “Onebox”
Tumblr media
"Nothing can withstand the hammer of corporate might."
Faction: Quintessons Function: Mass-produced infantry Sub-Group: Terrorbot Continuity: Generation 1 Repurposed From: War For Cybertron Trilogy Deseeus Army Drone
Bio: A type of Terrorbot created by the Quintesson Pan-Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere. Just like the Overcharge units, they were constructed as mass production-type soldiers with limited free will and decision-making power. However, unlike the Overcharge units, Onebox-type Terrorbots are designed to serve as less specialized infantry units. They respond well to orders, and exhibit none of the rebellious tendencies present in a small percentage of their Overcharge-type counterparts exhibited. Furthermore, Onebox units are much more affordable, both to construct and to be purchased.
Personality: Being glorified drones, Onebox units exhibit a limited capacity for independent thought, and as a result do not have well developed personalities. Their few noteworthy qualities are being thuggish and obstinate towards their enemies, while being quick to follow orders from their masters.
Abilities: Onebox units have particularly dense armor, which affords them protection from most types of weapons fire. They are slow in both robot and vehicle mode as a result. Each unit is equipped with a long-range missile launcher capable of converting into a melee weapon for close-quarters combat. Finally, each Onebox unit is equipped with a kill-switch in order to keep them from being reprogrammed and used against their Quintesson creators.
Weaknesses: A Onebox unit's primary weakness is its slow movement speed, which combined with its relatively bulky design makes it an ample target. Furthermore, a Onebox lacks an Overcharge's versatility in battle, making their movements relatively easy to predict.
Tech Specs: STR - 8 | INT - 2 | SPD - 2 | END - 10 | RNK - 2 | CRG - 9 | FPWR - 7 | SKL - 5
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primo-prompts · 12 days ago
You're feeding us simp so much goodies about the boys (Bennet, Chongyun, Razor and Xingqiu) so really thanks for that! 👏
If I may, could I request a headcanon or scenario of Bennett and Chongyun fucking their S/O against a wall? Idkw But the idea of them showing a great display of strength and just... holding you against the wall with no problem while also railing you? Perfection *chef kiss*
Trust me, I simp for these boys just as much as y’all do. Wish there was more content for them. 😔
Also hELL YEAH, that’s a great idea! Just, mmm...I needed to write a scenario for these, it’s just that good, lol.
[NSFW] Bennett, Chongyun Fucking Their S/O Against A Wall
You knew Bennett was strong, but holy fuck.
He had you pinned against the wall of your kitchen, his hands holding you up by the meat of your thighs. The grip he had on them only served to spread them further, allowing him to piston his length in and out of your hole at a desperate pace. You didn’t seem to weigh anything to him, more physically taxed by chasing your combined highs than the effort to keep your body practically in the air as he used you.
Your arms hung uselessly around his neck as he attacked yours with heated kisses, leaving a burning trail with each one down your throat and collarbone. He whined when you clenched down on him particularly hard, clearly already close if the insistent twitching of his dick had anything to say about it. Mindlessly, Bennett moved away from the wall, leaning back a bit to balance your weight with his own as he repeatedly impaled you on his length, helped by gravity in this new position.
Somehow, the thought that Benny could haul you any which way and fuck you just like that made the fire in your belly burn even hotter, and it wasn’t long before you came harder than you ever have in your life. Bennett wasn’t too far behind, his grip shifting from thighs to your waist, clutching your body close and grinding his hips frantically against your own, Benny came with a lewd cry. Somehow he still held you up, his legs quivering with the sudden weakness his orgasm caused. Still, he didn’t let you down until you both had calmed down, collapsing into a heap on the floor and sitting there for a few minutes and trying to get air into your lungs.
“We should...Do that more often…” You panted, brushing the hair out of Bennett’s flushed face. He could only smirk shyly and laugh, just as breathless as you were.
You really didn’t take Chongyun for the adventurous sex position type, but...Were you gonna complain? Absolutely not!
You don’t think you’ve seen or experienced anything hotter than Chongyun picking you up and slamming home inside your warm entrance, all without the support of anything but his back precariously settled against a wall. You’d think he would set you against it, but he seemed to think differently. Again, you weren’t going to complain when this position, combined with the momentum it provided, hit new places inside you and made you see stars. Chongyun usually wasn’t too loud during sex, but he must have been just as affected as you were if his sudden loud moans were anything to go by.
Relentless, he kept thrusting up into you at the same time you came down, grinding little circles with each one and drawing out the pleasure as much as possible. He was slow, but methodical, and in no time at all you were close to orgasming. Feeling it approach ever so quickly, you locked lips with him, the cool of his lips contrasting the warmth of yours so nicely. Every tightening of his grip on your waist and ass made you jerk slightly, the extra movement finally hitting a spot inside you that threw you over the edge. With a choked moan, you came around him, rhythmic squeezing drawing out his own high. You couldn’t keep kissing him through it, settling your forehead on his instead. Chongyun spilled himself inside you, consequently losing strength and sliding down the wall until he sat on the floor.
Neither of you realized that he slid down until you picked up your head, looking around dazedly. Laughing slightly, you patted Chongyun’s cheek, who has closed his eyes. He opened them blearily, doing the same as you and looking around.
“Seems I tired you out. You wouldn’t happen to be too tired for another round, would you?” You asked with a tilt of your head, and Chongyun’s only response was a heady kiss.
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thecreaturecodex · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
“Otter Sapiens” © Carlos Elufi, accessed at his deviantArt here
[Commissioned by @werebear95​. The kushtaka is a shapeshifter and bogey from the Tlingit culture. Funnily enough, between when I received this commission and when I wrote it, Paizo came out with a new bestiary, Pathfinder 2nd Edition Bestiary 3, that has its own version of the kushtaka in it. I understand a lot of their choices (except making it Small--I’ve seen references to the kushtaka being 6 to 8 feet tall), but I thought it was more interesting to make their ability to turn other people into kushtakas less malicious and more just part of their life cycle. I thought it odd that there were no rules for the PF2e version about how a kushtaka turns someone else into a kushtaka. Especially considering how many fussy, precisely detailed rules exist in PF2e as a whole.
Also, coming back to something I’ve complained about a number of times, there are cryptozoology sites that claim that the kushtaka is an “Alaskan Bigfoot”. Because right, Bigfoot can swim, turn into an otter, mimic voices and turn people into new Bigfoots. Classic Bigfoot power set.]
Kushtaka CR 5 CN Fey This creature resembles a bipedal otter the size of a man. They have webbed claws on their hands and feet, and a thick tail.
Kushtakas are fey creatures of icy waters, with traits of both otters and humans. Like otters, they are predatory, feeding on fish, shellfish and small land prey. Because of their unusual reproductive cycle, they do not realize that baby animals are the same type as adults—this extends to humanoids, and kushtakas consider babies a delicacy.
Kushtakas are ambush predators, and usually attack from hiding or invisibility. They use illusions and mimicked voices to separate enemies, then open combat with a mighty roar, panicking and scattering lesser foes. Kushtakas are vainglorious and arrogant, and like to fight only the strongest, bravest opponents. This arrogance evaporates if they are confronted with either fire or dogs, both of which can penetrate their defenses and terrify them. A kushtaka will usually fight to the death unless fire, dogs or both are used against them.
Kushtakas are parasitic on humanoids in a strange way—all kushtakas were once humanoids themselves, and transforming a humanoid is the only way they can reproduce. Kushtakas go out of their way to rescue the stranded, starving and freezing, which begin to slowly change into new kushtakas once the hospitality is accepted. Kushtakas often maintain villages where they keep their semi-captives, often reassuring them with soothing illusions and plenty of rest and relaxation. Someone transformed into a kushtaka is forever lost barring powerful magical intervention, but the kushtaka don’t understand why friends and loved ones are so upset to have lost one of their own—after all, the new kushtaka will never feel cold, live forever and always have plenty of company.
Kushtakas are immortal unless slain by violence.  They can assume the form of river or sea otters, giant monstrous otters, and humanoids. They favor appearances in humanoid form that resemble their former lives, but are not beholden to them. 
Kushtaka      CR 5 XP 1,600 CN Medium fey (cold, shapechanger) Init +3; Senses low-light vision, Perception +11, scent Defense AC 18, touch 14, flat-footed 14 (+3 Dex, +1 dodge, +4 size) hp 52 (8d6+24) Fort +5, Ref +9, Will +8 DR 10/cold iron; Immune cold; SR 16 Weakness vulnerable to dogs, vulnerable to fire Offense Speed 30 ft., swim 30 ft. Melee masterwork spear +9 (1d8+6/x3), bite +3 (1d6+2) or 2 claws +8 (1d4+4), bite +8 (1d6+4) Special Attacks corruptive hospitality, roar Spell-like Abilities CL 8th, concentration +10 At will—charm person (DC 13), detect thoughts (DC 14), touch of idiocy 3/day—endure elements, invisibility, major image (DC 15) 1/day—heroism, mirage arcana (DC 17), persistent image (DC 17) Statistics Str 18, Dex 17, Con 16, Int 13, Wis 14, Cha 15 Base Atk +4; CMB +8; CMD 19 Feats Deceitful, Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack Skills Acrobatics +11, Bluff +13, Diplomacy +11, Disguise +13, Heal +7, Intimidate +8, Perception +11, Sense Motive +11, Stealth +11, Swim +20 Languages Aquan, Common, Sylvan SQ change shape (humanoid, otter, sea otter, giant otter, polymorph), hold breath, sound mimicry (voices) Ecology Environment cold aquatic and coasts Organization solitary, pair, band (3-6) or tribe (7-20) Treasure standard (masterwork spear, other treasure) Special Abilities Change Shape (Su) For the statistics of a sea otter, use an otter with the giant simple template. For the statistics of a giant otter, use a dire badger with a swim speed of 30 feet instead of a burrow speed. Corruptive Hospitality (Su) A humanoid that accepts a gift from a kushtaka (including, but not limited to, food, shelter, treasure or a beneficial spell) must succeed a DC 16 Will save or become cursed, slowly transforming into a kushtaka themselves. Failing the first save puts the target on Stage 1, and each day the target is cursed, they must succeed a DC 16 Will save or move one step farther in the progression. Stage 1: Creature gains cold resistance 10 Stage 2: Creature gains a swim speed equal to ½ their land speed Stage 3: Creature gains low light vision and scent Stage 4: Creature gains a swim speed equal to their land speed, and the hold breath monster quality Stage 5: Creature becomes a kushtaka, losing all its class abilities and only having vague memories of its life as a mortal. Succeeding on two successive Will saves breaks the curse, as does remove curse or similar magic. Once a creature becomes a kushtaka, they can only be restored via a miracle, wish or similar magic. A creature loses any benefits it may have gained from this curse once it is removed or cured. The save DC is Charisma based. Roar (Su) A kushtaka can roar as a standard action. All creatures that can hear it within 100 feet must succeed a DC 16 Will save or be panicked for 1d4+1 rounds. Regardless of whether they pass or fail, all creatures in the area are immune to the roar of that kushtaka for the next 24 hours. A kushtaka is immune to this effect, as are domestic dogs. The save DC is Charisma based. Vulnerable to Dogs (Su) Any domestic dog ignores a kushtaka’s damage reduction with its natural weapons and gains a +10 circumstance bonus on all skill checks made to perceive or track it.
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softisdangerous · 23 days ago
Excerpt from Chap 17 of Call of the Blood
Eric’s POV - Thursday July 16th & Friday, July 17th, 2009
I closed the bar for the night. Interrogating the drainers had been useless, and their screams were both irritating and loud, but at least Chow enjoyed his work. Pam had been telling me for months that it was time to adjust our styling again, to keep up with the times and that my long hair was getting to the point of ridiculous. I did not like to change my hair, but I was inclined to let her pamper me a bit. I had been short tempered with her, nearly biting her head off at every question she asked me. My ill-temper was only exacerbated by the fact that I was ridiculously thirsty, and the only thing that sounded remotely appetizing to me was Jane’s fresh blood.
But I wasn’t about to put her at risk again. No, I lacked the control to drink from her right now. It was nearly unthinkable that after a thousand years I still couldn’t master all of my bloodlust, but I wasn’t too proud to admit it, if only to myself. It did have me questioning what made Jane so unique. I was beginning to wonder if she was all human, or if she had some latent ancestry that made her blood addictive, and made the drinker…what? What effect did she have on me? Insanity? Obsession?
I squashed that thought quickly. No, she was just unique and Godric was missing.
Pam was putting foul chemicals on my head and idly explaining what she was doing, but I wasn’t focusing on her words. I was still attempting to think. Godric missing? He would have told me where he was. He had always informed me when he was leaving, even if he knew that I wouldn’t be pleased by his departure. How could he be missing? The drainers had no methods that Godric wouldn’t have been able to overcome. He was too old, too powerful for drainers to have taken him. And based on the conversation of prisoners downstairs, I doubted there was nothing these racists could do that Godric wouldn’t simply be able to bat away. That wouldn’t stop me from questioning him, most vigorously.
I despised the newest addition to the prison in the basement. Royce Allen Williams. It constantly talked, finally admitting shame for past actions, only now, when confronted with imminent demise. I knew these weak types. If released, he would return exactly to his old ways, claim it was an act of God and continue on with dishonorable acts. My teeth were already on edge and then when it discussed escaping… I couldn’t control my rage.
Pam sighed loudly when she heard its plans to escape.
“Don’t fuck up your hair,” she demanded as I stood to go collect it.
“I won’t Pam, I’ll bring it up, let Chow do the dirty work, and then he can put the rat back in it’s cage.”
She huffed, but didn’t stop me.
I strolled down to the basement silently.
“I got a plan. I'm busting us out,” the racist claimed.
“Don't be an idiot,” the V dealer advised wisely.
“I'll come back for you. Promise,” the man claimed. I made some noise so they would know I was coming. I heard their heart rates jump and it was almost enough to make me smile. I hummed softly to myself.
“Shh, Shut up.”
“Shushing won't do you any good, Sweetheart. We hear everything. Since you made me come all the way down here, I'm gonna take out some of the garbage,” I told them as I removed the cape that Pam had placed on me to prevent the chemicals in my hair from staining my clothes. I knelt down in front of the pathetic piece of trash that had burned Malcom, Liam, and Diane’s nest to the ground. “Royce Allen Williams, we have a few questions for you, with regard to a fire which killed three of our kind.” I stared him down.
“No fucking way, man. I don't know anything,” he said, pretending to not be afraid, but I could hear his heart pounding.
“Crimes against vampires are on the rise. We even lost a Sheriff just days ago. We seek answers.” I unchained him and pushed him forward and then, most surprisingly, he turned and struck me across the face.
He screamed at me, “Die, you dead fucker!”
I was furious when I felt the burn of silver against my face, how had I not noticed? The stench of human filth was disgusting and overwhelming. One more reason to not chain prisoners this way; it was impossible to scent silver through the odor.
That silver burn against my skin… it amplified all the emotions I had been trying to resist. My fear, my rage, my bloodlust. It all came pouring forth.
I eviscerated him where he stood, drinking his filthy blood and pulling off several of his limbs. It was, in no way, satisfying. I felt worse than before, still thirsty, and more on edge than ever. I tossed an arm away, and it accidentally splattered against the final prisoner, the V dealer, Lafayette Reynolds.
“If you have any silver on you, now would be the time to reveal it,” I told him.
From his hiding spot behind a post he called out, “No way. I ain't that stupid.”
“Yes, you are,” I replied. And then I noticed how much blood I had on my hands. I went to wipe my mouth and realized I had splattered it all over. “Is there blood in my hair?” I asked the man.
“What?” he responded. Was he an idiot or just hard of hearing?
“Is there blood in my hair?” I asked him again, louder.
“I..I don't know, I can't see in this light,” he stuttered out.
I zoomed over to him.
“How about now?” I asked, looking into his deep eyes.
“Yeah, there's a little bit of blood there,” he stammered, his heart pounded deliciously. At least he was honest. I wished I could scent him more, but all I could smell was the blood of the racist and the foul scent of human waste.
“Well this is bad. Pam is gonna kill me,” I realized out to loud to him.
“Who the fuck is Pam?” he asked and I found it amusing that he had so quickly forgotten his place.
“Why, do you wanna meet her?” I asked, toying with him.
“No. No. I'm good,” he replied, and I found his mock confidence charming.
“Well, you're going to,” I told him as I unchained him.
“Where are you taking me?” he asked as I held him by the back of the neck and pushed him forward.
“To find out what you know,” I explained, kicking the remaining bits of the racist out of the way. “I wouldn't try anything rash if I were you. I'm still hungry.”
I brought him up to the office where Pam and Chow were waiting, I pushed him into the chair opposite the desk as Pam started berating me.
“What the fuck, Eric!” she snapped. “You’ve ruined your hair!”
She had already been upset with me, and now this?
“I’m sorry Pam, it was not my intention,” I told her with a sigh, I didn’t often apologize to her, but it was called for.
I sat on the stool, she put a fresh cape on me, and then she began to assess the damage.
“This is a disaster. We'll have to go much shorter than I planned.”
“Yeah, well, I said I was sorry, Pam. But he took silver to me,” I explained. I looked at the V dealer, Lafayette Reynolds. “You were there. You saw it. Defend me,” I urged him.
“I don't know what it is you wanna know, but point me in the direction, and I give to you,” he told me earnestly and fearfully.
“I've seen your website,” I started, Chow had shown me it earlier. It was an impressive bit of tawdriness, and I was certain it was lucrative. “It's quite, uh, low rent. But your clients miss you, Lafayette. They're wondering if you're ever coming back.”
“Am I?” he asked, and I let the silence linger. “Look, I'm here because of the V, right? How 'bout I give you the names of everybody I ever sold to?” Already so cooperative? Lovely.
“And all this time I thought prostitutes were good at keeping secrets,” Pam snarked, knowing the prevarication of that statement more than anyone. Prostitutes would only keep a secret for a price, and for her the price had always been quite high.
“Don't get it twisted, honeycomb, I'm a survivor first, a capitalist second, and a whole bunch of other shit after that. But a hooker, dead last. So if I got even a Jew at an al Qaeda pep rally shot at getting my black ass up out this motherfucker, I'm taking it. Now, what you wanna know?”
Pam smiled, absolutely delighted, and I could see why. This Lafayette Reynolds was a cut from the exact same cloth as her.
A survivor first, a businesswoman second, and a hooker dead last.
“The vampire you had your little arrangement with. Eddie Fournier. What happened to him?” I asked.
“I don't know. I swear to God I don't. Last time I saw him he was doing real good. But I think he may have been taken by somebody,” Lafayette had hesitated to tell me this information, he must have an inkling of the perpetrator.
“By whom?” I prompted.
“I don't know,” he started. “I mean I ain't sure.”
“Hm, that's not very forthcoming of you,” I told him. I looked over at my enforcer, who had been waiting so very patiently. “Chow, you're up.”
“No! No, chill out. Shit,” Lafayette held up his hand to Chow, motioning for him to stop, and then Lafayette caved. “I think it... I think it was... Jason Stackhouse.”
“Jason Stackhouse?” I asked, nonplussed.
“Sookie's brother,” Pam reminded me in Swedish. “Could be fun,” she added and then I remember him. Handsome, AB negative, and he had come to the bar looking for vampire blood.
“Fun, but also stupid. Sookie is too important for us now,” I reminded Pam. She was an asset, one that I wanted working for me.
“That's true,” Pam agreed, reluctantly.
“Sadly, this information is of no use to me. Not now, anyway,” I told the confused looking Lafayette. Then I moved on to the line of questioning that I had been most anxious to discuss. “I understand dealers of vampire blood sometimes trade product with one another across state lines. Any buyers in the Dallas area?” I asked, revealing some of what I had learned from the drainers before I had killed them. Their blood was all bagged up and sitting in the freezer now, and the irony of draining drainers was not lost on me.
“One,” Lafayette said right away, cooperating fully. “He never gave me his name though. I have an e-mail address.”
Pam smirked at the email address, and I wondered briefly if she was going to change her online handle.
“A friend of mine in the Dallas area, his name is Godric, has gone missing. Now, while the circumstances of his disappearance are unclear, it stands to reason his blood would be very valuable, as he's over twice my age and ten times the vampire I will ever be,” I said and realized that I had said more than I wanted. That my worries about him were sliding smoothly from my tongue and that I needed to feed again if I was ever going to get myself under control.
“Oh Eric, you don't do humble well,” Pam said teasingly, trying to lighten my mood. She knew with Godric missing, I was more on edge than ever.
“I was not being humble. This happens to be true,” I nearly snapped at her again, and I saw her hurt at my behavior toward her. I focused back on my line of questioning.“Your associate, this ‘pussylover’, has he or she mentioned any new product coming on the market?”
“No, no. And I would tell you. You know that,” he told me and I knew that he was honest, but it frustrated me to no end that he had nothing that could help.
I turned to Chow and asked him, “Take our guest and lock him back out, will you?”
Lafayette jumped to his feet. “Fuck that, I ain't going back down there. I gave you…”
“You gave me nothing!” I shouted, furious that this man had no information that would lead to Godric.
“I'm not going back.” Lafayette tried to push Chow away, and I gave the order again.
“Chow, now.”
Lafayette fought against Chow and I found it curious. I couldn’t help but be impressed by his vigor, his fight, his passion.
“I gave you every... I gave you everything! I ain't going back down!” he continued to shout as Chow manhandled him back down to the basement.
It was then that I heard the sound of an additional human heart beat and the soft scent of roses. I reached out to my blood in Jane and, of course, she was standing in the hall outside the office. What in Hel was she doing here?
The door creaked open and there was sweet little Jane. Her eyes widened as she took in my appearance. Perhaps this would scare her off for good.
“Jane,” I greeted her.
“I guess I should have called,” she said meekly.
“Yes,” I replied. She certainly had the power understatement. I turned to Pam, “Leave us. I need to glamour her.” Pam looked over at Jane and shook her head, leaving the office and shutting the door behind her. Why had Jane even come here? I didn’t want to have to do this, but she left me with no choice! I looked over at little Jane, she looked especially young and doll-like. “I have to glamour you now. You realize that?”
“Why?” she asked, clearly confused.
I prayed for the patience of Baldr, and I rested my hands on my desk. She drove me absolutely insane.
“You saw one of the prisoners, and he recognized you, even. What is to prevent you from telling the human authorities what you saw?” I asked her, and she stared me down.
“I won’t,” she promised. “It’s none of their business. You’re the Sheriff. He was the V dealer, I assume?” she asked, crossing her arms, and pushing her perfect bosom higher.
“Yes,” I acknowledged.
“I won’t tell anyone I saw him. Please… don’t glamour me,” she begged me and I saw her lip tremble in fear. I believed she wouldn’t give up this information knowingly, but her mind was open to any vampire, and now the telepath as well. I had to glamour her, for her own safety.
“It’s too dangerous for you as well. Especially now that you’re friends with a telepath, your silence could incriminate you,” I explained to her. Those dark blue green eyes of hers steeled and I could help but feel proud of her. She could be quite brave, facing something that she feared so greatly.
“What will you do? Make me forget?” she asked.
“That path leads to many problems, as you saw with Ginger. You will retain the memory, but you won’t be able to think of it. You will know, but you won’t be able to say anything about it.” I didn’t want to have to glamour her, and I worried about this.I knew too much glamouring would damage her mind. And her mind was a unique one.
She nodded at me, drawing her courage around her.
I hated this. I remember what she had told me, that it felt like mind rape. I never wanted to make her feel violated, especially in light of the other trauma she had experienced.
“Fine,” she told me and I began the glamour.
Her eyes glazed over and I imposed my will on her.
“You will not be able to think of the man that you saw Chow take to the basement. You will not speak of what you witnessed to anyone.”
“Of course,” she agreed.
I released her and she lurched to the trash bin, vomiting. Humans and their fluids. I’d had enough of them today. She sat on the couch, and I felt her through the blood. I felt her upset. Why did she do this? It made me hate myself.
“Why did you come?” I asked her.
“I wanted to talk to you. I can see that you’re... busy. I’ll go. I’ll text or call next time,” she told me vaguely, standing to leave. I grabbed her arm, my intention had been to ask her to elaborate, to explain what her purpose was but I felt her warmth beneath my hand and all my urges to devour and claim her came hurtling to the surface. The look she gave me, the feeling from her in the blood...lust. She wanted me. She wanted me even when I was covered in blood.
My fangs dropped hard and I was seconds away from biting her throat and fucking her on my desk.
What the fuck was wrong with me? I released her quickly and forced my fangs up painfully.
“Jane. Things are...tense. With my Maker missing,” I tried to explain, but I really couldn’t. I couldn’t explain my loss of control around her.
“Let me know if I can help,” she offered sweetly.
She had no idea of the danger I posed to her, I shook my head at her. “I will not hurt you again,” I promised her.
She smiled her strange sad smile, the one that made the area where my heart used to pulse ache.
“Goodnight, Eric,” she said softly, and then she left.
What the fucking Hel!? I slammed my hand against the wall, creating a crack in the plaster and I didn’t give a flying fuck.
What was wrong with me?
The next evening I took Pam to the mall and allowed her to shop and style me as she pleased. It seemed the very least I could do and having my childe close brought me comfort. I wore Godric’s platinum coated fang around my throat, as if wearing it would allow me to find him.
As we were strolling through the mall, who should we see but Bill fucking Compton.
Then, in a stroke of genius, I had an idea. Bill’s telepathic human could search for Godric. Sookie could investigate the humans at the Fellowship of the Sun and see if Stan’s assertion that they were behind Godric’s disappearance was correct.
“Go to the bar Pam, I’ll meet you there after I negotiate with Billy boy,” I told her. She brushed invisible lint from the navy tracksuit she had dressed me in and then departed with a smile. While it wasn’t what I would choose for myself, I was fine with indulging my child in her game of dressup.
I strolled through the store, and meandered over to Bill.
“Good evening, old sport,” I greeted him, hoping to make him feel at ease. He would be easier to bargain with if he was in a giving mood.
“Eric?” he said, astounded, by either my presence or my new attire, it was hard to say.
“It's the new me. You like?” I asked, smirking. How many times do we have to reinvent ourselves?
“I do. Very much,” Bill agreed, the Mainstreamer he was, he would likely follow all the latest human trends. I almost scoffed at the idea of him wearing one of those hats that truckers wear. The sales associate that had been attempting to hit on him, backed away sheepishly.
“Oh, okay,” she looked between us and I realized that she thought we were a couple. Hilarious, as if Bland Bill could stir my passions.
“We need to talk,” I told him.
He glared and I led him away from the humans and began to explain.
“The Sheriff of Area 9 in Texas has gone missing. Have you heard about that?”
“I hadn't, but I know the vampire of whom we speak. His name is Godric, correct?”
I wondered how Bill knew of Godric. But Godric’s reputation did precede him.
“Indeed. Now it goes without saying he needs to be found. Which is where Sookie comes in. As she's yours, I'm asking your permission to take her with me to Dallas,” I explained my plan to him.
“Eric, you can do whatever you want with me, but I am not putting her in this position anymore. I cannot and I will not allow you to bring her into these matters,” he said, not even attempting to barter with me.
“We made a deal, your human and I. That if I didn't kill, she would work for me as often as I like. Now, you remember this, don't you? You were there,” I reminded him.
“Taking her across state lines is a far cry from taking her to Fangtasia for the evening,” Bill said sternly, clearly not willing to discuss this further. What a fool.
“I'm only asking your permission out of respect. If I want her, I can simply take her. Is "no" your final answer?” I asked him.
“It is,” he said firmly.
I shook my head, and replied, “Poorly played, Bill.”
He wasn’t even willing to try to bargain with me, and I wondered again about his purpose with the telepathic waitress. I checked my phone on the way out of the mall, surprised to see that I missed several calls from Pam. I called her as I strolled out.
“You rang?” I asked.
“Mmm, yeah, the lovely Lafayette Reynolds tried to escape and Ginger shot him,” Pam said in her usual tone.
“Is he dead?” I asked her in Swedish.
“Not yet, our meretricious little Macgyver dug the metal hip out of his dead compadre with his teeth, used it to break his chains, and then attempted to seduce Ginger into letting him go,” Pam explained gleefully. “I like him, can we keep him?”
“Creative,” I commented as I exited the mall. “I’ll be there soon.”
I went behind the mall and took off in flight. I had to stop and pick up the accounting work from Bruce, and then I was able to return to Fangtasia. I strolled into the back, checking over the numbers for the bar. It was scented with rich thick blood, flavorful and powerful...full of untapped potential.
“Sorry to keep you waiting for so long,” I said as I entered the office. “How's the leg?” I asked Lafayette.
“Shitty. Thanks for asking,” he replied with sarcasm at his pain and Pam grinned again.
“After all your proclamations about what a model prisoner you were going to be, you had to try to escape,” I said, curious about his reasoning, but he did say he was a survivor first. I couldn’t really begrudge him that.
“You were going to kill me anyway, right?” he asked next and Pam smirked. We’d certainly have to kill him now, he wasn’t going to make it without medical care.
“Now you'll never know. So, what's it gonna be, Lafayette? Would you like the leg to kill you, or would you prefer us to do it?”
“I'm gonna go with plan C,” he said and he surprised me, such a rare thing for a breather.
“There's a plan C?” I asked.
“Make me a vampire,” he offered.
“I beg your pardon?”
Then he began to make his case, “And you can put me to work in the bar. I'm a good dancer. You seen it on my site. Shit, I get up there and move Earth and heaven, go-go style.”
I came and stood over him, not sure what he knew about vampires and turning. “You are aware there's a gaping hole in your leg? You're damaged goods,” I tested him.
“Not if you turn me. I'll be good as ever.” So he did know at least that much. “Look, I... I'm already a person of poor moral character, so I'll hit the ground running. And I damn near glamour people already. Give me what y'all got, and it's on me, cracker. Not only will I be a badass vampire, but I'll be your badass vampire.”
For a moment, time was frozen. I was sucked into the memory of Pamela asking me to turn her, and me refusing, and her making her case to me. And then her killing herself anyway and I decided… I chose to have her by side, my companion.
My badass vampire.
I liked this Lafayette Reynolds. He lived with a sort of honesty that was rare, and he had shown himself to have the survival instincts and spirit that would take him through the ages. He interested me, and so very few men did. He also reminded me much of Pam and I could see that they would be excellent blood siblings, thick as thieves. It would be good to have youngling around, so fresh and eager...
I scented his rich blood, his untapped potential and….it all intrigued me.
Was I actually considering this, now, with my control all over and Godric missing? Was this just another way in which I was losing touch? No, best not to make any major decisions now. We could start to drink from him now, I could reconsider later, after I’d fed, and had a clearer head. He had a few good nights left in him still.
“Interesting. I'll take it under advisement,” I told him. “Pam, Chow, chowtime,” I offered and Chow grinned at my play on words, puns really were the height of humor.
Then, I leaned over and bit Lafayette.
He was absolutely delicious.
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the-void-is-within-me · 25 days ago
Found family fic pog!
Tw: mentions of fighting, spacing out
Song used: I hear a Symphony by Cody Fry
Tags: @commic-jester @iron-pickaxe @boffys @bugthegremlin @love-pyramus 
I used to hear a simple song
A soft beat of the music filled the room, dancing around like a perfect melody that clung to each other as if it were yarn that were stitched together so perfectly that they will never let go. 
That was until you came along
As the birds sang a simple melody that fell upon deaf ears of the young child that sat upon a bed. A soft purring emitting from a small being in their lap as the child looked up at the roof, before a ding pulled them back from the thoughts and song that played in their head.
Now in its place is something new
The sound of typing filled the room, mixing perfectly with the song that played within the young ones mind that rolled around. Making a strange melody as a soft hum left his chapped lips, brown locks falling in his face as the sound of fighting and yelling played out underneath him
But he paid them no mind.
I hear it when I look at you
As the sun lowered itself from the sky and pink, yellow, orange, red, and gray began to replace the bright blue carefully and gently as the sun fell into a dark haze, yet its bright colors remaining, birds chirps and singing filled the nearing night sky as the sun slowly slipped behind the horizon and disappeared for the day as it was replaced by a smaller rock that laid in the night sky, a soft illmutating light was let free from it.
With simple songs, I wanted more
A soft smile worming its way to the childs lips as he sat on the warm bed that he came to call safety from the fighting and yelling that spread like a forest fire downstairs as he stayed with the only family he felt comfortable truly calling his own.
Perfection is so quick to bore
As his brown hair laid pulled back on top of his head and his fingers typed away as if it were a piano and he was a musician, music filled his ears as he typed away as if it were nothing to him. A feeling of safety trickling into his mind as he talked away with the people that were so far away and yet so close to his heart.
You are my beautiful, by far
A soft smile making its way to his lips as his brown eyes stared down at the screen before him, his eyes glowing with excitement before he slumped back against his pillows, a soft laugh escaping from his chapped lips before he sat up once more and smiled as he looked at the message from the one whom he called his brother.
Our flaws are who we really are
He didnt believe that this found family of his had any flaws other than the thoughts that sometimes overpowered their mind like a virus would a blood system, corrupting the thoughts as they twisted and withered within their minds.
I used to hear a simple song
As the once gentle and quiet song that played within the childs mind, offering peace and gentleness became to grow stronger and stronger days on end, but he couldnt find it in himself to hate it. As it was a nice change he decided.
That was until you came along
As a smile that was once small and weak was now big and strong took over his lips, and the once loud and drowning buzzing noise began to die down within his mind. He couldnt bring himself to mind the change for while he talked to the ones he called his fathers and the ones he called his siblings.
You took my broken melody
As the song grew stronger and louder within the days that he spoke with the ones who he called his family, he could find himself beginning to see the light at the tunnel as a small thought settled in his mind ‘I will never be alone’ the thought would sing as it dance around as if it, too, heard the song.
And now, I hear a symphony!
As a grin took over his face once more, his brown eyes reading over the messages that littered in his computer and for once he couldnt find it in himself to be upset or annoyed. 
For when he finally said goodnight and closed the computer and settled down, letting his eyes fall close.
The last thought to fill his head was; “I am home.”
And now, I hear A symphony
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the-purity-pen · a month ago
One Temptation
Pairing: Benny Miller x Will Miller x Santiago Garcia x Frankie Morales x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
gif is not my own. credit to the creator [ if you know who made this, please tell me so i can credit them, thanks! ]
Rating: EXPLICIT (18+ ONLY!) Warnings: Sex Pollen, Group sex, Double Penetration, Unprotected PIV (please be safe irl), cum eating, fingering, oral (f & m receiving), Anal, Shower sex, let me know if i missed anything! Word Count: 5,818 Notes: This has been in the works for MONTHS at this point and I finally feel okay releasing it to the hellsite. It’s filthy, it’s probably not perfectly canon but I love these boys and this was such an adventure to write. Please let me know what you think!
Tumblr media
You were nervous as hell to walk into the conference room. The first day on any job is nerve wracking but even after a few weeks, you found yourself feeling like the outsider still. It wasn’t anyone’s direct fault, per say. Just a feeling you had from being the new one on the team.
The team you had been assigned to was a tight knit one. The four of them having been through all kinds of combat and missions together. Their previous team leader had gone off the rails and was forced to retire early. 
Your debriefing hadn't gone into a lot of details but the remaining men on the team seemed friendly enough. Benny and Will Miller, the brothers were such polar opposites that their interactions were always entertaining. And Frankie Morales seemed like a pretty sensible one, a lovable man with a mean streak when needed. 
And then there was Santiago Garcia. The man was generally more observant but when he spoke, he attracted the attention of an entire room. His personality was electric in a way. The way his scruff would sound as his hand ran over his jaw, deep in thought at whatever mission was being described as one that the team would be taking.
A new drug lord was suspected in Miami, carting drugs from Colombia and Bolivia. The trail had led to many dead ends but there was one loose end that your new team would be able to solve. A nightclub had been staked out and found to be smuggling drugs through some warehouse-like door in the basement. There wasn’t enough to get full intel and they needed a team to infiltrate and go undercover to gain more information.
Part of the plan was to have you, of course, dress up and play flirty with some of the bouncers and bodyguards of the club. You were extremely nervous and it apparently showed through because as much you knew these guys were good, you couldn’t help but feel like trusting them with an assignment like this was a big ask.
When the assigning officer heard your concerns, he offered up a serotonin-inducing serum. It was new on the market but was studied to have helped with team building. At least that’s what he told you. After having a short conversation with the team, you agree to all take the serum.
After taking the sticky sweet green drink, you were informed that it could take a full 24 hours for the full effect to take place. "Why don't we throw a party?" Benny chimed in with the boyish grin plastered on his face.
You stifled a laugh and shook your head. "I'm not exactly the party type," you admitted as your eyes scanned from Benny to Santi who spoke up next.
"What about just a night of beers and cheesy movies?" he offered to which all heads started nodding. "My place. Tomorrow night. Eight o clock," he added after the consensus was made.
Walking up to Santiago's door had your heart thundering so loud in your ears, you were sure you wouldn't be able to hear him when he greeted you. Your hands twisted around the case of beers, hoping you had picked the right kind. You knew how these military types were picky about their booze.
"Hey! You made it!" Santi exclaimed as he opened the door and let you walk in. Your eyes took in the small apartment and noticed that you were the first to arrive.
"Am I early?" You turned around to face him as he closed the door. He shook his head with a chuckle as he moved closer to take the case of beer from you and move it to the fridge.
"Nah, they're just always late. Good choice by the way," he mentioned as he held up the case and nodded to it just before placing it in the fridge. Your arms weakly rubbed at each other, crossed over your chest.
When Santi turned back towards you, he chuckled. "You can take your jacket off, you know. I mean if you plan on staying," he cracked which made you smile. After your jacket slipped off and was placed on the back of a nearby chair, Santi held an open beer out to you.
"Thanks," you told him softly before there were more knocks on the door. The other three piled in, Will followed by Benny with Frankie bringing up the rear. Benny was already slurring and jolly, Will was just shaking his head at his brother as he greeted you. Frankie came up, adjusting the ball cap that he always seemed to wear and said hello.
"Truth or Dare!" Benny cried out when a suggestion pool had started of what they should play.
Handfuls of beers had been consumed by this point and you were starting to feel more comfortable. It was also becoming apparent as you watched each of them how attractive they really were in this laid back setting.
The entire group groaned but Benny pushed forward on the couch so his elbows were on his knees. Santi had actually been oddly quiet, chewing on his lower lip as he was watching you interact.
"Alright Pope. You first," Benny held up a hand loosely gesturing at the man sitting across from him. Santi rolled his eyes and shook his head but grinned at the same time.
Will tapped Benny on the shoulder and whispered some idea into his brother's head that apparently made Benny very excited. "Ooh! Ooh! Okay okay," Benny adjusted his shoulders, shooting you a quick glance before looking back to Santi.
"Have you ever thought about-" 
"I didn't even choose which one asshole!" Santi replied with a loud laugh. Seeing his smile that wide was uncommon and you felt a small knot form in your chest at it but you stifled a snort in response.
Frankie and Will also broke out into laughter as Benny conceded. "Alright alright fine. Choose, motherfucker," he narrowed his eyes at Santi before cracking a grin himself.
"Truth cuz I'm too old and lazy to do any stupid stunts you could come up," Santi chided at his brother in arms before taking a long swig of his beer, one of the bottles of the kind that you had brought.
Benny rubbed his hands together like he was concocting some evil plan. "Alright then back to what I was asking before you so -rudely- interrupted. Have you," he paused to glance over at you, his gaze unashamedly running over your body, making you curl into yourself a bit more on the big armchair you were seated in. "Ever thought about fucking her?" He nodded his head in your direction when his gaze came back to Santi.
Your heart was back to racing in your chest as you turned your attention to Santi. Without missing a beat, Santi answered. "Abso-fucking-lutely."
You were ninety percent sure that you stopped breathing. Your eyes blinked only out of automation as your mouth became a small o shape. Your entire body felt like it was heating up in the few moments that passed.
Santi then looked at you and your entire body felt ablaze again. "Uh, what? What did I just say?" Santi seemed to have come-to from a small spell he was under. Your gaze was so focused on his face you didn't see the way the other three shifted in their seats or the way that Frankie palmed himself lightly to adjust his growing erection at the thought.
"Y-you…" Words were hard to come by and your face felt like fire and your heartbeat whooshed into your ears. Your chest heaved lightly at the sudden panting you seemed to be doing.
"Well fuck me!" Benny cried out as he laughed nervously. Will punched his brother in the arm and that's when your eyes shifted to the rest of the guys, noticing that their gazes were locked on you. It was as if you held some sort of magical answer to a question you didn't have any clue of.
Your mouth opened and closed a few times before you cleared your throat and took a nervous sip of your beer. There was only a drop. You huffed nervously. "Oh, look, I need another beer," you quickly and quietly said before pushing up out of the chair and practically running over to the kitchen.
You could hear their low murmurs, chattering amongst themselves as you rinsed the empty bottle in the sink. Your hands were a shaking mess as thoughts swirled in your mind. You squeezed your eyes shut for a second before bending to grab another beer from the fridge.
A presence against your backside made you gasp. Hands came to your hips as you slowly stood up, swallowing the large lump that had formed in your throat. You tried to clear it as you closed the fridge but the presence behind you kept their grip on your hips.
Your nose finally picked up the scent of the cologne. Santi. He leaned forward, pressing his chest to your back as one finger came up to trace a line down your neck. Instinctively your head rolled to the other side to open for his soft touch.
Your breathing was ragged and you immediately mewled when his lips took over for his hand against your neck. "I want you hermosa," his voice grumbled against your skin and you immediately felt weak. Your hands tried to focus on the beer bottle but you were slipping into euphoria.
"Santi," you heard Benny's voice come from across the kitchen. Both you and Santi turned to see all three of them moving closer. "We all want her," Benny admitted and you saw the way his tongue peeked out between his lips to wet then as his eyes seared into you.
"Guys." Your voice was weak and shaky. "I- I can't do this. It's-" your words were cut off by Santi's lips attaching to your neck again and the bottle you held was slammed down onto the counter as you gripped the edge to steady yourself.
One of his hands worked around to the front of your blouse and tugged at the buttons. You could feel the weight of him pressing against your ass and your entire body buzzed with lust. That familiar heat was starting to grow in the pit of your stomach and you knew the booze was partially to blame.
But only partially.
When your eyes fluttered open as Santi slowed his assault on your neck, you saw Benny standing so much closer. "Seriously," he said, his hand coming up to let a finger trace along your collarbone. "We want you," he told you in an uncharacteristically quiet voice before leaning in to capture your lips.
You moaned quietly against his lips, having not been kissed in far too long. You finally pushed against him and he pulled away from the kiss. "Seriously," you sloppily repeated back his words as you scooted to the side out of Santi's grasp.
A piece of paper was on the island counter that caught your attention. The red lettering at the bottom looked familiar. Your curiosity piqued and you moved closer to pick up the paper to read it.
Known side effects include but are not limited to: sudden panting, decreased morality judgement, increased appetite, increased sexual desire and libido…
You blinked as Santi rounded the corner of the counter to you. "Fuck," you muttered quietly to yourself as you noticed his movements and came around the other side to only be greeted by Frankie, who's tanned skin on his cheeks was flushing slightly.
"Did anyone read this?!" You asked, panicked and looked at all of them one by one.
"What is it?" Benny asked, not fully caring what it was.
You moved closer to Frankie to hold it up. His eyes tried hard to focus on the words as he took the paper from you. "It's the fucking side effects to the serum, man," Frankie spoke aloud as he too paused at the one about sexual desire. "Shit," he muttered as a hand came down to his crotch to adjust himself.
"Well what are they?" Benny asked impatiently as he eyed you walking across the floor to the living room. Santi moved over to Frankie to take the paper and read it over. Will was watching you along with his brother as your hips swayed as you paced the living room floor.
"Fuckin' increased sexual desire? What the shit is that? Why would they give this to us?!" Santi yelled but realized that all eyes were on you as you breathed heavily. Your arms were crossed over your chest and one hand was at your lips, tugging at them, trying everything in your power to keep yourself distracted from looking over at your team.
“Hey,” Santi called your name with furrowed brows. “You alright?” he questioned as he moved closer. Your mind was reeling but your body was convulsing with need, with want. It felt like a fire had been lit from deep within your belly and no amount of pacing or trying to think straight was going to smother it.
Santi’s hand on your shoulder made you jump, too wrapped up in your own body and thoughts to notice how close he had gotten. He was standing directly in front of you and your eyes were darting around his features. Your nose flaring with each pant of a breath you tried to take. His own eyes were trying to take in every movement of your face to see what was going on but he was far too distracted by the parting of your lips.
“Santi.” His name came out as a breathless whimper as you looked at him. Within a moment his hand was on the back of your head and his lips were pressing hungrily into yours.
You heard movement in the kitchen and into the living room but Santi’s lips had moved to your neck and all thoughts were gone. The burn in your body was glowing brighter, threatening to combust when he bit down on the conjunction of your neck and shoulder.
Suddenly another pair of hands were groping at the globes of your ass through your jeans. A groan in your ear that wasn’t Santi had your eyes fluttering. One of your hands was holding the back of Santi’s head, scratching his scalp lightly. Your other hand dipped behind your back and down, groping at what you found to be a very hard cock in someone’s jeans.
Benny’s groan came clear into your ears. “God, you’re so hot,” he muttered which made you release a small shuddering breath. Benny pressed against your back, his hands roaming over your body wherever Santi’s wasn’t.
Your body was already feeling on fire, like every touch was electric. The way Benny’s lips moved over the shell of your ear as Santi worked your clothes off. You were turned into Benny’s arms. He chuckled as he looked down at your wrecked face. “You look absolutely amazing,” he cooed softly, something you didn’t know he was capable of.
Your head turned as Benny kissed along your neck and you saw Will standing with his pants pulled down to his knees and cock in hand. You swallowed thickly as Santi kissed up your thighs and over your mound, his fingers tracing lines up your legs.
“Fuck I need to taste you,” Santi mumured as he pushed your hips a bit wider. You groaned and leaned back against Benny who held you up and slid his hands up under your shirt to grope at your breasts. You turned to see Will still stroking himself quietly at the sight before him. Watching you become totally undone was intoxicating.
Another pair of hands were on your body, taking over groping your breasts as Benny pulled your shirt up over your head. You could barely register that you were completely nude in front of your team as Santi’s tongue ran over your folds, groaning at the taste. When his lips wrapped around your bundle of nerves, the third pair of hands were gently caressing and rolling your nipples.
A blinding hot streak ran through your body, straight down to your toes. The way Santi licked into you causing your thighs to tremble. You managed to look down just in time to see Frankie’s head kissing at the swell of your breast.
The more their hands were on you, the faster their movements became, the needier they seemed. The burning ache in your body only seemed to grow as Benny gently guided you backward until you fell onto his lap. At some point he had released his erection. Santi crawled to try to reattach his lips to your core but Benny was quicker and slipped himself into your soaking folds with barely any hesitation.
You cried out as Benny filled you and started to thrust up into you, his hips snapping against your ass. Santi groaned. “Benny you fuckin’ cabron,” Santi muttered and Benny just chuckled in your ear as he nibbled on it. 
“Babygirl, what feels better, Santi’s mouth or my cock? Hm?” Benny asked as his eyes bore into Santi who glared at him but palmed his own length anyways. Frankie moved closer and tried to kiss the other side of your face.
Your mouth was flopping like a fish and you couldn’t create enough saliva to speak. Instead you whined as Santi kissed at the inside of your knee, his hand more furious on his cock now. Will was standing close by, just watching everything but focusing on how wrecked your face was as his brother pounded into you.
Frankie was gentle but groaning against your skin as he tried to capture your mouth into a heated kiss. You kissed him wantonly, your moans filling his mouth and he greedily swallowed every sound. “Hermosa, please take my cock,” Frankie moaned into your mouth and without opening your eyes you nodded.
Benny continued to thrust up into you in haste as Frankie climbed over the arm of the couch and stood so that he could line his cock up. He ran it along your bottom lip, soaking him in your saliva and waiting for you to open before thrusting into you tentatively. You swallowed around him and he groaned at the sensation of your warmth around him.
Benny kept at you, thrusting harder and faster until you were crying out around Frankie’s cock. Frankie and Benny released their loads into you at the same time and you were close to your own but Benny softened and you lost the peak that was building.
You whined and Santi slapped Benny’s thigh. “Let me at her,” he said while standing up. Benny gently lifted you off of him and you whined at the loss of contact. You let go of Frankie’s cock with your mouth after you had cleaned him of all of his cum. He leaned down and gave you a soft kiss, licking into your mouth slowly and groaning at the taste of himself before he was helping you lie down on the couch. Frankie moved himself off the couch as Santi moved to hover over you and plunged his cock right into you.
Your back arched off the couch as you reached up and grabbed at Santi’s shoulders. “Fuck!” you cried out as Santi fucked into you with reckless abandon. You were soaked between your arousal and Benny’s cum and it made Santi twitch hard as he fucked you mercilessly into the couch. The girth of him stretched you differently than Benny had and you mewled and moaned at the sensations, letting Santi’s name fall from your lips like a chant.
“Please! I need to cum!” you screamed as a burning heat grew in the pit of your stomach and threatened to overtake your entire body. Your begging encouraged Santi as the other three looked on. Benny was already hard and leaking again and when your eyes met his, his hand stroked so hard he came all over the floor with a loud moan. Santi leaned over and bit at your collarbone, causing you to cry out as you clenched down around him, hard.
Your entire body was writhing and pulsating as you came harder than you had in a long time around Santi. That put him over the edge and with a few more solid, hard thrusts into you, he stilled and pushed further into you to spill into you. Within moments you felt the dripping between your thighs and you moaned quietly.
Santi leaned down to capture your moan and his lips slid against yours as he thrusted carefully into you, the burn in his body already growing again. “Pope c’mon man,” Frankie said quietly as he moved to pull Santi off of you. “Gotta give someone else a turn,” Frankie patted Santi’s shoulder firmly as you tried to catch your breath. Santi leaned down for another soft kiss before pulling slowly out of you.
Your body jolted at the sudden loss and both men stopped to stare. “Fuck,” Frankie muttered, causing both Benny and Will to move around to see their view. The cum was dripping steadily from your still fluttering cunt and every pair of eyes was mesmerized by the sight.
“Baby you are making a mess,” Santi said, wanting to lean in and clean you up but you put your hand out as a gesture for all of them to give you a minute. Your breath finally calmed down enough for you to be able to respond.
“I…. did…. nothing,” you panted and chuckled but the laugh made the cum dribble out of you even more and you moaned quietly at the sensation of two of your teammates cum dripping from you. Will’s nose twitched as his hand continued to slowly work his cock. The burn inside him was growing but he was a patient man. Always had been.
You lifted your head to look at them and gave a weak smile. They all looked at you with lust-blown eyes but Santi and Frankie were the ones to give you a smile back. “You okay?” Santi asked, his hand gently grazing your ankle in a caressing motion.
You nodded and looked at him. “Yeah. I think. For now,” you chuckled but soon felt your body heat up again. It was a dull ache but you tried to sit up to quelch it. Santi and Frankie both reached out for your arms to help you sit up. “I think maybe I should go shower,” you mentioned and they both nodded before standing up. Their cocks were at eye level for a moment and you felt your mouth water and wanting them both in your mouth at the same time.
They helped you up and your legs definitely felt like jello. You nearly crumbled and Santi and Frankie looked at each other with worry then looked at you as they tried to hold you up. “I got her,” a stoic low voice came from beside you as Will moved closer. He leaned over and wrapped his arms around your waist and lifted you up with ease.
You giggled quietly but having his warm body pressed against your was making the fire within you grow again. You tucked your head into his neck and breathed in his scent. You couldn’t help the way your lips pouted and you kissed gently along the skin of his neck. He groaned low in his throat.
“Sweetheart, please,” his voice pleaded before he was in the hall and pressing your back up against the wall slowly. His hands grabbed at you to hold you better as his hips pressed into you.
“Will, please,” you whimpered when his teeth found the side of your neck and sank in. You felt the way he growled against your skin and the fire was spreading wildly through your veins again.
Will grunted as he pulled himself back just enough to stroke as his cock and line himself up. With a slow and steady push, he impaled you and filled you. The girth of him stretched you but the slight sting of pain gave way to even more pleasure as he started to thrust.
Each thrust earned him a soft moan from your lips and he couldn’t help but kiss you. His hands were pawing at your chest, twisting your nipples and he watched as your face contorted in pleasure and you cried out against him. “Fuck! Please! Harder!” you begged and didn’t care who heard you. Besides, it was high time it was Will’s turn. The man was the quiet type, strong and sturdy but with his lack of talking in many of the group settings, you weren’t sure of his opinion of you.
But as he pistoned in and out of him, faster and harder with each snap of his hips up into you, you were pretty sure you knew where he stood in his opinion on you. “Fuck, so tight,” he muttered against your lips as he kissed you bruisingly. A clash of teeth and tongues and lips. It was messy and needy but you wanted more.
Will grabbed at your back, his large hands splayed over your now hot skin as he pulled you away from the wall. He stood in the middle of the hall, his shoulders pulled back as his hands snuck down to try holding you under your legs. You held him around the neck until he had a good hold of you again and it was then that he rocked your world even harder.
He fucked up into you with a relentless pace, hitting that spot within you with ease, his cock moving along the shared juices of yours, his brother’s and Santi’s. But all he could focus on was how wrecked your face looked. Your jaw was slack, seemingly permanently so, your eyes rolling back as your head lolled back in pleasure.
Wanton cries were ripped from your chest as he grunted and held you up. Suddenly you felt a second pair of hands come to your ass and massage the flesh. A scratchy beard appeared at your back as sloppy kisses were given to the skin there. “Que linda,” Santi’s voice came in a growl as he watched you get fucked by Will.
“Santi,” you said breathlessly and Will fucked you harder to get your focus back on him. He captured your lips in a heavy kiss, one that forced your mouth into an “o” shape around his tongue as he greedily licked into you.
Santi was busy watching Will’s cock pump in and out of you, his hands still massaging at your ass. His thumb rimmed the hole of tight muscle, moving with each movement that Will was forcing on your body and you moaned a bit louder. Santi looked up at you. “Do you want to be filled, querida?” he asked and he waited until you nodded.
When you did, you mewled as his thumb pressed against the tight hole, slipping one knuckle in. You cried out even at the small intrusion, the way even just that little motion filled you even more. “More!” you cried out and you heard both men curse under their breaths.
Will fucked you relentlessly still as Santi pulled his thumb out, to which you whined in protest, just so he could spit all over his hand. He used his free hand to try to spread your ass cheeks a bit. “Will, man, stop for a second,” Santi commanded and Will obeyed, holding you down onto his cock.
Santi moved one finger into you and you couldn’t help the pained groan that came from you. “Good?” Santi checked in and when you nodded and bit your lip, he started moving his finger within you. He looked over your shoulder at Will and nodded and Will resumed moving.
You choked out a sound as your entire lower body started to clench up. “Oh, she’s close,” Santi praised, his smirk so evident just in the tone of his voice. He leaned down and bit at the soft flesh of your ass at the same that Will leaned into to bite at your collarbone. The dual biting did you in.
You cried out as they fucked you through your orgasm, both sets of muscles clenching down around them. Your lower stomach fluttered and your chest heaved as your mouth lay open in a pant, your eyes screwed shut. Will was close behind and fucked you through your high until he reached his own. When he pushed up into you, stilled with a groan, Santi stopped moving too.
You finally caught your breath and felt yourself come back to reality. Your body was spent, completely but also completely sated. Will carefully pulled you off of his softening cock and the moment your feet hit the ground, all you could feel was all of their cum slipping down your thighs.
Santi moved with you both and released his hand from you and saw you dripping. “Fuck, you’re a mess,” he muttered in a groan. You nodded, your arms still wrapped around Will’s shoulders. Will grunted and wrapped his arms around your waist, bringing you to your tiptoes so he could walk you back towards the bathroom.
Once in the room, Will and Santi worked together to strip you down, one moving and the other acting as your balancing stabilizer. Your eyes were heavy and your body felt like it was made of jello as you attempted coherent thoughts. You were naked, in a room with two men who you found extremely attractive. One of whom was leading you into the shower that had at some point been turned on.
“You got it?” Will asked softly as his hand lingered on your lower back as you held yourself up with your arm against the shower wall. You nodded slowly, your head feeling heavy. You let the warmth of the water just cascade over your back and tried to let it soothe you.
You tried to let your mind relax but there was a burning ache that felt it was far off in the distance. You could hear Santi and Will talking quietly but the roar of your heart in your ears combined with the water rushing over you made them also seem far away.
As you slowly started to wash up, your soapy hand brushing over your very sensitive clit, you yelped as a bright flame lit within you. “Fuck!”
Will and Santi immediately rushed up and opened the curtain to see you rubbing at your clit furiously. “What is it?! Are you okay?!” Santi asked in a hurried, worried tone.
“I need - fuck! - I need,” you whined as you squeezed your breast with your other soapy hand and felt your nipple immediately stiffen. Will was first to step into the shower behind you. His large hands came over your breasts as he held you against him.
“What do you need? Tell me. We’re here,” he spoke lowly in your ear, nibbling at the flesh as Santi pulled the curtain a bit on the opposite side to watch. 
“I need to cum!” you screamed as one of Will’s hands came down behind you and his thick fingers ran through your folds. The fire within you was burning brighter by the second and it was almost painful.
“How do you want to cum? On my fingers or my cock?” Will asked and Santi chewed his lip as he watched you writhe against Will.
“Your face. I need your tongue on me. Now!” With your command, Will turned you and dropped to his knees without hesitation. Santi reached out and put his arm up behind your back so you wouldn’t fall.
Will shoved his face against your cunt, licked a broad stripe through your folds before his mouth closed over your clit. You whined out and Santi quickly slipped himself into the shower behind you. His hands wrapped around your breasts and tweaked your nipples. Your head fell back against his shoulder as the warm water cascaded over your chest and stomach.
Your hips moved against Will’s face as his mouth attached to your clit, his tongue licking and flicking as if you were a hard candy. His hands remained on your hips and he used just his tongue to work you up and within a minute there was a gush coming from you and spilling all over his face.
Santi peeked over your shoulder. “Holy shit baby. You just soaked him and not from the shower water,” Santi told you and turned to kiss your cheek. He was oddly proud and smirked against your wet skin as he whispered more praises into your ear, letting your body come back.
Will stood up and let his face get wet from the shower before he held onto your hips and kissed your chest softly, letting the water run down his face. He stood up and wiped the water off with one hand before looking at your blissed out face. “Are you back?” he asked and when you nodded slowly, both men looked at each other and chuckled. “Are you good? Like do you need more or-?”
You shook your head with a blissed out smile on your face. “I think it’s gone,” you told him and you felt Santi kiss along your cheek and down to your neck. “Though if you keep doing that Santi, I might not ever want you to stop,” you laughed weakly and moved your head to the side to allow him more room.
“Who says I want to stop querida?” he mumbled against your skin and you hummed contentedly. Will took the opportunity to actually wash your body with soft, gentle touches. He washed his own face then looked at you and Santi together and felt a new kind of pull in his chest.
“We could do this again… right?” Will asked softly and both you and Santi opened your eyes and straightened up to look at him. You chewed your lower lip and your head turned to look between the two men as the shower continuously rained down on all of you.
When you didn’t speak, mostly from not being able to find the words, Santi spoke instead. “Yeah man. I mean, if she’s down for it, then I’m down for it. I like you Will, you know that. And you,” he turned to lean in to kiss your cheek again. “I don’t think I could get enough of you now that I’ve had you,” he told you and nuzzled into your neck as his arms wrapped around you again. Will stepped forward and wrapped his arms around both your and Santi’s shoulders together and the three of you sat like that until the water ran cold.
Tumblr media
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imkylotrash · a month ago
Chaos In My Bones
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Summary: You’re not supposed to fall in love with him. Hell, up until this point you thought you weren’t capable of love. But he brings you a feeling of serenity that nothing or no one else can. It’s just too bad it’s not enough to stop you from being the villain in this story. 
A/N I haven’t really stuck to plot of the movies but just used different plot points that fit into the story. 
Tagging: @bitchwhytho​ @music-of-melody​
Tumblr media
You meet him the first time when he’s still the winter soldier - a protect created from deep within the Hydra facilities. You’ve heard rumours of his true identity but Bucky Barnes from 1945 doesn’t mean much to you and neither does Captain America. It’s your lack of empathy that makes you so damn good at what you do. Unlike Bucky, you don’t need someone to fry your brain to convince you that killing people is fun. All your job comes down to is who’s the highest bidder. 
It’s the reason Hydra hires you to work with the Winter Soldier. Granted, he’s one of the best there is but it’s a big assignment and it comes with a lot of risks. They want to make sure the job is done right. That’s the first time you see him in the fryer and it feels wrong. You don’t know how to explain it but seeing him writhing in pain makes your stomach churn. You turn away from it not ready to dive into the feelings the sight brings out in you. His scream pierces your ears to the point where you have to leave the room. 
“Get it together,” you whisper leaning your hands on your knees. You’ve barely talked to the brown-haired man in the other room and here you are feeling sick at the thought of him being in pain. You’ve seen men in pain all your live and most of the time you’ve been the reason for it, but not him. You can’t watch him. 
“Are you getting soft on me?” You turn around to see the man who gave the order to fry his brain once more stand there looking at you. 
“No, sir. Absolutely not, sir.” You take a deep breath hoping you sound as convincing at you’re trying to sound. Fresh air is what saves you. You find your way to the roof stumbling out. What is happening to you? Several deep breaths before you feel somewhat in control again. You tell yourself to get over it refusing to feel weak over a man. It gets easier when you see him the next time seeing as he doesn’t remember you. But still you’re drawn together. You don’t want to care but for the first time in your life, you can’t control your own feelings. There’s no numbing the fire he’s started in your chest. 
“Budapest, huh?” You’re turning over one of the few books in the apartment when he walks in. He’s back to his normal self but the ghost of what the Winter Soldier did still lingers in the corner. 
“What are you doing here?” he asks throwing his backpack on the bed. You put the book down on the table looking at the view rather than him. It’s been a while since you saw him last and while you know nothing has changed, it still feels different. Every time you see each other, he’s taken another step away from the world that you’re so integrated in that there’s no escape for you. 
“I had a job to do in Tatabánya. Figured I’d stop by and see how you were doing.” You don’t tell him about the man whose blood splattered onto your skin the night before and he doesn’t ask. It’s the only way to make this work. 
“Also, I missed you,” you add in a softer tone taking two steps towards him. 
“I told you, you should just stay here.” It’s said as a joke but you know he means it. He’d want nothing more than for you to retire and create a simple, peaceful life with him but you can’t do that. You can’t give it up no matter how much you care about him. It’s all you know and you’re good at it. 
“You’d get tired of me if you saw me all the time,” you say finally closing the gap between the two of you and wrapping your arms around him. His metal arm feels cold even through the sleeve but it’s a feeling you’ve come to adore. You reach up to caress his cheek before kissing him. It’s exactly what you need after a rough job. 
“How long are you here for?” he asks hope evident in his voice. 
“I have three days.” It’s better than he hoped for but less than he wanted. It’s all you can offer though and he knows it. 
“Let’s make the most of our time then.” 
“I’ll never get tired of waking up next to you,” he hums nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck. You want to stay in bed with him but you also know that any minute now a new assignment will check in on your phone and you’ll have to leave for the airport. 
“You know, you say that every time yet you never come see me. I always have to find you.” You know why though. Steve is openly against Bucky’s “relationship” with you knowing who you are and what you do. You doubt any of the Avengers are a fan of you considering you’re the very thing they fight every day to stop. Lucky for you, Bucky has decided not to listen to them. 
“I’d be flying all around the world if I were to follow you,” he mumbles tightening his grip on you. Once again, his metal arm has a cooling effect on your skin which is much needed in the summer time. 
“You’d be able to experience the world. I don’t see what’s wrong with that,” you whisper. Being here with him is the only place you can afford to relax. You’ve made a lot of enemies over the years but no one will be able to find you here. 
“I don’t care about the world. I care about you.” You’re about to answer when your phone rings. Your face turns pale when you see your next target. You knew the Accords had been tough on the Avengers. It had broken them apart but you never thought the day would come where someone would want them dead.
“Why is there a photo of Steve on your phone?” Bucky asks not fully awake. 
“The government has deemed him a liability to the safety of America.” You’ve never bothered with politics or worried about picking a side. 
“What are you saying?” Bucky sits up and the fact that he’s not touching you anymore doesn’t go unnoticed. 
“I’m saying he is now considered an outlaw due to the Accords. And they want him gone.” Another text chimes in asking you to confirm the assignment. If you didn’t know Bucky, you’d have no qualms taking out Captain America. You don’t particularly like him very much and you know he hates your guts. 
“But you can say no, right?” He’s not looking at you because he already knows the answer. This will tear you apart and you’ll let it. You’re not the good guy in this story, and you won’t become a hero either. You’ve never felt remorse or regretted being the villain - someone had to. 
“We both know I’m not going to say no, Bucky.” The worst part is how you don’t even feel sad about having to kill his best friend. You don’t want to lose Bucky, but you knew it would only be a matter of time before a job would rip you apart. 
“I can’t sta-”
“I know.” For the first time, you find yourself wishing you thought like a good person but there’s chaos in your bones and a storm in your mind. You don’t know how to be good even if you tried. 
“I can give you a head start to warn him but I will be coming for him. It’s the best I can do.” Maybe when the dust settles, you’ll be able to rekindle the fire but you doubt that he’ll ever move past the fact that you killed his best friend. 
“How much time?” 
“Two hours. It’s enough time to call him and get on a plane. I can’t stop this. He caused it himself when he decided he was above the law. If it wasn’t me, it would’ve been someone else.” 
“Since when do you care about the law?” he sneers painfully aware that the clock is ticking. 1 hour and 57 minutes. 
“I don’t. But whoever hired me does.” You type out “confirmed” hitting send. It’ll keep them from giving the assignment to someone else. You’re one of the only people who’ll stand a chance against Captain America so it doesn’t surprise you that you were first choice. 1 hour and 54 minutes. 
“I am begging you. Please don’t do this.” His eyes show the desperation he’s trying to keep out of his voice but it’s no use. There are two outcomes; either you kill Cap or he kills you. 
“You know I can’t. Giving you a head start is all I can do.” What you don’t say is that you don’t want to. You’re addicted to the hunt, the feeling of power when you’re holding someone else’s life in your hands. It’s too good a feeling. Bucky knows it wrong when he takes you in his arms and kisses you. He knows you’ve just become the enemy but even the devil has charm. He’s kissing you to tell you everything he’ll never be able to express with words and you reciprocate. You do love him - it’s just not enough. 
“Goodbye, Bucky.” 
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Life At U.A High School: Part 3
Tumblr media
Summary: After remembering the deal you did with Mr. Aizawa, you now face against Bakugo. A little intimidate by him you still try to give your all. Will you win against him? Or will you lose miserably and lose the deal as well?
Fandom: My Hero Academia
Main Pairing: Midoriya x Bakugo x Todoroki x Reader
Word Count: 2.8k words
Art Cover by Me
Read Important notes & Chapter list (Click here):
Previous Part (Click here):
Part 3:
"Hi! I'm F/N L/N! It's very nice to meet you Eraser Head!" You said as you introduced yourself to Mr. Aizawa
"Eraser Head?" Mr. Aizawa looked at you with one eyebrow going up.
"Urk-" You said covering your mouth, "Mr. Aizawa! I meant to say, Mr. Aizawa!" You said standing up straight and clapping your hand together.
"I'm surprised you know my hero name." Mr. Aizawa said turning around.
Principal Nezu had secretly made an arrangement for Mr. Aizawa and you to meet before your first official day here. Probably to get acquainted with the school and each other.
"Why wouldn't I? I know all the things there is to know about you!" You said as your fangirling came out of you, "You are very cool sir! The way you use your quirk and the way you let your hair go, it's gorg-" You said cutting yourself off, "Awesome!"
Mr. Aizawa still looking away from you responded, "Listen I'll get straight to the point since I still have a lot of work to do too. I don't think you are worthy of being in here."
You looked at him as you heard those words.
"I'm pretty sure you heard the news about the attack on the school and not to mention the Hosu City incident. Are you sure you want to join in during the middle of the year? Not to mention the fact that you'll be in danger but you are already behind as it is."
You looked at him as he said that, I-"
"How do I know you won't drag the rest of us down?" Mr. Aizawa asked looking straight at you.
You flinched at those words and then looked down at the floor, thinking of an answer to say to him.
"Go, home kid. Try next year at the beginning of the school year." And with that, he walked past you heading towards the door.
"I don't know." You said still looking down at the floor.
Mr. Aizawa paused as you said that.
"I don't know if I'll get in the way or not." You clenched your hands and turned around to face him, "But I refuse to be a burden to anyone!"
Mr. Aizawa frowned turning around to face you, "It's not that simple just because you say you won't be, doesn't mean-"
"I won't leave! Not until I get to at least prove myself!" You said looking at him straight in the eyes, "Hero's are supposed to always help those in need even if you're not as strong or skilled as other heroes! I might not have the full knowledge as the rest but I proved that I could at least hold on my own in the exams! So shouldn't that mean something!?" you screamed at him.
Mr. Aizawa glared at you.
After you calmed down you realized what you just did and started to panic.
"Uh- what I meant sir was that-"
"Huh?" You asked confused.
"One chance." Mr. Aizawa said walking out the room, "If you can't convince me that you won't be a burden to us then you're saying your goodbyes to this school."
And with that Mr. Aizawa had left the room leaving you alone in there.
***End of Flashback ***
'L/N.' Mr. Aizawa thought while looking both at you and Bakugo, 'Show me what you're really made of then.'
"Begin." He said firmly.
Bakugo started blasting himself towards you at very high speed.  You froze at the sound of his explosions. As you saw red fire coming out of his hands, a women's voice echoed in your head, 'Y/N!'.
'N-no.' You thought as you were trying to force your legs to moves, 'Not now!'
"What's the matter!" Bakugo yelled as he was ready to use his right hand to send you off with a blast, "Don't tell me you're giving up that quickly!"
Instinctively you open a portal in front of you. Bakugo quickly tried to dodge it but because of his speed, he went inside the portal. You quickly open another portal facing down exactly 3 yards away from the ground making Bakugo slam himself against the ground.  You left relief that he was away from you that you drop down to your knees trying to calm yourself down.
'So it's true then.' Mr. Aizawa thought, 'L/N is afraid of fire.'
You grabbed your head trying to focus, 'It's not fire! It's not fire! It's not fire!!!'
You remember watching the sports festival on your computer the day it was broadcasted. You were amazed at how many talented people were showing off their strength. You were more amazed at a brunette girl who kept charging at a blond guy. You were shaking in your chair as you saw him being crazy and violent towards the whole competition. You had so much respect for her because she kept trying even though it was obvious that she was going to lose.  
'I wish I could be like her...Uraraka' You remembered as you clenched your hands, 'Because she was brave...unlike me right now.'
"Tch." Bakugo got up trying to regain his balance, "That's all you got punk?"
He then quickly blasted himself again towards you ready to anticipate your next move.
'As long as you never give up on your dreams it can come true!' The words echoed in your head.
'No!' You yelled at yourself internally, 'I won't-'
You stood up and looked at Bakugo's eyes, "I won't let you bully me!"
You quickly made a portal and moved it in his direction forcing him to get in.
Everyone was a little surprised though Mr. Aizawa was still unfazed by this.
"Wow!" Present Mic yelled, "L/N can apparently move them as well! What a surprise! Honesty this girl keeps surprising us more and more."
'According to the sports festival he's really a nutcase but he's very intelligent.' You looked up at the sky, 'He'll probably think I'm going to do the same thing twice.'
You open another portal in the air facing upwards this time, 'Got to keep me unpredictable!'
Bakugo pops out of the portal except he was prepared to dodge the ground so he maneuvers himself to glide to the sides only to be confused that he was in mid-air.
'Now!' You stretched your hand out as you open another portal forcing him to go back in and slamming him again on the ground with another portal.
'I purposely made my previous battles seem repetitive to make myself seemed predictable and lower their guard towards me. So far it seems to work.' you thought smiling to yourself.
"ENOUGH!" Bakugo yelled as he was getting pissed off more than he already was.
He put both his hands down where the floor was and started making a lot of explosions causing a big ball of smoke to cover the whole training ground, blocking everyone's version.
"Wow! Bakugo has gone impatient to the point where he's going stealth!" Present Mic said trying to see what's in front of him.
'Shut up!' Bakugo thought closing his eyes, 'Focus! Where're that stupid loser's movements!'
Bakugo heard in the corner of his left ear a bunch of people coughing and talking, he obviously assumed that was the rest of his stupid classmates. He grits his teeth as he tries to listen to your movements until-
"THERE!" He ran up towards where he heard you moving around quickly.
You turned around to where you heard his voice but only to be punched in the stomach.
"GOT YOU, YOU MORON!" Bakugo yelled smirking at you being in pain.
You coughed up blood as you pushed him away making a portal under you to fall on. You then teleported a few yards away from him since you couldn't concentrate well on your quirk. You turned around to see Baku coming towards you with his hand ready to give you another punch.
"TOO SLOW LOSER!" Bakugo said punching you on your waist where you had been previously hurt.
You screamed out as you pushed him away. You then started to run away from him.
"WHAT'S THE MATTER NOW? NOT SO TOUGH NOW EH?" Bakugo said laughing at the fact you were trying to run away from his grasp.
'You need to calm down!' You thought to yourself.
You started to run away from him as you hold your waist trying to breathe for air.
"Oh, no will L/N will ok?"
"Don't you think Bakugo is going too far?"
"Why isn't Mr. Aizawa stopping him?!"
Midoriya turned to look at Mr. Aizawa seeing if he would stop the fight but he did nothing.
'Is he really going to let this side?!' Midoriya thought as he turned around to look at Bakugo. Thinking about your fight with Bakugo reminded him of Uraraka's fight with Bakugo. How he knew Uraraka wasn't as strong as Bakugo but she still managed to put up a fight till the end.
'Is that what your thinking Mr. Aizawa?' Midoriya turned to look at him again, 'Do you think she can lay a hand on him?'
'Now L/N, how are you now that you experiencing danger?' Mr. Aizawa said looking at you pitifully running away, 'Not so easy now that you feel it first hand.'
Mr. Aizawa closed his eyes and turned around, 'This is the type of burden I was talking about. The type of being in danger and knowing that there's no one to help you. Knowing you can't do anything except admit defeat to your opponents...Well, it's shame really. I kinda liked your quirk, it would have been a great asset for your defense but you still lack the knowledge of focusing in a dangerous situation.' He then opens his eyes, 'A weakness like that will get you killed on the spot.'
"WHERE YOU'RE RUNNING OFF TO?" Bakugo yelled at you
'Oh right.' Mr. Aizawa said turning around, 'Better call off the fight now.'
He then looked at you... smiling?!
Everyone looked at you wondering why you were smiling like an idiot.
You pull your hand away from your waist and looked at Mr. Aizawa's eyes, "Don't go celebrating when you haven't won yet."
Everyone flinched at your words, wondering what trick you had up your sleeve.
"Ohohoho~ Does L/N have a plan that she hasn't revealed to us yet?" Present Mic said always narrating the battles that were happening right now.
"You see Bakugo. I have been a fan of class 1-A for a while now. I mean come on, you guys are the coolest and strongest first years of the school so far." You said putting your hands up, "Obviously I did my research before passing my exams for your class."
Midoriya, Bakugo, and Mr. Aizawa froze at what you said.
'What does she mean she did the research? On who? On what?' Midoriya thought pressing his finger on his chin.
'Research? On the students? But even with that, there's no way she could read each and every student here especially since they improved tremendously ever since the sports festival happened.' Mr. Aizawa thought as he gave you a sharp gaze.
'What is she thinking?' Everyone thought.
"SHUT UP YOU DON'T KNOW SHIT!" Bakugo went flying towards you and you smirked making him stop in place.
"I GOT YOU NOW!" You yelled as you made a portal underneath you falling in it again.
'Quick! Look for the farthest distance away from me.' Bakugo thought as he turning around looking for you. He knew that whenever you teleported away it was because you were trying to get a safe distance between yourself and your opponents.
'You're the type that I hate the most too.' Bakugo thought gritting his teeth, 'Always thinking your hot shit and when you finally have the chance to prove yourself, you hold back.'
Then he notices you coming down from the sky and as he gets ready to aim he suddenly sees another portal made under you then as if he wasn't confused enough he notices a lot of a portal appearing around him all in mid-air, not once touching the ground.  All of them being angle to a certain degree.
Tumblr media
As you fall you looked at Bakugo's eyes for a split second giving him a smile as you fell into the portal on the ground. Suddenly Bakugo felt a swift air coming from the back of his neck, he turns around only to see you swiftly entering another portal. Then he felt another breeze on the left side of his face only for you to again enter another portal. You quickly kept getting out of a portal and entering a portal making yourself faster as time went on.
"Oh, I get it!" Midoriya said putting his fist on his other hand, "That's really a genius move."
"What is it Midoriya?" Uraraka said turning to face him.
"Yeah explain it to us already!" Kaminari said waiting in suspense.
"Basically L/N is weirdly bouncing off her portals!" Midoriya said sparkles in his eyes.
Everyone looked at him weirdly as they didn't understand what he meant and Midoriya sighed.
"L/N is traveling at a high speed through her portals," Todoroki said walking up to the rest of his classmates, "When she fell off from mid-air just now, she did that to pick up speed. I'm not sure how her quirk works but it looks like she can transfer over velocity through her portals."
Midoriya looked at him, surprised that he joined in on the conversation.
"Just like how she managed to shoot out your tape Sero." Todoroki looked at him
"Don't remind me of that," Sero said sulking,
"Oh sorry." Todoroki turned around.
"Yeah, he's right. Look at the portals they aren't facing straight out. They are angle sideways either up or down. If they were facing straight she would have been shot out straight and lose her velocity causing her to fall flat on her face." Midoriya point to the portals.
"Ooooh yeah! I get it now!" Kirishima said amazed at the discovery
"So basically she's constantly falling and therefore adding more speed to herself and eventually with all that speed she'll hit Bakugo at the last minute. Very smart." Asui said looking up
"A good tactic but not a great one, in the long run," Iida said adjusting his glasses.
"What do you mean?" Midoriya asked
"While yeah constantly falling and angling her portals to gain speed is smart but for how long?" Iida said looking at the scene in front of him.
Everyone then realized what he meant.
"L/N is gaining speed but also it's affecting her body. How long before it becomes unbearable for her. Or better yet will she even manage to get a hit on Bakugo before she's forced to stop this." Iida said concerned, "Even I have my own limits of going high definitions of speed."
Everyone looked at you exiting and entering portals. Wondering whether your plan was a good idea or not, after all, you only have one shot. And Mr. Aizawa was ready to see the results of this battle.
'Shit! She's moving too fast!' Bakugo thought looking around. Bakugo was always a strong confident person who always went head-on into fights. He wasn't good at dealing with multiple things at once and you knew this.
'Just a few more turns!' You thought, 'Got to get him quickly before he gets time to react.'
You looked at Bakugo as you were constantly teleporting to different places.
"Oh, man! A lot has happened today even though it's still the first day at U.A High for L/N! Will she succeed in her plan? Or will she fail miserably?" Present Mic said hyping up the final conclusion of this battle.
'You have my thanks, Uraraka.' You thought, 'Without your brave plan at the sports festival. I wouldn't have known he hated obstacles moving around him. Class 1-A also has my thanks, without them, I wouldn't be able to calculate the distance between each portal I put out here.'
You smile, 'I know that even if I do get his bandana or not. I would have lost the bet.'
'If you can't convince me that you won't be a burden to us then you're saying your goodbyes to this school.' Mr. Aizawa's words echoed in your head
'Even if I beat Bakugo I won't have enough energy to deal with Midoriya...I lost.' You thought.
'Thanks, class 1-A.' You suddenly opened a portal facing directly at Bakugo, 'For welcoming me into your class warmly.'
Then you exit the portal facing Bakugo at full force causing a big explosion that smoke came out and blocked everyone's view at the scene. You instantly fell unconscious.
3: The Burden (End)
Tumblr media
Part 2
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Part 4:
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seraphictrash · a month ago
Concept: As a notoriously bad to the bone vampire, you’ve never made time for friends, never mind love, because that opens idea to a weakness. However, after meeting Elijah, you just can’t hold back and to say you’re terrified doesn’t even come close.
Requested: No
Warnings: None
Word count: 4585
Tumblr media
A centuries old vampire with a long history of having a heart of steel was a tough reputation to uphold, one that took many sacrifices along the way. You’d seen the way that everyone in their day to day lives would spend their time meeting with friends, with family, with various other loved ones and, one part of you longed for that, longed to feel a connection with someone that was something other than hatred toward those that you found as an enemy, longed for something to be a breath of fresh air, someone to lift you up when a whirlwind of negativity would hit. But, alas, that opportunity never had arrived. In all of your 653 years roaming earth, not once had you seen an opportunity that advocated for the idea of you making any more of a connection to someone than the baseline of an acquaintance in a deal where the two of you would need each other.
Some acquaintances that you’d come to know over the years were the Mikaelsons, a noble and honest family whose word you could rely on, as opposed to many others who you’d come across in your life, each whose lives had met as gruesome an end as the last. The family were dysfunctional to say the least and, often times, you found their disputes to be excessive but, at the end of the day, they didn’t concern you so you stayed at arms length, doing what you needed to with business with them and then being on your way. It wasn’t often that your deals with the Mikaelsons would take more than a few days at the most but these deals were frequent, happening every couple of months or so as they two of you knew the other was someone you could rely on and, as a result, you were one of their top contacts.
Your frequent exposure to the Mikaelsons meant you’d developed a soft spot for them, nothing strong enough to call them friends and you hated the idea of letting them know you had this weakness for the small chance that they would take that idea and turn it around on you but you realised as you spent more time with the family that they were more than welcoming of your presence out of business time. You were a strong and fearless person whose loyalty was unmatched and who stuck to their word so why on Earth would they not encourage your presence? It wasn’t to the extent where the two of you could go for tea and cupcakes on a Saturday morning but it was the type where, after the storm that would have ensued, the lot of you could have a drink together before your inevitable departure.
The family liked the fact that you were one of the most feared vampires to ever exist because the fear factor was something that they liked about themselves. They saw a bit of you in themselves, saw you like another piece to the puzzle, like you’d fit in perfectly amongst them but they knew that such an offer to you was pointless. Agreeing to stand with them meant that you were silently agreeing to go by their rules sometimes which was something you were adamant about, that you’d never conform to anyone else’s rules. If you wanted something done, you would do it however you saw fit, no matter the circumstances and you knew that that freedom wouldn’t be offered to you if you were to take up place within a group. It was just the way it was and the Mikaelsons took no offence from this because they understood your mindset crystal clear. Honestly, it amused them to some extent too. You weren’t the type of woman that they would expect, upon first glance, to hold such a power, but there you were, taking every situation by the reigns with no intention to release them.
This didn’t mean that you didn’t want to be around the Mikaelsons more, though, but it was a thing that you had no idea how to go about, much like many other concepts pertaining to sociality; it wasn’t like you’d had much of any social contact beside you telling other people how it would be, often something that left them with a distasteful reaction toward you. You thought the Mikaelsons would turn you away at first chance, tell you that they weren’t interested in being anything more than business acquaintances and that you’d read the signs wrong, that they weren’t welcoming of your presence at all. Like I’ve said, you weren’t good at reading other people in any other matters than business matters. Someone could offer you a flower with a smile and you’d have the cogs in your mind whirring. You often felt like a robot, completely detached, with that same kind of innocent misunderstandings about contact with other people.
But, after one opening that you’d indirectly taken when matters that you had to take into your own hands arrived in New Orleans, you’d decided to take up a temporary stay in the city, meaning you were exposed to the Mikaelsons presence a lot more than you’d ever have anticipated in your life. Rebekah was intent on making you let lose, forcing you to stop being so tensed and stone cold and finally just laugh and enjoy yourself. After all, when you weren’t spent plotting someone else’s death or preparing to intercept something that you wanted stopping from happening, you were with them and, as much as they liked you and admired you, it was sometimes awkward when they’d all be sat, laughing and joking, while you sat there blankly, on edge, prepared for the worst.
She wasn’t the first person you’d opened up to, though, no matter how much she’d tried to do so. Elijah was one of the ones who left you to do your thing and watched from afar your little mannerisms and the tiny little things that would make you flash for a split second with something about you that he hadn’t seen and then make a mental note of them for later. He was intrigued by your personality, by how cloaked you were, like this whole thing, as intimidatingly confident and forceful as you were, was a facade. Or, if not a facade, more so that your old self had been buried deep down and replaced with a new one, one used to protect yourself for the future to come. He was interested in you like he had never been in anything before and he was more than happy to sit back and take tiny chips away at you until he finally got an opening to see what you were all about.
He had found you one night in a small library somewhere on the other side of town, a popular one from the 1700s, preserved as best as possible, with all the same interior as it had had back then, full of memories that you couldn’t shake. This was a place you spent an inexplainable amount of time in the time between 1704 and 1706, a short time which was the last time you ever had nothing to do in your life, nothing to prepare for or protect against. Books were like your safehaven, they allowed you to travel to different places where anything is possible without restraint, which is why your favourite pastime was to read whenever such an opportunity arrived.
You were stood in the back corner, eyes absorbed into the words of a book that you’d picked up, a recent publish titled Rose Under Fire, one you had yet to read and were more than intrigued by. Your hands held the front and back cover with such fragility, like you were terrified to leave so much as a mark on them despite their placement in a library, free to the hands of everyone. Elijah couldn’t help but watch you, watch your face react with every sentence you read, brows furrowing and relaxing intermittently as you registered and pictured everything you could. It wasn’t often that people would stand to read in the library but the tranquil surroundings lulled you into that sense of relaxation that you couldn’t get anywhere else. Elijah had picked up on the fact that you enjoyed literature when he’d seen your ears prick up with your full attention on Klaus’ words when he had gotten onto the topic of forgotten literature pieces. Elijah knew that you had read every single one of them and could see that you were itching to indulge in this one hobby of yours, but you had held back in the moment and pushed it down, replacing your face with the same expression as before and tuning out of the talk. He had then made that a mental reminder to himself to bring up literature to you. In fact, he had gone to that library in order to pick up a book to recommend to you, a very little known one, one he hoped you’d enjoy and take his offering as an offering of his friendship.
He had approached you while you were there, greeting you and you had looked up to him, startled by his presence, a part of you he had never seen. You always appeared so calculated and precise so he was shocked to see you in such a way, something which confirmed his suspicions that the stone cold front was nothing more than that. A front. He had begun to talk to you about the book you were reading, discussing it as it was one he knew Rebekah had read and talked to him about at some point and he couldn’t help but drink in your face as you hung onto every word he said about it, deeply interested in everything he had to say. It was a sight that made his stomach flutter to see, to see you in such a place where you were completely and utterly absorbed into something you were interested in rather than just you being you and taking control. He loved this part of you, was so happy that he’d gotten to see it but, just as he had begun to ease into it, you even giving him some talk back about another one of your favourite literary pieces, one that Elijah himself had enjoyed thoroughly, the fake you had replaced the version of you with your guard down and you caught yourself cursing yourself for letting such a small thing about you get the better of you, especially around Elijah who, while you were most fond of him out of all of the Mikaelsons, you still didn’t know hardly anything about other than that he was a fellow bookworm like yourself.
Elijah was the one who you favourited out of them all, known that he was the most honest and reliable of them all, the one whose word you could count on and didn’t let emotions or selfish desires come in between the promises he had made and sworn to keep. He was the most laid back of them all too, a trait you liked in a person, hating it when people would become too riled up or too intense in a situation where it was unneeded. Level-headedness had something about it that attracted you like a magnet. However, despite this being your outlook on Elijah, damned if you’d ever let him know that. It was something that he didn’t need to hear and you didn’t want to take the risk on. Your stubbornness in regard to you getting closer than arms length to anyone was your downfall and you knew it.
The true breakthrough, though, came when you had been attacked in the street, something that hadn’t happened in as long as you could physically remember as you’d always been so prepared for anything to happen. A few of the vampires had gotten the jump on you, along with a witch who sought revenge for you killing off one of her distant family members who you were pretty sure she didn’t even know personally, and you thought it to be a little over the top for her to join forces with some random vampires who just wanted your control out of the equation for a distant vendetta. But, there you were, clutching at your head like it was being run over by a truck, the pressure unbearable as it felt as though your brain was being shocked over and over. It was a disgusting feeling to be caught so incapable to do anything and it all stemmed from one thing. You were thinking about Elijah. That damn man.
And, like you’d manifested it, there he was, killing the witch within a second of seeing her before ripping the hearts of the other vampires out without a second thought, leaving them to drop to the ground like they were nothing. You had stood up, refusing to even look at him but, in that moment, you were sure of one thing: you needed to stop mentally blaming Elijah for your own, strange attractions toward him. He had placed himself right in front of you, asking about whether or not you were okay as one of his hands placed itself against your jawline, the other tracing gently on your arm, causing you to feel like you had tiny dancers gracing your skin. Yet, all you could focus on were his eyes, the concerned manner in which they looked over you, worried. Genuinely worried for you. And that was also the moment in which you had accepted one thing: you felt things for Elijah that you had never known before, that you weren’t sure you would ever know beyond him. He was a man like no other, possessing every perfect quality, something you weren’t sure was possible. 
That night, your face hadn’t replaced with your usual stone cold expression, your face was full of emotion, full of unspoken gratefulness that he saw without even looking for it. He knew that you were overwhelmed, unsure of how to react, and how could you not be? Upward of 600 years of having never had a friend, you were bound to be unsure of what to do or say in a situation where actual emotion was involved. He didn’t take it personally, only gave you a nod of acknowledgement, an action that left you both relieved and more invested in the man before you. He just... got it. He knew what was going on in that little head of yours and he handled it perfectly. You could let your guard down around him. You wanted to let your guard down around him.
This was where it had all descended into a burning fire, one you couldn’t contain, one that threatened to engulf you and burn you alive the longer it went on. Elijah made you feel things you never thought you’d feel, things you still didn’t understand, things that drove you crazy. It was unchartered territory and, while going into things unknowingly usually made you feel defensive and unsure, it felt so right, so perfect to explore this new aspect to life, especially with him. He made it his mission to spend as much time with you as he physically could, get you to blossom out of your cocoon as much as he had the physical capability to and, more and more, with every little thing he learned about you, he saw you become less and less protective of yourself and had even seen your smile, a gorgeous image he hoped to never forget, one of pure bliss and captivating beauty. And, while the grace period of it all was an immense high, like every moment left you hanging on for the next, it soon all came crashing down on you and you had no clue how to react to such a thing.
You stood in the middle of your room in the apartment you had compelled for yourself, a modern place, one that you hated the look of but it did the job considering you weren’t here for long and spent the majority of your time out of it anyway. The sheets from your bed were on the floor and, as a matter of fact, your bed itself had moved from against the wall, one of your bedside tables with its drawer opened and the other smashed. The picture that was on the wall was now sat in a broken frame on the floor, its shards of glass scattering your floor, a piece even lodged in your foot from your pacing, not that you noticed its presence, your mind too occupied with its incessant racing, one person its topic of focus: Elijah. The curtains were half way falling from the pole, the desk you were had just slammed your fists against crumbling under your touch, splintering and breaking apart as the vase that you kept on it slid into the centre of the destruction.
This felt like the final straw for you, the safety of the vase sitting there unscathed while the rest of your room had descended into absolute chaos of the highest order. The vase wasn’t just a simple vase, it was one used to hold the bundle of flowers that Elijah had given you the other day after you had had an awful day in regards to your plans to stop some vampires before they could even start, one which ended in them attempting to vervain you, not realising that you had been drinking it to grow an immunity. But, your attempted murder wasn’t something that left you unbothered, no matter how many times it had happened in your life. Elijah had shown up that day, flowers in one hand and a luxury dark chocolate assortment in the other, where he’d then come in and laid with you, allowing you to rant about everything that had been building up to you the last few weeks, relieving you of a lot of your drowning stresses. But, there the vase sat, unharmed, staring up at you as if to say that the destruction wouldn’t phase the true source of your panic, your thoughts about Elijah.
They had built up to the point that you were terrified, absolutely horrified at how strongly you felt for the man, things that you had never experienced, stronger than things you’d heard about or even read about in the books that you’d seen. He had become the centre of your entire life, something that you had never intended to let happen and never thought in a million years might actually even have any sort of chance that it could happen. Such strong feelings for Elijah made you so horrified, so scared for what this could mean for you, this newfound weakness of yours that you had found in your fickle friendship with Elijah who more than likely only did such a thing to try and ensure that you were good to be around the rest of his siblings, nothing more. You had no idea what to do, who to tell, what to even say. And, so, your frustrations had been cast into the destruction of your apartment.
Eyes glued to the vase, you couldn’t take another glance, reaching down and picking it up, hauling it back behind you and, as you turned, you heard a short wooshing sound as it left your door which you had left closed, smashing out in the hall. Elijah came into view as he stood, eyes wide and brows furrowed as he looked back to the smashed vase and then to you, looking at you holding yourself so unsurely, an unhinged manner he had never seen you in. 
“Well, that’s one way to tell me that you don’t want roses next time.” Elijah joked, a tiny smile playing on his lips as he said it, hoping to calm you a little or at least make the situation into a lighter one but, judging by the way you turned, fist forming and slamming into the wall behind you, he knew that it wasn’t going to be so easy. The wall had a fragment breaking off and you were sure that, if it weren’t a brick wall, you would have punched a hole right through. “Or... that you want... more roses? Uh...” Elijah then added, a little unsure as he took another step into the room.
At his closening frame you walked to the other side of the room, glass crunching beneath your feet as you began to pace around the small space you’d taken place in. Your head was racing and Elijah’s presence didn’t help in the slightest. One glance of him had your body alive with fire and passion, a sensation you couldn’t mistake for anything else but one you were petrified to admit to as you had gone over half a millennia without having experienced such a thing or even coming close for that matter. Elijah’s brows knitted in confusion and concern for you, watching you become more and more unravelled by the second, unsure of why. He needed to know what the hell was going on and you needed to clear your mind of all this, maybe even ask him for his help about it, no matter how strange it may be for him to hear.
“What seems to be troubling you?” Elijah asked, voice soft and velvety, like the smoothest of melted chocolate. And there it was. Your tipping point.
“I think I’m in love with you and I don’t know what the hell that means!” You yelled, turning around and staring him dead in the eyes, the most terrified look on your face as Elijah practically did a double take at your blunt confession. “I- I mean what the hell does one do at this point? What do they say!? I just confessed to you but what does that mean for you? Like, do you tell me that you don’t like me back and then it’s fine? Or is there a grace period where we don’t talk and then eventually it’s all okay? Or do you tell me you feel the same and... and... and...” You couldn’t continue, your voice speaking at a hundred miles an hour, your mind working even faster than that. You had physically no idea what the hell was going on deep within you or where to put your next foot forward. Elijah stepped into the room, attempting to close the distance between you slowly and carefully as to not shock you even more. 
He was more than pleased by hearing your words but yet still concerned as to how worried you were about it all. I mean, what did he expect? It was nothing you’ve ever even come close to before so there was no way for you to anticipate such a thing but, to see you, notorious for being head-strong and stone cold, now unravelling at the idea of love from him, is left him completely stumped as to what to do.
“I don’t understand. I’m scared Elijah! I feel like it’s taking over me and I have no control over it and I don’t know whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing. What happens if I lose all of my control because of it? Does that happen? Will I never be as strong as I was? Or, what if something happens to you and it freaks me out!? Is there a book about this I can read or something? Anything to give me some sort of answers?” You allowed everything to pour out, mind working overtime with no pay as you spiralled with no idea of where your descent would come to an end. Elijah suddenly sped toward you, giving up with the slow and steady route, knowing he needed to be right by you to help you through this.
“You don’t need a book, (Y/N). I’m right here. I love you too and that’s all the guidance you need. You can’t look to anyone else for answers when it comes to love, you have to relinquish all control and let yourself do whatever comes naturally to you.” Elijah said, the words rolling off of his tongue as if they’d been said to you a hundred times, feeling nothing but natural to him.
“You love me? Like... love me, love me?” You asked him, face riddled with disbelief. Had you really not opened your mind to the fact that, for once, you didn’t have to worry about Elijah working against you in some way? Elijah only wondered, he didn’t bother to ask because, even if you hadn’t, you definitely would now. 
“I do.” He confirmed and he saw a trickle of a smile on your face which soon fell when another thought was replaced in your head.
“Wait, if nobody’s controlling it then how does it happen? How do you know what comes next?” You asked with a strange sense of innocence that made Elijah smile.
Elijah moved closer to you, taking one hand onto your hip while the other took place on the right side of your face, pulling you softly closer to him, smiling down at you like you were an angel from the heavens.
“What are you...?” You begun to ask but trailed off distractedly as his fingers began to trace patterns on your cheek.
“I’m doing what feels natural, (Y/N), which is what you do when you’re in love with someone. You do whatever your bodies urge you to do.” He explained, moving to trail his hand through your hair as you melted to the touch, every ounce of tension washing away. “And you? What feels natural to you?” He asked, eyes searching yours, intent on finding answers and you looked at him, eyes widening for a second before looking down, contemplating something, as if actually asking yourself what felt natural, like acting on impulse was a foreign concept to you.
Suddenly, your eyes were closed and your lips met his in a blaze of sensation, rippling throughout you like wildfire, like every fibre of your being was on overdrive, all your sense heightened even more than they already were, something you weren’t sure was even possible since your transition. But, there you were, everything around you melting away from you and your entire focus on Elijah, the feeling of his lips against yours which had pursed to kiss you back, hand cupping your cheek as yours took place against his chest. You understood now. You understood why so many people fell in love with the idea of falling in love because this moment was like having fireworks all around you, exploding with passion. You were truly lost in a daze and you loved this relinquish of control so much more than you’d ever thought you could have. This natural aspect of being, especially with Elijah, was absolutely to die for.
You pulled away, breathing deeply, eyes roaming his face as you felt a sense of clarity about everything that you hadn’t felt in so long. You said, “That felt good...” But, while the kiss definitely felt good, you meant something else. Love felt good. 
“That was good.” Elijah replied, moving a hand down to take hold of yours, “And I’d like to show you more good, good that you’ve never even thought could exist. That is, if you’ll allow me? Will you allow me to take you on the journey of love, (Y/N)?” 
“I will.”
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m-y-fandoms · a month ago
COMMISSION: Joker/Akira/Ren x Reader Part 2
Part 1
This is gonna be many more parts... I can already tell 
Word Count: 2.2k
SFW, SLOW BURN romance friends to lovers, gender neutral reader, anyone can enjoy it and place themselves as the reader!
- Admin Myah
Tumblr media
You spent your entire free period up on that roof, hoping by some miracle that you weren’t crazy, that the group of second-year students that had seemingly vanished before your eyes were in fact pranking you, and upon seeing that you weren’t amused, would get tired of hiding and pop out, finishing the surprise. No such luck, however, and so you left, the second-period bell forcing your hand. Spending the first period of your day - a bit of free time meant for studying, finishing homework, or otherwise enriching yourself educationally - up on the roof and unaccounted for by any teachers was a bit risky already, and you were a decent enough student. There was no way you could just sit there all day, skipping the rest of your classes. Sighing, you resolved to just give up the hunt for your destined main character and by extension the group of potential new friends.
Often after school, you headed to the library, which stayed open along with a select few other areas of Shujin for student use after the last bell rang. Today, however, you felt drawn back to that place, back to that rooftop where you’d seen Akira, Ryuji, and Ann disappear hours earlier. It just wasn’t sitting right with you; you felt a stirring in your soul, like a tiny voice in your head, a shimmering blue butterfly in your stomach. Lucky for you, the rooftop was also open, though you’d never really spent time there. Certain students, including another third-year you admired raised plants up there where the sun could reach them, while others simply came up there for the view or the breeze, some private space to study.
Today, the breeze was indeed blowing, and you sat there writing as it whistled past your ears, polishing up some plot points, scrawling down ideas for your protagonist straight from the imagination, since it seemed you wouldn’t be finding any real-life inspiration anytime soon. It was frustrating, writer’s block, and for the past month or so, it’s all you could do to write a single paragraph. You always found yourself lost in the pages of the novels you loved, and you could identify great writing, appreciate the artistry of another writer, but it was sometimes so hard to put your own thoughts down on the pages of your journal. Why was it so hard? You knew what real romance was. You knew which themes and cliches were overdone and unrealistic. You had a mature and healthy outlook on real relationships and could pick apart the stereotypical female protagonist who was strong and independent until she met the man who would break down her walls or the toxic bad boy who women loved on paper but would cry their eyes out over in real life. You’d read thousands of books and fan-fiction, listened to hundreds of audiobooks, watched tons of romance movies, so why, lately, was it not clicking?! Where was the disconnect between having thoughts and transcribing said thoughts down into your very own masterpiece? Fantasy came so easily to you, sci-fi, non-fiction essays for class, mysteries, research papers, but romance, the genre you loved the most, seemed to purposely elude you.
You were shaken out of your frazzled state when something caught your attention out of the corner of your eye. Shaking your head a bit to try and focus your vision, you looked over your shoulder to see that the black spot on the fringe of your blind spot was in fact actually there. You rubbed your eyes just to be sure, but there it was, a wavering black inky spot hovering in the air. Another appeared, then another, now red in color. You were beginning to feel insane for the second time that day, but rather safe than sorry, you quickly stood, shoving your work and pencils into your bag and shuffling away from the blobs, which were now oscillating and dancing around each other, phasing in and out of existence like a fisheye lens. This was a bit too freaky for your liking, and you were beginning to feel a frightening chill up your spine. The hairs on the back of your neck stood up, and you elected to put some kind of barrier of safety between yourself and the floating bubbles. Like any rational person, your mind was screaming “unknown situation: possible threat: run!” but again, that little butterfly in the pit of your guts was saying there was something worth staying for. So, running to the door to the roof, you swung it open, a ringing in your ear starting to buzz and chime. You closed it frantically, pressing your nose up against the small glass windows that allowed a limited view of the roof. A small gasp escaped your lips, and you instinctively grabbed onto your bag a bit tighter.
The red and black splotches began to dissipate and fade like some kind of glitch in reality, and three figures appeared like mist, like ghosts before beginning to solidify and slowly become tangible silhouettes. Then, as if some kind of magic ritual was coming to a close, the figures poofed into existence, and your brain processed the scene before you.
“Holy shit…” you whispered. There, clear as day were Sakamoto, Takamaki, and the new kid. They were just standing adjusting their clothes, stretching their arms and legs, situating their personal items. It was just then that you saw a little furry head poke up out of Akira’s school bag. Your harsh, analytical gaze softened a bit upon seeing the small black cat that appeared. Had he been carrying that cat around all day? Surely not, right? How would he keep it quiet and still? “What the…?” The inquisitive glare returned to your features when they began… speaking to the cat. It wasn’t the cute baby talk people often use with their pets, either. It was a full-on, serious conversation, and the cat was meowing back, clearly, in response to their statements.
It was a bit muffled by the thick door, but you could make out bits and pieces.
 Metaverse? Palace. Shadows... treasure? Kamoshida? Great, that asshole, but what could he have to do with this? What even was this? 
You were questioning everything you knew. You were wondering if the juice you had this morning at breakfast was spiked. There was no winning in this scenario, either you were crazy, or these kids were. You looked downward, contemplating your navel as your mind tried to make sense of the events of today. You glanced up again, trying to eavesdrop a little better, get some more detail. You took a step closer, trying to will the sound of their voices through the door to be just a little louder, just a little clearer, when Sakamoto suddenly pivoted, stretching and cracking his spine with a sigh.
“Gah!”  You shouted out. His eyes met yours through the window and widened like a kid caught in the cookie jar. You jumped with a start, taking a cautionary step back and nearly tumbling down the stairs. It was a miracle you caught yourself in time, but your little outburst had definitely caught the attention of the group. Your cover was thoroughly blown. “Oh, no…” You cursed under your breath, spotting both Ann and Akira’s eyes on you now as well.
“Shit! Do you think they saw?” Ryuji’s hands flew to his hair, mussing and working out his frustrations on the dyed strands while simultaneously, Akira was already in motion, rushing toward the door to apprehend the unwelcome listener.
Your heartbeat sped up, and like a gazelle spotted by a lion, a fire was lit under you and you began to sprint, clumsily fumbling down the stairwell and onto the flat platform where the stairs rotated 90 degrees and continued downward. Inhaling sharply, your foot, nervous and supporting jelly-like legs, missed the final step. Your belongings, along with your body, spilled across the square, flat platform, and the door behind you slammed open.
“Hey!” Akira’s yell echoed through the stairwell, and your thoughts bounced off the walls just like his voice. Scrambling, you scooped only the essentials into your hands: your journal, the phone of course, a few homework binders, ditching the easily replaceable items like chewing gum and pencils. Taking to one scraped-up knee and ready to bolt, you felt a hand close upon your bicep and clamp down firmly. “Hey, hey… slow down.” Akira again, now gentler with his tone, spun you around to face him. You stood clutching your things to your chest like a life preserver. “I’m not gonna like… kill you or anything.” A breathy chuckle, and now he was on the platform next to you, scanning you up and down for injuries with his hands in his pockets. “So, uh… so don’t kill yourself by fallin’ down these stairs, huh?” He played off the tense feeling in the air with humor, but the sheer proximity of him, standing there in front of you mere inches away in the cramped space, it was like you could hear your blood pounding in your ears.
What was he thinking right now? Did he think you were some weirdo stalker? I mean, you’d just met him this morning and now you were watching him through a small window like a creep after school… after following him there. Wait, that wasn’t important right now! Was he going to kill you? He didn’t seem like the type of guy to do that, but then again, he didn’t seem like the type to phase in and out of existence either… neither did Ryuji and Ann… what were people with powers like that capable of?
Right now, you were just going to mind your business, and play it safe. It wasn’t worth getting mixed up with people who warp through a “metaverse” and talk to animals just for some good writing material, not if it turned out to be dangerous.
“Well…” you hesitated, “it’s none of my business, what I just saw, and I won’t tell anyone.” You breathed a little easier, tried to regain your composure, to not look too weak.
“So they did see! Awww, shit!” Ryuji’s head popped through the door, interrupting the uncomfortable conversation, and the hot air of the enclosed space was cut through by a gust of wind from the now open rooftop door.
“Now, just hold on, Ryuji,” Akira held out one hand to placate his rather temperamental friend.
“No, no really it’s fine that you talk to your… cat and just… vanish... and I’m sure it’s all fine and multiverse-y and…”
“Metaverse.” Akira corrected you with a small smile, bending down to pick up the rest of your scattered objects.
“Dude!” Ryuji ran a hand down his face in defeat.
“They saw us, no point in being tight-lipped,” he stood, handing them to you.
“Metaverse… right,” you took them, watching every move he made carefully. “Sorry, I’m… a bit more... eloquent in my writing,” you moved to the side, ready to sneak past and descend the rest of the stairs. Anything to get on with your day and escape this unbelievable situation. Akira shuffled, mirroring you and completely blocking the stairwell. There was something clever about him, something sharp and charismatic. He knew exactly what he was doing, what he wanted to achieve, and he knew how to calmly and smoothly execute his plans, unlike Sakamoto, who was far less… organized.
“Writing…?” He was keeping you locked into this conversation, as gently and amiably as he could, and you were not leaving until he was sure he could trust your word.
“Uh… yeah, that’s why I was up…” your eyes met his, quickly recoiling and looking toward the floor again, “...up on the roof. I was just looking for a quiet place to write.”
“What, uh, what kind of stuff do you write?” Ann had now joined Ryuji at the top of the stairs, leaving you feeling completely caged in. Ann threw Akira - who seemed like the leader of the small band of misfits - a desperate glance, a sort of look that seemed to ask: “Where are you going with this? Are we screwed?”
“It’s… it’s kind of private. It’s just… romance stuff. I don’t know, I do all kinds of different stuff, whatever I’m in the mood for.” Akira nodded, more to his friends than you, something you had a feeling you weren’t supposed to pick up on. He stuck his hand out flat, gesturing toward the rooftop behind you. You took the hint, heading a bit anxiously back up the stairs, Ryuji and Ann making way for you.
“You any good?” Akira followed behind you, and now on the rooftop once again, the cool air felt freeing, less constricting, though his question felt a bit insulting, a bit nosey.
“I don’t know… I’ve been told I am…” The three friends took a seat in areas that seemed very familiar to them, like they’d been up here warping in and out of this realm many times before. Now settled into place, Ann spoke up, obviously as apprehensive as you were:
“Well do you… do you think…?” Her high-pitched voice seemed to be hesitant, not yet confident in her next words, not sure if they were all on the same page.
“Yeah, my thoughts exactly,” Akira smirked as if the three had one mind. He turned to you, trying to make eye contact that you vehemently avoided. “How would you feel about helping us out?”
Tumblr media
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official-simp · a month ago
So (• ▽ •;)here we are. before jumping in to all the kinky stuff I'll go over shinobus sexuality
Honestly I don't think she would care about sex at all I've always shaw her as Ace but she is a biromantic and if she were to have intercourse it's all gonna be up to them cause
warnings: nsfw content up ahead
1 she'll only show that type of vulnerability to someone she trusts hole heartedly and very deeply in love with so she's most likely doing it for you mostly (but hey sexual cheating will never happen)
2 her sex trive is extremely low so Rieling her up will be very hard but not only that she's very private and conservative so absolutely nothing public (everyone knows how shady she is so it's better to not add anymore to the fire)
Okay enough with the downsides I'll get to the point now (it's gonna include both male and female)
With a dom
More than happy to let you take care of her. I mean just spoil her rotten she deserves it and you can't deny how cute it is to see her blushing and lightly trembling from pleasure
Will hold you like a lifeline because she's finding comfort in you cause of how intense it is for her especially if you're pounding into her hard and fast with strap-on or not
She very quiet no matter how hard your going mostly whimpers small moans and some whining if you're teasing
Go down on her she'll love it will first pet your head gently but when it starts building up the griping and guiding closer will happen
Don't just touch her in one place play around with her chest is not super sensitive but she'll react to the pinching and rubbing even if there's not really anything for you to grab with your hole hands(I'm basically saying she's flat)
Rub and grab her thighs there thick with soft skin and even if you're not doing it with her still lay on her lap you'll thank me
You're words are what really will get her going praise most of the time but degrading will happen when she's in a sertin mod
With a sub
careful what you wish for she may be a virgin but she'll learn quick and when that happens you'll find out she can have quite younique kinks (I'll go over them later)
For her ability to play the guitar and piano says she's very good with her hands so she'll have you sensitive and shaking in no time the fingering or handjobs are amazing believe me
When she goes down on you feel free to be a rough as you want she'll be happily facefuck by you after all you're reactions are very arousing to her
Nobody seems to do this but I can see her licking your fingers suductively to make you weak like looking at you eye to eye like you're about to be ravage her other hand grabbing your hip slowly inching to your private area but letting you escape anywhere
She can slowly tease you playing around at your most sensitive places she has already memories making you beg all she wants or order you to sit still so she play with your body like she owns it really it's up to the occasion
No matter what it is she can never be rough with you even if you're into spanking it's still gonna be hard for her to do it and if you're tied up it's gonna be in soft ribbons to not leave marks
Because the only marks you'll have are hickeys that she sucks on your skin and even so their in easy to hide places and fade rather quickly
Her personal kinks
Masochist: but only some time and it's will only be on her being manhandled destroyed to soreness after but the gentle aftercare later makes it even better
Somnophilia: the trust you need to have to do this is what she loves the most about it but to suddenly wake up and feel overwhelming pleasure because she's so sensitive already is great too
Morning sex: look your both groggy from sleep but you're horny and shinobu being the sweet wife she is neither let's you play with her body or she'll use her hands/mouth to relieve you
Dress up: the thought of you putting something nice for her is making her mushy already but once in a blue moon when she desires you first she'll be the you to greet you with something like this
Tumblr media
And if she's in a mischievous mod she'll offer you a dance and sing in your ear e a romantic songs with a sultry voice
Is affection a kink? cause if it is she definitely has it I mean when you guys are in action is when she gets the most touchy wether it's you praising her or her showering you in adoring words regardless she loves it All
Cockwarming: when the action is over and if you're a guy stuff her full and to keep it all in by staying connected and just rest like that but weather you two are not done or just gonna lay there together she with always appreciate the connection between you guys have in a such a level is always nice
I surprisingly didn't mention the words pleasure or fuck cock and pussy that much at all\(°o°)/
Hope my first try at nsfw was good cause I'm kinda happy with how it turned out
Btw I have a question who would you ship shinobu with? cause I ship her alot and would like to see if you're couches are similar to mine
Happy being horny fellow simps(◠‿◕)
miss ma'am you're playing a dangerous game here-- IM IN CLASS AND I BANGED MY HEAD AGAINST THE TABLE JWWOEUSOJSLSKS MY MOOD MADE A 180 TURN ( ╹▽╹ ) IT'S A GOOD DAY TO BE LESBIAN 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ i may be a dom but ill go down my knees for shinobu- she can hit it for free 😩✨ this had me weak-
Tumblr media
anyways- putting that aside- im in love with shinobu and i have fallen hard for her.
Tumblr media
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inomios · a month ago
Beauty behind the madness || levi ackerman x reader || PART I
Summary: “You knew that under all of his layers of grief and rage there was something worth loving; he knew that under your easy smiles and sweet words there was something dark lurking. He wanted all of you and you wanted all of him.”
Genre: Fluff, Angst
Words: 7,4K
TG: Brief allusion to soldiers’ suicides; little description of a panic attack on the seventh part (I can’t feel my face); brief talk about death and addiction; and even though I wrote it all using gender neutral terms, at some point I used the term girlfriend because partner sounded too cold for the situation.
-        If you are triggered by some content that I haven’t mentioned, please tell me so I can add it to the list and prevent it from happening again.
Author’s note: Mushing my favorite album with my comfort character is being so much fun. I’m enjoying so much this process you wouldn’t believe it. The second part will be up next Tuesday, and it’ll be the ending. Please, share, comment and like if you enjoyed, it would mean the world to see your reactions and impressions. As always, English is not my mother language, so sorry for the mistakes.
                                                          . . .
He had carved on his soul, heart and mind the words that Kenny had once told him, back when he was a scared and weak kid under his wing in the Underground, back when Kenny had caught him crying in the dead of night over his mother.
‘Boy, you won’t survive a day with that attitude. Your mother was a whore and now she’s a dead whore, get over it. You don’t have time to mop over her, crying is for people who have nothing more important to worry about.’
Kenny, for better or for worse, had taught him many lessons that became the key to his survival, advices he would never forget, and this was one of them: ‘Grieving is a waste of time.’
Every second he cried over his mother was time he could have spent granting his sorrowful existence. He couldn’t let his grief control him, because missing his mother wouldn’t make him last another day, she couldn’t protect him now that she was gone. So, for better or for worse, he let his sadness and rage aside and started focusing on what was important: survival.
Grieve is a tricky feeling, it makes you think you can control it, while it just keeps bottling up until it explodes, and you better be ready for when that happens, because you may not be able to fix the mess it’s going to leave behind.
Levi thought he had masqueraded his feelings pretty well, he tried to shrug everything off, as if nothing mattered to him, but it did, and Kenny knew it and he loved to tease him about it, he loved to press his buttons, Levi had learned that pretty soon in the relationship, but he was trying to handle his feelings, he wanted to prove Kenny he was worthy of his time, that he was strong, that  he wasn’t weak, not anymore. So, whenever Kenny tried to get a reaction out of him, he kept his mouth shut, but he couldn’t water down the fire in his grey eyes and Kenny could see it, he always could.
‘You are as worthless as your mother, maybe I should leave you in a brothel too, then you would be useful for something.’
A loud howling laughter.
Levi’s brow twitched.
‘Did your mom have time to teach you how to read or was she too busy fucking half the Underground?’
He thought he had said something hilarious. He bent over his back.
Levi had a little knife clutched in his hand.  He was starting to see red.
‘You’re as worthless as your mother.’
He was pushing him to his limits.
Levi had already passed them.
He liked to think that there was a dark abyss inside of him, a bottomless place where he could hide all his emotions and thoughts, they were useless, so he ignored them, he kept them away, far from the surface. Levi thought that he could detach from his pain, but it was a part of him, and if you stare into the abyss for too long, the abyss stares back at you. The Levi who grieved was still there, looking at him, the Levi who felt too much but said nothing wanted to get out, so he did, he escaped from the abyss and took control.
He run towards Kenny, eyes gleaming with unshed tears, knife in his hand, aiming for his heart, but Kenny was faster, quicker on his feet, he moved just in time. However, Levi still managed to scratch his shoulder, he teared his shirt and he could see the blood slipping, tainting the white fabric.
Kenny got mad. Levi had never seen him that furious. He grabbed his scrawny body and gave him the beating of his life. When he ended, Levi couldn’t even move, he was lying on the floor on a puddle of his own blood.
‘Listen kid, I don’t give a fuck about your shitty problems. You think you’re special? Guess what, you are a piece of shit, just like everyone else. Everyone here has issues, solve them or do whatever you want to do with them, but don’t you ever dare to pull a stunt like that again, because I’ll will leave you here to die, boy.’
That was the second lesson Kenny had told him: ‘Control is vital.’
He thought that by ignoring his feelings he was controlling them, but he was wrong, he realized that when those bottled emotions caused him to be bed ridden a few days.
Instead, he decided to let his feelings out in really calculated moments, he started to canalize all his rage into more productive stuff, like cleaning. He liked to think that by cleaning he had control over something, there was something cathartic to him in scrubbing floors, doing the laundry, and mopping floors. It was the Underground, it was filthy no matter how much effort he put into it, but it gave him something he could focus on, something he could use to let his frustrations out.
So, he cleaned, for his mother who deserved a better live.
For the innocent child that he once was, who had been stripped from everything he loved.
For Kenny, who he despised and was cruel and ruthless.
For all the things he had to do to survive.
He cleaned and cleaned, and he never had an outburst again. He was in control.
Looking back, he is sure that part of Kenny’s fury that day was that a kid made him bleed. You see, Kenny liked to think of himself as some kind of god, a ruler, someone who could control everybody, someone who was holding your fate between his calloused hands. And when he hurt Kenny, both of them realized two things, especially Levi, who discovered this: ‘Gods bleed to.’
Levi learnt his third lesson that day. No one could control him, the same way he couldn’t control anyone. You are the one who makes the decisions, just be sure to choose one you won’t regret. Kenny had no power over him, he wasn’t a god and if he was, Levi wouldn’t bow down to him.
Kenny learnt that Levi, that child, had a fire within he couldn’t tame, Levi wasn’t going to be a submissive, brainless follower. He had potential, he had willpower, he didn’t really need him, but the boy didn’t know it yet. So, when the moment came, he left. He had grown to care about his nephew, at least a little, but Levi was a survivor and Kenny knew he would fight with teeth and claws until the very end. Therefore, Kenny left him with the only person who could protect him: Levi himself.
When Kenny left him at his own, alone again in the Underground, he learnt his fourth lesson: ‘Love is a risk he wasn’t going to take again.’
Stupid is next to ‘I love you.’ He was pretty fucking sure of that.
He made a bow to himself: he wasn’t going to love anyone ever again, people are bound to leave, and whenever they left, they took away a part of him, and he was already too broken for that. However, life happens, and it turns everything upside down, it doesn’t ask for consent, so his plan of never loving again was ruined sooner than he would’ve liked.
Furlan came first. He wasn’t looking for a companion, at all. A companion meant more people to care about, a distraction, and he didn’t need any of that. However, Furlan managed to convince him that he could be useful to him. Whenever he looks back, he thinks that both of them knew that Levi didn’t need anyone, he could survive on his own, he was tougher than anyone else in the Underground, but he was alone, so alone, and a part of him yearned so much for someone that he let Furlan come with him.  
Their relationship was weird at first, not sure where the boundaries of the other laid, what they could do or don’t. Furlan didn’t want to overstep and piss off Levi and Levi didn’t want to overshare with him, he didn’t want to show him his weaknesses, but at the same time he wanted to spend time with him.
He remembers that there were moments when Levi desired to say something, talk about pointless stuff, but he never did, after Kenny he was deprived of human contact that he even thought that he had lost his voice. However, as time passed them by, they fell into some type of routine, boundaries became clearer. Furlan started to get Levi, how he would never start a conversation no matter how bad he wanted; how his mind was always plotting something; how he always had an ace upon his sleeve… Furlan grew fond on him, he knew that there was a lot Levi wasn’t telling him, but from time to time he got to see a glimpse of all the man he was under his façade and layers of secrets, and he wanted to learn about him, he wanted to be his friend, he wanted to have someone to help and he wanted someone to take care of him, he wanted to stay.
On the other hand, Levi liked how Furlan seemed to know when he could talk and joke around and when he had to stay silent, it was like he understood him, Furlan was prudent and chill, thinking before acting, and he knew when to fight and when to give up. Levi started to care about him, a lot, against his better judgement, he just hoped he wouldn’t regret his choice.
Then, Isabel appeared on scene. Levi was happy enough with Furlan, he didn’t need someone else to worry about, that was more trouble, more chances to get hurt. However, he soon found he had a soft spot for the girl. She was so energetic, so bubbly, eyes always gleaming with hope, she was a ray of light in the darkest place. She was messy, reckless and wild, she balanced them out. When she asked to join them, Levi wanted to let out one of his characteristic ‘Tch’ and turn his back on her, there was no room for compassion in the Underground, but he couldn’t, he was weaker than he thought. He couldn’t leave her at her own knowing she could get herself killed, he didn’t want to be like Kenny, he wasn’t going to be like him.
The three of them became a gang, well, not just a gang, a family too. They looked after each other, they looked after Levi, just like his mother did. They were the best criminals in the Underground, and sometimes Levi felt like a god with the world at his feet. He shouldn’t have forgotten his third lesson: ‘Gods bleed too.’ He thought they were invincible, they weren’t, they were no gods, life wouldn’t bend at their will.
When Isabel and Furlan died, he didn’t even have proper bodies to bury, he just did two little makeshift graves and carved their name on the gray stone. He was the only person who would remember them, so he visited them at least once a week (he still does), mainly during his sleepless nights, when no one would ever question or notice his absence. Talking with them was the only reason why he hadn’t given up long time ago, he was their leader, he told them to always keep going, to never back down.
So, he kept going, for his mother, for Isabel and for Furlan. For the only people who ever loved him.
Maybe he didn’t really keep going, maybe he just let life pass by, what mattered was that he was alive and fighting for a purpose, he owed them that, their deaths wouldn’t be in vain.
Why did he always have to lose everything?
Why there was nothing good in store for him?
He was bound to lose to lose everything.
Stupid is next to I love you.
He was so fucking foolish.
The mission had been a carnage, a lot of fallen soldiers. He could still hear their screams and see the fear in their eyes, more images to haunt him while he was sleeping, as if they weren’t already enough. He couldn’t save anyone, he never could, he was human after all, even if some people thought about him like a god.
He had had a problem with his ODM gear during the mission, the gas cylinders were failing and wasting too much gas, so he ran out of it pretty quickly, which costed him a seven meters fall, breaking his right leg, his left arm, a few ribs and a concussion in the process. He could have died and a part of him wished he had, then, the pain would have ended. Luckily, Hange arrived just in time to help him, he still thinks that maybe they knew what was going on in his head, that he had thought about giving up right there, and that’s why as soon as they arrived back home, they sent him to the infirmary, not wanting to leave him alone. Hange still says it was because he couldn’t take proper care of his injuries by himself. They both knew he had had it way worse than that.
The infirmary was clean, and that meant a lot according to his standards, but your desk wasn’t, not at all and it was driving him crazy, if he could, he would get up and clean it himself. However, you seemed unphased by it, every day you would drop more documents on your table (but no document ever left, they just kept piling up); he had seen you drop coffee on some paper and not giving a fuck a single fuck about it; you had seven books on your table, none of them related with medicine, you just had them there because you wanted; and if you asked him what irked him the most, he would say the brush, you had a brush in your desk and it was full of hair. He couldn’t get his eyes of your desk, and if you ever noticed, you never did anything about it; or maybe you did notice and since you are a little shit, you just wanted to see how far you could go before he went feral. We will never know.
If you had been any other person, like one of the members of his squad, he would have said something way earlier, but you weren’t his subordinate, you were a medic and as far as he knew, he didn’t have the right to scold you at your own workplace.
You were competent, you just talked when necessary and you would always ask him if he wanted something, no matter how many times he had said ‘no’ and whenever Hange came to visit, you would always talk with them and ask them about their experiments and research. Hence, Hange thought you were the sweetest person ever, they had even told him that he better not be giving you any trouble.
You both had an easy routine. You would come in first hour in the morning, trying to be silent with no success at all, you were so noisy, luckily for him, he never sleeps more than four hours. You would sit on your desk and write a letter, every day, who the fuck had so many people to talk to or how many things worth telling did happen in your life? Then, you would go out to get him breakfast and you brought more documents with yourself, his breakfast always came with a cup of tea, a shitty cup of tea, but at least it wasn’t coffee or juice, he didn’t know if you were the one behind the tea, but if you were, he was glad you didn’t work on the kitchen. After breakfast, Hange would pay him a visit and talk with him, his squad would often visit him after training and Erwin once or twice a week, whenever his work let him a little free. At midday you would water the plants on the window, you had once called them ‘Asphodels’ and after watering them you disappeared, at the beginning he thought you just went to eat, later on, he would find why you did that. The rest of the day was the same, you wrote and read documents and he would either look annoyed at your desk or he would vert his gaze at the window to distract himself.
This routine changed the second week, because you asked him two questions that made him be more comfortable around you.
‘Why do you look at my desk as if it were making you sick?’
‘Tch, because is making me sick, it’s dirty as fuck.’
Okay, not the best words, but you asked, and he answered. He would be lying if he said he didn’t feel better after telling you. You blushed a little and scratched your neck bashfully.
‘Sorry, I can be a little messy sometimes.’
‘I can see.’
That day you spent the evening emptying your desk, any other person would have asked you not to bother, but Levi couldn’t care, after all, his last thread of sanity depended on that desk. When you finished cleaning, you asked the second question.
‘You hate my tea, but you drink it anyways, why?’
He felt his ears getting a little red, and he just shrugged and looked away.
‘You are taking care of me, didn’t wanna be a bitch about it.’
You smiled, a smile brighter than the morning star, and for a fraction of second he forgot how the breath, but he obviously didn’t say a thing about it.
‘I promise you that tomorrow you’ll have the best tea ever.’
‘Tch, if you say so.’
He appreciated your gesture, kindness wasn’t something he was used to, it felt weird and strange to have someone to do good things just for the sake of doing them, it made him wary, he would be lying if he said he hadn’t thought that maybe you wanted to get something from him and that’s why you acted so nicely around him.
The next day, after writing your daily letter, at your then clean desk, you brought him breakfast with a steaming cup of tea. He drank the beverage under your expecting gaze and to his surprise it was nice, not the best tea ever made, but definitely not the worst.
‘It tastes better.’
‘Thanks, this time I followed the recipe.’ You admitted proudly.
‘How the fuck were you even making tea before?’
He looked at you astonished, how come you were a doctor, but you couldn’t follow a three-step recipe? At that moment he thought his health was in the hands of dumbest medic in the area, however, he didn’t really care, well, at least not as much as he would have expected. You had something, an aura around your persona, that was soothing and endearing, rather than infuriating.
At the crack of dusk on that same day, he was the one who asked a question.
‘Who are you always writing?’
For a moment he swears he saw your happy demeanor quivering, as if he had opened a cage that should have remained closed, but you quickly fixed, the funny glint coming back at your eyes as fast as it had left. It was in that moment when he knew that you weren’t as shallow as he may have deemed you to be.
‘I’m just telling my friends about this annoying patient I have. Do you know he made me clean my office desk?’
Your voice was laced with amusement, you were trying to divert his attention to another topic, and he knew, but he was no one to press you about it.
‘Well, as soon as I’m free, I’m telling my friends about how my medic is a fucking shitshow.’ Too blunt, but you brushed it off.
‘They sound like a nightmare.’
‘They are.’
You smiled, yet again as blinding as the sun.
He didn’t smile, he didn’t even grimace, his face was as stoic as always, but for a split of second, a smile nearly slipped in.
To his surprise, he actually talked about you to his friends. When he had the medical lease, the first thing he did was visit Isabel and Furlan’s impromptu graves and talk about you. It wasn’t a lot, he just mentioned you a few times. It didn’t mean a thing, and at the same time, it meant everything.
It didn’t mean a thing.
Not a single thing.
It was unimportant.
He was like that with everyone.
Except he wasn’t and he knew it.
What the hell was wrong with him?
He would always find himself at your door, not because he was sick or harmed, he just felt the need to see you. He didn’t even talk with you that much, he wasn’t good at opening up or even small talk. He was foul-mouthed, snarky and his words could cut deeper than a knife. You were soft, kind, funny and there weren’t uncomfortable silences with you, your presence was comforting. Levi didn’t get why he felt that way about you, he barely knew you, but you had something that drew him in, maybe it was the normalcy you brought him. You were a doctor, you healed people, you tended their injuries; you hadn’t seen the titans, you hadn’t seen comrades die at their merciless hands, you didn’t know what was outside the walls and he liked that. You were an escape. It was as if his life was only centered around Titans and his existence had no other point but to kill or think about to kill Titans: Hange were always babbling about Titans; his paperwork was always a painful reminder of fallen mates; Erwin was always tracing missions and plans; and the whole point of his squad was training to defeat those beasts. He never had a break, but visiting you felt like it.
He knocked at your door and it opened, you were at your desk, which was an unorganized mess then again, humming some song he didn’t know while you were reading some medical reports. And the asphodels in the window looked beautiful as always.
‘Hi, Levi.’ You looked up and gave him a smile.
Your smiles.
Oh man, he took them in like a dehydrated man would savor the first droplets of rain.
He just nodded as a salute and walked towards the window to see the asphodels.
‘Why asphodels?’ he asked, you loved those flowers, and they weren’t necessary the most beautiful.
To him you were more like yellow lilies, he had read somewhere that yellow lilies meant joy and happiness. They always brought a simile to one’s face because they are the true depiction of the sun, just like you were.
‘I don’t know, they are special’ you said with a small voice, the same haunted look in your eyes, the same that appeared when he asked about your letters.
‘I guess they are.’
A comfortable silence fell in the room. He was getting used to these havens of peace.
That night at dinner, he was sitting next to Erwin, Hange in front of him, looking at him quizzically.
‘What’s going between you and y/n? You’re always at their place.’ They ask.
‘Tch, nothing, I just visit them often.’
‘So, there is no ulterior motive, like, I don’t know, our Short king having a crush?’ Levi sometimes forgot how punchable Hange’s face was.
More lies.
Something was going on, they both knew, but he was too scared to think about what it was.
Another fight. More deaths. What was the point of it? He felt like he was fighting for a pointless cause, the more deaths, the less they knew. He would have to send more letters to the families, telling them that their sons and daughters fought bravely until their last breath and sacrificed their lives for the sake of humanity. However, broken families would come to him and ask him if it was worth it, if the death of their children, cousins, brothers and parents brought them answers, if their deaths meant that humanity was closer to taste the freedom they longed for. He had always said that no death was in vain, but he was starting to question that.
He had barely seen you after the mission, he retreated to his quarters, drowning himself in reports and regrets, if he had been better, he could have saved more lives, but he wasn’t enough, he was no hero, he was a human. He had been fighting his whole life and he just wanted it to stop, he wanted peace and tranquility, not more deaths at his shoulders, no more ghosts to haunt him at the end of the day.
He never slept, at least not for more than a few hours. However, after a mission he didn’t sleep at all, the images of his comrades’ deaths still fresh on his mind, their screams still piercing his ears, his sanity vanished a little bit more every time he tried to close his eyes, so he just laid awake looking at the roof, thinking about all the things he could have done to save them, repeating their names as if he was asking for their forgiveness.
Sometimes it all got too much, and he needed to walk to clear his mind, there were nights when he walked for hours with no direction at all, but that night he did have a direction: your office. He didn’t really know why he was doing it, but he was too tired to turn back and ask himself why you. He thought that you would probably be asleep, but to his surprise there was a dim light coming from your office, so he knocked, just like all of those times before, and your soft voice told him to come in.
He had never seen you so disheveled and tired, dark bags under your eyes, traces of tears on your face and bloodshot eyes. He also noticed four new asphodels on your desk. He looked at them and then he looked at you. He wanted to ask, but he couldn’t, so you spoke.
‘My regrets follow you to the grave.’ He barely heard you.
‘That’s what asphodels mean, you asked me about them once, you remember?’
He nodded, that’s all he could do.
‘I couldn’t save them, I tried, but I wasn’t good enough.’ You broke down to tears.
He wasn’t good at processing his own emotions, let alone other people’s. What was he supposed to do? He knew that people hugged to show support, but as he would say, he was ‘emotionally constipated’, so he just stayed there, looking at you.
Do something.
Do something.
Do something.
But he remained stiff, it was like watching the scene happen in third person.
‘I’m sorry, I know this is making you uncomfortable, it’s just that it’s been a long day.’
‘It’s been a long day for me to.’ His voice was hoarse. ‘You told me that asphodels mean ‘my regrets follow you to the grave’, that’s why you have them? Because you feel guilty?’
‘I plant one for every soldier that dies on my watch.’ That was the first time you opened up with him.
‘I keep the badges of their uniforms.’ That was the first time he opened up with you.
Right then everything shifted.
‘It wasn’t your fault.’ He knew those feelings, the remorse and the guilt, he was so painfully familiar with them that they had become a part of his being.
‘It wasn’t your fault either, Levi.’
It wasn’t your fault either.
It wasn’t your fault either.
It wasn’t your fault either.
Your words echoed in his mind like a drum and for a moment he believed them.
You came closer and you wrapped your arms around him, he tried to respond, embracing you in strangely, you laughed at his antics and in that moment, he wanted to disappear. You smiled and you readjusted his arms around your waist. He brought you closer, slowly, not wanting to scare you away and break the moment. You laid your head in his chest, right above his heart, and he hoped you couldn’t hear his heart beating wildly. He hid his face in the crook of your neck, his breath tickling your skin and your smell intoxicating him. For a moment he felt like home, even though he didn’t understand what ‘being home’ meant, but it had to be very similar to that: comforting, reassuring, peaceful, safe.
That night, he spent what felt like hours holding you, until you had to part separate ways, the only witnesses were the asphodels and the hills at the distance.
What are we?
Levi couldn’t stop asking himself that question.
Friends didn’t have what you two had. Maybe he wasn’t the most amicable person, but he had had some friends in his life: he once had Isabel and Furlan when he was younger, and now he had Hange and Erwin, and maybe he could even consider his squad friends. And none of what he felt for them was like what he felt for you.
He tried to make sense of his thoughts by writing them, but words weren’t his forte and he just ended more and more confused.
You were nice.
You were beautiful.
You made him laugh, well, not laugh, but close enough.
You were kind.
He appreciated you, he cared for you and he wanted to protect you, but he also felt the same towards Erwin, Hange and his squad. Then, if it was the same, why it was completely different.
He kept visiting you, everything looked like it was the same, but everything had changed. It felt like the calm before the storm, as if something was about to happen, the tides were shifting, he could feel it. There were words unsaid lingering in the atmosphere and sooner or later, someone would have to utter them. But who? And if you spoke them, what would he say?
He also spent a lot of his time thinking about that too, if you happened to confess your feelings for him, if you had them, would he be able to respond them? Normal people would try, give it a shot and see what would happen, what the relationship had in store, let things flow; but he wasn’t normal, he was far from normal, he knew he wasn’t the easiest to love. He was rude, mean, a control freak, he wasn’t the one for big displays of affection, he was the last person someone would want as a partner. People yearned for epic love stories, something that could take your breath away and he wouldn’t be able to do that, he wouldn’t be able to give you the bare minimum.
Also, after all the people he had lost, he didn’t want your name to be added to that list. He preferred the uncertainty of your relationship than the possibility of losing you. If he left more people in, more people he could lose. He wasn’t stupid, he knew you were already in, but there were still boundaries between both of you.
He had also fantasized about laying himself bare in front of someone, share all of his trauma and memories, share the burden with someone, but who would love all of him? If he couldn’t even stand himself most of the days, how could he expect that someone would   do it?
‘If you were a flower, I think you would be a gladiolus.’ You would always blurt nonsense out of the blue, but for some reason, he found it endearing instead of annoying.
‘Tch, what’s even that supposed to mean?’
‘I don’t know, it’s just, gladius symbolize strength, generosity, faithfulness and I guess those are things I associate with you.’ Your cheeks were tainted with the softest tones of red and you weren’t looking at him, your gaze was fixed on your paperwork.
Those words had a way deeper meaning, he knew it and you knew it, it was as if you were testing the water by putting the tips of your feet in it. As per usual he didn’t know what to say, what was he supposed to say to that? Thanks? I think I may be falling for you?
‘Sorry, I made things weird, I should just-’ you couldn’t finish because he had started talking.
‘I think you would be a yarrow flower.’ Amazing, now he was the one talking nonsense.
Not so long ago he pictured you as yellow lilies, joy and happiness, but after getting to know you better, he realized that that description was too shallow for what you meant to him. He didn’t know a lot about flowers, he wasn’t really into botany, but he had heard about yarrow before, he had heard merchants inside Sina call them ‘plant doctor’, since they would be often placed near other plants to keep the pests away, he had also heard that it was considered invasive too, because how easily it spread. Therefore, the association came quickly to him, you were healing, a solace from the cruelty of his world; and you were invasive, because he couldn’t be away from you, you consumed him.
‘That means a lot.’ Your blush was now more pronounced now and he wondered what you had made out of his words.
He felt a wave of panic travel through his body, maybe that statement was too deep, maybe he screwed it all, so he decided to excuse himself and ran away from the situation he had created. He had told you he was going to his room, he lied, he was going to the library, he needed to see what his words had meant. He wasted all his evening looking for books about the meaning of flowers, he sure looked like a madman, he hadn’t even gone to the Mess Hall to have dinner, he needed to found answers, and he found them at two a.m.
“The secret language of flowers” said the title, he opened the book and he started looking for the yarrow’s meaning.
Healing and Good Health
Courage and War
Everlasting Love
When he read the last symbolism of the flower, his heart stopped for a whole minute, did he just declare his feelings, that he wasn’t ever sure of, to you? He wanted to disappear in the spot, just vanish into the air.
He went to his room, holding the book close to his chest. He spent the rest of the night reading the book, he wouldn’t mess up again, if he ever wanted to talk about flowers with you, he would be informed. When the sun rose, his head was buzzing with flower meanings, and he would be lying if he said that he hadn’t thought about you while reading some of them.
At breakfast he did go to the Mess Hall and took his usual place.
‘Where were you yesterday at dinner?’ asked Erwin.
‘With his girlfriend.’ Replied Hange with a big smile.
‘She’s not my girlfriend.’ He said with a grunt.
‘What are they then?’ Hange was using the tone, the one which meant “I know you’re hiding something, and I won’t stop pestering you until I discover it.”
‘We are just acquainted.’
He remembered how there were days when Kenny would drink himself to oblivion, Levi didn’t understand why he did it. He didn’t see the point of passing out in the floor, and when he asked, Kenny answered that ‘his vices kept him sane’. It still made no sense to him, how a man could be so cunning and sharp, while he wasted his nights and days with alcohol, women and many other things that Levi wasn’t interested on trying. He had seen Kenny drunk and it was far from having control. The first lesson Kenny had told him was that control is vital, then, how come he was powerless in his own life, letting alcohol take control of him.
‘You’re old enough to try it, boy. Take some if you want.’
The first time Kenny offered him alcohol, he had declined, he had said no, and Kenny had shrugged it off, as if saying: ‘more for me.’ He wouldn’t get it, it didn’t make sense, Kenny, who prided himself on his cold-blood and his steel nerves, would renounce to that control so easily, he didn’t want to be like that, never in a million years, he would never give up his self-control.
Until he did.
He had lost control. And he now understood Kenny.
He knew he should distance himself from you, he didn’t want more Furlan’s and Isabel’s, he was getting dangerously close to you and he didn’t want that. He should run away, disappear. You were kind and sweet, you would find someone else to feel the void he would inevitably leave. He had always been the one being left behind, and he survived, you would too. Also, it’s not as if he contributed a lot to your life. He was sure you both would be better with the other far away, I mean, the facts were there. Actually, they had been spiraling in his head for a while.
Then, if he knew all of that, why was he helping you cut clean bandages, especially so close to you that he could smell your shampoo? Oh yeah, because you asked him to, as easy as that, all his conviction melted away from every fiber of his body.
Why did he do that? Why was he so helpless around you? Oh yeah, because you made him feel so damn good. You had him wrapped around your finger and you didn’t seem to notice, you acted as if it was nothing, you had power over him, you had Humanity’s Strongest at his knees.
‘My family died a long time ago, I couldn’t save them, I moved in with my aunt and I decided that I’d study medicine for them.’ You said out of the blue.
You cut one bandage.
‘The letters I write are for them. It’s stupid, but it makes me feel closer to them.’
You cut another bandage.
He didn’t say a thing.
He hated himself, any other person would have hugged you or said something, he just stayed there, frozen and acting as cold as always. Why did you confide in him something so personal? He wasn’t the one to go when you are sad, he didn’t even know how to process his own trauma and baggage most of the time. What was he supposed to do?
On the other hand, you trusted Levi more than anyone in your life. He brought you peace and solace, something you thought you would never have.
You lost your family when you were really young, always feeling guilty for being the one who survived, and you promised to yourself you would vow your life to help the others, never putting your needs first. When you joined the military, you watched many soldiers die on your hands, you could still hear their last words, how scare they were, how they didn’t want to die like that, alone and far away from their family; you could also recall their mutilated bodies; and you could also remember how many of them would survive the Titans but lose the fights against their own mind and end up being another fallen soldier that died for nothing. You loved your job, but it also killed a part of you every day, there were no victories on a war, and you knew it. That’s why you picked up gardening, you planted a flower for every soldier who died, something to remember them.
When you met Levi, you admired him, you had heard the stories about him, his courage, mood changes, sharp tongue, skills, intelligence… You would be lying if you said he didn’t make you curious, you were used to soldiers haunted by the horrors they had faced, but something about him was different, maybe because you saw yourself in those grey eyes. You two were similar, you both had so much pent up that you could not talk about, you had an image to keep, and it was exhausting. He had a name to uphold, people looked up to him, if he failed, if he crumbled, everyone else would; you were a doctor, and no matter how hard things were, you had to be strong for your patients, never showing how much their pain took a toll on you. You could let your mask down, because even though he didn’t talk too much or overall understand why you were sharing that, it felt good, liberating.
Sometimes, he would also talk about him, not a lot, but enough to make you feel understood, and those moments, when he showed the man underneath the façade, glimpses of his true persona, those few minutes, sometimes even seconds, were responsible for your growing feelings for the captain.
‘It’s not stupid, I talk to my dead friends’ graves.’ He said nonchalantly, as if he wasn’t baring a piece of him in front of you.
Those kind of flashes of the man he was underneath took your breath away every single time.
You came close to him, slowly, testing the waters, not wanting to scare him away. Maybe it was too forward, too reckless, too much at a time, but he didn’t move. You brought your hand to his cheek. He didn’t jump away. You looked into his eyes, pools of mercury. He held your gaze, expecting your next move. You could feel the tension. He could too.
‘They would be really proud of you.’ You said, voice thin and trembling.
He was silent. Your words caught him of guard.
He was feeling too much. His heartbeat was erratic, beating wildly, he could hear it. He felt the blood boiling under his skin, he was so hot, he was sweating. He couldn’t move, but he felt his body trembling. He could feel the room closing on him, trapping him. He wasn’t in control.
It was a too familiar feeling, one he had experienced a thousand times before.
‘Levi, are you okay? I’m sorry I’ve made you uncomfortable.’ You said worriedly.
He didn’t know what to do, he just wanted the pain in his chest to end.
You were too close. You were trapping him too. So, he pushed you away from you and run from the infirmary. You couldn’t see him like that, no one could.
Why did he share that with you? Why did you get too close? Were you going to kiss him?
Why was he like that?
Why did he ruin things?
Why did he lose control of himself? He couldn’t even feel his face when you touched it.
He felt pathetic. He felt like the little kid he once was.
Control is vital.
Control is vital.
Control is vital.
If he was with you, he wasn’t in control. And if he lost his control, then he would have nothing.
He had to get away from you, because you were stripping him from the only thing he had: his control.
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Serpent Of Sparta
Ivar The Boneless x Reader
Tumblr media
Requested by @childishhoe
Summary: Ivar Lothbrok meets his match when he is introduced to Y/n Artròmitos, the daughter of a bloodthirsty Spartan king. She is sent to fight in Ivars army, after making an arrangement with Rollo, the Duke of Normandy. With matching rage and ambition, Y/n feeds into Ivars flame, igniting feelings that neither of them thought they were capable of. But fire can easily be burnt out.
Series Overall Rating: 17+
Word Count: 2k
Comment to be added to taglist. Requests are open. 
* * *
TWO MONTHS AGO                                                      
 Your incarnadine wrap dress fluttered in the wind, fastened only by the golden broach of nobility at your exposed shoulder. Rays of early morning sun glinted off the wine glass that was being twirled between your fingers, as you watched the city from the castle of Mistras. A new batch of children were being piled into carriages, waiting to be sent off as slaves, to the city of Athens. 
“You cannot keep running from this marriage. I know you already rule Athens, but after the death of your husband, you must marry again!” You clicked your tongue and rolled your eyes at your father’s remark.
“I have no time for love. I had to sacrifice love for respect. You know this much.” You took a seat opposite your father, who was running a hand over his grey beard. “On the contrary, the Athenians are weak. If I wanted to marry again, I would choose someone in a position of strength.” You said, rolling a grape between your pointer and thumb, making your father sigh.
“I know what you sacrificed, Y/n. What you had to do was terrible, but it was for the best. Both for you and your d-”
“Anyway,” You said, cutting your father off, “I am already Queen of Athens and the leader of the Spartan army. What use would a husband be?”
“Commander Y/n.” The doors of the hall burst open, revealing a puffed and red faced soldier. “The Duke Of Normandy has sent you this.” He passed you a piece of tinted brown parchment, bound by the wax stamp of Normandy. 
“Leave me.” You waved your hand, and the warrior promptly left the room. 
* * *
“Rollo is bringing a great ally, from a place named ‘Sparta.” Hvitserk said, standing beside his brother, Ivar, and King Harald. A fleet of blue Francia flags sailed towards them like great dragons on the dusky pewter ocean.
“I have heard little of this ally that Rollo is bringing.” Harald said, folding his arms across his chest. “But, what I have heard is that he is a great and fearsome warlord, and that his soldiers are blood-thirsty demons.”  
“She. The ally is a she.” Hvitserk corrected Harald, watching Ivars expression turn into one of curiosity. 
“What is her name then, dear brother?” Ivar asked, staring at the approaching ships with a new found excitement. 
“Y/n. But she is often referred to as the ‘Serpent of Sparta.’” Hvitserk said, feeling uneasy about the glint in Ivars blue eyes. “And if I were you, I would stay out of her way. Her people basically worship her. They believe that she is a descendant of one of their Gods of battle. Ares I believe God was called.”
Ivar smirked. Not only was she apparently a great warrior, but she was also apparently descended from the gods?
“Well, I do look forward to meeting this ‘Y/n’. I would hope that she lives up to her reputation, otherwise I will be disappointed.” Ivar took one last glance at the oncoming fleet, before making his way back down the salt washed wooden deck, ignoring the ‘of course you do,’ from Harald. 
* * *
Your nose wrinkled. The pungent smell of decaying fish grew stronger as you came to dock. After stopping in Francia to gather Rollo’s men, you and three hundred of your best Spartan warriors made for Norway. And after two weeks at sea, you were in a horrid mood. After an attempted assassination directed at you, you were pushed over the edge. Not only did you have to command your own men, Rollo had dropped out the day you were meant to leave, making you in charge of all his Francish soldiers. The problem other than the sheer amount of men to keep track of? There was  a massive language barrier. You spoke Russian because you often went to Kiev, on trade deals, and you also spoke the language of the northmen. Not french.
Your days often consisted of making ludacris hand gestures to command the french, only to be laughed at by your own warriors. Though you only shared the same ship as your best warriors, the only person you could confide in was Freydis, a Norwegian slave that you had bought from Kattegat five years prior. She had taught you the language of Norway and you taught her Greek. Freydis had grown to be your best, and only friend. You had made her a free woman, yet she chose to stay by your side, through everything. She told you everything about herself and she knew almost everything about you.
“Get ready to dock!” You yelled, throwing thick reams of hemp rope attached to an anchor into the dark water, before climbing over the edge of the ship, Freydis and your best fighters trailing behind you. You were greeted by a large wooden dock surrounded by what looked like disheveled old fishermen.
“I thought these people would be made from tougher stuff.” You said in your language, making your warriors laugh, as you fixed the golden clasp of your crimson cloak. With one flick of your hand, your Spartan warriors started to march down the dock in a wild wave of red and gold. You were at the head, with Freydis and Araios, your second in command, by your side. 
“Commander, I heard that this ‘Ivar the Boneless’ is a cripple. Talk about not being tough.” Araios chuckled. You did not not.
“So what? One of our gods, Hephaestus was crippled, yet he was a great warrior. I would not so lightly throw that statement around with malice.” You gave Araios a stern look, before continuing down the dock. 
* * *
“I have been anticipating your arrival, Lady Y/n.” You came to a stop in front of the throne that King Harald Finehair was situated on. “We all have.” He finished, before waving his hand at Hvitserk, a Northman you had met in France, and a dark haired Viking that you had not yet met.
“You will address me as Queen or Commander Y/n.” You corrected King Harald. “Take your pick.”  The dark haired Viking chuckled, before reaching out his hand. 
“Do you know who I am?” He said, shaking your hand. Since he was obviously not King Harald, or Hvitserk, it was a simple enough equation to solve. 
“You are Ivar The Boneless. Ragnar Lothbrok's youngest.” You said, making Ivar duck his head with a grin.
“And you have met my brother, I hear.” Ivar pointed to Hvitserk, who refused to make eye contact with you.
“Yes. I remember him. I had to put him in his place after he unsuccessfully tried to ‘woo’ me into bed.” You shot a look at Hvitserk, who was scratching the back of his head and glaring at his brother.
“Well, Queen Y/n, I am sure that we can thank the Gods that you and your men have arrived unharmed. Though, I must ask, where is Rollo?” King Harald said, moving from his throne to sit at a table with Ivar and Hvitserk, indicating for you to do the same.
“Yes, I give thanks to Poseidon for a good passage.” You said, taking a seat opposite the northmen. “As for Duke Rollo, he had urgent business along the Silk Road to attend to.”
“I am sure that you will fare well in his stead. But for now, make yourself comfortable. Tonight there will be a great feast to mark your arrival.”  
* * *
Mushroom soup, bitter greens with tomatoes the size of peas, rare roast beef slices as thin as paper, dried salmon and whale in a green sauce, cheese you brought from Francia that melts on your tongue served with sweet blue grapes. The feast was certainly large and exciting. But it was not the type of food you and your warriors were used to. Usually, you had lean chicken breast and a small bunch of grapes, greens, bread and the occasional fish. All  because a doctor in Athens had carried out research to conclude that those foods helped with building of muscle. The servants that the Northmen called ‘thralls’,  were all young women dressed in greys rags, moved wordlessly to and from the table, keeping the platters and glasses full.
“Why are your Spartan soldiers eating outside?” Ivar asked you, finding it odd that only the warriors from Francia and Norway were in the feasting hall.
“We eat outside for the most part. You said, taking a sip of Mead. The drink of the northmen was certainly different to your usual wine, but it was a welcome difference. “They also sleep outside in trenches. My people believe that it makes them stronger. Little girls and boys born in Sparta, are placed in a number of trials. They have to fight and fend for themselves. If they can’t, they either are left on a hillside to die, or they are sent to the City of Athens as slaves.” 
“We do something similar. We leave the weak out to die. But we do not test our children like that. Is that not too harsh?” Ivar said, leaning forward, making you chuckle. 
“Ivar, if you want to be the best, you have to have the best warriors. And because I am sitting here right now, proves that you do not have the best warriors.” You said. Ivar narrowed his eyes as he tipped his cup of mead back and placed it on the table.
“We do have good warriors. We were just out numbered, because Bjorn had hired the help of the woodland fighters from Sweden.” Ivar crossed his arms, clearly annoyed that you would suggest his army was not sufficient. You had to laugh. Were these men being serious? 
“Forgive me, I forget that the warriors of your people are not on the same level as mine.” You smirked into your horn of mead, watching as offence flickered over Ivars face. 
“And why would you say that?” Hvitserk said, trying to defuse Ivars switch. 
“The Battle of Thermopylae. Three hundred of my Spartan warriors fought against a vast army of the Persians. There were thousands of them, yet, we still won. Yes, we did have the advantage of land, being that we were on the high ground, but non the less. And you tell me that with a huge heathen army, you could not win because the other side had a couple hundred more warriors?” You said, making Ivar scoff. 
“Well, then it was fated. The Gods were on your side, otherwise you would have lost.” Ivar said, making you frown.
“When my Spartan warriors fight, Ares grants us good will.” You narrowed your eyes and leaned forward. “But are you telling me that the Gods don’t favour you?” 
“Don’t be stupid, of course the Gods favour us, afterall, they have allowed us to pull together an even bigger army.” Ivar said as he re-filled his horn with gritted teeth. 
“In any case, it is up to fate now. Hmm?” Harald said, standing up. “Well, I must go now and see where Astrid has gotten to.” King Harald took on the last swig of Mead, before weaving his way through the crowd and through a door at the back of the room. 
“Well, it is getting late. I better go find Freydis.” You said and stood up. “Have a good night.” You ignored Ivars grunt and nodded your head at Hvitserks ‘farewell,’ before following the same path as Harald. 
“What do you think of her, brother?” Hvitserk asked cautiously, very aware of Ivars clenched jaw and his blue eyes baring into your back as you left. Ivars silence made Hvitserk bite his lip. He did not think he could bear his brother complaining about you for the next few weeks. 
“She is arrogant and rather patronizing.” Ivar said, a smirk slowly curling his lip. “I like her.”
* * *
“You fight like a child.” You spat out a mouthful of salty crimson, swinging your bruised fist. Crack! The large white-haired viking toppled into the mud - for the third time. He had challenged you to a fight after he overheard you talking the night prior. But unfortunately for him, he just proved your point. You being half his size and a woman, he thought he could win the fight with ease. But you had only sustained a punch to the jaw, whereas he was sporting a broken and nose and multiple lost teeth.
“Þú eru witchr!” The man growled, stumbling up from the mud.
“No I am not a witch.” You side-stepped out of his way, as he lunged towards you, only to miss completely and stagger back down into the mud with a thump. “I am just better than you.”
“When I asked you to come help fight, I did not mean fight my men.” You heard a voice call. Turning around, you saw Ivar, who was leaning against a blacksmiths doorway. He stretched out his hand and beckoned you toward him.
“What do you want?” You asked, annoyed that you were interrupted. 
“I was thinking about what you said last night.” Ivar said, tapping his crutch thoughtfully. 
“So was he.” You pointed your thumb at White-Hair, who was still on the ground a few yards away. Ivar rolled his eyes and leaned forward.
“Not like that. I want you to train my warriors.” Ivar said, watching your expresion flicker.
“And why would I do that?”
“Do you want to win this battle?” He asked.
“I could win this battle easier without your men.” You retorted, crossing your arms. Did you not have enough to worry about?
“Then why don’t you?”
Part 2 coming soon.
Requests open. Comment if you want added to the taglist.
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Professor | Remus Lupin (18+)
(1) 》
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Tumblr media
A student shouldn't be thinking about a professor this way and this much. No, a student shouldn't be thinking about a professor at all. But what if he was the one to start it all? Why would it be the student's fault if the professor was the one who made a move? The winter break seemed to last longer than it was supposed to. The girl couldn't wait to come back to Hogwarts. Fantasies about him weren't enough. She needed to see him. Just the thought of him made all those images and feelings from the detention come back. Her thighs squeezed as she held a book in front of her face, hiding the blush and big pupils from her friends.
She remembered the way he approached her, offering a different kind of a detention. He asked first, of course. He didn't force her. He made sure she knew that she could say no whenever she wanted and leave the classroom. But she didn't say no. Instead, she melted into his arms as he placed her on top of the desk, looking into her eyes for a moment before kissing her. His lips moved so sensually against hers, making her whimper into his mouth and squeeze his shoulders for support. He made her weak. He didn't dare to touch her more unless she wanted to. Professor Lupin had many fantasies about her, but above all that, he wanted to make her feel safe and to let her know that she has choices. He wasn't the type of a man to force a lady into anything, especially something sexual. The whole detention passed by with slow kissing, hair gripping and light touches on her thighs and sides. He didn't go further than that. She was so lost in the way he moved that once he pulled away, she whimpered and frowned, earning a chuckle from him. Remus loved the sight of her red  swollen lips, pink puffy cheeks and messy hair. She was breathing heavily, her hands still on his shoulders. He had left her breathless.
Thinking about all of that made her unconsciously squeeze her thighs even more, the space between her legs searching for release. She was stuck on the same page over thirty minutes now, her eyes not moving from one sentence. She didn't even realise that her mouth was slightly open and dry as she imagined his tongue working against hers. The train stopped abruptly, making all of the students in the compartment jump from their seats a bit. Once they landed back, all of them looked outside of the window. The snow had covered up the trails. The girl had bigger problems than snow. She had fire between her legs and waiting until they arrive at the castle wasn't an option. She excused herself, then stood up and fixed her skirt. She could feel how wet she was as she walked down the train, searching for a toilet. The feeling of her fingers down there wasn't foreign to her, but ever since she got a taste of her professor, she wished he could replace those fingers. The train started moving again, making the girl stumble backwards. She reached for the nearby compartment door, trying to steady herself. Instead of a cold wood, she grabbed a warm hand. Once the train started moving with it's previous speed, she fixed her posture and turned around, letting go of the hand. Her eyes met very familiar brown clothes and a scarred face. The eyes behind the soft hair looked at her just like they did back in the classroom. She gulped, then smiled at her professor.
"Good morning, professor." She greeted, fixing her hair so that it covered her pink cheeks.
"Indeed, it is a good morning. Where are you headed to, Miss?"
His raspy voice sent shivers down her spine. He sounded similar when they were done making out. As much as he loved the sigh of her, she loved the sight of him even more: swollen wet lips, his tongue licking those lips and his messy hair. After moments of silence, the man looked around, then back at the student in front of him. He was alone in the compartment, which allowed him to lay down and fantasise about her. He had memorized every sound she made, every move she made and every breath she took. He was obsessed with her. He hoped she felt the same. He hoped she didn't feel forced to do this with him. Merlin, he would be a terrible man if he made her feel that way.
"Professor," she called with a quiet voice, stepping closer to him. His hand was still on the wooden frame, his eyes looking down at the girl with curiosity. She looked rather frustrated and very pink. Her fingers played with the skirt hem, revealing her knee high socks. He was weak for those on her. If she wasn't over eighteen, he wouldn't have even looked at her. Yet he still felt a bit bad. She was so much younger than he was. Right as he wanted to let her go back to her plan, she cupped his face and placed her lips on his. The sweet cherry taste brought him back to the classroom and his fingers squeezed the door frame until his knuckles turned white. All he wanted to do was to grab her waist and push her inside the compartment. He decided against it. He let her be in control. He wanted to see what she wanted.
So she showed him. She moved her hands from his face to his chest. A sigh left her lips as she felt the firm chest of the man. Remus placed one of his hands on the side of her waist, then swiftly slid the door open and pushed them both inside and closed them, his lips never leaving hers. Her tongue left an unsure wet trace on his bottom lip, and he couldn't help but chuckle at the innocent action. She wanted something, but she was too shy to say it. She tried it with actions, which made Remus so much more fond of her. With a swift motion of the wand, the windows were covered with curtains, keeping away nosy intruders and other horny bastards. The hands on his chest slowly pushed him towards the seats, making the man land softly and pull her with him. She landed right on top of him, then made herself comfortable by placing her legs on each side of him. She didn't sit completely on him. She knew how wet she was and he couldn't walk around with a wet stain on his pants. Her hands then moved to his hair, pulling it in ecstasy as his tongue finally touched hers. A pair of big hands slowly trailed down her back and on her ass, pulling her down so she could sit comfortably. She refused, making the man pull away in confusion.
"Sit on me, princess. Make yourself comfortable."
"I can't, " she said as she looked down, playing with the buttons on his shirt, then continued, "I'm too wet."
Another chuckle escaped the professor's lips, earning a pout from the girl. He smiled with assurance, then pulled her down so that she was sat comfortably on his lap. Her lips hungrily searched for his again, her fingers undoing the buttons of his shirt. The movements were shaky and Remus wasn't sure if it was because she was nervous or because she didn't look. Whatever it was, he decided to help. She unbuttoned it just enough so she could place her cold fingers on his warm skin, feeling his firm chest and shoulders. As his tongue did slow circles on hers, his hands pushed her skirt up and rubbed her ass to test the waters. Once he was convinced that she was feeling good and wanted him to keep going, he allowed himself to slide two fingers down over her panties and on her clit. A whimper left her mouth, breaking the kiss for a moment. Remus stayed at a small distance from her, examining her face as he touched her in many ways until he found out what she likes most. Just like the last time, she held onto his shoulders and rested her forehead on his as she tried to steady her breathing. The man worked on the clothed clit, giving it slow but hard rubs. He tried every single motion until he realised that she likes circular ones best. She whimpered against his mouth, her chest rising and falling slowly as she enjoyed every single touch. He used his other hand to cup her breast, rubbing circles on her nipple which escaped the bra and was now touching the fabric of her sweater, making it sensitive.
"Professor–" she moaned, slowly moving her hips and asking for more. There was just something about her calling him that and not his real name. He adored it and she knew it. "Please, professor."
"What do you want, darling?" He hummed, rubbing circles around her nipple. She bit her lip, causing Remus to lose his mind and press her body into his. His movements on her clit stopped and she found her lips back on his. The warm tongue movements felt so sensual on hers that she almost forgot where she was. The girl in his arms tensed once he slowly pushed her skirt up, then moved her panties aside. She wasn't lying when she said she was wet. She was dripping. Remus let out a satisfied hum as he stared at her clit. It was red and tense, waiting for more attention. The man then slid his fingers between her folds, feeling the wetness and smoothness of her warm clit. The girl let out a proper moan, but still not one that would satisfy her professor. That's why he started making circles again, spreading her arousal all over her folds and clit. "Does it feel good, princess?"
His nicknames mixed with his touches made her weak to her knees. She held onto his shoulders for dear life, sucking on his lips and playing with his tongue. Once Remus sped up the pace, she had to pull away. She couldn't focus. Her forehead rested against his again, low moans leaving her mouth every now and then. "It does, professor. It feels so good," she whined.
Then, Remus removed his hand again and put her panties back in place. She looked at him with confusion and frustration and almost yelled at him. He interrupted her by moving one of her legs so that she was sitting on one of his thighs. The hands were placed back on her waist, slowly pushing her against the fabric of his clothes. It took her a moment to realise what he was doing. As much as she loved his fingers on her bare clit, having the panties and his thigh brush against it felt even more amazing. His hands abandoned her waist and landed under her sweater, cupping her breasts. They were average, but looked so small in his hands. His warm fingers rubbed the sensitive buds as she moved her hips, earning praises from the professor.
"Such a good girl for me, aren't you?"
"I am, professor."
She would be lying if she said she didn't enjoy his praises. She loved it and it only gave her a boost of confidence. Her clit ached from how needy she was. Each move she made drove her closer to the top. Remus enjoyed the sight. She looked at him through half opened eyes and mouth, real moans finally leaving her mouth.
"Oh, f*ck, professor." She called out, throwing her head back as her panties brushed hard against her. The pleasure on her nipples made her feel a hundred times more sensitive. Her moves became fast and messy, making Remus place one of his hands back on her waist so he could help her. The other one pushed her sweater up and her bra down, giving the man access to her breasts. Once his tongue touched the sensitive bud, she let out a mix of moans and whimpers, immediately grabbing his hair and pulling it. Her toes curled in sensation, her orgasm inching closer with each rub. He sucked her, occasionally grazing his teeth against her just to hear a whimper or a hiss. Merlin, he loved to make her feel good. "I'm going to–"
"Go on, princess. Cum for me."
The words helped her reach it. A wave of pleasure splashed her body so harsh it made her shake in his arms. Moans were still leaving her mouth, each louder than the previous one as he helped her ride out her orgasm. Noticing that she became weak, he held her against his chest so that she wouldn't fall. Her cheek was pressed against his warm skin, a few whispers still escaping her lips as she tried to come to her senses. Her body was too sensitive to move, so Remus sat there with her and brushed her hair. There was still a long way until they arrive at Hogwarts, giving the girl enough time to rest. He glanced down at her tired eyes, noticing that they were closed. Her hair moved as she breathed, slowly falling asleep. Remus chuckled, then rested his chin on top of her head and continued to brush her hair with his fingers. He made her feel good and she loved it, even fell asleep in his arms afterwards. What a good way to start the new year at Hogwarts.
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Forgotten: Chapter 1
Unexpected Reunions
Art by @fleeting-sanity​
Tumblr media
"-In regards to your message, no I did not have any influence with Command nor Havoc Squad choosing to bring you in.
However, do not let this opportunity go to waste. Make yourself as useful to their commanding officer as possible and obey whatever order they have without question or argument.
Also one warning, do not contact me over trivial matters again. You were the one who wanted to keep our arrangement, see to it you keep up your end of the bargain."
Kass read through the message again and her knuckles turned white as she gripped the datapad tightly in her hands. The call home from Ryloth had been fruitless and instead of getting her father answering it was her mother, her disgusted expression filling the holo when she saw the visible wound on her face.
Her mind retreated off into a state of numbness as she sat there in the booth, listening to her mother's screams of outright fury at her disgusting physical appearance. It was that loud and long lasting that Kass had no doubt that at least half the barracks had heard the racket.
It was tempting to leave the scar just to spite her mother, but Kass still made a stop over on the way to Ord Mantell in order to get it removed. She didn't know why she did it, it had just become a tired reflex by this point to just obey whatever order her mother gave and just pray that she'd leave her in peace for a little while.
Overall the response was what forced her to go around her mother just to be able to contact her father. Something he clearly wasn't impressed by and seemed to equate it to being at her beck and call...for whatever reason. 
There had been a sudden change of plans upon her arrival at Ord Mantell's orbital station. The smaller shuttle she was supposed to have originally taken was changed out for something significantly larger instead. She'd been given the reason of the navigation being "out" for that particular shuttle and they didn't have any others spare. Kass didn't think that much about it at the time but it honestly didn't help her nerves as she hopped into the large shuttle.
Kass sighed and shoved the datapad back in her bag as the shuttle shook under her feet. Quickly she checked that her gun and side arm were appropriately holstered in an effort to distract herself from the situation.  She felt the ship's engines change and on reflex she braced herself against the seat as the shuttle carefully landed.
 She caught sight of a darker skinned man in bright white armor with the bright orange Havoc symbol painted onto his chest piece when the door opened and walked toward him. When he noticed he gave her a small nod of acknowledgement and she saluted in response. He then moved aside and gestured toward a lowered walker waiting on it's load of people to climb aboard. Neither one saying a word as they walked together and up the gangplank.
Kass looked around and found one of the only spare seats were two toward the front, so she sat in one and stowed her bag underneath it. Quickly stepping on one of the straps so she could restrict its movement while they were up and around. A shadow fell across her and she looked up to meet the man from Havoc's gaze before he took up the seat next to her, an awkward silence filled the air as the hulking machine slowly got up and moved.
"Ah, there's nothing like the feeling of riding a hundred ton walker right through the middle of a combat zone, eh kid?." The man said, sounding bright though Kass wasn't feeling in a particularly chatty mood herself. She was saved by the bell if for a brief moment when an announcement came over the internal com announcing their close vicinity to a village that was engaged in heavy combat. She heard talk of an objective and frowned a little at it's mention but she hadn't been given any mission briefings so it wasn't as though she could make guesses as to what it could be.
"So. Another beautiful day on Ord Mantell." The man cut in on her thoughts and attracted her attention. "You excited? Nervous maybe? You know you're the first new entry to Havoc in quite some time."
"No I didn't." Kass replied, gripping the seat as she felt the walker start to move. "I wasn't exactly given much information on Havoc before they transferred me. What made them decide to bring me on?"
He shrugged a little in response. "There's just too much happening here to keep track of so the guys up top decided it was best to bring in an extra pair of hands. Ah, forgot to introduce myself. I'm Lieutenant Bex Kolos, but everyone in Havoc calls me 'Gearbox'. We're a tight unit, I think you'll like it with us."
'Tight unit in that they're friendly or that they're opposed to outsiders?' Kass wondered before kicking herself mentally for her thoughts. She and her team had adopted a similar mentality back on Ryloth, mainly due to the fact that it was difficult to rely on Command for much help for anything due to lack of people and supplies. It forced them to have a more self reliant attitude as they were aware of one another's personal strengths and weaknesses. Having someone new in the group, particularly without warning or full introduction, generally got everyone on edge for a while.
Kass blinked as she saw a waving gloved hand in front of her face and turned toward Gearbox who had a slightly hurt expression on his face. "I know we just met and all but am I really that boring, kid?" He asked, sounding disappointed.
"No! Sorry. Lot of things on my mind." Kass sputtered as she felt her face grow warm. "You have my full attention, promise."
"Right...well as I was saying. The Separatists here nabbed a bomb off a downed Republic transport, a serious one. One of them orbital strike numbers." Gearbox said as he rested his leg on his knee, while leaning back in his seat. "There's no telling where these grimy bushwackers have hidden the thing, they have both popular support and many hiding places. So finding it isn't going to be an easy job to say the least."
Kass frowned a bit as her mind thought everything over. It didn't make much sense for a rebel organisation to take large ordinance. It was too big and inconvenient to lug around, plus what were they hoping to hit with it to begin with? Still she didn't know the size of the thing, just it's type and that orbital numbers tended to be large so she turned to Gearbox. "What're the weapon's specs anyway?"
"In short? The bomb is designed to slag a large city so it could wipe a little island like this right off the map." He replied instantly. "You'll get a full briefing when we reach Fort Garnik, for now just sit back and-"
His words were cut off as Kass heard a large explosion coming from outside and her head snapped to the door on reflex. A second explosion shook the walker and sent alarms blaring within the cockpit and Kass was pitched forward off her seat while the driver yelled something about a "Code Red" and "shoulder missiles".
She grimaced and held on tight to the metal flooring as she felt the walker pitch forward slightly, leaving them all on an awkward angle while Gearbox slapped the comm and tried to get the driver to talk back.
"Blast it, he's down." Gearbox growled as Kass picked herself up from the floor and started helping the other soldiers get back on their feet. "Backwater separatists aren't supposed to have armor piercing missiles. They'll tear up every convoy that passes through here!"
That feeling nagged at Kass again and she had a hunch something was up. "Heavy arms in enemy hands, it's the kind of thing we should've been briefed about y'think?" She asked Gearbox who simply waved a small hand in a gesture for her to settle down. Something that irked the absolute hell out of her since it felt like he was treating her like a child.
"Let's...get out of this alive and worry about filing complaints later, alright?" He sighed and moved to the entrance of the walker before fiddling with a panel by the side of the door. "Fixing things is my specialty, kid. I'm not half the fighter you are. I'll stay here and work on fixing this walker since it takes three months just to requisition a new one, you go out there and deal with the Seps missile launchers. Understood?"
"Understood, sir." Kass responded, keeping her tone neutral. She was tempted to bite back a bit but her father's warning rang in her head so she kept her anger under wraps as much as possible.
"They'll probably have their missile stash all grouped together in a cache somewhere in the village. Probably plain sight for easy access but heavily guarded." Gearbox pulled some wires out and started the process of rerouting some connections by Kass's guess. But within a few moments he had the door open and lowered so she could exit. "Find and destroy the cache then double-time it back here. You got that, Sergeant?"
Kass looked out onto the active battlezone and took a deep breath. A ship flying in the distance evading artillery fire caught her eye a moment but she didn't pay it too much mind as she slowly let the breath go and shoved her bag more firmly on her back. "I'm on it."
"Good luck out there, kid." Gearbox responded as he backed away and walked further back into the walker's cabin. Leaving Kass to do what she needed to do.
She kept herself low as she slipped past some ongoing shootouts into the main portion of the village, keeping a careful watch on any and all movement so she didn't accidentally get jumped on. Dotted around here and there she could see open crates with a whole range of explosives and heavy ordinance that made her frown but also shake her head. It was more than a little clear that the people here were little more than just armed civilians who's only experience in arms was 'point the gun and shoot'. Several objects that she could see were highly explosive and only needed a mere forceful kick before they'd let out a pretty decent explosion. Probably enough to kill someone if they were standing too close when it went off.
Dotted around the crates she could see the sep guards hanging around, mainly in groups of three which made it a bit awkward to just simply waltz up there and take them out. So it left her having to take some initiative instead.
She moved around the side of a house and took careful aim at one of the crates in the far back that she'd noticed the guards standing too close to. Then slowly she removed her rifle from her back and took aim, carefully balancing the weapon so she could quickly pull back out of sight when she fired. One. Two. Three. Bang! The crate went up in a large burst of explosive flame, sending the seps flying back with it's force. Luckily for Kass the sound was enough to attract the attention of the others and she shifted position near the hanger and fired again. Shifting for a third time and using a raised platform for cover before taking out the next.
"I told you we shouldn't have trusted that guy!" Someone shouted just as Kass made it to the boundary fence. The comment gave her pause and she hovered around out of sight trying to catch more over the gun fire. "All well and good to give us the stuff but figures it'd blow up in your face as soon as you touch the fricking thing! What's the bet they gave us the defective stuff?!"
Kass frowned to herself and stuck that tidbit of knowledge in the back of her mind for later before slipping away, well out of range of their hearing to go contact Gearbox. "I took out their crates though they'll be plenty pissed off for a while. Have any luck with the walker?"
The man sighed and shook his head. "No. Doesn't look like this thing will be moving any time soon."
"Don't beat yourself up sir, if it was possible you'd have fixed it." Kass reassured, knowing all too well how the loss of large equipment could be a low blow to any platoon out in the field. Especially with supplies being as slow as they were at current.
Gearbox blinked and a wry smile curled his lip. "Thanks kid. Shame about the driver though, poor guy never stood a chance." He sighed again as he looked to be in thought for a moment. "You'd better head up to Fort Garnik on your own, I've got to stay back here and salvage what I can of the walker before the seps or anyone else does. Keep an eye out for them on your way up, they've been coming out of practically nowhere lately."
"You sure you don't want me to stick around and cover you while you work in that case?" Kass asked with a frown.
Gearbox quickly waved a hand in dismissal. "No no. I'm not exactly new to this, kid. I'll contact Tavus to let him know you're on your way up and what happened. Stay sharp out there though, I'll see you later." He said before cutting the line.
It was then that Kass realised that she'd neither been given a map or directions and she forgot to ask Gearbox for some. Quietly she facepalmed and flagged down a soldier outside the village who happily gave her some directions...provided she promised to take out some snipers on the way up that had entrenched themselves in prime position to take out any convoys or refugees. She wasn't impressed by any means and felt disgusted at the opportunistic behaviour, all too happy to take out the scum on her way.
Upon reaching the fort she was a little surprised to find it was somewhat smaller than what she was familiar with back on Ryloth or some areas on Hoth. On one side there was automated speeder transport and small goods sellers while on the other was a medi tent that had been hurriedly set up. She flagged another soldier down, though her face flushed a bright red when she realised it was a superior officer who simply laughed at her embarrassment and waved it off.
He gave her a fast tour showing the shuttle port toward the back, the cantina, barracks where Havoc had been assigned for sleep, training grounds and the offices where she would be reporting from then on. With extra measure, and a smirk, he also supplied her with a holomap of the island so she could more easily find her way.
Kass gave her thanks and stopped by her assigned room first to drop off her belongings before reporting in. Not that there was much to begin with due to both her tendency to travel light and not exactly having enough money in her bank account to get much beyond basic necessities. All she really had was a locked box that always travelled with her, toiletries, several sets of spare clothing and stuff for maintaining her weapons. But she still stashed the bag somewhere hidden and out of sight before going to report in. Not wanting it found nor rifled through by other people.
She entered the offices that the officer had indicated earlier and stopped when a young man noticed her and got in her path. He looked for some reason heavily nervous and shuffled in place a moment before he started speaking, causing her to raise an eyebrow a little bit. "Excuse me, er, Sergeant. You're the new member to Havoc Squad aren't you? I'm Farn, sir. Private Farn. It's a real honor to meet you! Ord Mantell is my first posting. Can't believe I'm here at the same time as Havoc Squad...and you're so…so…"
Kass slowly caught on as he fumbled around, stumbling over his words, the slight blush on his cheeks in the low lighting. She fought not to rub the bridge of her nose and sigh. It wasn't the first time that she'd had something like this happen but she hadn't been interested in fraternising in a long, long time.
A small feeling of pity developed as she watched him gush a little more. "Private." She said gently, catching his attention fully. "I'm just a woman who knows how to use a gun. That's it. Really. I need to keep this professional if you don't mind..."
Farn caught himself and flushed harder. "I...yes. Sorry sir. Professional. Right. I'm sorry for taking up so much of your time, Havoc's just in the other room but thank you for listening. Means a lot, really." Kass blinked at that but gave him a small nod when he saluted and returned to work while she turned and headed into the adjoining room.
A large blue screen was lit up, detailing a map of the island they were on and a picture of what she presumed was the missing ZR-57 along with a large number of notes linking it to various places on the island via lines. She caught sight of the other Havoc members and quietly waited until they were done talking.
"Yes, so if we focus our efforts on M-sector, I'm certain that we'll-" the man with more full armor looked up and gave a warm smile. "Ah, you must be the sergeant. Welcome, welcome! Good to have you here. '' Kass stood at attention and saluted which he promptly reciprocated. "I'm Commander Harron Tavus, Havoc Squad's commanding officer. We're all excited to have some new blood in the unit finally. For introductions, my second in command is the squad's infiltration and assassination specialist. Captain Zora, also known as Wraith."
"Sergeant." The mirialan acknowledged. Though something in her voice sounded off in just that single word. Clipped and cold. But Kass paid it no mind as the introductions continued.
"This is Fuse." Tavus gestured behind him to a zabrak. "Lieutenant Vanto Bazran. He's an expert in virtually every type of explosive in the known galaxy."
"Oh, hello. Um. Yes. Hello, uh, hello...Sergeant. Good to meet you." He said, nodding in acknowledgement which Kass returned in kind.
Tavus then nodded to the cyborg just behind him on his right. "And this is Needles, Lieutenant Ryler Dorant. A gifted medical genius and particularly adept at synthesising powerful new combat stimulants and adrenals."
Needles came forward and did a slight bow. "My pleasure, Sergeant. It would be my honor to help you perform at your very best." He said and once again Kass had that off feeling...only this time it was accompanied by the creeps as she felt the hair on the back of her neck rise. She fought the urge to shudder as Tavus mentioned Gearbox and focused back on the introductions.
"Everyone, this is the sergeant I mentioned. Ranked first in the Academy for Forward Assault, Search and Destroy and Advanced Recon. It's good to have you, Sergeant."
Kass nodded. "Its a real pleasure to meet all of you."
Tavus turned around and walked toward the screen. "Now, the reason we're all here. Six days ago a Republic transport carrying among it's cargo a ZR-57 orbital strike bomb crashed somewhere out in the northern Avilatan wilderness. It was what caused us to meet here instead of on Coruscant like the original plan." He turned around and rested his hands on his hips. "By the time recovery sent out a unit it was too late and the seps had already run off with both the cargo and the ZR-57."
"Someone on our side must've tipped the seps off. There's no way they should've been able to move that quickly or precisely." Kass said, voicing her suspicions but Tavus was quick to shake his head.
"We considered that possibility but we don't have time for a mole hunt. Finding and getting back that bomb is priority one."
"The ZR-57 is...well it's serious hardware. You know? It can pretty much vaporise this whole island so we better get it back asap or...well...boom." Fuse supplied, causing Kass to frown a little before she turned back to Tavus.
"We're investigating several leads to the bomb's location. But the one I'd like you to look into, Sergeant, comes from a Republic spy named Bellis. He reported making an important discovery but he's in too deep to exfiltrate." Tavus said as he slowly paced in front of them. "What I need you to do is meet up with Bellis in a nearby village called Talloran and see what he knows. He'll meet you in a small alley nearby. Once done return here immediately for debrief. Understood?"
"I'll talk to the guy." Kass replied and Tavus nodded.
"I have one last introduction to make. This is Lieutenant Aric Jorgan of Republic Infantry-" Tavus's words faded out as Kass snapped around at the mere mention of that name.
Her eyes met his and she saw them widen in shock before they hardened into something cold, dark and angry. Oh he recognised her alright, she knew it, and she dropped her gaze to the floor instead as she fought the urge to go running straight out the door. Instead Kass forced herself to salute him as he was her superior officer and it took a little long for him to respond to it. Hopefully her reaction wasn't noticed by the remains of Havoc...otherwise she'd have a lot of awkward explaining to do.
"Since we're on individual missions to search for this bomb, Lieutenant Jorgan is coordinating our efforts from here in the mission room." Tavus said as Aric folded his arms, actively glaring at her.
"Alright, Sergeant. I'll be overseeing your op through the camera mounted on your armor. So I'll see what you see. It activates when you leave the fort." He unfolded his arms and pointed to a device that was attached on her uniform's chest.
Kass, on reflex, followed his gloved finger before she looked up and found he was leaning in a little too close. Her head briefly flashed with the memory of warm smiles and soft, tender kisses. But the cold hard rage that was in his eyes now quickly tossed cold water on it. She knew he was trying to intimidate her and bloody hell was it actually working, if only because of their past history. 
"I'll make this completely clear, rookie. When you're out in the field, what I say goes. No doing something stupid, running off or fiddling with that camera in any way, shape or form. Do I make myself perfectly clear?" He growled, glaring straight into her soul.
"Yes sir." Kass replied, more on forceful reflex than calm assuranty and was relieved when he stood back. Seeming satisfied with her response.
"Good. Just head down to Talloran, meet up with Bellis then get back here without screwing anything up." Aric growled and turned around without waiting on her responses any further.
"Good luck in Talloran, Sergeant. Dismissed." Tavus added, giving her a salute that she was barely able to respond to.
Shakily Kass headed out, no doubt she was horrendously pale and she had to spend a moment to steel herself up before leaving the fort. Knowing that Aric's and likely also Havoc's eyes and ears were on her every moment. So Kass forced herself into her work mode persona, burying all her feelings deep down within herself so she could focus on the task at hand.
Luckily Talloran wasn't all that far from the fort but it was deeply entrenched with seps that were using it as an improvised base due to its easy defences. There looked to be only two ways in or out normally unless someone was willing to take risks roof hopping via the cliffs behind it. Since she fancied keeping both her legs she decided to use the beach to go around the first blockade and see if the back was any less manned.
She slipped around with ease, keeping out of range of the seps eyesight as she clambered over rocks and quietly hurried to the back entrance. There were a pair of corpses already there and a quick check of their skin temperature revealed they were pretty fresh. Kass figured she was on borrowed time since it didn't look like anyone had come to investigate yet and she hurried further into the village, slipping around behind a building to the alley that had been specified.
On the ground she found another corpse, though this one had also looked to have been laying there for a short time. A very short time, however he hadn't been completely swarmed with separatists which was...odd. She knelt down to check the body more thoroughly when her comm went off in her pocket. "Ah shit." Kass muttered, not looking forward to the incoming conversation as she got back to her feet. "Yep. He knows." 
Reluctantly she activated the comm and was met with a smaller but still scowling Aric Jorgan. "Yes. I do know. "He growled. "Great. Bellis is dead, that's some fine work, Sergeant. Do you think you could've taken any longer to get to the RV point? He may as well be decomposed for how long that took just to run down a simple road."
Kass's temper flared at that, sure Aric had every reason to be angry at her but there were limits. "And couldn't the RV point have been made somewhere else rather than a suspicious alley?" She snapped back but instantly regretted the decision when there was a deathly silence on the opposite end of the holo. "Sorry….sir…"
"Not good enough, rookie." Aric said, his voice dangerously quiet. "Luckily for you, there might be a way to rectify this situation. If Bellis followed protocol he should have a coded field box with his findings somewhere in his home in Talloran. If the separatists know that Bellis was a spy they may already be searching his home or waiting to ambush any Republic agents as they come by. So…" he paused a moment before letting out a deep sigh. "Stay alert. You have to get that field box before they do so double-time it."
Kass was quiet for a moment as they both stared at each other. There was a heavy weight between them, a lot of things left unsaid and that most definitely couldn't be said. Not over the comm at least. Finally she gave him a small nod. "I'll be on my way shortly, sir."
"Good. Jorgan out." He replied and cut the line.
She let out a heavy sigh before pulling out her rifle and double checked her map which had thankfully updated with where Bellis' home was supposed to be. In the distance she could hear voices shouting angrily and cautiously she looked around the corner of the building. There in the entrance there was finally a group of seps investigating those bodies that had been left there. Kass took fast advantage of the distraction to slip around behind them and enter the house.
There was no one on the ground floor but she heard movement above her and quietly slipped upstairs. She found a woman sitting at a table drumming her fingers on the desk who was quick to notice her and her uniform. 
"What do you think you're doing? Why are you in my house?! Is there no limit to your nerve??" The woman yelled, getting up from the table to approach her. "You barricade the town, break into homes…"
She paused a moment as she waved her hands in the air. "Are you insane?!" She hissed. "You're going to blow my husband's cover storming here in plain view. What're you thinking?!"
Kass inwardly winced, she wasn't looking forward to this one bit. She didn't know Bellis was married and it hit home all too damn hard for her. "Can you tell me where to find your husband's field box, ma'am?" She asked, keeping her voice low so they didn't attract the attention of the seps outside.
"Bellis told me that no Republic agent would come looking for that unless...unless-" the woman paused a moment and Kass saw that moment of understanding dawn on her before her face crumpled into painful misery. "No no, not Bellis. He can't be dead no!"
Guilt hit her square in the gut as Aric's face a long time ago appeared in her mind and right at that moment she felt like the worst scum in the galaxy. Just simply standing there, unable to do anything to even help comfort Bellis's wife as she started to cry behind her hands. Then the woman's vengeful fury hit as Bellis's wife stalked forward toward her. "Bellis risked his life every day for you people and now you've gotten him killed! Damn you, damn all of you! He was a good man and now he's dead because of a stupid war on some backwater planet no one even cares about!"
"Please. A lot of innocent lives are on the line, I need that field box." Kass pleaded gently.
"And just why should I give it to you?! Why should I care for the Republic now after what they caused? If they'd simply done their job properly none of this would've happened but no. Instead you got my husband killed. All of you!"
"The separatists murdered your husband ma'am. Not me." Kass tried to reason but the woman screamed in rage and her hand lifted in the air. One moment, then a sharp slapping sound rang through the air as she stood there panting and sobbing.
"Don' that...garbage!" She yelled, trying to catch her breath. "If you hadn't made him go spy on the separatists, he'd still be here. You want his field box so bad? It's over there. Take it and get out! Don't ever come back here! Leave me alone!"
Kass winced as her cheek stung, but she managed to keep calm and instead, salute Bellis' wife. She rolled her eyes and made a disgusted sound in response before Kass grabbed the field box and headed downstairs to make her escape.
Luck wasn't on her side as Aric's warning of an ambush rang true and she quickly charged the nearest man, shoving him out of the way with her shoulder so she could exit out the door. Her feet moved fast as she ran out the back entrance, trying to make as many angles between her and her pursuers as possible before skidding down the rock face she scaled earlier to the beach. Using the natural features as a shield until she turned a corner back onto the main road toward Fort Garnik,  her hair being a complete pain in the ass as it flopped from its usual position and obscured part of her face.
She didn't stop until she reached the offices and turned the corner, meeting face to face with Aric. He looked up from the console where he was and walked down toward her. "I'll take the field box from you, Sergeant. Maybe next time, you can bring me a live Republic agent instead." he growled but stopped when she handed over the field box.
Kass slowly noticed his gaze was intense as he looked her up and down slowly before leaning in again. He didn't say anything this time and there was nothing to really give a hint to her of what his mood was as she met his gaze tiredly. Eventually he leaned back once more and shook his head for some unknown reason.
"Go and get some rest for the night. I expect you back here at ten hundred tomorrow, Havoc might have a lead for you then." Aric snapped and turned his back rather than wait for her salute. So she didn't bother and quietly left, walking back to the dorms and flopping face first on her bed, her arms moving on reflex to deposit her weapon and side arm to either side of her. Finally letting herself doze off for just a little while since it was quiet and peaceful.
Eventually she reluctantly got up and left her weapons on the desk so she could clean them later when suddenly she heard a knock on her door and frowned before going over to open it. Outside she found Private Farn holding a bag shyly out to her.
"Erm. Hi, Sergeant." He started and noticed she looked confused as well as tired. "Sorry for waking you but one of the officers asked...well ordered I give this to you."
Kass slowly blinked and took it as Farn gave her a salute and quickly left. She backed away from the door and let it close before sitting down and looking in the bag. There was no note but in it she found a fresh bag of ice and a bottle of one of her favourite mixed shesharilian vodka drinks that was flavoured like camby berries.
There was only one damn person in the galaxy who knew she liked that particular drink, just one and he was the one still pissed off with her for good reason. "You blasted idiot, Aric…" she sighed, debating on whether to call Farn back so he could return it. But a moment of weakness struck her and she popped open the top instead, taking a moment to sip and let the flavour roll around on her tongue as she let herself finally relax her guard just a little.
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charmedglass · a month ago
{ Rwby spoilers ahead! I do work so I probably won’t be on much today, but I really wanted to lay out my thoughts before then.
Tumblr media
                                    You know the drill! You hit the read more, then I’m not liable for your spoilers.
                          Sooo, overall, I can say I both liked and disliked bits and pieces of this episode. Let’s break it down. What I absolutely love, loved right off the bat no questions asked.
                             Starting off with Ambrosius. I’m loving that rwby is keeping true to the myths that Djinn and Genies were super dangerous, that even an expression, can be used against them. I love that we see that in Ambrosius, even after he compliments their wit regarding Penny, only to give them a super dangerous golden bridge that you can’t turn back from. 
                         It ties back to Jinn too, how she won’t tolerate being needlessly summoned, but rewards someone being clever. It gives us a neat idea of the different types of supernatural dangers. I want the other two Spirits to be the same way, to be dangerous in some way that ties not just to power, but to how you speak. 
                     Next up, Robyn and Qrow. Marrow throwing himself into the line of fire to prevent them from being hurt, my heart went out to him. The concern we see on both Robyn and Qrrow leads me to believe that his choice to take the hit won’t be forgotten either. I really hope he’s okay-
                          Following up, we have Robyn who absolutely did not waver in her choices, grabbed another airship and took off after Harriet and Vine.
       ( I know people will do backlash like, oh, Vine nearly convinced Harriet to not drop the big bomb! I see your point. But please think about this from both Robyn and Qrow’s perspective. They grabbed the airship with the bomb, and were fully prepared to wipe out hundreds of innocents, which now included Atlas, not just Mantle. These aren’t just Atlas Ace Ops anymore, these are people trying to place values into their leader, when their whole goal from the start has changed from protection, to annihilation. I truly believe Robyn and Qrow making that choice to go after them was a good call, because there’s always the chance that Vine wouldn’t have been able to convince Harriet. Which, pretty believable considering she launched him out of the ship. )
                           So, split second decisions? I’m living for them doing so. Side note, I know people find it hilarious that Qrow was a bird before goign feral through the airship windshield- but take a moment to think how absolutely terrifying that has to be. Like. Damn. 
                    Onwards to the Golden Roads, ah. Yeah. 
                    I honestly expect all of RWBY to be thrown into the Abyss, given the opening. If not, I will be genuinely surprised, since I don’t believe Yang is dead. ( I highly doubt any of Rwby will die, but if one of them does, I will actually be pleasantly surprised. Why? Because, when you have a group of protagonists, you never see a main casualty from said group. It would be interesting. I’m not saying I specifically want Yang dead, just, that if any of rwby died, it would be something I didn’t expect, and would be curious to see how the show took it from here. ) 
                  Penny is precious as always. I don’t agree with her turning back, but at the same time, if all of rwby goes into the Abyss, she may be the one in the lead to drive off Cinder and Neo, aided by Nora and Jaune, and whichever members of the Happy Huntresses haven’t crossed into Vacuo yet.
                  Vacuo? Sandstorm? More likely than you think. I have a few original characters I made to come from Vacuo, and this seems right up the ally for Vacuo. ( Even if the grimm hype is another point to tally for the suspense, it checks out actually. Vacuo’s motto has always been, if you can survive, you belong. This is a pretty good example of why that is. ) 
                            James. Whooooo boy. James. I know we all wanted his decisions to be hyper focused from Mettle, butttt, let me shed a little more light from my perspective. 
                                   I honestly flinched when he killed Jacques. We know he was killing people who opposed him, but this was another point. Even if Mettle isn’t active, James is now desperate. Mantle will never trust him, and Atlas has begun to flee with Mantle. His entire fortress is crashing down, that he has put so much time, dedication and effort into maintaining, even at the cost of his own health. Destruction in the name of protecting what is left ( even if what’s left isn’t anything at all. )
                    Who let Salem get access with mister Watts? That would be Jacques. ( Good example is people finding it funny how Robyn threw a chair and shouted only when he said he only wanted to win the election. Only? Only the election? By giving a weak spot to a supernatural Grimm goddess lady? To an entire city praised for it’s technological advances? Yeah, a hacker for Salem will only rig an election for you, sure buddy. Imagine how James felt. He’s known about her for far longer, and knows the damage Salem can inflict. )
                               I think James possibly knows he is going down. Having tunnel vision, hyper focusing to get the job done. It doesn’t end just because you fail, and I really do feel badly. I wanted to see how he could recover from this, if he could at all, to get back up again and realize even if your heart was in the right place, you didn’t quite execute it proper. But it doesn’t seem like we’re going to get that far. 
                              ( Don’t misunderstand me. I do want him to pay for what he’s done, because for the longest time, he really did want to keep people safe. He just, went way too far. But I don’t want the easy way out of just death. )
                    Best of wishes to Winter, because this won’t be an easy fight. 
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extremelyblackandwhite · a month ago
scrubs - 3.
 pairing: doctor!sebastian stan x biomedical scientist!reader
warnings: smut (18+), swearing
< previous chapter
Tumblr media
Y/N wasn’t one to get drunk, she didn’t need alcohol to make her feel better and would only drink whenever work had completely screwed her over. Even during university, she’d be the one who’d end up bringing her friends into the taxi and ensure they all got home safe. She’d never be the one drunk in the back of the taxi, giggling at every single thing as if every thing in the world was funny. Sebastian was sat next to her, trying to hold a somewhat stoic look so the taxi driver wouldn’t give the two of them a dirty look but he was probably even more intoxicated than her. 
She leaned against the worn out brown leather seats, turning her head to look at him, her wild eyes looking up and down at him before she moved closer to him, her eyes looking at him in a way that made him weak in the knees. He did the same, moving towards her before they were hip to hip, lost in an alcohol, unrestrained daze. He made the first move, closing the distance between their lips. His hand cupped her face to deepen the kiss, the other one brought her thigh over his lap. The car came to a halt in front of a huge modern, apartment building and Sebastian handed the taxi driver a few notes before exiting the car with her. The two looked pretty much like a couple who had known each other for ages to any outsiders, much different from the bickering dynamic both of them had in the hospital. He led her inside the modern building, the sort of building she expected an experience doctor to live in, yet she wasn’t the least interested in the luxury of his life neither was he interested in showing it to her. The two were lost in each other, kissing each other’s lips as if their life depended on it, his lips sometimes lowering from hers to the neck.
The lift doors opened onto the penthouse he lived in. There was no surprise he lived in luxury, he had been a doctor for a while now at one of the most prestigious hospitals in New York; however, the scenery from his penthouse almost distracted her from the feeling of his lips against her exposed neck. Almost. She could almost swear she’d be happy to only feel his lips on the soft skin of her neck until she felt his bulge grind against her. He wrapped her legs around his waist, holstering her up to walk the two into the bedroom.
The doctor laid her atop his luxurious silk sheets, standing at the end of his bed to remove his scrubs leaving her to gasp in wonder at his physic. He looked like a doctor straight out of those awfully inaccurate tv shows with sculpted muscles and a sheen which almost seemed painted on. She stood on top of her forearms as he remained in front of her completely naked and proud, like a Greek marble statue. She quickened to pull off her jeans and top off, the clothing pooling on the side of his bed as he learned towards her to kiss her once more. 
      - You’re just fucking gorgeous. - he commented between kisses, eying her body still partially covered by her lingerie up and down. 
His lips moved from her cherry tinted lips down to her collarbones, hands removing her bra and pushing it away from her body. She was stunning, so fucking stunning and he had to honest to himself and admit he’d thought about her in a less than professional setting. She was a beautiful woman, probably one of the prettiest women who walked the hospital grounds everyday and her argumentative nature only threw gasoline into the fire. Now here she was, under him, lustful eyes and whines generated by his own ministrations. He kissed down from her collarbones to her breasts, taking one of her buds into his mouth. His warm tongue swirled around the sensitive peaked bud, her eyes fluttering as she mewled, his other hand massaging the unattended breast. Her hand combed through his hair, pulling at the roots as he shifted from breast to breast, leaving a wet trail once his lips lowered down to the beginning of her panties. 
     - These are not work appropriate, are they? - he teased her about the completely lacy fabric only covered by cotton at the bottom. - You’re trying to get someone’s attention?
    - Sebastian ... - she whined as he slowly took her underwear, hand massaging her calf as he did so. - Just do something. 
    - No, baby, you don’t get to argue with me about this. - he learned forward again, kissing her harshly. - You like fucking arguing so much with me, baby doll. Not here, baby, not here. 
    - Seb. - she pouted but he didn’t care. He took pleasure in her pouting, nibbling at the side of her jaw as his knuckles grazed her folds. Her hand grabbed his shoulder as she bite her lip at the quickly gone sensation which was quickly replaced by him pushing two fingers inside of her. - Fuck!
He smirked, lowering to suck the skin of her neck as his fingers started thrusting in and out of her, stroking her walls in a quick motion while his thumb circled her clit. She whined and moaned, the sensation being too much until she came undone, her nails dug into his skin. He left her neck, kissing her mid breathe before raising his fingers in front of his face. His lips wrapped around his own fingers, licking her juices off, smirking. 
    - One day I’ll eat you out. - he kissed her again. - Just you fucking wait.
    - Just fuck me, please. - she almost cried out in a whiney tone. Sebastian chuckled at her eagerness, leaning down to messily kiss her as he finally thrust into her into a swift motion.
She moaned, feeling nothing but him and the faint scent of his cologne. He moved out almost fully before bottoming into her once again, his arm snaked around her back, the other other gripping her waist as he started to thrust in and out of her. He whipped his head up, groaning at the feeling of her warm walls clenching and milking her the more he thrust in and out of her. He would’ve remained with his slow pace, almost to torture her, but the sound of her moans and whines woke and stirred something up inside of him. He gripped her hip and quickened his pace, searching for his own high. This was definitely not slow, it was slamming in and out, rough and raw and both of them were enjoying every moment.
   - Look at me, you little brat. - he almost growled out as he started to notice her walls were clenching him much tighter. - Look at me, look at who’s fucking you this good. C’mon baby, don’t wanna argue anymore?
   - Seb! - her eyes were slightly open, looking up, while her hand was gripping the sheets under her. Her breathe quickened, coming up more frequently until it all ended with a big gasp, her chest almost raising from the mattress as she herd what felt like static. 
Sebastian continued his motions, not slowing down, chasing his own orgasm until he groaned, mouth open as small noises came out, grip still firmly on her hip as ropes and ropes of cum painted her walls. He leaned to kiss her, still recovering from his high before he rolled to the side, one arm keeping her flush against his chest. Both of them fell asleep after a few minutes of catching their breath, a small sheet barely covering both of them.
Y/N woke up with the sun shinning onto her face. She groaned, turning her face to the side before noticing she was not laying on top of a mattress. She slowly opened her eyes to see Dr. Stan, shirtless, under her. The scientist furrowed her brows before noticing she too was naked. Shit. 
She rolled away from him slowly, falling onto the mattress before she rolled herself onto the floor. She clearly gathered her bag and clothes, putting them on before walking out that door. God. What the? How did she end up in this situation? Mojitos, that’s what happened. She made it onto the street, one shoe still on her hand as she attempted it to put it on while still trying to call for a taxi. She entered the first one who pulled up, seating in the backseat as she watched herself in the rearview mirror. God damn it. 
   - Where to, miss?
   - The hospital, please. - at least she was not late for work. Last thing she wanted was to be late and hear the laboratory manager make his sexist remarks about “ladies and their time”.  
The taxi stopped in front of the hospital and she exited straight to the parking lot where her car was still parked. Opening the door, she pulled her emergency kit to at least wash her face and teeth and put some makeup so she does not look as if she had just gotten drunk the past night and slept with someone. Not just someone. Dr. Stan, out of all people.
She grumbled to herself, walking through the corridors of the hospital until sshe found the staff bathroom to fix herself up. Finding a completely free one, she took care of trying to look presentable despite the fact she was wearing yesterdays clothes and missing her bra as she could not find it. How great. 
She pulled her hair up as she entered the laboratory, grabbing her lab coat and putting it on along with some gloves and goggles. Miriam was already in their workbench, looking at some paperwork to match with the information of the samples. Why did she have to be early today? Out of all days she had to be early.  
   - Hello, Y/N. 
   - Not today. - she sat on her work bench, grabbing her schedule to look at what she was doing today. - Who’s doing what today? 
   - I don’t know, you’re the boss. We have some knee fluids, urine samples, blood samples, sputum samples, everything samples. I gave the worse ones to the trainees because they deserve to be hazed. 
   - Are you still salty your trainer gave you the worse possible type of sample and are now traumatising the newbies?
   - That depends ... are you wearing the same jeans because you went home with someone else or is that hickey an hallucination? 
   - No. I just ... I haven’t done the washing yet, so I had to wear the same jeans and the hickey ... I burned myself, curling my hair. 
   - No, you did not. - she twirled in her chair. - You have the “sex” face and by the looks of it, it was a good one. Who was it? Was it Brendan? He’s entirely too cute to only be a med student. Besides, he would look good on my wedding photos.
   - I did not have sex, okay? Can you just do your job, now? Please?
   - Okay, I guess he didn’t fuck you long enough.
Y/N rolled her eyes, walking over to check on the progress of the trainees mostly because she was still much too tired to begin working with microscopic things. She was entirely sure she had sex with Sebastian and she could almost still feel him, she could feel his lips against her skin, and the way his ...
   - Miss Y/N? - her thought train was interrupted, probably for the best, by one of the trainees. - Dr. Stan is here.
Fuck. She tried to get herself together. She could have this conversation, both of them were grown ups. Grown ups have sex all the time and they ... discuss it? She didn’t know, all she knew is that suddenly she was missing the times he’d come downstairs to argue with her about his samples being denied time and time again or his diagnosis being contested by her. She pulled herself together, putting a professional smile on her face as she walked back to her workbench where Dr. Stan and Miriam were chatting. 
   - Lab coat. - she repeated for what was the second time. 
   - That won’t be necessary. Can we talk?
   - Oh ... okay. - she followed him outside the lab where she leaned against the wall. She can do this, right? Yeah, she can do this. 
   - I spoke with the laboratory manager and he said it’s up to you to chose to deny my infected tissue samples or not. Listen, the patient is a pain and it would be great if you’d let this one slide. 
   - Oh. 
   - Please? 
   - Uhm ... yeah. It’ll be delayed but okay.
   - Can you speed it up?
   - No. - she prepared to go back to the laboratory. - Next time, tell your nurses to label the samples correctly.  
She walked into the laboratory with flames on her step, sitting on her bench and crossing her arms across her chest. That fucking asshole, how dare he not even mention it? Did he remember it? If she could remember it then he probably remembered it too. 
   - You look pissed. - Miriam commented but it only further angered Y/N.
   - You know what? Your theory about fucking your arguments away? Well, it did not fucking work and I hope he gets this years flu.
   - Oh my god. - she stopped her laughter, putting her hand in front of her mouth. - You slept with Dr. Sebastian Stan? This is great. 
   - No, this is not great. I fucking hate him. 
   - This is adorable. He too will look great on my wedding photos. 
   - Shut up, Miriam. 
taglist: @rebekahdawkins​ 
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kitsunekook · a month ago
Meet cute
A/n: Comfort fic for my comfort character
Pairing: Ryunosuke Akutagawa x reader
Summary: You had had the misfortune of stumbling upon a crime scene and falling for the criminal.
Tumblr media
 He was prejudiced against your kind. Everyone reminded you of that. Everyone ridiculed you for it, but you had grown a thick skin after the first few months. You knew he hated the weak, it made you question why he chose you, but it also motivated you to be stronger, if not physically then mentally. 
You had had the misfortune of chancing upon a Port Mafia deal going wrong, Ryunosuke in all his cruel glory, massacred everyone present with his ability. You felt a foreign sound ringing in your ears, screaming, until you realized that it was your scream and that you captured his attention through it. You stumbled upon your feet, moving away and making a run for it. His ability took the shape of a scythe, hooking around you and pulling you back, close to him again. The area reeked of bloody entrails and death, his comrade stood close to him, a malicious smile painting her face. Bloodlust in her eyes. After being surrounded by all this death, she still wasn’t content.  They were going to kill you. “Thirty seconds, explain.” He spoke calmly, the woman beside him pulled out a golden stopwatch from her pocket and looked at you with a sinister gleam in her eyes. You could hear the blood rushing in your ears, feel the rapid beating of your heart, sensations you were desperately clinging to, knowing that it will be the last time you could feel them. Warm tears rolled down your cheeks, your bag hung on your shoulders, with all those books you would never get to study and notes from classes you would never again attend. “Twenty.” The woman called out. With trembling lips you finally uttered, “It won’t matter what I say, you will kill me anyway, you want to. Why are you drawing this out?” He had expected you to give a rushed explanation, beg for your life, panic. Your reaction had taken him aback. Without a word, he let you go. Ichiyo seemed to have been agitated by his act of mercy and without a warning started to empty the bullets from her machine gun into you. She was firing, but the bullets never reached you, there was a barrier between you and them, it caught all the bullets. Akutagawa grabbed her and took her away with him. A sigh escaped your lips, making your muscles relax as you fell to the floor. Your heart still beat in your chest, you still heard the blood rush, your head pounded but you were glad. You had encountered Ryunosuke Akutagawa, one of the deadliest people alive, one that even the police did not dare go after. You watched him single-handedly kill fifteen people. He had almost killed you, yet here you were, crying, surrounded by fifteen corpses. 
The next you saw him was outside your university. You still smelled strongly of paint and varnish, wanting nothing more than a warm shower to rid yourself of the migraine-inducing smell. The students around you burst into chaos, running as far away from the gate as possible. You quirked your brow in confusion. A sense of dread settled in the pit of your stomach, still walking towards the gate. It had only taken a second-long glimpse of the raven hair with frost tips that had you turning around and running inside along with the students. Akutagawa spotted you, rushing towards you, hooking you in once again. A scream tore from your lips as you desperately tried to rid yourself of Rashomon’s grip. His hands wrapped around your wrist, gently pulling you near him. He put on his best smile, but you could see how strained it was, he wasn’t the type to smile. “I came to see you.” He spoke. Your eyes were filled with fear, as you took him in. Taking your silence as a cue to continue he spoke again, “I couldn’t stop thinking about you, ever since we last met, do you really see me as a mindless killing machine with nothing more than bloodlust fuelling me?” he called your near death experience a ‘meeting’, you suppressed the urge to scoff at him. You dared not answer him honestly, words seem to have left you, making you simply shake your head as a way of letting him know that it was not what you felt. “Come with me?” He asked, you nodded your head, in fear of losing it lest you reject him. His grip on you was not bruising, it was gentle. His pace wasn’t fast either, he walked with sure steps but he walked slowly for you to keep up. His ability did not hook around you either, for any onlooker it would seem like two completely ordinary people taking a stroll together. “Where are we going?” you squeaked out. “To the coast,” he answered. That was it, wasn’t it? He was going to drown your body. “But isn’t that far away? Walking there will-” “No, this one is not, it is my favorite seaside, and the best part is that it is secluded, there won’t be a lot many people around.” It was sure now, you were going to die, he was going to kill you. 
The grass crunched beneath your feet as you walked closer to the sparkling sea. He sat down, looking at you expectantly to follow his actions. He had never really thought of himself as someone who would go on a date, he had seen starvation and death and formed strong ideals of a clear distinction between the weak and the strong. Forming a strong opinion on the annihilation of everyone he deemed to be weak. Yet here he was, his heart beating erratically in the presence of someone who had submitted to the idea of death rather than trying to fight it. He had dedicated his existence to killing for the  Port Mafia, never allowing himself the weakness of emotions. You sat across from him, muscles alert in case you had to run. “I don’t like it when people come here,  but you can whenever you want.” He mumbled, picking at the grass. “Okay,” you answered softly. “I won’t hurt you, you can relax,” He commented. He refused to meet your eyes, focussing only on pulling out blades of grass from the soil. “Does it bother you? Meeting me? Being seen with me?” You could sense the nervous panic he was probably feeling from just the tone of his words, it was not in your nature to be indifferent to it, plastering your most genuine looking smile, you shook your head. “Not at all, we could meet more if that is what you want,” He lifted his eyes up to meet yours, and in that brief moment, you could see the hope shining in them. ‘Was he evil or was it all just circumstantial?’ He seemed to be a little relieved upon hearing your words.
The next couple of months seem to feel like a strange dream, you could not really figure out at what point his presence had started to feel comforting and safe rather than threatening, when you had gotten used to the scent of smoke and blood that he was always enveloped in. You knew who he was, what he did, you knew how wrong it was and how it should repulse you, but you were still a stranger to those feelings, you were akin to him being gentle with you, being patient, and trying his best to constantly appease you, be worthy of you and your appreciation. The notion of his darker self was foreign to you, you were not blind to it but you were not in a position to readily accept that his personality was this one dimensional. You had not hesitated when he had asked you out, the word ‘yes’ seemed to roll out from your lips as easily as waves in the sea. He wasn’t the kind to show his emotions freely, rarely smiling or choosing to talk, but once you were comfortable around him, that did not seem to be much of a problem, being a chatty person, you made up for his silence. 
Things were not as perfect as you would want them, being with him meant that your safety was highly compromised. The oddity that the both of you were, also meant hostility from his associates, one constantly reeking of blood whereas the other had the smell of turpentine following her. The religious following he had was another obstacle for both of you, it repulsed people to see the both of you together, they held him as high and mighty whereas you were labelled as his weak distraction. You had let all of this get to you, spent nights feeling miserable and crying to yourself, hiding it all from him. You had snapped once, letting it all pour out in the middle of a petty quarrel and breaking down, suggesting the idea to end everything. He was out of words, every instinct in his body telling him to end the pathetic lives of those who had dared to hurt you, but he held himself together. A soft exhale left his lips as he crouched down before you, taking your hands in his. “Does it matter?” he asked you, “You make me the happiest I have ever been, if I do the same for you, why should what they feel or say matter to us?”
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The Beginning
Steve Rogers x Reader Soulmate AU
(As You Wish Part 1)
Summary: In a world where everyone gets a soulmate tattoo when they turn eighteen, Steve doesn’t.
Warnings: None maybe like one curse word
Word Count: 2.4k
A/N: Ok so, first chapter of the Steve Rogers soulmate au. It’s A LOT of exposition, sorry, I promise they will properly meet in the next chapter but this needed to be done.  Let me know what you think and if you have any requests for future chapters! Thank yall for reading!’
When Steve was young, he always dreamed of who his soulmate would be. It sounds crazy, being born the year that WWI ended and living through the great depression, but Steve has and always will be an optimist. He still held out hope for meeting the one that fate destined him to be with. On July 4, 1936, Steve turned 18 and woke up to no tattoo. Nothing. He searched every inch of his body and yet it was blank. Did he not have a soulmate? Was he too unhealthy and would die before he got to meet her? He didn’t have long to wonder, WWII began and everyone was talking about war with Germany. It took until 1941 when Steve was 23 for America to declare war against Adolf Hitler and Japan after the December bombing of Pearl Harbor. Steve tried everything to be a part of the military, to fight for his country and everything that he loved. But he was too weak, had too many health problems. They told him no every time until one day when after being rejected once again he met a doctor who said that he could change everything. He went to training, and since he didn’t have muscle and brawn to rely on he used his wits to get by. In 1943 he was taken to a lab and injected with a serum that changed his whole life. He became the poster boy of the war and absolutely hated it. He didn’t go through all the pain and hardships to sell bail bonds instead of fight. 
When he heard that Bucky’s outfit had been captured while he was doing a show in Europe he knew he had to act. He was able to free his friend and the rest of the unit and they started the howling commandos. He and Bucky would lead the men on missions against Hydra, the very people that took Bucky in the first place. He felt fulfilled, he was finally doing what he had wanted to do since the war began, he was fighting for his country. But then there was Austria and he lost Bucky. He had to fight against Red Skull, then there was the plane, and all he knew was darkness. 
In 1986 a child was born, a little girl who defied all odds in her birth. It was a difficult pregnancy for her mom, she was born premature and they were worried that she wouldn’t make it, but she did. Her whole life she was told about the miracle of her birth and the fact that she was alive at all. She accepted it and yet she never let it slow her down. When she was young she had lung issues, which was to be expected with someone born as early as she was. But she pressed on and by the time she was 18 she no longer had those issues much to the doctors' surprise. Yhey believed that she would never be as capable as those around her. They were wrong. 
The alarm clock blared from its place on the nightstand. Groaning you reached over and slammed your hand down on the off button before rolling on your back and letting out a sigh. You took a moment to wake up before moving to get up and get ready for your day. You dragged your feet to the bathroom rubbing your face before looking at your disheveled appearance. Your eyes shot open at the tattoo that had appeared on your forearm. Dog tags. Two tags connected by a chain that wrapped its way around your arm. You could see everything on the top tag but the one below it was at an angle the top tag covering most of the words. The top one had a long-stemmed flower along the bottom with the words “I can do this all day” above it. On the bottom one you could make out two letters of what made up the top line St, Cap was all you could see on the second line. The bottom line was the only one you could properly read Brooklyn, USA. It was too early in the morning for you to worry or wonder what any of that meant. You had a Cal 3 final that day and you didn't have time to worry about a soulmate and who they might be. You were currently working towards an engineering degree, focusing on robotics, your dream job would be working for Tony Stark one day. Throwing on your jacket you headed out of the door.
Today is the day! You are graduating top of your class, with honors, from your masters. No one thought that you could finish both your bachelors and masters within 4 years but again you proved them wrong. Your parents were sitting in the audience cheering their heads off for you and your accomplishments. They always supported you and your dreams. Walking across the stage made it all feel real, you were finally done with college and you were about to start the next step in your life. The only regret you had was that you hadn’t found your soulmate, but if fate had picked them, you were bound to meet them when the time is right. 
Stepping out of the auditorium doors your thoughts were abruptly stopped when you ran into a figure in front of you. 
"Oof... I am so sorry I didn't mean to hit you I was just lost in my thoughts.” your rambling immediately stopped when the man in front of you turned to face you and you were met by none other than Tony Stark.
“I mean I know I’m attractive but I didn’t think I had the ability to pull such a beautiful woman into me.” The smirk on his face caused you to roll your eyes. You may be a fan but even you thought that his flirting was too much.
“I’m sure you say that to all of the ladies,” you said raising your eyebrow, before speaking with sincerity, “I am sorry Mr. Stark for running into you, I just have a million things on my mind.” 
“Like a job?” He quipped, you looked at him in surprise.
“Well yes, but doesn't everyone who just graduated have that on their minds?” you asked thoroughly confused.
“Probably, but not all of them are being offered a job at Stark industries currently.”
“I’m sorry, I don’t think I understand.” This was definitely not the way you expected this conversation to go when you first bumped into him.
“Let me clarify," he said, clearing his throat before continuing, "Miss. Y/L/N, would you like to come work for me at Stark industries? I was contacted by the university about you and was very pleased with what they sent me. I felt like I had to meet you in person and now that I’m here I’ve decided that you are exactly what I need.”
"Excuse me?" you knew that your confusion was now written on your face.
“I need a personal assistant, not like an HR assistant, but someone to help me create new products. You see I saw the project that you worked on your final year of your master, which completing a bachelors and a masters within 4 years is very impressive, and I knew I had to speak to the person that created a way to use my arc reactor technology in real life.” He spoke as though he already knew your answer, which as much as you hated to admit, he did. You were blushing by the end of his speech as well as completely gobsmacked.
“I would love to work at Stark industries with you sir.” your voice came out a little more breathy than you wanted, but you couldn't find it in yourself to care. 
“Perfect, I will let Pepper know to get the paperwork ready. Do you have a soulmate that will need to move with you to California?” He asked while typing something out on his phone. 
“No sir, I haven’t met him yet.” You couldn't help the sadness that seeped into your tone at his question
“Really?" his eyes shot up to look at you and he looked genuinely surprised. "What a shame. Anyway, I have people to do and things to see. I look forward to having you work at my company.” The wink he sent you at the end of his sentence assured you that he had in fact said what you thought he said.
And with that, he left just as quickly as he arrived. You stood frozen, unable to believe that that had just happened. You were shaken out of your shock by your parents running over to talk with you. They were just as surprised as you at the fact that Tony Stark himself just came to your graduation to personally hire you. You must have really left an impression on him.
You worked side by side with him for the next 3 years, creating new ways to use the technology he had for things other than war. Tony gave you full reign of your own division of the business, one focused more on humanitarian work than military products. You were in California with Pepper when the news that he was taken while in Afghanistan broke. Obadiah Stane approached you soon after Tony’s disappearance, asking you to join a different division to work on projects for him, your distrust for Stane became obvious when you refused his proposal.  He promptly fired you. 
You found other ways to spend your time after being fired. You learned how to rock climb and took a self-defense class. You were a young woman living in Los Angeles and you knew that you needed to be able to protect yourself. When Shield approached you with a job offer you politely refused, something about them made you wary, though you couldn't say what. You decided instead to work as a mechanic for a while. You had an old WW2-era Indian motorcycle that you were planning on restoring and working with mechanics gave you insight into how exactly to do that. 
When Stark got returned, he was surprised to find out that you had been fired from Stark industries. He was quick to rehire you and ask for your help with the smaller arc reactor. He also asked you for your opinion when it came to his new suit. You sat there in the garage laughing at him when Dummie kept spraying him with the fire extinguisher, while you worked on your motorcycle. 
You helped him design Stark Tower. Creating some of the mechanical parts in the lab areas. He even made sure that there was a lab specifically for you to use whenever you came to New York. Everything changed though when they found Captain America in the ice, you helped Tony create a way to safely thaw him, but you didn’t go with him when he delivered it to Shield. In hindsight maybe you should have.
Waking up from being frozen Steve was greeted by a whole new world. Everything was different and everyone that he knew and loved were dead or close to. That wasn’t all. He woke up with a tattoo, a soulmate mark. It lay on the inner part of his right bicep. It was a bouquet of buttercups with the words ‘as you wish’ in messy cursive passing through at the smallest area of stems. He had no idea what any of it meant. But just like when he turned 18 he didn't have much time to wonder. He was called by Shield to help save the world from the very thing that he went into the ice to destroy. To say he was pissed when he found out what shield was doing would be an understatement. But innocent people needed him and so he fought. 
The next couple of weeks went by in a whirlwind. You were in California, helping run Stark industries, when the fight, later named the Battle of New York, occurred. When the battle was over Tony called asking for your help in New York to rebuild Stark Tower that would become Avengers tower. He had you help redesign it so that the avengers could live in it once everything settled a little bit. You helped design a safe room for Banner, who quickly became a close friend to you, as well as rooms and gadgets for the rest of the avengers. 
  You arrived in New York a couple of days after the battle and were amazed by the sheer size of it. Yes, Los Angeles was large but in a different way. You checked into your hotel and decided that it was too late to go out since you were on a late flight. You entered your hotel room and flopped onto the bed, not even bothering to change into your pajamas before passing out for the night. 
  Waking up the next morning was much harder than normal, you were still tired from everything that you had to do before leaving California the day before and the flight that you took. You quickly decided that you would get ready and find a nice diner to eat at before reporting in to Tony. A quick search on your phone told you that there was a nice diner just a block away from your hotel that hadn’t been affected by the battle. Walking up to the door you were surprised when the door opened in front of you and a very tall, very muscular blonde man walked out. When he noticed you he stepped to the side and held open the door for you. 
“Ma’am,” he said, nodding his head at you, you were struck by how old school it seemed coming from such a young man, he couldn’t be more than three years older than you. You smiled at him and spoke a quick thank you before stepping into the restaurant. 
  You didn’t know at the time how close you had been to meeting your soulmate, but he had other things he needed to do, and a whole world to reacquaint himself with. It would be months before Steve would move into the Towers and a year before you would make the move from California to New York at the request of Tony.
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