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#and then there's DARK
blissfulparker18 hours ago
How many requests do you delete daily? Cause I delete around 5-6 people who disrespect my guidlines. Similar to yours just no dark!Character of any kind.
I would say like 2-3, mostly it is just the Length or some guilt message at the end. Some of the ones I delete just so quickly because they make me angry as to why they even want to fantasize about that. I never pick fights though, it鈥檚 not worth it.
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This is so random but when looking at a series of online writing workshops as part of a university's event for writers the first workshop I'm drawn to, and intend on booking, is one on Writing Trauma and is overbooked and I genuinely can't decide whether it's funny, sad or uplifting that so many of us are going "huh how can I channel my trauma into my writing?" Since I love to laugh and because it is a little sad, I'm saying all 3.
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danni-dollarsign8 days ago
For years I never understood the concept of dark-types in pokemon. But they make a WHOLE lot more sense when u realize that they鈥檙e termed as聽鈥渁ku鈥 - or聽鈥渆vil鈥 -聽in Japanese.
I feel both dumb and embarrassed because (1), I never knew that in like all the 15+ years I鈥檝e been playing Pokemon, and (2), because the only reason I took the time to research this was because I was doing yet ANOTHER piers bulbapedia deep-dive
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boredotaku5678 days ago
It's one thing to not be ok
And another to act like you're ok
Cus you're crying
And dying
With no one to help
Your bleeding
And crawling the
And falling
With no one to pick you up
Cus its one thing to not be ok
And another to act like your ok
Cus losing sight of your intention
And your stressing and hurting with built up tension
Cus your lost and alone
With no one but yourself
And your trying to hurt you and trying to save you
And your not sure if you'll make it through
Cus the devils no angel
And you are no saint
Cus you're living in hell
And you feel like you'll faint
And with blood your hands have been paint
Cus your hurting and don't what to do
And wishing that you'll just make it through
Cus you think your ok
When you know that your not
Cus your boiling and burning
And feel like your caught
Faking your pain
And crying what not
Cus you don't know if your ok or not
Cus others have it worse
And you feel like your crying over a splinter
But you feel like your might just burst
From all the pain
When your screaming in vain
With your lungs filled with water
And your heart filled with pain
You feel like you might just go insane
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arabian-batboy11 days ago
I'm at work all day today, but if you don't have those pics of Robin #1 by tomorrow let me know and I can grab them for you!
Thank you so much!
If your comic shop has a site where I can buy a gift card and send it to you so that you can buy the comic for free please tell me.
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victorluvsalice11 days ago
Citizen Soldier - Never Good Enough (Official Lyric Video) by Citizen Soldier聽
Oookay -- so this one you can blame kinda-sorta on @jackjolene, whom I know better as MartyrFan. They sent me a link to one of Citizen Soldier鈥檚 other songs a little while back (鈥淗allelujah (I鈥檓 Not Dead)鈥, which will probably also get featured at some point). And last weekend, I decided while making my bed to check out some of their other songs. And I saw this one and thought, 鈥淗uh. Wonder if it has any Victor vibes to it.鈥
. . .YEAH. YEAH IT FUCKING DOES. Hi everyone, this is basically Victor鈥檚 worst anxieties set to music. Just -- holy cow, I listened to this thing and it SLAMMED me right in the feels. I don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 any secret that my characterization of Victor is based at least in part around him never feeling good enough, so this really spoke to that. In particular, it well suits The Forgotten Vows Verse, and I鈥檓 pretty sure you know which story and chapter I鈥檓 talking about specifically! Cripes. . .when a song makes me want to give a character a big old hug, you know it鈥檚 something.
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bisexualgarrus13 days ago
i think if we had gotten both thane and irikah as squadmates (+ polyamorous romance option) instead of irikah dying for thane's Sad Backstory, that whole character arc would have been better. bioware's version of canon is a disservice to both of them as characters and also frankly as a bisexual i think we Deserved lizard alien dilf and milf
you know what i had never considered that concept but you're absolutely right. the way thane talks about irikah just feels like his soulmate and that's also a reason why i don't particularly like his romance. he doesn't seem to be completely over her and it's just idk. weird how shepard is consoling him one moment and kissing him the next one lol. besides i would have loved to have a poly option but i think we might be expecting a little bit too much from bioware here lmfao
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queenkinqs17 days ago
Tumblr media
so Ash is a lot taller now after her Invictus transformation which got me thinking about why she was so short.
Tumblr media
According to one of the writers Ash is supposed to be 16-17 years old, so she seems to be pretty short for her age (even though we don鈥檛 have an official hight for her)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here she is with, Little Cato who鈥檚 only 14, and she seems only slightly taller than him.
Maybe her powers make her body smaller because of the physical stress it causes her. Stress can make your body small, so i think Invictus was showing Ash that she unburdened by the emotional weight of her power if she joins them
I think Invictus was trying to iron out her 鈥渇laws鈥 to show Ash how they can help her if she chooses to going their side. That鈥檚 also why Invictus gives Ash a second eye, to make her seem whole in order to lure Ash into going them. It鈥檚 a really shitty thing to do but it shows how Invictus is able to manipulate vulnerable peoples mind
If Ash refuses Invictus鈥 offer she鈥檒l probably go back to her original form, now knowing that she doesn鈥檛 have to change herself in order to be strong
Tumblr media
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worstloki20 days ago
*wakes up in the middle of the night* no but when Loki was offering Thor the throne at the end of The Dark World as Odin he said one son wanted the throne too much while another would not take it but in that moment neither Thor nor Loki wanted the position because now both know the burdens that come with it and how Odin had ruled and Loki hadn鈥檛 ever wanted the throne for itself but to be an equal to Thor and in Thor 1 Thor had been impatient and arrogant and started a war over being denied his place as King so the phrase not only doubles over to call Thor out on flaws he now himself admits to since there is only one Odinson but it is also an open admission that he himself sitting there right now does not want the crown because he is 鈥榓nother鈥 and Odin鈥檚 legacy in the end, right there, right then in that scene was amounting to neither son wanting to be a part of what Odin had built through his imperialist practices (even if Thor was only just coming to terms with that) and through disregarding the lives of others and that鈥檚 something both sons, Thor included, now sees and THEN Thor replies with how he鈥檚 try to live with honour as Loki died and acknowledges them both on equal footing which is all Loki had wanted and hearing聽鈥淚s that not legacy enough?鈥 before being offered the hammer, the fr*ckin hammer that Odin had put between them to declare Thor more worthy, and Loki declines taking it from Thor because he never wanted to drag Thor down or take the throne from him but just having it was the chance to prove that he wasn鈥檛 less and it reflects how now he doesn鈥檛 even see the need to compete and he finally thinks his brother is capable of ruling well without starting wars and suddenly there鈥檚 no one who wants the dumb chair just Loki knowing that he doesn鈥檛 need to be Thor and Thor taking the time to reflect on himself and admit that the brother he knew and cared for was still there and hoping to make himself equal to Loki and Loki who still looks up to Thor and it鈥檚 the perfect complementary half to the way their developments in Thor 1/Avengers 1 had them mirroring each other and taking the place the other was in because now they鈥檙e both on the same side and they got there themselves and the words of their shared antagonist聽鈥渙ur survival will be your legacy鈥 apply to Thor and Loki too because Frigga died and Odin isn鈥檛 to be looked up to as a pillar of strength and what these two brothers have is a relationship that was put through the blender because of secrets and lies but neither cares for that because even when he thinks him dead Thor sees Loki鈥檚 worth and Loki knows the death effected him enough to try and change more and now Thor is rejecting his birthright and just handing it to Loki without knowing it鈥檚 him but it鈥檚 the same birthright that Loki had argued with Odin on only earlier and so you have both of them who would take up the responsibility but doesn鈥檛 see it as their place and that鈥檚 why Thor and Loki working together from the get-go when more secrets and lies came forth in Ragnarok with Odin鈥檚 actual death should have been the natural progression in both of their arcs and in reconciling their relationship they should have either shared or abolished the throne by the end of the trilogy because literally one person would want the throne and it would be Hela as a symbol for what Odin stood for which only makes Thor鈥檚 role as an inheritor of a colonial empire trying to make amends and Loki鈥檚 role as the colonized relevant again from Thor 1 and should have tied the loose ends up with Mjolnir鈥檚 destruction having no significant impact because it also stood as a symbol of the wedge drawn between Thor and Loki which they already shared sentiment enough with each other to have agreed on as not a determiner of worth and this makes Endgame even worse because Thor has fallen back on letting the hammer be an indication of worth while avoiding acknowledgement of Loki at all while also being King after the both of them already expressed no interest in having the position and they were finally so close to being seen as equals in each other鈥檚 eyes and were respecting each other and both had decided to move on from the ideas they had been raised on and only had each other left because they always end up with each other again and聽
#was thinking about the line ''one son who wants the throne too much and another who will not take it'' and I--#and then just like with Cap and Tony the entire idea of a Grand Legacy that is being left behind comes in#but Loki and Thor#their legacy isn't supposed to be built from what exists for them it's supposed to be completely new and built from nothing#Tony gets his father's company + makes his way presenting himself a certain way and building an image and decides to stop the weapon section#he makes a name which overshadows the one he inherited but he stopped being proud of how he was making money or whatever#that's where his redemption arc leaves him and he's got harley and peter and morgan and the whole theme of that#you've got Cap with his shield and what that means for the country and how others and Sam struggle with what it stands for#but with Thor he's all set to become king in ragnarok/iw/endgame#but by the dark world that's not where his arc is going his arc is going towards him wanting to be 'a better man'#neither character's arc is tied to the throne#it's an insignificant plot device-y detail that comes in and no one *wants* to take the throne even before the history is 'revealed'#Thor and Loki's arcs were intertwined with each other with Thor only becoming better in Thor 1 because of Loki#Loki's entire downfall occurs because of what he was doing for Thor and then with him trying to prove himself just as worthy#Avengers 1. Loki's back from a year of torture and the act he puts on of taking over earth has elements of the black order and THOR.#there's am entire scene where Thor and Loki skim over details of their issues and never address them and in Thor 2 it's similar#in Avengers 1 though Thor is disregarding Loki's trauma because he's trying to attack a planet and even Thor sees Loki's mind isnt right#another break at the start of Thor 2 and Thor is miserable and Loki is rejecting he's Odin and Frigga's son and that's his right ya know#but when Thor needs help he still shows up at Loki's cell and Loki despite being offered nothing for himself helps#their interactions are great they get together well there's chemistry and you can TELL these are brothers who can still get along#Loki provokes him and unlike the last time he did so in Thor 1 Thor isn't tricked into attacking and looks at himself instead#Loki dies and Thor may not still be processing the death but he says that Loki died honorably聽and he doesn't want the throne#and Loki's done here too and died and doesn't want the throne but he can't leave it with no one but at least if he must Thor can handle it#there's TRUST there . even when on opposite sides they KNOW the other. there's an intimate understanding that isn't going to go away#even when angry at each other there's undertones of not WANTING to hurt the other and wanting the other to be BETTER than this#thor lost a brother to not understanding what was going on because of odin's lies and loki lost a brother to the same thing#that ragnarok was missing so many things about their relationship is a shame#I would've LOVED a proper reconciliation where Thor accepts that Loki was hurt and Loki admits to not being in control during New York#just Thor explaining that he didn't see the imagined slights/wrongs he had done Loki before and wants to stay brothers despite their past#because they were brothers for a thousand years and i can't believe that was reduced to a nothing-speech on reverse psychology and torture
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warwaged22 days ago
i see you've picked up tifa! of course, you're great. just out of pure innocent curiosity, do you have any canon ships with her? :D
UMPROMPTED ASKS // always accepting questions about the muses c:
Hi anon! Yeah, I had been interested in her for a while and it only took a tiny bit of encouragement for me to do it hahah And thank you for the compliment 馃グ
As to the actual answer to your ask, it really depends? There are some I can see and that I like, but sometimes I think they鈥檙e just as amazing as platonic relationships. So I don鈥檛 have anything really specific in that I can only see X ship for her romantically, or that I can only see those ships as romantic relationships. Right now she鈥檚 brand new on the blog too so as I write her more the answers here may be expanded, too (it happened a lot with some of my other muses, and I grew to like some ships I didn鈥檛 initially like).聽
But getting to the point of what I think you want to know (and keeping in mind my familiarity with the characters and everything is mostly through the Remake)! I really like Cloud/Tifa, it was what I leaned towards while playing the FF7R, but to be fair I can just as easily see it as platonic. I know many people ship Aerith/Tifa, too, and I honestly can see the potential and like the idea, although I think their friendship is truly really wonderful and much more important than either a romantic relationship between them or between either of them and Cloud. And although the same still applies in this regard, I like them as an OT3 as well.聽
Other characters I鈥檝e seen her shipped with I don鈥檛 know well enough or haven鈥檛 seen them interact enough with her to have an opinion yet uahsduhasudh Except Barret. But in this case that鈥檚 a big no for me. And anyways, when it comes to writing, the usual applies: I never assume a romantic ship without talking about it, I鈥檓 just as interested in developing Tifa鈥檚 relationships with other characters without them being romantic even if I consider them possible ships, and last but not least, I鈥檓 always open to developing stuff I didn鈥檛 mention here, romantic or platonic.
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